Magazine Freebies for May 2013 (June 2013 Issues)


Some lovely spring magazine freebies are coming up in May. So I thought I would leave it right until the last minute to tell you about them so you don't have to wait too long at all!

Here are some of the freebies to expect on magazine stands this week... 

Marie Claire Magazine (£3.80 on sale 2nd May) - Choice of Avon Smitten Red Lipstick, Brow Definer or Gel Eyeliner, plus a sample of BB Cream with each magazine.

Elle Magazine (£4.00 on sale 1st May)  - Mini Benefit They're Real Mascara worth £9.50

Red Magazine -New Le Volume de Chanel Mascara mini EDIT - Sadly for subscribers only! Sorry about the misinformation with this.

InStyle Mag (£3.80 on sale 2nd May) - Choice of 3 full size Nail Inc Nail Polishes (I wasn't sure on this one but can comfirm it is a freebie this month

Harpers Bazaar (£4.20 on sale 1st May) - REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Cream 50ml  

Which freebies will you be picking up? 

Fee xo.  

NOTD - Models Own Artstix Duo Polish in Pink Stuff


Some super girly nails for you today with Models Own fairly new Artstix Duo Nail Polish in Pink Stuff which is Models Own Pastel Pink with Hot Stuff  glitter top coat over the top. 

You can see my nail swatches of Snow Mix and Blibble here and find out more about the entire range of duo polishes.

I wasn't sure what I was expecting from Pink Stuff but I thought it would be my least favourite from the duo polishes but I actually really love this combination. I already own Hot Stuff nail polish but would have never of though to use it over a pastel pink but it really brings out both the raspberry coloured glitter and multi-faceted glitter. 


I also added a clear top coat with my favourite NYC Quick Dry 'Grand Central Station' Top Coat to make the manicure super glossy which I think really finishes it off. Any nails like these remind me of Barbie or Nicki Minaj nails because of the bubblegum pink and how girly they are. A perfect combination for summer!

I really do think the Models Own Artstix Duos (£6 each from Boots, Westfield Bottle Shop or online) are a great idea and when I spot 'Freak Betty' at a Models Own stand in Boots it will be mine as I can see the a blue glitter top coat over dark blue nails being amazing. 

So pleased with Models Own Pink Stuff that I may love it more than Snow Mix (NOTD here) now! 

Fee xo.


Disliked Beauty Products #2


I'm back again with a whole bunch of products I just can't seem to get on with. But this time I thought I would up the ante and only select products from brands I usually love! 

So sharing my disliked products this time round shouldn't be as easy as my last post (here) but it is good to show that all brands can come out with the odd product or two that you just won't get on with, however much you love the company/brand.


The Body Shop Earth Lovers Shower Gel 
I haven't specified a certain scent of shower gel here as I purchased three of the Earth Lovers Shower Gels and dislike all of them - so I basically dislike the whole range. I purchased these as they are SLS-free as I like to try out as many SLS-free shower product as I can, in hope I will one day find my holy grail. But sadly these are far from even the SLS-free standard I am use to. The consistency of the shower gel is the problem, it's just soooo thin and doesn't foam at all. Also the scents are pretty rubbish too. I literally had to take this out of my shower and stop using it because it was annoying me every time I used it. It really did feel like a very watered down shower gel. 

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm
I normally really like Carmex lip products and when I spotted they did a Cherry Carmex it was in my basket faster than I could think maybe it's an odd combination. And that is what it is... the Carmex scent is a strong scent which I love but mixed with the artificial cherry scent it turns into some nasty smelling cough syrup that you want to instantly wipe off your lips. But having said all of that I am sure some with love the scent. But as Carmex lip balms are quite thick on the lips and quite scented I just couldn't stand to keep it on. Back to the trust original formula for me. 

Models Own Clear Top Coat 
I am a huge fan of Models Own nail polishes, especially their glitters. But there is just something about this top coat that I can't get on with. The consistency of the top coat is perfect, just how I like it, it also doesn't bubble and it's nicely glossy on the nails. But my problem is I am sure it has a blue tint to it. In the light I have photographed it in you really cannot see but if you tilt the bottle in sunlight you can slightly notice it and on the nails I really do think it alters the shade of the nail polish underneath and especially nail art. I really thought I was going a bit mad when I first started to use it but I certain it has a subtle blue tint to it now!


Naked Skin Soothing Eye Gel 
Another brand I really quite like and have used a lot of products from (namely their shampoos and lovely sachet conditioners). But I have to admit I'm not as keen on their skincare range. Maybe it's not that suited to my oily skin but I have never loved anything that much in their skincare range. But the one product I really can't get on with is the Naked Soothing Eye Gel. I'm actually thinking I may be over sensitive to one of the ingredients as this is for sensitive skin, but as soon as I apply this around my eyes they start to water and feel itchy and I do make sure to not get too close to the eye. This will definitely be going to my sister (if she will use it!) so it's not wasted. 

Jelly Belly Very Cherry Jar Candle 
This has to be the best smelling candle ever... well to a cherry lover! So instead of purchasing the small tin candle size first I got overzealous and purchased the large jar candle (which isn't that cheap at around £8). I had such high hopes after sniffing the jar but as soon as I started to burn it, it just didn't smell at all like cherries and I just couldn't make out what it smelt of. It also gave me a headache with half an hour of burning it as it was so heady but in a very artifical way! Again I will be needing to find a new home for this as I don't want to waste it. 

17 Blow Out Mascara 
17 or should I say Seventeen (their new brand name) are one of my favourite high street brands with one of my favourite ever mascaras being their Wild Curls mascara so I had high expectations when trying out their fairly new/not really that new Blow Out mascara. Now to be fair I knew I wouldn't like it as soon as I opened it and saw the HUGE brush. You see big bristle-y mascara wands just aren't my thing, I find them hard to use, they never seem to volumise my lashes as I can't manage to get right to the roots and wiggle it around and I always get the mascara on my eyelids because the brush is just too big for me. So that is exactly what happened with this mascara. If you are a fan of say the Benefit Bad Gal mascara because of the brush then you may like this. But for me this was a big n0-no. 

So there you have it. My disliked products from the brands I love!

 It actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. So please if you have any hated products from brands you normally love them please do share in the comments. 

Fee xo. 


Carex Hands on Awards Competition


Today I wanted to share with you a great competition Carex are running to celebrate it's 20th birthday.

Carex with be treating 20 busy pair of hands to a year's supply of Carex hand wash plus £500 worth of Red Letter Day vouchers to spend on whatever treats & days out you like! 

To be in with a chance of winning these great prizes Carex want you to share a day in the life of your hands which Carex will pick 20 of the most compelling entries. Your entry can be a couple of sentences, a short written diary, some photos or even video footage.


The competition is open to all, whether you are a busy mum, a gardener always getting your hands dirty or even a beauty blogger! To enter the Carex Live Life Hands On Awards visit

The Red Letter Day vouchers can be spent on a whole host of days out and things to do, such as wonderful Spa Days, Theatre trips, Afternoon Teas, Family weekends away and dining experiences! 

This really is a great competition if you lead an active life through your hands or if you fancy entering a competition that makes you get a bit creative! 

If you do enter then really good luck! 

Fee xo.


Quickie Pamper Night


The other night I decided to have a bit of a pamper night. I was planning to have a shower anyway so decided to first apply a face mask and also use some of my favourite products. 

I love having the odd pamper evening and after a stressful and long week I felt it was needed. But I'm not one for pampering myself all night so I picked out some products that are lovely to use but quick.

Here are the products I used and really do rate... 

Good Things Five Minute Facial Mask 100ml
£5.99 - Boots here 
Before getting in the shower I applied the lovely Good Things fruity face mask. I love Good Things for their summery fruity scented products but I also find them very affect as well. The mask only needs 5 minutes on the skin and dries in that time, but not in a tight can't move your mouth way. I actually have a mirror in my shower so I removed this with the Botanics Facial Brush (which I have loved for many years) and could see how radiant my skin looked. It really is a good mask for a quick brightening fix.
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 100ml 
£8.85 - Cheap Smells here   
Pre-shower I also applied the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque to the ends of my dry unwashed hair for a more intensive treatment and put my hair up off my back with a big hair claw clips (I purchased mine for £1 from Primark) so that I could get in the shower. This mask is without a doubt the most affect treatment for my slightly over processed hair and leaves it so managable and frizz-free. I really couldn't be without this hair mask now!
Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Body Scrub 238g 
£36.00 - Beauty Bay here
I'm pretty sure the gooey, sugar-y, vanilla image of the Vanilla Bean body scrub above shows how amazing it is but if you aren't convinced let me tell you how this is the most amazing smelling and feeling scrub I have ever used. I love Soap & Glory's The Breakfast Scrub but this is on a whole other level of yumminess (I may have even tasted it whilst in the shower...!). The wonderful scrub just feels so indulgent as it warms up on the skin and the sugar particles gently exfoliate. This also leaves behind just the right about of oil to moisturise the skin after bathing/showering. If you want to splurge on a luxe body scrub this really is the one to go for.


The Body Shop Shea Body Butter 50ml 
£5.00 - Body Shop website here  
After my extended shower I buttered up my skin with a the lovely Body Shop Shea Butter Body Butter which is just amazing to use. I absolutely love the texture of this and it smells perfectly nutty and creamy. I have so many other moisturisers and oils I love to use but this really does make me feel pampered due to the feel of it on my skin and the smell. 
Rose & Co Sweet Vanilla Salve 20g 
£5.99 - Amazon UK here 
I also pulled out one of my favourite lip balms to use as I love my lip care and anything that tastes yummy on the lips. I have had this salve for such a long time now but this 20g tin is still going strong. This is the best vanilla lip balm I have discovered. 
Elysambre Nail Care Oil 5ml 
£9.29 Henna Herbals here 
 This is my favourite cuticle oil to use but sadly it is quite pricey for a small bottle of oil and it is only available on smaller websites. I have tried many cuticle oils and feel this one works so well because of the sweet almond oil in it as it soaks into the cuticles and skin so well. So a good alternative would be The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil - £5.25 here... though I have also heard some great things about the Superdrug Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen which is only £2.99. 

After using all of these products I settled down in bed and watched Seven Pounds which is one of my favourite films. 

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. 
Fee xo.  

Boots Seventeen On The Spot Foundation


Today I have an exciting new product release from Seventeen (formally known as 17) to share you with! 

Seventeen On The Spot Foundation is a new foundation to be launched in Boots stores nationwide from 13th May costing £6.99 for 30ml. The new foundation claims clearer skin in 4 weeks and aims to provide a full coverage finish. 

The reason for these bold claims by Seventeen is that the foundation contains Salicylic Acid, a known spot fighting ingredient and whilst looking through the other ingredients I spotted Kaolin which helps to draw out impurities in the skin and is often used in clay face masks to help spots. So I will be trying to stick to using this foundation to see if it does help clear up the blemishes I currently have on my cheek. Yes, I did say my cheek! Worst place to have spots after the tip of your nose.


I have used this twice already and my first reactions to it are that it is full coverage and covers spots well and also Porcelain (the lightest shade is Porcelain - 6 shades available) is pretty good, not overly yellow or pink just a neutral pale shade. But if you are super pale it may be a little too dark but there will be testers of this in Boots when it comes out. The only thing I am not sure about is how it blends as it seems to set on the skin quite quickly, however I did apply it with my fingers so I will be trying it out with a brush next time. Though I will be doing an update next month to see if it has helped my skin and I can let you know which way I find best to apply it and if blending it is an issue.

I am actually really pleased to see this type of spot targeted foundation hitting the high street as there are just sooooo many foundations to pick from and none specifically say for blemish prone skin except for the Witch range.

If you are eager to try this then you can sign up to be notified of then this goes on sale on here.

Fee xo.


No Mess Watercolour Nail Tutorial


A while ago now I posted a nail of the day with some watercolour nails for spring (full post - here) and I promised to share a tutorial on them as the technique is so quick and easy to do - so here it is! 
The great thing about this watercolour technique is that it doesn't require water or any nail art tools. Plus there is minimal clean up, in fact I didn't need to use any nail polish remover with these nails.

Another great thing about this technique is any nail polish combinations can be used. Here I used two shades of blue nail polish but you could definitely go for a multi coloured effect with more nail polishes.


As you can see you don't actually need many products for these nails. My only tips would be to use thin plastic bags, I would say you need two maximum and you can even cut them into rectangular pieces that are double the size of your nails to make things a bit easier. 

Also I would suggest using an old top coat as you need to apply it while the nails are still wet to get the best effect and that can make the top coat in the bottle a bit cloudy.


Step 1 - Apply a few dots of your chosen nail polishes on to the nail using the nail polish brushes. Tip: I find it easier to open all the nail polishes I will be using first. 

Step 2 - Taking your plastic bag you want to place a corner/section of it over the nail and lightly press down. As the sandwich bag is clear you will be able to see how far to the edges of the nail you are with the nail polish, so that you can press down a little harder is certain areas to spread the nail polish about. 

Step 3 - Simply peel off the plastic bag and apply a clear top coat over the wet nail to merge the shades together more Tip: With the used part of the plastic bag simply fold it over while the nail is still wet so that is adheres and you don't get nail polish all over your hands. 

As you do need to be quick so the nail polish doesn't become tacky this is 100% a do-one-nail-at-a-time jobbie. But it is simple and easy to do meaning it doesn't take any time at all and you can do the other hand without too much of a struggle! 


But you don't need to stop there if you want extra summery nails! Just wait until your nails are fully dry and repeat the process with different coloured nail polishes. For my index finger I used Models Own Ice Neon in Bubblegum (I love how neon shades look over this), middle ringer I used Nails Inc Hampton Court Palace Gardens, ring finger China Glaze Wicked Style and little finger was Models Own Ice Neon again in Toxic Apple

Then  to finish off I applied a clear top coat to merge the shades and to make them look super glossy. Of course if you do have excess nail polish on the cuticles or skin then pour a little nail polish remover into the cap of the remover bottle and dip a cotton bud or nail art brush into it and remove it all that way. 

I think creating this nail tutorial has convinced me I need to do a lot more tutorials for spring/summer.

Hope a few of you will give these nails a go!

Fee xo. 


A Super Cheap Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove Dupe!


If you own makeup brushes I am sure by now you have seen the fairly new Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove (here). 

I do love Sigma products especially their brushes and was actually impressed by the product idea... I mean why has anyone thought of it before now! But lets be honest it is a glorified silicone oven glove for £26?! 

Which is why I decided to take to eBay and find myself a £2.95 version (various colours here - UK eBay seller). No, it doesn't have all the different cleaning 'textures' for different brushes but I really don't think that is needed at all. However it is just as thick, made of silicone and does have ridges to it. 


As you can see for £2.95 you receive a pretty large thick silicone oven glove with different sized raised hearts on it. So you could say it does have different 'zones/textures' to it - the smaller heart ridges for eye brushes at the bottom of the glove and the large heart ridges for face brushes at the tip of the glove. Though all the ridges just work as well if I'm honest.

Trying it out for the first time the other day, as I had a ton of brushes to clean, I noticed some of the benefits to using the mitt instead of just washing all my brushes by hand. Firstly it of course keeps your hands dry which is great as washing brushes regularly by hand with a makeup solution/shampoo/washing up liquid can be quite drying on the skin. Also I found I needed a lot less shampoo with the mitt as the ridges when rubbed together created a lot of lather. 


But the main benefit was without a doubt - time. It was just so much faster to clean each brush as you can really work the brush against the raised silicone and within a matter of seconds it the brush is clean and just needs rinsing under the tap - I even found you can clean eye brushes at the same time! Dare I even say it was actually fun to clean my makeup brushes this way, though I'm sure the novelty will wear off, but at least it will still be speedy cleaning with the oven mitt. 

Lastly I  found the mitt gave larger brushes a much better deep clean than I could do with my fingers, you can work up the lather inside the brush and really get the ridges cleaning it properly. That does soon a bit gimmicky but I did actually feel I was giving the larger brushes a much better clean in a shorter amount of time.

I am so impressed with how the cheap-y silicone oven glove works with cleaning makeup brushes. I think it is just one of those things that Sigma has over developed so they can stick a hefty price tag on it and it really doesn't need to be that complicated at all. 

Really worth getting if you are a MUA or have a large collection of makeup brushes! 

Fee xo.


Mid-Week Catch Up


Today I thought I would have a bit of a catch up with you all as I have a few bits I wanted to share with you so thought I'd smoosh them all into one ramble-y post.  

Firstly last week I won a giveaway! I never win anything as I don't enter many giveaways but I decided to enter Tanzina Zinio Magazine Subscription giveaway as she had 10 online magazine subscriptions to giveaway on her blog. Now I have actually used Zinio for a bit as I love reading international magazines but the price to have them delivered is way too much so an online subsciption is the next best thing.

International Magazines 

I am subscribed to Inc. Magazine (an American business magazine), Marie Claire U.S, Elle Canada and now with winning Tanzina's giveaway I am subscribed to Fairlady (a South African lifestyle magazine). 

I actually find south african magazines to be more similar to UK magazines than U.S ones and Fairlady really reminds me of a UK magazine I loved called Eve that closed in 2008. A few years ago I also use to subscribe to Elle Decoration South Africa as it was a lot more creative than any UK interior magazine. Anyways I am rambling now, but I am so happy that I won the giveaway. You can find Tanzina's  lovely blog over at Makeup A to Z.


Bargain Real Techniques Brushes 

Also at the end of last week I receive my bargain Real Techniques brushes from Amazon! I have seen so many reviews of the brush kits and decided on the Core Collection as I knew I would get a lot of use out of the larger brushes as I love perfecting a flawless base. However the only thing is that I want the Starter kit as well now! 

I have only just started using them but based on all the positive reviews I am bound to love them. But once I have fully tried them out I will do a review of them or even a brush collection post as I have a good mixture of Sigma, No7, Royal & Langnickel and Eco Tool brushes. 

I purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection Kit from Amazon for only £14.66 here however the price has now increased to £19.91 but I would definitely check the page every day as they do seem to be going up and down in price daily! So you could still snap up a bargain with either this set or the starter kit.


6 Week Sun Spot Challenge & ASOS

On other new things I have decided to dedicate 6 weeks to trying out the Eucerin Even Brighter Spot Corrector (£14.50 from Boots here), well hopefully longer if I see results! The reason for this is for the past year I have noticed quite a few sun spots around my eyes which even though as fairly faint (similar to larger freckles) I highly dislike. They seems to be a few dotted just underneath my eyebrows and them more under my eyes where eye bags normally form. I really believe the reason for this is many years of wearing glasses on sunny days and not sunglasses. However I haven't done anything to try to fade them, up until now that is. So far I have only been using it for 3 days, in the morning before I apply my makeup but I am actually going to try to photograph the spots and then in 6 weeks time I can compare the before & after images in a blog post. I really will be so impressed if there is a noticeable difference in under 2 months. 

Lastly as you can see by my ASOS magazine I decided to re-subscribe for an ASOS Premier account. My premier account ran out in January and since then I have ordered a few things so I decided it would be handy to have it again. I actually have an order coming tomorrow with some ASOS sale bits. If you order from ASOS quite often then a premier account is pretty worth it for the next day/specific day delivery, free ASOS magazines and exclusive discounts. 

I think that is me all caught up! 

Tomorrow I have quite an unusual dupe but is it amazing and so cheap - I cannot wait to share it!

Fee xo. 


My Lazy Girl Cleansing Routine


When it comes to removing my makeup at the end of the day, nine times out of ten I cannot be bothered. However experience have taught me that if I don't want spots I need to never sleep in my makeup!

So I either remove my makeup as soon as I get home from where ever I have been, which is when I use a cleansing oil and muslin cloth soaked in hot water etc or if I am being lazy/ I get home late I opt for my lazy routine which can be done from bed and only takes a minute at most. So I thought I would show you, especially as I have updated it a bit in the last week and it's working better than ever for me. 

As I have mainly oily skin with a few dry patches I like to go to sleep with all makeup removed and no residue of cleanser on my skin at all. This also means no moisturiser at night (I would just wake up with an oil slick over my T-zone, bluergh). However I do apply eye cream and moisture my neck & chest most nights.


My 3-Step Routine 

My two main aims when removing my makeup at night are to quickly remove all makeup and to lay down for sleep times. Simple! So I have all three products on my bedside table and a stack of the larger cotton pads. I now even have a bin in my bedroom so I can just throw the used cotton pads straight into the bin from bed! 

Step 1 
Micellar Water to remove bulk of makeup 
I first got into Micellar solutions when I tried the Taaj Micellar water (my favourite so far) that came in a beauty box, then I tried a lovely Melvita Rose one and now I am on to the new L'Oreal 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution 200ml (currently £2.48 Superdrug here /2 for £6 in Boots). The reason why I love Micellar Waters is that the solution actually feels like you are using some sort of "soft" water on your skin. Which sounds odd, but it somehow feels like water but nicer. It dissolves makeup instantly and doesn't move the makeup around your face at all, which I LOVE! Right now I cannot recommend the new L'Oreal Micellar Solution more highly, it is just great. Also it is on offer everywhere right now. I picked up mine from Superdrug for under £2.50 - bargain!

Step 2 
Eye Makeup Remover 
Next step is to quickly remove my eye makeup. If I am wearing a lot of waterproof mascara I opt for the Bare Mineral Instant Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover (120ml for £12.96 from Look Fantastic here) which gets the most stubborn mascara off in seconds however this does leave the eye area quite greasy and I always seems to get the oil into my eyes making my vision blurry. However it really is a great product. But for general day-to-day eye makeup I use Clarins Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (125ml for £13.60 from Escentual here) for sensitive eyes, which is a none oily solution so doesn't leave much residue at all, if any really, and doesn't irritate my eyes. This isn't as instant however if I place the cotton pad over my closed eye for 10-15 seconds I can then sweep away most of my eye makeup and then rub lightly to remove all of my mascara.

Step 3 
Toner to remove excess makeup and residue
My last step is to spritz another cotton pad with Lush's Tea Tree Toner Water (100g for £3.95 here) and sweep it all over my face to make sure I have removed all of the makeup and wipe off any oily residue on my face. I also feel this slightly cleanses my pores without any tight feeling at all. I love all of the Lush Toner Waters as they are so mild on the skin but refreshing. 

Then with expertise I slam dunk my three used cotton pads in the bin and can settle down in bed to catch up on some You Tube before sleep. 

I think in the near future I will write a post on my more thorough cleansing night routine as like my quicky/lazy routine I now have it down to a T for my skin type. 

Fee xo. 


Nails Inc Spring Ombre Nails


A super quick Sunday manicure today with some pretty blue nail polishes! 

As the weather was so lovely on Saturday I decided to paint my nails an ombre blue with a mix of some lovely Nails Inc, MUA and Models Own nail polishes.

I actually don't own any Nails Inc nail polishes other than freebies from past fashion magazines however my sister does like the brand a lot so she has quite a few minis, which I have borrowed from her! I love mini nail polishes from higher end brands as it just makes them more affordable and they are great for travelling with. My favourite minis would be from Essie (favourite ever Essie mini set here reviewed) and then OPI (favourite OPI mini set here reviewed) and then Nails Inc I think. 


I didn't picture it but for my thumb I used Models Own Blueberry Muffin but applied a white base to make it that touch lighter. Then on my index finger I used MUA Pistachio Ice Cream which I really do like (just amazing for £1). For my middle finger I used Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens. On my ring finger I used Nails Inc Chelsea Physic Garden and then on my little finger Nails Inc Kensington Park Road

I would have to say my favourite out of them all has to be Nails Inc Chelsea Physic Garden as it's such a lovely shade of blue, however I was definitely let down by Nails Inc Kensington Park Road on my pinky... I mean really, new neon shade? there is nothing neon about it! 

I rarely paint my nails in this ombre style however I always love the finished result. So I think I will be remembering to try it out with more shades especially in summer with lovely pastels

What have you got on your nails at the moment? 

Fee xo.  


NOTD - MUA New Nail Polish in Pistachio Ice Cream


Today I have a lovely nail polish from the new MUA range, that looks rather similar to another nail polish brand we all know of! 

From what I can see MUA have released 18 new shades in new bottles and with new brushes. So still the original formula. They have also finally given shade names to each nail polish which I am so pleased about as I hated just shade numbers. The shade names are also spot on with names such as - Koala Bear, Amaretto Crush and Mud Pie!

I only picked up two of the new shades as the MUA stand at the Superdrugs I visited was pretty bare, but that is no wonder seeing as it is a new range, they come in some lovely spring shades, are only £1 each and of course look like mini Essie polishes! 

 As you can see I picked up Pistachio Ice Cream and also Frozen Yoghurt (below) which I cannot wait to try out. You can see all the new shades here or find them in any Superdrugs with a MUA stand.


 I have spotted quite a lot of comments on various social media platforms about how annoying it is of MUA to basically rip off Essie with such similar packaging, and I do have to agree to a point. It doesn't really annoy me that much at all and I am quite pleased with the improved look of the bottles as they will look more aesthetically pleasing on my nail polish rack, especially for only £1. But as the do look so similar to Essie nail polishes I know people will now wonder how they fare against Essie nail polishes and really they are a million miles apart from each other. So it is clear to see why MUA have done it and it is a bit naughty of them but at the end of the day people should realise they won't be as amazing as Essie for only £1 and if they do then hopefully it's only £1 lost

Ramble aside, Pistachio Ice Cream is a lovely shade that is perfect for Spring and will suit all skin tones. The only downside is that as it is a cheap pastel nail polish you do have to apply this more carefully as it can look a little streaky and wonky around the nail line. However this only needed 2 coats for me. As you can see I also added some little gold polka dots with a Fine Sharpie Marker. 

What do you think of the new MUA nail polishes and also how naughty do you feel it is of MUA with the copy cat Essie-esque bottles? 

Fee xo.  

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