eBay Bargains #23 - Early Autumn Edition!

 As the weather has been far from summery recently I've got to daydreaming about Autumn! You know where you stand with Autumn; it's crispy and it rains a lot. But you also get them amazing glowy sunny days where you want to kick up the leaves as you walk! 

I also love the lead up to Halloween come October with warm candles burning at night and of course Hocus Pocus and The Witches. So here is my little ode to Autumn as I truly love the season. Also items are pretty cheap as it's still summer!

Copper & Wine Nail Glitter (99p each here) - For some reason I've always been drawn to bronze and wine coloured glitters. They are rich in shade and oh so pretty! So come Autumn I like to pick up a few cheap pots of glitter to sprinkle over nude nails whilst they are drying, then I seal in the glitter with a top coat. This makes such a lovely unique look.

Wine/Red Envelope Tote ( £15.99 here) - Both Summer and Autumn calls for a new handbag and this is my favourite so far that I've come across for Autumn! I firstly love the wine shade of it but I also love the detail to it. Of course this is in a 'Mulberry' style tote but very well done. Totally love it!

Village Candle Scented Votive (£2.79 each here) - For me Autumn means candles, a lot of candles! The more warming and yummier the better. My favourite brand for these kind of candles is Village Candles, which I prefer to Yankee Candles as I find the scents less synthetic and actually very true to the real scent... Brownie Delight is actually mouth-wateringly good! There are so many yummy scents in the listing and I find votive candles to be just the right size to try out before committing to buying a larger jar candle. Seriously these candles are worth trying.

Over sized Tartan Scarf (£3.78 here) -With crisp autumn days a scarf is certainly an accessory you need. I personally love them oversized and blanket-like, which is why I was instantly draw to this beautiful tartan scarf wrap. It's also such a bargain!

Autumn Maple Leaves Nail Decals (£1.50 here) - Lastly I had to include these wonderful maple leaf nail decals! Aren't they great? I could see these over nude or mauve nails or even layered as they are water decals meaning you can overlap them without any thickness to the nail. Simple to use but very impressive! FYI - I've already ordered some for Autumn. 

Hope you've found a few Autumnal bargains here!

Fee xo.


High Street Beauty Shopping Haul


Last weekend I decided to pop into town to go beauty shopping! This is something I haven't done in years... I'm actually thinking it was maybe 6 or 7 years ago that I did this. 

I had no errands to run and I didn't have anything particular I wanted in mind, I just went to browse and shop. I surprisingly didn't get much in the way of makeup... but that's because I feel I have too much of the stuff! But I did get some great body care products, a few re-purchases and some total bargains!


First up I went to Boots and to the clearance section! I always make a bee-line for it as it's always hidden away in some random part of the store and full of bargains, generally. I wasn't disappointed! 

OGX Biotin & Collagen Conditioner 
Reduced £1.50 - Boots (clearance section) 
Currently in my shower I have four OGX products! That is how much I love them. So when I spotted this interesting looking conditioner for only £1.50 (they're normally £6.99 I think) it had to be mine! I was actually tempted to stock up at that price but I decided to resist.... I'm now wishing I had. Yes, OGX shampoo and conditioners are a tad more expensive than the general high street price but they are worth it and you do get a larger amount - 385ml in fact. Really looking forward to trying this out now especially because it smells amazing and the conditioner is actually purple. 

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ BB Cream 
Reduced £4.50 - Boots (clearance section) 
This was another amazing clearance find that I couldn't not buy! It was actually reduced to £6.50 but when I went to the till it came up at £4.50 - my lucky day clearly! I didn't really need this as I have a Tinted SPF50 already and it is for dry skin but I do have combination skin and can make it work for me I'm sure. Another amazing saving!

Dove Maximum Protections Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena 
Half Price £2.40 - Boots
Lastly in Boots I picked up another Maximum Protection deodorant as it was half price. I've realised that both the Dove Maximum Protection and the Sure Maximum Protection deodorants are the exact same product and as I really like them I make sure to pick one up when they are reduced to half price because no one wants to be spending £5.00 on a deodorant, do they? I never thought I would be a cream deodorant type of girl but this product turned me around as it offers such great protection.


Stepping into a busy Superdrug on a Saturday afternoon instantly took me back to my teenage years when I would be there every weekend to buy new makeup for the night ahead or a face mask for a sleepover! Though now kitted out as a super modern store with many more beauty brands it really does still take me back. Anyway... onto what I picked up!
 Palmers Cocoa Body Scrub 
On offer £3.29 - Superdrug here 
Whilst browsing the body care aisle I spotted that the entire Palmers range was discounted. After having a look I decided on this Cocoa Body Scrub as I have a lot of fresh fruity body scrubs in my shower but no yummy foodie type ones. Once I got this home I was able to have a smell and oh lordy this stuff smells gooood!! I'm talking it smells like a dessert, good. In fact it reminds me of chocolate brandy cream! I seriously can't wait to use this now. 

Bourjois Liner Pinceau Ultra Black 
£6.99 - Superdrug here 
A re-purchase here of my favourite liquid liner. I discovered this line earlier in the year and it fast became my favourite go-to liner as it is ultra black like it states and the flexible brush is a breeze to use. Before using this I still found liquid liner daunting but the nib of this is so smooth and flexible you are able to rest in just above the lash line and sweep it along the eyelid in one fluid motion. If you are after a new liquid eyeliner you really should give this a go!

Colab Dry Shampoo - Rio 200ml 
£3.49 - Superdrug here
 Last but not least I picked up my favourite dry shampoo. I was actually looking for the new Monaco scent in the range but I couldn't spot it, so I picked up the Rio scent instead which I've used before and also really like. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Colab is so much better than Batiste! 

What have you recently picked up from the high street?

Fee xo.


Top 5 Clay Masks for Oily Skin


When it comes to my oily/combination skin I like to keep it in check (i.e spot free) with a good cleansing routine but also twice weekly face masks. I've been doing this for the longest time now and actual use it as a little pamper time. Clay masks are by far my favourite kind to use as they soak up excess oil, keep blackheads under control and spots at bay. 

Over the years I've tried a lot of clay masks so I decided to whittle my collection down to my top 5 that I use the most and that I'd highly recommend to anyone with oily/blemish-prone skin.


Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque 
£4.29 - Amazon here
This is a mask that feels like a gigantic tube of toothpaste with it's spearmint scent and smooth consistency! Though I find both the scent and smoothness pretty relaxing. The Mint Julep Masque was something I'd had my eye on for months due to it being a US favourite and once I'd snapped it up from Amazon for quite a bargain price I really wasn't disappointed. With it's smooth consistency I expecting this to be a non-setting mask but in actual fact this is one of the quickest drying masks I own, though it doesn't dry too tight. For me this is a mask to use when my skin feels oilier than normal as its amazing at soaking up oil and controlling it. I also use this on individual spots at night to dry them out! A great all-rounder if you have over oily skin and blemishes from time to time.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 
£15.54 - Yes Style here
 On to possibly my favourite clay mask! This is the wonderful Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask from Innisfree, a Korean beauty brand that you can find on Yes Style. With a thick lava-looking consistency this is an industrial strength mask, one to really rescue the skin. Perfect for applying to just the t-zone or blackhead areas to really target and clear them. This of course doesn't make blackheads vanish but it definitely makes them less unsightly and your skin will look brighter and firmer on the whole. I also love that the mask is pretty much fragrance-free and a little goes a long way. 

Mudd Original Mask 
£3.14 - Amazon here, individual sachets from Superdrug
If someone I know has oily skin this is the face mask I recommend as it's cheap, widely available in the UK and most importantly it works damn well. This is a true oil-absorbing mask, you can even see it as the mask dry, it's also great on blackheads to clean and tighten them. The only down side is that the mask does dry very tight to the point of it feeling slightly uncomfortable, oh and it does smell slightly odd, but if you can put up with that you will love the results it gives. Another true favourite that I use often. 

Quick Fix Facials Calming Clay Mask 
£4.99 - Boots here
If you have sensitive combination skin it can be tricky to find a non-drying clay mask but here it is! A beautiful gentle face mask that targets generally misbehaving skin - from redness, skin irritation and spots. I personally like to use this on hormonal skin as it's calming and great to pamper my skin with, especially the non-drying aspect. Quite a specific mask but one that can be used on all different skin problems as it's gentle and soothing.

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask 
£1.50 for 3 sachets - Amie UK here
Ahhh my favourite spring/summer mask for when my skin is hot and oily. This is without a doubt the best smelling clay mask I've come across, smelling of.... lemonade! Yes, it's zingy and lemon-y - just perfect! As well as the lovely scent the feel of the mask on the skin as it dries is cooling and relaxing something quite unique. This is another hard setting mask but just the right amount. If you have oily or blemish prone skin and you spot this seriously just snap it up! I'm really thinking this could be my favourite over the Innisfree Volcanic mask now! 

Are you a fan of clay masks? If you are, let me know your favourite one (I will probably end up buying it)! 

Fee xo.

A New Addiction with Bargain EOS Lip Balms!


Over the past year I've realised I go through fazes of buying the same types of products, one month I ended up with 5 new mascaras, another month I decided I was into bronzers and bought 6, then there was last month when I decided I needed all the blue nail polish I could find - oops. 

This month it's certainly all about EOS lip balms after discovering quite a few of them at only £3.25 on Amazon! I mean I couldn't say no to that, could I? So now I've ended up with 3 EOS lip balms and counting and that really didn't need to happen for someone that has a more than ample collection of lip balms. But I seriously don't regret a thing as I LOVE THEM! 

It all started with EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm (£3.25 here). I instantly loved it and all it's sweet minty-ness. I also appreciate a nice domed applicator that glides over the top and bottom lip in one go without using your fingers. Plus there's just something about the shape and packaging I love. 

Next... about 3 days later I bought EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm (£3.25 here) because of course I needed another one (not) but it was a justified purchase as it contains SPF15 and I do tend to burn my lips in summer. The flavour/scent of this isn't as lemon-y as I've hoped but it does have a sugary sweetness to it and you can tell it's lemon scented. 

Then for my most recent purchase I decided I needed one of the Limited Edition EOS lip balms so I decided on Coconut Milk (£4.15 here). This was a tad more money but worth it for the packaging and flavour. Though it is more of a tropical scent than you would imagine coconut milk to be. The price is still fairly reasonable though for a lip balm, especially one imported from the USA and normally with a price tag of around £9 in the UK! Quite a bargain really. 

I now have my eye on Blueberry Acai (£3.25 here) and Strawberry Sorbet (£3.25 here) but I will resist... for now mwahaha! 3 EOS lip balms is definitely enough. But if I do spot a Cranberry scented one it will have to be mine for Christmas. 

Have you tried EOS lip Balms? 

Fee xo.


Sleeping Beauty - 5 Products That Get To Work As You Sleep


When life is a little busy I like to pamper myself before bed and keep whatever treatment I've applied on over night. It just makes sense. But this recently got me thinking of all the different products I do this with. So today I thought I'd share with you 5 products that get to work over night and give results come the morning. 

From skincare, hair care and even eye care, especially for anyone suffering from hay fever at the moment, these are all products I rate!


Lucy Bee Raw Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 
£6.50 for 300ml - Amazon here
First up possibly my favourite overnight beauty treatment - an intensive hair mask! Before bed I like to heat up a few dollops of coconut oil (for literally 10 seconds so it doesn't fully melt and becomes a liquid) in a ramekin dish, I then apply it all over the mid length section of my hair to then ends, really working it in. Then up in a bun it goes and just to be safe I change my pillowcase to something I don't mind getting oil on, though the coconut oil does wash out. Come the morning I let my hair down and comb it though before having a shower to wash it all out. This really does transform my hair, leaving it silky soft, more manageable and definitely less damaged. Of course different oils can be used but I personally love coconut oil as it has so many other uses and smells amazing! 

Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control
£4.90 - Tesco here or the usual Boots, Superdrug etc
Onto a bit of a boring one now, with deodorant. But as I'm fussy when it comes to them - I hate choking myself on the fumes of an aerosol deorandant but also hate the residue feel of cream deodorants. So this is a perfect one as come the morning it feels like you aren't wearing anything... you can even shower and the effects of it are still there! You simply apply the deorandant at night and in the morning you are ready to go! This and the Dove Maximum Protection deodorant are pretty much the same and work amazingly well at keeping you sweat-free all day even though you've applied it the night before. TMI - Also good for hot summer nights so you don't sweat in bed! 

Nip + Fab Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask 
ASOS - HALF PRICE £5 here 
Face masks are my thing (so are lip balms and body scrubs FYI) and I actually apply them  2-3 times a week to relax and pamper my skin. So when I spotted that this facemask could be used as an intensive treatment overnight I had to try it! Yes, it feels kinda' weird applying a face mask for bed and not washing it off but once comfortable the thin layer of the mask actually feels quite nice... possibly not for someone that sleeps on their side, mind. Come the morning the mask has pretty much soaked into the skin leaving a slightly film that is washed off with warm water. This does actually firm up the skin really nicely especially on my cheeks and forehead though I think someone with more mature skin would see more benefits out of it. A good one for when you have an event to go to the next day. Avene also do a great overnight face mask for dry/dehydrated skin. 

Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum
£3.49 - Boots here
Next up something that's designed to be used at night! A tooth gel! This would have been perfect for my Beauty Gimmicks post as it's such a different concept for an oral care product. The idea of this is to apply a pea sized amount to your teeth and gums once you have brushed your teeth at night. Then you simply go to sleep, trying not to drink any water for at least 30 minutes. Then come the morning you brush your teeth as normal. The gel is supposed to protect and whiten the teeth and is an easy whitening treatment to use, though I'm sure it helps protect my teeth I haven't noticed any more whitening of my teeth and I've been using it for 2 weeks now. This however is much like how dentists suggest not rinsing with water after brushing your teeth at night or using mouthwash to keep the teeth coated. It's something I will keep on using as I'm positive it's good for my teeth but not something I'd recommend buying just for the whitening claims. 

Lumecare Carboner Eye Gel 
£2.99 here or in some chemists 
Lastly a product that I've been using for around 2 years now and couldn't be without. Simple get practical these eyedrops in gel form are not only easy to use but can be put in the eyes before bed for more lubricated eyes in the morning. This is especially great if you are someone that gets dry sore eyes when you wake in the morning or if you suffer from any allergies such as hayfever. With dry eyes from contacts and often tired eyes in the morning these really are a god send to me. A million times better than any eye drops I've tried. 

Have you used any overnight beauty treatments? Let me know! 

Fee xo.


My Blogging Process

I've been blogging for 5 years now and in that time I've talked about how I take my blog photos and how I try to stay organised, try being the operative word. But I haven't shared how I blog as a whole. How a blog post starts at an idea and turns into an actual post. 

This of course involves many steps so I thought I'd share with you how I blog and if you're also a blogger I'd also love to know your own process as I know everyone has a different way of doing things! 

Putting pen to paper 
Around Thursday of each week I will sit down with my To-Do list notepad and write what I plan to blog about for the week ahead. I've tried to work farther ahead than this in the past but I simply can't do it; I'm just not organised enough. To decide what I will be blogging about I look in my notebook of blog post ideas for ideas, look at my photo notes for random blog post ideas I've wrote down during the week and of course I have a think about any products I want to mention. This will give me 4 or 5 blog posts for the week ahead which I write down on my to-do. 

Taking the photos
Thursday morning is generally when I take the photos for the blog posts. I spend 3-4 hours taking all the images. I first bring all the products down that I will be including and create piles of products on my dining room table, I will then select the first lots of products, style them on my photography background by my french doors and take the images. This takes time and backache as my background is on the floor and I stand above it, so once I'm finished I take a break with a drink, whilst I take the SD card out of my camera and transfer the images onto my desktop and into a folder that's titled with a rough description of what the images are about, for example - blogging process, months favs, beauty haul etc. I then place my SD card back into my camera and get on with taking the next set of photos, again taking 5-10 minute breaks in between each set until the images are all taken. 

Editing, editing, editing
Next onto photo editing. I like to edit the photos of two blog posts at a time so I don't get too bored. First I scroll through them deleting all the rubbish images until I have the ones I will be using in my blog post. I then quickly open them up in Windows Photo Gallery and increase the warmth slightly to remove that blue cast and retouch any areas that may have a stray dog hair! I then open each image individually in Photoscape. I've talked about Photoscape many times now as it's my favourite free photo editing program to use...just Google to download it! I then increase the brightness and sharpen the image. Next I create all the photo collages for the blog post in Photoscape, finally saving them with the correct name that will appear in Google image searches instead of a bunch of numbers. I then upload all the images I have edited to Flickr ready to be inserted into blog posts when needed. 

Getting down to the writing 
Generally on a Sunday evening I will sit down to write two blog posts for the upcoming week. I first grab the images I need from Flickr and place them in the correct order in an empty blog post. I then give the blog post a title, add the correct tags and schedule the blog post for the right date and time (this also stops me from clicking 'Publish' instead of 'Save' and it goes live there and then by mistake!). Next I write all the sub-headers for the post or the products and find the links for them all. I then finally get down to writing my post! This takes around 45 minutes with slight procrastination. Last but not least I proof read the post and hit 'Publish'! 

If I'm totally organised and on the ball I will also click on 'Permalink' and grab the link to the upcoming post and schedule a few tweets before publishing/scheduling it.

So there you have it! My blogging process. 

Hope this has been interesting for a few of you.

Fee xo.


The Latest in Beauty Beauty Awards 2015 Are Here!


Lastest in Beauty as easily my beauty box brand of choice and last week they launched their first ever beauty awards giving beauty brands that have featured in past boxes the credit they deserve and creating an amazing winners box of 9 products (out August 2015) here - it will be one hell of a box!

Voting is now open here, plus you can create your own box with 3 products (£8.99), 6 products (£12.99) or 9 products (£16.99) here . When buying one of the boxes you will automatically placed into a prize draw for a chance to win every single full size finalist products worth £875! Quite a lot of the products are now sold out sadly but find what I would suggest at the bottom of this post.

The categories are below with the products I've voted for underlined. If you don't want to buy one of the LiB Awards boxes  remember you can still vote here

Green Award

UrbanVeda – Purifying Facial Wash, Burts Bees – Beeswax Lip Balm, Melvita – L’Or Body, Manuka Doctor – Mask/Serum/Night Cream and Dr Organic – Organic Snail Gel Serum.

Hottest Haircare

COLAB – Rio Dry Shampoo, Philip Kingsley – Elasticiser and Popband – 1 Branded Popband.

Best Newcomer

Zoella – Tutti Fruity Fizz Bar, Skin + Tonic London – Calm Balm, Shay & Blue – Blood Oranges Fragrance and Bee Good – Cream Cleanser and Muslin Cloth.

Cult Classic

Carmex – Original Pot, DHC – Cleansing Oil, He-Shi – Express Liquid Tan, La Roche Posay – Effaclar Duo+ and Heaven Skincare – Bee Venom/Age Defiance.

Must Have Makeup

Little Ondine – Varnish, Burts Bees – Lip Crayon and MUA – PRO BASE Prime and Conceal.

Skincare Saviours

Exuviance – Purifying Clay Mask, Heaven Skincare – Hydrogels, Burts Bees – Cream Cleanser, La Roche Posay – Redermic R and Gazelli – Triple Youth Firming Serum.

Best Eye Makeup

Collection – Liquid Liner, Magnifibres – Magnifibres, Daniel Sandler – Green Velvet Liner and Eye of Horus – Scarab Sapphire Goddess Pencil.

Body Beautiful

Tisserand – Sweet Dreams Bath Oil, Kniepp – Bath Salts and The Body Shop – Argan Oil Body.


There is also one extra special category, Bloggers' Pick, voted for by 10 beauty bloggers which I'm honour to be one of!! This will also be included in the Winners box that will be out in early August. Exciting stuff!

As mentioned quite a lot of the products are now sold out but from the products still available I would recommend - Burt's Bees Deep Cleansing Cream, CoLab Dry Shampoo, Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, Tisserand Sweet Dreams Bath Oil and Carmex Lip Balm.  
You can create your own awards box here.

latest in beauty

The winners box will be truly amazing - I can't wait! 

Fee xo.  

Trying Korean Beauty Products from YesStyle!


If you have been reading Makeup Savvy for a few years you will know I love to try out Korean beauty products! I find them fun and actually high in quality! It started out with trying a few products from Tony Moly and falling in love with the brand. So when YesStyle asked if I wanted to select a few products to review, I jumped at the chance!

 Of course I picked up a few items from my favourite brands, Tony Moly and Etude House but I also tried to pick out a few unique things from brands I hadn't tried before. 

If you are thinking of trying out a few Korean beauty products YesStyle is a great safe place to shop and you are guaranteed 100% authentic items, fairly fast delivery and free p&p to the UK with any £22+ spend or it's £3.39 for orders under that - not bad at all! My own items came within 9 days, all packaged well. 


Korean Beauty Sample Box 
£13.20 - YesStyle here 
To try out lots of different Korean product I decided to first pick up this beauty box with a mix of 10 items from all different brands. I was tempted by a Etude House focused beauty box but decided it would be good to try out new brands. Upon opening the box I instantly felt the contents were worth the £13 price tag - with 2 sheet face masks, lots of minis to try out and a full size magnetic nail polish... though it is without a magnet, oops!

I've yet to try out all the products in the box as there are so many but from the products I have tried I've enjoyed them all. I was instantly drawn to the Etude House I Need You, Mugwort Sheet Mask mainly because of the unusual name... Mugwort extract is apparently a leaf extract that improves circulation for a clearer complexion - who knew! I found this, like a lot of Korean sheet masks I've tried, to be highly refreshing and relaxing. I'm not sure I could see any changes in my skin straight after use but it was lovely to use as a pamper treatment and my skin did feel so smooth afterwards. As for the It's Skin Collagen+ Sheet Mask I plan to save that for another pamper evening. Other samples I really liked that I would look into buying full price were Banila.co Clean it Zero Cleanser, a firm solid cleanser with a lovely subtle floral scent and the Skin Food Agave Cactus Toner. Both really lovely products. If you are new to buying Korean beauty products this is a perfect way to discover all different brands.


Skin79 Crystal Peeling Gel 
£7.50 - YesStyle here 
Whilst browsing the thousands of products YesStyle sell I stopped on this - for only £7.50 it looked like a luxury product from the packaging and as I always enjoying non-abhavsive exfoliators I decided to get it. And I'm truly glad I did as I LOVE it! This is essentially an AHA peeling gel that sloughs away dead skin cells and exfoliators the skin without using any force or synthetic particles. After washing the face and patting dry you simply massage a small amount of the peeling gel (which feels more like a cream to begin with) over the skin until you start to see the gel balling up and peeling. The peeling definitely looks and feels like it's the dead skin cells being removed but it's more likely to be the gel drying and peeling off the skin. However once washed off after a minute or so your skin is left amazingly soft! I mean baby soft! If kept up twice a week this gives ultra soft radiant skin. I've tried peeling gels in the past but this so far has given the best results! I really can't believe this luxury feeling product is the price of an average skincare product on the high street.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
 £15.90 - YesStyle here 
When looking at skincare I'm always on the look out for a good clay mask. I'm talking ultra oil absorbing and great on blemishes. So this Super volcanic clay mask seemed perfect! I also loved the packaging with the metallic copper screw lid. On first glance of the mask I was sure it would be a thick set-hard type of mask, you know the one that cracks as soon as you move your face? But surprisingly the thick feeling mask spread out really well meaning only a little is needed to cover the entire face and even more surprising even though it does dry it doesn't crack, AT ALL! It also has to be the best mask I've tried for my oily t-zone and blemishes, really absorbing oil from my pores and leaving my skin looking clearer and definitely helping to dry out spots. This may not be the cheapest of masks but it certainly delivers! Thoroughly impressed.

Tony Moly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream 
£7.50 - YesStyle here 
Firstly, isn't this amazing! Korean beauty brands know how to do packaging but this is something else! You can also find peaches, tomatoes and red apple packaging from Tony Moly FYI. Amazing packaging aside this is another peeling cream but one more suitable for regular use and sensitive skin. It can also be left on the skin for a few minutes after massaging as a face mask. I've used this a few times now and found it to be more cream like than the Skin79 peeling gel and much nicer in scent with a natural fresh apple fragrance - really very nice! This truly is a lovely skincare item both the product itself and the packaging. If you are wanting to try out a peeling gel for the first time then I'd highly recommend this one. 

Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick - Golden Tail Star 09 
£4.66 - YesStyle here 
 Onto makeup now with this beautiful gilded gold stick eyeshadow. I personally love cream eye shadows in this form so I was instantly happy I came across it! The shade as you can see from the swatch above is such a stunning gold that really catches the light and looks beautiful over the entire eyelid. I've also found the eyeshadow to really stay put without creasing for most of the day! For the price this really is wonderful. Another amazing product! Note to self - buy the other shades!

Hanaka Strawberry & Cotton Candy Chu Chu Lip Scrub 
£7.50 - YesStyle here   
If there's one thing I feel we are short of in the UK it's lip scrubs! Other than Lush & Sara Happ what do we have? Not very much! Which is why I picked up with kawaii lip scrub with an amazing sounding scent. I can confirm the scent is god damn tasty, I'm talking I want to eat it it's that good! Plus it's truly a dense sugar scrub that exfoliates the lips well, removing all dead skin from the lips. This is such a cute product that is fun, yummy and practical!

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara 
£11.90 - YesStyle here 
 Lastly I had to try out one of the often raved about Majolica Majorca Mascaras! This was mainly because I wanted to see what the hype was about but also the amazing packaging sucked me in. Why don't we have packaging as good as this in the UK? Really, why? On first inspection of the wand I instantly discovered it was a brush-on fibre mascara. This was kind of what I was expecting but not with such an unusual wand. But thankfully I found the wand easy to use and loved the slimness of the flat brush - no catching the bottom lashes as you coat the upper lashes. I also found the fibres did add a little extra length though not as much as I was expecting and more of a subtle non-clumpy look that might be better for short lashes. The only thing I didn't love about this mascara was that it doesn't curl the lashes at all, in fact I was sure it made my lashes appear straighter! Not something I want at all. Mascara is definitely a personal choice depending on what you are looking for and sadly due to how this mascara straightened my lashes it's not for me.

Overall I had a really good experience shopping at YesStyle, with fast delivery and on the whole pretty amazing products, especially when it came to skincare. 

I must discover more Innisfree products now! 

Fee xo.


Who Wants to be a Boots UK Points Millionaire? Win £10,000 to Spend at Boots!


Imagine checking your Boots Advantage Card only to discover it contains a massive £10,000 worth of points. It's a thing of dreams, isn't it? Well for one lucky customer that dream will become reality, as Boots are giving £10,000 worth of Boots Advantage Card points away, plus between - 50 -5,000 points to thousands of customers! 

Taking part is easy - Simply download the Boots App (if you don't already have it), sign in using your Boots Advantage Card number and access 'My Offers' before 4th August 2015 to enter! 

To support the launch of this fantastic campaign Boots asked me how I would spend the points if I became a Points Millionaire, which let me tell you is an easy thing to day dream about! My skin care routine would be sorted, my fragrance collection would be bigger than ever and I'm sure each new makeup launch would be mine. Not to mention the Chanel Nail Polish collection I would have to acquire and mostly likely gaze at. Below are just a few products I would instantly have to snap up! 


The first thing I could imagine indulging in is fragrance! My current wish list contains many high end scents which would all have to be bought with my fantasy points, all at 100ml of course! My two favourite fragrances of all time would to be snapped up - Guerlain Insolence and Thierry Mugler Alien. Then the most talked about Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess for summer along with Elie Saab Le Parfum. As well as a luxury 100ml bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, a old favourite that would truly feel like a luxury
I'm also sure I'd have to browse the fragrance counters of Boots and seek out some new perfumes to enjoy! 


Next up would be makeup, ahhh I would be in heaven! Who wouldn't be?! First stop would be the Clarins counter as I've been eyeing up nearly all of the summer '15 collection. From the stunning Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact to the beautiful Ombre Iridescent Eyeshadows. I'd also have to try out the raved about Double Serum along with their self-tanning range. Plus I may stock up on my favourite Clarins HydraQuench Cream for combination skin as my skin just drinks it up and feels beyond hydrated and smooth.


Carrying on with makeup I would be more than tempted to pick up a whole array of luxury lipsticks. First with YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks as they all look so beautiful and then moving onto a few Burberry and Chanel lipsticks! That would certainly be a dream moment. As for nail polish, though I have so many already but all quite low end, I would have to treat myself to all my favourite Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish shades and create a whole collection - from stunning vivid brights for summer to deep rich tones for autumn/winter.

Lastly for makeup, though I'm sure many shopping trips would be done with my fantasy advantage points, I would have to scoop but the entire range of Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes as the few I own are so soft and professional. Not to mention how amazing they would look all lined up on a dressing table! Heck, I could even splurge and double up on a few of my favourite brushes!

 Boots also have a great range of electricals that I would have to treat myself to. Firstly the blogger favourite - Olympus Pen Camera. This is a stunning camera and would make a great camera for holiday snaps or for blogging with! As for beauty electricals I definitely feel it's time for a new electric toothbrush and with my current one being sonic, and much preferring it to standard electric toothbrushes, I'd go for the Philips Sonic Care Diamond Clean. This would certainly be a luxury! I'd also snap up the interesting looking Philips Facial Cleansing Brush which has so many amazing reviews on the Boots website. Lastly, though I'd sure I'd massively spend on hair styling tools, I'd love to try out the Ego Boost Heated Roller System.

To also celebrate the campaign there will be throne made out of hundreds of products popping up in various cities throughout the country to have your photo taken at! The visiting places include -Bluewater 18th July, Crawley 25th July, Nottingham Victoria Centre - 1st August.

So go ahead and download the Boots App to be in with a chance of being Boots UK's first ever Points Millionaire! 

How would you attempt at spending so many points in Boots? 

Fee xo.  

*Post sponsored by Boots UK 


Mini Beauty Reviews 01


Shockingly as I sat down to write a blog post for today I was all out of ideas! This is probably down to being on Day 3 of a raw Smoothie Diet (apparently clarity and energy comes on Day 4 or 5) and the awful head fog I currently have, argh. 

So instead of not blogging, I thought I'd take it back to basics and pull out all the items I've really been loving recently and review them with quick mini reviews. Not my usual type of post but hopefully you will find some new products to try out!

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect - 001 Ivory 
£12.99 - Boots here 
This is a foundation I picked up on a total whim recently as I was getting sick of my foundation clinging to dry spots and the creases by the side of my nose; it was also reduced by £8.00! To my surprise this actually delivers on it's 'airbrush effect' claims and doesn't settle in creases or fine lines or to dry patches. I also find this to soak into the skin and look almost like I'm not wearing foundation - big claims I know! So very impressed with this. How have I lived without trying a Revlon foundation up until now?!

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette - What You Waiting For? 
£6.00 - Superdrug here
With so many eyeshadows I very rarely buy palettes anymore. I love my Urban Decay Naked ones and a stunning everyday palette from Tarte but sadly high street palette are forgotten about easily. But not this one! I've had this beautiful Makeup Revolution palette a good 4 months and I'm still using it! All the shades are buttery smooth and highly pigmented, I also find some of the shades to be really unique. Total love!

Bourjois Velvet Rouge Lipstick - Don't Pink Of It!
£8.99 - Boots here
 For the past few weeks this has been my go-to lip product. It's the perfect pinky nude for my pale skin and it feels great on. What I particularly love about this lip product, well the whole range really, is the 'velvet' finish. I find matte finishes sometimes hard to wear as my lips dry out easily but this is almost a hybrid texture that's neither matte nor glossy/hydrating. Really chic and pretty.

EOS Lip Balm SPF 15 - Lemon Drop 
£3.25 - Amazon here
I recently bought my first ever EOS Lip balm (in Sweet Mint) and there was something about it I just loved. It's pretty average on moisturising the lips but the domed applicator is pretty addictive to use and the scent wasn't overly synthetic. So whilst making yet another Amazon order I decided I needed, yes needed HA, a summery one. Lemon Drop was the perfect choice as it's not overly fragranced but yummy and contains SPF 15 which is a plus for me as I always seem to burn my lips on hot days. I can see an addiction to these forming!

Crown Brush - Deluxe Soft Fan 
£6.99 - Crown Brush UK here 
I couldn't not include this brush as it's been a staple in my makeup routine for the past few weeks now. Some how since purchasing a Real Techniques Kit with a fine fan brush in it, I've discovered the world of fan brushes. Fan brushes don't seem to be too popular and I haven't a clue why as they are perfect for highlighting/contouring with. I still use my fine RL fan brush to highlight with and then this thicker fan brush to almost map out my contour and get the bronzer down on my face. I then buff it all out with a large dense buffing brush. I could also blend with this brush but I wouldn't want to damage the bristles overtimes so I just opt to make that chiseled contour-line under my cheekbone. This is also ultra soft and hasn't shed any bristles so far.  

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 
£15.90 - YesStyle here
With oily/combination skin clay masks are my thing. I have more than I'd care to count but I use them at least twice a week as part of my skincare routine. My favourite right now is a new Korean one that really is a true clay mask. What I love about this mask is how deep cleansing it is, you really can see the difference after using it and how it dries without cracking. Almost all clay masks dry hard but once you move your face the dry/tight feeling is gone as the mask is cracked, but with this mask it seems to have some elasticity in it meaning it just doesn't crack and feel more comfortable to wear. If you have super oily skin I'd highly recommend this.  

Colab Dry Shampoo - Monaco 
Full Size £3.50 - Feel Unique here or Superdrug 
If I had to pick between Colab and Batiste when it came to dry shampoo it would be hands down Colab. Finally a dry shampoo that doesn't give me an itchy head however much I apply. I also feel like Colab have spent some time over the scents as they really do have clear fragrances that smell nice. I've enjoyed all the scents I've so far tried but 'Monaco' really is the scent for me; super fresh and quite an aqua smell. Just perfect for summer. 

Crest 3D White - Glamourous White 
£7.75 - eBay here 
 On to a bit of a random favourite here with toothpaste. But as I've been impressed with it I decided it was worth including. A few weeks ago I decided to research whitening toothpaste and this came up as one of the best, with so many great reviews. And all the reviews were right! This does actually remove surface discolouration and I've seen my teeth lighten in shade over the past two weeks. I'm sure I will keep trying out different teeth whitening product but this will definitely stay my everyday toothpaste.
& Other Stories Floral Memento Body Scrub  
£7.00 - & Other Stories UK here 
Lastly a lovely in-shower body scrub perfect for summer. Firstly this smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers, just so stunning and unique for a body scrub. Secondly this has to be one of the nicest consistencies of body scrubs I've come across with the grains in this being densely packed but light on the skin so there's no over scrubbing going on. Plus the scrub lightly foams as your rub it over the skin meaning a little goes a long way, it gives a silky texture and the smell really is noticeable when using it. If you enjoy using body scrubs then this should be next of your list. 

Hope you've enjoyed these mini beauty reviews! 

Fee xo.

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