eBay Bargains #55 - Dupe Edition


 Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Kit Dupe - £2.74 HERE
I've heard so many amazing things about the MUFE Aqua Brow gels and this kit looks extremely similar and even includes two products and brush, in a choice of  5 shades. Save £28!

Dogeared Necklace Dupe - £3.99 HERE
I was so pleased when I came across these dainty necklaces that instantly reminded me of the ones from Dogeared. This are a lovely treat to yourself or as a gift. Choice of 10 lovely designs. Save £48!

Chanel Boy Velvet Bag Dupe - £17.98 HERE
Let's face it most of us will never be able to afford a Chanel bag, especially a Chanel Boy bag. However the above one I can certainly afford and I instantly get autumn/winter vibes from it. Just stunning! In a choice of 4 shades. Saves £2,000+!

Dior Addict Lip Glow Balm Dupe - £2.24 HERE
This is a lip balm I picked up last month from eBay and since then I haven't stopped using it and plan to purchase a few more tint shades. From the packaging to the silky formula this really is a lovely dupe for the Dior Lip Glow lip balm. Choice of 6 shades. Save £22! 

Sigma Spa Cleaning Glove Dupe - £5.86 HERE
 If you own a good amount of makeup brushes then a brush cleaning glove is a life saver when it comes to washing them all. I love Sigma products but a silicone glove for £30 is a little steep. This is much more well priced and appears very similar indeed. Save £24!

Chanel Espadrilles Dupe - £19.99 HERE
 Another out-of-my-price-range item for me are the Chanel espadrilles. I love espadrilles in summer and so I literally 'oooo''d when I spotted these replicas on eBay. These come in a choice of black or white in sizes 2.5 - 7. Save £500+! 

As always I hope you've found some bargains here! 

Fee xo.


The Order of Makeup Application

How we apply makeup and in which order strangely interests me. You see, when I didn't really have a clue about makeup I use to slap whatever product I fancied on my face but in recent years I've found I now have a specific order.

This may be boring stuff to you but I've detailed in what order I apply my makeup and kind of look at what I'm using right now... though it does change often! Let me know in which order you apply your makeup because I know it's different for everyone! 


START - Lip balm - Skincare - Primer - Brow powder - Tinted brow gel - Concealer around brows/eyeshadow primer - Eyeshadow - Eyeliner - Eyelash Curlers - Mascara - Foundation - Concealer - Bronzer/Contour - Blusher - Highlighter - Lipstick - Setting Powder/Spray - END  

It really is easy to do your makeup any old way however learning things such as applying eyeshadow before foundation as there can be fallout from powder eyeshadow just makes sense. Oh, and remembering to apply highlighter after all cheek products so it really stands out and does become blending over the entire cheeks - an important one for me. Of course there are no rules but once I sussed out the order in which I apply makeup I found it not only looked better but I saved myself time! 

I'd love to hear the order in which you apply makeup in the comments to see how varied we all are! 

Fee xo. 

Summer/Holiday Reading List


As I've mentioned before I love to read when it's comes to Summer, especially when on holiday and with a holiday booked for 2 months time I'm getting excited about which books I will be taking with me

Below are 4 new releases in a mix of genres that I'm eager to submerge myself into

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware
£5.00 (hardcover) Amazon here
Having heard many good things about Ruth Ware's In a Dark Dark Wood I was instantly intrigued by her latest novel; The Woman in Cabin 10. The story starts with journalist Lo Blacklock waking to find her flat being burgled. This of course leaves her unsettled and paranoid and when the perfect assignment comes up a week later of 7 nights of luxury on an exclusive cruise ship she think it could only do her good to get away. However on board she's witness to a woman being thrown overboard... the only problem - all guests are accounted for. As the cruise carries on with it's journey as nothing has happened Lo tries to seek out the truth and I'm sure while questioning her sanity. Having also read the preview on Amazon this really looks like a page turner of a book!

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon
£3.85 (paperback) Amazon here
From time to time I love a good YA fiction even if I'm nearing 30! Filled with emotion and often unique subject matters I always find them interesting and refreshing to read. This YA looks no different as it's part love story, part coming-of-age story with one huge problem, protagonist Madaline suffers from a rare condition that makes her allergic to literally everything. The book is also broken up with pictures, emails and IM messages which is aimed at younger readers but I always find that adds a more real element to the story. One for YA fans for sure.


Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes
£3.85 (paperback) Amazon here  
On to a book that couldn't be farther from YA fiction. This is the follow-up to 'You' (Amazon here) a dark and twisted tale of a book store owner come psychopathic murderer which I would suggest you read first. Now moved on from his last employee and obsession he has a new love and one that shares his love of literature. Expect bad language and lots of adult content with both books. But trust me 'You' is pretty damn gripping.

Ctrl, Alt; Delete: How I Grew Up Online by Emma Gannon
£9.09 (paperback) Amazon here  
Shamefully before Ctrl, Alt; Delete came out I hadn't heard of Emma Gannon or her blog however that really didn't matter as from just reading the book description I knew she'd created an incredibly relatable book for anyone that grew up in the 90's/00's and spent most of their time online. That was certainly me and with tales of MySpace and the antics of MSN I'm really looking forward to what I imagine to be a pretty hilarious and nostalgic read. The book also has a girl boss vibe to it talking about careers that can lead on from growing up online and internet trolls. This looks a light but interest read. Emma also have a podcast by the same name as her book which I've really been enjoying recently. 

What are you currently reading? 
I've just started The Night Circus! 

Fee xo. 

How To Rescue & Re-Use Products You Don't Like


If you're a makeup lover like myself then it's fair to say it's easy to neglect products or push them aside when they aren't the best match for us. However there are so many clever ways to make use of them! Here I've detailed five of my personal favourites that you can hopefully use as well.


Dry face wipes? Add micellar water! 
Until you buy face wipes and try them out you really don't know how wet they are going to be. I personally like a lot of moisture (sorry if I've just made you cringe with that word!) in my facial wipes so I'm often disappointed. But the solution is a simple one and so easy to do! Simply pour a little micellar water into the packet, close it up and give a squish around and leave upside down. When you next come to use them they should be exactly how you wanted them in the first place!


Want to throw your old makeup sponge away? Don't! Cut it up to make it like new again
Another really simple one here. If you have an old stained makeup sponge that's at the point of no return however much you wash it, then cut it up! You can cut it into a few wedges to apply foundation with, in half and use the two clean sides or into small pieces for nail art. I've done this with a few sponges now and it keeps the sponge going for longer.

Bought a body scrub but found it's just too harsh? Save it by adding a scoop to a shower gel  
In the past I've bought so many lovely smelling body scrubs that have turned out to be just too harsh on my skin. If you have a salt or sugar body scrub that you aren't using for that very reason then take a scoop and add it to a small amount of shower gel and shake or mix it. It probably won't look very nice but it will give your shower gel exfoilating properties and a much more pleasant scrub in the shower.


Have a bronzer that's just way too dark? Use it as a gorgeous brown eyeshadow
If you love your bronzer or contour then you've most likely bought a product that's too dark at some stage. But don't fear as any bronzer can be used as eyeshadow and will look amazing as a contour shade for your lids. You can even do this with powder highlighters - theBalm Mary Lou is a fab on the lids applied with a damp brush.


About to throw away old makeup brushes? Re-purpose a foundation brush to apply face masks
If you are thinking of having a clear out of your old brushes then hold on! Firstly foundation brushes are lovely to apply face masks with... it feels very spa-like and it's a much more even application and mess-free. Small brushes are also great for DIY projects or paint touch-ups around the home. You can do a lot with old makeup brushes so don't throw then away without thinking about how you could re-use them.

Hope you've enjoyed my thrifty tips! Let me know if you have any you use!

Fee xo. 

Summer Bucket List 2016


As we are currently experiencing a heat wave, albeit a short one, I thought I would create a kind of bucket list of what I wanted to do this Summer. 

Being online as much as I am it's easy to miss out on a lot of the joys of summer but I truly believe sunshine is good for the soul and this year I vow to make the most of it! 

Here are the things I'd love to do this Summer which may also be of inspiration to you... 

Cliche, but go on an all-day picnic
Download an audio book (my first one) and enjoy it mainly sat outside 
Work my way through my summer wax melt collection 
Pick a DIY tutorial from my Pinterest board and actually do it
Eat outside in the garden more often... as long as it's warm enough! 
 Pick wild flowers on a walk
Be confident enough to go out with bare legs in a dress or shorts
Go on holiday (already booked!)
Read at least 3 books over Summer 
Try a totally different makeup look 
Make fresh pizza from scratch 
Go to the beach (multiple times!)
Have a BBQ with my family that doesn't make me consume 30000 calories
Finally learn how to Dutch braid my own hair 
Explore new walks 
Treat myself to Fentimans Rose Lemonade... because it's the best drink ever
Make at least one trip to Primark before my holiday 
Wear an orange lip
And try to wear more white instead of black!
Go to the cinema more  
Have a gardening day
Cook two new summer recipes from my stack of cookbooks
Seek out a good mini golf and play it
Visit the Lake District for the day 
Have a summer clear out and give to charity before autumn 
Find the best fruit cider 

Hope you've found some inspiration for your own summer here.

Here's to lots of sun filled days! 

Fee xo.


eBay Bargains #54 - Homeware


White Flower Artificial Bouquet (18 heads) - 99p HERE 
A perfect blogging prop here or if you fancy having year round flowers on your desk. I've bought a few fake bouquets from eBay now and with a trim up of the loose threads they look pretty lovely. Think I will be picking up two bunches to these lovely flowers to use for blog photography. 

Rose Gold Lantern Structure String Lights - £11.99 HERE 
So these aren't that much of a bargain but I absolutely love them! From the fact that they're rose gold to the lantern shape and being battery operated. These would look lovely anywhere and remind me of something Habitat would do.

Floral Alphabet Typography Art Print (A5) - £2.98 HERE 
How lovely is this floral letter print? Perfect for your desk, blog photography or as a gift to a friend or a newborn gift. A4 and A5 sizes available from A to Z.

Tropical Palm Leaf Cushion Covers - £2.89 HERE  
Palm print is still majorly on trend and is set to stay for a while longer. I personally love anything tropical and these cushions (in 10 different prints) are perfect and such a bargain! Plus as they're a woven material they can be used as outside scatter cushions as well.

A-Z Bronze Letter Lights (battery operated) - £7.99 HERE
Another favourite find here with these amazing vintage style letter lights at only £7.99 each! Ideal for on a shelf or even the wall as they're battery operated. Slightly pricey to spell out an entire word but as your initials or a single letter then this is a total bargain.

Large Floral Deer Wall Decal - £3.19 HERE
Talking of bargains... how cheap is this beautiful wall decal?! This detailed decal really is stunning and quite a statement for the small price. Perfect for over the bed and ideal for anyone renting as it can be removed without any damage to the wall. 

2 x Seagrass Woven Baskets - £4.99 HERE 
Lastly I had to include this lovely small storage set that could be used for so many things. I instantly thought the baskets would work well for bath bombs but also next to the bed to hide clutter and night time skincare. Very affordable indeed. 

You can find more eBay finds on my new dedicated Pinterest board here

Hope you found a few lovely items, 

Fee xo. 

Candle Belle Mega Melt Box - A fun way to discover new home scents!


Ahhh, another wonderful box for July from Candle Belle that I needed to share with you! If you aren't familiar with Candle Belle as a company then you may want to read my first ever post on them here, or just know they are one of the best natural candle brands out there with so many fun and realistically scented wax melts and candles. 

The above box, known as the Mega Melt Box is a monthly subscription box where you receive 9 beautifully scented soy wax melts to melt in your own burner for £11.00 per month here or you can pick your own scents with a one off box for £12.50 here - something I highly recommend doing if you are new to the brand and love to burn wax tarts/melts, as it's only a £1.50 extra spend.


What's in July's Mega Melt Box? 

For me this has to be my favourite box so far as it contains 5 scents that are perfect for summer, such as Apple Mango Tango and Summer Berry Blast, but 4 scents that can be carried through to autumn and even winter with scents like Whispering Winds, Chocolate Brownie (OMFG I want to eat this one!) and Twisting Peppermint. A box of wax melts I'll be really enjoying working my way through over the next few months. So below I've ordered the melts in an almost spring/summer to autumn/winter fashion. 

Spring Tulips  
 This melt is exactly like inhaling a bouquet of tulips, it's fresh and natural. Perfect for a freshly tidied home or when you want a refreshing break from stronger scents. 

Apple Mango Tango
Another fresh but fruity scent here with a mix of apple, sweet pear and mango. Again one I'd burn during the day with the windows open to enjoy the fresh scent all the way through the house. 

I was unsure of the sound of a lemongrass scent but this is just a true lemon scent that's so uplifting and bright. One to burn in the kitchen or when you're in the happiest of moods! Very summery. 

Summer Berry Blast 
 This is a melt with so many berry layers to it, I can smell cherries, currents and raspberries in this. This makes me think of a summer fruit punch. One to burn after a day in the sun! 

I love these almost secret scented melts that you havent't got a clue what they will smell of. Dooblebug for me is a mix of strong bubblegum and a hint of watermelon and it instantly makes me think of my childhood when I'd get a hard bubblegum sweet in my 50p pic n' mix! Such a fun scent that I'll really enjoy burning.

Whispering Winds 
 A scent I'm personally unsure about but it's unique none the less. I pick up the scent of freesias and other delicate florals but then it's almost wrapped in a neutral none overpowering mascline scent. I can see this as an autumnal scent so I will be saving it until then to fully decide if I like it or not. 

Chocolate Brownie  
 Oh lordy this is a good one... and one I can't stop sniffing in the tub! This makes me dream of freshly baked chocolate brownie cookies as it's such a rich chocolate-y scent. Perfect for cosy autumn/winter evenings but I know I will be burning this ASAP.

Gingerbread Men 
 Another total winner for me even though I'm not a huge fan of the actual biscuits. This is warm and inviting and what I imagine gingerbread dough to smell like before it goes into the oven. A warm welcoming scent to burn in winter/Christmas.  

Twisting Peppermint 
Lastly a truly festive scent that instantly reminds me of sweet minty candy canes. This is subtly minty and sweet, a perfect combination. I will be trying my best to save this until Christmas but may end up burning it and treating myself to the full size candle come December.

P.S You can buy all the melts individually here  for £2.00 each or as mentioned create your own box for £12.50 here! I highly recommend - Raspberry Ripple, Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Brownie and Red Velvet mmm all so good!

So so pleased with this box and think I love Candle Belle even more now! 

Fee xo.


My eBay Finds Now on Pinterest!


For the last year or so I've enjoyed scouring eBay for the best bargain finds and creating my eBay Bargains blog posts, but with a full watch list on eBay I feel I have more bargains to share but don't ever want to bore you or the readers that come just here for beauty related posts. But don't worry there will still be an eBay post 1-2 times a week!

Sooooo, I went and created a Pinterest board dedicated to all my extra eBay finds! It will be updated weekly and include a huge range of products that catch my eye.  All you need to do is pin your favourites to your own board or click on the image and it will take you directly to the eBay listing where you can 'watch' or buy it.

As you can see I've already started pinning and found some amazing items - the cutest cat watch ever, Chanel espadrille dupe loafers and so much more. You can also find a little preview and link to my eBay board in the sidebar of my blog. 

As always I hope you find some bargains! 

Fee xo.


eBay Haul - What I Bought in June 2016


June was another good month of pleasing eBay buys! I picked up some amazing value brushes that are actually some of my favourites in my entire brush collection now! A few inexpensive summer accessories and I finally found some black exfoliating gloves for in the shower for only 99p! 


First up has to be the beauty stuff as I picked up three wonderful brushes that I'm in love with. I've mentioned them all in eBay Bargain posts but they finally arrived and they're amazing quality. 

Rose Gold Oval Toothbrush Brushes 
£1.14 small brush | £2.96 large HERE
As you may know I already own a few of these brushes and love them! The handles and look of them really are lovely and the bristles are beyond soft. I went for the smallest brush which I initially tried to use as an under eye concealer brush however I didn't find it as good as using a fluffy blending brush or my Real Techniques sponge. However I then tried it as a lip brush and was pretty amazed by it. I've never used a brush like this to apply lip products but it really does work and gives a perfect finish. As for the larger brush which really is amazing value for money, I've been using it as a large bronzer/contour brush to really good effect. This truly is one of the softest most dense brushes I've ever felt! My favourite eBay buys of June I think! 

Large Silver Handle Powder Brush 
£3.09 HERE
Another wonderful brush here and again an absolute bargain! This synthetic bristled brush is amazingly soft and perfect for setting the face with loose powder. There not a lot more to say about this brush except it's totally worth it and it's now a favourite in my collection.

Tender Lip Lipglow Lip Balm 
£1.61 HERE 
Onto sadly a fail eBay buy here *insert single tear sad emoji face*. I had so much hope for this product especially when it arrived with the gorgeous packaging and smooth formula. However on the lips the minty scent quickly disappeared to be replaced by one that was quite musty/mouldy, so awful that I had to instantly wash it off! This wasn't what I was expecting at all and I was equally as disappointed as I was disgusted. I was tempted to order another as the sheer pink tint was lovely however I don't think I will bother as I presume they will all be old stock - argh!!


White Pineapple Phone Case Wallet
 £2.99 HERE
I featured this in my Holiday Edition eBay Bargains post and decided to snap it up for an upcoming holiday as I always fear I may drop my phone while I'm away. For the price this really is a steal and very well made. As you can see the phone is housed in it's own case so it's very well protected and then the wallet is encased around it. The wallet has a handy magnetic close and a few slots for cards and money or receipts. It also doubles up as a phone stand perfect for watching YouTube videos with. I love everything about this and the listing contains so many different designs! 

Black Exfoliating Shower Gloves 
99p HERE
 Okay, so these are only shower gloves and I guess nothing special but if you use them you will know how grotty they can look in pale colours and how black ones just aren't available anywhere! So I was pretty pleased to come across a black pair on eBay for only 99p (what I'd normally pay, if not less!). These will look nicer for longer in the shower and are just a good quality as ones I've bought in the past from Superdrug and supermarkets. A must if you fake tan, get ingrowing hairs from shaving or have dry skin.


Go With Your Gut Book 
£7.79 HERE
A bit of a boring buy here especially if you don't have digestion problems! To cut a long and over sharing story short, a few months ago I had to take a coarse of strong antibiotics that really affected my gut and even caused anxiety (due to the lack of healthy bacteria in my stomach - who knew!). The side effects carried on long after finishing the tablets so since then I've been on a mission to get back to full health and stop my stomach pains - hence this book. I haven't made my way through all of the book yet but have picked up quite a few tips for better digestion and for general better health and have tried a few of the lovely recipes. Definitely an underrated book with a lot of good content.


Mirror Marble Print Sunglasses 
£2.85 HERE
I fear I may be becoming as addicted to cheap sunglasses on eBay as I am to phone cases and makeup brushes! But as it's summer it's allowed, right? I was attracted to these because of the marble print to them and the mirrored lenses... they just looked cool. When they arrived I was instantly impressed with the quality; really sturdy with zero imperfections and the print was just as it looked on the listing. These may look a little large on my face however I still love them and feel they're a quirky pair to add to my collection. Very impressed with these! Available in other frame colours and lens colours.

Rose Gold Watch 
£1.89 HERE
I also picked up a lovely cheap rose gold watch as I'm not an overly watch person and wouldn't want to spend a large amount on a watch I'd only wear a few times a month. My favourite thing about this watch has to be the brushed metal rose gold finish face with the metallic roman numerals, really elegant and not in the least bit cheap looking. The slim rose gold linked bracelet is also spot on with zero imperfections and quite a high polish finish to it. The back of the watch is also stainless steel - pretty well made for the super low price! Also available in silver and gold.

Other than the awful lip balm I'm super pleased with all my eBay buys this month! 

Fee xo.


Soap & Glory Turns 10! Exciting New Product Launches


Soap & Glory are currently celebrating their tenth birthday and because I've pretty much been slathering Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Shine on my lips since day one I thought I'd dedicate a blog post to them and all the amazing new products the've just launched! 

Initially I was planning to include my top 10 favourite S&G products in this post but then realised it would become a never-ending post! So here are some of their new arrivals that I think are pretty great. However if you do want to know my favs from the brand just let me know! 


Sweet Ten-Tation Gift Set 
£20.00 - Boots online here or in-store 
First up I had to include this amazing limited edition gift set that has been especially launched for their birthday! This as you may have guessed includes ten products in a rather lovely cake tin and is available at Boots and Boots online and is an affordable £20 - not bad as it works out at £2 per product AND you get a huge cake tin!

What's inside the Sweet Ten-tation gift set? Clean on Me Shower Gel, The Scrub Of Your Life Body Buffer, The Righteous Butter, Hand Food Hand Cream, Heel Genius Foot Cream, Original Pink Body Spray, Face Soap & Clarity Facial Wash, Thick & Fast Mascara and Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss. 

I personally think gift sets like these are ideal for splitting up for birthday presents (of course keeping a few for yourself!) or just stocking up on - you can never have enough body/bath products, right? Also the cute cake tin with the fork image to the bottom of it just makes the set even more worth it. Favourite products in the set for me are the Thick & Fast Mascara (already own and love it) and the Hand Food Hand Cream. But I'm excited to try out the facial wash and mini Sexy Moth Pucker gloss in Candy Queen. 


Moving swiftly onto new arrivals from S&G there's a new skinny addition to the Supercat eyeliner range, two new affordable eyeshadow palettes and a totally new range of super soft blushers that I'm totally in love with - if you are going to pick up anything, make it one of the blushers below! 

The Ultimatte Eyeshadow Palette 
£11.00 - Boots here or in-store
First up my favourite palette from the two new releases! The Ultimatte palette as you may have guessed is all matte and oh, I'm impressed. This 10-pan palette contains the softest matte shadows you ever did feel. Now I will admit I do avoid matte eyeshadow on the high street as formulas can be hit and miss but Soap & Glory really excel themselves with their matte shadows and offer good pigmentation, no fall out, no creasing and seamless blending. As you can see the palette contains a good range of neutral shades for both day and night and there are at least 3 shades that could be used to fill in the brows. I don't think I've ever been as excited for an all matte eyeshadow palette before! Favourite shades - most of them!


Kick into Neutral Eyeshadow Palette 
£11.00 - Boots here or in-store
 As for the second palette... I'll be honest, I don't like it as much. Yes, there are a few gorgeous shades in here such as 'Rich Tea' and 'Cocoa-Cabana' but on the whole pigmentation is lacking and when Sleek offer amazing pigmentation and more eyeshadows for less I simply couldn't recommend this to you. However S&G beat Sleek with their matte eyeshadows - easily! For anyone starting out in makeup this would be a fab palette as it offers a nice wash of colour and easy to blend shades. But if you love the likes of MAC and Urban Decay this palette just won't cut it sadly. Trust me The Ultimatte palette is worth it though!


Made You Blush! 
£9 each (£7 introductory price!) Boots here or in-store 
Now if you love blusher then this is certainly an exciting launch... I promise if you swatch one of these bad boys in-store you will be considering snapping them all up on the current 3 for 2 offer! The new rangeconsists of 3 gorgeously soft blushers in 3 beautiful shades - Cheeky Pink, Twinkle Rose and Rosy Chic. What I love most about the blushers is how insanely soft they are under the finger and to sweep over the cheek, which means they blend a dream and look so soft and natural on the skin. My favourite shade has we be 'Rosy Chic' as it works with my naturally pale skin well but also works when I go to town with bronzer and contour! However Twinkle Rose is a stunning pink blusher with a champagne highlight to it - one to swatch! I also love the cute packaging with a handy mirror and a not so awful brush. I have a feeling these blushers are going to be popular! 

Let me know your thoughts on the new launches! Are you as excited about the new blushers as I am? And if you love S&G what's your favourite range they do? For me it's the Lime-y Sugar Crush range!

Happy Birthday Soap & Glory - you certainly are the most fun beauty brand on the high street! 

Fee xo. 


eBay Bargains #53 - Holiday Edition


 Round Anchor Beach Towel - £6.98 HERE 
How pretty is this towel?! Round beach towels are very 'in' at the moment and are generally  in a mandala style patten which is nice... but this is even nicer if you ask me! From the other images in the listing this really does look worth the money. Totally love it!

Boho Tapestry Backpack - £6.70 HERE 
Backpacks are another 'in' thing right now and for holidays they certain make sense. I like structured backpacks out there but for summer this casual tapestry backpack is calling my name. This looks incredibly detailed and comes in a range of patterns. 

Portable Pocket Fan - £1.24 HERE 
On flights a pocket travel fan is a must for me! I'm not a fan, no pun intended, of feeling stuffy or hot so a mini fan is the perfect remedy. Also this really is a cute one and as compact as they get.

Giant Donut Inflatable - £9.99 HERE 
Finally pool inflatables have become more fun; from pizza slices and pretzels to donuts and even giant swans! This giant donut (120cm size) comes in both pink and brown/chocolate and is half the price of the identical one on ASOS! The listing contains lots of other styles as well.

Rose Gold 'Dupe' Sunglasses - £2.59 HERE 
I've featured this style of sunglasses a few times now because for the price they really are amazing. These come in a range of finishes but rose gold for me is just the prettiest. Very flattering and much more expensive looking than they actually are!

Pineapple Flip Phone Case - £2.99 HERE 
I recently bought this from eBay with a future holiday in mind and as the quality is so good I had to share it. Whenever I'm away I'm more conscious of dropping or breaking my phone so extra protection with a phone case like this is a must. I love this one due the print but it also includes a section to put your cards and receipts and it can even be used as a stand for your phone for when you want to watch videos. Such a bargain! Again available is so many designs in the listing. 

Silicone Luggage Tags - 99p each HERE 
Another holiday fear of mine if that someone will accidentally take my bag so in the past I've used large suitcase stickers to make it look a little more unique. But now I'm totally loving these silicone tags that come in so many fun designs and look really good quality. They also have a section on the reverse for your name, address and telephone number just in case your luggage does go missing. I will certainly be picking up a couple of these.

Gold Glitter Detangling Comb - £1.69 HERE 
 After every shower I use a detangling brush and it's now an essential for me. However if you don't already own one but your planning a beach holiday then it will certainly be a lifesaver for your hair. With the flexible plastic teeth this gently works through stubborn knots without damaging your hair. I also find the extra long handle to be handy.

Passport Holder/Wallet - £1.89 HERE    
 Lastly I found this bargain passport holder that comes in a range of lovely pastel colours. This instantly reminded me of something you would pick up from Kate Spade but for a snip of the price. 

Hope you've found a few holiday/summer bargains here! 

Fee xo.

Super Summer Skincare - For Oily/Combination Skin Types


June is here, I don't know how when it's just been Christmas, but that means summer, right? Well I'm crossing both my fingers and toes for some warm weather as I have many a summer dress I want to wear and have my summer skincare routine sorted.

Below I have four amazing products that are now part of my skincare routine because, well  they're all amazing! From an SPF serum, to a budget mattifying moisturiser and a skincare gadget that is finally affordable!


Kiko Solar Protect Serum SPF 15
£11.10 (normally £15.90) - Kiko online here or in-store
My oily-skin prayers have been answered with this product! An SPF I can use daily (even on overcast days) without clogging up my pores causing me to breakout. This ingenious little bottle is a two-phase lightweight serum that is applied before makeup and gives SPF 15, medium protection, to the skin. What I love about this is that is soaks into the skin within a few minutes and feels like any standard serum - not heavy or greasy just ever so slightly hydrated. I also find that as it's fine for even sensitive skin I can apply this on my under eye area without it stinging my eyes... finally an SPF I can do this with! This is perfect for all skin types especially anyone with oily skin and really is a summer/holiday staple! Well done Kiko!

Super Facialist Purify & Refresh Facial Scrub 
£5.99 (normally £8.99) - Boots online here or in-store
On to a good old fashioned face scrub now because sometimes a cleanser doesn't cut it and you need baby soft skin! Thankfully this scrub has biodegradable micro beads though so it's not full on old fashioned and won't be harming the environment/sea. This freshly scented scrub is a product ideal to be used once or twice a week in the shower I feel as it's invigorating, gives a deep clean by eliminating dead skin cells and helps tackle blemish-prone skin with the aid of salicylic acid (a key ingredient in any spot fighting skincare if you ask me!). The scrub can also be used over the neck and chest area... much like any other product I guess, but this is ideal for that purpose especially is you are someone that gets blemishes not just on your face. This to me feels like an improved version of the standard face scrub as it's by Una Brennan but at such an affordable price.

Foreo Luna Play 
£29.00 - Look Fantastic here
Say hello to baby Foreo a.ka I'd rather spend £29 on the mini over the £69 on the standard one - isn't she the cutest?! Yes, that's right Foreo just got much more affordable and I'm so pleased they have because their silicone skincare gadgets really are the best and something to try out. This ultra portable (it's dinkier than a cotton pad!) facial cleansing device is amazing for uneven and oily skin as it exfoliates and pushes your cleanser deeper into the skin for a more thorough cleanse. I personally like to use this at night with my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and it leaves my skin feeling amazing, it can also used in the shower as it's fully waterproof. The only down side is that is does have a shelf life of approx. 100 uses, and if you're like me and haven't a clue how many times you've used it you start to get the fear of when is it going to die. Which would be a sad day but imagine if you are planning to take it on holiday, as it's ideal for that, I fear the worry of will it/won't it die would be too much! So there's that to consider. But for the price, especially if you only use it a few times a week, really is amazing.

Garnier Pure Active Matte Control 
£7.35 - Boots online here or in-store
As I've mentioned a serum, scrub and skincare gadget it felt only right I include a good mattifying moisturiser for summer and I think I've found a fab one with Garnier's Pure Active Matte Control. Now I will be honest and say it's been a long time since I've used Garnier skincare for anything other than Micellar water and it was more in my teens that I use to favour them but this moisturiser really does the trick of soaking up excess oil and shine and creating a mattified base for makeup to be applied onto or if you are going bare skinned. With a gel-like feel this glides over the skin and feels refreshing however the scent is pretty chemically but something I can definitely tolerate. I've also noticed when I use this I often skip a primer as it creates a good base for foundation and an extra layer of product just isn't needed. On me I find this does control my shine especially on my T-shine for most of the day but if you are super oily I'd say still keep blotting paper or a translucent powder to hand. Another product ideal for the summer months if you're an oily like me! 

So many fab products here that I hope you try out! 

If you have oily skin let me know in the comments your favourite skincare product for summer. 

Fee xo.

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