Friday Favourites #1


Today I thought I'd kick start a new feature which hopefully I can stick to! I love favourites posts both beauty and lifestyle so have decided a merge of the two as a weekly post would be good and fingers crossed an interesting read. 

So to start off the feature here is what I've been loving over the past week... 


L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder 'Light' 
£6.99 - Boots here 
  A few weeks ago I picked up this powder, which I certainly didn't need, in the L'Oreal Buy 1 get the 2nd half price offer in Boots making it a bargain at £3.49. I certainly wasn't convinced that it would be a 'BB' product or that it was 5-in-1 but as soon as I tried this over my foundation I was suitably impressed. Firstly this gives a soft matte look to the skin and feels silky soft however what impressed me the most was that it diffused pores and any remaining redness in my skin, something I really didn't expect from the powder. This is without a doubt a powder that gives more than a matte finish to the skin and may have even budged my favourite Clarins powder out of the way on my dressing table!

Illamasqua Lipstick in Rosepout
£18.50 - ASOS here 
This was amazingly a product I received in the Glamour Beauty Edit Box (review to come soon but you can find the box here for £16.95) and oh, how I'm in love with it! I love nude lipsticks in general and feel I'm on a constant mission to find that perfect nude the suits my skin tone perfectly, but I may have to abort that mission as Rosepout is the most beautiful pink nude I've come across thus far. The tone is warm but also neutral and soft and buttery... and yes, it's just all kinds of perfect. I should have shown it off with lip swatches I know but hopefully you can see how pretty the shade is by the swatch above. A pricey lipstick at £18.50 but a perfect one.


Melissa Minnie Mouse Ultragirl Spotted Pumps 
£46.00 - Daniel Footwear here 
When it comes to shoes I'm all about flats and comfort. Long gone are the days where I use to have to buy pumps every few months from wearing down the backs... why you ask, well I discovered the wonders of plastic shoes, or should I say Melissa shoes. I now have quite a large collection of Melissa shoes as they are just too pretty but most importantly last for years! My most recent addition are these lovely Minnie Mouse collaboration pumps that I've been absolutely loving, especially because of their clear finish which makes them look so different when worn with tights or bare feet (that seems an odd way to phrase it... I'm sure you know what I mean). I never purchase Melissa shoes full price and always seem to find bargains on Daniel Footwear, Yoox and Schuh. Highly recommend Melissa shoes if you love to wear flats but hate how quickly they can wear down.... plus the plastic of Melissa shoes is actually scented!

Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi 
£197.00 - Amazon here 
I finally craved and decided to buy myself an iPad Mini. I without a doubt didn't need one as I use my phone for everything but hey ho I decided it would be nice to view things on a bigger screen. So far I've been loving it for watching Youtube videos and looking through Pinterest but my favourite apps have been Zinio as I have a few online magazine subscriptions through the website and viewing them on an iPad mini is such a similar size to a physical handbag sized magazine. Plus I've also been loving taking advantage of my Now TV Movies subscription with their app, meaning I've been watching endless films in bed (mainly Disney and 80's/90's classics)!


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner 
£4.99 - Boots here 
Finally this week I stocked up on my favourite smelling conditioner (amazing bubblegum). Not only is this a seriously yummy smelling conditioner but it also works wonders on damaged/dry hair making it soft and smooth. Will be remembering to purchase this again once I run out!

Beauty Bay Large Detangling Brush 
£4.00 - Beauty Bay here 
Dare I say I may have come across a brush to rival my beloved Tangle Teezer and at only £4.00! Yes, I do love the Tangle Teezer but the lack of a handle isn't the best design so I was interested to try the detangling brush from the Beauty Bay Collection. This comes with different length plastic flexi bristles just like the Tangle Teezer and is great is you still have knots after washing your hair. I've been opting for this over the Tangle Teezer all week and think it may be my new favourite brush for cutting through pesky knots without tugging at the roots. 

Hope you've enjoyed this first post. Let me know if you also love any of the products I've mentioned here!

Fee xo.

Autumn 2014 Wish List


I'm back! After an impromptu blogging break due to being ill I'm finally back and very much in need of a blogging structure to get me back to blogging 5+ times a week again. Anyone else wonder how other bloggers manage to blog so frequently whilst balancing other jobs and even children?!

Anyway at least I'm back! To get back in to the swing of things I thought I would share with you a few wish list items (some of which I may or may not have bought already) that are slightly autumn themed. 

New Look Lip Print Snood 
£4.50 on sale - ASOS here
Whilst being ill the Asos sale has been very much tempting me with autumn goodness. Something that went straight into my basket was this lovely snood. Snoods like this are ideal for chilly days in Autumn as they are lightweight but do add warmth and look nice with or without a coat. Also I kind of feel this will add a touch of colour to whatever I'm wearing... which is generally black or grey.

New Look Metal Clip Heeled Boots 
£22.00 on sale - ASOS here 
Another already purchased item are these lovely boots that are even nicer in real life! Boots are another staple for me come Autumn and I was definitely due a new pair so I snapped up these bargain ankle boots. The strap and hardware detail to these boots is just perfect and the short toe and wide ankle really give an elegant look, especially if you don't have the most slender of legs!

W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher 
£3.59 - eBay here 
Over the last few months I've definitely been converted to W7 makeup (I use to only stick to their nail polishes) and now have my eye on so many products I want to try out. The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher is at the top of my list as I love boxed blushers and the swatches of this look particularly lovely. Also at £3.59 how can I resist?

Ciate Tweed Effect 'Meet Me In Mayfair' Nail Polish 
£6.00 on sale - ASOS here 
I'm currently thinking about autumnal nail polish colours and this beautiful feather effect nail polish from Ciate is something I'm dying to purchase. I have a few feather effect polishes and love how they can be used as a top coat or built up to a textured opaque feather finish and know this specific polish would look great over so many shades as well as worn alone. I always feel guilty for buying more nail polish but this is a nail polish I need for Autumn.

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler 
£4.87 paperback/£1.80 kindle - Amazon here 
This is a book that I keep hearing about and for all the right reasons! The synopsis of We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves gives little away but with great reviews and a beautiful front cover I had to pick it up. I'm currently reading The Time Traveller's Wife so will be making it my next read just in time for darker nights with a blanket. 

Palmer's Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner 473ml 
£5.99 - Amazon here 
A product with no relation to the change in season but one that I'm curious to try out. I'm unsure if this is co-washing product aimed at people with curly hair but even if it is you can still use it as a conditioner after washing hair normally. Definitely something I will give a try as a no-lather option that doesn't strip the hair. 

Eylure DyBrow 45 Day - Brown 
£5.69 - Amazon here 
 A bit of a boring one here but my standard dye kit that I need to pick up, especially at such a cheap price. I use to have my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted in a salon but now opt for doing it myself at home. Eylure have recently over gone a packaging makeover making everything look a lot sleeker but the products are still the same. This is the one that I find works the best and would always recommend. 

I sense a haul post coming soon! 

What are you looking to buy for autumn? 

Fee xo.


Marie Claire Magazine Freebie - Mini Ghost Eclipse Roll-On


A quick little post today to show my love of this month's freebie from Marie Claire. Ghost Eclipse EDT Roll-on 3ml is the free gift and I'm totally in love! 

Not only does the roll-on feature a beautiful ombre glass bottle with gold screw top but the fragrance itself is just lovely! The scent is sweet and summery with notes of peach, orange and a touch of musk (these are the notes my nose picks up) with impressive longevity on the skin. Something I could see most people enjoying. Also if you do love it, it's thankfully not a perfume with an eye-watering price tag at £21 for 30ml. 

I've been using this all week but plan to save half for my holiday away later in the year as I'm only taking hand luggage so a mini perfume is essential!

You can pick up Marie Claire UK for £3.90 featuring Jessica Alba to the cover from supermarkets and newsagents right now. 

Fee xo.


Under £3 Current Must-Haves!


With highstreet beauty prices often on the steep side it's sometimes nice to seek out a few beauty bargains and come home with change from £10! 

That's exactly what I did last week and was so pleased with the quality of the products I picked up. So it really goes to show how I need to have more faith in cheaper beauty brands instead of feeling deflated by £14.00 high street foundations in Boots!

So here are a mix of new releases and older products that are certainly worth trying... all at under £3!


Nine neutral eyeshadows for £2.99 - I was instantly sold. This great medium sized palette was the first thing that went into my basket without any hesitation. I'm a nude palette lover and this budget offering of matte, shimmery and pearl eyeshadows really pleased me. So far I've been totally ignoring the step-by-step numbered guide but for beauty novices I could see it being really handy, my favourite shades as you may be able to see are numbers 1 & 2 of the middle row and number 3 of the top row... but really all the shades are so usable. Pigmentation is pretty good when used with quality makeup brushes and fall-out is minimal. The only downside is the cheap cardboard packaging... and the highlighter is too thick and a bit rubbish but them things really are by-the-by when everything else is spot on!

If you just can't resist more neutral eyeshadows then give this a go and I'm certain you will be surprised at how much use to get out of it. And if you are still fairly new to makeup then literally get this ASAP - you will love it! 
Available - Boots here or in-store


Ahhh NYC, how you always do me proud! The Blushable Cream Sticks had been on my radar for the past month or so though I'd strangely not read any reviews but a cream blush for under £2 was a no-brainier for me... I'm actually wondering why I didn't pick up both shades in the range now. I opted for brighter and matte of the two and was totally blown away at the pigmentation... I mean just look at  how vivid that single swipe is! As you can imagine a light tough is needed which can be blended out with either a buffing brush or just your finger tips. The finish is free from shimmer and a cream to powder so it lasts fairly well on the skin for most of the day. There's nothing to fault with this product... you even get an impressive 11g of product - crazy! 
Available - Superdrug here or in-store


 Whenever I'm food shopping in Tesco I make sure to check out the Barbara Daly stand for bargains - most products are full price but strangely there will be the odd one or two products priced much cheaper (without stating they are reduced). On my last trip I managed to pick up quite a few products priced at £1.50-£2.00 with the lipstick above being my favourite buy. I'm all about nude lipsticks so was interested to try out this slightly frosty looking neutral. Thankfully this isn't a frost finish but one with very subtle shimmer that makes the lips appear dewy, something I really like. I'm sure from store to store reduced Barbara Daly products will differ but if any of the lipsticks are around £2.00 then they are worth a buy. 
Available - Tesco in-store 

When I heard Aussie had come out with a range of dry shampoos I was there! I was kind of hoping for bubblegum scented like their 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner (I was let down) but was pleased to see them catering for different hair types. I decided to pick up the smaller size for fine, limp hair as my un-washed hair always seems to lack volume and I do have pretty fine hair at the roots. Personally I feel like this specific product combines two products in one by making the hair look fresh like any dry shampoo should but also working like a volumising hairspray/backcombing spray. This gives great effects by lifting and volumising the hair at the roots and staying like that but I find because it almost feels like a hair spray you definitely need to wash your hair the next day. Regardless of that I'm totally hooked because it transforms my limp and lank hair amazingly well. I'm sorry Batiste but I've definitely strayed. 
Available - Boots here or in-store

Discovering such bargains has without a doubt restored my faith in budget high street brands.

I may have to make this a regular feature - super cheap product recommendations are very welcome!

Fee xo.


Coconut Cray Cray!


The scent to put me in the mood for summer is without a doubt - Coconut! Not that I need to ever get in the mood for summer, mind. But if someone were to ask me what my summer scent was it would be without a doubt coconut, I seriously can't get enough of it... I even use it cooking! 

So I have rounded up all my favourite coconut scented products and thought I would have a praise of them because they all are worth trying out... especially if you are a fellow coconut lover! I've also realised the one thing I'm lacking is a coconut scented candle... suggestions anyone? 


Dr. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash 
£5.69 - Holland & Barrett here 
A great summer shower gel that is SLS-free something that's important to me. I expected this to be a strong synthetic coconut scent however it's quite mild which smells very natural. I love all Dr Organic Shower Gels but this is a favourite for summer. 

Inecto Pure Coconut Dry Shampoo 
£3.77 - Amazon here 
I have tried a million and one dry shampoos but this along with the Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo is my favourite for summer. It's cheap and does the job whilst leaving the hair smelling fresh and coconut-y. 

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Body Spray 
£7.99 - Amazon here 
I recently featured this in a cheap scents post because this is just amazing value for money! Coconut Passion is a gorgeous creamy scent of coconut and vanilla which smells beautiful on summer skin. Tempted to try more from the VS range now.  

Montagne Jeunesse Creamy Coconut Face Mask 
£1.00 - Boots here 
Other than clay masks (which always smell like lemonade to me!) I feel there are a lack of summer appropriate masks on the high street. However Montagne Jeunesse do offer a nice range of fruit scents. I've tried so many now but love the Coconut mask the most as it's such a light scent that leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. This is also a none setting mask so really comfortable on the skin.


Models Own Scented Nail Polish in Coconut Cream 
£5.00 - Amazon here 
Models Own is a favourite nail polish brand for me and even though I don't see the point in scented nail polishes on the whole I do love Coconut Cream as the scent is the most intense of the range. This removes wanting to awkwardly sniff your fingernails as the coconut scent can be smelt when moving your hands around. As the for shade it's a great slightly off white that is totally unique to my collection, you can see my own nail swatches here.

Dr.Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Lip Serum 
 £4.39 - Holland & Barrett here
This is such a favourite product of mine for ultra dry lips. A lip serum gives the idea of a thin liquid but this couldn't be more difference from what I expected! The formula is what makes this amazing for dry lips as it's a thick waxy texture that coats the lips and almost feels waterproof. As for the scent this is similar to the Dr. Organic Shower Gel I mentioned above - a subtle scent that smells very natural. 

Nip + Fab Coconut Latte Body Butter 
£8.49 - Look Fantastic here 
Nip + Fab have the yummiest range of body butters I have come across (my budget option to the Laura Mercier Body Souffles) and this Coconut Latte is no different. Unlike all my other picks this is more of a coconut scent with a chocolate twist. Highly indulgent and great to use after an evening shower.

Clearspring Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 
£6.00 - Amazon here 
Ahhhh Coconut Oil, how you are my favourite right now. I came across the wonders of coconut oil two years ago now and since then I have constantly used it as a multi-purpose product - from a natural makeup remover to a hair oil and even a healthier oil to cook with. With a huge change in my eating habits in the last 5 weeks (and 1 stone down!) I really couldn't be without coconut oil for Stir-fries and even in smoothies as it's actually great for weight loss. A must-try product!

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Intensive Mask 
£4.39 - Tesco
When it comes to conditioners I'm a girl obsessed! In my shower alone I have over 9 different conditioners and hair masks to battle the frizz and keep my hair soft. However my ultimate favourite for summer is this Herbal Essences Hair Mask as it great for hydrating dry ends and the sweet coconut scent is just amazing! 

Other than the scent I've definitely not a coconut fan - Vita Coco coconut water is wasted on me! 

What scent do you like products to have? 

Fee xo. 


Essence Now Available Online! Plus Wish List


Last year I mentioned how Essence Makeup had finally made it's way to the UK and into select Wilkinson stores. Even before it landed I'd sampled Essence products though buying them on eBay, international makeup swaps and on holiday in Europe and loved the budget brand. 

However my local  Wilko store (which isn't that local) still have yet to stock the brand... which saddens me a lot... well until now that is! Finally Essence is available to buy online through the Wilkinson website here with all products currently on 3 for 2! 

Essence is such a great budget brand with an amazing selection of unique products so I thought today I would share with you which products I've tempted to buy off the website.


Essence know how to do nail polishes... especially of the glitter variety! If you are after something different then look no further than Essence. With the 3 for 2 offer you can buy 3 amazing effect nail polishes for £3.60, which is just great value for money seeing as they are so unique and high quality. Dying to try the 3D glitter nail polish

As for makeup I am very much tempted by their new-ish Eyeshadow Base as I haven't used a base under eyeshadows for so long now but need one. I also love the look of their duo concealer as sometimes shades do need to be mixed - fingers crossed this is good coverage though. Also I don't think I could place an order without buying at least one longlasting lipstick as they are amazingly pigmented and creamy, I really do rate them highly!


More nail polishes and glitter here! See what I mean about Essence being amazing for nail products? They do so many other nail products, especially nail care, but I'm a bit glitter crazy at the moment. Love the idea of the Essence Effect Nails which is basically loose pots of glitter... very much like Ciate but at a snip of the price. 

Lastly three amazing looking compacts... I mean look at that ombre blusher - beautiful! Luckily this is still in stock as the other shade is out of stock which isn't surprising. Also love the look of the Mosaic Compact Powder because it looks like a good overall matte bronzer and one you could go light or dark on depending on which area you swirl your brush over. Last but not least a lovely matte eyeshadow quad, I have two already in both matte and shimmery nude shades which I get so much use from - just so soft and pigmented. Another product I would highly recommend trying out.

Have you tried Essence cosmetics yet if you are in the UK? Would love to know if you have any favourite products so I can try them out! 

Fee xo.


5 Cheap Summer Scents


When it comes to fragrances I'm a tad obsessed! I love and own so many perfumes but to be able to treat myself to even more I love to seek out cheaper scents especially in summer. 

From body mists to perfume oils there are some great budget fragrance options out there. Here are 5 of my favourite scents this summer all under £15.00 and all something special!  

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely 
£14.65 EDP/30ml - Amazon here
This perfume has been a long time favourite of mine due to the wonderful fresh linen scent that has a perfectly powdery touch to it. Also the price point is great so I never feel I need to ask for it for Christmas/Birthdays - I can just buy it when I run out. Never will I be without this in spring/summer. Also love the delicate looking bottle.  


Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Body Mist 
£7.87 240ml - Amazon here 
After a lot of hype around the VS Body Mists I decided to have a look on Amazon and came across this lovely coconut scent that was great value for money especially as they normally retail for $12 which is roughly £7.15. Though the longevity of body mists isn't great their size does make up for that and I really feel I can spritz this as much as I like. So glad I went for this scent now as it's such a lovely creamy coconut smell with the added tough of vanilla.

 Ted Baker Sweet Treat Purse Spray - Mia 
£15.00 10ml - Superdrug here 
More of a compact scent here that currently lives in my handbag. Ted Baker is one of my favourite fashion brands (obsessed with their bags!) so I was interested to see how their beauty and fragrance range would turn out. Mia is one of many purse sprays and even though it isn't my favourite... I feel it's the most grown up and 'fragrance' like of the range, I still love the look, size and longevity of the entire range. Favourite of the range has to be 'Polly' which is super sweet and fruity.

Happiness Is Vanilla Swirl Cupcake Hydrating Body Mist 
£3.99 250ml - Tesco Beauty Department (larger stores) 
I was so pleased when I came across this new brand in Tesco last month (it is actually a U.S brand I believe) and spotted their interesting range of body mists. I decided to go for a sugary sweet scent as they aren't as common as body mists and I loved the scent name 'Vanilla Swirl Cupcake'. This does wear off quite quick however I still love it and for the price it's such a steal. The scent is just what I expected; yummy sugary goodness that actually does smell a bit like cake! Will definitely be trying out a few other scents I spotted.

The Body Shop Perfume Oil 
£7.50 15ml - The Body Shop here  
Perfumes Oils from The Body Shop have always featured in my perfume collection because they are just amazing! Perfume oil for one just last on the skin and due to it being an oil you use so little... making the small 15ml bottles excellent value for money. Over the years I've had so many favourite scents but this year I've definitely loving Japanese Cherry Blossom. The Body Shop Body Mists are also worth checking out!

Another favourite that I forgot to mention is 4711 cologne... certainly not for everyone but worth a sniff in Boots as it's incredibly cheap and also unique (you can find it with the cheap teen/celeb fragrances!). 

What cheap summer scents are you in to? 

Fee xo.

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