eBay Wish List


I'm all about the wish lists lately aren't I?! I blame it being the end of the month and thoughts of a new season... even if none of these products are spring themed! 

After my Amazon bargains post I thought I'd have a look on my eBay watch list and create a small wish list. These are all products that I've added in February that just need to all be bought already! 

Moschino Rabbit 3D iPhone case (4/4s 5/5s)
£3.79 free p&p - here 
 I have been seeing this little fellow around blogs for the past few months and have been umm'ing and ahh'ing if I need it. But at under £4 I definitely do! This of course isn't the genuine version however with a £40 difference I know which one I will be going for. Just too cute!

35 x Spiral Rubber Hair Bands 
£2.77 free p&p - here 
Remember me wanting to try out the Invibobble? Probably not, but I did and at £4.00 for 3 I thought they were a bargain. But how about 35, yes 35, for only £2.77!  These are exactly the same product with the idea that you use these as traceless hair bobbles that leave no kinks in your hair.  Total bargain.

Jade Facial Massage Roller 
£2.30 free p&p - here 
All jade facial rollers are pretty much the same, they stimulate lymphatic drainage, improve circulation and work on reducing under eye bags and even blemishes around the chin area! However the price of them can differ quite dramatically which is why I thought I would opt for a super cheap one. I've recently been getting into pampering myself a bit more and I feel this after it has been in the fridge to cool would be a lovely addition to my pamper routine.

Professional Table Facial Steamer  
£27.99 free p&p - here 
This is definitely a want after watching Khila's (Miss Budget Beauty) Relax With Me video here. I already own a facial steamer but it is the basic 'place your face over it' kind of steamer that is basically awkward to use. But as Khila demonstrates the more pro steamer allows for multi-tasking as the direction of the steam is more concentrated and can be moved around. It also means you can sit more comfortably and actually relax. Also good for colds and sinus problems that crop up I'm thinking!

4711 Cologne Original 100ml 
£10.30 free p&p - here
This is probably the strangest fragrance I have come across but I love it for spring/summer. A truly fresh aqua scent that is quite unisex and definitely unique. It is also strangely very cheap! Something I will be picking up before Spring arrives.

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack 
£3.18 free p&p - here 
Think peel-off blackhead strips but in liquid mask form! This is something totally new to me I came across when looking at Korean skincare products on eBay. I'm sure not a long lasting effects product but this looks great for when you want an instant fix for annoying unsightly blackheads!  

Osmo Berber Oil with Argan Oil 10ml 
£3.95 free p&p - here  
After raving about Osmo Deep Intense Mask in my Happy Hair Days post here I thought I would have a look at other products Osmo have to offer on eBay and came across this little magic potion. Well I'm hoping it will be as I love to use oils on damp hair to speed up drying time and smooth split ends. As with all hair oils such a little is needed so this will last me quite a few months I'm sure.

Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner 
£5.60 free p&p - here
Anything containing Coconut oil whether in body or hair care I simply love. Just so nourishing and also amazing smelling... like summer and holidays! So this Palmers conditioner that is an American product really caught my eye. I'm thinking a possible perfect summer conditioner right here. 

Hope you have enjoyed my eBay wish list, always so fun to do! 

Fee xo. 


Mix & Match Stud Nail Art


Yesterday I spotted the NPW Nail Art Stud Wheel was a bargainous £1.20 on ASOS here so I thought I'd dig it out of my nail art stash and create some mix and match nails with it. I bought the wheel at full price which was only £3 and I thought that was worth it... so I couldn't not share such a bargain! 

First up the nail wheel itself. This contains 12 compartments that hold 11 different types of gems, studs and pearls, totalling over 500 pieces. Making this a great buy for trying out different types of nail art for either mix and match nails or to see what you like best (I'm definitely going to be heading over to eBay to stock up on some silver studs now). 

As for how fiddly the pieces are to get on the nails I would recommend a white wax crayon for picking up the gems/studs to place on to the nails accurately or long tweezers that are specifically for nail art. 

As for my nails I decided to go for a soft look that were mix and match just to play around with the different pieces in the wheel. For once I decided to go for quite sheer nails with Bourjois Rose Lounge to make the nails look delicate, but I couldn't resist an accent nail so Rimmel Stardust in Aurora it was with quite a thick coat of Essie Let it Shine Top Coat to give it a glossy finish.

When it came to application of the studs and small beads I found applying a thin layer of top coat over the nail the best option, leaving it to go slightly tacky. For the accent nail I decided to keep it simple with a single pearl bead, as the glitter nail polish was enough focus. Then for my index and little finger I decided to use silver micro beads, though I definitely prefer how I have spaced them out on my little finger. As for my middle finger I decided to try out the silver studs which I feel really make the nails stand out. 

The nail art wheel is such a good way to get creative with nail art and just a total bargain at £1.20! 

Fee xo.


Amazon Beauty Bargains


As a savvy shopper online I have discovered Amazon is a great place to pick up beauty bargains from time to time. In recent months picking up a Real Techniques brush set and Seche Vite Top Coat for a lot less than I would expect to pay anywhere offline. 

However I've come to realise that products can fluctuate in price dramatically week to week so generally I've learnt to snap up a bargain if I see one. I have also learnt to have a look at add-on items when I know I will be spending over £10 (generally on books) as that is when you can get some real bargain. So here are my favourite current beauty bargains! 

3000 Nail Gems 
£1.09 - free p&p here 
Two words - TOTAL BARGAIN! Amazon is a great place for nail art supplies I have found. This large set of nail gems is an incredible bargain and even comes with a handy container that can be re-used.

Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Au Natural 
£5.75 - here 
This is a palette I have wanted to get my paws on for awhile as it has so many wearable nude and smokey shades. All Sleek palettes retail for £7.99 in Superdrug so this is a good bargain.

Stylfile S-file Nail File 
£2.50 - Add-on item here 
Another nicely reduced product that costs £4.50+ in Boots/Superdrug. When I first tried this I wasn't too impressed as I thought it was just an ordinary nail file but I have since discovered it is much better quality than most and is still in perfect condition even after a year.

Bourjois Bronzing Powder 
£5.00 - here 
This is my favourite bronzing powder that I couldn't be without and recommend to anyone with pale skin. Currently at a great price and really worth snapping up!

W7 Big Lash Mascara 
£1.99 - Add-on item here   
For some reason I have a feeling this may be a dupe for my beloved, and now discontinued, 17 Wild Curls Mascara. Similar in packaging and wand I am really hoping so. Definitely worth a try at only £1.99. I'll be sure to report back if it is a dupe as a little pieces of my heart died when I discovered Wild Curls Mascara was no more. 

Seche Vite Top Coat 
£5.70 - here
Ahhhh Seche Vite, how I love you so! This is my ultimate favourite top coat and trust me, I have tried a lot. Anything under £6 is a great price for this top coat as you would expect to pay £9+ in shops.  

Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Eye Liner 
£2.87 Black - here, Nude - here
Another great add-on bargain. I've heard such great things about these eye liners that I will have to eventually try them out even though my eye liner pot is currently overflowing. Both the black and nude shades are great staple colours as well.

Nails Inc Fashionista Collection 
£7.50 - here
I've tried a few mini collections from Nails Inc in the past and always been pleased. So this little set of  5 minis caught my eye. A great way to try out new shades and the little bottles do last a surprisingly long time. 

*Decided not to mention the other products featured in the image above as they are now back to full price.*

Where do you like to shop online for beauty bargains? My top 3 have to be eBay, Amazon and Fragrance Direct. 

Fee xo. 


Happy Hair Days


To start off the week I thought I'd share what products I like to use to give me happy hair.

First up we have shampoo! For years I was one of those people that picked up anything on Buy One Get One Free or special offer but after scalp problems from an over chemically Herbal Essence shampoo I decided to go Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS/SLES) free (a harsh ingredient found in most shampoos).
  Since then my scalp... and hair haven't been happier, within months I noticed how much stronger my hair was and how it was growing a lot faster. It isn't an instant process, you do have to persevere but this is definitely my no.1 tip for happy healthy hair! 


As mentioned above I only use sodium lauryl sulfate/sulphate free shampoo so all my recommendations are without this ingredient. However after lots of testing of SLS-free shampoos these are my favourites that perform like a regular shampoo and give great results to the hair. 

Favourite low priced shampoos
My ultimate shampoo has to be L'Oreal Ever Riche Nourishing & Taming Shampoo (250ml/£5.99 - Boots here). This wonderful shampoo lathers up to a rich feeling foam that is unique and moisturising to the hair and scalp, the scent is also quite luxurious with a perfume-y scent of vanilla and coconut. As the shampoo states, a great nourishing shampoo for damaged or dry hair. Another great one for dry hair is The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo (250ml/£4.50 - here) that has an amazing tropical scent and foams well. Both great sls-free high street options. 

Favourite high-end shampoos
Tigi Bed Head is the brand I have been using the longest since going SLS-free over 3 years ago now. I love both the Styleshots Epic Volume shampoo (use to be known as 'Superstar') and Foxy Curls shampoos. Both offer a thick lather and great scent. These also do what they state so if you are lacking volume then the Styleshots shampoo could just be for you. My other favourite more pricey shampoo is the Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo (300ml/£8.95 - Amazon here), this is just sooo good for frizzy hair that needs taming and re-hydrating.


Favourite low priced conditioners 
The first conditioner that instantly springs to mind is the Aussie 3 minute Miracle Reconstructor (£4.99 - Boots here) ahhhhh just the smell... it's a beautiful thing. Aside from the glorious scent the conditioner leaves the hair shiny and tangle free - just a great conditioner. For a slightly more intense conditioner I love Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (200ml/£3.99 - Superdrug/Boots) which I apply to the mid length and ends of my hair to make split ends sit more straight and to reduce dryness... this also smells amazing (like coconut suncream!). Another favourite that is super cheap is Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask (250ml/£5.05 - Feel Unique here) which although isn't that intensive is lovely to use and keeps hair manageable and shiny.

Favourite high-end conditioners 
For salon looking hair you  need to start with a good deep conditioner and that conditioner for me is Macadamia Deep Repair Mask (100ml/£8.26 - Look Fantastic here). This conditioner just wow'd me on first use and continues to with each use. After shampooing my hair I squeeze out the excess water and smother my hair in this, keeping it on as long as I can until the end of my shower. Once rinsed out and I'm drying my hair I notice the difference - so soft, manageable and frizz free... just perfect! Although not a high end brand I also really like L'Oreal Mythic Oil Conditoner (190ml/£12.20 - Feel Unique here) for giving a salon look to my hair, especially when using in conjuction with the L'Oreal Ever Riche shampoo. 


Favourite low priced styling products 
When it comes to styling products one high end oil (mentioned below) has my heart, so I don't tend to stray from that. However when using heat on my hair other than a hair dryer I like to use Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave-in Spray (150ml/£2.99 - eBay here or discount stores such as Savers/Primark/Poundworld). This not only leaves my hair soft but hopefully protects my hair from high heat - for the price this is definitely worth trying out. I also had to mention trusty Batiste Dry Shampoo (200ml/£2.99 - Superdrug here) great for turning bad hair days around whether your hair is in need of a perk up or you want to create a bit of volume at the roots, you just can't go wrong with dry shampoo. I was also going to mention the Fish High Gloss Serum however it is no longer available.

Favourite high-end styling products 
As mentioned above Moroccan Oil Treatment (25ml/£13.45 - Feel Unique here) is my ultimate holy grail hair product for keeping my hair looking frizz-free and shiny. The smallest amount applied to wet hair makes a difference, firstly soaking up excess water which cuts down on drying time and therefore heat and also by instantly taming frizz and split ends. This really is one product that is worth having a little splurge on. 

Also couldn't write a hair post without mentioning my love of the Tangle Teezer (£10.00 - ASOS here) and Supersoft Kids Detangling Spray (£3.25 - eBay here) - both amazing if you have long (or processed) hair.

Fee xo. 


Lazy Links #12


This week I have been...  

Loving blogging... At the end of January after a pretty rubbish month in general I was feeling a bit deflated with my blog. I was posting for the sake of it and was out of ideas. So I decided to look back through my archives at what I was posting this time last year and to my surprise it really inspired me to think up more creative post ideas and get back into taking more interesting images. So far this month I have been absolutely loving blogging and feel excited for each week's upcoming posts!

Eating healthier... Last week I decided it was about the right time to start getting back into eating healthier and losing some weight before summer comes along. I'm not following any particular diet just making sure my portion sizes are correct, consuming less sugar and carbs and upping my protein a bit. So far so good, though as with all diets it's keeping it up and not getting bored! One book I have my eye on to help with low-carb meal ideas is Low Carb Revolution by Annie Bell here. Some foodie posts to come in March maybe!

Reading lots of great blog posts as always...  A Letter to Naked 3 here (Blush & Brunch), The Spoon Theory here (Actually Dolly), Which Brush Does What here (The Beauty Department), Being Proud to be a Blogger here (Like Neon Love), Makeup Collection & Storage here (I Covet Thee).

Writing for the Avon blog... which some of you may not know I do! From time to time I create nail posts for Avon and last week I came up with a Valentine's themed nail look. Valentine's Day has obviously been and gone but the nail art was definitely spring inspired and also shows a technique of how to create easy floral nails. You can find the post here.

Loving soap again... I think I'm seriously 25 going on 65 with my soap collection at the moment. I'm actually looking for a good soap bowl on eBay as I type! I've recently got back in to using facial soaps with Dead Sea Spa Black Mud Soap (review here) though Cor Silver Soap will always be my star facial soap. As for all over soaps, I've been raving about Lush Porridge Soap just last week here and I'm currently lusting after Bronnely's Lemon & Neroli Soap after reading this post from British Beauty Blogger.

 Discovering a few new YouTube channels... Just discovered Leaf here - a lovely DIY lifestyle channel. As well as FouseyTube here - a fun prank channel. Also enjoyed watching Guys Guess the Price of Makeup here... men seriously don't have a clue do they!

I've also finally got around to fully painting my nail polish shelves this weekend *pats self on shoulder*. So a nail polish storage/collection post will be coming up this week! 

Hope you are all having a lovely relaxed or productive weekend! 

Fee xo.

Spring 2014 Wish List


Ahhh Spring is almost here! With less than a month away to a glimpse of warmer weather my mind is thinking of soft pastels and interior changes. 

After the stuffiness of winter all I want to do is find that amazing 'your skin but better' light foundation and paint my nails in pretty pastel shades. So here is a little wish list of things I'd love to treat myself to come the end of March. 

Celine Luggage Inspired Tote Bag 
£19.99 - eBay UK Seller here  
I have yet to get my hands on this style of bag but after consideration I decided the monochrome version I'd been eyeing up looked a little cheap and I knew I would eventually go off it. However this beautiful blush beige toned bag is perfect for spring through to summer. On a side note I looked up the mini Celine Luggage Tote out of curiousity and really... £1,200+?! Craziness! I will be sticking to this £20.00 knock-off version, thank you. 

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream 
£9.99 - ASOS here or Boots/Superdrug
This got popped on to my to-buy list after seeing Lisa Eldridge use it on Sophie Dahl here. I'm a huge fan of Lisa Eldridge as she seriously knows her stuff and I always trust her recommendations. Plus I love all the base products Bourjois have come out with (Healthy Mix Foundation being one of my favourite foundations) so this is at the top of my list of things to buy now. Hopefully my spring tinted moisturiser (I'm avoiding stating it's a CC cream or it will annoy me!).

YSL Pivoine Crush Palette 
Not yet released in the UK 
Ahhh hello beautiful palette that probably won't ever be mine (because I'm a scrooge and it's Limited Edition). I don't even know if it will be released in the UK! This was something I just ooo'd and ahhh'd at when I came across the promo images. The shades in this palette aren't generally my kind of colours but for spring I could see them really working on the eyes. Also the palette feels very Pantone colour of the year inspired. Just stunning. 


Beauty at Home: Aerin Lauder 
£38.10 - Amazon here 
This wonderful coffee table book is a mixture of memoirs and interior style from Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of the late Estée Lauder. From looking inside the book on Amazon I can see myself loving this book from the beautiful photography to Aerin's style and of course the wonderful memories of Estee Lauder. A unique book that I'd love to purchase... though maybe when it comes down in price!  

Pink Grapefruit Body Mist 
£7.50 - The Body Shop here 
Since trying out The Body Shop Body Mists last spring/summer I have been a total fan. My favourite scent for s/s has to be Moringa but this spring I will be alternating it with Pink Grapefruit, another lovely light scent. A great low-cost way of picking up a new fragrance each season I think.  

Ted Baker Printed Makeup Bag 
£25.00 - ASOS  here
Ted Baker have just released their new patterns for spring/summer and this specific makeup bag I'm just in love with!  Price wise this is a little indulgent for a makeup bag, especially when you own a tower of Muji acrylic drawers like I do. However this is something that will probably going on my birthday list in May as I know it will last me years. 

L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Polishes 
£4.99 each - Superdrug/Boots
From left to right we have - Perle De Jade here, Dating Coral here, Opera Ballerina here. Three perfect shades for upcoming spring. I only own a handful of L'Oreal Color Riche polishes but I've always been more than impressed with the shades and application and these shades just look perfect and creamy. You will be mineeee! 

 Now I just have to wait for Spring to arrive *Sonic foot tap*! 

Fee xo.


12 Uplifting Quotes To Live By


As I've got back in to using Pinterest recently and because it's finally Friday I thought I would write a random post of positivity! 

Spreading positivity is always good so I thought I would share with you more than a few quotes I've been pinning recently that I really love. I'm still a child at heart so quite a few of these are whimsical and child-like which I love. But I also love the less bold quotes such as "Always be a little kinder than necessary" and "Remember it's okay to be happy with a calm life"... they are just perfect.

Last month I had one of the downiest months in a long time but this month the fog has cleared like it always does in life. And I've really realised happiness is a state of mind. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead.

PS. Let me know your favourite quote out of these! 

Fee xo.



Nivea Firming Body Oil Review


A few weeks ago I picked up this oil (as it was on offer in Tesco) and decided to use it exclusively to see how it fared against my other body oils. As I've used over half of the 200ml bottle now I thought it was time for a review. 

When it comes to oils I prefer dry oils over thick greasy ones and I use them over slightly damp skin after a shower. So this fast absorbing dry oil appealed to me straight away. Plus the fact it has an easy pour opening so you can pour out as much or as little as you like with ease... something that is difficult to do with oil sprays and dropper style bottles. Making this a great option for applying all over the body in lightening quick speed.

Nivea Firming Body Oil (£6.96 - 200ml Boots here) much like all body oils state the oil will soften and nourish the skin and is good for use on stretch marks. So nothing new there really. But it also boasts it can firm the skin within two weeks.


So have I noticed any firming from using this? Not really. However I have noticed my skin feeling much softer as it's such a moisturising oil compared to other hight street ones I have tried. This may be down to how much I am able to use in one go, to really massage the skin or the moisturising ingredients. Either way I am loving it as a more winter dry oil (Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil is my summer go-to). 

As for the other aspects of the Firming Body Oil you should expect the typical Nivea scent which is verging on artificial yet pleasant enough and quite subtle. Consistency wise as mentioned this is more of a dry oil so you can apply this liberally and within minutes get dressed or just not feel like a greaseball as you sit around in a towel. 

The main benefits of this for me is the size of the bottle, meaning I can use as much as I like over my entire body and also how nourishing it is on drier winter skin. So this will definitely be my all over oil from now on for when I really want to nourish my skin inbetween using oils from Garnier, Balance Me and Neom that I use a little more sparingly.

If you are looking for a good sized oil at a high street price then I'd definitely recommend this. 

Fee xo.


Beauty Reads 101


Today I thought I'd do a run down of all the best beauty reads to my knowledge from popular step-by-step makeup books to more niche beauty books. Plus magazines on and offline and of course beauty blogs that you need to be reading, if you aren't already! 

When it comes to beauty reading I own most of the popular books, but in recent years I have discovered a few more niche ones that have become favourites of mine. These are books to actually sit down and read apposed to dipping in and out of like you can with makeup books. Below I have detailed all the best (and up-to-date) makeup step-by-step books and also a list of further reading for the beauty obsessed! 


Top Makeup Books
Makeup: The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris (£12.33 here), Jemma's Makeup Secrets by Jemma Kidd (£16.75 here), Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown (£20.00 here), Lauran Conrad Beauty by Lauren Conrad (£10.34 here), Face to Face by Scott Barnes (£10.34 here), Makeup is Art by Jana Waru Ririnui (£19.43 here), Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful by Bobbi Brown (£13.39 here).

Skincare & Body Books
Japanese Skincare Revolution by Chizu Saeki (£9.65 here), Forever Young by Nicholas Perricone (£7.69 here), Skin Secrets by Liz Earle (£15.99 here), Feeding Your Skin by Carla Oates (£7.49 here), The Honest Life by Jessica Alba (£11.55 here), Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr (£8.32 here), The Body Book by Cameron Diaz (£8.00 here).

Niche/Specialist Books
Estee Lauder: Beyond The Magic by Lee Isreal (£2.80 used here), Beautiful For Ever by Helen Rappaport (£6.29 here), Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Luca Turin (£9.09 here), Helena Rubinstein: The Woman Who Created Beauty by Michele Fitoussi (£6.29 here), War Paint by Lindy Woodhead (£2.91 used here), The Goddess Guide by Gisele Scanlon (£9.09 here), The Goddess Experience by Gisele Scanlon (£7.00 here), The Diary of a Nose by Jean-Claude Ellena (£10.34 here).

My personal favourites...
Favourite books out of this little lot have to be Rae Morris' Makeup: The Ultimate Guide and Jemma's Makeup Secrets for step-by step looks as they are up-to date, jammed packed full of information and tips along with amazing photography. As for more niche books, I constantly rave about The Goddess Guide at any opportunity as it's such a wonderful book. I like to call it 'a blog within a book' as it contains a bit of everything with a beyond perfect layout/look. For more sat down proper reading I would highly recommend Estee Lauder:Beyond The Magic and if you are into history then without a doubt Beautiful For Ever. I also included The Body Book by Cameron Diaz which I haven't read but is very much on my current to-buy list as after looking through it I was so impressed with how detailed it was.


Beauty Magazines 
Beauty focused magazines are few and far between in the UK sadly. We had to make do with 10 page sections in fashion magazines. However we do have the Boots Health & Beauty magazine which is free to Boots Advantage Card holders that is quite a nice read and Two online magazine by Pixiwoo here. Currently the only dedicated beauty magazine is Allure which is a U.S magazine but can be found in large WHSmith stores and can be subscribed to.

Another way of reading international magazines that are more beauty focused is through Zinio here, a website that allows you to subscribe to magazine to read on your iPad/tablet (I wouldn't recommend reading from your laptop/desktop). I'm subscribed to 5+ magazines now with my favourite beauty read being Allure magazine (12 issues for £14.59 here) and Fairlady which is a South African based lifestyle magazine.

Beauty Blogs
Professional Beauty Blogs - Temptalia here, Makeup & Beauty Blog here, Into The Gloss here, Beautizine here, The Beauty Department here, Refinery 29 here.

My go-to Beauty Blog reads - British Beauty Blogger here, Vivianna Does Makeup here, A Model Recommends here, Sali Hughes Beauty here, Nouvelle Daily here, Lipglossiping here, The Beauty Look Book here, I Covet Thee here. And lots more which you can find in my '10 Beauty Blogs Worth Bookmarking' posts here & here

My favourite way to keep up with the 400+ beauty blogs I read is without a doubt Bloglovin' here but for blogs I really love I make sure to add them to my home screen on my iPad so I can check them more often. 

So there you have it, my run down of  the best beauty reads. A blog post to bookmark for when you want to procrastinate I think! 

What are a few of your favourite beauty reads?

Fee xo.


Wish List Style Giveaway!


I have a lovely and exciting giveaway to bring you today full of great high street products for one lucky winner! 

As you all know by now I love high street beauty products so I've teamed up with Coherted and selected 7 products which I'd love to try out, to giveaway away to one winner (UK only). You can find all the products detailed in the Rafflecopter form below but as you can see there are some great products, including two nail polishes from Tanya Burr's newly launched range which look amazing! Also who doesn't love Aussie hair products! 

All you need to do to enter is fill out the Rafflecopter form below! 
 Full T&C's can be found below also. Giveaway ends Friday 28th February.

Good Luck!

 This giveaway is in collaboration with Cohorted, a new social shopping site set to launch in March where the more people commit to buying a product, the more the price drops! I haven't been financially compensated for this post.


Top 6 Creamy Eyeliner Pencils


I'm such a fan of eyeliner and I'm never without a winged eye when wearing makeup. But I realised I hardly ever talk about eyeliners of any form on Makeup Savvy! Which is why I thought I'd dedicate a whole post to my favourite kind of eyeliners - creamy pencil liners.

What is it about creamy eyeliners? Well I love pencil eyeliner in general, they are so easy to use, great at filling in the lash line (for full looking eye lashes) and last well on the eyes. But what creamy eyeliners have is a-mazingg staying power, better pigment and the option of being smudged out.

I have over 30 creamy eye liners now (I'm not sure why) but here I have selected just 6 which are my total favourites that tick all the boxes...

Top to Bottom - Natio Smooth Eye Liner 'Brown', Sleek Eau La La Liner 'Noir', Avon Super Shock Gel Eye Liner 'Golden Fawn', Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil 'Whiskey', bare Minerals Waterproof Eyeliner '3 AM',
Kiko Twinkle Eye Pencil 'Flexuous Burgundy'

 The Top 6

Natio Smooth Eye Liner 'Brown' (£3.40 - Tesco here) Creamy brown eyeliners aren't that common especially under £10 so this is a great one. I love a creamy brown liner for the day that I can wear slightly winged on my top lash line and the smallest amount smoked out on the bottom. This is so pigmented and creamy. Not the best staying power as it's so creamy but still amazing for the price.

Sleek Eau La La Liner 'Noir' (£4.99 - Superdrug here) This reminds me of a Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Waterproof Eye Pencil without the price tag! Super pigmented, totally matte black, amazing lasting power and perfect for a smokey eye. I couldn't love this more... *note to self - try more shades in this range*

Avon Super Shock Gel Eye Liner 'Golden Fawn' (£2.99 - eBay here) My swatch above just doesn't do this justice! This is an amazing shimmery champagne shade that looks perfect of the bottom lash line or all over the lid, either alone or with a shimmer brown shade blended into the crease. The quality of all the eyeliners in the Super Shock Gel Eye Liner range are impressive but this is the stand out shade for me. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil 'Whiskey' (£15.00 - Beauty Bay here) Another everyday brown eyeliner that is slightly lighter in tone than the Natio liner (above). As with all the 24/7 eyeliners from Urban Decay this stays all day with great pigmentation.  One I love to wear blend out with an angled eyeliner brush for a daytime smokey eye.

bare Minerals Waterproof Eyeliner '3 AM' (£13.00 - bareMinerals) A unique black creamy liner with gold glitter running through it. Perfect for a more dramatic night time eye that's still subtle. Sadly this was limited edition so hard to get hold of now!

Kiko Twinkle Eye Pencil 'Flexuous Burgundy' (£6.90 - Kiko) Probably the most unique eyeliner I own - a warm brown with pink glitter running through it... see I said it was unique! What I love about this liner is that the magenta glitter just works and makes the eyes really stand out. Not the best staying power but will last the night. Perfect if you want a more subtle/less dramatic smokey eye.

Left - Wiped over with a cotton pad soaked in Clarins Eye Makeup Remover. Right - Vigorously rubbed with Clarins Makeup Remover.
How they last... 

 As you can see the eyeliner with the best staying power after being vigorously rubbed with makeup remover is the Sleek Eau La La Liner, which is impressive for only £4.99. After that the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Liner and then the bareMineral Waterproof Eye Liner. The liner with the least staying power is the Natio Creamy Liner which I always set with a matte brown eyeshadow now to correct this. Also as you can see the Avon Gel Liner does stay well but glitter is left behind, but I have personally found it to last all day on the eyes. 

As for my ultimate favourite creamy eye liner - I just couldn't say! Each eyeliner here I love and use for different looks but I think the most impressive out of the 6 has to be the Sleek Eau La La Liner... such a good dupe for the UD 24/7 Glide-on Eye Liners. 

Do you love creamy eyeliners? If so, let me know your favourites! 

Fee xo.


5 Products I'd Love to Love... but Can't!


Products that you just can't seem to love however many brands you try out... we all have them. I know people that just can't 'get' dry shampoo or see the beauty of cream blushers. So today I thought I would share with you my own product dislikes that I can never see myself loving!
Since my teens I've tried more hairsprays than I care to remember yet hated them time and time again. I can see the purpose of hairspray yet can't stand the crispy feeling it gives to the hair. Plus is it just me or do they seem really toxic with their overpowering chemical fumes. Thankfully I don't do anything to my hair that warrants the use of hairspray and even if I did I think I would give it a miss now.

 Face primers 
This is more of a love/hate product for me. I absolutely love the effects a good primer can bring but sadly most don't seem compatible with my skin and result in breaking me out in small clusters of spots. I'm still unsure if this is the nature of primers not letting the skin breathe or if in fact I'm allergic to a specific ingredient that a lot of primers contain. But either way it is a bit disappointing when there are product such as Benefit The Porefessional which do an amazing job of diffusing the skin and making makeup last. I do however get on with the Tony Moly Egg Pore Smooth Primer Balm as long as I use it sparingly.

Peel off Masks 
 Ahhh I do love a good face mask. From drying one to cream ones I love relaxing with a face mask on. But one consistancy of mask I just can't seem to get on with is peel-off ones... they just don't seem as effective and the consistancy is so different from other masks, almost like honey. But my major gripe with peel off masks is their purpose! Which may seem strange but is it all for ease of removal? Because you know you will always need to wash off the excess parts that don't peel off. I just don't understand the benefits of a peel-off mask.

Yankee Candles
90% of beauty bloggers may be gasping in horror at this one! And yes, if I could I would be obsessed with Yankee candles as the next blogger but sadly the fact is they give me a headache. Though I can indulge in the Yankee Candle wax tarts as they aren't as headache inducing - so all isn't lost. Maybe I'm just too use to organic candles now or the scents are too overpowering, I'm not sure. But I do feel like I'm missing out on the yummy scents they have to offer, especially at Christmas. 

Organic Makeup 
When it comes to organic bodycare products and even skincare I am all over it. I love how mild yet effective organic products are and have had some of the best results with organic products. But sadly the same can't be said about most organic makeup brand I have tried. After loving body products from Lavera I decided to try out their mascara and liquid eyeliner only to be pretty disappointed with the quality, with both products becoming very dry and flaky without a matter of hours. Which has been my experience with a handful of organic cosmetics brands now and I simply don't think organic and makeup sit together well or it hasn't been developed enough. Of course if any of you are lovers of organic makeup I'd love to hear your brand suggestions. 

Are there any products you can't get on with?

Fee xo.


NOTD - Rimmel Space Dust in Aurora


Ever wonder how a specific product hasn't been on your radar until you spot it online or see it on someone else? This is exactly how I am feeling right now about this beauty of a nail polish... just how did it slip though the net?! 

When Rimmel's Space Dust range hit shelves in October last year the nail polishes just seemed to pass me by as so many other brands were coming out with textured nail polishes. But little did I know their glistening beauty... though I will admit after looking at swatches of the other 4 shades in the range, Aurora, really is the most dazzling of them all. So I can see how this wasn't a range that jumped out at me.

Aurora I feel actually doesn't need words, it just need to be admired and marvelled at. I mean is this seriously a high-street nail polish priced at only £3.99? (currently an amazing £2.50 on ASOS here). Mind, actually blown.


As you may be able to tell I am slightly in love with this nail polish. From the beautiful pink champagne tone to the finely milled glitter that just catches the light perfectly. As for the texture for once I think this enhances the nail polish and is needed to let the light bounce off the different sized glitter. Plus the texture is surprisingly smooth to touch and not raised from the nail, though for a smooth look and I'm sure a more intense glitter finish a top coat could be added - I will be trying this out and sharing I'm sure. 

When it comes to application and wear, 2 coats for me was enough for complete coverage and the micro glitter really meant application wasn't a pain... in fact this was a nice nail polish to apply and quick drying to it's perfect lustre finish. Tip wear and chipping wise this has also impressed me and still looked perfect on removal after 3 days wear. 

Simply a beautiful nail polish for special occasion nails or if you just love amazingly glittery nails like I do! 

Fee xo. 


3 Current Skincare Favourites


As mentioned in a recent post I have changed up my skincare routine quite a lot in the past two months. So today I thought I would share 3 products that I feel have transformed my skin. Giving me much clearer and smoother skin than ever before! 

Dead Sea Spa Magik Black Mud Soap 
£3.90 - Feel Unique here 
As part of my skincare change up I decided to go back to using a SLS-free soap on non-makeup days. I've tried a few facial soaps similar to this (Cor Silver Soap and Sebamed Cleansing Bar) and have always found them to work great on blemish prone/oily skin so decided to try out one from Dead Sea Spa Magik. The black soap actually lathers in to a white foam and feels much like a traditional soap minus all the rubbish ingredients that can strip and irritate the skin. So far I have been more than pleased with this as it cleansing my skin without leaving it dry and I feel it is preventing spots. If you have any skin problems or want to avoid parabens, fragrance or sulphates then this is a soap worth trying out.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +
£11.92 (introductory offer) - Boots here  
Finally a moisturiser that I can apply all over the face and know it's working on all the different side effects of oily/blemish prone skin. This wonder product prevent blemishes, unblocking pores, refines skin texture and fades the appearance of blemish marks. I almost feel I am addicted to this stuff now as I actually want to apply this morning and night just to keep my skin looking great. The biggest improvement had been the fading of past small marks on my skin which has really pleased me but I've also noticed a difference in the texture of my skin, so much smoother especially on my forehead where I use to get a few very small bumps. Really worth picking while it's at the introductory price. 

 Mudd Original Deep Cleansing Clay Mask
99p  Sachet - Boots here
 This mask isn't new to me but as I loved the effects of it I decided to incorporate it into my skincare on a weekly basis... I need to pick up the 10 application pouch instead of using sachets really. Since then when my skin is feeling a bit too oily or I have the odd spot or too many blackheads I just apply this mask and it works it's magic. This is the most affective clay mask I have come across, you can actually see the mask drying and absorbing the oily from your pores, clearing the skin looking instantly clearer. An amazing mask for the price that I just couldn't be without now!
A full skincare routine post to come by the end of the month with my updated morning and evening routine. 

Fee xo.

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