What's in my Bag/Purse?

I was abit hesitant to do this type of post, mainly because there isn't much in my bag for the main reason that my bag is heavy even before there is anything in it! But I really do like the hardware on this bag and the chain detail on the straps so I bear with it even though it is abit too weighty.

Clockwise from the Melvita product ;-
  • Melvita Extra Rich Handcream (way too big for my bag however it keeps my cuticles in perfect condition. I use this when I am on the train or when I am queuing. The English like to queue, alot.)
  • Avene Thermal Water Spray - again this is way too big but this is because I have just ran out of the smaller 50ml bottle so I am using this up before I re-purchase the travel version. I use this on my face when I have been rushing somewhere as my face tends to get red and I also use it on my poor feet when I squeeze them into impractical shoes.
  • iPod Touch
  • Snake skin hinge box wallet from Urban Outfitters
  • Coconut perfume oil from The Body Shop
  • Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm
  • LG phone - haven't a clue what type it is...but it's like a cheaper Blackberry
  • Notebook from Paperchase
  • Phone earphones
  • Avene moderate protection emulsion for combination skin SPF 20 - I always carry suncream as I make sure I re-apply it to my chest and the backs of my hands throughout the day. I am convinced my skin is thinner than most peoples!
  • Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat in shade 2
  • Sunglasses that came free in an issue of Tatler!

The most used things in my bag have to be my iPod Touch and my notebook - I use my ipod so much to check e-mails and to also battle my boyfriend at bowling! As for my notebook, I sure this so much I am constantly writing down things I need to get and what not as my memory is terrible. But as you can see I don't carry a pen as I don't trust them. They always seem to leak so I just borrow other peoples! I obviously use my purse/wallet alot too, however it isn't too great for keeping money in , I seem to have to stuff notes into it!

I also cannot be without concealer - Touche Eclat is quite a thin concealer which makes it perfect for touch-ups during the day as I do suffer from dark circles. I just wish YSL would design the packaging so you could see how much of the product you have used!
I also love using the perfume oils from The Body Shop they seem to last all day and are only about £6.00.
Also I can't be without a lip balm but I can't stand anything sticky so I use Burt's Bees which is about £3.50 at boots. Cheapie cheap.

Ok, so it wasn't that interesting and I did leave afew things out like dental floss, crumbs and afew receipts and leaflets. But I figured you didn't need to see them!

Hope you have kind of enjoyed snooping abit though!



  1. I think this is a fun post, I love your handbag!


  2. Love the purse <3, and i heart any Avene product, can I ask Fee, what camera do you have, your photo's are brill quality. xxx

  3. Burt's Bees is lovely! I'd never really heard of it but my cousin bought me some of the lip balm for christmas and i've not been without it since! xxx

  4. these what's in my bag posts/vlogs are fun! maybe i'll do one soon.

    i'm with you on the body shop's perfume oil. this stuff has staying power, that's for sure! and it lasts ages, too! i bought the 30ml perfume oil more than a year and a half ago and i've still got a lot left over. then again, i don't use it everyday, but still :p


  5. That purse is so cute. Must check out that perfume oil, I get sick of perfume not lasting. Nice bag too.

  6. I really enjoyed this post! I love your bag aswell! I might copy you and do one of these myself!XX

  7. I love these posts :) it always gives me ideas of what I should bring with me, especially because Im alwayyyss forgetting something. I also keep a notebook with me always for to do lists and such, but I keep my pens in another little bag (mine is like an itty bitty makeup bag) so they dont leak and so I don't lose them in the mess!


  8. I enjoy these posts, thanks for posting one.:D

    Loving your bag, btw.:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  9. you have tons of goodies in your bag!! i love your sunglasses :)

  10. I love your bag and wallet! :) x

  11. I love your bag and wallet! :) x

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