Topshop & H&M - Beauty and Skincare Ranges

I'm sure this is old news in the world of beauty by now, however I thought I would share this with some of you that may not have seen the news.
Topshop have officially announced that they will be releasing a makeup line in May in 30 UK stores as well as the New York store and online. So it will be basically available to everyone.

The line will consist of huge 97 pieces including lipsticks, lipglosses and crayons, foundations and blushes, nail colours and eyeshadows and kohls. Along side there core range they will have four seasonal collections the first being the Spring/Summer collection that will be released shortly after there main line. The cosmetics range will start at £5.00-£20.00
Personally the cosmetics look a cross between Pixi Beauty and Model's Own.

On other exciting news - H&M are lauching there own eco skincare line in March that will consist of 7 products to start with. These include a body lotion, shower gel , hand cream, body scrub, lip balm and organic toilet and make-up bags.
The products are claiming to be organic and to be fair they do include organic ingredients certified by Ecocert, however that does not mean they are 100% organic, they could even have as little as 10% certified organic ingredients. It is a step in the right direction though. The prices will range from £2.99-£4.99.

So it really seems like 2010 is the year for high street retailers upping there game and stepping into the beauty industry. What do you think, will the quality be there? What do you think of brands such as Primark, George @ Asda, M& do they fair against brands such as Barry M and Rimmel?


  1. Hmmm I know you can't really tell anything about make up from the picture alone, but I'm really not sold on the Topshop line - I just think it looks a little cheap :/ Willing to be proven wrong with it though :D

  2. thank you for following my blog :) I will be excited to see these in the shops and try a few bits out! great post! xXx

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  5. The H&M range looks great and it is all certified organic ! I wonder whether they will let other shops sell these products? I would love to offer them to my customers at my certified organic beauty store in Knutsford - Amarya. Check us out if you are ever in town or visit our website at - we are the UK's first organic beauty store certified by the Soil Association!

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