NOTD - Kiko Mint Green 422


If you have been reading Makeup Savvy for any time you will know that I love Kiko. I love the limited edition ranges, I find the products to be great quality and the prices are very reasonable. Also they always have an outlet/sale making some products super cheap!

Two of my favourite product ranges from Kiko are their lipsticks and nail polishes, so today I thought I would share with you one of their new nail polishes from the new "Colours in the World" collection.

There are 10 new limited edition nail polishes in the collection all priced at £4.90 with this one being - 422 Mint Green (online - here or in-store at Kiko, Westfield Shopping Centre)

The 'Colours in the World' collection is for Spring 2013 and focuses on colour, so it is kind of a celebration of colour, like the nail polish bottle states. So all the pieces in the collection are bright and very pigmented.


As for Kiko Mint Green Celebration Nail Lacquer it is just like all the other Kiko nail polishes - easy to apply, 2 coats opaque and glossy. Actually so glossy it reminds me of the fairly new Barry M Gelly nail polishes. The colour is as you can see, a bright but soft turquoise shade that is ideal for spring/summer and will look good of both the fingernails and toes. 

However I do sadly have a criticism with ordering from the UK website as the minimum spend is £25 and the p&p is £5.90, so you would really have to want to purchase quite a lot to order through the website. The reason for this is that the products do come from Italy but I do feel they need to re-evaluate this as the high minimum spend and p&p totally takes always from the low prices of the products. Though first time customers do get free shipping at least and you can also pay via Paypal.

But if you are lucky enough to live near London then the Kiko store in the Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre is a total must! 

Fee xo.


Oh My Haul - February 2013


New series alert! New series alert! 

Nothing major but I really enjoy doing haul posts so I have decided to start a monthly haul post near towards the end of each month entitled 'Oh My Haul'.

This months haul consists of a good mixture of items and lots of bargains. Also a few things in my haul have been mentioned in past wish list posts or I have already reviewed... because I'm a bit of a numpty!


Diego Dalla Palma Pop Art Lipstick in 173 Pink 
Super bargain buy from eBay
Ever since I tried the lipstick from the Limited Edition Diego Dalla Palma palette (see my post with the palette in it here) I was eager to buy more! The pigmentation of the red lipstick was amazing, it had a lovely scent (similar to MAC lipsticks), was nicely hydrating but also long lasting and didn't feather. However at £14.00 I think I would always opt for a MAC lipstick, so I took to eBay to find a bargain and after a few months of watching lots of DDP lipsticks I bagged my bargain for under £4 including delivery - wooop!

This pink lipstick definitely hasn't disappointed. The formula is perfect and the neon pink shade will be perfect for both Spring and Summer wear. As it so bright I know it will be one to wear with just a bit of eyeliner and mascara for a really fresh look.


Homeware Buys... 

I love my homeware purchases and interior shopping and as these two items will be residing on my makeup desk I thought I would include them in this post. 

Crown Trinket Dish
The interesting Crown ornament/dish was a random buy when looking at the clearance section of Homesense (interior little sister of TK Maxx). I can't remember how much it was now but I'm sure it was under £5 so I decided to just get it. I think what I like about it is that to me it looks like some kind of crown/octopus hybrid, as the top kind of looks like octopus tentacles! I quite like how it looks with jewellery in it but I may also try it with my favourite lipsticks in. 

Vintage Perfume Print
 As for the vintage Perfume Ad re-print which I have lent up on my makeup table it was a gift and I cannot find it online sadly. I did Google the perfume and found out that it would have been released around 1940-1950 and the perfume is still actually sold today! I find vintage beauty ads so interesting and my favourite place to find them is eBay - vintage Revlon and Max Factor ads are by far my favourites. 


Sally Hansen Insta Dri Speed Dry Drops 
£3.28 Free P&P from eBay - here
I mentioned these Insta Speed Dry Drops in a wish list post this month and decided at such a low price I should just buy it. I have so far tried out the drops twice and have been impressed. I don't like how the drops spread onto the cuticles but it is absorbed by the skin fairly quickly. I can see this product being ideal for making sure my nails are totally dry before bed as I do always end up with the thread print of my duvet cover on my nails, or for when I am late and need to go out but want my nails to be fully dry.

Gogo Philip Red Heart Necklace 
ASOS selection - here 
Gogo Philip website with free worldwide p&p - here
Sadly this necklace longer available but I thought I would still show it as I love Gogo Philip jewellery and own a few pieces now. All jewelery from both ASOS and the official website is free delivery and is affordable but unique. I always feel like I am wanting a necklace, bracelet or ring from the brand.


Random extras...

Set of 3 Mini Kyle Books Notebooks 
Offical website - £7.99 here or John Lewis
I purchased these cute little notebooks in the John Lewis sale online at the beginning of February. I thought three would be enough for blogging things as I need to be a lot more organised with blog posts and ideas. 
Sharpie Fine Metallic Markers 
Set of 3 from Tesco or eBay for £4.39 - here 
I have just wrote a full post on how these Sharpies are the best pens for nail art so you should probably just read the post here if you want to see what I mean. But to reiterate the post, these are just the easiest thing to use on the nails ever! Also the three shades are so lovely. 
Lip Smacker Soda Lip Balms 
From £2.50 from eBay - here
Lip Smackers are the best range of fizzy/soda inspired lip balms. I think it's both the flavors and packaging that keeps on drawing me in to purchase more. I have tried so many now but the Coca Cola lip balms have to be my favourites from the brand.
Moustache Thank You Cards from Graphique de France
Found in Homesense 
These were a lucky find in Homesense, again on clearance. I had to get them as they are so cute and different for the general UK stationary. Sadly these probably can be only found in Homesense or on Ebay at a push as the brand isn't stocked in the UK... though it really should be and the stationary is just so amazing!

Hope you have enjoyed this lengthy haul post!

Fee xo.   


Easiest Nail Art Ever with Sharpie Markers!


When it comes to nail art even for me it can be easy to just stick to using glitter nail polish or a dotting tool. Because lets face it, doing nail art can be fiddly and also someones impossible with your other hand. 

However I have finally discovered the easiest pens to use and they come in 3 lovely metallic shades . Yes, they are just Sharpie fine point markers but they just work perfectly. 

I've tried various Sharpie pens in the past, some have worked and some haven't. I actually like to use an extra fine black Sharpie Marker quite often for nail art. So when I spotted a 3 pack of the new-ish Sharpie Metallic Markers in Tesco I thought I would try them out. Do not worry though you can also find them on eBay for £4.19 with  free p&p - here which is roughly what I paid. The markers come in a set of three consisting of - gold, silver and bronze.


As you can see here I tried out the silver and gold markers with quite good effect. The thing I really like about these pens is that you don't need to shake them and they are opaque meaning you don't need to go over your nail art design at all. 

However there are some things that you have to make sure of. The first one is you need to make sure your nail polish is totally dry before using the markers on the nails or it will just drag the nail polish and look awful. Also you do have to use a top coat to seal in the nail art but this is were you can smudge the design so you need to let the Sharpie Marker dry and then with enough top coat on the brush you need to quickly and lightly apply it to each nail. If you drag the polish over the nail a few times it's more than likely going to smudge. But as you can see by my nails you can definitely apply a top coat without smudging them.

I'm just so pleased with my new discovery and can see myself using the pens quite often to add gold tips to my nails and polka dots. But now I can attempt some more complex nail art as it is just like using a pen as the nib works perfectly on the nails. 

Expect to see more Sharpie Marker nail art is some up coming nail posts as I have a feeling I will be getting obsessed with using these instead of nail polish nail art pens! 

Fee xo.


My New Makeup Desk


Last week I mentioned that I planned to go to Ikea for a new desk.... and I did! Sadly I didn't take my camera along with me as it was an impromptu trip, but I did get the desk I wanted. 

The desk was under £30 and I'm really pleased with how it looks. So I thought I would show you! 

I decided I needed a new makeup desk as I wanted to create an extra office area with a desk in my makeup room... for paper, stationary and to do boring tax things at. So I decided to use the makeup desk I had (see below) as it's glass and quite impractical for makeup/keeping clean and then get a new, smaller desk for doing my makeup at.

My previous desk... 
The desk that I originally used was from Ikea (I do think Ikea are the best for desk combinations) and similar to my new desk I purchased the table top and legs separately. The table top was the Vika Gruvan in White (£70 - here) which I think looks really nice with the space for items under the glass . I just placed cards from Paperchase and Rob Ryan lasercut prints under there to add a bit of interest. Then I bought two bookcase style trestles, again from Ikea, however these aren't available anymore, though there is a lot of choice when it comes to legs and trestles. 

If you are planning on buying a desk from Ikea I would highly recommend doing a Google image search of the desk (table top) you like the look of and see how it has been style by others and what legs look good with it. 


New Desk Setup... 

When deciding on my new desk I knew I wanted something smaller. My philosophy being smaller desk, less mess! The top is the Vika Amon in White (£20 - here) which was actually £17 in-store and 2 x Lerberg Trestles in Grey (£5 each - here) totaling only £27 which I think is so reasonable for a desk. If you are on even more of a budget there is a smaller table top in the same range for only £7.

The options for legs are really great at Ikea and you can actually have one normal metal leg and then a storage unit as the other leg, as all the legs, trestle legs and storage units are the same height and depth. 

Storage & Accessories... 

As for the pretty items on my desk, I have tried to keep it more minimal so that I will hopefully stay tidy. I of course have my Muji Storage which I love and couldn't be without (full post of my Muji setup here) and a Glass Sweets Jar from Matalan (£2 in-store) that holds lip products. I also have a chocolate box beneath that which contains lipbalms. I also have a Pedestal Mirror from Primark which was only £4.

You may have noticed the lack of brushes on my desk, which is because I also purchased two lovely metal lace trimmed plant pots (Skurar range £2 each - here) but I need to put some uncooked rice in to them to hold the brushes and so they sit higher in the pot

For decorative accessories I have a new vintage perfume framed print that was a gift which I really like. I also have my golden stag that was in fact from the Christmas range at Asda a few years ago and my gold stegosaurus which was a plastic toy that I applied gold leaf to. As for the cute old style milk bottle vase I purchased that from Dot Com Gift Shop for £2.95 here and the artificial flowers were from a selection at Dunelm Mill. 

 Hope this was helpful to those of you that may need some inspiration or like interior posts

Fee xo. 


Favourite Nail Polish Essentials


It is fair to say I have more than enough nail polish. So much so that I feel guilty when I look at my collection and realise I have so many amazing shades and glitters that I have only used once! However I do have my favourites which I always go back to and I also have my essential polishes. These are my base coats, top coats, and my basic shades for nail art. 

 So I thought today I would share with you my absolute favourite essential nail polishes.

Favourite Base Coat 
Essie Ridge Filler for Artifical Nails 
I have tried a few base coats over the last few years but always forget about then as all they seem to do is prevent nail staining. However as soon as I started using the Essie Ridge Filler I knew it would be a base coat I would be using frequently. This is designed for artifical nails however I can't see any reason why not to use it on natural nails and I personally feel it works wonders on smoothing out the ridges in my nails to create a perfect base. I use this when going for nude nails so the finish is perfect and also when doing nail art as again I want the base to be as perfect as possible. 
Available on eBay for £4.99 free p&p - here

 Favourite Glossy Top Coat 
NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish  in Grand Central Station
This may not even mention it is a top coat on the bottle but this is 100% the best top coat I have ever tried and also at an amazing price. The clear top coat has a slightly watery consistancy which means it just glides onto the nails and doesn't smudge nail polish or nail art. I find it dries fast, never bubbles and always looks glossy. I just know I won't be purschasing any other top coat other than this ever again!
Available from Superdrug online and in-store for £1.79 - here  

Favourite Matte Top Coat 
Models Own Pro Matt Top Coat 
There aren't many matt top coats on the high street so this is a blessing if you do like matte nails. I cannot fault this in any way, it simply gives the nails a matte finish in under 60 seconds and the finish is ultra smooth which is strangly nice to touch! 
Available from £8.00 - here 

Favourite Opaque Black nail polish 
Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish in Black Cab
I have tried many black nail polishes over the years and have found so many to be quite sheer, meaning they need 3+ coats to be totally black. However I finally found my perfect black nail polish with Rimmel Black Cab. Two coats is all you need for glossy jet black nails. 
Available from Boots for £2.99 here or Superdrug - here   

Favourite Opaque White nail polish 
Collection 2000 5 Day Wear in French White
This is my go-to white nail polish. Again much like black nail polishes, white polishes can be quite sheer but as this is a french white which is for french manicures it is a good opaque white in 2 coats. Really haven't found anything as good from any other high street brand.
I cannot seem to find this online but almost sure you can find it in Boots for £2.99
I realised after taking the photos for this post that I didn't include a favourite nude nail polish as I view a good nude shade a great essential for nail art and a nice base for many glitter polishes.

 I will just have to do my Top 5 Nude Nail Polishes now I think!

Hope you liked this post. 

Fee xo.  


Face Mask Friday Returns, again!


Since my face mask collection seems to be ever growing (I currently have over 20 face mask sachets to get through) I thought I would return with my face mask reviews every Friday. 

I normally apply a face mask every week so this will hopefully be an achievable series for quite some time as I get though all the different face masks I own. I'm actually quite excited about the return of this series as I have five interesting Korean face masks to try out and a few high end masks such as the Rodial 5 Minute Facial. 

But I also want to try out a Lush Fresh Face Mask and a Korean Snail Sheet Mask! Plus I also want to try and create a few of my own with some kitchen ingredients. So hopefully it will be more interesting than when I last did Face Mask Friday. 

If you are interested in some face mask reviews you can find all my past posts - here

What is your favourite sachet face mask? 

Fee xo.   


iPhone eBay Buys


I love my gadgets and cheap eBay buys so I thought I would write a post today on two accessories that I have recently purchased and really love. 

Both are under £5.00 including p&p and from UK sellers. In fact one of the items I purchased was from an eBay seller I have used before to buy my glittery acrylic nail polish storage/stand, which I can't express how much I love. You can find that post here


iPhone/iPod/Blackberry Acrylic Stand - £2.50 Free p&p
Glitter - here, Clear - here, White - here, Black - here

For such a long time I have been trying to prop up my phone to watch YouTube videos while I get ready at my desk or do my nails. However every time it fails and my phone ends up falling over or I have to stretch to actually see the screen. So I decided to have a look on eBay for a simple stand that would solve the problem. I instantly came across the seller I had previously used so I knew that the quality would be good. 

I actually thought I would just be able to use this stand portrait but it turns out I can actually use it landscape as well so that the video fills the whole screen, which is so much better. It is effectively just a piece of acrylic but I love that is it glittery and does exactly what I need for only £2.50! Perfect. 


Nebula Out of Space Galaxy Glossy back case for iPhone 4/4S
£4.95 free p&p - here

I was after a lovely Nebula case for my iPhone and this is the one I went for. I of course love the image as it is so mesmerising but I purchased it for the glossy back (most seemed to be a matte finish) and also the clear plastic sides, so that it didn't look too bulky. 

Really impressed with the quality of the image and it also has clear cut outs for all of the ports which is good. Not a lot to say about this except I love it! You can also find other galaxy phone cases with the same eBay seller. 

 If you are an iPhone user I hope this little post has been helpful! 

Fee xo.

Models Own Ice Neon Collection with Swatches!


A totally new Models Own collection today - Ice Neon! 

5 new shades, £5 each, frosted bottles, super pigmented fluoro neon shades... and all to be kept refrigerated!

Models Own new Ice Neon collection is like no other previous collection. These 5 new nail polishes have been inspired by the trick of keeping glow sticks in the fridge to make the glow of the stick last longer. So Models Own have applied the same principle to these super neon shades.

*I really need to stress here that my camera highly dislikes neon colours and refuses to capture how bright they actually are. This is what has happened with these nail swatches, so you will have to imagine the shades 3 times brighter than they actually appear in these images!*

Release date info can be found at the bottom of  the blog post.

The 5 new shades consist of (from left to right in the above image) - Bubblegum. Luis Lemon, Pukka Purple, Toxic Apple and Pink Punch

As you may be able to spot there are a few shades that have already been released as normal polishes, such as Toxic Apple and Pink Punch. However these new shades have a matt finish (I would say it is more semi matte) and are more pigmented and slightly brighter. I know this as I swatched the new Pink Punch with the normal MO Pink Punch to compare the two. 

Now am I really convinced about this refrigerating them malarkey to keep them staying bright and the specially designed frosted bottles to withstand the cold. Basically not really. I'm not saying it is utter rubbish but like most beauty brands they are using something new to make the range more appealing and interesting. So I do believe the bottle is just a frosted glass bottle which without being frosted would withstand the temperature of a normal fridge. However I do think if you did kept these polishes in the fridge they would stay brighter for longer but I'm talking keeping them for years and years. 


Favourite from the Ice Neon collection - Bubblegum. Just so bright and neon... this will be perfect for summer on both fingers and toes. 
Least liked from the Ice Neon collection - Pukka Purple. Slightly hard to apply and also I just don't see purple as a neon shade.

Application wise like all Models Own nail polishes these apply really nicely and only need two coats, though the yellow shade Luis Lemon did take 3 coats and Pukka Purple was slightly difficult to apply for some reason.

As for the finish,they are more of a semi matte than matte and the only thing I could compare this to in finish is a balloon, kind of a tiny bit shiny as you can see in the images above. However once you apply a clear top coat you do notice the difference and it is transformed into a glossy nail polish. I personally think a glossy neon shade is much nicer, especially for summer. 


Here is a nail swatch of Pink Punch (which sadly doesn't look at all as neon as it does in real life). As you can see the finish with the Models Own Top Coat is a lot more glossy and I would actually say it makes the neon shades look brighter as they reflect the light more, if that makes sense.

On the whole this is a perfect collection for Spring/Summer 2013. I can definitely see myself wearing Luis Lemon and Toxic Apple come Spring and then Bubblegum and Pink Punch in Summer. Actually one thing I really noticed about Pink Punch is that is actually warms up the skin, which sounds a little odd but because it is so bright it actually made my skin look slightly tanned as opposed` to being quite fair. So definitely a great shade for summer. 

You can these nail polishes on your nails on the 9th March from the Models Own Bottleshop, located in Westfield Shopping Centre. Or you can pre-order on the 1st March from to guarantee delivery before 20th March. Or if you aren't in any rush you will be able to find the full collection in Boots stores nationwide from 22nd March. I think I have covered everything there!

What shade from the Ice Neon collection do you like the look of most? 

Also any Models Own fans please tell me your favourite ever nail polish from MO! I need to add to my collection.

Fee xo.


Create Your Own Speckled Nails!

speckled nails

For the past few weeks I have been seriously lusting after the Illamasqua Speckled Nail Polishes, but at £14.50 a bottle (here) I just knew I couldn't give in. 

But then I realised that speckled polishes are very much similar to what nail polish addicts call 'jelly sandwich' nails which is created by sandwiching a glitter nail polish between two layers of a sheer nail polish. So I decided to give it a go! 

 Now I realise these nails aren't that similar in shade to the Illamasqua nail polishes however I think the new L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat (£4.99 Superdrug here or Boots) with any sheer pastel nail polish would be so similar to the Illamasqua ones. I just need to get my hands on the L'Oreal top coat to try it out. 

jelly sandwich nails

I decided to go for multi-coloured speckled nails as for the past few days the sun has been shining, which can only mean one thing - Spring is on it's way! Which also means Easter is also near (I may have already consumed one Easter egg already!) and I thought speckled egg nails would look really nice. 

How I achieved my speckled nails... 
  • First I decided to start with my all time favourite base coat, the Essie Ridge Filler (£8.55 Feel Unique here) which really smooths out the nails and acts like a foundation for the nail bed. Really great for older nails or anyone that has ridges due to wearing nail polish too often - like me! 
  • Next I applied a very thin coat of a nude Color Club nail polish, I don't actually know the name of this, but I do highly rate bother Essie and Colour Club for quite sheer french manicure shades. You really want to go for a nude that is quite sheer with one coat. 
  • Once that had dried I next applied Technic Carnival evenly over my nails. I absolutely LOVE this polish and it is just so cheap. Amazon - £1.90 free p&p here. Ebay - £1.85 with p&p here
  •  I then let my nails fully dry - this is quite an important step as you don't want the glitter to drag off the nails with the next step. 
  • Next with the least amount of nail polish on my brush I applied the Colour Club nude polish over my nails to create the Jelly Sandwich. If you find the polish is covering the glitter underneath too much, just wipe off the excess onto the bottle neck and sweep over the nail again. 
  • My nails here are without a top coat but you can add a glossy top coat or even a matte one - Models Own do a great one.
jelly sandwich nails 2 

As the nails may have 4 layers of nail polish on them with a base coat or top coat, it is important you let the nails fully dry as there is nothing worse than smudging nails you have spent time over! 

What I love about these nails is that you have effectively created your own unique nail polish by just suspending a glitter nail polish between two layers of a creme nail polish and also the finish of the nails is so smooth unlike when you just apply a glitter top coat over a base nail colour. 

I'm really impressed with how these nails turned out and now just want to get my mitts on the new L'Oreal Confetti nail polish to try out more combinations! 

Fee xo. 


Nails, A Ramble & Marie Claire U.S


As some of you may have noticed I didn't write a lazy links post at the weekend! This was due to feel bluergh and generally ill. I've been ill for what seems to be ages now so decided to not blog for a few days and do nothing. 

But now I'm actually feeling like my horrible cold/nosebleeds/cheekbone ache/everything ache is quite a bit less and I'm determined to get lots done this week including blogging. Does anyone else appreciate life and just feeling normal a lot more after being ill? 

My first job of the day was to paint my nails for a post that will be up tomorrow, the nails are below however these aren't the finished look... I decided to try out something kind of new to me and I'm really pleased with the results.


This Week...

As for the rest of the day I need to catch up on some other outside of Makeup Savvy blogging things, take my dog for a walk in the nice sunshine, go food shopping and organise some of my makeup. Then more blogging tonight and You Tube watching - I watch more vlogs on You Tube than actual TV now I think! 

Also this week I really want to take a trip to Ikea (I may actually take my camera with me to photograph lots of different makeup storage options for a storage ideas post) as I want to get another desk for my spare room (which will be for boring office things rather than makeup) and also some picture frames as I plan to buy some nice PDF prints (this and this) from Etsy (these are ones you can print out from home or at a printers and save so much money - prices are around £3-7 per print). I also want to go to B&Q to acquire some wallpaper samples for a few new blog photo backgrounds.

In between all of that I plan to go swimming, make my own peanut butter, go to the cinema to see 'This is 40', paint my spare room/makeup room and avoid going makeup shopping! 

American Marie Claire Magazine

Also while I was rambling I thought I would mention about my Marie Claire U.S subscription, which I think is so much better than our UK issue. I actually got a bit hooked on reading U.S magazine whilst on holiday at the end of last year. So at the start of 2013 I decided to subscribe to one, but quickly released I would be paying £60+ a year. But then I discovered this website which is american but the subscription to Marie Claire U.S is only $10 with $15 international shipping making it roughly £16 a year! There are lots of other magazine titles however the international delivery charges are quite a lot higher for some reason. But I am just so pleased I could subscribe to it for less than the UK magazine!

End of ramble! 

I hope you all have a nice week ahead and lets hope it stays sunny.

Fee xo.


Rose Scents & Red Nails


Today is Valentine's Day if you hadn't noticed! So I thought I would write a post on rose scented beauty products and red nails... because I'm a beauty blogger and that is what I do! 

I'm actually a bit of an odd bod and didn't actually like rose scented products until a few years ago, but I realised it was down to the rose scented products I was trying out. I think a lot of rose products can either be quite granny-ish or too herbal. 

I also didn't ever wear red nail polish but over the years as I have become addicted to nail polish I have found a few red polish that I really like, though I have two rules; it has to be an opaque red in two coats and it cannot contain any shimmer, unless it's a red glitter which always reminds me of Dorothy's red glittery shoes!

Red nails...

Barry M Bright Red 262
£2.99 Superdrug/Boots
This was first actual red nail polish and year and years on it is still going strong. The colour is bold and bright and the formula is fast drying and only needs a few coats. My personal favourite budget red nail polish. 

Revlon All Fired Up
 £2.99 eBay here
Over the years Revlon have come out with many red nail polishes in different finishes and I do own quite a few Revlon reds now but this is my favourite one. All Fired Up was a nail polish that was actually released in 1952 along with Fire & Ice Lipstick then both products were re-released in 2010! I love that it has a bit of history behind it so this feels like my vintage red. The finish is quite glossy and opaque in two coats. 

Model Own Scarlett Sparkle 
£5.00 Model Own site here
I own so many Models Own glitter nail polish and has discovered that they either fall into the loose glitter category or the packed glitter (opaque) category, but this glitter doesn't actually fit into either. It definitely needs a red base nail polish but then it only need two coats to cover the nail (without a base you would need 4 plus coats). This is my Wizard of Oz nail polish and I love it!  


Rose scented...

Sleek Rose Gold Blusher 
£4.49 - Sleek website/Superdrug here
This really is the most amazing blusher from Sleek. It truly has to be seen in person and swatched to be fully appreciated. An amazing blush for glow-y highlighted cheeks. Just so pretty.  

Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream 100ml
£14.50 - Gorgeous Shop here
I first discovered the Balance Me Rose Otto range when I tried the SLS-free body wash and I was so amazed how soft it left my skin for just being a shower gel. But since then I have realised that all Balance Me product are like this. The hand creams are the most hydrating I have tried. I won't lie though, the scent isn't my favourite as it's a Moroccan herbal rose scent however as it is the best formula I have tried I can totally deal with the scent.
Paul Smith Rose EDP 30ml
£16.95 - Cheap Smells here
A perfect fresh rose perfume for Spring. Nothing powdery or old lady-like but just a modern rose scent. I've re-purchased this perfume a few times now as I love to wear it in spring so much! 

Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve Lip Balm 20g 
 £5.00  - Amazon here
  Rose & Co salves are amongst my favourite lip balms. If you love rose scented products then you will definitely enjoy this lip balm.

 Thought I would also share this lovely and meaningful quote/passage with you to finish off the post.  

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Fee xo.

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