eBay Haul - What I Bought in February 2016


Ahhh eBay, how I love you so! You fill my life with mainly unnecessary items that I seem to love and my bank balance doesn't get sad over. 

This month I've been totally in love with what eBay has to offer and I've pulled together some pretty good eBay Bargain posts if I do say so myself, which you can catch up on here. This of course meant I bought half of the items I featured and as quite a few things turned up in speedy time I thought I'd share them in another monthly eBay haul! 

Set of 10 Kubuki Makeup Brushes 
£3.99 - eBay here 
Soooo I didn't need any more makeup brushes but 10 for £3.99 is such an amazing bargain that I couldn't resist. In fact I already have the 5 eyeshadow blending brushes and love them so I thought 5 more as clean blending brushes could only be a good thing! These are actually really well made for the price with strong wooden handles and silver ferrules that aren't weak in the least. As for the bristles they are super soft and feel amazing over the face, just like any other well made makeup brushes to be honest. I personally love using the flat topped brush for buffing in my foundation as it gives a perfect finish, the slightly slanted one for adding cream bronzer and the other two I've been using for powder and cream blush, so as you can see I've already been getting so much use out of them. As for downsides, though there aren't many, I'd say all of the face brushes are quite dense so they do soak but a lot of product which is why I apply to my face instead of the brush and then blend. These also aren't cut in the most precise way, especially the face brushes however this doesn't effect the performance of them! As for shedding I've actually had minimal and only see a few loose bristles when cleaning them. Overall these are just amazing for the price and I'd recommend them to anyone!

Black Head Peel-Off Mask 
99p each - eBay here
At the moment these peel-off type masks for your nose are incredibly popular but as I just wanted to give it a whirl to see how it worked for me I decided to just buy a single sachet for my nose and chin area. To use you simply smooth the thick black mask over your nose and wait 15 minutes until it's completely dry, then you peel it back and let it remove your nasty blackheads! Firstly I kind of enjoyed doing this as it was a different kind of mask and I was eager to see if it would work. On peeling off the mask it didn't hurt or pull at my skin unlike traditional pore stripes I've used in the past and it did actually get quite a few blackheads from the sides of my nose which was quite satisfying! But the best results of all were on my chin as it removed ones that I could actually see in the mirror which I was so pleased about! I have enough left in the sachet for another application so I will be trying it again on my nose in hope that it will pull out a few more pesky blackheads! For 99p each I'd definitely buy a sachet or two again when I'm seeing a lot of blackheads on my skin (because I guess you could use it anywhere on the face) or before going on holiday. 

Silicone Face Exfoliator 
99p - eBay here
This was one of those last minute impulse buys before I went through the eBay checkout because it was cheap and I thought why not try one out. I've already been using this in the shower and sometimes to massage in my cream cleanser more at night and it feels lovely. It's of course not an abrasive exfoliator being made from rubber but I like that because over scrubbing the skin is a no-no. I'm sure I will stop using this after a while because that seems to happen even with things I like but then I thought I could then use it to clean eyeshadow brushes on! 

W7 Lip Legend Matte Top Coat 
£3.49 - eBay here
I decided I need to try this out as I'm currently obsessed with matte lips and I've been using translucent powder to get that effect which works but it's messy. So I was intrigued to find out if this worked and could be my saviour from having a messy desk every time I do my makeup. So does it work? Yes! A million times yes! One first try of this with a glossy lipstick I was just amazed. Within a few swipes over the lips it transforms any lipstick into something beautifully matte and the best thing about it... it doesn't make the lips feel like a desert! I'm literally so pleased with this find! Negatives to it would be that you do have to clean it after every use because the lipstick you are already wearing does come off onto it and the other thing would be that because its a top coat, so it's sitting over a glossy/lustre lipstick it isn't as long lasting as a true matte lipstick or if you used the powder technique. But the benefit of this is you can achieve matte lips with all your lipsticks and it's not uncomfortable! 


LA Girl Pro Concealer 
£3.43 each - eBay here 
Of course I had to pick up at least one of the LA Girl Pro concealers to try out as I've seem so many amazing reviews on them lately and I was in need of a new brightening concealer. This is exactly how I imagine it to be from reading a ton of glowing reviews and I can firmly say that I will be buying more to use to contour with and possibly some of the corrector shades. I went for the lightest shade, which was a good choice as it matches my pale skin perfectly and slightly brightens my under eye area. As for the consistency it's lightweight and very blendable with a nice medium coverage. Another successful purchase that I will be using daily! 

MeNow Long Lasting Matte Liquid Lipsticks
£1.45 each - eBay here 
Out of the entire haul these two MeNow Matte Liquid Lipticks are without a doubt my favourite purchases, so much so that I've already bought two more shades! As you can see these are highly pigmented matte cream lipsticks in two amazing shades (#18 and #25). But actually the best thing about them are how long they last, because these seriously last on the lips through eating and drinking and then I have to get a makeup remover to remove them! Just incredible. The only downside it that they do feel dry on the lips, more so if you over apply I've noticed, however I have tried worse in the past and they are still wearable and not uncomfortable. I know every month I will be pick up a few more shades from eBay to build up my collection because they are just amazing for the price. Love, love, love!

Cotton Sheet Face Masks 
£1.85 for 10 sheets - eBay here
Lastly I decided to try out some cotton sheet masks to use with the many face masks I own and even Essence lotion. These come as a set 10 fine cotton sheets (up to 100 for £5.99) that can be soaked in a DIY liquid face mask (in a small dish or shot glass) or simply pressed onto the face after you've applied a face mask with your fingers. So far I've used one of the sheet masks dipped into B. Essence Lotion and sat relaxing with it for 15 minutes which was really refreshing and left my skin feeling so soft and actually brighter. Much like sheet masks in sachets these are over sized which work fine however the good thing about these is that you can trim them all together to fit the size of your face better! Another eBay buy I will be getting a lot of use from for the price.

Hope you've found a few beauty bargains! 

Find out what I bought from eBay in January here.

Fee xo. 

Interesting Beauty Facts You Probably Didn't Know!


 When it comes to beauty I love everything about it! I of course love trying new products but I also love researching the history of beauty brands and even finding out interesting facts.

 So today I've compiled today a range of interesting beauty facts that you probably didn't know.

OPI first started out as a dental supply company and O.P.I actually stands for -  Odontorium Products Inc.

The Queen only ever wears Essie Ballet Slippers on her nails and has done since the 1980's. That's me nipping into Boots to pick it up then!

She also likes to wear Clarins makeup and commissioned for her own personal royal red lipstick.

 Ever wondered what LORAC stands for? It's the founders name, Carol, spelt backwards! Mind slightly blown there.

The man behind Barry M, Barry Mero sadly died in 2014 at the age of 69. The company is now run by his wife and two children, keeping it a family business! 

In 1863 the world's first ever powder blush was created by Bourjois. 

Zoeva was started by Zoe Boikou who first started selling unbranded makeup brushes via an eBay shop in 2007.

 Hope you've found these facts as interesting as I did!

Fee xo.

eBay Bargains #37 - Rose Gold Beauties (under £3)

The rose gold trend is still going strong in the blogging world, right? Well I know I'm still loving it! So today I thought I'd hunt down more than a few rose gold beauties that are all extremely cheap yet wonderful. Basically I want everything here! 

 Eat Cake For Breakfast Watch 
4 variations available (£2.45 eBay here
Yes, yes, you are seeing this correctly... a Kate Spade dupe for under £3?! I know, amazing right?! I never really pick up copies on eBay but I seriously cannot resist this for the price. I've always loved the 'Eat Cake For Breakfast' range and this watch is just perfection! 

Stork Nail/Craft Scissors 
(£1.99 eBay here)
Now I'm not sure why you or I would need some small stork shaped scissors but one thing is for certain, they are damn cute. Actually I'd probably use these to get into parcels and to just look pretty on my desk! I need them.

Rose Gold  Rabbit Lip Balm
(£3.00 eBay here)
Another amazingly cute item here that I stumbled across after hours of eBay searching. This is actually by Ann Summers of all places but it's the right side of tacky for me with all the lovely detail to it. I'm so very tempted to get this as I'm such a lip balm junkie and this would be a lovely one to add to my collection.

Set of 20 Rose Gold Makeup Brushes 
(£2.98 eBay here)
Now this could potentially be a hit & miss item as a few of the brushes do look a tad rubbish! However it's one of those buys where you may find a handful of nice brushes and the others you will want to pass onto someone younger or throw away. Quite a few of the angled brushes look good, as do two of the doubled ended brushes and a spoolie always comes in handy. I'm also thinking the foundation brush may not to that good however I'd personally use it to apply face masks! Overall I think this is certainly worth the price, just don't expect amazing quality.

Cartier Style Bracelet
6 variations available (£1.51 eBay here)
I personally love wearing bangles and one that looks like the £4,600.00 Cartier bracelet is right up my street! This comes in a range of finishes and with crystals for 10p extra - I know, crazy! I'm sure this will tarnish if it comes into contact with perfume or water but for the price I can't resist it! *edit - Pompom keychain removed due to it being made from rabbit fur*

3D Metal Nail Art Decals 
Wheel of 100 pieces (99p eBay here) 
Last but not least another amazing bargain find that I instantly snapped up. These 3D metal nail decals come in a mix of 12 different designs (mermaid, diamond, butterfly, stars, musical note, crown etc) in both black and bronze and can simply be added to the nails with a clear top coat. I can't wait to try some of the bronze decals over nude nails now! 

 Hope you've found some lovely things here! 

Fee xo. 


Powder Beauty Drawer Review


Powder is the latest beauty box on the block and one you may have seen advertised in a few magazines lately! Unlike other beauty boxes it's crammed full of products and is more of a beauty drawer than a box. 

Also unlike most beauty boxes this is a box that is tailored to you through your beauty profile which is a really nice touch. As for the price it's a single payment of £35 (no monthly subsciption here) plus p&p (normally £5 but free with code'MCFEB' throughout February) but the contents are worth an amazing £113, so you are making quite a saving here! 

Buy the Powder Beauty Drawer here for £35 - remember to use the free p&p code! 


Included in the box are 14 products, of which 5 are full size and the rest are mostly deluxe samples. As you can see the box mainly focuses on skin and hair care with only two makeup products, I don't know if this will just be for the first box but for me I find makeup can be the most hit and miss in beauty boxes due to the range of shades that makeup products come in so I really don't mind this kind of box! 

What's in the Powder Beauty Drawer? 
Caudalie Moisturiser, STARSKIN face mask (4 types available), Merumaya Cream (3 types available), Balance Me Cleanser, Alpha-H Acid Toner, Caudalie Eye and Lip Cream, Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner, L’Oreal Professional Hair Spray, L’Oreal Professional Styling Cream (3 types available), Rimmel Mascara, Benefit Primer and St Tropez Gradual Tan.


I'm personally happy with all the products in the box and will be using them all, which is pretty amazing! But there are a few star products in the box for me. The main gem of the box is Alpha-H Liquid Gold which is worth £15 and something I've been wanting to try out for a while now. I also love that the new Sanctuary Spa Warming Detox Charcoal Wash is included in the box and I've already been enjoying it! Also the new L'Oreal Dual Styler is a really interesting product with a double applicator of a cream and a gel which I've already used and found really nice for taming frizz and keeping my hair straight even in rubbish weather. 

I also like the addition of the Starskin Second Skin Face Mask, worth £8.50, as I've tried a few of these sheet masks now and they leave the skin feeling so fresh and smooth. Actually I could go on and on about all the products I'm excited to use because there are so many interesting and new products in the beauty drawer. 

Of course the Powder Beauty Drawer is a treat at £35 but excellent value for money especially if you know you will use most of the products. 

I already know I will find a few new favourites in this box and really can't wait to see what Powder come out with next! 

Fee xo.


The Makeup We Buy - A Look At What We Buy By Location


Ever wondered what people are buying when it comes to makeup? It's something that really interests me, but then again I am fairly nosey. 

Well the wonderful beauty obsessed people over at Beauty Bay have just conducted a study on just that; what we spend on across the country when it comes to makeup. 

One part of the study that didn't surprise me was that eyebrow products are now the UK’s top seller as sales soar, whilst old favourites such as false tan and lashes sales are falling dramatically, possibly showing we are an now an enhancing’ nation, and no longer about ‘faking it' - something I'm pleased to see!

Beautybay map

Taking a more detailed look at the Beauty Bay makeup map (the original map is interactive!) it's clear to see that after brow products, makeup brushes are extremely popular and generally the 2nd most purchased product by county. I think this shows the huge influence that vloggers and makeup artists have such as the amazing Lisa Eldridge and of course Pixiwoo with their top selling Real Techniques brush range have. Also as fellow blogger Michelle from Thou Shall Not Covet points out in the study, contouring has become and extremely popular trend which requires the right makeup brushes. 

I also has to look at the spending habits of Lancashire, as I live there, and was pleased to see nail polish and foundation (two of my favs!) are in the top 5 purchased products! 

Here are a few more interesting statistics... 

  • London is revealed as the biggest spending region, closely followed by Lancashire. 
  •   Liverpool ladies are known for their love of fake tan, but it’s actually Yorkshire and the North East who spend the most of tanning products. 
  •   Essex girls no longer go for the tan, with Northumberland and WAG inspired Cheshire topping the list. 
  • However, the ‘scouse brow’ stereotype still remains true: Merseyside officially spend the most money on brow products. 
  •   Scottish women buy significantly more foundation than anywhere else in the UK, possibly due to the lack of sunny days, whilst the West Midlands buy the least foundation, opting for au natural finish. 

 If you are interested to see the beauty spending habits of your own area then make sure to check out the Beauty Bay map - I found it pretty interesting! 

I'd love to hear what you mostly spend on in the comments! 

For me it's definitely nail polish and new foundations to try out. 
Fee xo. 

*This post was in collaboration with Beauty Bay* 


eBay Bargains #36 - New Makeup Finds


Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad 
(£1.17 here
Anything that makes cleaning makeup brushes easier is a hit with me and with the larger silicone mats for cleaning makeup brushes becoming more popular I thought this would be a good cheaper option, especially as you can only clean one brush at once anyway! This simply sticks to your sink near the plug hole with a suction pad and with either baby shampoo or a makeup brush cleanser you can foam up the pad with your dirty brushes and then easily rinse them.

LA Girl Pro Conceal HD 
(£2.99 here
I'm forever trying out new concealers and these popular LA Girl Pro concealers caught my eye due to the price and the huge shade selection! I've read quite a few good reviews on these (though you MUST shake them before use!) and think there's a shade to suit everyone, plus 3 corrector shades that seem interesting. Think I will be picking up the lightest shade to try out as a new brightening under eye concealer. 

Pro Oval Makeup Brushes 
(10 sizes from £3.74 here)
Oval makeup brushes are hugely popular right now but also hugely expensive so when I found a dupe for the most popular oval brush for only £2.79 here I was pretty delighted with it. And there are now dupes for every size you can imagine! I can't vouch for the quality of these and the large brushes are more pricey but when you consider the Artis Oval brushes cost £50+ each they are pretty great!

W7 Lip Legend Matte Top Coat 
(£2.95 here
I've been obsessed with matt lips for months now and a product like this seems a bit of a dream if you ask me! Of course a transparent loose powder can do the same job but it's messy to say the least. Already snapped this up and will feature it in my next eBay haul to give you some first impressions on it, but as it's from W7 I'm sure it will be good.

Slogan Makeup Bags 
(£3.50 here
Another makeup find this week was this range of canvas slogan makeup bags that are extremely cheap. I love little makeup bags like this to keep in my handbag or to take on holiday with me. Also the listing has a few catchy slogans! 

Hope you find some makeup bargains here! 

Fee xo.


5 Simple Ways To Sleep Better: No.2 may Surprise you!


For as long as I can remember I've had problems sleeping; from actual sleepless nights to taking hours to fall asleep and it's frustrating! I tried tablets, apps, meditation and I even mentioned it to my doctor at one point. 

But finally in the past year things have started to improve and a few of the remedies I've tried have actually worked! So today I wanted to share 5 simple ways to induce sleep naturally that may also help you.

On a side note if you are struggling with sleeping problems I think it's worth trying to figure out the root cause, for me that was over thinking when trying to get to sleep which is a very common problem, but for others it may not be as obvious and the cause may be your room temperature is too high, medical issues etc.


 1. Take up relaxing reading before bed 
I'm sure you've read many a post that's suggested ditching technology before bed or leaving it outside of the bedroom and though I love my phone dearly I have to agree that it does help! But I've found if you really do struggle with going to sleep switching to reading a book may not instantly help as this still can provoke thinking after you've put the book down or you can often read beyond the point of tiredness and then start to feel awake again! So I suggest picking titles that are aimed at mindfulness and being calm or books that are light hearted that you can dip in and out of and of course only reading for a set amount of time - 30 minutes to an hour is about the right amount. My favourite short book that is perfect for relaxing with is The Little Book of Mindfulness (£5.99 Amazon here) as it contains many simple yet wise quotes and a few breathing and relaxation techniques to try out that put you in the right mood to sleep. I also recommend Calm: Calm the Mind (£6.99 Amazon here) which is a joy to read as every page is diffeent and is a perfect book to dip in and out of. But if books with a self help theme don't interest or help you then opt for something that will take your mind off the day and uplift you without causing too many extra thoughts before bed. A personal favourite of mine are the two Goddess Guide books from Gisele Scanlon (Amazon here) as they are so creative and easy to read.

2. Have a bedtime snack of ice cream 
 Yes, you read that right! Ice cream as a bedtime snack is a totally overlooked sleeping aid as it contains a perfect balance of ingredients that regulate stress hormones to help you sleep. Of course I'm not suggesting you stock up on your favourite Ben & Jerry's flavour here and eat it by the bucket load but a small bowl of a quality vanilla ice cream can really aid sleep as it provides the body with calcium, sugar, salt, protein and fat which as I mentioned reduced stress hormones in the body making it the perfect comfort food to treat yourself to before bed!

3. Take a relaxing bath with oils or epsom salts  
 Winding down before bed is important and pairing this with essential oils or bath salts can be a winning combination. A warm bath with dimmed lighting can sooth the body of the day's stresses as well as calming the mind but to really aid sleep additional oils and salts can be used. One of the best calming scents is lavender so a bath oil such as the Tisserand Sweet Dreams Bath Oil 100ml (£5.47 Holland & Barrett here) which contains lavender and camomile is a great choice. Just a few drops into a warm bath can transport your head to the right place leaving you fully relaxed for sleep. Alternatively if the scent of lavender isn't you thing then a bath with Epsom salts can help you wind down prior to bed as it's an excellent source of magnesium which can actually induce drowsiness!

4. Massage 
 If you aren't a bath taking kind of person or you don't have a bath then massaging your skin before bed can be a great alternative to help yourself relax before bed. Again, lavender and magnesium are great for this and can come in the form of oils or even massage candles. For the last month or so I've switched from using a lavender scented body oil to lighting a Treets Velvet Vanilla & Lavender Massage Candle (£11.49 Holland & Barrett here) whilst reading, which gives off a lovely aroma in itself, and then blowing it out and massaging the slightly warmed oil over my skin. This is not only a lovely process but the scent and feel of the oil is really relaxing. Alternatively you can use a simple lavender body oil or magnesium oil if you don't like the scent of lavender.

5. Try out a pillow spray 
 Lastly I had to include pillow sprays as they really can help so much, much more than I ever expected to be honest! With a general mixture of lavender and camomile, pillow sprays can be sprayed into the air around the bed or directly onto bedding and pillows to promote relaxation. I personally like to spray directly onto my pillow as lavender helps you to take in deeper breaths which can really aid sleep. I can only speak from personal experience but pillow sprays really play a big role in how I relax before bed now. My favourites are the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 75ml (£16.00 Feel Unique here) or a cheaper alternative, Miaroma Relaxing Lavender Sleep Mist 100ml (£4.69 Holland & Barrett here)

I really hope my tips help if you are struggling with sleep - do let me know! 

If you have any relaxation tips that you feel may help others then please do leave them in the comments below. 

Fee xo.

February Beauty Boxes - Glossybox Vs. Look Fantastic


It's the month of love and two of the main beauty boxes have gone all out pink on us! As I was pleased with the contents of both of the above boxes I thought I'd share them with you. 

Over the past few years I have been on the fence about beauty boxes as they can swing from amazing one month to boring and lack luster the next. However if you like the concept of trying new products each month then my advise would be to start off on a box that you love (i.e one of these!) and then cancel if you aren't happy with your next box.


GLOSSYBOX - February 2016
This month's Glossybox is all about finding your beauty soulmates and being paired with the products that are basically 'the one'. From haircare to makeup and a few products in between this Glossybox has got us covered with a good mix of full size products and a super cute box to re-use. You can subscribe for a 3-month plan for £12.75 a box here.

What's included - Nicka K New York 24H Waterproof Eyeliner (worth £3.99), MUA Power Pout Glaze (worth £3.50), Browtician Limited Edition Tweezers (worth £7.99), Naobay Protective Hair Mask Conditioner (worth £10.64), Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor (worth £6.99). 

Where to start with this box! I literally love everything in it! This reminds me of how good beauty boxes can be - a good mix of products, all full size, a mix of price points and no obscure brands you've never heard of. My favourite product from the box would be the Browtician Tweezers as I love the design and after trying them found them to be super sharp and precise. I also love the eyeliner for the packaging/shade, the conditioner as I was after a new one to try and the size of it is huge and the MUA Power Pout Glaze is a totally new product to me and now one I will be buying more of as I love it so much. Also the Wilkinson Razor is going straight into my shower as I love moisturising razors like this but never treat myself to them. 

Overall - A total winner of a box! Simply nothing to fault and all the products will get used and enjoyed. I really hope Glossybox keep this standard up! 

#LFLOVES - February 2016 
On to the beautifully boxed Look Fantastic box that is named #LFLOVES this month. This contains a good mix of deluxe samples and one full size product worth £18.99. Also the Look Fantastic box has the benefit of not having a subscription so if you like the look of it or future boxes from reviews online you can buy it within the month for a one off price of £15.00 here.

What's included - Hi Impact Brows Palette (worth £18.99), Lord & Berry Maxi Matte Lip Crayon Lipstick (worth £4.00), Bliss Grapefruit  + Aloe Body Butter 30ml (worth £4.00), Monu Bali Massage & Body Oil 35ml (worth £9.00), KMS Color Vitality Conditioner 75ml (worth £3.50), Miniature Denman Hairbrush. Plus March issue of Elle Magazine 

On opening this box I was a little unsure of the contents as it's mainly deluxe samples however the full size brow palette is a bit of a gem as it can be used to fill in the brows and as an eyeshadow palette as well - I'm actually already using this and loving it! I was also pleased to see a Lord & Berry lip crayon sample in the box, though I love the shade I'm a bit confused as to why it's a hard pencil and not a soft creamy one as the full sized lip crayons are. I will also enjoy using the Bliss Body Butter but due to the fresh scent (which I love) I will be saving it to use in spring/summer. The KMS Conditioner is also a nice sample as it has a lovely scent and a slightly purple tint to brightened coloured hair... perfect for my dulling ombre ends. The only sample I'm not that keen on and will pass to someone that will use it, is the Monu Bali Body Oil as it has a strong lemongrass scent which just doesn't seem suited to a relaxing body oil for me.

Overall - As Look Fantastic boxes go this isn't one of their best as in total the box is worth £40 however I personally still like it. I would have liked to have seen more than one full sized product in the box but overall I will use pretty much everything and the addition of the mini hairbrush and Elle magazine are nice extras for the £15 price tag. 

As you may have guessed my favourite beauty box this month is Glossybox! A true gem with so many products I'm eager to use. 

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes?

Fee xo. 


eBay Bargains #35 - The Dupe List


 Today for my eBay bargains post I thought I'd do it a little different to show just how much you can actually save when going for cheaper alternatives on eBay. There are just so many bargains to be had that are amazing in quality! 

Micro Mini Makeup Blending Sponges
 (£1.59 for 2 sponges here)  
Makeup sponges for pixies! That's what I instantly think when I see these, but rambling aside mini makeup sponges make sense especially for blending concealer under the eyes and around the nose. I don't think I could ever bear to part with £13.50 for such tiny sponges but £1.59 is a steal.

Kabuki Makeup Brush Set 
(£4.49 for 10 brushes here)
Makeup Brushes on eBay can be hit and miss (I recommend avoiding fakes - i.e Real Technique, MAC etc) but as I've personally tried this brush set out I can tell you they are fab! £4.49 for 10 brushes really is amazing and I do actually love them just as much as my Sigma makeup brushes. If you are lusting after a Sigma brush set save yourself a ton of money and try these out!  

MeNow Matte Liquid Lipstick 
(£2.49 Buy 1 Get 1 Free here)
I recently picked up two of the MeNow Liquid Lipsticks on eBay and was amazed at the quality of them - super pigmented and sooooo long lasting (they stayed put all day through eating and drinking!). So when I went to look at more swatches to pick up a few more I spotted quite a few Lime Crime Dupes! Here are a few dupes I spotted - Lime Crime Wicked (MeNow #33) and Lime Crime Cashmere (MeNow #18). I really am impressed with how amazing these are - review and swatch post to come! 

Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat 
(£5.51 here
Lastly a fairly new product from Sigma just one that's already been duped on eBay! This is basically a silicone mat that fits into your sink with various zones to clean your makeup brushes on. I can see how this would be excellent for breezing through cleaning all your makeup brushes and the eBay version certainly looks very similar indeed! 

If you were to buy all of the eBay dupes here over the branded products you would save over £150! And this is why I love eBay so much!

Fee xo.


Current Beauty Wish List - February 2016


 With a new month comes a new list of purchases I'd like to make, especially with all the new beauty launches right now! 

Here is my constraint beauty wish list that includes a few must-buys for everyone I think.

Barely Definer Hard Sponge (£9.99 Feel Unique here
For the last few years I've loved using blending sponges to blend my foundation with, so this new type of sponge instantly caught my eye. Unlike other sponges it's designed to be used dry (and wet if you want to blend with it) as a guide for eyeliner and eyeshadow, a smudger for the lower lash liner and even to be dipped in makeup remover for corrections! So this is a truly multi-functional sponge. I'm so eager to give this a go!

NYX Studio Finishing Powder (£8.00 ASOS here)
Finally NYX have come to ASOS!! Yes, I know it's already on Boots but I don't rate their click & collect service and ASOS is free delivery - so I'm excited! Other than wanting more than a few items from NYX, their Studio Finishing Powder is calling to me as I've recently got into baking my makeup (I apply a ton of powder to my under eye area, 'bake' it for 5 minutes, then sweep it away, for a brightened concealer eye that lasts all day!) and I know this has raved reviews due to being ultra fine. In fact a few beauty bloggers claim it's better than MUFE HD Powder. I basically need this in my life! So many exclamation marks here... I apologise.

L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay Masque Pre-Shampoo Treatment (£5.99 Boots here)
I recently mentioned this product as one of my Predicted Beauty Product Trends of the year as I really think we are going to be seeing a lot of these pre-wash treatments in the next few months. I've actually been looking in Boots stores for the past two weeks for this product as a oil-absorbing pre-shampoo treatment for my roots seems exactly what I need, but I've yet to find it. Hopefully I can find it this month as I'm really hoping it will work wonders on my often lank hair.

Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadow Stick (£12.50 M&S here)
At the weekend I watched Lisa Eldridge's amazing makeup tutorial with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (you can watch it here on YouTube) and aside from marvelling at Rosie's natural beauty I was lusting after a few makeup pieces from her new collaboration with M&S. The makeup range very much has a Charlotte Tilbury vibe about it but for less than half the price and the Cream Eyeshadow Sticks are very By Terry. Hoping to pick up both 'Almond Eyes' and 'Feline Fox' soon.

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lip Lacquer (£6.99 Boots here)
Ohhh, now this is a new product launch that has me in intrigued! These new L'Oreal matte lip colours are actually a powder matte product in a dip pot style packaging. I can't wait to try out the shades above; Silenco and I Gotta Feeling. If you've tried these already I'd love to know what you think of them!

What are you most wanting to pick up this month? 

Fee xo. 

High-End Beauty for Less on Fragrance Direct


If you've read Makeup Savvy for any amount of time then you will know I love me some Fragrance Direct! In my opinion it's the best website online for beauty bargains as it has such a wide range of brands and constant new stock. Also the discounts on products are pretty damn amazing - I'm looking at you £2.50 Essie nail polishes! 

So here are a few products I recently received that fit into the higher end category and all I absolutely love so far. 


DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Spray (£11.90/15ml here
They say good things come in small packages and that statement couldn't be more true for this stunning little fragrance. Whether you are wanting to try a new scent, already love the DKNY Be Delicious range or your simply after a travel sized perfume then this is such a lovely product to snap up at just over £10, especially as a full size 30ml bottle is £35.00! Fresh Blossom is a lovely floral scent that's perfect for the spring/summer months which I will be saving this for and using as an on-the-go scent. As I'm attracted to all things miniature I'm just loving this!

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm (£7.99/15g here)
This is a lip balm I've wanted for the longest time and finally I've got my paws on it at a discounted price. The lip balm is thick and ultra moisturising with a yummy almost lemonade flavour to it. Exactly what I was expecting and more! I'm so pleased to own this. 


MAC Cremeblend Blush - Ladyblush (£16.85 here
When browsing through all the high-end brands Fragrance Direct have to offer I was more than pleased to see a wide selection of MAC products from as little as £7.90! Having never tried a single blushers from MAC I decided to go for a cream to powder formula with Ladyblush that I've seen raved about over the years by various beauty bloggers. Though I've only swatched this on the back of my hand I know it's a good one with the silky smooth formula and the subtle pink shade that I'm sure with compliment my fair skin tone. 

Wella SP Clear Scalp Shampeeling (£6.50/150ml here)
Lastly I went for a scalp treatment from Wella that had a huge saving of £11.00! I've been experiencing a dry scalp for a few weeks now and wanted a quality treatment to fix it with. So far I've used this twice and already my scalp is feeling back to normal on touch so I'm positive it will fix the problem completely. Over the years I've bought so much haircare from Fragrance Direct from Osmo to Tigi and now Wella. If you love high end haircare but not the price tags then FD is the place to shop for it.

I also highly recommend checking out their range of nail polishes as prices start from 45p and includes brands such as Bourjois, Sally Hansen, Maybelline, OPI and Essie here

Fee xo. 

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