Inkwear temporary tattoos - a cheaper alternative to Chanel

So after reading a blogpost on Lisa Eldridge's lovely blog about a cheaper version of the Chanel tattoos I decided to have a look on the Inkwear site that she mentioned and came across this lovely henna tattoo that came in either brown or black. I decided of brown as it seemed more in keeping with an actual henna tattoo. The temporary tattoo with p&p came to £2.98 which is pretty cheap!

Here is just a before and after - this was immediately after applying it so it still looks quite shiney as it wasn't fully dry. Within an hour or so the shine fades.

Seeing as it took a mere 20 seconds to apply I think the results are pretty good. Especially for summer or parties. Also Inkwear included another tattoo in with my order, free of charge for some reason!
I probably wouldn't of choosen it for myself but it still is very nice. So I decided to cut off one of the birds and apply it too my thumb which looks quite nice and I think I may apply the rest of it to the back of my neck some time this week.

Here are some of the other designs that caught my eye. I really do love the blue coloured floral tatoo which is £2.50 and the Chanel-esque tattoo set is £6.99 which I would love to try out with some of the lovely bird tatoos they have on there site. I'm sure it would look very similar to the £49 Chanel tattoos.

Thought I would also show you the little bird that I cut out from part of the other temporary tattoo. I suppose to could do that with all of the tattoos - cut them up and make up your own design. A trail of birds around a wrist may look nice.

Anyway, overall these are fab. Really cheap and fun. I may post a photo this week of the other feather tattoo when I apply it too the back of my neck.



  1. OH wow - those are beautiful! xx

  2. Oh these are just stunning! At first glance, I wasn't keen on the red one. But I really like it now, especially how you've combined it with those bracelets. It's very Indian, I love it. Cultural but not the typical. I personally think the Chanel tattoos are tacky due to the over-use of the CC logo. I did a blog post on it if you're interested.

  3. havent done temp tattoos is soo long! looks fun :)

  4. Hi :) I have nominated you for a sunshine award.
    You can find details on my post here

    Thanks for following my blog, I really appreciate it!

    Ellie x

  5. the last time i had a temp tattoo is probably like 5 years ago or so.. but i think i want a real one

  6. Wow, I love the one you chose, so pretty! I think the little bird on your thumb is really cute as well xxx

  7. Oh they are lovely. I love the idea of a temporary tattoo. Definitely will check these out. Thanks for sharing x

  8. The little bird on your hand is lovely :)

    Never thought of temporary tattoos as a fashion accessories, thought they were always a bit childish, you've changed my mind though.

  9. wow the Pearl tattoo is really calling out to me. Combine that and the bird and we can get Chanel-ish tats.

  10. i really love those tatoos.The henna one is just soooo funky.Thnx for posting these images.They rock!

  11. These look great...i want some! x

  12. that blue one is lovely, it looks like chintz in a col vintage kinda way

  13. They look better than I thought they would! Mind if I link to this in my post? x

  14. @ Lipglossiping - They do look ok don't for the link, ofcourse you can.

    Fee x


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