Melvita New Young Skin Range - Perfect for complex skintypes

Melvita at Makeup Savvy

Melvita at Makeup Savvy

Young skin at best is complex. At nearly twenty-two I feel I can definitely describe my skin as young. I have an oily T-zone, my chin is prone to spots, I have blackheads and if I am really lucky I suffer from dry skin on my cheeks.

To put it more simpler, I have combination skin. Simple, right?
Well if you visit your local Boots or Superdrugs you would think not, you just need to have a look at the spot treatment section at the vast of products all claiming to clear up your spots.
We are bombarded with products and normally sucome to purchasing the latest products to add to our skincare routine.

And this is were I realized I was going wrong. Product overload. Too many product all trying to sort out different skin problems. So for the past year I have started to use alot less chemicals on my face and also products.

I use non-comedogenic soap instead of cleansing lotion/oil.

I only use toner for sensitive skin as most are too drying/stripping.

I use oil-free moisturizer and have learnt that I don't need to use it daily.

I apply spot treatment every night on every single blemish I have.

Other than that I use a gentle face exfoliator when my skin is feeling clogged up and that is it.

As a result of having a simple skincare routine I am very ingredient conscious, I avoid harsh chemicals or exfoliators and have grown to love Organic companies such as Yes to Carrots, Burt's Bees and Melvita.

Not only are they Eco friendly but most of the time contain effective ingredients that actually smell nice!

Melvita at Makeup Savvy

So I thought I would show you a new range that has not me interested, especially the product above - Sebum Balancing Fluid which contains Birch,Willow and Yoghurt. I don't think I have seem many products that work on balancing out oil production.
Melvita at Makeup Savvy
Another product that also looks pretty interesting is the Anti-Blemish roll on which contains alot of natural ingredients including Tea Tree, Cistus, Lavander, Lime and Rosewood. I love the idea of the metal roller ball as this would be perfect in the fridge, ready to take the redness out of any spots.

There is also a purifying Clay Mask and a cleansing Facial Scrub that also look worth a try and afew other products. There is a total of seven products which I actually like. There is no confusion, its just simple and to the point.

Unfortunately large high-street retailers still don't seem to be stocking Organic skincare lines that have very specific products. I know I would of loved to have used something like Melvita when I was in my teens.

However the products are available on the Melvita website and are cheaper than there normal line as prices start at £10.

If you have combination/oily skin do you try to use less products or treat your skin as sensitive?
I really would love to know.



  1. Lovely review :) I get oily in the t-zone, mostly i try to lave it becuase I find that anything I put there just makes it worse.. a toner on oily skin would probably be good xx

  2. Ooh, this rollerball treatment looks promising. However, I just got a Neutrogena spot treatment you reviewed recently so I think I'll pass for the time being...

    I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks for the recommendation, too - that Neutrogena product is the business! I'm really, really happy with the purchase :)

  3. Argh. Don't know why my comment above appeared as Anonymous. Well, it's mine ;)

  4. @Ola -
    So glad the Neutrogena spot treatment worked for you Ola, there is no need to thank me!

    Thanks for the comment :)

    Fee x

  5. I totally agree! You're a wise girl!
    I'm trying to use less products:
    makeup remover
    non comedogenic soap
    alcool-free toner
    oilfree moisturizer with spf for daytime
    oil free moisturizer that balance sebum production for nightime.
    when I've got some spots I use patches.
    that's all ;)

  6. I too have oily/combination skin, and found a cream, called quinoderm, £2.65 from boots thats works like a miracle on acne/spots( believe me, iv tried everything from the age of 15, now age 30), but use sparingly as it does dry the skin, i recomend just tiny amounts on the actual spot/spot prone area as a night time treatment. Also started getting oxygen crystal clear facials for my wedding next year(before going for juvederm fillers injected into acne scars, but i wanted to wait and find something that deals with the skin problem rather than just a temp fix) and after 3, my skin has shown massive improvement in pore size,and also flattened out my scars caused by acne to the extent i can now go without make up(a total no/no before), i have another 2 to get to complete the course then a maintenence facial every 4-6 weeks, £70 a time but it works!!! Thought id share, love your blog.xx


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