eBay Bargains #52 - 99p Buys!


All items 99p with free p&p!

Moon Hair Clip HERE
A lovely simple hair clip here that you would expect to spot in Topshop or on the ASOS website. The clip comes in both gold and silver and in a moon or triangle shape.

Palm Leaf Phone Case HERE
I'm certainly over spending £10+ on a single phone case! These days I like to pick up a selection of 99p cases that are actually really good quality. I absolutely love the above phone case but the listing has 30+ more designs if you aren't into this one.

Delicate Fan Brush HERE
You can never underestimate the use of a fine fan brush, especially to use with powder highlighters. This will perfectly add highlight to under the brows, the cupid's bow and for precise application on the cheekbones.

Set of 6 Hair Ties HERE
I love these kind of hair ties and have so many of them all around the house because they are comfortable to wear and don't leave a kink in the hair! For only 99p I'm totally loving these mixed design ties and there are even more to the listing. I also found a listing with 14 more summery styles here.

Set of 6 Rings HERE
A lovely mix of midi rings here that are inexpensive and cheaper than you would find in Primark! I'm sure the quality won't be amazing for 99p but fab to add to existing rings and just for a bit of costume jewellery.

Set of 6 Mixed Bracelets HERE
Another jewellery find in a range of styles and colours in the listing. These are perfect for summer and can be worn all together or just a few. I love that a tassel one is included. 

Nail Polish Holder Ring HERE
How have I never seen one of these before now?! This is such an ingenious idea that would help me out a lot when painting my nails. From the look of it it fits all bottle sizes as well. 

Exfoliating Shower Gloves HERE
Finally I've found a pair of black exfoliating gloves that won't look grubby after a few uses! Exfoliating gloves are a must for me in the shower so I'm thrilled I can now buy black ones that will stay looking new for much longer. 

Layered Black Tassel Choker HERE
I'm currently loving the layered choker trend so I had to include this bargain find. It's pretty simple so it will go with most outfits and it's a way of trying out the trend before looking at more expensive options on the high street.

Now off to spend all of £4 on a few of these budget finds! 

Fee xo.


House of Fraser Beauty Haul


Last week I was excitingly asked if I wanted to pick out a few beauty products from the House of Fraser website to try out... and I of course said yes, who wouldn't?! 

Now I may have spent the entire night browsing the makeup department of HoF trying to decide what to pick whilst creating a fantasy wish list in my head just in case I ever win the lottery - a girl can dream. But I finally picked out three products that I was excited about and knew I could use through each season... forever being savvy! 


MAC Eye Shadow x 9 (Burgundy Times Nine) - £25.00 HERE
The first product I picked out was this a-mazing warm smokey palette that I just can't stop swooning over and swatching! Yes, it's dinky but you get 9 MAC shades to try out and they are all beyond pigmented and possibly the nicest I've ever blended with.... trust me this palette can create an amazing smokey eye! I of course went for this palette because it's just beautiful but also because I know I will use every shade and none will be neglected much like a lot of the palettes I own. I also know I will be able to create everyday looks with this, deep smokey looks and go totally matte some days or full on shimmer as there are a good mix of formulas in the palette. Favourite shades have to be Antiqued, Quarry and Star Violet. I've not been as excited about using an eyeshadow palette in a long time and keep thinking of the gorgeous autumnal looks I will be able to create with it in a few months! 

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick - £15.50 HERE
Staying with MAC I carefully decided on a nude lipstick that would suit both my fair skin and also my skin when I fake tan and I amazingly did it with the stunning Velvet Teddy! I'd say Velvet Teddy is a very on-trend matte nude with a deep beige tone that will suit so many skin types. As this was my first matte lipstick (I think!) from MAC I was concerned that it would be too drying for me but in fact it's totally comfortable on the lips and has movement so your lips don't feel like are wearing a drying face mask and may crack at any time. Again I'm very much looking forward to wearing this all wear round and can see it becoming a staple nude for me. So so pleased with this product! 

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray - £9.00 HERE
Lastly I decided to try out the Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray but in the travel size 30ml bottle. This made sense as I will be going on holiday later in the year so the size of it is ideal for then and in the mean time I get to use it day-to-day and test it out before deciding if it's worth spending £22 on the full size 118ml bottle. Urban Decay now do a range of different makeup setting sprays but thankfully the travel size is for oil-control something I need with my oily/combination skin. I've yet to try this out but I'm hoping this will make my foundation last longer especially on my T-zone and stop that 5pm oil shine. If this is a hit I will be taking it on holiday with me and include a review of it in my 'What's in my Holiday Makeup Bag' blog post nearer the time! 

Let me know what you think of my picks, especially the stunning MAC eyeshadow palette... I think I need another one now!

Fee xo. 


eBay Bargains #51 - Latest Makeup Finds


Concave Face Brush £2.16 HERE 
Okay, so I haven't a clue about this brush... but it looks pretty cool to me! Is it a dupe? I don't know, but I love the shape of the handle and how the bristles are cut. An exciting new find here!

Rainbow Highlighter £5.74 HERE 
Rainbow highlighter is the latest trend and with the original Etsy rainbow highlight taking pre-orders for 9-10 months time I think I'll stick with trying out this beauty first! It's also 1/3 of the price! I'm hoping this will give me the beauty of a unicorn! Available in 2 different shades.

 Soft Matte Lip Cream £1.42 HERE
With eBay awash with fakes including cheap NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams it's always good to find a dupe from an actual brand. I've tried QiBest lip products before and have liked them so I'm hoping these will be good. Available in 7 different shades.  

Set of 5 Pro Makeup Brushes £5.19 or £1.29 each HERE 
I love when I come across new affordable brush sets like this! This really does look like a lovely set with the bright rose gold metallic finish and indents where to hold the brush. I also like that there's the option to buy all the brushes individually, something I will be doing to check the quality before buying the set. That small blush brush will be mine!

 Makeup Brush Cup Holder £3.79 HERE
I already own quite a fancy Sigma brush holder and I love it. The cups can be used as two separate holders on your desk and then the holder can be used whole when travelling to keep all your brushes protected. But to be honest you really can spend as little or as much as you want and to me this looks a pretty lovely holder. The listing has so many different designs and colours to pick from as well!

 Holika Holika Jewel Eyeliner £3.06 HERE
Don't these eyeliners look amazing? I love creamy kohl liners and these 3 metallic jewel toned shades are calling to me. Under the eyes or along the waterline any one of these would look amazing for summer. I also really rate Holika Holika products!
Larger Bronze Fan Brush £1.20 HERE  
I love a good fan brush and this looks a good one. I love the deep bronze metallic ferrule and the size of this; perfect for subtle contour on the face and collar bone. Such a bargain price as well!

Silver Blush Brush £2.89 HERE 
Another unique brush find that I had to include. Again, I'm not sure if this is a dupe for a more high end brush but I'm intrigued all the same. This looks just the right size and shape for blusher and would be a unique brush to add to my collection. 

Jolie BeBe Lip Polish £3.36 HERE 
Lastly I thought I'd include a lovely looking lip scrub. I love using lip scrubs before applying matte lip products but they aren't an overly popular product and generally seem to come in awkward jars. So for this price this is a handy tube that can be directly applied to the lips or hygienically applied with your fingertip. Interested to try this one! 

As always I hope you've found a few bargains here! 

Fee xo.


3 NYX Lip Products, 2 Formulas, 1 Problem


NYX are pretty much the beauty brand of the moment in the UK since popping up in Boots stores recently and becoming available on ASOS! 

I personally love NYX as they offer affordable yet high quality products and the shade ranges of all of their lip products is down right amazing! So of course I picked up a few different products in some rather gorgeous shades and thought I'd share them with you today as well as talking about NYX's sneaky trick with newly launched products! 


3 Lip Products  
NYX Butter Gloss in 'Cupcake' - If you love your lip gloss then this range of Butter Gloss's is for you as they come in so so many shades and are importantly non tacky and so comfortable. All shades are medium coverage but can be sheered down if you remove the excess from the wand before applying. Cupcake for me is the perfect girly shade and it does have a hint of a caramel scent to it which I like. As for how long it lasts on the lips I'd say it's slightly better than a standard high street lipgloss however within an hour or two of eating or drinking these do need to a re-applied. I know I will be picking up a few more of these over summer! Available for £5.50 on ASOS here or in select Boots stores. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Morocco' - Okay, so I may have found my favourite lip product ever here! I'm not even joking. These matte lip cream are just amazing! Soft, yet matte and available in 23+ shades. The lightweight whipped lip cream just glides over the lips with a fairly opaque coverage and dries slowly to a soft matte finish that stays all day on the lips through eating and drinking. Compared to other matte lip creams I've tried these are comfortable and affordable. I decided to picked up the shade Morocco for summer and it didn't disappoint with it's vivid orange hue but I'll be certainly trying out some of the nude shades especially 'Cannes' as it's apparently a Kylie Jenner dupe! Available for £5.50 on ASOS here or in select Boots stores. 

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in 'Soft Spoken' - Lastly I had to try out a newer release with NYX Liquid Suede in the shade Soft Spoken as it looked the nude for me. And again the shade didn't disappoint with it's opaque coverage however I did find this took longer to dry than the Soft Matte Lip Cream and had a slightly tacker feels which was easily solved with a dusting of translucent powder. However this did last a long time in fact I had to remove it at the end of the day! Available for £6.50 on ASOS here or in select Boots stores. 

2 Formulas 
Though there are differences in the above two lip creams I found them to look and apply the same but with Soft Matte Lip Creams having so many shades I know I'd always opt to buy more of them than the Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks. However I have a feeling I know why NYX wanted to launch more lip creams similar to the popular Soft Matte Lip Creams... which leads me onto the problem I have with NYX and their newer lip products!

1 Problem
You see up until NYX released their latest lip products all liquid lip products have contained 8ml of product and priced at £5.50. So both the above Butter Gloss and Soft Matte Lip Creams are 8ml however with the large packaging of the new Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick and Lip Lingerie Lipstick you would instantly think they would contain more product, maybe 10-12ml, right? Well sadly you would be wrong, as they contain only 4ml of product! So lets get this right... they appear nearly double in size of the original liquid lip products yet contain half of the product! And to make things worse the two latest lip product releases cost £1.50 more at £6.50! 

I really think NYX could have continued to extend the colour range of the popular Soft Matte Lip Creams but they saw a way of making more money. 

With an extensive shade range I will certainly be trying out more Soft Matte Lip Creams and avoiding the latest NYX lip product releases from now on! 

Fee xo. 

eBay Q&A - Fakes, Shipping Times & Finding a Bargain!

All items shown are linked at the bottom of this post.

As my eBay posts have become a bit more popular I receive quite a few questions and queries about shopping on eBay. So today I thought I'd grab the questions I've received on archived posts and social media and answer them in more of a public way. 

Hope this post gives you a few tips for shopping on eBay safely and finding some bargains!

How do you find such amazing items on eBay? I never seem to be able to!  
Generally I decide to look for a specific item say phone cases but then I fall down the rabbit hole and 2 hours later I'm looking at luggage tags and passport covers! I find most of my favourite finds come from sellers in China and they do seem to put random keywords in their listing titles such as for oval brushes I often see the word ' toothbrush' so I will search in 'Health & Beauty' just the word toothbrush then filter it just to makeup and not oral care and ta dar all the oval makeup brushes you could ever want will be there!

How long does shipping take for items sent from China? 
This really does vary from seller to seller but they do offer a rough estimated time for you. I've recently had quite a few items turn up quite promptly in 2 weeks but other items have taken 2 months. So if you are in a rush to receive your item I'd definitely suggest avoiding international sellers. But for me I order lots of 99p-£3.00 items in one go with different sellers and they will randomly turn up over the course of the month.

Does the cheap jewellery you feature actually last? 
Yes and no! For me I treat a necklace that I've bought from eBay for 99p the same as I would if I'd have bought it from Primark - I avoid spraying perfume on it and I don't wear it in the shower. So if you make sure to treat it as cheap jewellery then it will last... if you don't if will most likely rust within a week!

Do you ever buy fake makeup from eBay? Is it worth buying? 
Never ever. For me it's just not worth it. The main reason is that you really don't know the ingredients in the products at all and investigations into counterfeit makeup have shown that some illegal factories are using lead, mercury and even cyanide in their products and these are products that will be going onto your face or even eyes and in turn going into your blood stream!! You really are just paying for the look of a product and nothing more. If you really can't afford the prices of high end makeup there are always blog sales, clearance sections in stores or even legitimate auctions on eBay from UK sellers.

How do I avoid buying fakes?  
My main tip is to avoid sellers from China with low value Buy It Now's. Of course fake products are sold by UK sellers as well but generally they are international listings and they have a large volume available. Also just do your research, compare the images of the product you want to buy with stock images of the product on a reputable website. But if you do still end up buying an item you aren't sure about then it's totally fine to visit the official brands counter to ask a member of staff or just inspect the real product for yourself. If it does end up to be fake contact the seller and request a refund on that basis.

Have you ever disliked products you have bought from eBay? 
It's actually not often that I receive an item that I dislike but maybe that's because it's generally £1-3 in price so it's not that big of a deal if it's not exactly like the stock images in the listing. However just this week I received a tinted lip balm that I ordered a few weeks ago and on applying it to my lips it had an awful musty scent that just wouldn't go... so much so I ended up washing my lips, twice! Rubbish products do happen from time to time but I will always include them in my eBay hauls and tell you so.

Will you ever feature clothes you buy in your eBay hauls?
I don't often buy clothes from eBay, and when I do they are generally from auctions so there wouldn't be much point. However I have recently ordered a sheer kimono from a seller in China for summer/holidays which I will be sure to share in an upcoming haul post. Side note - Korean and Chinese sizes do always come up small so always order a size above your normal size.

How long do cheap brushes last with washing them and general use? 
Actually a surprisingly long time! The one thing that can go with cheaper brushes is that the metal ferrule can come loose from the wooden handle especially with washing the brush over time but if it does come apart simply glueing it back in with super glue will do the job. I've yet to do this with a brush though and I own a lot of eBay brushes!

What if something arrives broken?
Arghhh that's the worst! I've only ever had this with a makeup brush that had damaged packaging and the brush had snapped in two, so clearly it had happened in transit. I contacted the international seller and included photos to prove the item was broken and received a refund the next day. However if the seller ignores you can open a case and eBay will decide. But my main tip is to give photographic proof! 

eBay items showed in image - Makeup Stickers £1.39, Mehndi phone case 99p, 3D nail decorations 99p, Color Switch Dupe £1.75, Rose Gold Oval Brush £2.96, Silver Brush £2.69, Set of 6 brushes £1.71, Sunglasses £1.95.

 If you have any eBay related questions just pop them in the comments and I will answer them! 

Fee xo.


The Latest Budget Brushes from eBay - from £1.14!


For the past few years I've realised that eBay is the best place to buy budget makeup brushes. From as little as £1 I've found some of my favourite makeup brushes that have stood the test of time and are actually the same quality, if not better, than a lot of high street brushes.

I've recently picked up four new brushes that I instantly had to share because they are all amazing and I think it's good to show them outside of the often pretty rubbish stock images on eBay. I also have a pretty amazing product that solves the problem of switching eyeshadow colours without having to switch brushes! 


Colour Switch Dupe - £1.75 HERE
First on to the product/dupe that solves the issue of having to switch eyeshadow brushes with every eyeshadow colour you use. I found this product thanks to Gemma of Miss Makeup Magpie (an amazing blog!) and after reading her glowing review I knew I needed to instantly pick it up from eBay for only £1.75. Much like the Vera Mona Color Switch Solo here (£13.50 eep!) this dry sponge housed in a tin removes eyeshadow from your brush with a simple swirl over the sponge, meaning you can then use the brush with another eyeshadow colour and so on. This for me is revolutionary as it means I can use my favourite eye brushes with a number of different shades to create the perfect eye look. This really does work as you can see in the above before and after images and for £1.75 I'm just amazed by it! 


Rose Gold Oval Large Brush #1 - £2.96 HERE
With already owning two of these stunning looking oval brushes and being happy with my purchases I decided to try out two more. I went for the largest oval brush that can be used for foundation, powder or bronzer and the smallest of the brushes that can be used for concealing, lip application and apparently eyeshadow. As these brushes are incredibly dense and not to mention soft I decided to avoid using the large oval brush for foundation as I knew it would seep down into the bristles and would be a pain to wash. So I've so far tried it with bronzer to really good effect and though it is large it apply product lightly and blending as it moves over the face. Side note - As large oval brush is so large and the handle is only plastic you do need to be careful not to apply too much pressure to the bridge of the brush. Mine is fine but I feel with too much pressure it could snap!

 Rose Gold Small Concealer Brush - £1.14 HERE
As for the teeny tiny oval brush I first tried using it to blend concealer under my eyes and found it just moved product around and didn't do much in the way of blending, but then I decided to bite the bullet and try it as a lip brush with a cream lip product and that's then I loved it! I've never thought of using a brush like this to apply lip products before but I'm now converted as it gives such a precise and even finish. Both brushes will sit very happily in my collection! 


Large Professional Powder Brush - £2.69 HERE
Next onto a wonderful powder brush that looks so fancy for the price with it's all silver metal handle and pointed tip. As you can most likely see from the images this brush is incredibly soft and perfect shaped making it ideal for sweeping and buffing loose powder over the face. It's also clearly made from synthetic fibres as it catches the light in a certain way - something very important to me! I've so far being using this with my favourite Clarins Loose Mineral Powder and couldn't be more pleased with it. A dream brush here! 

Marc Jacobs Bronzer Brush Dupe - £1.99 HERE 
I love a good dupe and with the Marc Jacob bronzer brush costing £50+ I was eager to see how this £2 brush fared. Thankfully the brush arrived in record speed in just over a week and a half from China and instantly I knew it would either make an amazing setting powder brush or all over bronzing brush. From comparing images of the Marc Jacobs brush the only visual difference I can see is that the dupe brush isn't as dome shaped to the tip but as for size and handle shape they look spot on. Again this is an incredibly soft synthetic brush that feels amazing and works well with bronzer or setting powder. I'd say the brush is a little too large to use contour/bronze the face and is more of a body brush but I've seen this also said about the much more expensive brush. As I love the above silver handled brush to apply powder with this will be used to apply bronzer over my chest and shoulders. Another fab brush! 

Hope you've found some makeup brush gems to pick up here! 

Fee xo.


Glossybox Review - June 2016


When it comes to beauty box reviews I'm a little hit and miss as I have so many other reviews and posts I want to write first! 

However when this month's weighty Glossybox was delivered I knew I needed to give it a review ASAP as I love everything in it and it's just ideal for summer or if you are going on holiday anytime soon.

As always the Glossybox box costs £10 (plus p&p) and can be bought as a one-off box then cancelled or subscribed to for 3,6 or 12 months making it even cheaper. But personally I'd suggest signing up to the monthly plan so that you can cancel anytime... even after your first box if you wish! All details of the monthly plan and how you can snap up the June box can be found here


This month's box is all about new discoveries with five of summer's most exciting products and although a few of these products aren't new to me I can totally agree that it's a very summer themed box. Below are mini (ok, not so mini) reviews of all the products you receive with the June box. 

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser (15ml travel size)
This is a moisturiser I've been wanting to try for some time now along with too many other products from Origins so I was so pleased to see this in the box. Even with the vivid orange packaging I didn't instantly know it would have such an amazing fresh orange scent to it but much like the amazing Ole Henriksen product this has a zingy citrus scent that certainly gives you a boost and leaves the skin feeling fresh. I also love that the cream is light weight and oil-free perfect for summer and oily/combination skin types. I'm going to try my best not to use this until my holiday in October but I have a feeling I will be treating myself to the full size version on using it up! 

Spa To You Konjac Sponge RRP £6.99 (full size) 
Although Konjac sponges aren't new to me I always happy to receive a new one as they can be used both over the face and body. Made from vegetable fibres this unique sponge becomes rock solid when dry and the smoothest rubbery sponge when wet. The sponge can be used alone to gently exfoliate the skin or with your favourite cleanser... or as I've discovered to remove face masks. This really is a unique product that I already love to use so I'm impressed to see Glossybox keeping up with current trends and including it in this month's box. 

Ladival Sun Protection Spray SPF 15 RRP £19.99 (full size)
Ladival is a sun care brand I've seen become increasingly popular in the last 6 months as they have brought more advanced protection to the high street (I spotted the whole range in Asda recently). So I was instantly pleased to see a full size 150ml product... however with my fair skin SPF 15 just doesn't cut it sadly, I'm more of a SPF 30-50 kinda gal. However I plan to give this a little test out (then pass it onto someone that's blessed with less-transparent skin) on not so sunny days to see if I like the formula and then may buy the SPF 30 or 50 version as the specs for this are pretty good - instant protection, suitable for sensitive skin and water resistant. 


De Bruyere After Sun Lotion RRP £9.48 (50ml full size)
Staying with sun care with a rather lovely after sun moisturiser that smells heavenly! This beautifully packaged lotion is ideal for applying after a day in the sun and a perfect size to take on holiday with you. Enriched with Monoi (I don't know either) alongside vitamin E this will hydrate, nourish and calm skin. As for the scent this comes from the Monoi which is basically gardenia petals soaked in coconut oil which for me gives off almost a bubblegum scent that's very addictive.... I'm sniffing the back of my hand where I've applied it as I type this! I already know I'm going to love using this product but my first world problem is that it's a french product and after I've used up my tube and all the eBay listings of it have gone it's likely to be impossible to get hold of again! 

Emite Makeup Lip & Cheek Tint RRP £12.50 (full size)
Onto lips and cheeks now with this not so summery looking tint. On first glance of the box this was the only product I was unsure of but after trying it out I can say it's quite a lovely berry red shade that will suit all skin tones. The gel like formula glides over the lips and cheeks and dries quickly to an invisible feel making it perfect for summer when you don't want to have the feeling of makeup on your skin. Another product I will be using over summer from this fab box. 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner RRP £1.09 (20ml sachet sample)
Lastly as a bonus product is a sachet of the popular Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner that's already a huge favourite of mine. Again, this is another product ideal for the summer months when hair can start to feel dry from too much sun and need rescuing. For a high street hair mask it's incredible affective and smells amazing! This will be used ASAP as I've recently re-ombre'd my hair and it's in need of some TLC. A fab product to try out if you haven't already. 

This really is one of my favourite boxes so far from Glossybox in 2016 and a great box to start off especially if you love Summer products or you have a holiday planned! 

Fee xo.


eBay Bargains #50 - Fashion Edition


 Chanel Boy Bag Dupe - £8.59 HERE 
I don't know about you but I don't have £3-4k to drop on a handbag... and even if I did, it would certainly be going on multiple holidays! But that doesn't stop me drooling over pretty bags and the Chanel Boy bag is one of them. However I've found a pretty amazing dupe for under £10! The hardware is still that striking gunmetal and the bag is matte faux leather. A total steal! Available in black and beige. 

Rose Gold Pineapple Necklace - 99p HERE 
As a blogger I instantly love all things rose gold and pineapples - it's as simple as that... just don't ask me why (because I don't know!). So this lovely necklace combines the two and I LOVE it. And it's cheaper than Primark! Available in rose gold, silver and gold.  

Knotted Bangle - £1.05 HERE
A simple bangle here that caught my eye. I love the simplicity of it and that it kind of looks more like a pretzel than a knot, mmmmm. Available in gold, silver and black.  

Vibe With Me T-Shirt - £4.64 HERE 
I love all t-shirts with modern calligraphy fonts and current slogans to them but they are hard to get hold of. But I've found a bargain tee here that's perfect for summer over jeans or denim shorts. Plus it comes in a wide range of sizes. Sizes S-XL 

Detachable Fake Shirt Collars - £3.99 HERE
Totally loving this find as I've never thought to look for unique fake shirt collars before... and this listing has so many of them! Very much a fan of the above swan collar and a unique toucan one in the listing! Available in 15 styles. 

Kate Spade Dupe Watch - £2.20 HERE 
This is a watch I already own (you can see my review of it here) and for the price I'm very impressed with. I love the slogan to the face and rose gold metal. In fact this is one of my most favourite eBay buys I'd say. Available in 4 colours. 

Dior Dupe Mirrored Sunglasses - £3.25 HERE 
Dupe sunglasses are everywhere right now but these mirrored beauties seem to be constantly sold out on various websites and around the £10+ mark. I've picked up quite a few pairs of sunglasses from eBay now and have been impressed with them all, so I know I will be getting these for an upcoming holiday. Available in 6 colours. 

Holographic Striped Trainers - £12.48 HERE 
These are basically superstar style trainers meets mermaid... and I love them! I owned a pair of Superstar trainers many moons ago in my teens and I constantly wore them. But now with a much higher price tag I think I will be going for this bargain pair! Sizes 3-11 in 4 colours. 

I fancied trying a different eBay Bargains post this week so let me know if you liked it! 

Of course more makeup brushes and beauty finds to come next week.

Fee xo. 


Affordable Spring/Summer Fragrances


Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely 
£10.72/30ml - Amazon here
£40.00/100ml Anniversary edition - Superdrug here
This is a perfume I seem to mention each year around spring/summer as it's my ultimate go-to scent for when the weather warms up. Why is this? Well it's just a beautiful and soft scent that despite it's budget price tag has a luxury air to it and as the name suggests is just lovely. For me this is a powdery clean white musk scent with light floral notes. If you are looking for a grown-up spring scent then this is it! 

4711 Original Cologne
£2.99/25ml - Fragrance Direct here 
£11.49/ 50ml Boots here or in-store
Jumping straight into the heat of summer I have the most perfect refreshing scent with 4711. This is a unisex scent that is simply fresh and citrus and ideal for hot summer days as it strangely feels like a drink for the skin as it's refreshing and there isn't a hint of alcohol to it. The only downside to this scent is that isn't doesn't last on the skin and will be gone within an hour and so for that reason I keep it in my handbag to freshen up with during the day. Even though this is a hugely popular cologne especially in Europe it still feels like a unique scent. If you love refreshing fresh scents in summer then this is a must try especially for only £2.99.


Tous H2o 
£17.92/50ml - Perfumes Club here or Boots 
Onto the one with the oh so pretty bottle! Tous H2o is a great scent for both spring and summer as it's fresh and aquatic. The notes in this for me are lemon, rose and a light cedar to add a slight spice, but overall you do get that fresh 'aqua' scent that is perfect for hot summer days! Side note - Although it's cheap online it's worth looking in Boots for as I'm sure they are currently discontinuing the line... in the past I've picked up bottles of this for £2-5?! 

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Fragrance Mist 
£8.41/250ml - Amazon here
£9.99 - Superdrug in-store
Lastly I had to include at least one Victoria's Secret fragrance mist as I own quite the stash now and find I turn to them mostly in summer to spritz all over. I have quite a few favourites including Coconut Passion but my ultimate mist is Love Spell. Love Spell isn't a scent for everyone and very much a love-hate product due to the sharp peach scent. I personally love anything containing peach and this certainly reminds me of The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Perfume Oil that has long since been discontinued. The scent is also mixed with cherry blossom which I fail to detect but I can sense it's not a purely peach scent that's but mixed with slight floral notes. Select Tesco and Superdrug stores now stock VS body mists to it may be worth having a sniff of this and a few other scents to find a budget scent that will seriously last you.

You can find 3 more summer scents that I was loving last year here

I'd love to know your own favourite budget summer scents! 

Fee xo. 


Bronze & Glow - 4 Affordable Summer Ready Products


Over the past few years highlighting and contouring has gone through the roof and as a pale girl I was hesitant about the bronzing for many years. But as there are now so many products for all skin tones even on the high street I'm now fully on board. 

As I love nothing more than cream products in summer I thought I'd share with you four affordable and fairly new cream bronzers and highlighters. I truly love them all and know you will too! 


Lottie Strobe Fix - Starstruck 
£6.00 ASOS here
Say hello to the new chubby highlighter that packs some punch in the strobe department. This is a lovely affordable option that comes in two shades; Starstruck and Spotlight. Both offer great pigmentation but for me Starstruck is the star here as it's a bright pearl almost white highlighter that's something a bit new to the high street. The chubby highlighter applies in a single stroke to a pretty dry cream finish that feels invisible on the skin but is able to be blended. This is perfect for on the brow bone and cheekbones to give an intense glow!

MUA Luxe Strobe & Glow Highlight Kit - Pearl Gold 
£5.00 Superdrug here 
Onto another amazing highlight/strobing product here that's excellent value for money and a product I've been absolutely loving for a while now. This is a dual compact with both a powder and cream highlight that's perfect for pale skin tones. I personally find myself using the bottom creme highligher the most as it's just stunning, again a white pearl shade, however the powder highlight is perfect for toning down the creme powder and setting it or to be used on it's own for a glowey finish to your foundation. From the thought out packaging to essentially having two products here this is the best value for money out of the 4 products here and something I'd highly recommend picking up. 


Soap & Glory Highlight & Scult Cheek Stick - Pink, Pop & Pearl 
£8.00 - Boots here 
Ahhh, a budget Nars Orgasm Multiple dupe! This is a special one and the product to go for if you are after that healthy summer glow on the cheeks. Much like Nars Orgasm this gives a wonderful golden pinky peach glow with a creamy blendable formula that will not only suit everyone but instantly gives the skin a gorgeous boost. A totally winner for summer with or without a tan. Certainly a product to pick up when you're next in Boots if you have been interested in Nars Orgasm.    
Models Own Sculpt & Glow Liquid Highlighter - Rose Gold 
£9.99 - Models Own here or Boots/Superdrug 
Last but not least I had to share with you a new favourite of mine that I know will be such a popular product this summer. This easy to use liquid highlighter/bronzer gives both the brows and cheeks the most perfect golden glow, ideal if you have medium to dark skin tone or you're sporting a tan. A great way to give skin a dewy golden glow and I'm tempted to say it would work all over the body especially on holiday. A lovely product I will be enjoying over summer when self tanning! 

Have you found a new highlighter here? Let me know and also your own favourite budget options! 

Fee xo.

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