5 Fun Items To Pick Up From eBay Right Now


Recently I've been picking up some amazingly fun eBay bargains. From mermaid makeup brushes to unique bee hair grips - I'm literally surrounded by all my amazing eBay finds as I type this! So as I have so much to share with you that I thought I'd put all my recent fun finds into one post.

As always everything is the lowest price it possibly can be, I always go hunting for the cheapest listing of all items featured and everything came in perfect condition for me. A few listings are overseas sellers but don't worry, you never get hit with custom charges, all I'd say is be patient with delivery times!


First World Beauty Blogger Struggles

Let's face it... us bloggers like to moan, especially on social media! But really we have to admit we have it pretty good - hence the term 'first world problems' being  pretty relevant to us!

I too love a good moan about nothing so I thought I'd pull together my own first world beauty blogger problems. I have a feeling some of you may be able to relate to quite a few of these! 

Having to edit out dogs hairs from every blog photo

Making a typo so bad I have to sign into Blogger while food shopping to immediately correct it!

Signing all emails with a kiss (or 2... or 3) - it's a blogger thing, right?

Being unknowingly signed up to a million rubbish newsletters - PRs/brand please stop!

Having to delete all images containing a cheeky toe/slipper photo bomb

Being constantly addressed as your blog name in emails... I swear I've had Miss Savvy in the past! 

The constant fear of bumping into an old school friend and them asking what you do. Fully knowing they will be checking out your blog as soon as they get home.

Just being asked what I do in general. Online writer? Online beauty writer? Freelance writer? Blogger? I don't know, okay!

Going out covered in makeup stains no thanks to matte liquid lipstick swatches!

My phone's storage being constantly at breaking point due to an excessive amount of makeup photos. Cute camera roll, constant 'Storage Full' pop up, arghhh! 

Please tell me you can relate to a handful of these, especially as I've bared my soul to you! 

Feel free to tell me your own first world blogger struggles! 

Fee xo. 


5 Sceptical Beauty Buys That Turned Out To Be Worth It!


Ever been pleasantly surprised by a makeup purchase?
It's a good feeling, isn't it?

Well, this is a kind of ode to the beauty purchases I've been sceptical of but have turned out to be more than worth it - whoop! Below you will find a few hyped 'cult' products that I just wasn't convinced on before trying them, along with a few recent launches.

Blogs To Read If You Love Affordable Makeup

In the seven years that I've been blogging on Makeup Savvy a lot has changed. I've seen something that was pretty humble turn into something that represents a new kind of media which is much more glossy and dare I say it, staged. However, in this time I've found joy in reading blogs that although are aesthetically evolving with the times (i.e more professional photography and blog designs) ultimately stay true to their roots providing honest, genuine content.

6 Places to Shop for Cheap but Chic Stationery

Today I fancied changing it up a bit and talking cheap stationery supplies!

I may keep it quiet with all my makeup talk but I'm a total stationery addict. Actually, I take that back... I'm just a pretty notebook hoarder. I literally can't help myself! So today I thought I'd share my favourite places to shop for cheap but stylish stationery.

Apologies in advance if this makes your bank balance a little lighter!


101 Sheet Mask Guide - Best Brands, DIY Masks and Disney?!

Rewind two years and you would have struggled to have found a single sheet mask in-store, anywhere (I'm talking UK here, FYI). They just didn't exist. Granted they were on many a celebrity face via Instagram and constantly talked about on Korean beauty blogs but here, we had zilch!

Thankfully we are all caught up now with some of the major players in the skincare world offering high-end options, to ASOS stocking 15 different sheet masks and Garnier releasing a budget option at only £1.

eBay Review: Wizard Wand Makeup Brushes for Muggles

Somehow I've got into a flow of buying and reviewing unique makeup brush sets from eBay! I'm definitely not complaining and my makeup brush collection is looking fabulous if I do say so myself, with some of the prettiest brushes I've seen. I also believe it's making getting ready even more fun!

As you can see I have the most amazing wizard wand brush set to share with you today and at the cheap price of £8.45 with free shipping!

How to Create a Mindful Capsule Makeup Collection

Call it minimalism, call it 'on trend', or just a Spring clean, either way decluttering has become a bit of a hobby of mine recently. I've tackled my wardrobe, purged at least a quarter of my beloved candle collection (a big deal for me) and now I'm onto a complete makeup overhaul come declutter. 

But it's a tough one... because I truly love makeup! However comparing my makeup process on holiday, with a quarter of my collection (if not less) to my standard hour-long application in front of my hoards of makeup, I know I much prefer the quicker simplistic approach. And to be honest, I think most people do, however much you love makeup, fashion or even candles. Choice equally decisions and decisions equal confusion and time.


My Mental Health Journey - From Daily Anxiety to a Grateful Life

I vividly remember the day I uttered the words "Do you think my anxiety could turn into Schizophrenia?". I remember where I was, even the weather, and exactly how I was feeling. Utterly trapped. I guess that's when I knew I had to do something about the state of my mental health. 

That was 3 days after my first experience with Dissociation/Derealisation (explanation here and nearly 7 years ago now, which seems an eternity ago yet like only yesterday. It was the most hellish 3 hours of my life and I could only describe as feeling totally disconnected/detached from my body. I remember not recognising myself in the bathroom mirror, and at that stage of drunk where you don't want to be drunk anymore. The problem: I wasn't drunk. I'd woken up suddenly in the early hours of the morning with a total unknown self of being and thoughts of 'What if this is it? What if I'm actually going mad?'. But I wasn't going 'mad'. Dissociation, although extremely unsettling can happen to anyone, especially those suffering from anxiety or extreme stress and thankfully doesn't last long. It's now something I wish I'd been aware of and believe it needs to be talked about much more. But that's a whole other blog post!

That's when I decided to do the 'right' thing; I took myself off to the doctors. Actually no, it took me months and numerous attempts. Even then I remember my sweaty palms and increasing heart rate as I sat in the waiting room wondering if I should just forget it and buy a book on mindfulness from Amazon instead. Another side note: There's probably going to be a lot of side notes! I joke. Actual side note: This isn't a story about how I cured my mental health problems with medication and therapy through the NHS (although that is an option and a good one for many) but a journey of discovery & kindness.

The Best Pale Skin Beauty Finds

As a pale skin person (I was going to put 'beauty', but ya know) I'm on a constant hunt for beauty products that match my skin tone. That's of course foundation and concealer, but also all other products as even standard tones can appear too pigmented against my fair complexion.

Of course, I'm not alone in this search, I'm sure dark complexions on the other side of the spectrum find it even more difficult. But at least brands finally are acknowledging this fact and broadening colour ranges.

While the beauty industry is playing catch-up I still need to seek out them gem products, the ones that come to life against my pale skin rather than constant it in a harsh unflattering way or just turn me into an oompa lumpa. If you are a fellow ghost or have fairly pale skin then the below products may very well be for you! These are the products that stand out in my vast makeup collection as suiting my pale skin exceptionally well and I love them dearly for it. 

Lacura Beauty Concealer Pen in 100 Cashmere
£3.29 Aldi in-store 
First up, one of my favourite under eye concealer (it rivals my Nars one!) to conceal dark circles and the wonderful blue veins that show due to having such pale skin, can you tell I'm being sarcastic? This truly is a miracle product and is often compared to YSL Touche Eclat, which I do own, and would actually say it trumps! What Touch Eclat lacks in coverage this makes up for, while still remaining light feeling and non-cakey. But as this blog post is all about tone, let me tell you that this is one of the lightest shades of concealer I've come across and will suit all pale girls perfectly. Oh, and it can also be used as an eyeshadow base! I'm currently on the look out for back-ups of this and I'm not done using it but cannot be without it now. Worth a trip to Aldi or picking up from eBay here for the lower price of £2.95!

The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in Light Matte
£14 The Body Shop HERE  
If you have pale skin you will know the struggles of finding a pale enough bronzer! I spent years wasting my money on 'universal' toned bronzer that would just look dirty or too orange in contrast to my pale skin. But thankfully over time shade ranges have expanded somewhat and it is possible to find lighter toned bronzer - whoop! One of my lower priced light bronzers in my collection is this gem from The Body Shop. As you may be able to tell this is a fairly neutral toned bronzer, making it perfect for ultra pale skin that can't work with warm toned bronzers. Perfect for dusting over the face in summer or contouring with as it is buildable without looking powdery. I also love that it's matte as it then can appear natural on the skin and even be used as a sneaky transitional light brown eyeshadow shade. I really couldn't be without this bronzer now.

NYX Wonder Pencil in Light
£4.50 ASOS HERE  
When putting this post together I was hesitant to include this product as it's a fairly recent buy. But when you know, you just know. And I know! So even after just a week in my mitts I know it will be a staple item in my collection! I bought this on recommendation from fellow pale girl, Lily of Pint Sized Beauty, you can read her lovely review of the pencil here, but also had been on my to-buy list for months. As the name states this is a wonder pencil... and what is a wonder pencil? A pencil that does everything! It's almost a hybrid concealer/lip liner.... concealer in coverage, lip liner in formula. It can be used as a precise concealer on blemishes, to enhance the cupid' bow and as a lip liner (of course blended out a bit), to define the brows and on the bottom waterline of the eyes for that wide-awake effect. I'm also certain it could be used all over the eyelids as a base for eyeshadow, but I've yet to try it out. Before buying the Wonder Pencil my two concerns were that it wouldn't be creamy enough or pale enough, but I didn't need to worry... it's just spot on! It's certainly a light enough shade (also with good coverage) and as creamy a kohl pencil. This needs to be in every pale girls makeup bag basically!

Iconic London Illuminator in Shine
£29.99 Iconic London HERE (10% off for new customers)

Now I wouldn't say there's difficulty in finding highlighters to suit fair skin, the high street is awash with them right now, but I will say that a select few come to life on pale skin - which is what you want! For me, this was theBalm Mary Lou Manizer and Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma eyeshadow which I would use as a highlight. But then the Iconic London Illuminator in the newest and lightest shade came into my life and changed all of that! It may seem dramatic to state but this is a thing of beauty and something you will marvel at on application. I mean it looks like liquid metal and gives the brighter highlight I've ever come across! As for the price, I really think it is justified.... mainly because it is so special and the wonderful formula cannot be faulted but also because a single dot/drop is required per application and you get an incredible 13.5ml, which I'd imagine to last an extremely long time. Love, love, love!

theBalm FratBoy Blush
£16.75 Feel Unique HERE
Lastly, I wanted to include my most favourite long-standing blusher. Again, light toned blushes are widely available, it's only a matter of looking, but there's a few light rose pink shades that are beyond flattering against pale skin. One of them being theBalm FratBoy, an ultra natural rosy pink matte blusher. Against pale skin this never looks too strong or pigment, just flattering and brightening, which makes it my go-to blusher in Spring/Summer. If you are looking for a blusher to fall in love with and have as a staple shade that will suit all makeup looks then this is one to snap up.

Through selecting these products I've realised that shades that perfectly suit your skin tone are rare! So hopefully I've been able to point you in the right direct to some of the best beauty products for pale skin.

Fee xo.

How To Never Waste Money on Makeup Products Again

We've all been there when it comes to buying dud makeup products that we expected to love. It sucks! And with UK regulations that state once a cosmetic product has been opened/used it cannot be returned, unlike in the US, so we are stuck with it. Products can be cast it off to friends and family that will hopefully make use of them but the loss is still there in monetary terms.

However, over the years I've had less regret buys when it comes to beauty because I know how much it sucks, especially with rise makeup prices and the allure of high-end makeup over all social media platforms. I'm now mindful of how I spend my money and try to always follow the below tips which if followed should result in less mistake makeup buys!

Spring Wishlist-ing (again!)

As it's now officially Spring all things pretty are on my mind. And when pretty things are on my mind, which I want to buy, I can't help but share them!

Okay, I know... it's only been a few weeks since my last Spring wish list, but call that my unofficial one... it was pre-Spring after all and I got a bit giddy at the idea of warmer weather! Below are my ramblings about the above pretty products some of which I may have already bought (oops!), along with a few Spring eBay finds and a little announcement!

52 Lists of Happiness Journal Book
£11.99 Amazon HERE
Spring always brings the urge for extra positivity for me. I also find myself planning more and writing lists so this book seems just perfect. It also combines pretty stationery with journaling - so if you are fan of either you may want to check out this book. Also, I secretly want it as a prop for my blog photography! 

Benefit GALifornia Blusher
£24.50 ASOS HERE 
I have quite a few box blushers from Benefit in my makeup collection now, and I cherish them all. So when I heard of the new Benefit launches I knew I would need at least one of them! My total fav of the bunch has to be GALifornia with its golden peach-pink tones. Perfect for spring/summer and adding that fresh glowy look to the cheeks that is oh so flattering. 

Milani Powder Blush in Blossom Time Rose
£12.00 Beauty Bay HERE 
How I didn't know Milani makeup had landed on Beauty Bay I do not know. But now that I do, I feel I need to try out some key pieces from the brand, the first being one the stunning rose petal blushers. I've heard so many good things about these blushers from fellow blushers and have a feeling it will be a treasured item amongst my slightly excessive blush collection.

Floral Embroidery Crossbody Bag 
£17.98 eBay HERE 
Now I wouldn't be surprised if you thought this pretty stunning bag was from Topshop or even more high end. I mean it's pretty special, right? Even as an avid eBay shopper I hadn't come across anything like this until now and for such an amazing price. I love everything about this bag; the size, the attention to detail, the colour and even the striped strap. Basically, it looks high-end! Should I buy this? I'm so so tempted!

Skinnydip Peach Makeup Bag
£12.00 ASOS HERE 
This could easily be mistaken for another Too Faced x Skinnydip London collab (the official collab is all sold out sadly) as it matches the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection perfectly! But it's not and is in fact just another one of Skinny Dips creative makeup bags. I'll admit I just couldn't resist this, half because it reminds me of Too Faced, a beauty brand I can't get enough of, and because I can't help but think the peaches purposefully look like juicy bums! I have a few Skinnydip London makeup bags now and find them super durable and easy to clean and have the benefit of being clear so you can always find the item you want to use. Excited to fill this with my spring makeup essentials! Oh, and I want the matching peach key ring as well now! 

The Face Shop Disney Sheet Masks
£2.88 each eBay HERE 
Lastly, I wanted to include a recent sheet mask find that's just too cute! These are from established Korean skincare brand, The Face Shop, and includes a Cinderella-inspired foot mask, a Sleeping Beauty recovery sheet mask, a Little Mermaid hydrating sheet mask and a Snow White brightening sheet mask. Totally fun and inexpensive for a spring skin treat! I picked up the Snow White sheet mask which I can't wait to use and will report back to you when I do! So pleased to find these sheet masks. 

Side note - I'm creating a weekly eBay newsletter from April and would love you to sign up to it here! I'll be sharing more about it soon!

Let me know what you love the look of most here!
Looking for more Spring-themed posts to read... you can read about my favourite spring lip liners here.

Fee xo.


4 Glow Products Changing The Way We See Highlighters

I don't know about you but I love a strong, obvious (but pretty) highlight that catches the light perfectly. Anything that glows brightly on the cheekbones and brow bones and stays there is a winner for me. 

My all time favourite highlighter has to be theBalm Mary Lou Manizer (£20 Feel Unique HERE) due to amazing pigmentation. But in the last 6 months I've been trying out many more highlighters and on the whole they have been anything but ordinary. Highlighters are changing people! 


Hero Products from Pixi Worth Buying

This post started life as an overview of the new Pixi collab products with various beauty gurus* but with so many products, some just didn't float my boat and I knew it would end up a long lacklustre post. So I decided to scrap it and feature my absolute favourite Pixi products instead; both new and old! 

Also as I enjoy a well-rounded post I've included a few Pixi products that I haven't got on with, plus what's on my 'next-to-buy' list! Okay... it's gonna be a long one!

Spring Nude Lip Liner Lineup

Over the past year I've come to love lip liners. Before this, I'll admit I didn't see the point in lip liners (I don't know what I was thinking) but now I've seen the light/effects and can't get enough of them. As I love to wear them alone, mainly, I enjoy nude shades that create a slightly stronger Cupid's bow and a fuller lip effect.

How To Blog Successfully When You Have No Time

When it comes to blogging I have time on my side, generally. And I'm thankful for it! Blogging is my main career and the only thing I have to deal with is an ageing dog that wants to constantly sleep on my lap as I blog. I have no distractions, other than my procrastinating ways and my introvert personality means I'm never needing to juggle an active social life with blogging... there just isn't one!! Side note: I'm fine with this, I have Netflix.

But there have been more than a handful of times when I've felt like I've had no time to sit down and blog. From life commitments to periods of being ill and having zero energy... which isn't a lack of time as such but I'd saw my time was taken up by being in bed! However, through these times I've learnt how to get sh*t done as it were and plough through blogging like a champ. I don't think I've ever used the word 'champ' before.

I've now come to realise that I like to blog in this way (detailed below) most of the time. It's productive, it cuts out the chance of procrastination and it frees up my time to watch more documentaries and tell my dog how much I love her! So, below are some time-saving blogging tips that you can hopefully take on board and put into action when time is limited. Here's to blogging efficiently and never worrying about not blogging or going off schedule, again!

The Best Smelling Budget Shower Gels

I'm a shower kind of girl. They are quick, easy and semi-relaxing. Okay, I just don't own a bath. 

Because of this sad lack of bath fact, I do know how to make the most out of my shower time. The key - colour-changing mood lighting here (not essential, but it's as simple as changing a bulb) and amazing smelling shower gels that correspond to your mood! 

eBay Bargains #75 - On the Dressing Table


Today I felt like sharing some of my recent homeware finds on eBay but to combine it beauty I thought I'd make it dressing table themed. 

I absolutely love my dressing table area, from the storage I've picked up, mainly inexpensively from eBay (see my storage here), to the little extras that not only look pretty but are functional.

Below I've selected a range of items that I love and hope you will too!


High End Beauty Brands You Need To Try - Makeup

For years I've only really spoken about budget beauty on Makeup Savvy. But none surprisingly I love me some high-end makeup! I mean who doesn't?

But I feel I have the balance right when it comes to how I spend my money on beauty products, probably with an 80/20 approach, okay maybe 70/30, with the majority of the products bought from high street stores and costing £5-10. But today I wanted to share the beauty brands that I feel are worth the spend, whether that's the occasional splurge or saving up for! 


The Incredible One-Off Beauty Box Perfect for Spring

It's not often a come across a beauty box that I think 'wow' about, or I see as amazing value for money. Beauty Box brands often work with the same companies, offering the same old samples which if you are new to the beauty box world is fine, but if you're a B.B.V (beauty-box-veteran) then it's all a bit snooze-worthy and not worth signing up to. 

Cue stand alone one-off beauty boxes that require no direct debit or commitment, these are something to get excited about. Below is an amazing box that retails for only £20 (worth £70) and includes 10 products from some high end/well-known beauty brands. 

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