The Beauty Game Changers


So what is a beauty game changer?
 For me it is when you discover that product that blows all the others out of the water and heightens your expectations of that type of product. 

For example, after years of using conditioners you try out one that transforms your hair like never before. You are literally amazed and then you realise that is what a conditioner should be like. That is a game changer. 

So here are the products, out of my entire collection, that I would consider as my own 'game changers'. These have impressed me like no other product of it's type before and every single one will be forever re-purchase... unless I discover something even better that is!


Essie Ridge Filler
£6.18 - eBay here
Before discovering the Essie Ridge Filler Base Coat I had tried a few base coats but got in to the habit of using them everytime I painted my nails as they just didn't seem to do much. Yes, they prevented my nails from staining but that was it. Then I discovered the Essie Ridge Filler and it was almost like a primer for my nails. Not only does it prevent nail polishes staining my nails but it smooths out my nails to give a perfect base to apply my nail polish on to. With painting my nails so often now (they literally see the light of day maybe once a month!) they have become quite ridged so this really is the perfect solution! 
Recommended to - Anyone with ridged or mature nails. Also if you paint your nails a lot with bright or dark shades. 

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer 
 £4.19 - Boots here 
If you ask any beauty blogger to suggest a good highstreet concealer 9 times out of ten this is the one they will recommend. The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is the best coverage concealer I have ever tried for under the eyes and on spots, whilst also not looking cakey or dry. I'm on my 4th or 5th tube of this now and really can't see myself ever straying from it any time soon.
Recommended to - If you want a full coverage concealer for spots that will look natural and not caked on!


Tony Moly EggPore Primer 
£8.00 - eBay here
This silicone based primer is what I would call heavy duty, so not for everyone or for everyday use. But this was the first ever primer that I just thought "yes!". Unlike other primers it actually gives an air brushed effect to the skin and smooths over blackheads and pores to really reduce the appearance of them. Then once foundation is applied you practically cannot spot any unsightly pores. The only downside is I can't use this daily as it doesn't let the skin breath, but if I could I really would as it does an amazing job. So I do limit my use of this and use it a few times a week and when I'm going somewhere special.
Recommended to - If you want a primer that will cover large pores and smooth out wrinkles. Great for occasional use when you want your skin to look it's best.
Origins Super Spot Remover Gel 10ml
£12.00 - Boots here
After reading so many great reviews of this product I decided to shell out £12 for what seemed like a teeny tiny bottle. But this really is far more than that and I'm so glad I decided to purchase it. Before using this spot treatment I had never found a super effective solution for my spots and used a combination of spot treatments every time a spot appeared. Now I solely use this as it truly is a spot remover. Yes, it is drying if you apply it over more than the area where you have the spot but if you make sure to apply it just to the spot then it will reduce it within 24 hours and dry that bad boy up within a few days!
Recommended to - Anyone suffering from large spots or breakouts that wants to stop the spots from developing or to reduce the size and redness. 
Moroccan Oil The Original Oil Treatment 25ml
£12.85 free p&p - HQ Hair here
For the past 4 years I have been trying out post hair washing treatments and all have worked fairly well... but none had given me the amazing results that Moroccan Oil has to offer. I really did want to kick myself when I tried it at the tail end of last year for not trying it sooner as this wonder product tamed my hair like no oil before and soaked up so much water from my towel dried hair that is cut the drying time in half. This oil not only smooths down split ends but it makes my hair look and feel softer, not to mention removing that annoying natural wave I developed as my hair dried. This is a tad pricey but you really do need so little that it's totally worth it!
Recommended to - This works best on over processed, dry or frizzy hair. 

What are your beauty game changers? 

Fee xo. 


Latest In Beauty Summer Nails Box


First and foremost I have to quickly make you aware that I'm going to be one of those annoying bloggers* that is reviewing something that is currently out of stock! But fear not, there is a reservation list to be notified when this box comes back in stock (here). 

With that out of the way I think I may have the best beauty box I have ever laid my hands on. This is truly a nail junkies dream and also such a bargain!  

You Magazine have teamed up with Latest In Beauty yet again to come out with an amazing box of nail products for only £14.95 inc p&p. I knew by just looking at the products they had a much higher retail value than that so I decided to search the internet for the price of everything and worked out that this box is actually worth £56?! So it really is well priced at under £15.

 *Had to get that out of the way as there was no way I could make you lust after this box and then let you down at the end of the post by telling you it was out of stock!

 Here is what to expect from the Ultimate Summer Nails Box when it becomes available again...

Butter London Nail Polish in Yummy Mummy 
If I had to pick a highlight of the box it would be this nail polish! Butter London is a high end nail polish that doesn't come cheap at £12 a bottle. I don't actually own any Butter polishes so this has definitely been warmly welcomed in to my nail polish family. I can't say Yummy Mummy is what I would call a summer shades but it is a good nude staple. 

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover 
This is a product I have been meaning to try for so long! I'm actually surprised at myself that I haven't owned it until now. I really did expect this to be similar to all the other nail polish removers in tubs that I have previously tried, but the sponge is actually a lot more firm and almost fits around your nail meaning it really does remove nail polish in seconds. Majorly impressed with this.

Rituals Nail Polish Corrector Pen
 For me cleaning up nail polish around the cuticles isn't much of an issue as I've become quite good at painting my nails since becoming a blogger with a nail polish addiction. However corrector pens do come in handy when I'm in a rush. I always seems to rest my hand on the top of the nail polish bottle or I smudge a nail against my arm so this pen will come in handy. I do actually own this specific corrector pen already and it is still going strong so I may have to give this away to someone or keep it as a back-up.

Nails Inc Minis in Notting Hill Gate & Kensington Caviar Top Coat
Ahhhh I love me some mini nail polishes! Now these are ideal summer essentials, especially if you are going on holiday. Notting Hil Gate is the most perfect vibrant pink for summer and the Caviar Top Coat is something I have been wanting to try since forever. I would never buy these for £5 each but I was so pleased to see them included in the box.


Essie Sleek Stickers in So Haute 
I'm not that much of a fan of nail wraps as I find them awkward to apply and wear... so these are probably my least liked product from the box. Having said that I am impressed that they are by Essie and I do like the design of them, so I will be giving them a go and may even like them. Nails Wraps are a bit like marmite, you either love them or hate them I have found. 

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Nail File
A nice looking nail file to keep in my handbag is never a bad thing. This pretty one from the Vintage Cosmetics Company comes with it's own plastic sleeve to keep it nice and away from scratching anything. Nothing special about the actually file its self but pretty and girly non the less. 

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream 
No nail box would be complete without a hand cream and this is one of the best. I've only tried mini sizes of the L'Occitane hand creams before so this is a real treat to receive a full sized one and in a lovely shea butter scent. This is already in my nail extras box to use after I've removed my nail polish.  

This is without a doubt the most amazing box for the price. I just hope when it comes back in to stock there will be enough boxes for everyone that wants one!

Fee xo. 

New NYC Foil Explosion Nail Polishes!


NYC are my go-to highstreet brand for cheap nail polishes, so when they bring out new shades and ranges I'm always excited to try them! 

Their newest nail polish range is five Foil Explosion nail polishes that requires only a single coat for a reflective metallic finish. The nail polishes are available to buy now from Superdrug stores or online for £1.99 each. 

 As soon as I spotted these I instantly thought of Essie's Mirror Metallics collection that was released last year. So if you lusted after those this much cheaper collection will be perfect for you. Though if I am totally honest I wasn't a fan of that specific Essie collection and nor am I keen on this collection either. You can find my reasons for this below, plus swatches of the full range and which shades are dupes for the Essie Mirror Metallics nail polishes.


As mentioned above the Foil Explosion nail polishes only need one coat to create the foil finish which dry pretty fast. The metallic shades also apply with ease. 

My personal favourite would be Aqua Mystic, though if I'm honest I would have loved to have seen a rose gold shade in the collection... that is if I actually liked these though! My reason for this is mainly down to the finish. As you may be able to see in my nail swatches in the first image the finish does show the brush strokes and any ridges or imperfections in the nails, which doesn't make for a nice finish for me. This almost reminds me of the rule of not applying shimmer eyeshadows to more mature eyes as it will just highlight the wrinkles in the eyelids and this is the exact same. The foil formula highlights ridges and magnifies and imprefections such as flaking at the tips of the nails.

 However I will admit the nail polishes are highly reflective so the light does bounce off the nails in certain lighting which does distract your eye from the streaky finish some what. My other dislike is how easily these chip, whether you apply the one coat or three they still chip very quickly due to the foil finish. 


However if you did want to try out some of the Essie Mirror Metallics last year but were put off by the price then you will be pleased to know that there are dupes in this range. The closest dupe would be NYC Power of Elements which is very similar to Essie Nothing Else Metals and NYC Aqua Mystic is a close match to Essie Blue Rhapsody. 

Even though I'm not sure on these I will be sporting Aqua Mystic this summer as a nail art base and Enchanting Fire actually looks perfect for Autumn, but I'm not even going to think about the weather going colder right now! 

What do you think about this new range? Do you like foil finish nail polishes? 

Fee xo. 


1,2,3 Savvy Buys


 I feel like I have been on a roll recently with finding bargain products online so today I thought I would share 3 things I have recently bought from eBay and Amazon that have been absolute bargains! 

Seche Vite Top Coat 
£4.51 free p&p - Amazon here 
  I have read countless reviews on Sech Vite and it definitely seems like a nail lovers must-have but I just haven't been able to part with £10 for a top coat when there is nothing wrong with the £1.79 NYC Top Coat I use. But for under £5.00 I couldn't say no! I've never seen it this cheap so I snapped it up without even thinking about it. I'm sure you will be seeing it in nail posts soon.

White Rose Gold Watch 
£2.64 free p&p - eBay here 
 I wasn't even looking for a new watch but when I stumbled across a listing for £2.64 watches I thought why the hell not! I should have been a bit more adventurous with the colour as there is a choice of 11 different shades (lots are perfect for summer) but I know white with the rose gold hardware will go with everything and if I am pleased with the quality/look I can order a few more... really like the look of the red and green shades.

Dainty Wishbone Necklace 
£1.99 free p&p - eBay here 
 I am forever looking at dainty necklaces, from tiny hearts to infinity and karma loops and especially love ones from Dogeared, but they don't come cheap. So when I spotted this cute little necklace for only £1.99 (and from a UK seller!) I thought I'd just buy it and hope it wasn't awful quality. I have already received it and can say it is lovely for the price! The wishbone is a bit smaller than it shows in the images but I actually prefer that. I also received it within 2-3 days. Really pleased with my £2 buy. 

I have a feeling my 'Oh My Haul' post will need to be in two parts this month! Eeep! 

Fee xo.


10 Things I Hate About Makeup - Part 2

After a great response to part 1 (you can read it here) I thought I would get the second part up quite quickly. 

I will be doing a '10 things I love about Makeup' fairly soon but I'm also thinking about doing a similar post on the subject of blogging!

6. When brands change their formulas for the worst 
When I re-purchase a product to find it has been reformulated my grumpy cat rage face appears. Of course there isn't anything wrong with improvement but a lot of the time it seems like the change of a product is quick a dramatic one that effects the consistency or even the results. A recent example of this was with my beloved Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover (£3.99/150ml) which under went a makeover but also a change of ingredients without and prior warning. This totally changing the product and actually making my eyes sting. Of course will always happen but it is just so infuriating when it happens to a product you love!

7. Photoshopped makeup ads
Nothing annoys me more when flicking through a magazine than an ad that shows a before image of a model makup-free, un-edited and than the model after, made up and edited to hell... just what is the point! Actually I tell a lie seeing a mascara ad with the model wearing false photoshopped eyelashes actually annoys me more. I know the ASA do try to regulate things such as these and do require brands to state when they include lash inserts 'for an even lashline' and if the image has been enhance in post production but why is an even lash line needed and why do they need to edit the lashes to the point they don't actually look like they even have mascara on them or like normal eyelashes anymore. It's just so unrealistic and just not helpful to the point I'd rather adverts not contain an image of a model 'wearing' the mascara. 

8. When brands don't name their shades
I am not going to be naive here and say it is easy as pie to create shade names as I know it must take quite a number of people brainstorming ideas and checking out if their competitors have the same names or similar etc. But it just makes such a difference! For example - half the appeal of OPI nail polishes is the cute and fun shade names. But imagine if they were are just numbered instead, it would be boring but also very confusing and not to mention hard to remember. 

9. Made up Science and Techonology terms
The first time I heard any pretend science terms in relation to skincare was with Pentapeptides in anti-aging creams. The pretend term seemed to create a lot of media buzz so I believe a lot of companies decided to cash in as well. Meaning registered trademarks with pretend science/technology jargon started to  pop up everywhere and still are. From skincare to mascara, companies will come up with any old thing to make us believe their formulas are more sophisticated than they actually are. Just a quick look through a magazine I found 'VitaBrightKX' complex, 'Active Natural' complex and 'Lycra' Technology. Also I don't know about you but I am just sick of companies using 3D and even 4D when marketing mascaras!

10. Makeup counters & push sales techniques
I have mixed feelings about this one as I do enjoy the look of makeup counters and it does allow you to look at new product launches and try out different shades. But unfortunately the frosty-ness of a lot of makeup sales assistants and the often pushy sales techniques really puts me off shopping at makeup counters. Countless times I've asked sales assistants for help finding a product to be subjected to a sales pitch on the product when they find the shade I was looking for... which for me just isn't needed! A few other things I dislike that I have witness from makeup counters are - sales assistants ignoring you are wanting to pay for an item and carrying on their conversation with other sales assistants. Being pressured into making a purchase when receiving a free makeover (I have even been asked if I planned to purchase anything mid-makeover). Being insulted about my current makeup so they can recommend a 'better' product. 

I feel the solution to this would be less pressure on the sales assistants to sell and be pushy. Also I have to admit if the sales assistants weren't as glammed up they would also be more approachable I often feel.   
Other things that 'get my goat' - Products getting discontinued. How eBay seem to be unable to take control of the huge amount of counterfeit makeup being sold on the site. The tiny product amount in some makeup items... I'm looking at you YSL Touche Eclat with your measly 2.5ml of concealer. Limited foundation shade ranges. 

As so many of you shared what you hated in the comments of part one, please feel free to write your own post on the 10 things you hate about makeup! 

 Fee xo. 


Lush Bohemian Soap Review


As some of you may know I like to avoid certain ingredients in skincare/body products - mainly Sulphates/Sulfates (a cheap ingredient that makes a lot of products foam up). Basically think of me as a Pescetarian of the beauty world. 

So when it comes to shower gel, shampoo, facial scrubs/washes etc I do avoid sulfates or SLS's as they are often known (you can read about why I avoid this ingredient here). But one thing I have become more relaxed with is soap that contains it for washing my hands with. Meaning now I can indulge in lots of lovely soaps from the likes of Lush and The Body Shop. 

Quite a lot of soaps from Lush do contains sulfates though fortunately this specific soap (mainly because it is a glycerine soap) is free from it, meaning I can use it as a hand soap and also in the shower on my skin, which is pretty good as this is such a zingy summery scented soap. 

I have been a fan of soaps from Lush for quite a long time now because I find them great value for money and they smell and look so good! I personally like to just buy 100g of a Lush soap and then I cut it up in to four and use one slice/cube next to the bathroom sink, one in the shower and one next to the kitchen sink and then also have a piece to spare or pass on to someone else! So for this specific soap it cost only £2.95! Though you can literally buy as much as you wish as long as it's over 100g. 

Bohemian Soap (£2.95 per 100g) is one of Lush's more basic soaps containing mainly Lemon Oil, Soap and Glycerine... but sometimes the most simple of products are the best, which I have definitely found with this soap. As a hand soap it works well as the lemon-y scent wafts up as you wash your hands and they a left smelling fresh and clean. But this is definitely a soap to be used in either the bath or shower as it is zingy and uplifting. So more often than not I opt for this instead of my many shower gels when I'm having a morning shower or I've just worked out (yes, I am trying to get fit for summer!). 

Another soap from Lush that is quite similar in that is packs some punch, but is extra yummy smelling, is Rock Star (£3.40 per 100g) which is a more creamy soap but oh, seriously this is one to have a sniff of when you are next passing or shopping in Lush - just amazing!

Bohemian Soap is without a doubt my summer soap now along with Rock Star which I really do need to re-purchase as I'm currently using the smallest piece that I have left. 

What hand soap do you normally use? 

Fee xo.


NOTD - Barry M Sequin Nail Effect White


Barry M have recently upped the stakes when in comes to interesting nail polish effects on the high street. From textured to confetti effect and huge range of glitters, Barry M now offer an amazing amount of unique nail paints for £3.99 each. 

The fairly new Sequin Nail Effects come in three shades - SNP1 (white), SNP2 (black), SNP3 (pink). You can always rely on good ol' Barry for some creative nail polish names - not! 

The Sequin Nail Effects are described as textured sparkle for your nails and they are just that... but I'm still a bit on the fence with this 'textured sparkle' malarky. I received the Sequin Nail Effects in White as a present for my birthday, which was a good neutral choice to try out. However from applying it straight to my nails I decided it was a bit too sheer and I wasn't sure on the white, so I decided to apply it over Barry M Lychee (NOTD of Lychee here).

In my head I was hoping for a 'cookie dough with glitter' look to my nails and it kind of is,  but there is just something about the texture (which is like liquid sand) that I'm not too sure about.


I kind of feel the texture doesn't need to be there really and if it was just a smooth sheer-ish nail polish with suspended sequins it would be similar to jelly sandwich nails (here is an example if your aren't sure what I mean) which would still be unique but pretty. So to remove some of the texture I decided to apply Models Own Pro Matte Top Coat which did help but again I'm not that in love with it. Having said all of that I have seen swatches of the Sequin Effect in Pink and it does literally reminds me of birthday cake on the nails which I actually really love!

As for application I found it did apply fairly well though it does feel a bit gritty to apply and the finish definitely isn't smooth to touch but quite rough and semi-matte. But I guess a clear or matte top coat could be applied to fix that.

This is definitely a unique range of nail paints from Barry M but I'm just not sure! 

What do you think of this textured sequin effect?

Fee xo.


10 Things I Hate About Makeup - Part 1


Cheery title I hope you'll all agree! 
Today instead of praising beauty products I thought I would let you know my pet-peeves when it comes to all things makeup related. 

 I will also be doing a '10 things I love about makeup' post so that it isn't all doom and gloom.

*Warning - This may be a ranty post*

1. Eyeshadow applicators 
Just why? It is now 2013 and I think most of us have realised that using our fingers is a much better tool than the crappy foam/plastic applicators that come with eyeshadows. I think the only time I have used one with an eyeshadow was when I first tried eyeshadow and surprise surprise realised how rubbish the applicators were so ditched them for using my fingers and then finally in my late teens discovered makeup brushes. Eyeshadow applicators just need to be eradicated! 

2. High Street makeup is becoming too pricey! 
For me high street makeup has always been the savvy option. Pop into Boots pick up a few things and spend £15 max... now you pick up a few things that you want to try out and maybe repurchase that mascara you love and BAM your receipt states £35 and you shed a little tear and try to think 'ooooh but the Boots Advantage points I will have now'... or maybe that is just me. Of course you could say it is the rate of inflation but I really am sure most mascara were around the £5 mark a few years a go and now the likes of L'Oreal, Bourjois, Max Factor etc are bringing out mascaras that are £12... I don't care about how it will 'nourish' my lashes or give them '3D volume' I want a mascara for £5 again!

3. 'Beige' should never be a foundation shade nor should it be the only shade that free foundation samples come in! 
Warm beige, true beige, sand beige, classic beige, deeply beige, creamy beige. These are just a few of beige shades that can be found in foundation ranges. Sometimes a foundation with only 9 shades can have three different types of beige. Yet I have never heard of anyone class their skin tone as beige - ever! Warm, olive toned, honey maybe but beige is just a shade that old people like to wear, a lot. As for foundation samples in magazines I don't know where to start really, so I won't, but it is definitely frustrating that all brands follow the same path and don't cater for lighter and darker skinned people when it comes to free sachet samples.

4. Unhygienic makeup stands, disgusting testers and opened makeup! 
Where to start with this one! Of course I am pointing my attention towards unmanned stands in places such as Boots, Superdrug and various supermarkets as they generally aren't up kept to a good standard and are pretty darn messy and un-hygienic. Clearly it is annoying that testers are messy and aren't wipes with alcohol but what really annoys me is when people open actual products and test them?! So many times I have not been able to buy a lipstick/concealer/foundation etc in a specific shade because they have all been opened and used. Or even worse is when you purchase a product to find out it's already been used when you get home! But for that I see a simple solution - a sign on the makeup stands that states that if you open any product that isn't a tester you have to pay for it. It of course wouldn't solve the problem but I'm sure it would reduce it. It really does need to be made clear that it isn't acceptable.

5. Cheap but Useless Makeup sets 
I guess this one doesn't apply to me now, but I remember when I first got into makeup (I would be around 13) I wanted one of those large makeup sets that contained everything. You could normally buy them from Argos or Bodycare for around £10. I'm even sure they still exist. But looking back they were such bad quality! I'm talking crumbly eyeshadow, course makeup brushes and dodgy shades. I was hoping that the beauty industry/brands now, over 10 years on, would be a bit better but it really doesn't seem the case as I found out when playing with my nieces Hello Kitty Makeup set last Christmas . The £25.00 case from Argos contained hair bobbles, a brush, nail separates and then of course the usual glitter, lip gloss, eyeshadows and mini nail polishes, all of which were terrible quality. I really was amazed at how rubbish everything was... the nail polish didn't actually dry, the lip gloss was a sticky mess, the eyeshadow didn't transfer onto the little applicators and it was all in the cheap plastic packaging that actually ripped and became sharp! Brands such as MUA and Beauty UK have proven that makeup can be pretty good quality and cheap so there is just no need for nameless brands to cash in when it comes to large makeup sets for young girls and teens.

As I rambled on so much I have decided to write a part 2, so you can look forward to more ranting soon!

Let me know what you hate most about makeup. 

Fee xo.


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Speed Dry Drops Review


Today I have a bit of a miracle product to share with you, if you paint your nails often or always leave painting them until the last minute before heading out the door. 

I purchased the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Speed Dry Drops back in February and since then it has become one of my staple nail items. 

The Speed Dry Drops are designed to be used after painting the nails to speed up the drying time. Just simply add 1-2 drops of the liquid on to each nail and wait.  Within 1-2 minutes the nails are touch dry and within 4-5 minutes the nail polish will be set hard, so no risk of smudging or denting them! To give you an idea of the normal full drying time if I applied 3 coats of nail polish to my nails it would take about 15 minutes for them to be fully dry so this really does speed things up!

When you add the drops to each nail the drops do spread over the nail and floods the cuticles which is supposed to condition them, however I can't say I have noticed any difference... though I do take care of my cuticles anyway.  Within a minute or so the drops have been absorbed which doesn't change the finish of the nail at all - always a good thing.

This is just a handy addition to your nail kit if - You enjoy nail art and want a totally set base to work on. Are always on the last minute painting your nails. Or like me, seem to always do them before bed and then end up with the thread print of the duvet embossed in the nail polish!

You can find the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Speed Dry Drops on eBay for £3.99 with free p&p - here.

Fee xo.


Oh My Birthday Haul - May 2013


As promised, here is my Birthday haul!

 Apparently I'm hard to buy, or so I'm told! But this year I received so many lovely gifts that are me all over. My favourite gifts were the Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles as they are my absolute favourite chocolates that I only have at Birthdays and Christmas. Also the Orchid I received is just amazing as it's actually artificial so I will be able to keep it forever!

As for beauty related presents I received so many new nail polishes (Color Club, Barry M & W7) which are just perfect for summer. Plus lots of lovely Revlon lip products courtesy of the wonderful Maxi from The Lipstick Blog... I think this was because she was shocked I hadn't tried out any of the Revlon Lip Butters! She also tracked down the Chanel Peridot nail polish iPhone case that I was seriously lusting after. 


If you would like reviews of anything in this post just let me know in the comments. 

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I received so many that I couldn't reply to all of them but it certainly made me feel very special!

Fee xo.

My Top 3 Moisturisers for Combination Skin


Skin is a difficult old thing isn't it!

 From my teens until my twenties I was adamant my temperamental combination skin didn't need moisturising. I had visions of any cream making my skin more oily and breaking me out, so I stayed well away from moisturisers.

However over the past 5 years my knowledge of skincare has grown so much and I now realise I should have been using a moisturiser all along, even on the dry areas of my face at the very least. With better skincare knowledge I have now incorporated a few light moisturisers that have really helped my skin out. It did take a lot of trial and error with moisturisers that were too thick/heavy but I finally have three moisturisers I wouldn't be without.


No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Oily 
 £12.50 here
This was the first moisturiser that I felt I could use daily and it wouldn't over hydrating my skin. It is light, gentle and plumps up the skin slightly before foundation, which it creates a nice base for. When I have a dry patch (normally on my head or the sides of my nose) I really moisturise this on to the area and the dry skin vanishes. 
If you feel your skin type is confused with the odd blemish and dry patch then this is definitely worth giving ago when the No7 £5 off skincare vouchers are around... which is now!
Positives - Specifically for normal to oily skin, contains SPF, Hypo - allergenic.
Negatives - It's in a pot; not hygienic, not fragrance free.


Kiko Skin Glow Light Effect Day Cream 
£12.90 - here
Kiko is still a bit hard to get hold of in the UK, unless you live in London and can visit one of two amazing stores. However you can shop online but delivery costs are a bit steep at £5.90 (as the products come direct from Italy!). But if you are shopping at Kiko because it's actually an amazing brand (think MAC for the shade ranges but a lot cheaper) then this day cream is a must for summer for all skin types. I say this because it is just so light and soaks into the skin immediately. 

So even though this cream isn't specifically for oily/combination skin types it will work well with it... unless you have super oily skin and don't want to add a glow/shimmer. For me I use this on days when my skin is feeling quite balanced - not too oily, not too dry and it just add a subtle glow to my skin before I apply my foundation. This could also be used on it's own for makeup-free days. I have tried many creams that have an added shimmer but this one is just spot on as you can't detect the shimmer when it's absorbed into the skin. It just brightener the whole face somehow. Really impressed. 

Positives - Super light, brightening, contains SPF, nice packaging.
Negatives - Only 40ml, not fragrance free.


Super Facialist Tea Flower Mattifying Moisturiser
£12.99 - here Boots online or in-store
This is the moisturiser I turn to when skin isn't behaving and is becoming overly oily in areas and I'm seeing breakouts. The mattifying moisturiser of course does just that - mattifies the skin before applying makeup but it also re-balances the skin after continuous use. So as I mentioned, if my skin is feeling a bit rubbish I ditch my other moisturisers and stick with this for a week or so and with spot treatments (Origins Spot Remover) my skin does get back to normal. 

Also for the price this really does feel like the ingredients are beneficial for the skin and a lot of thought has gone into making it a moisturiser that is just right for oily skin that is feeling unbalanced and needs sorting out. 

Positives -The ingredients - contains Salicylic Acid, great quality for the price, larger than normal volume with 75ml.
Negatives - None that I can see! 

It is tempting as a beauty blogger to try out more moisturisers (and skincare products in general!) but I have realised my skin is happy with the products I use and know adding more in to the mix is risking breakouts etc. So for now I have my No7 Day Cream which I use the most, the Kiko Skin Glow for when I want a glowy, fresh finish and to enhance when my skin is at it's best and finally the Super Facialist moisturiser for when my skin needs some good ingredients to get it back on track after being rubbish. I also sometimes use the Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser (£8.49/50ml) if I have any really dry patches that need sorting out instantly.

Finding a moisturiser when you have oily/combination skin can be difficult, but trust me finding the right one for your skin is more than worth it! 

Fee xo.


Battle of the Lip Scrubs - Sara Happ Vs. Lush


The Lip Scrub market is a pretty small one, in fact I can only name three companies that sell  little pots of lip scrub. But I personally feel there should be more as they make great lip care products and always look so lovely. 

Maybe in the future they will have a bigger presence in the beauty industry but until then I thought I would compare two lip scrubs that I own and are availible in the UK.
Two yummy sounding lip scrubs here but at two very different prices (the price difference is nearly £14). So it should be interesting to see how they fare against each other!


My first experience with a Lush Lip Scrub was with the festive limited edition 'Pow Wow' which was a bright green popping candy scrub with a lovely zingy taste to it. Lush now offer three Lip Scrubs - Popcorn (previously a festive limited edition), Mint Julips and Bubblegum all priced at £5.25 from Lush online and in-store..

The Lush Lip Scrub comes in a weighty glass jar with a good screw top lid, which for the price is impressive. This definitely makes it feel worth the £5.25 price tag. However from owning a lip scrub from Lush before I do know the paper sticker on the top and label around the glass jar does get a bit worst for wear and tatty looking. But on the whole the packaging does please me!

The texture of this lip scrub is a problem for me as there is nothing to bind it together making it quite a dry sugar (with a slight bit of oil in there) consistency. This means when you try to scoop up some scrub to use on your lips you do need to almost pinch/scoop it as it doesn't stick to the finger to easily rub it on the lips. However the texture does feel fine on the lips even though it does crumble off slightly.

 In my head I imagined this scrub to be some kind of yummy buttery popcorn but I will admit in reality it isn't what I expected and I do dislike the taste. The problem I have with it is the  salty and sour taste which I just wasn't expecting - I also know a few other people that dislike this scent/taste. But I'm also sure some will love it. I think me and the Bubblegum Lip Scrub would be a lot better suited! On the label it actually states you can lick the scrub off your lips which I do with my Pow Wow scrub and it's soooooo good!

Scrub Factor 
The exfoliating sugar grains and sea salt in this do make for a good lip scrub and it does really prep the lips before applying a lipstick/lip product. However after exfoliating the lips they do feel like they need a lip balm so I tend to use the lip scrub after washing my face, as I'm getting ready, then apply a lip balm. Then after I have applied all of my makeup I wipe off the lip balm and apply a lipstick. I feel it does need to be slightly more moisturing but for a lip scrub it definitely works.

Sara Happ's range of luxury lip scrubs came about when she realised there was a hole in the beauty industry for them, so as a lover of all lip products she created the lip scrub line with other lip products to follow and a body scrub. The Lip Scrub range comes in 6 different scents/flavours in the UK - Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Blood Orange, Peppermint and Red Velvet, all priced at £19.00 from Beauty Bay.

Now clearly the outside packaging is lovely - the bow, the little box... just ideal for giving as a gift. However for £19.00 the lip scrub itself is quite a cheap feeling plastic jar, which is a let down if I am totally honest. If it was a glass jar like the Lush Lip Scrub (which is a much cheaper product!) then this would be a truly luxury product all round. I do however like the labelling and the clear lid so you can see the scrub.

After trying the Lush Lip Scrub and it being quite a dry scrub I was expecting this to be a bit more 'together' being a more expensive scrub. But 'together' just isn't the word for the consistency of this... it is gooey, sugar-y and just perfect.

Describing a taste is as hard as describing a fragrance/scent so I will just say that this is the yummiest lip product - ever! It tastes exactly like vanilla and sugar... and just to explain how much I love the taste of this, it advises to wipe off the scrub once done exfoliating the lips, but I just lick it right off as I feel I can't waste it! This may be bad but I really don't care.

Scrub Factor 
 I would say this is a medium scrub, not too harsh feeling as you exfoliate the lips as the sugar granules feel quite a good size. Plus as  it contains two lovely oils and petrolatum it leaves the lips with a balm feel, almost like after using a luxury body scrub, which keeps the lips hydrated... something I really like about this lip scrub! My lips after using this are smooth and hydrated.

The Winner
For me it has to be the lip scrub by Sara Happ. Yes, £19.00 is steep for a lip care product however such a little amount is needed that I am certain this will last way over a year and more. However if the price is just too much (which I can understand!) there is an interesting Missha Melting Sugar Lip Scrub (£5.92 from eBay here) that does seem fairly similar. I'm sure I will be trying it out in the near future to see how it compares.

If you have tried any of the Lush Lip Scrubs I would love to know which is your favourite flavour as I'm sure I will give another one a go! 

Fee xo.


NOTD - Neon Leopard Print Nails


Some super bright Leopard Print nails for the weekend, today!

Since purchasing Barry M Gelly nail polish in Lychee I have been dying to try out some nail art over the top of it. I could see it would make a great base some some nail doodles, so I did just that with a few Models Own nail products.

What I really love about Barry M Lychee is that it is such a neutral base, it isn't a pink toned nude or too dark, it's just right, which makes it great for showing off bright nail art. You can see a full NOTD of just Barry M Lychee here

To create the neon leopard print...


I dotted random blobs of Models Own Luis Lemon (from the Ice Neon collection) on to my nails with a medium-large dotting tool (the set of 5 dotting tools I use can be found on eBay for only £1.02 here). The only thing to be aware of with this is to not have thick blobs of nail polish on the nails or it just won't dry. So make sure to only load the dotting tool with a small amount of nail polish. 

Once the neon yellow blobs had fully dried I used a Models Own Nail Art Pen to create wiggly lines around each blob and added a few dots/marks to fill in any gaps and add to the leopard print design. To finish I applied a single coat of Color Club Top Coat for a glossy finish. 

If you did want the neon spots to look even brighter than this you could use a white nail polish base to really bring out the brightness of the neon and even use different neon shades for the leopard print spots.

A simple nail look that has a nod towards summer! 

 Fee xo. 


40% Off at The Body Shop - Instore & Online!


I'm not one for posting offers on my blog all that often, but when they are as good as this one I feel I cannot not mention them. Plus I may have also taken advantage of this offer as well!

Until the end of Sunday 19th May in store and the 2pm Monday 20th Online The Body Shop are offering an amazing 40% off all products. Plus if you spend over £5 online you recieve free delivery! So for example if you spend £30 it will be £18! Of course this isn't in conjunction with any other offers. 

The codes are on the website but online code is 'HONEY' which you just enter at checkout and in-store it is '14315' which you can show to a member of staff just on your phone or print off the voucher - either works. You can find the page with both codes on here.

Here is what I picked up and how much I saved... 


 I purchased the Moringa Body Mist 100ml, Banana Conditioner 250ml and two Born Lippy Lip Balms in Toffee and Pomegranate, which should have came to £20.99 including delivery online but with the 40% code it came to £10.80! Plus I have been pleased with all of my purchases,all really perfect for summer! Also with my receipt I received a code for both online and instore for £10 off when I spend £25 in June.

I know I shouldn't compare shops but this is what Lush are lacking - discounts! The Body Shop seem to continuously have great savings and events on, but I don't think I have seen Lush ever have a special event on.

Reviews to come on the Born Lippy Lip Balms and Body Mists as I'm thoroughly impressed with both products! 

Fee xo.


Very Cherry Birthday Nails


 As some of you may know it was my birthday on Tuesday (I turned 25 which feels like a grown up age!) so I decided to take a few days off from blogging, to open presents, go shopping and eat chocolate!

But all back to normal now! So I thought I would show you the nails I created for my Birthday day.

Loving nail art so much I definitely needed some nice nails for my birthday. My first thoughts were to do some pretty Cupcake nails, which I've never actually tried before but then I spotted some amazing Unicorn nails on the Wah Nails Instagram account and was tempted to do them also (I will be doing these very soon as they are A-mazing!). But I didn't want to mess up either so I went for a favourite of mine - cherry nails in a slightly Cath Kidston style. 

I love all things cherries... especially Maraschino Cherries in a jar so cherry nails are something that make me happy... and they are so easy to do with a dotting tool!

For the base I used Models Own Snow White (from the MO duo nail polish as my Collection 2000 manicure white has gone a bit gloopy) and then MUA Pistachio Ice Cream. For the cherries I used a medium sized dotting tool with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Rapid Red. Then for the little cherry stems I used Beauty UK in Go Green with a small nail art brush, just creating little 'V' shapes. To finish off I used a small dotting tool to dot white dots on to the background and to highlight the odd cherry. Lastly I applied a clear top coat, which always makes nail art look finished off. 

Would love to know if anyone would be interested in seeing the birthday presents I received in a haul style post. As I received quite a few beauty presents and some lovely homeware gifts! 

Fee xo. 

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