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In general before buying a product I will use Google images and find beauty blogs that have reviewed it. However nothing came up for this product just two reviews on a price comparison site, which said the lip balm was quite good.
So probably the best thing would be to stay away from it as after all I didn't need it, but instead my brain read the words 'natural' and 'rose' and also noticed the pretty packaging so I popped it in my online basket.

Now don't expect this to be review on if it cures dry lips or not. As I really wouldn't know. The reason why I hear you because I really cannot stand to keep this product on my lips long enough to know if it works or not. I'm sorry, I really don't like calling products but this is like nothing I have experienced before.

My first gripe is the consistency...


As you can see, it's umm rather runny. Now the tube does state it has essential oils in it.. but if you can imagine mixing a normal balm from a tube with some essential oils, you would get this strange oily,greasy, runny consistency. So when this is rubbed into the lips there is zero thickness, it's just like rubbing a body oil in. It also seems to soak in within seconds, literally as if you haven't applied it..leaving your lips as if you need to lick them, if that makes sense.

Which leads me onto the taste/smell of this product. The tube states the natural lip balm contains essential oils of linden blossom, rose geranium and ylang ylang. Which makes this lip balm heavily fragranced - for me the smell is comparable to a cheap strong smelling soap.

The taste and smell isn't pleasant and as it dries on your lips so fast you kind of breath in this strong essential oil fragrant.

Overall I have to sadly admit I cannot find anything to like about this product other than the nice illustration on the packaging.
To be honest I really didn't think it was possible to dislike a lip balm so much.

Sorry Cowshed - I like your Cow Pat Hand Cream though!


  1. What a shame, such pretty packaging though. I had been looking at this before but just had never bought it, I'll be steering clear from it now though, I would rather have a lip balm that stays on my lips rather than making me feel like I want to lick them, hardly works to keep the free from chapping! x

  2. I have to agree completely with the review. Fortunately I got to try it for free as there was a complimentary jar of them in the ladies' room at the SoHo House. My lips feel drier than usual after using it for a couple days.

  3. I had the same problem with a lip gloss I once bought. It was full of different oils so it was literally like putting oil on my lips.


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