Christmas Decorating


Here I am talking about Christmas... again! On Halloween strangely enough but I really can't help it after spending yesterday creating Christmas-y nail art for an up coming post. Then shopping only to be greeted by Christmas decoration in shops... yes, still sporting my Christmas nails!

I personally love the lead up to Christmas so as soon as the shops start bombarding us with Christmas music and gifts I also get in on the act. Actually I have already bought a few Christmas decorations..eeeep! 

Two things that make me feel super festive is Christmas shopping and having Christmas decorations up... there is nothing better than watching a film in the dark with the Christmas tree lights twinkling away, it makes me feel all cosy and festive just thinking about it! So in November I get to combine the two and can go Christmas decoration shopping!


As you can see from a few of the pictures above from last years decorations I went for chic silver theme. This year I'm going to keep the silver but as I liked the rustic look of the twigs I sprayed (above) I'm going to add to this with more of a Scandinavian feel - more wooden decorations and white going on. 

Last year I purchased my first ever 'forever' decoration that I intend to bring out for years to come, which was the lovely light-up wooden church you can see above from John Lewis. I placed it on the centre of my mantel piece and it looked lovely at night. So this year I intend to treat myself to another special decoration that I can cherish and keep... which may end up being a new Christmas tree! You see I may have slightly ruined my tree last year after trying to create a snowy effect with snow-in-a-can, pretty it did look but it didn't full dry so it was place back in the box looking a bit of a state. My ideal tree would be one of these lovely Narnia-esqe ones that look like they are weighed down in snow... but I shall have to see!

I will also be getting my craft on a lot more this year - last year I created the little twig display, managed to ruin my tree with fake snow and create giant paper snowflakes that I love so much (possible tutorial I'm thinking). This year I have already hunted down a fab 3D Star tutorial from a lovely blog called Kate's Creative Space that I plan to create many of in various sizes and alternately paint white and cover in silver glitter then display on my dining room chimney breast. I've also realised that tree decorations that can stand up (little reindeers, birds, present boxes etc) can be easily converted in to ornament by snipping off the string - so easy! 

Hopefully this post isn't too premature and a few of you share my excitement for Christmas already! 

Fee xo.


5 New Lipsticks


With a handful of new amazing looking lip products in some wonderful shades I couldn't resist showing them off and swatch them all. A couple haven't even been worn out yet as I'm having a bit of a lip overload at the moment (my collection is pushing 180+) but from the look of all the swatches below I am going to be loving them all! 

My new lipsticks are as follows...

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Rioja Red 
I have already decided this is going to be my Christmas Day red lip (talk about planning ahead) because this literally is the most vibrant red that just doesn't budge. Meaning come Christmas Day I can be popping chocolate after chocolate between opening presents and don't have to worry if my red lip is half way down my chin. In fact after I tried this out I was so impressed that I decided to put it through it's paces by brushing my teeth! A slightly strange idea I know, but I wanted to see if it still stayed put... and it did! This may be one that you need to watch out for giving you a line around your lips as it wears and maybe adding a lip balm over the top for comfort as it is on the dry feeling side, but this really has amazing staying power and feels so festive & vibrant! 
Buy from Amazon (or Superdrug) - £4.99 here.
Soap & Glory Super Colour Fabulipstick Powdercoat in Super Nude  
This is one nude lipstick I need to dedicate an entire blog post to as I could seriously go into raptures about this product. I've been wearing this for the past two weeks and it is love. I'm normally not one for matte lipsticks but this smoothes over any slight dry patches and makes them vanish with an added comfortable feel... it's also slightly scented with a toffee/popcorn scent that is just mmmm. As for the nude shade I could see this being one that suits all - against my fair skin it is my lips but better and slightly darker and it definitely warms up my skin a bit. This also have a lovely defused finish to it like it has been blotted out to make the lips look flawless and that slight bit plumped up. A perfect nude lipstick for me. 
Buy from Boots - £9 here.
 Kiko Latex Like Lipstick in Attractive Pink
Ohhh the one I'm in lipstick limbo about! You see I absolutely love the finish and shade of this, it is literally amazing on the lips. Buttttt it is so gritty! I have actually read numerous reviews on the Latex Like range to find out if it's just this shade or the one I have that is so gritty feeling on the lips but I am still to work it out as most fellow bloggers have commented on how smooth it feels on the lips. However I am just going to have to put up with it as I love the finish so much. Unlike all my other glossy finish lipsticks this is one step above that by looking like it has been freshly applied and dewy. I can also totally understand why the lipstick is called 'Latex Like' as it does have that shiny/elastic look to it that really is perfect if you are into glossy lipsticks. Also this specific shade works so well against pale skin tones. One for my upcoming holiday makeup bag for sure! 
Buy from Kiko online or in-store - £7.50 here
Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in Flesh 504 
A pretty luxe lipstick here from Giorgio Armani with the first ever CC lipstick range - CC standing for colour and care. This combines an actual lip treatment with a buildable colour and glossy finish. However with this shade the lips do need to be well exfoliated first (I'm sure this won't be the case for darker shade) but once applied to smooth lips this looks amazing. I've tried so many baby pink shades in the past as they just don't work against my skin tone but this is just vibrant and warm enough to just work. This also comes with a satisfying magnetic close that I have actually sat and open and closed just for the fun of it! I'm still not over how the magnet actually twists the cap to the right angle and then shuts close..... I'm sounding like a weirdo here but if you are pass a GA counter just have a sneaky play with one and you will see what I mean! I also received a sample booklet to try out three other shades in this collection so I will be sure to do a full post with lip swatches soon. 
Buy from Selfridges - £25.00 here.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie in Raise The Bar 
Last but certainly not least my new autumn/winter berry shade. This for me is a safe berry shade that isn't too dark/hard to wear, probably due to the subtle gold shimmer tit has that makes it look softer than one straight shade. I haven't worn this out yet but I have tried it on the lips and this literally glides on and feels like butter, very lovely indeed. This also has a very weighty expensive feel to it with an interesting push open at the bottom to give the packaging a sleek look. Once the weather goes that bit colder I will be fully trying this out.
Buy from Amazon - £15.90 here.
 What has been your most recent lipstick purchase? 

Fee xo. 


Cheap but Unique Autumn/Winter Nail Polishes


However much I love my berry-toned wintry shades I thought I would focus on some more unique and interesting shades that can be worn on the nails for autumn/winter. 
I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to interesting nail polishes but I do love a bargain. So many hours have been spent looking at nail polish swatches to hunt down cheap but amazing shades online. I know a lot of people turn to textured nail polishes when they want something a bit unique but I'm all about duochromes and opaque glitters. So here are my top 5 that I absolutely love! 


Left to right...
W7 - Metallic Saturn (91)
A wonderful green gold metallic here that just hits the spot for Autumn. Slightly duochrome is different lighting but on the whole just an amazing jewelled old gold/green shade. Only requires two coats and as you can see with a very smooth finish. This is actually from the W7 Metallic Plants Collection which you can see amazing swatches of via Honey Munchkin here. Buy from Amazon - £3.50 here.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Chocolate Nut (full nail swatch below)
Over the past year or so Sally Hansen has become my favourite nail polish brand - from brights, to nude and glitters, I am always impressed with the quality and the shades, not to mention the interesting shade names. This specific polish is such an ideal shade for autumn/fall as it's a lovely warm brown with subtle gold glitter running through it. In fact it was so pretty on application that it made me realise I own very few brown nail polishes and definitely none like this. Application is spot on only needing 1-2 coats and as the nail polish states it does dry as hard as nails! Buy from eBay - £3.19 here.

W7 - Moondust (99)
 Another impressive W7 nail polish that I had to include. This is like no other nail polish I own in formula or appearance. First the formula is just so amazing like the finest liquid sand nail polish that just glides onto the nails and dry almost instantly. Also even with 3 coats (though it only needs two) it feels so thin on the nails, really different. As for the micro glitter it does appear on the whole to be mainly silver but once it catches the light beautiful flecks or red and blue can be seen! Buy from eBay - £2.85 here.

Kiko Lase Nail Lacquer - Venom Teal (435)
A duochrome teal/purple here that borders on the more teal. This is a stunny vampy offering from Kiko that is wonderfully glossy and edgy. Application is a breeze in two coats and dries to an ultra glossy finish. I'd personally wear this as an evening shade as it's rich and jewel toned, plus artificial lighting seems to pick up the purple in the shade especially around the edges or the nail. Buy from Kiko online - £4.90 here.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Gilded Lily
This is maybe my ultimate autumnal nail polish as it reminds me so much of crushed dry vivid autumnal leaves. Gilded Lily is a wonderful combination of copper and gold glitter in a minimal clear base. Unlike a lot of densely packed glitters this does require 3 coats but it creates a glossy looking glitter rather than the finish looking rough/dry. A wonderful nail polish that literally glows in winter sunshine. Also a great dupe for OPI Golden Eye. Buy from Fragrance Direct - £1.49 here.


As mention Sally Hansen Gilded Lily is my favourite of the five but I also love W7 Moondust and Sally Hansen Chocolate Nut (just look at that beautiful subtle shimmer) so much.

If you would like to see any more full nail swatches of the polishes I have mentioned in this post please do let me know and I will make sure to create a nail post on it! 

Fee xo.


Advertise Your Blog in November for £10!

I'm now back to offering advertising on my blog! 

For the same price as always you can now purchase a much larger ad (300x100) that will be placed in the sidebar for 30 days and rotated for optimum visibility. Though I only have 10 spots available. 

For ease I am offering the ads through Passionfruit which is much more superior to doing it myself - you can still pay with Paypal or with Visa, Mastercard, Amex. It is also in dollars however it works out at £10 still. 

To purchase an ad spot which will run for 30 days you can go though the form below or visit my direct page here


3 Hair Conditioners Reviewed - Budget Buys


With a bizillion different conditioners and hair masks in my shower (I'm literally talking 8+ here) I thought I would create a little series of review posts, reviewing three at a time. 

Here are a few budget conditioners for under £5...


Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask
£4.99/250ml - eBay here 
£3.24/100ml - eBay here 

This is my current favourite conditioner/hair mask. I bought this on a whim from Fragrance Direct as I liked the look of the iridescent tube... such a good reason to buy I know, and because it was cheap. But this is seriously some good stuff! Firstly the consistency and the scent are just amazing, like a creamy butter that just glides over the hair that is slightly scented with a sugary vanilla. Making it feel like a treat to use... other than the Macadamia Hair Masque I've never felt like that with any other conditioner! 

As for the effects I actually squeeze all the excess water from my hair and apply the mask to the length and ends of my hair, leaving it for 5 minutes. But for a real treat I grab a towel and towel dry my hair then apply the mask for at least 10 minutes (I use a body scrub, use my Clarisonic and shave my legs in that time) this really is worth it and once I've dried and styled my hair I can really see and feel how much softer and hydrated it is. If you can't afford a pricey hair mask/don't want to, then this is the best cheaper alternative I have found so far! 


Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner 
£3.99/180ml - Boots here 

In the past few years I've been really impressed with Dove haircare products, they really seem to have upped their game and now offer some great products. This specific conditioner is one I like to use when I need to conditioner my hair well but haven't got enough time to be keeping it on as this only need to be on the hair for a single minute! 

I can't say I love the scent of this... a lot of Dove hair products have this scent and to me it's just a bit too synthetic smelling but it is far from awful. But I do like the smooth consistency and how quickly it gets to work detangling my hair and leaving it quite frizz free. 


Timotei Brilliant Repair Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair 
 £1.99/200ml or £2.99/400ml - Asda, Tesco etc 

This is the newest addition to my shower and also the cheapest! I've always used Timotei conditioners as the scents always appeal to me (I'm sure there use to be a strawberry yogurt one) and because they are so darn cheap.

 Another super quick one that doesn't actually require to be left on the hair at all! So I now use this before I am using a hair mask to de-tangle my hair quickly as I feel hair masks work so much better on smooth hair for some reason. I've also been using this when I literally want a 5 minute shower as I just can't skip conditioner and this leaves my hair tangle-free and shiny. As for consistency and scent, it is quick a thin conditioner however this makes it apply over the hair well and quickly, the scent is fruity and creamy but I can't put my finger on the exact smell. Also the 400ml bottle of this is huge and so low cost!

For my next conditioner reviews I will be picking a few high end ones and then on to some organic/natural ones. 

Fee xo. 


Saving Money for Christmas


With only 8 week until Christmas (that makes it sound scarily close) I thought I would set myself a little saving goal as I really cannot stick to any spending bans especially with my winter sun holiday coming up! 

So at the weekend I sat down and decided on a goal - £300. I then proseeded to write down all the ways I could make that amount within 2 months. 

My ideas included - Cashing in saved up change (last time I did it turned out to be £18!), selling old DVDs, Games, selling clothes I don't wear anymore, creating A4/A3 typography/illustrated prints to sell in December and taking on a few freelance writing/blogging jobs.

My favourite idea has to be creating some festive prints and selling them online. I had a look on Etsy for a few ideas and really think I could come up with a few different designs, then it's just a matter of printing one out each time someone purchases one and sending it off. However what will create the most money will be selling things I just don't use anymore and finding a freelance writing job.


After creating my list I decided to see how much I could make by selling a few unwanted DVD and games. So I downloaded the Music Magpie add and scanned all the DVDs I don't want anymore.. yes, that is the 30 Day Shred you see in the list - never again! For me this is a good option as I don't have to deal with fussy sellers for so many lower priced items, no selling fees or the possibility of unsold items. I also discovered Music Magpie also recycle clothes which I've never actually heard of online before. So my next job is to sort out my overflowing wardrobe and make some extra cash with that. 

 Then it's off to the supermarket with my piggy bank to cash in my loose change... is it sad that I love to pour in all my coins into the machine and watch the total go up and up?

I've realised that if you aren't pro-active with making extra money it just won't happen. So hopefully by having a little plan of action I will reach my goal by mid December. 

I'd love to hear if you save up for Christmas and if so, how you do it. 

Fee xo.


Halloween Mix & Match Nail Art Ideas


As Halloween is just around the corner I thought I'd sit down and create some quick Halloween nails. 

I literally grabbed the nail polishes I needed and the Avon Nail Decoration Tool which is a dotting tool and nail art brush in one and gave myself this mismatch Halloween manicure in under 10 minutes. My favouritee design has to be the dripping blood nail art but I really think the mix and match look really works - really vibrant and fun!

Here is how I created each nail...


1. Brain Nails - This is basically a more messy leopard print design using a dotting tool. Just longer splodges and closer together. I did this really quick but you could use a smaller dotting tool and make the design more detailed. (Polishes Used: Avon Reddy To Go and Avon French Manicure White)

2. Tiny Spiders Nails - To create this nail I added a few dots and then added the legs with the nail art brush. Very simple to do. (Polishes Used: NYC Spring Street and Avon Rapid Black)

3. Dripping Blood Nails - I wonder how easy it was to create dripping tip nails but discovered it was so simple. Just add 3 or 4 dots near to the tip of the nail with a dotting tool and then fill in with more nail polish on the dotting tool. (Polishes Used: Avon French Manicure White and Ciate Mistress)

4. Frankenstein Nails - This was simply done with a nail art brush, pretty self explanatory. To make this even easier you could even use a fine liquid eyeliner pen... but remember to add a clear top coat so it doesn't wash off! (Polishes Used: Sally Hansen Grass Slipper and Avon Rapid Black) 

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas to sport some fun Halloween nails this week! 

Fee xo.


DIY Scary Cute Munchkin Pumpkins + 10 Pumpkin Ideas


As it's Halloween weekend I thought I would do a fun and easy Halloween idea! 

I love Munchkin Pumpkins - they are cute and super easy to carve/scoop out... no masses of stinky pumpkins to get rid of. Also this little man only costs £1-2 to create. 

This is a really good project for children to do (minus the cutting) but actually I really enjoyed creating this myself and going a bit crazy with the glitter. The outcome is a cute little pumpkin or family of pumpkins to place as a Halloween display or on your mantel piece. 


You will need - A munchkin pumpkin (found in most supermarkets in October - £1), Whole Cloves, A pen, Plastic vampire fangs (10p), A sharp kitchen knife/craft knife, Nail Polish or Paint, Glitter to decorate.

1. First mark out the size of the mouth opening by placing the plastic teeth where they will be going on. Then draw around the teeth or mark either side. Also mark out where the eyes will be going. 
2. Next pierce the hole for the eyes and cut out the mouth hole. The pumpkin will be quite tough so be careful when carving the pumpkin. Also make sure the teeth fit the hole.
3. Remove all the pumpkin seeds and nasty stuff with your fingers or the end of a spoon. You want to make sure you have it all out or it will smell! 
4. Next it's painting and decorating time! I used nail polish as I didn't have any paint to hand but paint would be a lot quicker. I also painted the stark with gold glitter nail polish and dusted the top with glitter. 
5. Once dry (you can speed up drying time by using a hair dryer on it) you can then put in your plastic teeth and cloves! 

Here are a few more ideas that you can do with large pumpkins or munchkin pumpkins...

 (Sources & tutorials - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

My favourites have to be... 

 Melted Crayon Pumpkins (1) 
 So easy and cheap to do! So many ideas can be found online for this.

 Celestial Pumpkins (3) 
Amazing for large pumpkins! I would have never thought to use battery operated fairy lights inside a pumpkin or drilling holes it in either.

Gold Thumbtack Covered Pumpkins (9) 
This is an amazing idea... they just look so good. This also saves on having to scoop out the pumpkin. 

Hope you like my little DIY Halloween post! 

I'm off to give myself a Halloween manicure now whilst watching Casper. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday.

Fee xo.


Perfect Nails with China Glaze Ridge Filler Base Coat


With nails that don't see the light of day due to excessive nail polish wearing comes unsightly ridges. So as a nail polish addict with ridged nails every manicure starts with a ridge filler base coat.This smooths the nail bed making nail polish application easily, fills in the ridges for a smooth finish and prevents nail polish from staining the nails. 

I have previously raved about the Essie Ridge Filler however I have recently discovered one from China Glaze that really is perfect!

 Ridges in the nails can be caused by wearing nail polish too often, diet, ageing and damage to the nails by artificial nails/acrylics and aren't easily removed so if you do want smooth looking nails then a ridge filler base coat is your best option. However even if your nails are smooth you may just find this kind of base coat works better than a standard base coat as it will give a nicer base to apply nail polish onto. Or if you like to use metallic/foil nail polishes as this kind of formula always looks slightly streaky and highlights even small imperfections in the nails.

For me a ridge filling base coat is like primer for the nails - preparing nails to evenly take polish and ensuring a smooth finish. I really couldn't be without a base coat now. Which is why I decided to pick up the China Glaze Ridge Filler Base Coat after my Essie Ridge Filler started to become a bit gloppy.


There aren't many ridge filling base coats on the market so I did a bit of research online and the China Glaze one had the best reviews with 4.7 stars out of 5 on Makeup Alley. So I popped over to eBay and found it for a bargainous (yes, that is a word) £4.56 inc p&p here. It is in dollars/sent for the U.S but there are no custom charges and it arrived within a week for me.

Compared to the Essie Ridge Filler that I have been using and loving for the past year the formula is a lot thinner which is why it instantly out shines the one from Essie. This means it can be applied in a flash and dries pretty much instantly. I also like that its clear but with a slight tint so it doesn't change the shade of the nail polish that is applied over it, which is what the Essie one tended to do with pastel/lighter nail polish shades as it was a milky white shade.

As you can see from the before and after images above, even a single coat can really smooth out the nails. Then with one or two coats of nail polish the nails look so smooth and glossy! However if I was giving myself a french manicure or applying a foil nail polish I would be tempted to apply 2 coats of the base coat just to give a perfectly smooth finish.


To show just how smooth this base coat makes the nails look I decided to apply a cheap nail polish with Technic in Tawny Port (£2.10 - eBay here). A beautifully toned winter polish but one that is a bit of a pain to apply and on the thin side. But with the base coat it really did apply much nicer and the glossy smooth finish is pretty impressive.... yes, this is without a top coat! 

 Whether you have ridged nails or not I would highly recommend this base coat as it just gives that extra that standard base coats don't. 

But if you do have ridges nails from too much nail polish wearing or older nails then this will totally transform them! 

Fee xo. 


Fighting Flu... Favourites?


A bit of a strange end of month favourites for you today! 

As most of you know I've been a bit absent from my blog for the past week or so, due to feeling pretty under the weather. I can't say I'm fully over it but I am definitely over spending most of the time in bed!

In the past ten days I have been pretty much makeup-free and I'd love to tell you how it has done my skin the world of good but actually due to being ill my skin has been at it's worst so I've made sure to keep on top of my skincare with good quality products. 

Also as you can imagine between blowing my nose, popping pills and feeling sorry for myself I've had a lot of time on my hands. So I thought I'd share some non-beauty favourites that have been keeping me sane. 


Skincare Saviours

On the face... 
My main skincare saviour whilst I have been ill has been Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster. This is only a 15ml sample which I received in a past Glossybox (sadly way out of my skincare budget at £40+ full size) but a generous enough sample. I really cannot say what this does, but my skin just drinks it up and looks all the better for it - no more dull looking skin. I've been applying the serum twice a day as I love it so much and the orange scent to it is wonderful. This will be a product I take on holiday with me next month and then I may have to put a Ole Henriksen gift set containing this serum on my Christmas list! 

Another wonder product that has saved my skin, mainly in the past few days, has been the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil (£15/10ml - here). I devoted a whole post to this product a few months ago now as it's an amazing spot treatment that also clears up spot scarring. This has done wonders for the odd spot that have cropped up in the past week but I also had some annoying scarring on my cheek that had been lingering for the past 3 weeks so I decided to massage some of the oil over that area as well and to my surprise it has improved it by at least 90% I would say. This has to be my favourite spot treatment by far - really amazing stuff!

To reduce my super tired eyes Organic Surge Eye Gel (£8.49/15ml - here) has been a bit of a god send. I do use this generally in my morning skincare routine but whilst being ill I have been using it a few times a day to cool down my eyes and wake them up a bit. The gel really does feel lovely to the skin and definitely reduces puffiness. 

Keeping chapped lips at bay... 
To fight against very dry lips Jason Lips Bee Healthier (£3.84 inc p&p - Lucy Rose here) which is a lovely 70% organic lip balm has been amazing. This smooth lip balm really does beat all my other lip balms hands down - containing Cocoa Seed Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Leaf Gel. I also love the minty scent to this which reminds me so much of After Eight Mints. 

Since my dry lips have been getting better I've also been using the lovely Red Velvet Lip Scrub by Sara Happ (£19/30g - Beauty Bay here) which always feel like a treat and also a bit festive! This cake scented sugar scrub really is amazing for removing dead skin from the lips and leaving them ultra smooth. It is pricey but the 30g tub will literally last forever... though a cheaper festive alternative may be the new Santa's Lip Scrub from Lush which is only £5.50 here. For an extra treat I've been finish off with Rose & Co Sweet Vanilla Salve (£5.89/20g - Amazon here) which is another favourite that is so yummy and lovely to use.

Helpful extras... 
 As for extras my new Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Serum (£2.50 - Boots/Superdrug/Tesco) has come in really handy to stop spreading germs, as it's anti viral. However the great thing about it is that is doesn't dry out the hands at all unlike hand sanitiser gels... in fact it actually feels quite nourishing. So I have been using that after eating etc out of the house. As for moisturising I have upped it a bit as my skin has been feeling so dehydrated and dry so for dry areas on my body I have been using Weleda Skin Food (£4.95/30ml - Look Fantastic here) which is an amazing product that helps the driest of skin. For my face, especially my nose at night, I have been using Dr Organic  Moroccan Argan Oil Night Cream (£9.49/50ml - Holland & Barrett here)... I really don't think I've come across such a thick night cream. I love that it's organic and it really tackles dry skin very very well. 


Random Favourites... 

Movies in bed... 
Ahhhhh there is nothing better than watching feel good or funny films in bed when you are ill and need cheering up. Okay... well maybe takeaway or chocolate, but I lost my sense of smell and taste for a few days so watching films was my next best option! Of course Hocus Pocus was a must to watch as it's so close to Halloween now. Still such a good film with lots of funny scenes in it... it did remind me that I haven't watched Casper in years, so I'm making it my Sunday film to watch. I also stuck Home Alone 2 on, as I actually find it more Christmas-y than the firstHome Alone as its set in New York - just a funny but heart warming festive film.

Retail Therapy...
I've also been spending too much time looking at holiday clothes as I have my lovely holiday to Lanzarote coming up in November (very much needed!). I find ASOS the best place to shop for clothes online as so many products are reduced and 10-20% off codes are always floating about on top of that! One item that is on my to buy list is the lovely Mango Open Knit Jumper (now £13.50 - here) above. I'm thinking it will look great over a vest top or a vest maxi dress at night. Though I'm really not impressed that Mango think a size 14 is Extra Large on the size listing!

 A new found love...
I've never been in to hot drinks however I have finally got in to drinking coffee and now it's feeling colder at night it is such a treat! I really didn't know how good it was. I'd probably say it's a very milky coffee as I use Mellow Bird Coffee Powder (£3 in Tesco I think) with quite a bit of millk and sugar but it's coffee all the same. I may have even bought these Coffee Stencils (£1.75 - eBay here) for pretty festive coffees and hot chocolates come winter. 

 Apologies for such a lengthy post... I really have missed blogging so felt a long post was needed! 
Hopefully lots of nice blog posts to come next week when I'm fully better. 

Fee xo.


Under the Weather


 As some of you may have noticed (or not) Makeup Savvy has been on the quiet side for the past week. The reason for this is because I have some wonderful viral/sinus infection going on at the moment and I'm feeling not so great to say the least! 

Between sleeping and popping pills... the cold & flu kind, I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself - haha! I'm really not a good ill person. So I decided not to force myself to blog until I'm feeling fully better. However I dug out a notebook and spent some of the weekend writing down ideas for upcoming winter and Christmas blog posts (some times it's much nicer jotting down ideas than storing them in your head) so I can bring you lots of lovely posts very soon, especially the festive kind!

 Hopefully back to blogging by the end of the week - fingers crossed! 

Fee xo.


Oh My Haul - Poundworld


Ahhh, how I love Pound shops! Well shopping in general really, but oh how satisfying it is to pick up £10+ priced items for only £1 (yes, I'm talking about those OPI's!). 

 I was quite restraint however as I've discovered it's very easy to spend £15+ in the likes of Poundworld and Poundland. So I just picked up the nail polishes that caught my eye and a couple of other products only spending £5.


OPI Shatter Nail Polishes have been doing the rounds of Pound shops for the past few months now but as you can imagine these do sell quite fast. But finally I spotted some in my local-ish Poundworld and snapped them up. Here I have applied them like a normal nail polish but they are of course meant to be applied over a dry nail polish to give that shattered effect. Though as you can see the green shatter does kind of work on its own! 

OPI Shatter - Super Bass Shatter (Nicki Minaj collection)
This is a pink-y/purple shatter with a subtle micro shimmer to it. Definitely not one to wear alone due to being streaky as you can see above. However I can imagine this looking great as a shatter over a silver or gold foil/metallic shade.

OPI Shatter - Shatter The Scales (Spider Man collection)
A lovely emerald shatter with visible silver micro shimmer to it. This really is a lovely shade and as you can see can be worn with no base so that it's an opaque nail polish - very pretty as a winter or festive shade. Though as a shatter I would wear this over a nude base as the emerald green could clash with other colours.

W7 Metallic Saturn 
I also picked up this amazing W7 nail polishes that I'm so pleased with. The tone of it is just beautiful. Expectt a nail of the day with it very soon! You can pick up the shade from eBay for £2.95 here which is really worth it!


I also picked up....

Kleenex Facial Cloths
These are pretty cheap everywhere at around £2 but I always make sure I pick some up when in Poundworld as they are very handy. I use these to remove nail polish - half a sheet does both hands, and also to use with micellar water/makeup remover. 

Garnier Under Eye Dark Circle Lightening Cream 
This was a total impulse purchase... but at £1 you can't really call it that can you? I do have the odd sun spot under my eyes, around where you would get dark circles so anything that claims to lighten the skin in that area is worth a try. I don't think this was ever available in the UK so I'm quite interested to try it. 

Nail Polishes are definitely my highlight of the Pound shops! What are your favourite products to pick up from the likes of Poundworld and Poundland? 

Fee xo.


NOTD - China Glaze Red-y & Willing


Today I have a perfect autumn through to winter, through to Christmas nail polish from the China Glaze Autumn Nights Collection to show you. 

This wonderful nail polish has really impressed me and I know it will be a firm staple of mine this autumn/winter.

Red-y & Willing is an opaque high gloss red shimmer/metallic. So rich and deep in colour that the shade reminds me of ruby jewels on the nails. Quite festive but also perfect for darker nights and colder days.

You can find this specific shade for £6.08 from Amazon UK - here


Application is super smooth and can be left at one coat, it really is that opaque... though habit made me apply two coats here! This also drys in a flash and contains hardeners as a bit of a nail treatment to the nails.

As for price I really think £6 for this polish and all the rest in the collection is excellent value for money... especially considering a few high street nail polishes are priced over £6 *cough* Revlon and Bourjois. 

Overall this is a stunning nail polish and my favourite from the Autumn Nights collection.

Fee xo.


Autumn Comforts Wish List - Under £5


All little mix of things I have been eyeing up recently on eBay that are perfect for Autumn. In fact I've already purchased a few things as I couldn't resist them! 

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish in Bronze Ablaze 
£1.99 (£1.95 p&p) - here 
 Fast Drying, from Sally Hansen and a duo chrome... what couldn't I love about this! Even the stock image of the bottle looks good but I always google for swatches and can say it looks even better on the nails. Very autumnal and unique. One you will just 'ooo' at when it's on the nails as the light picks up all the different flecks of colours.

Loose Nail Glitter - 20g bags 
£1.29 each (free p&p) - here
Anyone remember a post I did on blowing glitter onto the nails by placing it at the base of the cuticle? You can find it here - though the post is old and the photos are a bit rubbish. Well this is what I'd exactly do with these amazing glitters that are only £1.29 each. So many shades to pick from but Chocolate Brown, Copper and Wine caught my eye the most for this time of year. You could also just sprinkle these slightly over each nail or pack it on to a single nail as an accent. So many options!


Rilakkuma Hand Warmer Pillow 
£3.88 (free p&p) - here
Yes, I really am a 5 year old in disguise! I couldn't resist this for the cuteness and because I do always have very cold hands! Also I'm thinking it may stop me from using my phone when relaxing and watching TV (who am I kidding!). I purchased the 'relaxed bear' hand warmer but there are so many other ones that would make really cheap but cute Christmas presents for little ones. Is it wrong that I'm thinking I could take this on holiday with me as my aeroplane pillow?

Tony Moly Berry Magic Lip Tint in Grape 
£3.70 (free p&p) - here
Can't say I know a lot about these as the description is in Korean. But I do know that they are by Tony Moly, a brand I've always been impressed by, they look like jellies in little pots and from Google I can see these really are lovely pigmented lip tints. These also come in Green Apple and Strawberry. Just something a little bit different and autumn appropriate. 

Squirrel Tapestry Cushion Cover 
£4.50 (£1.00 p&p) - here
Okay, slightly over £5 and only a cushion cover... but printed thick cushions like these are normally way over £10 and I know I have spare cushion inserts from cushions I don't like anymore. This would sit happily on my 'blogging chair' in my living room with the rest of my autumnal decor.

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 
£2.84 (free p&p) - here
Ohhh I'm such a sucker for these cute scented anti-bacterial hand gels. But I just can't resist them as they seem so american-ish (.... because they are Fee) and the scents just lure me in. This would be my Halloween choice but I know I will probably skip getting any now and look out for some lovely Christmas ones soon enough.

Orange Maple Leaf Garland - 8ft 
£4.75 (free p&p) - here
Another purchased item that is now decorating my mantel piece and looking very autumnal and lovely. You can actually see a bit of what it looks like in this post here as I trimmed some off the end as it was too long and used it as a photo backdrop. Much like Christmas decorations, yes I now have Christmas on the brain, I know I will be able to bring this out ever year to add an autumnal touch to my house. 100% worth getting for Autumn/Winter or even Halloween. 

Hope you have enjoyed my random eBay wish list! 

Fee xo.  


NOTD - Seche Nail Lacquer in Mémoire


After stating Seche Vite was in fact my favourite Top Coat I wondered how good the colour nail polish range would be. Then I remembered I had actually received a Seche nail polish in a past Glossybox and hadn't tried it out - a sure sign of too many nail polishes. 

Seche Nail Lacquers claim to be fast drying much like Seche Vite, perfectly opaque in one coat and chip resistant. Pretty good hey!

Memoire is described as a lusciously creamy mauve polish though I would describe it as more of a deep dusky rose shade which can appear quite mauve pink in daylight and pink brown in artificial low light. Much like Seche Vite the consistensy is quite thick so care is needed to not flood the nail bed with nail polish but this is a wonderfully opaque polishes that really can be left at just one coat if in a rush. 

Priced at £7.32 from Amazon here or eBay for £6.18 here.


Also for the first time in months I decided to skip using my Essie Ridge Filler base coat (my nails are pretty ridged from wearing nail polish continuously) to see how good this polish actually is and to my surprise with 2 coats it smoothed over pretty much all the ridges in my nails. Also this was pretty fast drying! 

For Autumn, Memoire is a lovely muted pink shade that works well against pale skin tones however I don't think I'd wear it any other time than autumn and possibly in to winter.

As higher end nail polishes go this really cannot be faulted (well maybe on how thick it is) and ticks all the boxes when it comes to opacity, drying time, finish and how long the manicure will last (around the 4 day mark). So if you do go for higher end polishes this is a range worth checking out. 

Personally I would suggest if there is one shade you love to wear on your nails - a classic red, a simple nude shade etc. Then that would be the shade to get from the Seche range as the one coat coverage and fast drying time is excellent plus the glossy finish and chip resistancy is spot on. 

A pretty good nail polish range here! 

Fee xo.


Blog Photography - DIY Reflector


Today I thought I would share an easy and cheap DIY project with all my fellow beauty bloggers or any bloggers that takes still life images. 

Right about now most UK bloggers will be noticing the lack of bright natural day light, which will only get worse when the clocks go back at the end of October. So anything that will help increase the brightness of photos is pretty handy, especially something that you can create in minutes with items you will probably already have! 

A Photographic Light Reflector is used in professional photography to reflect light back on the shadow side of the subject/product you are shooting. These are generally circular and large in size held by an assistant or held at the angle needed with clamps. However for blog photograph when space can be an issue a large reflector isn't that practical so a smaller standing DIY one it is! 


As you can see it really is very easy to make and costs under £2 - if that! Once you have created your reflector just place it on the shadow side of your product, out of view. It does however have to be facing the light to reflect any light and will not work with artificial lighting or flash. Below you can see the before and after effects of using a DIY reflector. This just removes most of the shadow making the image brighter, even and also a lot easy to edit.

  • The closer the reflector to the subject the better the results. You can also move it about/angle it to brighten the shadowed side. 
  • To get the maximum benefits of the reflector make sure to edit the images in a photo editing program - highly recommend Photoscape which you can find on CNET for free.
  • You can also use the DIY reflector (or a large piece of A2 card covered with tinfoil) to photograph makeup looks by holding it at chest or waist height and angling it toward the face. This will just brighten the face and remore shadows from the neck area.


As you can see in the un-edited before and after images, above, the DIY reflector removes the shadow from the left hand side of the image, giving a brighter overall effect.

 If you are still struggling with lack of natural light you may want to check out my post on 'Better Blog Photography in Autumn/Winter' here

Hopefully this can be a little weekend project for a few of you! 

More DIY projects to come soon. 

Fee xo. 

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