Easy Last Minute Halloween Nail Art Ideas


Happy Halloween everyone! 

I don't know about you but whether I'm doing anything for Halloween or not I always like to get into the spirit of things and give myself some fun nails and watch a scary movie or two. Halloween nails always get compliments and it personally puts me in a good mood for the occasion. 

So I thought I'd round-up 5 of my favourite Halloween/fun nails I've done over the years that you can easily re-create on your own nails or possibly for a child that is going out treat or treating. Hope you like my ideas! 

 These are a random mix of everything and perfect if you can't decide what to go for. As they are mix and match they kind of look like you have false nails on as well! All you need is a small brush and a dotting tool (you can use the end of a bobby pin if you like) and 5 basic nail polish colours. This is possibly my favourite Halloween nail art to do!

Another very simple nail art look that looks quite creepy as your fingers look like they have eyes! This is simply 3 blobs/circles to create the pupil and then fine red lines to create the outer effect. So easy to achieve! 
Black and orange always look great together so here  I created a silhouette type scene that's actually pretty simple to do.

These actually look like they are tricky to create but it's simply a line with 2 dots either end to create the bone shade. These couldn't be any simpler and they look great on any dark base nail polish.

Last but not least I thought I'd include some really fun nails that feel quite 'Halloween' to me. It's all about the base here and creating that gradient ombre effect with a small piece of sponge. Then it's applying small wiggly lines over the top for the leopard print. 

Hope you've found some spooktacular inspiration here and have a fab Halloween! 

Fee xo.  


eBay Bargains #63 - On Trend For Less


Rose Gold Wire Frame Glasses 

£4.99 HERE 
Okay, so I may not be cool enough to sport these glasses but they are 100% on trend right now along with flawless makeup and faux freckles. I personally feel the rose gold metal makes the glasses much more feminine and wearable and at £4.99 they are worth snapping up if you are wanting to try out the trend.

Suede Embroidered Ankle Boots 
£25.09 HERE
If I had the bank balance to snap up all the stunning pairs of embroidered ankle boots in Topshop right now then I would. But at £70+ a pair I doubt that will be happening anytime soon! However I have found some pretty lovely boots that are certainly a nod to the trend for a fraction of the price. I can imagine these looking amazing with thick black tights or even rolled up jeans. For the price these are pretty amazing! I just love the gold floral embroidery detail to the heel. 

Rose Gold Set of 5 Makeup Brushes 
£5.19 HERE 
Rose gold brushes are still on trend and I think will be for years to come as copper ferrules just look stunning. I started off loving copper brushes with the Bold Metal brushes from Real Techniques but at £15+ each they aren't cheap. But thankfully I came across a stunning 5 piece set for only £5 and can hand on heart say they work a dream! These not only look amazing on your dressing table but they are so soft and do the job perfectly. You can find my full review plus my own images of these exact brushes here

Nap Queen Slogan Sweater 
£4.43 HERE 
Slogan sweater are literally everywhere right now and I for one love them. Okay, some may be a little too 'young'/cool for me but this 'Nap Queen' slogan sweater I can totally relate to, especially come winter! It comes in both grey and black in sizes XS-XL but as Asian sizes do run small I always recommend getting a size up.

Rainbow Highlighter Powder 
£2.29 HERE 
Highlighter in general is still having a moment and all I've been seeing on Instagram lately is the most glowing cheekbones. But now is also about rainbow highlight! I've just ordered this exact rainbow highlight to try it out and though I'm a little sceptical it will give me that gradient rainbow glow I'm sure I can make it work. Excited to give this a go now for the low price!

Mini Velvet Backpack 
£6.39 HERE 
In the past few months I've seen more and more mini velvet backpacks around and I kinda' like them. Topshop currently have a very similar range of crushed velvet mini backpacks in for £26.00 but if you are on a budget then this little beauty is perfect. I personally love the red velvet option but it also comes in black, grey and purple in the listing.

Sew-on Embroidered Patches 
99p each HERE
Lastly I had to include some cute sew-on patches that are everywhere right now. These took forever to find on eBay but I wanted to find some that looked good but for a low price and I did! I can't get enough of these and there are so many more in the listing! I'm very tempted to pick up a few of the love heart cactus or pineapple patches (I can't decide!) to sew onto a light knit grey jumper I have, possibly on the elbows!

I hope you've found a few lovely bargains here. I know I've enabled myself! 

Next eBay bargains post - Christmas themed or the latest  makeup brushes? Let me know what you would like to see! 

Fee xo.


3 'Sleep In A Jar' Face Creams Perfect For Winter

With skincare being such a personal things due to varying skin types and needs I don't often talk about it, especially when it comes to facial creams. However come the colder months going from artificially heated environments to the harsh cold I believe all skin types can do with extra nourishment to add moisture and hydration back into the skin. 

A good facial cream in autumn/winter can totally transform how the skin looks sans makeup or even how your makeup applies. So picking up one wonder tub that will last you 5-6 months is totally worth it! Which is why I thought I'd share with you three creams that I would class as 'sleep in a jar' as they all bring the skin back to life with some amazing ingredients, helps signs of ageing by plumping up fine lines and they all definitely improve skin texture and comfortability.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream 
£24.00/50ml John Lewis HERE 
Khiel's certainly know how to do skincare and this iconic face cream is without a doubt a favourite of mine. If like me you spend a lot of time indoors with the heating on in winter then this stuff is like a refreshing drink to the skin, literally your skin will soak up the cream in seconds. It instantly soothes the skin whether you feel like it need it or not and provides all day hydration without clogging up pores. I personally feel the cream it's light enough, yet hydrating for all skin types and perfect for sensitive skin. I just can't get enough of the light almost water-like texture that renews my skin so well and always brings it back to life! If you're never without the heating on in winter or work in a office then this cream is for you. Also it's pretty damn affordable especially as a little goes a long way. Extra Tip: This is also amazing on the back on the hands as an anti ageing treatment.

If you're already a fan of Khiel's Ultra Facial Cream then you may want to snap up my snazzy packaged 125ml tub that costs £43.50 but donates a generous £10 to the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, which can be found at Khiel's concessions and Feel Unique here.

Korres Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial 
£26/40ml Look Fantastic HERE 
If you are looking for a luxury feeling overnight cream then look no further as this is pretty special. Before going into this cream I want to talk about the scent and I'm not a huge fan of rose scented products like many, however I am a fan of the wild rose collection from Korres as it actually smells incredible due to the true rose scent that's delicate and fresh, and not a scent that will remind you of old ladies talc! If all rose products smelt as good as this I would be totally converted. I just wanted to put that out there as I know rose scented lotions and potions can be a no-no for quite a lot of people. 

That aside, onto the good stuff that's housed in a stunning subtle ombre rose tinted glass jar. Containing 95% natural ingredients including vitamin C and hyaluronic acid this is a well thought out cream that gets to work as you sleep. With a firm quite gelatinous texture similar to thier like day cream (which I love!) this is to be smoothed over the face before bed and comfortably soaks into the skin. I personally like to apply this to my forehead, cheeks and down onto my neck, avoiding my oily T-zone, and on the nights I use this I always wake up to the softest skin that looks so much brighter and renewed. Just a totally nourishing cream that is suitable for all skin types however more mature and dry skin types will certainly get the most out of this amazing overnight cream.

Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar for Dry Skin
£35.50/60ml Boots HERE  
Another super light almost water-like cream here but one that provides even more hydration for dry or mature skin especially in winter that helps the appearance of wrinkles, discolouration and skin texture. Perfect for dry sensitive skin this is an ideal cream under makeup as it creates an instantly smooth plumped up base for foundation or BB cream. Another cream that your skin literally drinks up and feels soothed and refreshed by. 

I know a few people with dry skin that love this cream as a day cream under makeup but for oilier skin types this will also works as a comfortable night cream that will brighten and smooth by the morning, just make sure to cleanse the skin of excess product on waking. Another wonderful gentle get affective facial cream here. You can also find a lovely little 3-piece Renewed Hope In A Jar set that includes the cream plus a cleanser and eye cream from Boots for only £26.00 here.

Hope you've found a winter facial cream here. I know I'm spoilt for choice! 

Fee xo. 


Glossybox X Estee Lalonde Edit - October 2016

So one of my favourite beauty Youtuber's, Estee Lalonde has gone and teamed up with Glossybox for this month's beauty box. Which is pretty exciting and I do always love a themed Glossybox!

As most of you will know Glossybox is my favourite monthly beauty box as I find it always contains a range of beauty treats, including full-size products and brands I recognise or even already love. Below you can find my full review of this month's box, which includes quite a few gems, but you will have to be quick if you want this box at is will be gone forever by the end of the month. Psssst - there's also a 40% off code for the box below!

In the October Estee Lalonde X Glossybox you receive 

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait - Buttery Lip Cream (swatch below), PS... Pro (Primark) Finishing Face Powder, Universal Beauty Cosmetics Secret Flush Soothing Cream Blusher & Lip Stain Duo, Bee Good Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator, The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream. Plus a secret unbranded shampoo (Head & Shoulders. hummm, more on that below!)

Glossybox price & payment options (plus discount codes!)

To pick up your own Glossybox X Estee Lalonde box you can either pay a one-off payment of £10.00 + £3.25 p&p here for the single box or sign up for the 3-month plan, £28.50 + £3.25 p&p here which will mean you receive Glossybox's festive box which is always amazing! 

Also if it's your first box you can get a massive 40% off with code OCT40UK this month making the box only £6.00 + p&p - total steal! And even if you aren't a new customer you can still receive a special discount of 10% off for all Makeup Savvy readers. Just enter code SAVVYOCT10 at the checkout!

Favourite products from the box 

Again I can't fault the range of products in this month's box - you have haircare, skincare, body care and makeup products!  Plus there are 3 full size products this month that have a combined total of more than the price of the box. Below are my favourites from the box that I really am pleased with!

Trifle Cosmetics Buttery Lip Cream 
Okay, so this is some seriously cute packaging with the little illustrated fruits! I was instantly draw to this when I first opened the box a few weeks ago and since then I've been loving it. Now I will admit it is a pale nude shade however with the creamy hydrating formula (great for the colder months ahead) I've found this is an amazing base product to lighten so many other lipsticks. My favourite combo is to use it under MAC Velvet Teddy as it lightens it up and transforms it into a totally different more peachy nude shade. I also love it with vampy berry lipsticks as it brings out the pink under tones and makes deep shades much more wearable for during the day. I won't be using this as intended on it's own as it's just too light but I'm so pleased to be able to use this more as a primer for my lips! I also may have a go this week at apply it to the center of my lips and blending it out when wearing deeper shades to give that on-trend ombre effect I keep seeing everywhere at the moment.

Secret Flush Cream Blush & Lip Stain Duo 
Now I haven't a clue about the brand of this product but sometimes it just doesn't matter then you love a certain shade of product! However the cute packaging is also a winner. As you can see from the above swatch this is a creamy raspberry almost apple toned stick with a hint of gold running through it that perfectly catches the light. In fact if theBalm did a lipstick version of their amazing Hot Mama blusher then I'd imagine it to look extremely similar to this! Oh, and it also has a lovely raspberry scent to it. I've been applying this to both my cheeks and lips, and although I wouldn't agree that it's a lip stain it is a pretty lovely lip colour and lasts well on the cheeks. Really pleased with this product!

The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream  
I already own a huge tub of this and love to apply it all over after a shower as it smells incredible and really nourishes the skin without being greasy. So I've been using this generous 70ml sample as a hand cream which means I get to enjoy the gorgeous oriental scent of rice milk and cherry blossom even more - such a lovely sweet floral scent. A really lovely product that always reminds me of how good Rituals products are!


I'd say the only product in the box that wasn't for me was the 'mystery shampoo' that turned out to be Head & Shoulders. Maybe Estee actually loves it but being a beauty guru and liking her expensive hair products I do kind of sadly doubt it (I could be wrong!). Also Head & Shoulders is a bit of a 'meh' product imo, especially as not everyone has a dry scalp and I strongly believe a dry scalp can be remedied by switching to an non-sulphate (SLS-free) shampoo which H&S is not! 

All in all a select few products feel very 'Estee' such as the uniquely packaging lip parfait in a light nude hue and the Rituals body cream. However on the whole it's not the best edited box I've seen. But that's not to say I haven't loved this box! 

I've discovered 3 totally new products that I will enjoy using and with the lip parfait being my second product I've loved from Trifle Cosmetics I feel I need to seek out more products from them now! 

What are your thoughts on this month's Glossybox?

Fee xo.  

The Best Beauty Gimmick Buys from eBay

Often when I buy random beauty items from eBay I never know how good or bad they will be, especially when it comes to more gimmick-y items. But for the generally low-spend it worth taking the risk and I've found some amazing products this way!

So today I thought I'd share my favourite beauty gimmicks that I've purchased from eBay in the past year and highly recommend! These are possibly items you would easily over look on eBay but have truly helped me out and are worth highlighting.

Eyeshadow Colour Switch Remover 

This is my most favourite beauty gimmick purchase, in fact I feel bad for calling it a gimmick as it's an ingenious products for anyone that has more than a handful of makeup brushes. The aim of the tin containing a dry black sponge is to clean your makeup brushes in between use of different products/shades. You simply swirl your dirty brush over the slightly course dry sponge and within 15 seconds you have a clean brush that can be used again. This is perfect if you have a favourite eyeshadow brush that you would like to used with multiple colours but you haven't been able to in the past. Or if you want to quickly spot clean all of your eyeshadow/powder brushes.

I was sceptical of how well this little tin would preform but I can hand on heart say this is a pretty genius product that I use nearly every time I apply my makeup now. A true eBay beauty gem!

Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner 

Over the years I've tried quite a few silicone makeup brush cleaner pads and mitts and if I'm honest they can be a bit fiddly to to hold and you still end up with wrinkly prawn fingers! So a few months ago I thought I'd spend a little more and try out a large makeup brush cleaner pad that fits around the plug hole of your sink with suction pads. 

With different areas for different brushes and areas for a more deep clean and made from thick silicone this is VERY similar to the £20+ Sigma Brush Spa and does an amazing job of cleaning all brushes. Yes, it's still a bit of a chore but it cuts down on time, give all brushes a thorough clean and no more wrinkly fingers at the end of it! 

If you are looking for something that will make brush cleaning easier then this is certainly the product to pick up. A serious bargain!

Foil Nail Wraps 
100 for £2.99 EBAY HERE

Ever heard of the beauty hack of wrapping your nails in cotton pads and tin foil to remove stubborn glitter nail polish? Well you buy them pre-made! Okay, maybe super lazy because you could just cut up your own cotton pads and pieces of tin foil but there's still costs involved in buying the products so pre-made ones make sense! 

I now use the above foil nail wraps with nail polish remover applied to the pad section when removing a gel manicure but also to remove glitter nail polish - so much easier then rubbing away for 20 minutes! 

The foil wraps are ideal if you know you will be indulging in glitter nails over the festive period and will make removal a breeze.

DIY Cotton Facial Sheet Masks 
25 Masks for £2.49 EBAY HERE

Sheet masks are certainly popular right now but if you are like me with a huge stash of standard face masks you may not want that extra spend of trying out different sheet masks. But what if you could make your own?! 

In the listing above you can pick up as many as 100 cotton sheet masks for only £5.99 which can be soaked in any moisturiser or serum or applied over the top of any face mask you have, even clay based ones. I personally love this idea more than buying individual sachet sheet masks as it's so versatile and you can even batch cut the mask to the exact shape of your face unlike individual sheet masks. 

My favourite way now to use one of the DIY cotton sheets is to make it damp and then apply a generous layer of serum to my face and apply the sheet mask over the top, leaving it to sit on the face for 5-10 minutes. If you love face masks or pampering in general just as much as me then this is a way to try out the sheet mask trend on the cheap and experiment with all your other face masks and skincare products. 

These four products are my ultimate beauty extras and totally inexpensive! Hail eBay! 

Fee xo.


3 Amazing Autumn Scents Worth Trying

Along with a change of wardrobe a new scent signifies the start of a new season for me. In the past I'd go back to old favourites; Thierry Mugler Alien, Calvin Klein Secret Obsession and D&G The One to name but a few, and although I still adore them, I've found trying a new fragrance to be much more exciting. 

This Autumn I have three new scents, all of which offer something different and will take me through to 2017. From a newly releases Hugo Boss scent, to an affordable classic with Ghost and a unisex budget friendly perfume from The Body Shop. 

If you are looking for a new autumn/winter fragrance then look no further... you may just find your new signature scent right here.

The Body Shop Red Musk 

Eau De Toilette 30ml 
Price - £13.00 HERE 

First up I wanted to include a budget friendly scent from The Body Shop as I've been a fan of their fragrances for over 10 years now (Fuzzy Peach Perfume Oil use to be my fav back in the day!) and I know I can rely on them for low cost scents that smell amazing! 

Now I'm not instantly drawn to musk fragrances but do find it creates a good comforting base when paired with other stronger scents and after reading a few reviews I decided to buy Red Musk blind and hope for the best! On my first wear I found it to be quite a masculine scent which I wouldn't normally seek out but with it's soft edges I found it to be comforting and the ideal scent for chilly days. 

The main notes in this and the ones I can personally detect are pepper, tobacco (don't worry it's subtle and more wooody than smokey), cinnamon and musk. For me this is exactly how you would want a boyfriend to smell - it's light, slightly sexy, spicy and comforting. Which makes it a perfect unisex scent for the colder months when you are wrapped up in a huge scarf! It can also be worn day and night and I've even found it can be layered making most floral fragrances slightly warmer and deeper.

If you are looking for something different this a/w then pick this one up!


Hugo Boss The Scent 

Eau De Parfum
Price - £36.99 (Fragrance Direct 30ml) HERE or £65.50 ( Boots 50ml) HERE

Each season I like to go for a designer perfume, whether that's something I've run out of or a totally new scent. This autumn I have the new luxurious Huge Boss The Scent fragrance which isn't a typical autumn/winter scent as it's floral and very feminine - basically the opposite of the above scent. 

This is a fragrance that you really have to leave to die down after spritzing onto the skin as initially it does have a strong peach scent that is similar to a Victoria's Secret scent and not something to you expect from a luxury scent. However after 5 minutes or so the peach mellows into something less sharp and more rounded and becomes a floral fruity scent that's ideal for everyday wear. 

As for the bottle it really is weighty and luxurious and will look stunning on any dressing table. In fact I think it's possibly Hugo Boss's best designed bottle to date and really represents the femininity of The Scent.

If you love peach scents but want a more grown-up take then this is the scent to try out. This is a peach perfume done well!

Ghost Deep Night 

Eau De Toilette 30ml 
Price - £12.99 (Amazon) HERE or £20.00 (Superdrug) HERE

Ghost perfumes have been around for as long as I can remember and offer affordable scents that not only look good but smells good as well. So when I was looking for another autumnal scent but not wanting to spend that much I thought I'd go back to Ghost and a scent I wore at least a decade ago.

Ghost Deep Night is another masculine scent but less so than The Body Shop's Red Musk as it also contains floral notes as well as spicy ones along with vanilla making it soft and warm - basically think wearing your boyfriend's scarf with the scent of your own floral fragrance and you're pretty much there! 

Any other time of year I would say this is more of an evening scent however come the colder months this can easily be worn in the day as a deeper warm scent. I particularly love this fragrance on scarves and thick jumpers when it's extra cold as it's so comforting and quite nostalgic for me.

If you are looking for more 
autumnal recommendations then you can find my affordable autumn beauty picks here.

I'd love to know what fragrance you love to wear come autumn and winter!

Fee xo. 


The Ride or Die Makeup Tag

If you're a beauty blogger or makeup lover than chances are you've heard of The Ride or Die Tag created by beauty guru and Youtuber Jaclyn Hill. The aim of the tag is to select only your true favourite products.

As Jaclyn mentions in the video this is more of a challenge than a tag as it's seriously difficult to pick just one product from each category... I mean no beauty lover can pick just one lipstick or eyeshadow palette?! But here it is, my own ride or die makeup products! 

PRIMER: DHC Velvet Skin Coat
FOUNDATION: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation
CONCEALER: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
FACE POWDER: Clarins Loose Mineral Powder
UNDER EYE SETTING POWDER: Gosh Prep n' Prime Setting Powder
BLUSH: theBalm Frat Boy Powder Blusher
BRONZER: Benefit Hoola Bronzer
HIGHLIGHT: theBalm Mary Lou Manizer
MASCARA: Kiko Extra Sculpt Mascara
LIPSTICK: Soap & Glory Fabulipstick in Super Nude
LIQUID LIP: Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita
LIP GLOSS: Barry M Lipgloss in Toffee
EYESHADOW PALETTE: MAC Burgundy Times Nine (for now!)
SETTING SPRAY: Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray
PERFUME: Thierry Mugler Alien

This really was so tough to do... how can I only share just one fragrance and one lipstick?! Anyway this is a fab tag to do, so if you're a fellow beauty blogger then I tag you to do it! 

Just copy & paste the above and get debating with yourself on what your true ride of die makeup products are! 

Let me know if you do the tag as I'd love to read it. 

Fee xo. 

Here's What Happened When I Shaved My Face For A Year

Yes, you read that correctly. I shaved my face with a razor for an entire year (actually two) - and I liked it! 


Okay, I know this doesn't seem the norm, but exactly why is it seen as unacceptable NOT to shave our underarm hair but as equally unaccepted to shave our face as a women. Basically if you want to shave or not shave any part of your body then it should totally be excepted seeing as it's your body and hair isn't offensive! It's hair, it's natural, it's 2016 - lets finally get over it! FYI I didn't have an exceptionally hairy face (not that that would be a reason to shave), I just fancied trying it.

Anyway, mini rant over with! As it now been well over a year now, nearly two, since first shaving my entire face (minus eyebrows, I don't fancied looking like those scary photoshopped eyebrow-less celebrities pics that are floating around the internet) I'd share my experience and explain why I don't shave as often now but still dabble in it from time to time and of course the results of it

But why face shave in the first place

By now you are probably wondering why I first thought to shave my face and for what reason. And it's a good question, especially if you could see that in real life I have blonde very subtle peach fuz that you'd need a magnifying glass to see! But the surprising thing is it's not about how your skin looks, free from that minimal fuzz, but about micro exfoliation, how makeup especially base products apply to the skin and how makeup sits on the skin! So I guess part of it is aesthetics but it's not as basic as wanting to get rid of your tache - well it could be, but what I mean is there are other benefits to it. And you don't need to consider yourself a 'hairy' person to give it a go! 

Side note - When did body hair become such a taboo I wonder? And why is shaving so heavily linked to aesthetics for women?

But back to why I first decided to try it out! 

You see I stumbled across this beauty/fashion vlogger on YouTube that was raving about how amazing her skin felt from shaving her face. I mean literally she was raving about it, I wish I could find the video because she was seriously high on life about shaving her face - it was full on but she totally convinced me to try it out! 

It also made sense for the exfolation side of it, a light razor will remove dead skin cells, and of course I knew foundation would just apply better on my skin. 

My first shave & what I used 

On the advise of the video I picked up a pack of 3 eyebrow razors that you can pick up here for £1.97 from Amazon or only 99p from eBay here. To the touch the blades don't feel overly sharp but enough to shave off the very fine hairs on the face, however it's always worth taking care over especially around the lips and on the forehead where your skin is thinner than the rest of the face. 

For my first time I decided to use a light weight facial oil just so the razor would glide over the skin and worked very slowly starting with my cheeks, then jawline, around my lips and then forehead. This was totally easy to do and after washing off the facial oil and moisturising I was amazed and slightly weirded out by how my skin felt. Basically it felt baby soft! Softer than you can imagine your skin ever feeling (from the hair removal and dead skin cells removed) and it took some getting use to but not in a bad way... just in a "I've never felt my skin like this before" kinda way

Does the hair grow back thicker? 

My questions to you is - Has your leg hair grown back thicker in the years you've been shaving? I'm sure for most the answer will be no, and face hair is sooooo much finer than leg hair so even if it slightly thickened it would still feel ultra fine and there would be no full on beard forming - DO NOT WORRY. 

Two years on & why I've now stopped

Now I can't say I've fully given up shaving my face but I now only do it occasionally when I feel like it/when I can be bothered. Not due to any negative effects but because my skin isn't exactly transformed from shaving it but just nicer to apply makeup to. So I'm often lazy with it! For example I hadn't shaved my face for a few weeks however as I was going on holiday I did as I knew it would be nicer to apply spf to and makeup would just sit better on my skin in the heat. It's kind of similar to my relationship with fake tan, sometimes I do it, sometimes I don't! It's just something else to add to my constant beauy routine and sometimes I just can't be bothered. 
 I should point out when the hair does start to grow back you really can't feel it and it's definitely not stubble with a rough feel at all!

My advice 

My main tip would to be use an eyebrow razor and replace it every few months. They are inexpensive and most importantly gentle on the skin and won't cut! Also I would recommend using a light facial oil or moisturiser not rubbed in, on the face to make the razor glide and to go slow, especially around the eyebrows - you want to keep those bad boys intacted! Lastly if you fancy giving it a go don't think it's such a huge deal as the hair will grow back.

If you have any questions let me know! I love talking about face shaving and breaking the ridiculous taboo of what we should and shouldn't shave as women

 Fee xo.  
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