Technic Glitter Nail Polish Collection + Swatches


I recently mentioned that I added two new Technic glitter nail polishes to my collection for Autumn. So I thought I would show you the Technic Glitter Nail Polishes I own as I love them all and they are so cheap.

Technic are one of those cheap brands that have a few surprisingly good products. I would say mainly their 'Prime it' Primer, High Lights Highlighter (a nice dupe for Benefit High Beam) and their Electric Beauty Eyeshadow Palette (dupe for the Sleek palettes). And of course their nail polishes.

As for where to buy Technic I generally head to eBay for nail polishes but Love Thy Makeup looks a really great website for Technic products and Bodycare on the high street do sell Technic makeup and nail polishes.


Here I have 4 Technic glitter nail polishes. But from doing my homework I discovered there are 6 glitters polishes that are held in a clear or coloured gelly and can be used with a base nail polish colour (the ones swatched here plus Money Bags and Mermaid) and 6 smaller glitter nail polishes that cover the whole of the nail with 2-3 coats (Star dust, Christmas Cracker, Lustre, Bonanza, Party Pink and Celebration). You can find the 6 smaller glitters here for £1.25 each.

My first Technic glitter nail polish was Carnival as it is a good dupe for OPI Rainbow Connection, which is a whopping £11 compared to under £2. Then Bad Mirror and recently the other two; Bedazzled and Mad Alice. I still very much love Carnival as it's a perfect multi-coloured glitter that looks good over any base - you can see a full post on the polish here. But I have to say I absolutely love Bedazzled for this time of year, perfect for Autumn and Halloween. 


As for Mad Alice it is a multicoloured glitter held in a purple jelly that can be built up with 2-3 coats or worn as one coat over a purple base coat. This is a lovely one for winter and has really impressed me. I would say after Carnival I do prefer the smaller glitter polishes and will definitely get Lustre (gold glitter) and Christmas Cracker (red glitter) before December as they look ideal for festive nails.
If you are wanting to purchase just a single nail polishes I'd suggest eBay is the best place but if you want a few Love thy Makeup works out the cheapest at £1.25 per polish with £2 p&p here or you can try your luck in Bodycare.

Overall these are such great glitter nail polishes that you can't go wrong with! 

Fee xo.


Lazy Links Returns with a Twist!


This week I have been...

Enabled to buy the Primark Zara Mini Shopper dupes Pretty In Pink discovered here. For £8 the tan one will be mine!

Feeling even more Autumn-y after reading Jewel's Autumn Tag answers which I tagged her in this week.

Wishing this New Look at ASOS jumper wasn't just available in the maternity section.

But New Look have definitely redeemed themselves with these amazing cut-out boots.

Loving these inspirational quotes on beauty from the Beauty Geek, especially the first one.

Educated on mascara thanks to this article on Into The Gloss.

Watching Estee's Non-Beauty Favourites (one of my own non-beauty favourites!) and this weeks Khila Talks on Time Management which I've really been enjoying.

I've also been tempted to get another little doggie... but it just wasn't meant to be sadly!  

 Hope you enjoy looking at some of the links over the weekend. 

Fee xo. 


eBay Makeup Storage Ideas - Under £4


I'm forever trying to organise my makeup so that I make sure I use everything and it doesn't get too messy. But when you have quite a lot it is pretty easy to let things get out of control! Meaning I'm always looking for cheap storage solutions for my desk and on shelves to display everything nicely and in an organised fashion. 

I'm nowhere near as organised as I'd like to be but I thought I would share with you a few storage solutions that are so cheap and pretty. 

Of course if you don't shop on eBay you can find similar storage boxes in stationary shops and Muji.... just without the bargain price tags.


Makeup Box Organiser 
£1.5 - here 
This is a simple card desk tidy that is made up of 3 different tiered compartments. Ideal for small items in the first 2 compartments and then brushes in the 3rd higher compartment. Of course being made from card it may have some wear and tear over time but for a super cheap storage solution it's a great option. 

Large Makeup Box Organiser 
£3.80 - here 
Another card organiser but that has a bit more structure to it with 7 different compartments and comes in a choice of red or green. This really could hold a lot by the look of it. Again tiered making it ideal for small makeup items at the front, palettes and bottles in the mid section and brushes at the back.

Tiered Makeup Box Organiser 
£2.79 - here
I'm not sure on the print of this one but it was so cheap I couldn't ignore it! This contains 9 different compartments and really will hold quite a lot. Ideal for someone starting out in makeup that's in their teens.

Acrylic Lipstick Storage Holder 
£1.97 - here
This is one storage solution I own and absolutely love! For under £3 this is a gem of a buy and I'm tempted to get a few more. This currently holds all my favourite lipsticks and sits on my desk next to my Muji Storage Drawers that cost a lot more than this stand. You can read my full review of the lipstick holder here.

Drawstring Storage Bags 
Various designs £3.48 - here
For the past few years I've stored all my hair tools in a large canvas bag which is hung in my wardrobe. You simply lift the metal bar that is the clothing rail and hook on both handles of the bag you want to use, then you can simple store hair products and tools in it. These drawstring bags would be ideal for this, especially hair products and brushes. Really love the 'Life is Beauiful' one.

 Woven Large Bag 
Various colours £2.58 - here 
This is an ideal bag for holding all your different hair tools in the way I mentioned above.  Hair Dryer, straighteners, curlers, this would hold the lot instead of being tangled up on the floor or in a drawer. In fact I've just purchased one of these as I could do with some more storage for different hair tools. 

Hopefully this has given you a few makeup storage ideas to look at!

Fee xo.


Clarins Palette Eclat Face & Blush Powder


When it comes to high end products I feel it's fair to say most people expect a certain level of quality and luxury. For me Clarins are a brand that get that spot on, especially with their limited edition pieces. Every detail is thought of, from the intricate details to shades that are universal. 

This specific palette has been a favourite of mine since March and for some silly reason I haven't got round to reviewing it until now. But thankfully even though limited edition it can still be purchased online at Debenhams here (reduced to £27 at the moment!)... I have a pet peeve about mentioning products that are sold out you see!

The Clarins Palette Eclat Face & Blush Powder is a blush and bronzer palette, or if you have medium toned skin possibly a complexion boosting face powder. 

This beautiful powder is so finely milled, feeling silky smooth under the finger and when swept over the cheeks. And as you can see the powder is embossed with a beautiful iris flower and different raised textures that really is a work of art to look at. The packaging is equally amazing... though prone to fingerprint, with a light gold metal finish. This also comes with an inside mirror and of course a lovely red velvet Clarins pouch to keep it scratch-free. 


The bronzer itself is quite a cool toned contouring shade and can be used for contouring or as an all over bronzer if used with a small contouring brush - I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush for this which works perfectly without picking up any other shade in the palette. 

 The peach and pink blush strips sadly can't be used individually but are highly pigmented (these aren't just over spray on the palette!) so sweeping over the left hand side with a blusher brush is enough to pick up a lovely light peachy pink hue. 

This can also be used with a large powder/blusher brush over the entire palette for a peach bronze shade that looks great on the cheeks and blended up to the temples. This is from the Spring 2013 collection however I really feel these shades can work anytime to give a flush of colour or to add subtle definition to the face.  


I would say this is best suited to pale skin tones to be able to use this palette to it's fullest, the bronzer is just spot on for fair skin as it's not that warm and is matte, it also blends effortlessly. The blushers shades are also perfect for pale skin as it just gives a brightening flush to the cheeks that seems to wake up the skin! 

I nearly forgot to mention about the scent! This is also scented with a light violet that is so beautiful... though it of course doesn't linger on the skin. A total added bonus for me as violets are one of my favourite scents.

 Overall this is an amazing palette that I am still just as in love with months on and heading into a different season. I also personally feel it is worth the £30 price tag as it looks so special! 

Fee xo.


Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Mask Review


Today I thought I'd do another update on a favourite re-vamped Soap & Glory product of mine. My last one was on the new Sit Tight here.

This  2-in-1 mask for blackheads and enlarged pores has been a favourite for a few years now and has just under gone a bit of a makeover, so I thought I'd review it again, especially as it looks fairly different in shade to the original one.

This product is basically a deep cleansing mask for blackheads, large pores and oily skin which you leave on for 5 minutes as an express treatment or 15-20 minutes for better results. I personally only apply this to the T-zone/centre of my face (always over my nose and the sides where I have the most noticeable pores) and I leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water and a flannel.

As a face mask to reduce the size of pores and to clear out blackheads I actually think this does a pretty good job! Though before I go in to raptures on how much I like it, it is very much a temporary effect and your pores will go back to how they were the next day... but that is how the cookie crumbles with annoying oily skin and large pores. But for instant results I would always go for this mask over any other product that remove junk from pores such as pores strips.

The new Fab Pore can be purchased from Boots online for £10.00 here (currently on offer for £6.67!) or in-store and also from Harvey Nichols.


The reason for this is that is gives instant results while not stripping the skin, it just leaves it smooth and refreshed feeling... which is helped by the minty scent. Talking of the scent, this isn't your usual S&G yummy or girly scent... it's actually quite a powerful mint scent which I'm not that keen on but can get over. But just a warning it you are thinking it will be like most other Soap & Glory products in scent. 

The main benefits for me with this mask is that is does visibly tighten pores but it also removes excess oil, which is why I use this before going somewhere I want my skin to look nice (especially as it's doesn't leave the skin red/inflamed). Or I use this when I look at my face in the mirror and gasp at how oily my nose looks and how my head is just one big pore... maybe slightly dramatic, but I'm sure you have been there if you have oily skin, and to stop the temptation of wanting to squeeze my blackheads I pop this on.

As for changes S&G have made I really can't spot any which is great as I hate when products change as it's normally not for the better.

If you are looking for an instant temporary fix for blackheads, large pores and oily skin then I highly recommend this. It won't leave your skin red and stripped like using pores strips can do but it will give a very similar shrinking and deep cleansed effect! 

Fee xo.


NOTD - China Glaze Electrify (Favourite Autumn Glitter!)


Today I thought I'd talk about my favourite nail polish for autumn. There are two reasons for this... 1. It is now officially autumn 2. Electrify is currently on sale at Beauty Bay for only £5.56 here!

As I've previously mentioned I really don't care which brands I purchase glitter nail polishes from... it's all about how sparkly it is and the colour of the glitter. I truly believe even 99p glitters can be amazing but if it's super special I am willing to spend £5+. So this is one of my more special glitter nail polishes that I absolutely love!

China Glaze Electrify was actually a part of the Hunger Games collection which was released last year in 2012. The nail polish itself is made up of red and gold glitter which is packed tightly into the bottle, meaning only 2-3 coats are needed for an opaque finish (like I've done with these nails). 

As this is a mixture of red and gold glitter I feel this gives an overall copper glow from afar which just reminds me of crisp autumn leaves - so pretty! I also love how this glitter polish glows both in bright light and even when it's dull. It really is something special and so autumnal.


As this is is a packed glitter it is super easy just to wear it on it's own like I've done here but also great for wearing in different ways. Above I've just come up with some ideas over different base colours. My personal favourites are the Electrify over a black base coming up from the base of the nail and over the lilac which I didn't imagine could work. I also quite like the idea of using it as dots, though I would be neater on my own nails. 

This really is an amazing glitter and is actually one of my favourite nail polishes ever which is saying something when I own over 300 nail polishes! I may actually have to do my Top 10 Nail Polishes at some point actually!

As mentioned Electrify is currently on sale here

What is your favourite nail polish for Autumn/fall? 

Fee xo.


Oh My Haul - Autumn 2013


In yesterday's 'Autumn Treats Wish List' post I explained how I like to treat myself  to little bits of things as the weather becomes a bit colder... a slight problem seeing as the UK is more cold than it is warm. 

But I never spend a lot and always manage to grab bargains online and in shops, so I thought I'd show you a haul of a few things I've picked up in the last few weeks - all season appropriate.


Autumn Sparkle... 

When it comes to glitter nail polishes I really don't care what the brand is as long as it's pretty! And these two are just that. Technic Bedazzled (£1.88 - eBay here) is a simple copper glitter I'm in just love with, so perfect for Autumn as the shade is like burnt orange fallen leaves. This is one coat of the glitter so I'm thinking this can worn over any colour of base nail polish or built up with 3 coats for an opaque finish... accent nail amazing-ness! Mad Alice (£1.88 - eBay here) is also amazing with a deep purple base and multi coloured and sized glitter... I really can't believe it was so cheap and I love the name of the shade - perfect for Halloween/Bonfire Night and winter. 

This have been happily placed on my nail polish wall now, which made me realise that I haven't got anything similar to these two glitters. A full nail post of Bedazzled to come soon when I decide what base colour it will look best over. 


Cosy Interiors... 

I really enjoy making my house look and feel a bit more cosier come autumn and winter. Fairy lights go up around the fireplace and I make sure I add a throw and comfy cushions to the sofa. 

To hang on the fireplace I purchased a lovely large wicker heart from Waitrose.. which you can actually find reduced to £4 on the John Lewis website here (and click & collect from JL or Waitrose for free). This will add to the cosy neutral theme I'm going for but also work well as a Christmas decoration. I also picked up a Waitrose Home candle in Coconut & Sandalwood as I've realised I find sandalwood a very relaxing scent. But sadly I couldn't smell this at all when I burnt it... I don't understand why companies produce candles that don't burn with even a slight scent, what is the point! So if you want a nice autumnal candle don't buy any from the Waitrose Home range as you'll waste your money.


Autumnal Style...

Lastly I made a small impromptu Asda Direct order when trying to find a onesie (I've finally given in and decided I need one to keep warm). I failed at finding an appropiate onesie but did find lots of lovely clothes for autumn at come bargain prices. All collected from my local store for free with the Click & Collect service.

I'm no fashion blogger so I thought I'd just show a glimpse of what I ordered and link to the pages where you can see the items in full. I picked up some Textured Joggers (£12 - here) just to wear around the house which have to be the softest things ever, perfect for loungewear. These are very nearly all sold out.. but it's worth looking for them in store. I also picked up the cutest pair of Woodland Pyjama Bottoms (£6 - here)... which I didn't photograph as I'd worn them to bed the previous night and was sat in them taking these pictures! But as you can see from the link they are so adorable and really great for only £6. I also picked up a Horse Print Contrast Top (£6 - here) and a Rose Print Peplum Top (£6 - here) both of which are flattering and perfect for this time of year.

Favourite buys have to be the lovely Bedazzled glitter nail polish, the wicker heart and my ever so cute pyjama pants.

PS. Can someone tell me how we're in the last week of September already?! 

Fee xo.


eBay Autumn Treats Wish List


Come the slightest bit of cold weather my mind turns to thoughts of hibernation and Christmas - early, I know. Which strangely results in me wanting to treat myself to nice things!

So here is a wish list that has been sitting on my desktop for the past week now that is full of cheap autumnal treats.  

Revlon Matte Suede Ruby Ribbon and Emerald City
£2.69 (free p&p) - eBay here
I have a few Matte Suedes nail polishes from Revlon now and really enjoy the almost matte finish it gives. So when I spotted these two shades and looked up proper nail swatches (hallelujah for nail bloggers!) they went straight on my to-buy list. Ruby Ribbon is my favourite of the two,  an amazing oxblood red that would look perfectly chic on it's own and rich and deep with a glossy or glitter top coat (to remove the matte finish).

Walden Farms Calorie Free Caramel Syrup 
£3.99 (£2.60 p&p) - eBay here
This may seem like a strange thing to include but I just had to! This Autumn I plan on making my own homemade Starbucks-esque Caramel Frappuccinos (this is what they look like - mmm so good) as I'm not in to hot drinks and I also want to try my hand at protein pancakes for breakfast and this calorie-free... yes, calorie-free Caramel Syrup would be ideal! I've read lots of reviews online because I was sceptical that it would taste yummy but apparently this is a winner! I really can't get my head around the fact it's fat and sugar free! 

Lanolips with Colour in Dark Honey
£3.50 (70p p&p) - eBay here    
I'm really not a fan of pure Lanolin but these are a whole different kettle of fish (a strange UK phrase for you there). These of course contain Lanolin (to keep the lips soft) but without the waxy consistency... in fact these glide over the lips and are wonderfully smooth. I adore the Rose shade I already have and the Dark Honey shade (which isn't actually dark on the lips) looks perfect for Autumn.


Fox Satchel 
£4.98 (free p&p) - eBay here
I couldn't resist not including these bags! Just so adorable and cheap! I personally love the brown one but the red is also calling me. Consider one purchased for taking on dog walks. Also these come from a UK seller. 

Organic Maple Leaf Soap 
£1.12 (free p&p) - eBay here
Call me sad but I find season appropriate soap in the bathroom pleasing. Zingy and bright soap for summer and always something festive and glittery (sorry guests!) at Christmas time. I have a feeling I may be taking it a step too far though with these cute Maple Leaf shape and scented soaps for autumn... but I don't care at this price!

Maybelline Colour Tattoos in Immortal Charcoal and Always Green 
£2.47 (£1.00 p&p) - eBay here 
Gone are the day of lusting after more MAC Paint Pots as these bad boys are so similar and a snip of the price. Always Green is a bit of a wild card for me as I don't normally go for green smokey eyes but with a deep khaki shadow I really think this shade could work. Immortal Charcoal on the other hand would be an ideal base for a dark smokey eye. Endless Purple is also available though the link above.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Wet Cement 
£2.98 (free p&p) - eBay here 
I thought I would include this nail polish even though I already own it as I think it's a great shade for autumn/winter. This looks great on its on and is a perfect base for speckled nail polishes. Huge fan of the Xtreme Wear range. 

Short Bow Wellington Boots 
£9.99 (£3.99 p&p) - eBay here 
I'm already thinking of autumn walks with my little dog and how it will mean either muddy boots or heavy wellies. So this year I'm actually going to treat myself to some of these shorter type wellies. I'm on the fence with if I like the look of them or not but I know they will be ideal for when it's muddy as I hate having to wear heavy over sized wellies. 

I'm really not sure how I manage to find so many things on eBay but I totally love writing these posts and sharing my finds. 

Fee xo.

Top 5 The Body Shop Products


Following on from yesterday's post when I mentioned the free hand cream you can pick from The Body Shop until the end of the month (see post here). I thought I would go through my Top 5 favourite products from TBS as there's currently a huge 40% off all products in-store and online! 

 To take up the offer you can either show the code '14395' at the till in-store (ends Sun 22nd Sept) or use the code online with free delivery over £5 orders (end 2pm Mon 23rd Sept)! I personally never buy anything for The Body Shop full price as sales and offers are always popping up (and generally extended). So I make sure to place my larger orders when they offer 40% off makes everything such great value for money. 

On to my favourite products... 


The Body Mists...

Finally some grown-up body sprays! I discovered these only this year, first with the Vanilla scent for my birthday, which made me head straight to The Body Shop to see what they all smelt like and where I picked up Moringa (my favourite!). I then picked up Cranberry Joy randomly in the last sale... I'm trying to save it for Christmas but failing slightly. Which brings my Body Mist collection to three... though I know I will end up purchasing another one for winter, I'm thinking the Shea scent and also a limited edition festive one! 

What I love about these is the fragrances are so true to what they are and don't have that alcohol smell to them. I also find I can spritz away until my hearts content as the bottle is a huge 100ml, I even use the mists as room sprays and on bedding. These also come in 9 different scents... highly recommend sniffing them all in-store to find a favourite.

All priced at £7.50 for 100ml here


The Hair Care...

Rainforest Moisture Shampoo... This is more of a recommendation for SLS-free lovers than anything else as I know how the high street does lack in sulfate/sulphate free products that are cheap. If you don't use SLS-free shampoos and you pick this up I'm sure disappointment will incur just because it won't preform like a 'normal' shampoo and your hair won't be use to it. Rambling aside, this is one of my favourite shampoos to use in the shower (tempted to try the £2.00 60ml sizes of the other shampoos in the range now). For a SLS-free shampoo this foams well with it's syrupy consistency with the scent of banana, ginger and all round tropical-ness. This really adds moisture to my split ends and hydrates my hair. Also silicone and paraben free!

Banana Conditioner... Now I will admit I love this purely for the smell but it is also a pretty nice every day conditioner that leaves the hair bouncy and conditioned. I wouldn't say I particularly love anything with a Banana scent but there is something about this that is so uplifting and fresh smelling... actually reminds me of making a fresh smoothie with lots of bananas when I smother this all over my hair. Light enough to apply from root to tip to de-tangle and add bounce. I'm not surprised this is a best seller. 

Shampoo - £4.50 for 250ml here
Conditioner - £4.50 for 250ml here


The Butters... 

Body Butters 50ml... I've picked up so many mini body butters over the years as I'm a bit fickle and like to try out out the different scents according to each season. For summer and holidays I absolutely love the Mango Body Butter and also the Coconut. For Winter I prefer the Shea Butter scent and plan to try the newish Chocomania scent as the weather gets colder. These just feel so buttery and luxurious to use and really do moisture the skin well. There only seems to be the Chocomania mini online but you can also pick up Lip Butter and Body Butter sets for £7 (saving £2) here.

Lip Butters...These little tubs of goodness are one of my favourite lip care products to use in Autumn/Winter. Again I absolutely love the butter texture that just slides over the lips and eventually soaks in to hydrate and sooth. These come in a range of scents with the fruity ones smelling so delicious. Though not a Lip Butter I'm dying to try out the new Honeymania Lip Balm. 

Body Butters £13.00 for 200ml here 
Lip Butters £4.00 each here

Hope this has been helpful if you plan on taking advantage of the 40% off sale before the end of the weekend. 

Fee xo. 


Free Hand Cream from The Body Shop


Don't you just love a freebie! This one comes thanks to Maxi from The Lipstick Blog who I mention far too often (but always for good reasons). 

Until Sunday 29th September you can pick up a totally free (no spend required) 30ml Hand Cream from The Body Shop worth £5 with Voucher Codes - either print out a voucher or display the code on your phone/iPad etc. 

The hand creams to chose from are - Hemp Hand Protector, Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream, Wild Rose Hand Cream and Almond Hand & Nail Cream


 To take up this offer you can either download the Voucher Codes App and show the code at the till (one voucher per valid email address per transaction) or you can visit the website here and print out the voucher. There are a handful of stores that aren't running this offer so make sure to check the T&C on the page just in case... though it is only a few.

 I haven't tried any of The Body Shop Hand Creams however I've heard such good things about the Almond one so hopefully I will manage to pick it up while the offer is on! 

Fee xo.


Rae Morris Makeup: The Ultimate Guide Book Review


When it comes to Makeup Books I feel the market is sorely lacking and mainly filled with now out dated books. But there are thankfully a handful of books that are great and current. 

So I thought I would review my favourite makeup book today which I believe novices and long time makeup lover can enjoy and gain knowledge from. Also I even feel this would make a nice coffee table type inspiration book for Makeup Artists that look up to Rae Morris' work.

Before I get in to the books content I want to kind of share the books 'spec' if you will as I've come across quite a few sparse books that are more images than writing and are on the thin side. This books contains 256 pages and is broken down in to 14 chapters (which I've detailed below). Each chapter has a thorough introduction (lots to read) and then goes into multiple step-by-step tutorials with amazing photography and writing. The book is around magazine/A4 size and even though paperback has a nice thick cover (no annoying loose sleeve that will become worn over time) with a handy inner page flap.

You can find Rae Morris Makeup: The Ultimate Guide from Amazon for £12.23 - here.


The book starts with a brief introduction and then 14 chapters which are as follows - 1. Essentials, 2. Skin Prepping, 3. Eyebrows, 4. False Eyelashes, 5. Eye Colour Charts, 6. Eyes, 7. Asian Eyes, 8. Over 40s, 9. Contouring, 10. Foundation, 11. Bronzing, 12. Highlighting, 13. Lips & Cheeks, 14. Ten-Minute Makeovers and then finally Rae's Gallery and index. 

The Structure of the Book
Each chapter is structured slightly different and with different lengths. But generally there's an introduction to the chapter with do's and don't and then more practical information with good imagery. The introductions I actually feel are where there is the most information and 100% worth reading before looking at each chapter. Along side each tutorial there are tips which are again helpful . I also love the full page images for each look, I find myself studying the image after I've read the tutorial. Also the photography is just beautiful... you just have to look at the image below to see what I mean.


This fills a large portion of the book and rightly so as there's a lot to cover! The chapter starts with quite a good introduction on different eye shapes and tips for smoky eyes covering 4 pages. The next section contains 25 step-by-step tutorials with images (very handy!) and a full A4 image with each finished look. Favourite tutorials here are - burnt copper eyes, antique gold eyes, natural eyes and classic eyes. Next is full chapter on Asian Eyes which was an interesting read for me as it made me understand the importance of application for different eye shapes, also the topic was new to me so everything was new and fresh. This chapter contains 4 more thorough step-by-step tutorial than the previous eye tutorials... I actually wish there had been a few more!

My only criticism would be that a lot of the looks are dramatic and would need to be toned down for every day wear... easy if you have experience in makeup and know how to do so, but for a novice there are no tips and you may feel the looks are irrelevant. Also it would have been nice if the large section was broken down into every day looks and nighttime/special occasion looks to give it more structure.

 I found the eye colour chart, false eyelash section and even the asian eyes chapter the most interesting. But I definitely took the most from the chapter on false eyelashes, very thorough.

10-Minute Makeovers 
 This was the only chapter than I felt wasn't needed and would have preferred more on lips and cheeks or contouring. Other than the tutorial with Miranda Kerr I didn't find them that appealing. Just a bit of a non-chapter really for me.


Other Areas
The other main highlights of the book for me aside from eyes is the section on contouring, highlighting and bronzing correctly... which could have shown more before and afters, but are still very interesting. Definitely learnt more about contouring and suprisingly bronzing. The other main area of the book is the Over 40's chapter, which again I didn't think would interest me as it isn't applicable, but I actually found it to be an interesting read as it contains tips I've never read before, such as if you are going to spend time on the face to conceal ageing then you should also do the same for the decolletage and apply a soft wash of foundation, specifically mineral foundation (which also generally contains sun screen) to that area to remove redness.

What I've Learnt
I've had this book for a few years now and have actually read it from cover to cover a few times to refresh my memory and to also inspire me not to be lazy with makeup and try other looks outside of my everyday one. The main things I have taken away from this book are the tips on how to choose and apply false eyelashes and how to shape my brows. But I now also always blend eyeshadows with translucent powder, something I never use to do before. I've also learnt to go for a non-waterproof eyeliner on the waterline and even art paint brushes can be used for eyeliner (I now have a few amazing precise brushes that I love thanks to this tip).


Overall this is a pretty great makeup book with a lot to read. Yes, some chapters are lacking a bit but if you want something with lots of text but also great photography you won't be disappointed. If you are a total beginner I would maybe suggest getting Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual (£16.25 - Amazon here) first, as it gives basic application techniques of eyeshadow, foundation, concealer etc, where as this book skips the basics. But if you know all of that and more then this book is a really good read for gaining more knowledge or just inspiration and ideas. 

As I mentioned at the start of this post I really don't think there are enough good makeup books but this is certainly one that is current and packed full of information. I'm just crossing my fingers Rae will do another another book in the future or better still Lisa Eldridge... oh, how I'd love that!

This post has probably been too long and in-depth but I hope it's been helpful!

For further makeup book reviews you can find my reviews of Lauren Conrad's Beauty Book here and Jemma's Make-up Secrets here

Fee xo.


Models Own Fiesta Collection with Ford


A bit of a strange collaboration for you today.... though a collaboration none the less and with the incentive of free nail polish! 

Models Own and Ford Retail have partnered up for 'Glam It Up A Gear'. Creating three unique limited edition shades to match the new Ford Fiesta. 

So how do you get your hands of the 3 Models Own shades? Well throughout September you can register your details on the Glam It Up A Gear website and then head to your nearest Ford Retail Dealership for a free test drive of the new Ford Fiesta. Once you are done the trio of nail polishes will be sent off to you. 

I personally don't see the relation of a car with nail polishes.... but if you are after a new car it's a nice added extra and if you just want to get your hands on the nail polishes then it's not too much hard work... granted you are the right age and can drive! 


The three shades from left to right are - Hot Magenta, Fashionista and Candy Blue. 

Hot Magenta has to be my favourite as it's ideal for autumn/winter. This is a lovely Oxblood shade with a subtle pink tone to it and looks super glossy on the nails. Next up is Fashionista which I would describe as an 'old gold' shade, a dull metallic shade that does take 3 coats but is a lovely autumn shade and would make a great base for glitter top coats. Lastly we have Candy Blue, which is darker than the swatch above and contains micro shimmer to it. Not my favourite but still nice.

It is a shame that these shades aren't available though any other channels but if you fancy a test drive of the new Ford Fiesta then you can fill in your details and find your nearest Ford Dealership here.

Fee xo.


Essence Makeup in the UK - Overview


Last week I wrote a post on Essence hitting Wilkinson stores and finally coming to the UK! Since then I've received a lovely package from the PR team over at Essence which I thought I'd show you. Plus a lot of product recommendations from my international readers (thank you so much!) that I thought I'd share with you as well. 

There are currently 6 Wilkinson stores selling Essence in the UK - Portsmouth, Castleford, Sunderland, Mansfield, Wood Green Shopping City, South End on Sea. With more to be added soon I'm sure.


To start I thought I'd show you 3 Essence mascaras which make up a part of a range of around 15 mascaras. I'm pretty sure these are all priced the same at around £2.80 each. So very affordable for a mascara. I haven't tried these out yet but I love the look of Lash Mania Reload and Lashes Go Wild Volume mascara.... my kind of wands. I will make sure I update you on these by the end of the month (my international readers did say they can be hit and miss!) as I have a budget mascara post planned for then.

Also for eyes... there is a lovely range of Kajal pencils that come in 9 shades and a new smokey jumbo pencil in black. Also new to Essence is a range of Crystal Eyeliners which come in 5 sparkling shades.


On to eyeshadows... meet Metal Glam Eyeshadows. These are just two of them but the range is pretty wide... however sadly from swatching these I don't think that much of them. Not that pigmented and the texture is a little to oily/smooth so they don't apply evenly. A lot of readers did suggest eyeshadows can be hit and miss! I much prefer the Mono eyeshadows which come in 20 shades and I love the Quattro Eyeshadows (see below) which are so handy for travelling with and come in some lovely shades.  My palette below has had a lot of use!

Also a few of my readers that have Essence in their country recommended the Pigments (also great for nail art) and powder Blushers


I personally feel Essence provide some great lip products and in my past post a lot of people recommended the 'Stay With Me' Lipglosses and the Longlasting Lipsticks (see above). 

My personal favourites are the XXL Shine Lipglosses as the wand is really nice and the texture is spot on, these  come in 14 shades. But if you are a lip gloss fan you may also want to check out the new Glossy Lipbalms (above) that come in such edible sounding flavours - Strawberry Cheesecake, Cherry Brownie, Apple Pie, Berry Cupcake, Mango Ice-Cream and Mint Drop. Another new product for Essence is their Glow Tinted Lip Balms (above). 

Another recommendation that kept popping up time and time again in the comments of my last post was nail polishes (all under £2) which I have to agree with - especially glittery top coats! Also in time for Halloween they have a new Glow in the Night Top Coat!


Like most budget brands products can be hit and miss but hopefully if you do have an Essence stand near you I have given you a few suggestions on what to look out for and what to avoid. But if you want further suggestions then my last post on Essence (here) has so many comments from people that have been buying from Essence for years.

 I will be making sure to update this page every time a Wilkinson store starting stocking Essence and will make sure to tweet about it as well. 

Fee xo. 

Top 10 Best & Worst Vintage Beauty Ads


For the past year or so I've gained a bit of an interest in beauty through the ages. It started after reading Beautiful For Ever (Amazon here) which tells the story of con woman and cosmetician Madame Rachel - a factual story based in Victorian London. 

Since then I've down my own research online and even have a few vintage makeup adverts by Revlon as I find them so classy and elegant. 

So I thought it would be fun to pick out some vintage beauty ads I love and also hate... and trust me, there wasn't a shortage of bad ones. I've found the 1970's was the era of cringe worthy ads, just scroll down and you will see what I mean! But make sure to enjoy the lovely ads first.

Top 5 Best Vintage Beauty Ads

Signature by Max Factor - One thing I have noticed with vintage ads in general is brands liked their wholesome Christmas ads and this is a lovely typical one. I love the silhouette of the couple and how the writing is almost formatted how a Christmas carol would be. I also love the lines "He doesn't have to be a movie hero to appreciate it, but he's likely to act like one on Christmas Morning!". Not too sure on the trio gift set being called 'Threesome' mind!

Revlon Love That Pink - This is a strange pairing... a beautiful woman hugging a llama, but I love llamas so I'm in love with this ad! Revlon have done some amazing ads in their time. This really doesn't look like it's 58 years old. 


Revlon Indelible-Creme Lipsticks - Another Revlon ad that I just find so elegant and simplistic. This could easily be re-done now and look amazing. Also the ad makes me want to buy that shade of red for my nails and lips!

Estee Lauder Frosted Lip Gloss - I love everything about this! The model, the makeup, how it's playful and sexy and how it's laid out. I also love how it's signed off by Estee Lauder - a really nice touch. 

Elizabeth Arden Pure Pure Red Lipstick - This has to be my favourite illustrated advert, it's just spot on. From the style of illustration to the red background that ties in with the lipstick. I'd actually love this as a framed print.

Top 5 Worst Vintage Beauty Ads


Aziza Cosmetics - Oh dear, oh dear. I don't think there is a lot to say about this ad. So I will just detail what the first line of the ad says... "If Eve had worn Aziza, she wouldn't have needed an apple". Oh dear, oh dear. 

Maybelline Ultra Velvet and Frost Shadows - This isn't so bad I know... it's just the eyeshadow to the eyebrows look and the colour range that makes me cringe a little. Also the image of cream being poured into the eyedshadow at the top.

Panasonic Flip 'N Style Hair Dryer - This is without a doubt the worst of the bunch. I was pretty horrified in fact when I was realised what the ad was actually implying. To quote part of the description "So when you're through drying (your fingernails, if your hair hasn't grown in), slip it into its attractive case". Yes, Panasonic were trying to sell the use of their hair dryer to people with cancer going through chemotherapy?! Total madness and beyond insensitive. A very strange angle for an advert indeed. 

Dior Eye Makeup - High end vintage beauty ads generally aren't bad at all, but this one made me laugh! It's the fact that instead of the image being a silhouette and taking a classy route, Dior opted for the bugler-esque look! But at least she has that Dior look... I suppose!

Maybelline Kissing Potion Lip Gloss - I have love/hate feelings towards this advert. I can see how girls in the 1970's would have rushed out to buy this kissing potion lip gloss... but it's just so corny. I also find it amusing how it's suggesting you can have 5 love interests on the go! She's promising her strawberry kisses to Roger but there's also Richie, Fred, David and Bob to remember!

I love writing different types of posts like this and really hope you like reading them! 

Would love to know which ad is your favourite and not so favourite from my top 10... I have a feeling I may know which ad will be the most disliked already. 

Fee xo.

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