NOTD - Mint Choc Chip 17

I received this in a giveaway that I won about a week or so ago and really did like the look of the polish in the bottle...however applying it on my nails was a different story. It just isn't 'me' it just looks abit tacky and worth the £2.99 price tag. I think this would of been perfect for me maybe 5 years ago. 

As it is from the 17 Candy Collection I thought I would have a look at the other colours and must say I am tempted by Parma Voilet..but I am not holding my breath as the swatches on the Boots website aren't very accurate if the swatch of Mint Choc Chip is anything to go by.

As for application, I always tend to fine pastel coloured nail polish harder to apply whether its O.P.I or Collection 2000! and as you can see from the above picture, the first coat is quite streaky! 17 suggest that two coats are only needed however it still looks a tad streaky in the first picture, don't you agree? 

All in all for £3 I do expect abit better quality and abit less of a tacky colour however I think I may try Parma Voilet and then give my final verdict! 

Has anyone else tried anything from the 17 Candy Collection? 


  1. Hey lady,

    I have tried the parma violet and I do like the colour. However, it too is very streak and in addition I find that it cheaps almost immediately, despite wearing a top coat if I wear on my natural nails.

    That said, I still love all the colours!

  2. Alas, we don't have 17 here. This is a great robin's egg color. I find I need two coats with any nail polish, except the OPI suede collection. That is a whole different ordeal in itself though.

  3. I must admit.. I do like the colour! I really like pastel shades on nails!



  4. wow! this is such a brave color.. i have yet to try this one!

    btw, i have awards for you over at my blog.. you may "claim" it there!

  5. Love your blog post. Just read the one about the Shrek Collection and was contemplating on Rumples Wiggin. I'm sold thanks to you!

  6. @purpleluxe - Oh glad that your sold on it now - Rumples Wiggin' is a great shade, the the whole mini set is great.

    Shall have to post all the other colours as NOTD!

    Fee x

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