Totally Addicted To Base - High End Primers


Get the 90's reference in the title? I couldn't resist it, although I now can't stop singing "Totally addicted to bass - a-wow-woah-ho" - I know... annoying, right!

  Moving swiftly on to something just as addictive - makeup! Today I wanted to talk primers because in the past few months I've not has a makeup day without using a primer and I now don't think I could live without one. I personally find more high end primers to work the best so I thought I'd share with you my four favourites and then I may do a post on my budget favourites. Hope you discover something good here!


Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer 
£24.00 - Cult Beauty here 
  Over the years I've tried endless "lit from within" base products yet I've never felt they achieved the glow I wanted. However that all changed when I tried the Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer as it packs some punch in the glow department, so much so that it can be used as a bronze highlighter on top of makeup! The smooth formula glides onto skin to create a long lasting base for foundation that will stay all day. Plus it evens out the skin with a hint of colour. Overall if you are looking for a super glow-y base that will show through foundation to give radiant summer skin then this is the product to pick up!

Too Faced Hangover Face Primer 
£27.00 - Debenhams here 
This is the primer for anyone that finds primers generally too heavy on the skin as this is the perfect light weight formula to pep up the skin and help makeup last. Although other than the dewy finish it gives to the skin I can't see any other hangover erasing effects, but it is a rather lovely primer and one you will love if you're already a fan of Too Faced. With the lightweight formula this glides over the skin, soon becoming tacky for long lasting makeup application. A great one for everyday use in summer! Side note - This does have a coconut milk scent, which I personally love, but some may hate!


This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up 
£30.00 - Look Fantastic here 
A favourite of Victoria Beckham here and one I've loved for quite some time as it's such a good multi-purpose moisturiser/primer for when I'm in a rush. Much like Too Faced Hangover this peps up tired skin with caffeine and brightens. It's also a really good moisturiser that almost feels like a balm but one that soaks in immediately and works even on oily skin - I'd actually say this is suitable for all skin types. As for priming this creates a soft smooth base that foundation always applies perfectly onto every time and lasts most of the day even in hot weather. Perfect for travel and them rushed late mornings!

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer 
£32.00 - Look Fantastic here    
Last but certainly not least I have the amazing Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer that I've been trying out religiously for the past month. As you can see by the images this has to be the most unique primer for both packaging and formula. The packaging though futuristic looking make sense as with both the inner lid and spatula make the primer very hygienic indeed - well done Illamasqua! As for the unique clear gel formula that actually wobbles like jelly, you need the smallest amount (a pea-size) that smooths over the face and soaks into the skin within seconds. The overall effect of this primer is a comfortable hydrated base (perfect for dehydrated/combination skin) that smooths over pores and keeps makeup in place literally all day long! Yes, it's that good! For me this offers the best of both worlds, comfortable hydrated skin and a primer that really does work. Although this is the most expensive primer of the lot here I can't help but feel it's the most special and unique, making it worth the extra spend. 

I'd love to know your own favourite high end primers? 

Next up, budget/high street primers! 

Fee xo.  


Makeup Brush Cleaning & Care 101


Makeup Brushes are now a beauty essential and I definitely have my fair share of them. Some are cheap eBay finds that I love but don't mind replacing with age. Then I have a selection from Real Techniques, Zoeva and Sigma brushes that I cherish and want to use for as many years as possible. 

With good care quality brushes can last a long time so here are my suggestions and tips for caring and cleaning your most treasured makeup brushes. 



My main tip for looking after makeup brush is to take them out of your makeup bag and place them in a pot. I'm sure most of you do it but it's easy to let the odd few that you use often slip back into my makeup bag for ease of finding it. You can use any jar (kilner jars look good) tub or pot, but I like to find toothbrush holders without any kind of lid as they come in a wide range of designs, Asda are really good for them and they cost £3. However in the past I've re-purposed Ikea Skurar Metal Plant Pots to hold all my brushes - you can find that post here. Basically you just don't want them in your makeup bag getting damaged over time!

Keeping Shape 
 Over time larger brushes can lose shape and just look too splayed out. This is fine for cheap and cheerful brushes but some brushes I feel are more of an investment that you want to keep as good as new for as long as possible, so for these brushes I like to use Brush Guards. These breathable woven sheaths slip over the brush handle and up covering the bristles keeping, this means you can pop them onto your favourite brushes as they dry but actually stand the brush bristles down so water runs away from the ferrule and keeps shape as it dries. They can also be used when travelling to keep brushes a bit more protected. I always go to eBay for my brush guards - 30 for 99p from China here or 10 for £1.99 from UK here.

Talking of travel it is tempting to just throw your makeup brushes into the cosmetic bag you are taking with you but even with brush guards if you pack your bag too full you can find them brushes squished in there getting damaged. Your best option here is to invest in a brush roll or holder that will keep your brushes in pristine condition and not like what happened to me one holiday when I found a lovely Real Techniques brush snapped and wobbly in my bag. An affordable and pretty wipe clean brush roll is one from The Vintage Cosmetics Company for £10.00 and it holds 12 brushes online here or for a more sturdy option that also can be used as two holders, great for on holiday, is the Sigma Brush Cup Holder £25 Look Fantastic here - this may be more of an investment but worth it as it will totally protect your brushes and can be used to hold your brushes even when not travelling.



Spot Cleaning 
Cleaning of course is a must for makeup brushes as within days, especially with face brushes they will be harbouring bacteria that you just don't want to be putting on my face, especially if you are prone to blemishes. I find spot cleaning after doing my makeup to be the best way to keep them free from holding too much makeup in the bristles and quickly sanitising them. My favourite way to do this is with the B. Makeup Brush Cleansing Wipes £3.99 Superdrug here, the only wipes I've seen on the high street for this purpose! These quickly clean my brushes before I do a weekly wash of them.

Deep Clean  
As I mentioned, thoroughly cleaning makeup brushes is a must and over the years I've tried so many ways of washing them and with different soaps. You could of course simply wash them in the sink by hand with soap and water but for me I find it a slow process and drying to my hands... so that's a no-no! My favourite way now is to clean them with Dr Bronner's Liquid Soap, you literally only need a drop, and a brush mitt. For years I used a simple silicone oven mitt (£2.19 eBay here) which keeps the hand dry and the grooves to the glove do help to clean the brushes. However that was until I recently tried the Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove £25.00 Look Fantastic here which gives makeup brushes a deep clean in seconds! I'm not sure I believe all the specific areas to the glove are needed but from first use I was amazed at how quickly it cleaned and rinsed... I'm literally talking seconds! This is much more ideal if you own a lot of brushes to cut down on time and hassle and worth the investment.

Hopefully that has covered most things concerning the care of makeup brushes! If you have any other tips I'd love to know them.

Fee xo.


My Regrets in 6 Years of Blogging


I'm not really one for regrets so this post kind of doesn't make much sense! However I think we all get thoughts that pop into our head that in hindsight we would have done differently - these are those. 

My 'blogger regrets' haven't really affected my blogging as a whole but along the way some of my choices hindered things and I know they could definitely help a few newbie bloggers! So here are my 'regrets' when it comes to blogging. 

Not getting more professional earlier on 
When I first started Makeup Savvy back in February, 2010 it was purely a hobby after blogging about interiors and soon getting bored from the lack of community and interaction. But within six months to a year of beauty blogging I knew it was different and something that I could grow. I didn't know exactly what I could grow it into but looking back now I wish I had my head screwed on a bit more to snap up that £6.00 domain sooner, get my head around tax and paying for a good blog design instead of days of html headaches. Though these things haven't hindered me as such I feel my blogging journey could have come with a few less headaches if I'd have been a bit more proactive when I started to see the potential of my blog!

Thinking it was quantity over quality
For years and years I was more concerned with how many times I was blogging per week than the quality of my posts. I think this is something most bloggers get sucked into as we see a high percentage of fellow bloggers updating their blog on a daily basis, if not twice daily! This trap of rushing content has seen me blog 6 times a week and yes, I even went for blogging twice a day at one point in aid to increase pageviews and interaction on my blog. So did it work? Nope! Of course it may work for some but I found as I blogged more about offers, the nail polish I was wearing that day and similar throw-away posts I was receiving less and less comments and eventually page views. I've now taken my foot off the gas and write 3-4 times a week and take much more time over my posts, from the photography to structuring my post more. My page views may have settled off now with more loyal readers (which I'm fine with!) but they are higher than the days of blogging 6 times a week and I've now found my groove.

Apologising for not blogging
Arghh, this is annoying one! Why do us bloggers do it? NO ONE CARE! Okay, maybe if I disappeared from blogging for 2 months a few of you would start to notice but if I miss a few posts here and there or even take a break from blogging for a week, you get it! Everyone has life stuff to deal with or even enjoy, whether that's family stuff of the good and bad kind, a rubbish cold that leaves you wanting to hibernate in bed or you simply don't want to waste a sunny weekend by being indoors typing away. As you can see I now totally get it and if some weeks I post only 2 blog posts because of, well whatever, I now don't apologise for my absence, I just don't mention it! If you're a fellow blogger that keeps on falling into this apologetic trap and feeling quality for taking time out then simply remember that your readers read more than one blog (probably 50, tbh) and it's really not a big deal to them... they probably don't even notice!

Being won over by PR samples 
Over the years I've been lucky enough to receive quite a high number of PR samples and some with pretty much unrelated gifts - i.e blogging bribery! At first as I was relatively new to beauty blogging and receiving essentially free products I was excited. I was amazed I was 'worthy' of being sent PR samples that I would always make sure to review them and 9 times out of 10 with a glowing review. Of course this is now a regret as I blog to inform readers of products worth buying and not to please PR companies. These days though I'm still grateful for receiving PR samples and being kept in the loop of new launches and brands I'm realistic and only include products that really deserve mentioning after weeks of trying them out. Gone are the days I include PR samples after numerous emails from the PR company asking when a review will be up. Gone are the days I instantly share new products on my social media due to receiving extra unrelated free gifts and certainly gone are the days I risk you spending your well earned money on a products that aren't all that. 

Hope you've enjoyed this honest post! 

If you're a fellow blogger then certainly feel free to do a similar post on your own blog - I'd love to read it! 

Fee xo.


eBay Bargains #48 - Summer Ready


As summer is here and I'm longing for a beach holiday I thought I'd scour eBay for some fabulous yet bargainous summer finds. I've found so many bargain that I love and hope you love too!

Tribal Style Statement Necklace - £3.96 HERE 
eBay is a great place to find some amazing but cheap statement jewellery and this tribal bib necklace is one of my recent favourite finds. This would be something you'd expect to pick up in Topshop for around £15 with all the detail and weight to it. Totally love it!

Tropical Silicone Phone Case (T19) - £1.19 HERE 
I love a good phone case and you seriously can't go wrong with ones on eBay - I have 6 now! I love the design to this as it's perfect for summer and that it's silicone making it easy to take on and off when you want to switch covers, it also doesn't add any bulk to the phone. So many other amazing designs in the listing ideal for summer.

Handmade Natural Dreamcatcher - £2.53 HERE 
I've not had a dreamcatcher since I was 13 but with bohemian style coming back I keep seeing them more and more and now like the idea of having one by a window. I've never loved anything overly colourful or decorated so this one is perfect! 

Rose Gold Mirror Designer Style Sunglasses - £3.99 HERE 
I recently bought a pair of designer style sunglasses from eBay for around £2-3 and I was impressed with the quality of them (I will share them in my upcoming monthly eBay haul!) so I've decided I need a few more pairs! These of course are styled on much more expensive sunglasses but at a snip of the price - love them!

Tropical Palm & Feather Nail Decals - 99p HERE 
Come hot summer days white nails are my favourite but to add an even summery vibe I've found these easy to use water nail decals that last as long as your nail polish lasts! The sheet contains a range of designs from single palm trees to delicate feathers all in a tropical gradient orange/pink shade. You can also find the decals in black to use against any colour of nails in the listing.

Fruit Seat Pad Cushions - £2.49 HERE 
How cute are these! Perfect for outside in summer for extra seats or thrown onto outdoor furniture. These are super cute and fun. I'll be definitely picking up the watermelon, passion fruit and kiwi designs!

Mandala Tapestry Round Towel/Mat - £10.99 HERE 
Lastly a bit more of a pricey item but one I've been seeing all over social media recently. These round mats are perfect to use on the beach, as rugs or even for yoga. I also can't help but think it would also love good as a sofa throw or beach wrap, just so many uses! Love, love, love! 

Hope you've found a few bargain items here! 

Fee xo. 

Primark Haul - Summer 2016


I recently went into Primark and picked up a few Summer items. As always their homeware and accessories are spot on and such good value for money, I didn't however see anything clothing wise that I liked (shock horror!) except some jersey shorts that I plan to wear to bed! 

So as I love watching Primark haul videos I thought I'd do my own version of one in blog post format. 


Nude Saddle Bag - £9.00 
 I'd been on the look out for a smaller Summer bag for a while and I ideally wanted a saddle bag so when I saw this and all the detail to it, it had to be mine. This looks more New Look than Primark in my opinion with the gold hardware details and the lovely metal tassel to the side which I love. This surprisingly fits all my essentials and more and includes a zipped pocket inside. A really lovely bag that I'm already getting use from!

Rose Gold Crackle Cushion - £5.00
I'm currently giving my bedroom a little Moroccan-esque makeover and with new white bedding I wanted two cushions just to add a bit of interest. The branch I visited didn't have a huge selection but I did take a good 10 minutes to decide as all the cushions are spot on for summer and made from quality fabrics. I went with these (I bought two) as I want to pair them with a fairly bright pom pom llama cushion from Asda, so these are perfectly subtle and I love the suede feel to the back of them. 

Suede/Metal Trim Sandals - WAS £6 NOW £4
I was also on a mission to pick up some new sandals as I always get a few pairs to see me through Summer and holidays from Primark. There were so many styles to pick from but I instantly honed in on these as they were only £4! As you can see I picked up the cobalt blue shade and plain black shade both of which I really do love however I'm not sure how comfy they will be as the metal bars do press against the top of the foot as you walk - though I'm sure they will be fine! A total bargain.  


20 Re-Usable Ice Cubes - £1.50 
Also in the homeware section I picked up these handy re-usable ice cubes that are shaped like fruit. In Summer I try to always keep a bag of ice in the freezer but there are always times when I run out so these re-usable ice cubes will be useful. Also nice for using when having a BBQ or having guests around.

Pineapple & Ginger Jar Candle - £1.00
Whilst in the queue to pay I of course caved and ended up buying something I didn't need from one of the displayed that are designed for that very purpose. I really didn't need a new candle but the scent of this was really nice and for £1.00 I couldn't resist. This sadly doesn't smell of anything when burning but the jar still looks pretty. 

All the items I picked up are perfect for Summer so I hope this little haul has inspired you to pop into Primark!  

Fee xo.


5 Nude Lipgloss & Lip Cream Products


Over the past few years I've come to love a nude lip and now have quite the collection of nude lipsticks. But on more casual makeup days I often opt for an easier lip choice with either a pretty nude lipgloss or liquid lipsticks.

Below are just a selection of my most used glosses and lip creams that I really love and feel would suit all skin tones. Hope you find a few you like the look of! 


Barry M Lip Boss in 5 Thinking Outside of the Box 
(£4.49 - Superdrug here)
Barry M were some of the first lipglosses I tried when I was 14 and still they are one of my go-to brand. One of the main reasons for this is that they are all non-tacky and glide over the lips perfectly and I also can't get enough of the toffee scent to them. This shade is quite a sheer nude that I often wear over nude lipsticks to add that extra shine but alone it gives the lips a lovely subtle nude sheen.

MeNow Long Lasting Matte Lip Gloss in #30 
(£1.49 eBay here)
I came across Me Now Matte Liquid Lipsticks on eBay a few months ago now and already I have 5 different shades in a range of pink and nude tones as I love them. These as some of the most long lasting matte lipsticks I've tried, and when I say long lasting I'm talking you struggle to remove them at the end of the day! This brown nude shade is very Kylie J esque and looks amazing on. Side note - I have found these to be annoyingly tacky if over applied so a thin coat is what's needed and then you can layer it up if you wish. Really amazing for the price! You can also see my swatches of shades #18 and #25 here.

Benefit Hoola Ultra Plush Lip Gloss 
(£14.50 - Boots here
Ahhh, one of my favourite lip glosses to use in summer. This is a tropical dream with the cocktail like scent and moisturising formula that acts like a lip balm. I also love this because it's the best non-sticky gloss I've come across and really does have a unique smooth formula to it. Again this is quite a sheer shade that adds a hint of colour to the lips and adds shine making the lips look fuller. I really must try the other lipglosses in this range from Benefit soon. 

Ciate Liquid Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in Wonderland 
(£17.00 - ASOS here
Another amazing liquid lipstick here that's in such a pretty coral pink nude shade. What I love about this nude is that it has a perfect formula, moisturising for a matte finish and so lightweight to apply. This glides over the lips on application and dries quickly to a semi matte finish that gives that diffused velvet appearance. You can also expect a good amount of wear time with this one!

MUA Power Pout Glaze in Hush 
(£3.50 - Superdrug here)
On to a bargain buy here for the fab smooth formula and unique brush applicator. As the name states this is like a glaze for the lips that is smooth and thick yet not tacky in the least. This has the least amount of colour to it making is a great gloss to add shine to the lips on none makeup days or applied over lipstick to add a good amount of extra shine. I also really like the slightly sugary taste to this gloss. 

I'd love to know your own favourite nude lipglosses so I can add a few more to my collection. 

Fee xo.


Pre-Summer Favourites


With last weeks mini heatwave I'm now very much excited for Summer! I actually think in the UK we have quite a good Summer. Yes it rains, but we do get quite a good few weeks of warmth each year and I always try to make the most of it. 

All these items may be a little premature but last week I enjoyed them all and I know I will be using them all throughout summer. Also as I have a few accessories I thought I'd share them with you now whilst they are still 'new in' and in stock. 


ASOS Jazzlyn Espadrilles (£12.00 ASOS here
So these amazing espadrilles are certainly premature with the now rain weather however I couldn't resist them and I have been using them as house slippers for the time being. I've never worn espadrilles before due to them looking uncomfortable with the hard base but these really are good to walk in. The mixed metallic finish really looks good and looks even brighter when the suns out. Perfect with jeans or for holidays... or even as I'm currently wearing them; as fancy slippers around the house! Side note - I did have to go up a size in these.

Kiko Glowing Pearl Cushion Highlighter (£8.90 Kiko in-store) 
Come Spring I'm all about that glowey look and this cream highlighter is a joy to use and certainly gives a glow. I have more than enough powder highlighters so this soft cushion illuminating pen is fun to use and applies just the right amount of product on the cheekbones. The pen comes in 2 shades both of which are lovely and not glittery. Highly recommend this highlighter if you are shopping in Kiko any time soon.  

ASOS Heart Pom Pom Key Ring (£8.00 ASOS here
ASOS always get it spot on for summer accessories and this current pom pom key ring is just one of them. This already has been on my everyday handbag but I intend to switch it over to a saddle bag for summer and then a beach bag for my holidays. Really lovely detail and good quality! 


This Works Energy Bank Sun Flash (£28.00 ASOS here
On to something that's been giving my pale skin a bit of colour without the effort and often streaks on a fake tan. This is basically a concentrated matte liquid bronzer that adds a bit of colour to the face and body. I like to apply this directly to a freshly moisturised face under my foundation to give a bit of a glow and then a touch on the outside of my face and cheekbones. You can also mix a few pumps with your favourite moisturiser to give a nice glow over the body, perfect for whiter than white legs! This blends well and goes have a zingy wake-up effect feel to it. Of course when summer is fully here I will be using fake tan (I have a few nice ones from Bondi Sands and Fake Bake) but for now this is doing the job.

Bath & Body Works Copacabana Coconut Anti-Bac Gel (£1.99 eBay here)
Anti-bacterial gel is a must for me so I like to have a few for different handbags. I do really rate the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush ant-bac gel with it's zingy lime scent but this one by B&BW's just tops it as the scent reminds me of holiday cocktails, plus I love the packaging. For a US imported product this is super cheap and the listing contains so many more scents to pick from. I'm sure I will be picking up a few different ones to try out.

Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream (£19.50 Look Fantastic here)
A good body cream (or 10!) in the Summer months is a must for me especially when tanning as it keeps my tan streak-free and my skin feeling hydrated and supple. This beautifully packaging body moisturiser is from Rituals, a brand I've always been fond of for body care and it has a wonderful light scent of rice milk and cherry blossom. This is more of a treat purchase due to the price but it does an amazing job at hydrating the skin and 220ml tub is larger than the standard Ritual body moisturiser.

I also couldn't forget to mention my lovely toiletry bag from Eco Beauty that I picked up in Tk Maxx recently. It was only £7.99 and has enough room for my everyday makeup and includes a clear plastic liner inside - genius. TK Maxx really do have some lovely makeup/toiletry bags in at the moment perfect for if you are going on holiday this summer. 

Hope you've enjoyed this summery post! 

Fee xo.


Candle Belle May Mega Melt Box - Scents To See You Through Summer!


Last month I shared with you my first ever Candle Belle Mega Melt Box that I'm still enjoying. But at the start of the week May's box landed on my doormat for me to get stuck into and I was so pleased to see so many amazing spring/summer scent to try out. 

If you are new to Candle Belle as a brand think of a wax mega melt like the Yankee Candle wax tarts, but bigger and in handy plastic tubs! A quarter of a melt is placed in an oil/wax burner and melted to release a long lasting fragrance with an incredible scent throw. The mega melt box is a monthly subscription for £11.00 (here) and includes 9 pre-selected melts or for a little more, £12.50 (here) you can buy a one off box of 9 melts and select your own scents! You can also pick up individual mega wax melts for £2.00 each here.

Below are the mega melts you will find in the May Candle Belle box along with my thoughts on all the scents...


Raspberry Ripple - Okay, so I had to put my favourite EVER scent from Candle Belle first! I swear I've literally had this under my nose for over 5 minutes as I typed this post. The scent of this is so true to a raspberry ripple sundae with a sweet raspberry scent mixed with vanilla ice-cream. On sunny hot days this will be straight in my burner.

Home Sweet Home - This scent reminds me of a gift/interior shop... yes, that does sound a little strange but it has that warm cinnamon and clove scent that's so inviting. It also has notes of freshly brewed tea and rose that I definitely can pick up on. I've already put this aside as my melt to burn when I have guests as I know it will make my house smell amazing.

Red Delicious - When melts are so true to scent they smell exactly like the real thing I'm impressed and this certainly smells exactly like a fresh red golden delicious apple. Having said that, it isn't my most favourite scent from the box but one I can't stop smelling because I can't believe how spot on Candle Belle got it. If you love juicy apples you will be amazed at this scent.

Vanilla Chai - Vanilla Chai isn't a scent I've ever smelt before so I can't really comment too much of this melt. It is fairly subtle though with a mix of creamy vanilla and a hint of ginger.

Loving Spell - A perfume based scent here that has interesting notes of sweet mandarin, bergomot and tangerine with a musk edge. This is sadly not for me as it's slightly too heady and reminds me more of a fragrance you would wear rather than burn.

Baby Powder - Love the smell of a freshly talcum powder babies bum? Strangest question ever maybe, but this is the scent made into a wax melt! This is another scent I'm just so impressed by as Candle Belle has the scent spot on here - a perfect combination of velvety musk and powdery sweetness.

Lemon Meringue - Another favourite scent that I can't stop inhaling and will be burning asap. This again smells so true to scent and actually combines a true lemon scent with the buttery crust of a lemon meringue pie. If this could be made into a fragrance I would wear it all through summer as it's just delicious!

French Lavender - This is a scent I can't make my mind up about as it's a twist of the classic lavender scent with subtle notes of pine and eucalyptus but I know this will make such a relaxing scent to burn before bed. Actually so much so that I'm planning to buy another burner to place next to my bed so I can burn this scent before sleep. Not a melt I would have thought to pick up but I do find lavender very relaxing.

Balmy Beaches - Mmmm this is just the most perfect scent for the summer months. The scent of this smells like sweet orange flower in a warm breeze and instantly makes me think of somewhere warm and lush like the Bahamas. Another scent I keep on having a sniff of and can't wait to try out in my burner. 

My favourite scents from this box have to be - Raspberry Ripple, Lemon Meringue, Balmy Beaches and Home Sweet Home... oh and Baby Powder! If you are in to trying out lots of different scents then the Mega Melt Subscription box is for you but if you know you want to try certain scents (from the 55 flavours!) then I'd highly recommend that £1.50 extra spend to select your own and make up your own custom box for £12.50 here

Off to burn the Raspberry Ripple wax melt now! 

Fee xo.


5 Everyday Beauty Hacks You Will Actually Use!


Beauty hacks are everywhere and while some of them are ingenious most verge on impractical and ridiculous. So I thought I'd share with you five beauty hacks I often use and really do rate


Use matte bronzer for the best brown eyeshadow 
Of course brown eyeshadows come in most palettes and do the job but why not try out your favourite bronzer as eyeshadow. It's pretty much the same formula and if you're a beauty lover I'm sure you will have lots of bronzers to try out! I'm currently loving the above Ciate Bamboo bronzer in Palm Island (Look Fantastic £19.80 here) on my eyes along with theBalm Bahama Mama bronzer which is a little too dark for me but perfect to contour my lids with. 

Out all day and need to freshen up? Use anti-bac gel as deodorant!
I don't know about you but I try to keep a travel size deodorant in my bag but often when I need to use it I've either changed handbags or misplaced it! However something I like to keep in all bags is anti bacterial gel for my hands but it also works just as well to freshen up with. My favourite to use is the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Hand Sanitiser (Boots £2.50 here) as it has quite a strong fresh lime scent and really does the job of freshening up the under arms. 

Mattify any lip colour with loose translucent powder 
I've mentioned this beauty hack before but I had to include it here as it really is one of my most used hacks that really does work. To totally mattify any lipstick or cream product on the lips simply dab/pat loose translucent powder over the lips using a small flat eyeshadow brush. This gives a true matte finish and actually removes that tacky feeling that some matte lip products can have, plus it gives your lipstick a much longer wear time.

Spray hairspray onto hair grips for extra hold 
Ever tried to use hair grips on freshly washed hair? It's impossible right! Yes, you can use the trick of crossing over two hair grips for a better hold but I still find them slowly slipping throughout the day. However a quick spray of hairspray directly onto the hair grip and then a second for it to go tacky is all that's needed for your hair grips to stay in place all day long. Super easy yet effective!  

Dot Vaseline over pressure points before spraying perfume for a long lasting scent
Lastly a bit of an old school one here that I always go back to in summer. To keep fragrance on the skin for longer I simply dot a small amount of Vaseline over pressure points (behind ears, inside of arm, even behind knees) and then spray over them areas with a fragrance. I've certainly noticed that the scent does stay for longer doing this little hack. 

Let me know if you try any of these out or if you have any beauty hacks that you use often and think I should try out! 

Fee xo.


Aveeno Inside & Oat Challenge - The Results


Last week I introduced the Aveeno Inside & Oat Challenge here that I was kindly asked to take part in. As the week is now up I thought I'd let you know how I got on with both my skincare and healthy living plan and how my skin is feeling now! 

As I'm always up for trying something new I really was looking forward to the challenge Aveeno had set me, that being to take an active role in the well being of my skin by adopting a good daily moisturising routine, along with a healthy lifestyle and diet. With the sun shining last week I had no problem trying out a few of the clean recipes laid out for me and really taking an active role when it came to my skin with a few of the wonderful products from Aveeno. 

Here's how I got on, what I learnt and the results! 


Taking on the challenge of daily moisturising

As I mentioned in my last post, the only time I've ever daily moisturised is when I'm on holiday and constantly in the sun. However I certainly know that keeping up with a daily moisturising routine, much like I do for my face, will only bring good results keeping it supple and hydrated. 

Due to being a bit lazy when it comes to moisturising I decided to place all my Aveeno products in visible, easy to reach places where I would use them. The Aveeno Hand Cream was placed on the coffee table next to where I blog, the Aveeno Body Wash in the shower, the Aveeno Moisturising Creamy Oil on a shelf in my bathroom to be used after showering and the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion on my bedside table so I would remember to daily moisturise either in the morning or at night before bed. 

With the skincare tips from consultant dermatologist, Dr Shefali Rajpopat, I stopped taking such hot showers as they can remove the surface layer of natural oils on your skin and I started using the Aveeno Body Wash as it's a soap-free emollient wash that helps reduce water-loss from the skin. I found the body wash to foam well with a very subtle scent and could feel my skin was nourished without having an residue left on my skin - a must for me as my skin can be oily and prone to spots. I also made sure to apply the Aveeno Moisturising Creamy Oil all over straight after every shower when the skin's water content is at it's highest. This was actually my favourite product to use as it applied as a cream but moisturised and soaked in much like an oil, plus the cherry bakewell scent from the sweet almond oil is such a divine scent especially for summer - I totally recommend this product! 

To keep up with daily moisturising I used the Daily Moisturising Lotion generally before bed as it soaks in quickly and has such a subtle oat scent that doesn't linger. With the easy pump bottle I soon realised that daily moisturising wasn't a chore, taking only a few minutes and actually soon improved dry areas such as my feet and legs after winter. I also found I used my hand cream a few times a day as it was next to my laptop which I'm pleased about as I like to look after my nails and worry about my hands starting to age as I near 30. 

 Within only a week I noticed a huge difference in dry areas such a my feet which is really encouraging as I'm often lazy and feel it would take too much effort to improve those areas - I will have to remember I'm wrong! I also got into a good routine with all over moisturising after every shower and again noticed how hydrated my skin felt and how easy it was.


My week of clean eating

Over the past 8 weeks I've been on a mission to overhaul my diet and live a much cleaner lifestyle, so I was more than happy to try out a few recipes from alkaline chef and Honestly Healthy founder, Natasha Corrett. Eating healthy can have such positive effects for so many aspects of the body; from the mind to energy levels and of course the skin. Over the week I tried out 3 simple recipes all of which I thoroughly enjoyed and found some new healthy foods I love! 

As I love breakfast (I often have two!) I first tried out the Creamy Cashew Porridge which I loved so much I had it 3 times over the course of the week. I'd never actually tried cashew butter but it was instant love and it really did add a creamy touch touch to the porridge. I also enjoyed an indulgent tasting brunch of poached eggs and asparagus. I love asparagus but never think to have it for breakfast so it was such a treat and surprisingly filling. I also finally got why people love avocado with an avocado butter recipe that I enjoyed on rice cakes as a snack and also wholewheat toast for breakfast. Below are the 3 simple recipes if you want to give them a go yourself!

 Creamy Cashew Porridge  - 50g Gluten free oats, 15g grated apple, 100ml water, 100ml almond milk, 1/8 tsp cinnamon, 1 heaped tbsp cashew butter, pomegranate seeds to garnish - Place the oats, apple, milk, water and cinnamon into a pan and put on a medium heat, stirring continuously for 3-4 minutes until the oats have absorbed the liquid. Stir in the cashew butter until combined and creamy and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds for added sweetness.

Dippy Eggs (or poached eggs) & asparagus - 2 eggs, 6 spears of asparagus - Pre-heat oven to 180oC and roast asparagus for 10 minutes until soft. Boil water and put the eggs in for 6 minutes. I prefer poached eggs which I place into slightly simmering water for 2.5-3 minutes and remove with a slotted spoon.

Avocado Butter - 1 avocado, 1/2 lemon juice, 1 tbsp tahini, 2 tbsp melted coconut oil - Blend ingredients in a blender or with a fork and place in fridge to have on hand for a snack on rice/oat cakes or toast. I also liked a little chilli flakes sprinkled on top for an added kick. 

Trying out new easy recipes really was a joy and I was so pleased I loved them all. I was also so glad to finally try cashew butter (I think I love it more than peanut butter) and find a recipe I enjoyed the taste of avocado in. Of course you can never really know how much your diet effects your skin but with a clean diet and lots of water you are bound to see clearer skin within a few weeks which I've definitely seen for myself recently. 

Overall I'm pleased with my #AveenoInsideandOat results and I thoroughly enjoyed trying something new and feel my skin is all the better for it. I'll 100% be taking moisturising more seriously and keeping up eating healthy! 

Let me know if you try out any of the Aveeno products or any of the yummy recipes! 

Fee xo. 

*This is a sponsored post in partnership with Aveeno* 


eBay Bargains #47 - Latest Pro Makeup Brushes

 One of my favourite things to buy from eBay are unique but cheap makeup brushes! I have more than enough now but when they cost £1-3 it's hard to resist trying more! Here I have a selection of cheap brushes that I've only just come across and I'm so tempted by. 

Fine Fan Brush - £2.75 HERE
Instantly when I spotted this small fan brush with it's wooden brown handle I was pretty sure it was a painters brush being listed as a makeup brush... however that's a good thing as some of the best fan brushes I have are from craft stores! For watercolours fan brushes have to be extremely delicate, making them ideal for powder highlighter on the cheeks and brow bone to give that natural yet defined highlighted look.

Chunky Kabuki Brush - £1.99 HERE
 On to a totally different kind of brush with this chunky kabuki that I could see being great for really blending in bronzer or to finish of your foundation with. This also looks really sturdy and good quality!

Pro Oval Gold Blending Brush (gold/silver) - £1.23 HERE
 One of the best recent additions to makeup brushes on eBay have been the pro oval style brushes and finally there are different colours instead of just black! The above brush comes in a choice of gold or silver and is just perfect as a foundation brush or even to be used with cream products. Excited for this to arrive now! 

Double Ended Bamboo Brush - £2.68 HERE
I love a good double ended brush and this particular multipurpose brush looks extremely like something you would pick up from Tarte for a lot less money. I have a few double ended brushes like this now and I've been pleased with all of them. 

Pro Oval Concealer Blending Brush - £1.14 HERE
 Ahhh, my favourite find of this post! This is a rather aesthetically pleasing oval brush for such an amazing price! The listing contains 6 other sizes from only £1.14 - £2.96 for the largest brush. These really do look amazing for the price. Of course picked up quite a few of these!

Wrapped Kabuki Eyeshadow Brush - £1.48 HERE
Finally I have a lovely wrapped kabuki style eyeshadow brush that's again amazing value for money. I already have the wrapped kabuki blusher version of this which is a Nars dupe and I love it. Hopefully this will be just as good. 

Really hope you've found some brush bargains here! 

Fee xo.   
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