Naked Detox Shampoo & Why I Decided To Go SLS Free

Over 4 months ago now I ran out of shampoo and like a lot of people I decided to try something new and that was on special offer. The shampoo I purchased was meant to target split ends and if I am straight to the point, it failed to do this and left me with quite an itchy, inflamed scalp.

 Of course I stopped using the shampoo and switched to an anti-dandruff shampoo which I thought would calm it down. It however didn't do all that much but I realised as it was a product to combat dandruff it wasn't the best solution anyway.
 So I decided to look in to more natural shampoos that would be more calming to my scalp. I also felt my hair was in quite dry condition and really needed a good quality shampoo. Whilst on my quest for a more natural shampoo I came across 'co-washing' and to be honest even though I knew it worked for some people I couldn't help but think  it was a pretty crazy idea, as it does create a build up of the product on the scalp a lot of the time. Eradicating shampoo from my routine just didn't seem like a good option for me. However I found the reason behind co-washing very interesting!
Some people co-wash to avoid a certain ingredient found in most shampoos -  this being Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate. Which is what makes shampoos foam up, but it also can irritate the scalp, dry out the hair and just be damaging overall. 
Not only is SLS used in clinical studies to cause skin irritation so that it can be used to identify the properties in other chemicals but it also has oestrogen mimicking properties which have been linked to PMS, also giving massive potential to cause cancer. *I would like to stress that there hasn't been a large amount of research done on this but the most recent studies do state there is a cause for a concern when it comes to this ingredient, but to what level it isn't too clear. If you are interested them I suggest doing a few Google searches on it*. 
 After reading all of this I took myself to Boots and read the backs of about 30 shampoos which all sadly contained Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Except for two! There was a strange looking shampoo that had an image of a ship on it for £9.50! Or there was a totally SLS free shampoo by Naked from the Naked Detox range called Naked Detox Deep Cleanse Shampoo for £3.99. Update - Boots, Tesco, Superdrug etc now stock the L'Oreal Ever Sleek Sulphate Free range. 
They sadly don't advertise this on their bottles that it is SLS free however looking at the ingredients I could definitely see it was - as is the whole range by Naked. I probably would of gone for the Naked Care Sensitive Shampoo however there was only the Naked Detox range on the shelf! If you have a look on their  website you can see the range of hair care products is huge.

So finally I was one step closer to achieving all round better hair and for once a normal scalp. Without sounds over the top the results were instant - the reason for this was while washing my hair with the shampoo not a single hair came out of my head! I can't remember not having to remove all the hair entwined around my fingers and not to mention the hair trapped in the plughole! I had previously put the hair loss in the shower down to me having long hair that was quite dry. Obviously this wasn't the case, again without seeming too over the top, I was literally amazed at this!
As for my scalp within a few uses it really calmed down and right now it has been back to normal for months. As for the condition of my hair - I still need to get my split ends trimmed, but other than that my hair is definitely stronger & less frizzy and now I actually air dry it afew times a week as I don't end up looking like a frizz ball.
This has really been a bit of a hair savior for me.  
Update - I have now being using strictly SLS-free shampoos for 3 years, plus avoid this ingredient in shower gels, facial washes and even toothpaste!
Fee xo.



  1. Wow, This sounds really cool. The shampoo I use is sulfate free. I do think it helps keep my hair in my head! Also, my head is less itchy. yay nature!

  2. I had the same problems with SLS for years! I find Naked drying but really rate Waitrose and Daniel Galvin Junior's shampoos. The DGJ one smells nice!

  3. Wow, i've never heard of this, but it's certainly interesting.
    I'm glad its been working for you, may try it out in the near future to see the results it as on me :)

  4. I use the Jason shampoo which is SLS free and smells really nice. It is available in health food stores.
    It is scary how many products contain SLS. Even my beloved Lush bubble bars.

  5. I felt so identified when you described the hair loss...I'm living that at the moment, and the other day in the shower I looked through all my shampoos and they all had SLS. I shall have to pull a crazy woman looking through the all the shampoo bottles next time I'm at the market!
    Thanks for this review!

  6. Hey. Just wanted to say that I read this the other week (after I'd been thinking my hair is really blurrgh at the moment) and went and got myself some naked shampoo and conditioner. Totally impressed by it - and hardly any hair came out in the wash too! Thanks Fee - you're a star x

  7. I used this yesterday and it had exactly the same affect

    No hair loss.

    Brilliant stuff, move over chemicals- mother nature wins !!!

  8. I didn't know that about hair loss! Thanks Fee. I lose my hair like crazy, I have to try SLS free shampoos now!

  9. I love Naked! I use so many of their products x

  10. what about sodium laureth sulfate and ammonium lauryl/laureth sulfate? are these harmful too?

  11. Hi Najia,

    Sorry I didn't mention these in the post but yes I would say they are so I also avoid using them in any products now.

    Fee x

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