Under £3 High Street Beauty Must-Haves! #5


Recently I've got back in to bargain hunting, well actually you will always find me at the clearance sections of Boots and TK Maxx, but more so than normal. You see I have a holiday coming up (a month today!) and I seemed to have also developed a bit of an ASOS addiction! So I've been trying my best not to over spend on makeup, because I definitely have enough of it! 

Below are just a few things I've found on the high street over the last month or so and think are absolute steals and very much worth picking up if they catch your eye. Hope you like this post... bargain posts are always my favourite to write!


Maybelline Minty Fresh Baby Lips
Superdrug or Tesco here - £2.90
Okay, so this was a repurchase, so not really a discovery, but as I love this lip balm so much I decided to include it! Why is it so good? I hear you ask, well compared to all the other Baby Lips I've tried it actually conditions the lips and keep them soft. I also really like the mint scent and how smoothly it applies. Ignore all the tinted ones if you have yet to try them (the Barry M ones are much nicer) and go for this one! 

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Plumping Top Coat
Superdrug or ASOS here - £2.99
This is a new favourite top coat for me! I love the Gelly range already and loved the sound of a plumping top coat so virtually threw it in my basket with an ASOS order (one of many this month - eeep). The new top coat gives a lovely glossy finish to the nails but as the name suggests it also gives a thicker plumped up look to nail polish that looks quite gel like. So far I've only tried it over opaque nail polish but I can imagine this being great to finish nail art with. Also it makes the nails feel amazingly smooth.
BD Trade Secrets Brow Definer Pencil in Brunette
Tesco here - £2.99 
The Barbara Daly range at Tesco has had a recent overhaul and I for one am loving the new products I've so far tried out. Along with their lipsticks I'm currently in love with all their pencil products, especially the Brow Definer Pencil. The pencil is great on medium to dark brows to add definition and is quite a hard pencil but with good colour payoff. Barbara Daly have definitely upped their game and are really worth checking out if you are shopping in Tesco!   


 Pretty Things Makeup Bag 
Home Bargains - 79p 
Yes, this really is only 79p?! Amazing, right? I absolutely love Home Bargains for... well general bargains. I often pop in and come out with so many beauty and home accessories, so it's well worth a look. But back to this amazing makeup bag that instantly reminded me of the style and finish of Ted Baker bags! Perfect for travel or to keep in your handbag, this really looks a lot more expensive than a meer 79p.

Beauty Compact Mirror 
Home Bargains - 49p
With the same print I also picked up a lovely compact mirror for the bargain price of 49p! Again this is perfect for keeping in your bag for touch-ups. Really cute but very cheap! I also spotted small and large tote bags in the same print and finish of the makeup bag that were equally as lovely.

 Clear Acrylic Makeup Holder 
Poundworld - £1
Last but not least an amazing acrylic makeup organiser for only £1! This is pretty amazing for the price if you ask me. The organiser holds 6 lipsticks and 6 pencil products which is pretty impressive for the size of it and would be ideal on a dressing table with other makeup storage. 

Hope you have found a few bargains!
You can find more Under £3 Bargains here.

Fee xo. 


Amazing Products & Tools for Dry Winter Hair


Lets face it. Winter, bar Christmas, is pretty rubbish. It's cold, dark and uneventful. It also wreaks havoc with our health, skin, hair and nails - so basically everything then. But thankfully there are products to correct this, meaning there no need for us to look like crusty old prunes come Spring. 

So today I thought I'd share some of my favourite hair products that help not only look after the hair during winter but also bring it back to life when it's in need of hydration and nourishment. As with all my posts I've tried to pick out products that are affordable but a few here are a bit of a splurge, though definitely worth it in my opinion - they will last you years.


Clearspring Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 
£6.16/200g - Amazon here 
Firstly this is more of a recommendation for any Coconut Oil, as long as it's organic as really all organic coconut oils are the same! So just go for the cheapest. This was also the first product I wanted to write about as Coconut Oil is something I couldn't live without now for many reasons. I love it of course as a hair mask/hair treatment but also to remove makeup, use as a moisturiser and to cook with (I even cook my eggs in it!). But back to how it can be used as an amazing hair mask that will leave the ends of your hair so much softer. You simply heat a tablespoon of the solid coconut in a dish/cup in the microwave for around 30 second/until it's liquidised and then apply it to length and ends of the hair. I like to do this around 30 minutes before a shower but if my hair is feeling particularly dry I do this overnight with my hair up in a bun, then wash it out the next morning. I promise you, Coconut Oil is amazing! 

Moroccanoil Treatment 
£13.45/25ml - Look Fantastic here
The original Moroccan Oil is truly a holy grail hair product for me. Yes, there are lots of similar looking oils out there but this truly beats them all. I use this all year round on damp hair before drying it to remove frizz and make it all round shinier and straighter but this really is a wonder product in winter as it means your hair just doesn't snap off or feel dry. Without this oil my hair would need a serious amount of taming with hair straighteners so it also cuts down on how often I use heat on it. Plus only a little oil is needed (I'm talking a 5p sized amount) so even though you may feel a small bottle of this is pricey it will literally last you all year! If you suffer from frizzy, dried out hair then this is a must-have. 

Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp Intense Treatment 
4x15ml £5.50 - Boots here
Other than the scalp being cleansed with quite stripping shampoo we really do neglect it, so awhile ago I tried out the Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp Conditioner to see if I noticed any difference. I can't say I noticed much with my scalp but for the first time the roots of my hair felt soft (don't worry not greasy or weighed down with product) and kind of fresh! I didn't really love using this conditioner day-in-day out as I have so many others that smell amazing and leave the ends of my hair softer so I decided to try out the Intense Treatment shots. These work in the same way but I use just one tube each week over my scalp after shampooing. These leave the roots soft, something I've never felt before, and my scalp just feels better for it! It's quite hard to explain why I love using these but if you are into your haircare and like trying out new products then these are worth trying out. 

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil 
£9.99/100ml - Boots here
Another hair oil here and one that's the best on the high street in my opinion! This is seriously multi-purpose and ideal for anyone with dry or over processed hair. What I love most about this oil other than how multi functional it is, is how nourishing yet light on the hair it is and doesn't weigh it down at all. I use this all over my hair before shampoo (as a treatment), after drying to tame frizz and ends, plus it can be used on damp hair as a tamer and heat protectant. This nearly rivals Moroccan Oil for me especially for the amount you get for £9.99 so it's a good alternative.  

Beauty Bay Detangling Brush 
£2.50 - Beauty Bay here 
Detangling Brushes are hair savers - fact. My first ever detangling brush was a Tangle Teezer and it was love; for the first time I didn't have to tug at the knots in my wet hair. In fact I actually noticed that my hair got thicker from not losing it to a brush for once! I still love and use my Tangle Teezer but if I'm honest all detangling brushes are pretty much the same, so the above brush does the exact same job but at a snip of the price! If you are looking for a brush that glides through knots without pulling at the hair then look no further!

Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Pro Salon Dryer 
£59.99 - Amazon here 
Finally I had to included my upgraded hair dryer that I'm so so pleased with! Previous to this Pro Salon dryer I owned just a standard Babyliss hair dryer and really didn't think a more expensive hair dryer could much more, but oh how wrong I was! The above hair dryer has cut my hair drying time in half, reducing frizz especially to the roots and the nozzle directs the heat so well that I can't feel any heat from the hair dryer when using it. As for the supposed Diamond technology I really can't comment but it sure as hell has improved the look of my hair and really does give that blow dry finish. The only downside is the weight; it's heavy, nearly too heavy. But seeing as I'm only using it for 5 minutes it's something I can put aside. 

How do you battle against dry winter hair?
 I'd love to hear your favourite haircare products! 

Fee xo.  


Fragrance Direct Wish List


After a few months of restraint I finally let myself have a browse of the Fragrance Direct website at the weekend.

As always Fragrance Direct have some great brands that are incredibly reduced. I was so pleased to see a wide selection of Nails Inc products, along with Tara Smith Haircare and some great L'Oreal lip products. Below are just a few products I added to my basket, you know... just in case!

Essie Luxe Effects Top Coat 
£2.43 each (normally £7.99) - here
I love, love, love picking up Essie nail polishes on Fragrance Direct as they are incredibly cheap. So I was more than pleased when I saw that they had the Luxe Effect Top Coats and in the shade I've been lusting after the most - Summit of Style. This really is the most stunning rose gold glitter top coat (swatches seen here) that really is pushing me to place an order while it's still in stock!

Revlon ColorStay Eyeshadow Quad
£2.50 (normally £7.99) - here
Amazingly I've yet to try any eye shadows from Revlon but as I've loved most products from the brand I'm thinking they are a safe bet. There are so many shades available and I love how travel friendly quad palettes are.

Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips 
£1.15 (normally £10.00) - here 
After trying out the SH Nail Polish Strips and loving them (I wrote a post on them here) I've decided that I need to pick up 2 pairs for my upcoming holiday as they are perfect for packing light and last perfectly for over a week. The designs I love the most are 'Fly With Me' (above) and 'Cut It Out'.
L'Oreal Shine Caresse Lip Stain Gloss 
£2.50 (normally £7.99) - here 
I love L'Oreal products but do generally find them a bit pricey on the high street, so picking them up at a snip of the price on FD is great! The Lip Stain Gloss' look right up my street and there are some lovely shades available, though I would suggest Google-ing for swatches first as Fragrance Direct are pretty rubbish when it comes to that.

Bronnley Orange & Jasmine Eau Fraiche 
£4.99 (normally £12.25) - here
 As Spring is nearly-ish upon us a new fresh fragrances are needed! I love to pick up cheap ones from The Body Shop generally but this Orange & Jasmine scent seems perfect.. it also has really good reviews about the scent lasting well. For £4.99 I think it's worth picking up!
Tara Smith Gorgeously Gentle Trial Pack 
£2.99 (normally £12.50) - here 
Years ago I use to love a Tara Smith Shampoo & Conditioner but then Tesco sadly stopped selling it. But thankfully the range had a re-vamp and came back, looking better than ever (the packaging is amazing). And now it's actually on Fragrance Direct at some crazy prices. Above is a lovely little giftset pack that contains a shampoo, conditioner and serum - perfect for travel or trying out the range. But you can pick up full size products for only £1.99 each! See full range here.

Nails Inc Products 
All under £2.99 (normally £12) - here
Nails Inc are on Fragrance Direct?! And not just a few products either! Nail Polishes are only £2.50, 3D Glitters £2.50 and top coat and base coats only £2.99! I literally want to buy up everything, especially the 45 Second Speed Dry Top Coat, Base Coat and Leather Effect Nail Polishes.

LP Skin Therapy Uplifting Facial Water 
£3.99 (normally £15.00) - here
This was a product I tried a sample size of a few years ago and really liked it. But I decided against buying it full size due to the price! So I was pretty pleased to see it on Fragrance Direct for only £3.99. The Facial Water is perfect for spritzing over the face in the morning or before applying makeup. I also really love the fresh scent of this.  

Fragrance Direct is definitely worth checking out at the moment  - just don't blame me if you end up placing an order! :)

Fee xo.


Pancake Day, The Healthy Way! 2-Ingredient Pancakes


As today is Pancake Day, a day I always like to partake in, I thought I'd share my favourite healthy pancake recipe! 

Yes, this 2-ingredient pancake recipe can be found all over the interent but as I've cooked the recipe countless times I feel I have a little extra to offer when it comes to cooking them perfectly... and not turning them into scrambled eggs!

Essentially this recipe is made up of only a single ripe banana and 2 eggs. Pretty amazing right? Plus the mixture makes quite a few pancakes, making them healthy, easy and cheap! Now if you are wondering about the taste, let me assure you these taste so good! You really will be surprised and also cook them long after Pancake Day has been and gone. Without any more rambling here is how to make the easy pancakes with a few extra tips to get them just right! 


What you will need - 1 medium ripe banana, 2 medium eggs, half tsp oil, non-stick pan, Optional - pinch of baking powder, cinnamon. Toppings of choice.

1. Mash banana. This is actually quite tricky so I either opt to mash the banana on a clean work surface with a fork or blend it up! You want it as lump free as possible.
2. Combine the 2 eggs to the mashed up banana. If you want to be extra healthy you can use 3 egg whites. 
3. Optional - Add a pinch of baking powder to make the pancakes fluffy and a pinch of cinnamon if you like the taste. 
4. Heat up a non-stick pan over a medium heat and pour in 1/4 of the mixture. 
5. Once you see small bubbles start to form on the top of the pancake it's time to flip! 
6. Cook on the other side until done. 

To create a stack of pancakes store them as you make them in the oven on a low heat. To top you can add stevia, honey, pure maple syrup, slices of fruit, peanut butter or if you want to be a bit indulgent Nutella or even chocolate buttons - yum! 

If you're on a healthy eating kick or looking for a healthy but tasty alternative to standard pancakes, then these are certainly a must try.

If you make these let me know how you get on! 

Fee xo. 


eBay Bargains #15 - Blogger Edition


1. Half Year Wall Planner (99p here) - Isn't this a bargain?! If you are into planning ahead when it comes to blogging then this may be perfect for you (you simple write in the months down the side). I've been toying with the idea of creating an editorial style calendar but planning for the whole year seems a little daunting, so something like this would be perfect, plus it's very cute!

2. White Tack (99p here) - Now why the hell am I suggesting white tac to you? Because it's a beauty bloggers must-have when photographing annoying rolling products! We've all been there when trying to photograph products on their sides and a tiny piece of white tac behind the product instantly solves this problem. Simple! 

3. Cute Post-it Note Diary (£1.99 here) - Another helpful little extra for bloggers here. Post-it notes are so handy and this lovely little set keeps them safe whilst also providing two notepads and a pen. 

4. Collapsible 2-in-1 Photography Reflector (£4.50 here) - If you struggle with good lighting then this may be just the thing. For portraits the gold side gives a more flattering light to the skin and the silver side offers a brighter light which is ideal for product photography i.e taking photos of makeup products! You generally see 5-in-1 reflectors but these are the only two shades you really need.

5. Portable Power Bank Phone Charger 10400mAh (£7.99 here) - If you're a blogger constantly on the go, or one that just uses your phone a lot then a power bank is something you need! As I need one myself I actually researched power banks and discovered a power bank such as this one will last around 4-5 full charges of your phone/device before needing to be re-charged fully, so you can keep it in your hangbag all weel without needing to re-charge it. Pretty handy! 

6. Coloured Acrylic Sheets (£5.25 per sheet at A3x3mm here) - Acrylic sheets make for great photography backgrounds! In fact I used two A3 white and black sheets for so many years to take my photos on as they are durable, look good in photos and are wipe-clean. You can see examples of my white gloss background here and my black gloss background here. The listing includes so many colour choices and a choice of gloss, frost or transparent finishes. I'd personally opt for the A3 size at 3mm.

7. Portable Power Bank Charger 2600mAh (£3.80 here) - Another power bank charger here for anyone that wants to keep one in their bag for emergencies. This is lightweight and small and gives a single full charge of a phone/device, making it ideal for them annoying times you run out of battery and really need to charge your phone.

8. Laptop Skin Covers (£6.99 here) - This is something I'm considering doing to my own laptop as the lid is a boring black and it would be nice to jazz it up a bit. The listing contains so many amazing designs, 50+ in fact, with the 2 above being my favourite.

Think I may have to do a 'part 2' of this blogging edition as I have so many other items on my watch list that are related to blogging! 

Fee xo.


On Blogging: 5 Tips for Happy Blogging


Another 'blogging tips' kind of post today... because, well they seem to get a good response and I enjoy writing them! But instead of annoying set rules for blogging, because we all should blog how we like, I thought I'd share my own thoughts of how to stay a happy blogger. Hopefully these tips will be relevant to you or at least make you a little more mindful to stay positive!

Be Real. Be Relatable. 
It's easy to slip it's that glossy perfect looking life online, especially as a beauty/fashion blogger it seems. Everything is filtered and within your control. But over time it can definitely feel not that authentic and it definitely won't bring you happiness... especially as you'll feel unable to open up and share things with your readers. Dropping this easy pretence will also make you more relatable to your readers and bring the readers that you do want! So my tip here is to open up more, show your personality and maybe ditch them Instagram filters once in a while! 

Have no internet time, often. 
The internet can be an addictive place - fact. And again as a blogger it's easy to be constantly connect to it, whether it be blogging whilst watching TV at night (I know I'm guilty of that) or constantly checking emails and social media on your phone. This can even affect sleep and never allow you to fully relax without even knowing it. I experience all the above last year which is why I now turn off my laptop, push my phone down the side of my chair and watch a film on a regular basis. Also when I'm cooking or baking, which is something I massively enjoy, I will make a point to leave my phone elsewhere even if it means relying on an egg timer to time everything! I also know some people even have 'black out' nights in which they totally disconnect from the internet which I can see being such a good idea and a way to totally relax.

Don't sweat the small stuff
From personal experience and talking to other bloggers I know that it's easy to get hung up on the small stuff and be overly hard on yourself, I'm talking taking negative comments to heart, feeling like you aren't posting enough, having to take a break from blogging due to illness and generally feeling like your blog isn't going anywhere, to name but a few things! But the fact is this worry and over-analyzing does zero good! I will admit this is something I still struggle with but for the most part I'm fine to miss a few days of blogging if I'm feeling off and I can except that negative comments will happen, actually I find them often amusing - it really is just how you look at it and getting in to a positive head space. So yes, rise above negative thoughts and stop sweating the small stuff. You will be a happier blogger for it! 

Have mini goals but don't get hooked on the numbers 
In a world of hundreds of 'succesful' blogs that have been around for years it's easy to set your heart on following suit. I mean wouldn't we all want our blogs to be read and loved by thousands?! But that simply doesn't happen over night, however hard you work at it or actually at all sometimes for that matter. So instead of setting your goals against the success of others, because after all comparison is the theft of joy, it's important to get small more realistic goals that you can actually achieve and pat yourself on the back for. Everyone's goals are different in life but it's important we set them at an achievable level at times so we can be proud of ourselves, often! It also means you have the excuse to celebrate with a makeup purchase or a cupcake... or three!

Be Social
I'm pretty sure a lot of you will think I'm talking about being active and friendly on social media here when I say "Be social" but I'm actually meaning have a life outside of blogging and don't let it take up too much of your time. I feel this is a huge tip for me as I blog/work online full-time, so my days are often spent alone without much human interaction.... unless you can call talking to my dog and her crying back at me as that. But whether your blog is your job or just a major hobby it's important to have that balance and always be aware when you're spending too much time alone and break that cycle. This can even mean going for a walk or even breaking up the day by blogging from a cafe, just being around people can be enough! This is a serious goal of mine that I really want to improve on this year because I know conversations with my dog and feeling like I'm best friends with Ellen Degeneres isn't the answer.

Hopefully you have found some of these tips helpful! I'd love to know your own tips to stay happy whether it be blogging related or in general life! 

Fee xo.


Unexpected Supermarket Beauty Finds


When it comes to doing my food shopping I'm always distracted by the beauty aisles, as alongside all the usual beauty brands I love to discover new products from Supermarket own ranges. Over the years I've stumbled across some amazing products that today I thought I'd collectively share with you in a post. 

All the products in this post can only be found in supermarkets and are pretty bargainous if you ask me! 

NSPA Skin Renewal Gel 
£7.00 for 125ml - Asda 
 NSPA is one of those brands that is loved for their bath & shower range but overlooked when it comes to their skincare range. I can see why as with brands such as with brands such as L'Oreal and No7 to compete against you may instantly think tsupermarket skincare won't be up to scratch. But with a select number of skincare products in the NSPA range it couldn't be more untrue, especially when it comes to the wonderful Skin Renewal Gel. This is a product that aims to exfoliate the skin without any harsh grains, leaving the skin soft and renewed with the use of natural fruit acids. The gel is simply massaged over dry skin, left for a moment and then massage again until the gel is broke down into an oil. Then rinsed off thoroughly with a muslin cloth or sponge. This really does leave the skin so soft and naturally exfoliates dead skin cells from the skin, in fact when using this I notice how much nicer my foundation sits on my skin. If you are wanting to ditch your grainy exfoliator but are on a budget then this is a great product to go for. 

Sainsbury's Hair Scissors 
£5.00 - Sainsbury's 
Whether you trim your own fringe at home between haircuts or you're a hairdresser-a-phobe like myself, then a good pair of hair scissors is a must! However professional scissors generally cost upwards of £10, but are most likely to cost £20+ even in the likes of Sally's. Which is why I was more than pleased to spot the above pair in Sainsbury's for only £5.00. These are perfectly sharp and idea for fringe trims and split-ends, or even fully cutting the hair (I recently cut 7 inches off my hair with these very scissors?!). If you are still using the kitchen scissors on your hair then these are a MUST! You can find similar at Superdrug for £4.49.

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter 
£3.09 for 125ml - Waitrose 
This is without the most popular supermarket branded beauty product here, but I'm aware it's not a constantly raved about product so I had to include it! This product is of course aimed at mothers and their babies but is also an amazing all-in-one moisturiser, much like the Weleda Skin Food. The buttery balm is ideal for super dry skin or anyone with dry sensitive skin and just melts into the skin with ease, keeping it moisturised and hydrated. The scent is another highlight of this balm as it has a wonder vanilla-y/white chocolate smell to it that's just divine - I do actually just sit there from time to time and just inhale it!
 I personally use this on any dry areas of my skin, on my neck at times in winter and often on my cuticles... I actually keep it next to my bed, it's that good! However I have spotted reviews of this from people that use this as a facial night cream but I can only imagine this being suitable for very dry skin types as it is a very balm like product. The best moisturiser for very dry skin I've tried! 


BD Trade Secrets Dream Shine Highlighter 
£7.99 - Tesco Stores 
Onto the re-vamped Barbara Daly range at Tesco and one of my favourite products from the new collection. This is a wonderful cream almost serum like highlighter that has beautiful pinky champagne hues in the most amazing packaging for a supermarket product. The highlighter can be of course used on the high points of the face or mixed with any foundation or even concealer to give an all over radiant glow. For me this gives the right amount of highlight to the face without any large glitter particles and looks wonderful on the cheeks. Also perfect for pale to medium skin with pink undertones. A true star of the new BD Trade Secrets range... along with the amazing BD Velvet Lipsticks that is!

Pro Formula Purifying Thermal Face Mask 
99p - Tesco Stores 
Continuing with Tesco, as it's my supermarket of choice when food shopping, a bargain face mask that offers a little bit extra than all the other cheap sachet masks out there. This is a face mask that is intended for oily/combination skin but includes a lovely warm thermal feel to it but is also non-drying. Personally this makes a lovely change from all the other drying (and cracking) clay masks out there that force you not to smile, plus the warm feeling especially in winter is a nice touch. The mask leaves the skin feeling soft but matte and definitely brighter after use.The sachet also allows for two applications - I like to fold mine over and seal it with either clingfilm or a peg. 

Hope you've discovered something new here as blog posts like these are some of my favourite to write!

Fee xo.


New in... with W7!


W7 is a brand I've definitely grown to love! I still have feelings that it's a copy-cat brand and I often wonder how they get away with it. But as a lover of bargains I can't resist their products! Their low-cost items are as good as any high street makeup brands, if not better, with many dupe-worthy products and great packaging. 

However a W7 stand is hard to come by, that is the down fall. But thankfully Xtras online, Amazon and eBay offer pretty much the entire range as well as free delivery!

Recently W7 have launched some amazing new products that are dupes for NYX, Urban Decay and Clinique, and all under £6.00... pretty good right?! Below are 4 launches that I've fully tried out and really feel I need to share with you! 


W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick 
Xtras - Fabulous Fuchsia here, Red Light here, Very Berry here, Candy Coral here, Pretty in Pink here.
First up the W7 Butter Kiss Lipsticks which by the name and packaging are clearly trying to be the NYX Butter Lipsticks. But are they similar? Well as you can see the shades above are all pretty amazing but the formula (which you can possibly see from the swatches) does differ depending on the shade. Pinks and nudes seem to be the most opaque and creamy, very similar to the NYX Butter Lipsticks, but the reds seem to fall down a little, in that they are slightly sheerer and more balm like... though they can be built up to look pretty opaque. 

The Butter Lipsticks for the price for me as just great, they're so easy to apply, comfortable on the the lips, come in some amazing shades and I love how you can see the bullet of the lipstick through the packaging. However for me the lighter peachy/nude shades are just not wearable and make me look pretty corpse-like, not a look I intend to go for. For me the pinks and raspberry shades are where it's at - I seriously cannot get enough of Fabulous Fuchsia!!

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the NYC Butter Lipsticks (costs around £5 each) then I would definitely suggest picking up one or two shades from the W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick range to try out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed! 


W7 Lightly Toasted Eyeshadow Palette 
Amazon - £5.95 here
Next up a product that I've been eager to try out for a while, well I've been eager to try out at least one of the W7 eyeshadow palettes as I know they are dupes for the much more expensive Urban Decay Naked Palettes. The above palette is the W7 Lightly Toasted Palette which is a fairly new release and is a great dupe for the original Naked palette. Now I will admit I did expect less colour pay-off and fall-out from these shadows because I didn't believe it was possible for a palette to cost only £6 and contain 12 eyeshadows and be amazing. But I was wrong, oh how I was wrong! These look and feel perfect quality, yes there is a slightly less buttery feeling under the finger than the UD eyeshadows but actually that means less fall-out on application, especially with the super metallic shades. Plus I haven't experienced any excessive creasing, even by the end of the day. I also wasn't expecting to love the two matte shades that much either, as again this is where budget brands normally fall down but I found no chalky-ness and they just look great on the eyes. 

My favourite shades have to the middle of the palette for a seriously metallic smokey eye and the first three shades all work as great bases. Plus there is a seriously amazing cranberry metallic in the palette that I just love and have been using in the crease so much, I'm actually kicking myself I didn't swatch it for this post! Side note - These also come with names! Yes, finally a super budget brand that doesn't skip on naming their individual shades. You can expect cute names such as Teddy Bear, Wonderland, Magic and Its a Dream in this palette .

So if you are looking for a Naked palette alternative... because I don't think most want to spend £37 on a single palette, then this seriously is great! If you are into lighter neutral shades then the W7 In The Nude palette (£5.99 here) looks ideal.


W7 Chunky Cheeks Blusher Sticks 
Xtras - Paris here, Tokyo here
Onto cheeks now, with two Chunky Cheeks blush sticks (range includes 4 shades) that again I've been so impressed with. These are of course similar to the Clinique Chubby Sticks but are a less creamy version I would say. But on the cheeks there really isn't much of a difference! 

The formula of these are a light cream on application and then when blended out it's clearly a powder finish but in a soft diffused way. The above shades are lovely colours with Tokyo just winning it for me, but I know in spring/summer I will get so much use out of Paris. As for application I found swiping these directly onto the cheeks and then blending with my fingertips to work just fine and even though they are quite a powder finish they just don't look dry on the skin... though if you do have dry skin already then you may want to give these a miss. 

Overall another product that just blows me away, especially for the price! Really how do W7 produce such great products?! WE NEED THEM IN BOOTS, DAMMIT?! 


W7 Go Corrective Green Concealer 
eBay - £3.25 hereLasting I have a pair of corrective concealers to share with you. First up is the W7 Go Corrective Concealer in Green that aims to neutralise red blemishes. This for me is a new type of product as I'm only use to trying out green correctors that aim to hide overall skin redness and don't have that concealer coverage. However this isn't that, but quite a thick green toned concealer that needs to be applied with a small brush or a light touch and blended out. I'm always wary of correctors so this fairly thick concealer I wasn't too sure of but with a light touch this works pretty damn well under foundation/concealer but I found blending it out is a must or be prepare to have a strange white/green cast to your skin. This also worked well over larger red areas when used on just primed or moisturiser skin to counteract any redness. All in all this product pleasantly surprised me but for me it's an extra set that I prefer to skip unless I've got a lot of redness from having a cold or an awfully red spot! 

W7 Go Corrective Lavender Concealer 
Amazon - £2.49 here
Next up the W7 Go Corrective Concealer in Lavender which is designed to hide away dark under eye circles, blemishes and dark spots. This again is quite an opaque formula and requires a light touch or to be applied with a blending brush. I was eager to try this out as with age I've seem a more swallow-ness to my under eye area that I'm keen to conceal but I have to admit this did nothing for me, except to counteract the dark shadows with quite a chalky white cast that under foundation still looked slightly strange and just too pale. This definitely was my least favourite product of the bunch and one I won't be reaching for but I still think this may work for more olive/warm skin tones unlike my already ghost-like appearance. 

Hope you've enjoyed these reviews! 
Have you tried anything from W7? I'd love to know your favourite products from the brand if so! 

Fee xo. 


5 Unusual Beauty Hacks To Try Out!


Last week I came across what has to be the most ridiculous and not to mention risky beauty hacks on YouTube - How to make mascara from Oreos. Seriously I don't even know where to start... so I just won't! But let's just say I was amazed and not in a good way! Though it did get me thinking about my own DIY beauty hacks, which seemed boring in comparison to Oreos girls but I decided I'd share them with you in a post none the less! 

So here are 5 of my own beauty hacks that may be new to you and hopefully are worthy of trying out.

1. Remove face masks with a makeup blending sponge 
When it comes to removing your face mask it can be hard not to soak the bathroom. Well that's at least what I've found! I've used muslin cloths, flannel and my hands to wash off face masks, yet water seems to inevitably run down my arms and all over the bathroom floor. My first solution was to apply face masks before a shower and rinse it off while I'm in there, which of course works. But then I had a light bulb moment as my foundation sponge was drying next to the sink - what if this soak-y uppy sponge could eliminate the excessive flooding of my bathroom when washing off a face mask? To cut a boring story short, it does, and it's amazing! You simply fill the sink with warm water, dip the sponge in and squeeze out the excess water, remove a portion of the face mask with the sponge, rinse and repeat until you're done. Also the precising tip of the sponge is great for the hairline without soaking the hair and well... up the nose too! Gone are the days I flood my bathroom when I just want to pamper myself!

2. Use body cream or conditioner as shaving cream 
This may be one you've already heard of, but as I use it so often and love it I thought it was worth including. This is as simple as lathering on hair conditioner or a light-ish body cream over your legs and then shaving them. This makes the razor glide over the skin with ease, plus it leaves your skin soft and not in need of extra moisturising. I personally use conditioner as it's in the shower with me and even use it on my under arms instead of soap, slightly TMI, but I've yet to have any razor cuts with this and much prefer it to foaming shaving creams and body washes that can dry the skin out.

3. Save drying out mascara with saline solution 
Now this may be a controversial one as messing with your mascara (a product with bacteria in it already due to the nature/use of it) isn't recommended and definitely shouldn't be tried on ancient mascaras that deserve to be in the bin. It's more for the mascaras that start to dry up/get thicker within a few months of purchase  - I'm looking as you YSL Faux Cils. This tip is actually using Saline Solution (can be found in most supermarkets and Boots) that's very safe and is actually used in the body in medical ways and also to clean contact lenses with, so it's safe. You simply add a drop or two to the tube of your mascara and gently mix with the wand of your mascara (a little shake with the lid on is also a good idea), you really don't want to be pumping the wand at all as this only adds air to the formula which breeds more bacteria. I've seen many tips on heating up mascaras in hot water to bring them back to life but as you can imagine that's a big no-no for creating more bacteria in the tube. But yes, this is my own personal tip that I've used many times and feel is safe to share with you!

4. Use a beauty box lid as a manicure/nail polish rest 
 We've all done it... sat in front of the TV balancing a magazine on our lap to paint our nails on. It kind of works until you flap your hands around and knock over a bottle of nail polish or the magazine decided to slip, but still we opt for magazines as the hand rest of choice. However there is a solution ... and that solution may just suit any beauty obsessed girl that's had a beauty box subscription (though other box lids will work fine I'm sure)! Yes, I'm talking about using the lid of a beauty box instead of a floppy magazine. Why a beauty box lid you ask, well it's the right size and strangely the lip of the longer side rests over the knees and stays in place as you paint your nails on it and stand your nail polishes on it. This is a slightly boring tip/beauty hack but I had to share it as gone are the days I grab a magazine  to do my nails on.

5. Use shimmery/glitter loose eyeshadow over nail polish 
This is a beauty hack I actually wrote about years ago and is my number one read blog post! I won't link to it as the images are just awful (note to self: freaking update it!) but feel free to Google image search 'Dazzle Dust on nails' if you want to see exactly what I mean. The idea of this is to paint your nails as normal, apply a small amount of loose eyeshadow powder or fine glitter to bottom of the nail, on the skin and not the nail itself, then blow over the still drying nail polish. This creates an amazing effect that can be sealed with a clear top coat to stop it washing off. My favourite combination is black nails with a Barry M gold or bronze Dazzle Dust or nude nails with a fine bronze glitter (you can find these in all craft stores). Also once the top coat is fully dry to can wash your hands removing the excess loose powder from around your cuticles. 

Hope you've discovered something new to try out! Let me know if you have any unusual beauty hacks you like to do. 

Fee xo. 


Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr Book Review


I love lifestyle books, just that little mix of everything. So when Tanya Burr announced she was writing a book of just that, I was excited! In fact I actually pre-ordered a copy on Amazon, something I've never done with any other book before!

Now I'm aware, being 26, I'm probably not the target audience of Tanya's book but with all lifestyle-y books that you can dip in and out of, I knew there would be sections that would appeal to me. However on the whole the book is definitely targeted at a more teen audience with the topics that are covered and with a simplistic writing style (however it does make for an easy, relaxed read!). But none the less this fits snugly in between my other lifestyle books and I'm all for supporting fellow bloggers - Tanya really has done amazingly well. 


What The Book Covers
Firstly the book is split into 12 chapters covering everything from Tanya's childhood and life, to skincare & makeup essentials, baking, fashion, confidence and of course YouTube. Each chapter includes amazing photos of Tanya, which actually was one of the highlights for me. 

Also lists feature heavily in the book with lists such as Tanya's top 10 makeup bag must-haves, books, eating healthy tips and favourite places etc. Specific lists such as Tanya's Top 10 favourite books and makeup products I found really interesting and will be checking out but other lists such as tips on healthy eating and confidence I did find to be a bit vague and points I'd read before... but again I'm sure these would appeal more to someone younger. Blank pages are also including so that you can write out your own lists, but again this isn't something that interests me but I'm sure her target audience will enjoy doing. 

Favourite Sections
For me the section I enjoyed the most and one I will be going back to is the Baking & Recipes section which includes some wonderful recipes I will be trying out. Firstly Tanya's Chocolate Brownies and Lemon Drizzle Loaf. Also for this section Tanya took all her own photos which I think look amazing! 

Another section I was pleased to see in the book was on Anxiety & Stress, something that was wrote about well with some good tips I hadn't actually read about before and will be giving a go. I really believe this is such an important topic to cover, along with her section on confidence, especially as it's effects Tanya personally and she is a role model to lots of her viewers.

I also liked the Skincare & Makeup section, specifically Tanya's lists as it's something to refer back to before going shopping! It's also nice to see a book recommending specific brands/products. 


In a way this very much reminds me of Cashmere & Cupcakes by blogger, Emily Schuman but for a younger audience and that bit more relatable. Tanya's personality really does shine through! 

As for the price it's currently £6.49 on Amazon here, which for a new hardback book is incredible value for money (I actually pre-ordered it at £10.00 so it's quite a bargain now!).

I really feel this would be an amazing book for anyone 14-19 and a fan of Tanya's but anyone older I think only 50% of the book will be of interest. But that's not to say you shouldn't buy it! I'm really glad I picked up my copy and will be reading some of Tanya's suggested reads and trying out most of the baking recipes from the book! 

Fee xo.


eBay Bargains #14


1. Waterproof Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush (£13.95 here)
When it comes to cleansing I love to use something that bit extra in the shower. I do own a Clarisonic but if I'm honest the brushes do wear and need washing thoroughly...which is why I love silicone facial brushes! This is pretty much the exact same as the Foreo Luna facial brush but at a fraction of the cost, literally... the brush retails for £145?! I know it probably won't be as good vibration wise but from the look of it, it's very similar indeed!

2. Vintage Girl Pocket Mirror (£3.00 here
Unless I'm carrying a beauty product that comes with a mirror I don't carry a mirror with me. And I've decided I need a pretty one! This is just perfect, pretty and compact. Other designs available.

3. Shower Detangling Comb (99p here)
I recently bought a shower comb and seriously it's done wonders to my hair. You wouldn't believe the difference in brushing your hair whilst it's covered in conditioner does, literally you step out of the shower with the silkiest feeling hair ever! I also find I can now skip using detangling spray. A serious hair essential!

4. Chapstick Cake Batter Lip Balm (£2.98 here
If you know me you will know I'm obsessed with lip balms. This extends to novelty lip balms, though they have to be good quality! Which is why I had to snap up this amazing cake batter lip balm from Chapstick. It's sickly sweet and just amazing. If you want your lip balm to smell/taste of cake then you have to try this.

5. Anya Hindmarch Cosmetic Bag (£5.99 here
Another unneeded obsession is makeup bags. I don't even use a makeup bag unless I'm going on holiday but when I see an aesthetically pleasing makeup bag I can't resist it. And seeing as I'm going away in March I thought I'd treat myself to this lovely Anya Hindmarch one. For the price this is actually amazing! The top is plain brown velour with the AH ribbon logo with a handy zip around, then inside is a lovely sepia photo of a vintage plane being loaded. I also love this shape and size of makeup bag as you can fit so much in them. Very lovely indeed.

If you have any theme ideas for my eBay Bargains post do let me know! 

Fee xo.


An ASOS Haul


As I seem to order from ASOS a lot (damn you, ASOS Premier account!) I thought today I'd share with you a recent order that's a mix of new products on ASOS and bargain sale buys!


Paperchase Let's Canoodle Snack Boxes 
Set of 4 £8.00 HERE 
 Seriously how cute are these?! This was a purchase to aid my healthy eating and meal prepping as I've been lacking in different size boxes. These are all fairly small in size making them great for portion control and throwing in your bag. As I work from home these won't be leaving my fridge but come summer they will be ideal for picnics and taking on walks. I can't get enough of the little sayings - too cute! 


Hazel Nicholls Notecard Set 
Pack of 12 Reduced to £5.00 HERE 
Another very cute purchase... but one that's sadly sold out right now! Hopefully they will come back in stock however they can be found elsewhere and you can also buy individual prints on Etsy from the artist... so I thought I'd still share them with you. Actually I couldn't not, they are just the nicest cards and were a total bargain at only £5! My plan for these is to either pin them to a noticeboard above my desk (WIP), hang them on string with little pegs or washi tape them onto the wall. A few are more greeting cards-ish than others but for the most part these are just cute little saying that I love so much. I can't wait to DIY my desk area now! You can find a few other sweet Hazel Nicholls items on ASOS here.


ASOS Eiffel Tower Ring Holder 
£10.00 HERE 
 Carrying on the cute theme I also had to pick up this gorgeous ring holder. I love little trinket dishes like this, I really have so many dotted about next to my bed and on my dressing table. I'm not an overly ring person but this can still hold jewellery in the dish part. I just love the mix of styles here with the dainty floral print to the dish and then the white porcelain with gold trim - very pretty indeed.  


ASOS Zebra Print Shorts with Pom Pom Hem 
Reduced £7.50 HERE 
On to sale buys now with some lovely shorts that will be perfect for my upcoming holiday in March! I adore anything with a pom pom trim so I instantly honed in on these. I also love the subtle zebra print and how they sit on the waist. These will be perfect for both day and night.  


ASOS Vintage Wash Denim Shorts 
Reduced £5.00 HERE
As you can see I like my shorts! I actually wear denim shorts with black tights in winter (is that weird?), so I can get use out of these right now... though they are intended for my holiday. These are possibly a bit shorter than I'd like, however I love the frayed effect and distressed detail to the pocket area. Also a total bargain at £5, down from £25! 

 Hope you liked this slightly random haul! 

Do you shop at ASOS? If so, what was your last purchase? 

Fee xo.

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