eBay Bargains #18 - Brush Edition


eBay is awash with makeup brushes but it can often be hard to tell which to go for and which to avoid. Thankfully I've purchased quite a lot of makeup brushes from eBay now so here are a few of my recommended picks and some recent buys that I'm hoping won't disappoint! 

1. Pro Multipurpose Face Brush (£1.88 here) - First up a new purchase that I have my fingers crossed with! I picked up this bargain brush as it instantly reminded me of the fairly new Bare Minerals Perfecting Face Brush that's a staggering £24.00. With a similar fluid reservoir the brush allows for a no-mess foundation application directly from bottle to brush! I'm eager to try this out now!

2. 10 Piece Kabuki Style Brush Set (£6.85 here or larger brushes 99p each here) - This was one of the first brush sets I purchased on eBay and was immediately blown away at the quality and softness. The incredible price works out at only 68p per brush which is just amazing seeing as I've had my own brushes for over 2 years now and they're still going strong. Though if you don't fancy the entire set (10 brushes is a lot!) you can find the larger brushes at only 99p each in the above link/listing.

3. 4 Piece Blending Brush Set (£3.18 here) - Still raving about the above set you can find the eye brushes from the 10-piece set in the link above. For a mere £3 you receive 4 amazingly soft eye brushes that don't seem to shed at all! I personally use them for blending eyeshadow and one to blend out concealer with - it works a dream!

4. Pro Kabuki Brush (£2.58 here) - Another recent buy here and again one that I had to pick up as it looked like such a perfect dupe for the pricey Nars Kabuki Artisan Brush (£43!!!). I've yet to receive it but again I have my fingers crossed that it will be a lovely brush to use with powder highlighter or for light contouring.

5. Flat Contour Brush (£1.65 here) - Lastly another recent buy but one I'm just got my mitts on and can report it's a good un'! Unlike any other brush in my collection this is a dense but super soft contouring brush, perfect for getting the powder or cream onto the face and then blending with a larger fluffy brush. Very pleased I picked this up! 

If you have any suggestions for themes of upcoming eBay Bargains I'd love to hear them in the comments below! 

Hope you enjoyed this one! 

Fee xo.


Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Love!


If you've ever smelt anything from the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush range then you will know just how amazing and unique the scent is! The fresh and zingy sweet lime scent had me hooked with the body scrub then I soon realised I owned pretty much everything from the line!

With Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Fragrance Mist hitting Boots stores last month and answering my prayers I thought it was time to write a full blog post on the Sugar Crush range and why I literally can't get enough of! 


 Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
300ml/£8.00 - Boots HERE  
As mentioned above the bosy scrub was my first purchase from the S&G Sugar Crush range. I remember having to buy something after having a cheeky sniff of the scent and decided on the scrub as £8.00 for the huge tub seemed pretty great value. I'm now onto my 3rd pot of the stuff and still love it just as much! The scrub is dense and really does an amazing job of buffing the skin without being harsh. This also only leaves a little extra oil on the skin once stepping out of the shower to moisturise the skin, in fact I'd say it's my favourite scrub on the high street. The juicy lime scent also seems to really suit a body scrub, making it my summer scrub staple!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Buttercream 
300ml/£10.50 - Boots HERE
Once I's got hooked onto the Sugar Crush scent I caved and purchased the matching Buttercream. Now I will admit I think £10.50 is a little steep but what can I say... I love me the lime scent! Like all the Buttercream's Soap & Glory do this is a thick and creamy moisturiser that soaks into the skin with ease but leaves the skin amazingly hydrated and nourished. A bit of a treat for me (when I have a billion other moisturisers I should be using up) but again another summer staple!


Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Fragrance Mist
100ml/£10.00 - Boots In-Store
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Spray
100ml/£4.00 - Boots HERE 
Since discovering the Sugar Crush scent over a year ago now I'd dreamt of the day when the scent was turned into a perfume! That day finally came last month and I couldn't have been more thrilled! Now to be honest if I'd have spotted the body spray I'd have purchase that over the fragrance mist because... 1) Could they have made that lime green bottle anymore damn ugly? 2) I'd be saving £6.00 3) The silage I imagine isn't too dissimilar. Buy hey ho, this is still an amazing scent and one that's totally perfect for summer. If you love beyond juicy scents then this is a must try!

Soap & Glory Irresistibubble Gift Set 
£5.00 - Boots HERE
Annoyingly S&G don't sell individual travel sizes of the Sugar Crush range - pretty gutting as it's the perfect summer holiday scent! But thankfully this gift set solves the problem as it includes both the Body Wash and Body Buttercream in travel sizes. Which is why I'd personally buy it but this also makes for a lovely but cheap gift or even to try out the Sugar Crush line without buying a full size product.

Another favourite from S&G is certainly their Smoothie Star range, but I'll leave that for another time! 

What range do you love the most from Soap & Glory? 

Fee xo.


20 Unique Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers


It's easy to get stuck in a rut with blogging or simply run out of ideas! So today I thought I'd come up with 20 (hopefully) unique blog post ideas that you may find helpful! Feel free to use these or change them up to suit your own blog.

1. My Fragrance History 
2. How I Overcame: X (acne, skin problems etc)
3. The Makeup in my Handbag Right Now 
4. Five High End Beauty Products Worth Buying 
5. Makeup Overhaul for Spring 
6. Too Good to Throw Away - My Oldest Makeup Product! 
7. On My Beauty Bookshelf 
8. My Favourite Skincare Ingredient (example - Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil)
9. Beauty Blogger Inspired Wish List 
10. Beauty Lessons Learnt from X (family member, celebrity, etc)
11. My Favourite Shade of Nail Polish 
12. My Favourite Budget Beauty Buy, Ever! 
13. The Best Masks for X Skin (dehydrated, oily, dry, blemish prone etc)
14. What Beauty Blogging Has Taught Me About Beauty 
15. My Go-to Spring Lip 
16. Bad Hair Day Saviours
17. Five Beauty Hacks I Actually Use
18. Beauty Brands I'm Loyal To
19. Things I Hate About the Beauty Industry
20. Feel-Good Makeup Products 

Hope this quick little post has been of help if you feel like you've run out of ideas!

Fee xo.  

Current Skincare Obsessions


Ahh, skincare I love you so! Over the past few years skin care has played a big part in my whole beauty routine and feeling confident in wearing less makeup. I have a lot to thank it for really! And with the skin care industry ever improving there are some pretty damn amazing products out there. 

I've recently discovered a few of those amazing products that take pride of place at the front of the bathroom cabinet so I thought I'd share them with you! Hope you find something here that you want to try - I pretty sure you will be impressed by it!

Superdrug Micellar Facial Cleansing Wipes 
£1.29 for 25 - Superdrug HERE
For me wipes are used at a minimum but they definitely come in handy when you want to quickly get off your makeup before properly cleansing or you are being ultra lazy! For me this happens 1-2 times a week and for that I want good quality wipes that aren't going to be over fragranced or too dry - hate hate a dry wipe! The new (ish) Micellar Wipes from Superdrug fit the bill perfecty and are actually quite impressive at removing makeup. These are the best sensitive, scent-free and moist (sorry!) wipes I've come across and they re a bargain! 

Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
£13.00/110ml - Mary Kay Website HERE
Did you know Mary Kay is the eightieth bestselling cosmetics range in the world? No, neither did I, until I was told MK are now in the UK and have their own website! Which is worth checking out if you are after trying something from a new brand, well new to the UK brand I should say. Anyway, onto the oil-free makeup remover, which is actually just for eyes. What I love about this makeup remover is 1. How well it removes makeup, even waterproof mascara is removed with ease 2. It's contact wearer suitable! 3. It doesn't sting my eyes at all. This really is better than any cleansing water or even oil cleanser I've used before. Thoroughly impressed!


Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm 
£18.00/125ml - John Lewis HERE
This is a Caroline Hiron's approved product and one she was certainly right about! Of course I'm already a fan of Balance Me with their 100% natural products but this is possibly my favourite product from them! Why? Well this is simply the most beautiful cleanser I'm used. Not only does this smooth away makeup a dream but ahh, the heavenly mango/citrus scent you get with it! Plus it also contains oatmeal powder which is so light and gentle but just enough to buff the skin and is even fine to use to remove eye makeup without any stinging. This also isn't heavy or too oily for my combination skin but I could see it working well for drier or more mature skin with it's wonderful oil-based texture. I've always been tempted to try the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm Cleanser but now I don't feel the need as this is just perfection!

La Roche-Posay Serozinc 
2 for £10 Special Offer - Escentual HERE 
Okay, I'm a woman obsessed with this stuff! Seriously I can't get enough of it now that I've finally tried it. I'm currently using this multiple times a day - twice a day after cleansing to mattify and generally just help my skin and also when I just want to pep up my skin a bit as it's like any other thermal water... just better! This also can be used on breakouts and after squeezing a spot as zinc sulphate is a natural anti-bacterial I'm sure, please correct me on that if I'm wrong, so it will just help that area. It can also be used on sun burn or any type of itchy skin to calm it down. This is for oily, blemish-prone skin so I would avoid this if you have dry skin but other than that I know most people will love it! A true must-buy! 

Organic Surge Ultra-Light Oil Control Lotion
£18.50/50ml - Organic Surge Website HERE
Lastly my current day/night moisturiser that I switch up with Korres Rose Brightening Cream at times. I was on the fence whether on not to feature this due to the price point - £18.50 for 50ml is high end for me. But I decided I needed to mention it as offers something different and what every oily girls need! And that's a light moisturiser that does combat oil production but without all them harsh chemicals. I literally have so many creams that are not only quite waxy feeling but also smell so chemical laden just to combat my oily skin. Yes, they all work but this Ultra-Light Oil Control Lotion is two steps better - it's beyond light and leaves the skin feeling fresh and lovely and smells only of essential oils... because they are the main ingredients! That also means it's suitable for sensitive skin and there's no stinging involved. Since using this I feel my skin feels and looks less oily and my makeup is definitely lasting longer. Yes, it's pricey but if you don't want to go down the astringent cream route then it's worth buying. 

I think I'm just skincare obsessed at the moment but these truly are some amazing products worth checking out! 

Possible spring skincare routine to come soon! 

Fee xo.  


Amazing Feel Unique Deal on Groupon Right Now!


As I took advantage of this amazing offer only the other day I thought I'd pass it on to you before the deal ends! 

In a nutshell Groupon are offering a £25 Feel Unique Voucher (you can spend it immediately if you wish!) for only £15... so basically £10 off your next £25 spend - a very easy thing to do!  


As I had my eye on re-purchasing YSL Touche Eclat (here) I managed to snap it up for a mere £15 with free delivery?! I even went for the snazzy limited edition Rock Lace collection design (here) which is something that bit more special if you are going for the lightest shade. 

With Feel Unique offering so many amazing low and high end brands I could have easily used a few more vouchers but as it's limited to one per person I will have to make do with my Touche Eclat bargain buy... though I'm tempted to sign up for another Groupon account to purchase a few other products! 

As for T&C it's all pretty simple - You have to spend the £25 voucher in full, 1 limited per person, voucher expires 31st May 2015. 

If you've had your eye on something then this deal should help! 

Fee xo.


Budget Spring Beauty Wish List

As with each season there is an influx of amazing beauty and skincare products to drool and lust over! This Spring is no different with so many great looking launches that all seem to be getting rave reviews from bloggers already. 

I will admit I have my eyes set on a few luxe products but for the whole the high street is where it's at for me! Below are just a few new launches that have caught my eye and will be hopefully in my sticky paws soon enough!

No7 Pop & Glow Duo
£9.95 - Boots HERE 
Okay, so I may just be lusting after this because of the packaging but that is pretty understandable as it screams summer and somehow ice cream to me! Aside from the packaging I know this is also a product I'd use being a huge fan of cream blushers and highlighters. The idea of this is that you can use either side but I also love the fact you can swirl it and have a blusher/highlight mix! Perfect for both spring/summer. Once the No7 money off vouchers pop up again, making it £7, this will be mine! 

NYX Honey Dew Me Up Skin Serum and Primer
£15.03 - Amazon HERE
Another product I've only recently discovered and had to include in this post was the NYX Honey Dew Me Up Serum/Primer - isn't it stunning? From reviews this is definitely more of a hydrating and luminous serum but that suits me fine as I have more than enough primers. This also seems to have amazing reviews on Makeup Alley and the ingredients list is pretty impressive with a million different flower extracts and Hyaluronic Acid! 

B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlight Serum 
£14.99 - Superdrug HERE 
Can we all just take a moment to "ahhhh" and marvel at this product please? I mean serious!! B. at Superdrug seriously upped their game with this and the rest of the B. Sweet range. I'm impressed. Another serum here but one that can be worn more as a base, mixed with foundation or dabbed onto the cheekbones for a pretty dewy highlight - a pretty multi-purpose product by the seems of it. This is however something I'd definitely check out in store first to see how pearlized it is and to see the texture. But overall I'm thinking this could be a winning Spring product! 

Makeup Revolution Go Pro Mini Makeup Brush Set 
£4.95 - Makeup Revolution HERE 
Ahhh, Makeup Revolution how I love you so for coming out with products like this. I mean for once an affordable travel brush set that is good quality and err... ROSE GOLD. Could this product have been any better? I think not. The mini set contains 4 duo fibre brushes - mini face brush, mini foundation brush, mini eyeshadow brush and mini angled brush. This will certainly be snapped up for my next holiday!

Soap & Glory Total Drama Queen 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water 
£6.00 - Boots HERE 
S&G recently super sized a few of their products taking them from 200ml to 350ml for the same price! These huge sized bottles caught my eye and I discovered S&G actually do a micellar cleansing water. I have more than enough cleansing waters but what's one more!  

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation 
£6.99 - Boots HERE  
I'm seriously ashamed at how many foundation I current have on the go and really shouldn't be eyeing up any more for at least 6 months.... but then Ruth from A Model Recommends went and raved about this foundation and the mattifying properties in it looked amazing (you can see her full post here)! This currently does have £1 off the full price but even at £7.99 it is cheap for a high street foundation. This will just have to be mine! 

  Hope I haven't enabled too much with this wish list! 

What are you lusting after on the high street at the moment? 

Fee xo.


5 Budget Fragrances Perfect For Spring


Spring is here and it's time to switch out the fragrance you have been wearing over winter and replace it for something fresh! This means wonderful juicy and floral scents!

Below are five of my own favourite scents for Spring that come in at around £15 or under, making them the ideal little treat to add to your fragrance collection. 

Paul Smith - Rose 
£16.69/50ml  Eau de Parfum - Amazon HERE 
This is a perfume I've repurchased so many times now as it's just a stunning scent for spring. Unlike a lot of rose perfumes this isn't stuffy or grandma like in any way but lovely and fresh, really a true rose scent! Other notes in this, though fairly subtle are violet (it adds a little sweetness), magnolia and green tea. If you are looking for a true floral fragrance for spring and love rose scents then this is certainly one to try. 

The Body Shop - Moringa
£8.50/30ml Eau de Toilette - The Body Shop HERE
Another floral scent here but one that is so creamy and fresh! Perfectly feminine, this is a scent I wear on warm sunny spring days and literally inhale it in as I apply it - it's that good. If you are one for fresh white floral scents make sure to have a smell of this is The Body Shop. The body mist is also great!


Sarah Jessica Parker - Lovely 
£14.99/50ml Eau de Parfum - Fragrance Direct HERE
This is a perfume I seem to mention each year around Spring time as it's my ultimate go-to scent for when the weather warms up slightly. Why? Well it's just a beautiful and soft scent that despite it's budget price tag has a luxury feel to it and is instantly recognisable. For me this is a powdery clean white musk scent with floral notes. If you are looking for a grown-up soft spring scent then this is it! 

Tous - H2o 
£12.50/30ml Eau de Toilette - All Beauty HERE
Onto the one with the oh so pretty bottle! Tous H2o is a great scent for both spring and summer as it's fresh and aquatic. The notes in this for me are lemon, rose and a light cedar to add a slight spice, but overall you do get that fresh 'water' scent that is perfect for warm days! Side note - Although it's cheap online it's worth looking in Boots for as I'm sure they are currently discontinuing the line... I recently picked up a back-up bottle for an amazing £2?! 

Ted Baker - Lyla 
£15.00/10ml Eau de Toilette - Boots HERE 
Another beautiful bottle here with the latest purse spray from Ted Baker (though the rose gold crystal top did fall off because I took it on holiday with me!). This is sweet floral scent with notes of grapefruit, peach, jasmine and rose, which combined give a very light but slightly fizzy sweet scent. If you like your scents fun and fresh then this is for you. I've tried a lot of the Ted Baker scents now and this is so far my favourite - perfect for both spring/summer and ideal for keeping in your handbag.

Let me know if you pick up any of these up!
What is your favourite spring scent?

Fee xo.


My 'New-in' Muji Drawer


For the longest time now my ever expanding makeup collection has stressed me the hell out. Okay, that sounds like such a first world problem, which it actually is, but this is a beauty blog after all and I'm pretty makeup obsessed... soo it's totally valid in my opinion!

 My dilemma was that as soon as I purchased a new lipstick for example (ha, as if would ever be singular) I would store it away in my abyss of lip products for it to never be seen again. I resorted to leaving new products loitering on my desk but that soon equated to a very untidy looking heap of products that I'd constantly knock off my desk when doing my makeup glasses-less. Just not good!

But then! I had a light bulb moment! What about a 'new-in' basket to store new products in? Then I could try them out for a few weeks and the keepers could then be moved into my current makeup storage. However I decided to go one better than that and instead of using a boring old plastic basket I opted to use one of my Muji drawers - a much more atheistically pleasing option. 


So now my first world problem is solved and I have my pretty Muji Flip Top Box (£8.50 - Muji here) next to me on my desk that gives new products pride of place. However price wise if you are thinking of doing the same the 2 Drawers narrow box, still with a flip top lid (here) is the exact same price and would definitely give more space.

As for what I currently have in my 'new-in' box - Of course multiple new lipsticks: Makeup Revolution in End With Beginnings and She's Up All Night, MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Tints in French Violet and Maybelline Colour Elixir in Signature Scarlet. Some wonderful new products from Ciate: Eye Chalk Pastel Eye Pencil in Marshmallow, Cooling Eyeshadow Slick in Daiquiri and Triple Shot Mascara in Espresso. Dr. PAWPAW Peach Tint Balm. Makeup Revolution Vivid Blusher Lacquer in Heat and Heart. And lastly Guerlain Météorites Baby Glow Sheer Foundation which is oh so beautiful! 

Looking at this little box of new makeup does make me happy! 
*insert emoji heart eyes x 6*

Fee xo. 

Travel Makeup Tips - How to Travel Light & Efficiently


Seeing as I'm still mourning being back in the UK and not sunning myself poolside I thought today I would write about holiday makeup! Well more travel friendly makeup and how to pack efficiently. 

Unlike past years I decided to pack light for my recent holiday and only take cabin luggage with me with the maximum weight of 10kg and with of course liquid restrictions. In the past I've been a bit blurry on how many liquids I could take so I looked it up and as long as it's in the correct sized clear bag (I bought this one off eBay for 99p) you are allowed upto 1 litre of liquids (quite a lot!) in bottles no bigger than 100ml each. So with a quick overview of the makeup I planned on taking I knew I'd be fine! I did however pack lighter on the makeup front due to taking a few 100ml bottles with me however this made me take only the makeup I knew I'd use and resulted in me spending less time applying makeup and going makeup-free during the day. 

Below is a look at what I took on holiday with me, along with tips on how to travel light...


In some ways picking skincare to take on holiday is pretty easy as a lot of products now have travel friendly sizes and if you are subscribed to any monthly beauty box you will have a stack of samples you can try out whilst on holiday. Plus if you think in advance you can collect free sachets from magazines to use whilst on holiday. I did just that with my last holiday, taking 3 sachets of moisturiser to try out, a mini REN Micellar Cleansing Water (didn't love it tbh!), my trusty Ole Henriksen Truth Serum and a bar of Dead Sea Spa Magik Black Mud Soap that can be used on the both the face and body. I was tempted to take more but I decided to keep it minimal as the sun does do wonders to the skin and proper cleansing and keeping the skin hydrated is the only thing that's needed!

If you're a makeup lover packing a compact makeup bag can easily be the most stressful part of holiday prep. Whittling down your makeup to select items isn't easy but definitely achievable, especially if you realise what you do and don't need. For me I decided to ditch primer, highlighter and to opt for multi purpose products such as brown eyeshadow for filling in my brows and using under the eyes and in the crease. My biggest tip would be to take an all-in-one palette with staple colours such as the above theBalm palette and sachet samples to try out. Rundown of my own holiday makeup bag - Dr Jart Beauty Balm, Essence Concealer, theBalm Autobalm Palette, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, Clarins Mini Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector - Rosewood Shimmer, Models Own Lip Stix in Beauty Blush, Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Mini and L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim. I also picked up a Makeup Revolution 'What You Waiting For?' Palette (£6.00 - Superdrug here) whilst on holiday! Side note - TOTAL love.

Extra Tip: If you are taking sachets with you, whether it be foundation, moisturisers or primer samples, instead of ripping off the top then wondering how you are going to store it without it leaking, simply prick the middle of the sachet with either a pin or the end of a hair grip (with the rubber tip removed of course). Then you can squeeze out exactly how much you need each time!


For my hair I kept it simple with a travel size shampoo and conditioner (50/60ml is just enough for a 2-week holiday) and a hair oil that could be used on both wet and dry hair - essential if you are going to be swimming in a pool or the sea. For my last holiday I took a OGX Macadamia Oil shampoo mini (from Tesco or Waitrose) as I love the brand and most shampoos from the brand are SLS-free and a Aussie 3 Minute Deep Conditioner, again because I love Aussie as a brand and because I can't get enough of the bubblegum scent! I also decided to take a sachet of L'Oreal Extraordinary Hair Oil (free in a random magazine) instead of risking a bottle leaking over everything, which actually worked out really well and lasted around 10 days.

Packing SPF is a must! Of course you could buy it on holiday but from experience you don't want to risk buying outdated suncream which will give a lower SPF (this can happen if you go to a small resort) and it will most likely cost you more. Easily my favourite easy-to-apply suncream, well oil is Calyspo SPF30-50 Sun Protection Oil, it's the best non-sticky spray oil I've used. As I only travelled with cabin luggage I was restricted on liquids but I simply decanted the 200ml bottle into two 100ml spray bottles which I purchased in travel bottle set from Poundland. Another essential is deodorant, a mini will do just fine and can be picked up from any supermarket. The one product I don't pack however is moisturiser as I always like to slather it on and be quite liberal with it, so I always buy a big tub of moisturiser/after sun lotion whilst on holiday. 

For me extras are perfume, nail polish, hair ties and makeup brushes. General extras that seem to bulk up your makeup bag but are very much needed. Starting with perfume as it's pretty much a holiday staple for most, I like to take away a few choices, this year I went for Ted Baker Lyla perfume as it's the perfect size and so sweet smelling, a Cartier mini and a Travelo style atomiser filled with Vera Wang Princess in it. Travelo can be picked up from fragrance shops and Amazon but the much cheaper £1.65 version I decided to buy off eBay here did the exact same job! As for nail polish, again travel/minis are a must. I seem to have a ton of Ciate minis so I went for a vivid orange shade but OPI also offer mini sets as well as Essie offering mini trio sets online and in Boots stores.

Hopefully this has been helpful to all the over-packers out there! 
If you are going on holiday this year - Stay strong, I know you've got this! 

Fee xo. 


eBay Bargains #17 - Spring Edition!


 1. Mirror Tortoise Sunglasses (£1.22 here) - When it comes to sunglasses it's all about the shape and finish this season, with cats eye, round and mirror finish lenses all being perfectly on-trend. So after some determined eBay searching I found this great listing for some on-trend shades that are incredibly cheap! 11 other styles available in the listing that are also amazing!

2. Ted Baker Style Wallet (£2.99 here) - Another cheap accessory here that I couldn't not include when I randomly came across it in my searching. This instantly reminded me of a current Ted Baker print that I love. Perfectly spring but without going down the soft pastels route!

3. W7 Cheek Tints (£4.49 each here) - W7 seem to be a brand constantly coming out with new products but without a huge social media presence or any large stockists it can be hard to keep up or even know of new launches! But thankfully new W7 stock does always find it's way onto eBay and generally into my paws! One of many new products includes these cute cheek tints that look like they will be exactly like the Benefit tints!

4. Burt's Bees Mango & Orange Sugar Scrub (£8.99 here) - Come Spring it's time to get out the scrub and get summer ready! As I'm sugar scrub obsessed I've already picked up 3 new scrubs including one of the sugar scrubs from Burt's Bees. Not such a bargain at £9 but it gives a £4 discount and is such an effective dense scrub.

5. Celine Style Handbag (£8.99 here) - A new season allows for a new handbag, right? Well I like to tell myself this is the case! I never seem to get sick of bright pastel shades and this mini Celine style satchel is just perfect at under £10! 4 other colours in the listing.

6. Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Mist(£8.25 here) - A few weeks ago I smelt this specific body mist in Tesco (I know... select Tesco stores now sell VS body mists?! It was £16 mind, so I left it) and instantly loved it! In fact 'Love Spell' is Victoria's Secrets best selling body mist but also the most Marmite scent of the brand - you either love or loath it. The reason for this is the strong and synthetic fizzy peach scent. For me this is just the ideal cheap scent to wear in both spring and summer. 

Hope you enjoyed this eBay Bargains post! 

Fee xo.


ASOS Haul - April 2015


Another month, another haul! With so many new products on ASOS I was like a moth to light and couldn't resist placing an order of beauty products I needed. Yes, needed! 

Below are a few new product ranges that can be found on ASOS, plus a bargain buy that I'm beyond pleased with. Apologies in advance if I leave you feeling spendy!


Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturising Cream for Oily/Combination Skin 
WAS £20.00 NOW £10.00 - ASOS here
First up that bargain buy that I'm oh so pleased with! For the past few weeks I've been on the look out for a new daily moisturiser after deciding that Clarins HydraQuench Cream, though lovely is that bit too pricey at £35 for me. Actually, I said to myself if I couldn't find anything as good for less I'd stick with it but thankfully I took a shot with the Korres Wild Rose Moisturising Cream and loved it! The wonderful cream is better than I imagined with a souffle/mousse texture that melts into the skin perfectly and feels perfectly light. I've so far found this cream to keep my skin moisturised but without that oily or heavy feel. I'm also looking forward to seeing if there are any brightening effects to it when used long term. As for the packaging the jar is made of glass and has a slight ombre effect to the rim that I had to photograph as I really liked it! Available for Normal/Dry skin here. If you are looking for a new moisturiser than I'd certainly recommend it, especially while it's half price at only £10!

Korres Minis 
White Tea Gel Cleanser 16ml - £3.00 ASOS here 
Basil Lemon Body Milk 40ml - £3.00 ASOS here 
One of ASOS's many recent ranges includes Korres's minis! Now I know Waitrose stock a few Korres minis but it's limited to showers gels and soaps, which is a bit boring. So I was more than pleased when ASOS started stocking a bigger range of minis with a choice of cleansers and body lotions. Just to try a few things, because I've always got on with Korres products, I picked up a lovely fresh and zingy body lotion that I already know I will be repurchasing for my next holiday and an interesting white tea gel cleanser that I've yet to try. For only £3.00 each the minis are affordable and worth trying out if you are going on holiday any time soon! You can find the entire range here.

L'Oreal Super Liner Blackbuster 
WAS £6.99 NOW £5.59 - ASOS here 
Another recent addition to ASOS has been L'Oreal products. Not that amazing I know, but as ASOS often have discount codes and sales it means picking up a high street brand for less, something I'm always up for! After browsing the range I decided to pick up the chunky version of the Super Slim liner, which is pretty much my go-to liner. Surprisingly the chunkier tip isn't too daunting and from trying it on the back of my hand I think it will be pretty easy to work with. Also it's the blackest of black! Possible review with the SuperSlim liner to come. 

Dr. PAWPAW Tinted Peach Pink Balm 
£6.99 - ASOS here 
Over the last few years Dr. PAWPAW balm has reached cult status and with it now being available at ASOS I thought I'd throw a tube of their tinted version into my basket. In hindsight after realising how multi-purpose the balm is I wish I had opted for the original non-tinted balm to get full use out of it but for summer the peach tinted version will do and be a nice makeup bag item. The uses of Dr. PAWPAW balm seems endless - lip balm, hair smoother, skin soother, cuticle balm, nappy cream and apparently makeup primer (not too sure on that one... maybe for very dry skin types). But of course the tinted version isn't as multipurpose due to the tint, however it makes a lovely lip balm and dewy cheek tint. Also the 25ml tube is pretty huge and with so little needed it will pretty much last years. You can find the original clear balm on ASOS here, I know I will be picking this up at some point. If you love a multi-purpose product then you will love this!

Now to resist the ASOS sale for the rest of the month! 

Fee xo.

Top 5 Budget Primers


I have a love/hate relationship with Primers - I love them because they conceal unsightly pores and make my makeup last longer BUT I hate them because over use always leads to blocked pores and spots for me. 

However for me a good primer is vital! It's part of my routine and I notice a difference when I skip it. Below are five of my budget favourites from my stash of over 15 primers, eep, that  make a difference to how the my skin looks and feels and how long my makeup lasts.


Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser 
£7.99 - Boots here 
This gel primer aims to erase pores for smooth-looking skin and it does just that. After applying to the areas where pores are most visible this soaks into the skin and leaves a silky look and finish to the skin  - just so soft. It isn't a miracle product but it definitely diffuses pores enough before applying foundation and it's actually quite hydrating for a primer. Ideal for normal to dry skin types. Rating - 3/5

Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur 
£8.66 - Boots here 
So this isn't a face primer as such, but an under-eye primer... but I couldn't not include this as I love it! Unlike so many face primers on the high street this actually caters for the under eye area to diffuse fine lines, crows feet and the appearance of dark circles! Pretty great right? The primer feels like a light silicone based cream that applies easily to the under eye area and without a doubt fills in fine lines and diffuses deeper lines. As for it's light reflecting properties this comes in the form of tiny reflective particles that subtly brightens dark circles, I feel this could be more effective with more reflective particles but at least it does something especially if you aren't wearing makeup! Perfect if you're just starting to see signs of ageing around the eye. Rating -  4/5

NYX Pore Filler 
£12.50 - Next or NYX stockists 
Dupe alert! This peachy toned silicone primer is certainly a dupe for Benefit's Porefessional and a great option if you're on a budget or just don't want to spend £24 on a primer. The primer smooths out pores well and creates a good base for foundation. I also love that this actually soaks up oil and keeps my foundation on for longer in those areas. A good all rounder! Side note - The tube does look a lot smaller than that of Benefit Porefessional but you actually only receive 2ml less of product. Ideal for oily to combination skin Rating - 4/5


Gosh Velvet Touch Line Perfector 
£14.99 - Superdrug here 
Gosh have the largest range of primers on the high street and seem to cater for all skin types, which I love! The above Velvet Touch primer is one of the more unconventional primers from the range but one I really like. In fact it reminds me very much of a Korean primer by the brand Tony Moly! The silky densely packed gel-like cream firstly feels amazing to use as it smooths over the skin a dream and fills in pores to a lightweight feel. I also feel with this product I can use a little more on certain areas with more pores and it works just a well. If you are wanting to try something totally different then this is certainly worth a try! Ideal for normal to dry skin. Rating - 4/5

Gosh Prime 'n' Set Primer & Mattifying Setting Powder 
£9.99 - Superdrug here 
Yes, another primer from Gosh and one I've mentioned a few times now on Makeup Savvy, but I couldn't leave it out of this post as it's amazing! This is totally unlike any other primer I've used as it's a transparent powder that can be used both under and on top of makeup. The powder requires no setting time and leaves skin feeling soft before foundation, then can be used again as a setting powder. What this primer does is blocks all oil meaning makeup lasts longer on the skin and stays shine-free. As for if this conceals pores, not so much but a pore filling primer could actually be used under the powder first! Amazing for oily to combination skin types. Rating - 5/5 

What is your favourite budget face primer? 

Fee xo.


Top 5 Fresh Pink Lip Colours for Spring


Hello Spring, is that really you?!
 With blue skies and the all important clock change I think it might just be! So in celebration of Spring I thought I'd share with you 5 lip colours I'm excited to wear in the upcoming months. 

 Come Spring I feel I wear colour on my lips more often. Nudes are a staple as always but I always get into loving anything pink toned - from a light wash of colour to a full on lip. Below are 5 fairly new lip products I'm hoping to sport this month!  


Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick - Don't pink of it! 
£8.99 - Feel Unique here or Boots 
Bourjois have recently launched 3 new shades in the Rouge Edition collection, and this is one of them. The shade is almost a nude pink and quite an English rose type shade - demure and very wearable. For me this is a throw on any day of the week shade as it goes with all makeup and looks pretty. I also love the finish of the Bourjois Velvet lip colours as they apply as a cream and then almost soak into the lips to give that velvet/matte finish that is soft and diffused. Also you really can't feel the product on your lips at all! Zoe London has a great post here on the 3 new shades, plus lip swatches, if you like the look of this one. 

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Strawberry Shortcake
£7.99 - Boots here 
So this is the total opposite of the one above! It's bright, it's glossy and certainly pink. This is my 'it's nearly summer and I'm excited' lip colour basically! The shade as you can see from the swatch is a light baby doll pink and I love it. I don't however love it with a full face of makeup, it just seems too much and too Barbie like. So this is strictly paired with a fresh face makeup look with naked lids and fluttery lashes. A lovely pop of colour that's comfortable to wear. 

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector - 03 My Pink 
£15.80 - Escentual here 
When I'm out and a lipstick wears off 9 times out of 10 I don't re-apply and just pop on a lip balm. This is that lip balm.... but for Spring! After lip colour has faded I smother this on and it adds the glossiest and freshest tint of colour I could want. I'd actually say the pink tint is so light it just enhances your own natural lip colour, making your lips look full and soft! I also can't get enough of the wonderful caramel flavour - so nice! Also the packaging is pretty dreamy, isn't it? 


Gosh Forever Lip Shine - Flirty Dreams 
£6.99 - Superdrug here 
In the past few months Gosh have come out with some amazing new products and this is amongst them. The Forever Lip Shine range really does have my heart at the moment and I'm already planning on getting more. The reason for all the love, is the wonderful creamy texture that is a joy to wear on the lips with it's yummy caramel flavour/scent (some my hate this I feel though). Also this particular shade is pretty damn lovely, especially for spring. A lipstick crayon must! 

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm - 105 Demure
£7.99 - Boots here 
Lastly, back to Revlon with quite a unique lip colour for the brand. I say unique as I have  nothing similar in my collection and Revlon seem to be more about their vivid shades. But sadly the swatch above just doesn't do it justice... so please imagine something more glossy and peachy toned. The balm itself is a lovely wash off colour that adds almost a pearly look to the lips but not in an awful 90s kind of way thankfully! I already love this on days that I haven't a clue what to wear on my lips as it just looks right and suits all makeup. It also comes with the signature minty flavour that I love. The only slight downside is that is does have small glitter particles to it which do feel gritty on the lips when you rub them together. I can totally ignore that but I know it would put some of this specific shade! 

I'd love to know what lip products you reach for in Spring! 

Fee xo. 

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