Winter Sun - Lanzarote

Lanzarote Holiday

As most of you will know I recently went on holiday to Lanzarote for ten days to get a bit of winter sun. I love Lanzarote as it is warm enough to visit all year round so thought I would share a few things I did whilst I was there... though it was pretty much a very lazy, relaxing holiday! 

Having visited Lanzarote last year in December and really enjoyed it, me and my sister (plus her little family) decided to go again but for a longer stay and also go a month earlier as we both felt we missed out on the lead up to Christmas last year! Flight times are pretty good at around 4 hours and we visited Costs Teguise, which is one of the three main resort areas of the island.

Costa Teguise

Weather wise I was so impressed... Lanzarote is known for it's winter sun but a few days whilst I was there it reached 28oC mid-day and every morning it was sunny from 9am.

Some of the highlights of my holiday were... Eating breakfast outside every morning overlooking the beach - there is nothing like feeling the sun beaming down at 9am. Feeding the fish in the sea - The water was just so clear and we were able to feed the little fish with bread without having to go in pass our knees! Relaxing by the pool - I stocked up on U.S magazines and spent many afternoon either sleeping or reading by the pool. Also going swimming everyday was such a novelty that I loved... which of course led to a siesta most afternoons. Going out for dinner each night - Finding somewhere new and eating alfresco... we found some lovely Italian places that did amazing steak and pizzas. After dinner I also loved indulging in some shopping (I will have to write about my holiday beauty buys!) as everything stays open and it was actually still quite warm for 9pm at 19oC!

Instagram holiday
 My book of choice by the pool - Eating fresh pizza outside at night - Elle U.S - such a good read - My view at breakfast - Overlooking the beach at night - Flying home.
As you can tell I had a very relaxing, laid back holiday, full of eating, shopping and swimming which is what I really love to do when I go away. Though Lanzarote does also have another side to it. You can visit Volcanoes and the Jameos del Agua caves are just amazing (I have actually visited both on previous holidays to Lanzarote). Also there are always late night outdoor markets to visit where you can pick up something unique to take home. You can also visit the other resorts by just jumping on a bus or even go on amazing boat trip to swim in the ocean and spot dolpins!

 I thoroughly love going on holiday when it is cold and dark in the UK, it feels like such a treat and Lanzarote is such a great all round place to visit for winter sun as the sunny weather is pretty much guaranteed. As for costs we did look at other parts of the Canary Islands but found Lanazrote to be the cheapest and it really is affordable. Also you can get some great deals on low deposits (as low as £25pp on Direct Holidays). This means you can book way in advance for next year and pay for your holiday nearer the time - something I did and really prefer to do.

  I hope you  have enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about Lanzarote feel free to ask away in the comments below! 

Fee xo. 


Gift Idea - Starbucks Travel Mug

Starbucks Travel Mug

Over the past decade Starbucks have pretty much become a 'cool' brand therefore making this thermal cup a cool but cheap gift for anyone that likes their hot drinks

This is also a bit of a steal as I have seen the steep price tags of some of the Starbucks merchandise in-store but this is from Tesco and really well priced.

The Starbucks cup (Tesco £5 - here) is double insulated porcelain (don't quote me on this) and is designed to be a travel cup so you can pour in your favourite hot drink and be able to hold it... no burn-y fingers here! Also there is a nice silicone top with a small cut out for drinking through.

starbucks cup

But as the silicone top comes off it can be used as a cup which is what I have been doing with my lovely Whittards White Hot Chocolate and squirty cream on top, sooooooo good.

This would be a lovely gift for anyone that has to commute everyday or a student. Or if you wanted to make this a larger gift you could create a hot chocolate hamper by buying nice Hot Chocolate (Green & Black's & Whittard's are amazing), mini marshmallows, some Chocolate for grating and a mini chocolate grater (I recently purchased one from eBay £1.99 free p&p - here). 

Tesco also do a red Starbucks mug with a box of their classic hot chocolate (Tesco online £5 - here) which would also make a lovely gift.

 It is worth noting that Tesco have a click & collect service, something I use a lot, so you don't have to spend anything on delivery, just pick up your items when shopping. 

Both products mentioned should also be available in larger Tesco stores.

Fee xo.


Gift Idea - Thierry Mugler Miniature Fragrance Set

Thierry Mugler Miniature fragrance set

 Perfumes are a lovely gift to give or receive at Christmas. But when giving a perfume you do have to be either clever and know what they like or want they want. Which is why it is lovely to give a miniature perfume set.

I am personally a huge lover of Thierry Mugler fragrances and I love miniature fragrances so this set has got me really excited! 

I remember the first ever miniature purfume set I ever received for Christmas when I was in my teens. It was a Cacharel set that contained Anais Anais and Amor Amor and three other dodgy smelling perfumes - I loved it! I can actually remember sitting there in my new dressing gown on Christmas morning trying them all out on my wrist and neck... similar what I do now really as an adult!

Christmas day reminiscing aside this lovely Thierry Mugler set contains 4 minuture perfumes in their exact full size bottles (I really love the detail). The four fragrances are Angel Eau De Parfum (5ml), Womanity Eau De Parfum (5ml), Angel Eau De Toilette (3ml) and Alien Eau De Parfum (6ml).

Available for £31.00 at Debenhams (here), Selfridges and Harrods. 
thierry mugler mini perfume set

Other than Angel Eau De Parfum which is a classic, the three other scents are fairly recent additions to the Thierry Mugler family with Alien being the newest fragrance. So the set is quite up-to-date which is really good.

I should mention for anyone wondering why 'Angel' features twice in the gift set as EDP and EDT. It is because even though they are both called Angel they really do smell nothing alike. Odd I know, but trust me the EDT isn't a lighter version of Angel EDP even though it is a lighter perfume. 

I have owned Angel and Eau De Star in the past but now my new favourite is Alien which I'm going to be asking for on my Christmas list! Womanity I am also really keen on... but I can't ask for two perfumes really.

This is such a great gift for someone that already loves a fragrance from Thierry Mugler as they are bound to discover a new scent they like, like I did! Or someone that likes really rich, sophisticated fragrances would love this. 

Another mini perfume set I love is the Vivabox (Perfume Shop - £34.99 here) which is SUCH a great gift idea. More brands/stores need to do this!

Fee xo.


Gift Idea - Elegant Touch Nail Art Kit

Elegant touch Nail art kit ASOS

A great little stocking filler gift today for anyone that likes a bit of nail art. 

The Elegant Touch Nail Art Kit is available from ASOS which means free delivery (woop!) for only £2.50 (here).

The set contains 3 sheets of nail art stickers - stick-on stars, rhinestones (my favourite) and skulls. The stickers easily peel off and can be applied with their sticky backing to natural, artificial or nail polished nails - so simple!

Elegant touch Nail art stickers

What I really like about this little set besides from the price is that it is simple. Anyone that likes painting their nails can enjoy this as it's just a matter of peeling of the nail art you want and pressing it lightly onto the nail and adding a clear top coat if you so choose. Also removal is so easy, you just need to press a bit firmer with your nail polish remover to remove the stickers. 

This is a set that a really wide age range can enjoy from early teens to anyone in their 20's. I also love how it's something the receiver of the gift could try out on Christmas Day when they open it, as I know this is what I like to do with my own presents!

Gift idea aside this is also quite nice if you are into festive nails but don't want to be using glitter nail polish as removing it is such a nightmare

Or you have Christmas parties to go to in December and want to easily jazz up your nails.

A really nice cheap little set! 

Fee xo.


Gift Idea - Philosopy Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Set

Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy gift set

When I first discovered Philosophy I fell in love with the cute names and lovely scents but not so much their price tags. 

But in recent years Philsophy have come out with more affordable gifts such as this one, which for £16, is quite reasonable for such a lovely look gift set from a higher-end brand.

The lovely Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy Duo contains - Sugar Plum Fairy shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath (240ml) and Sugar Plum Fairy high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine (15ml).

Philosophy £16 giftset Christmas

The Philosophy gift set is available for £16 at Debenhams (here) and John Lewis (here). 

What I really like about this set is the attention  to detail from the gift box to the products. I love how festive the box is, with the glitter red stars and gingham ribbon (this isn't an excuse not to wrap it up though, my Christmas bug bear is people that don't wrap up gifts!)

The 3-in-1 Sugar Plum Fairy product is something that most people should enjoy - no having to worry if they are a shower or bath person. Sadly I couldn't photography the colour of the gel which is a lot more vivid and glittery which is really nice. As for the scent, it is sweet and soapy smelling which I quite like. 

As for the High-Gloss, High-Flavor Lip Shine, wow wow wow this really is high flavour! The smell of this is so sweet, actually like sweets. It definitely is so good you want to taste it. This also has a lovely finer pink glitter running though it that catches the light really nicely. 

A really lovely feminine gift set that won't blow the bank! 

Fee xo.


NOTD - Models Own Snow Flake & Jack Frost

Models Own Wonderland nails Jack Frost

If you haven't heard of the term 'snow globe' nails then it will be because I made it up in my head once when I applied glitter over white nails! It reminded of when all the snow settles at the bottom of a snow globe. 

There is a way of achieving snow globe nails and that is with a white base coat and silver or sheer flecks of glitter nail polish - it can never be coloured glitter!

Here I used two nail polishes from the Models Own Wonderland Collection - Jack Frost and then Snow Flake (Models Own or Boots £5 - here). For my base nail polish I went for Revlon Powder Puff (a Poundland buy!) which has a matte suede finish and slightly pearly blue hue to it that is very subtle. You can see my full Models Own Wonderland Collection post - here.

I think the main thing when trying to achieve delicate looking nails like these is to let each coat of nail polish dry so that you don't get thick layers of nail polish. Also it means you won't end up smudging the glitter off the nails because it's too thick!

If you like the look of Models Own Jack Frost but can't find it in Boots and don't want to pay P&P online then a great dupe for it is Maybelline Cosmic Flash. 

Do you think you will be trying out 'Snow Globe' nails? 

Fee xo.


Gift Idea - Neom Home Scenting Gift Set & 20% off Code!

Neom Home Scenting gift set christmas

Neom are a brand that oozes luxury and sophistication, with amazing scents and only the best organic and natural ingredients. 

Their gift set are just perfection, from the quality of the packaging and how they are presented, to the selection of products that are in each set. A true treat for anyone that receives this gift. 

The Neom Scent With Love: Home Scenting Gift Set (£50.00 - here) is my personal favourite of the three gift sets available from Neom this Christmas. The reason for this is it contains both a mini candle and a mini reed diffuser, which lets you try out two different ways of home scenting.

Neom Scent with Love set

The gift set contains; - Mini replica Reed Diffuser in the new best selling Happiness scent (White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon) 50ml, a Complete Bliss Travel Candle (Moroccan Blush Rose) 75g, Pillow Mist in Tranquillity (English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine) 50ml.

On first opening the gift set you will find there is an outer sleeve that you lid off to reveal the burnt orange glossy box. The box is quite large and deep so this would be nice for storing maybe excess candles or even body products (it would be a waste to throw a lovely box like this away). On taking off the lid of the box you are presented with the three Neom products. Not only are the products present really well but the use of them has clearly been thoroughly thought out - with a clear seal over the travel candle so that you can use it when you wish and a screw cap on the mini diffuser so you don't need to use it continuously.

Neom Christmas 2012

Happiness: Organic Reed Diffuser - This for me has to be the star product of the box as miniature reed diffusers aren't available outside of this gift set, unlike the travel candles. Also I'm sure you will agree it does look lovely. The idea behind a reed diffuser is that you insert the reed sticks into the fragrance oil and leave to diffuse, then you can rotate the reed sticks to fragrance the home. To control the scent level you can add or remove the sticks, which is helpful as the scent with all the sticks can be quite strong especially in closed rooms. I have sampled the Happiness scent before in candle form and have to say it is a very uplifting scent with the mimosa and lemon. A scent to use in your living room or hallway.

Also if the recipient of the set enjoys the reed diffuser and wants to be savvy they could keep the mini diffuser and purchase a 100ml refill (£18) instead of purchasing a full size reed diffuser (£35).

Complete Bliss: Travel Candle - Neom Travel Candles are a little pieces of luxury that you can kept on your desk or by your chair at night or lit by a nice bubble bath to relax with. This little candle can burn up to 20 hours and of course being organic don't discolour walls as it is soot-free. The moroccan blush rose scent of this candle is very relaxing and spa like with a lovely herbal rose scent. Ideal for anyone that likes relaxing candles.

Tranquillity: Pillow Mist - The Tranquillity Pillow Mist is again another relaxing product that comes in a luxurious looking glass bottle (something that will look nice on the bedside table). I have tried this product before and actually have quite a lot left, so I can say it's a great spray to spritz on the pillow if you are feeling a little stressed out or over tired as it really does help you feel relaxed as you rest your head on the pillow.

Neom discount code 2012

As you can see I have a lovely 20% off discount code to share with my readers. So if you are planning a purchase then you can enjoy using this! I'm now very tempted with the Christmas Wish Reed Diffuser as with the code it would make it £29.60. Though really my house is over run with so many different candles and fragrance oils! 

This truly is a luxury gift that will be loved by anyone that is into home fragrance.

You can view all the Neom Christmas gifts on the website - here

Fee xo.


Gift Idea - The Body Shop Chocomania Cupcake Gift

The Body Shop Cupcake set £5

Stocking fillers, the Secret Santa at work or a budget gift - £5 gifts are great! But you need to pick well as there are so many genetic cheap gift sets around from brands you have never even heard of.

This little set is especially lovely for only £5 from The Body Shop in which you actually receive four small products.

The Body Shop Chocomonia Cupcake Gift can be found in-store or online for £5 (here) and includes - Chocomania Mini Heart Soap 25g, Chocomania Shower Cream 60ml and two mini bath lily's (who knew that is what they were actually called!). There is also a Strawberry Cupcake Gift available.

The Body Shop Chocomania

The Chocomania Shower Cream is definitely one for chocolate lovers or anyone that enjoys yummy scents. The chocolate scent instantly hit you and isn't artificial smelling at all. On the mini bath lily the shower cream lather up amazingly well. As for the little Chocomania Heart Soap this isn't as strong in scent but a light cocoa scent. Really cute to have next to the sink.

What I really like about little gift sets like this is that you can actually buy the products full size after trying them out. The soap can be purchased at a 100g size for only £2 and the shower cream 250ml for £4, so still really purse friendly for the person you gift this set too. 

The Body Shop website really is worth having a look on as there are just so many offers and discounts available, it's crazy. Also there are lots of nice sets for £6/7 as well. Favourite cheap set has to be Shea Butter Up Duo that comes in a giant plastic bauble - here.

Fee xo.


NOTD - China Glaze Glitter All The Way

China Glaze Glitter All The Way 

If you put green, purple, pink and gold tinsel in a blender this is what you would get! 

I do love my China Glaze glitter nail polishes but I'm just not sure about this one! Yes, I love the colours in it, but the application wasn't that easy for a glitter polishes due to it being such a dry glitter to apply so you do find yourself getting pieces of glitter on the cuticles. Also this 100% needs a clear top coat (no top coat in the image above) as it also looks quite dry and gritty. To make the polish opaque it took three coats.

So maybe with a clear top coat I will like it as I do love the different colours of glitter in it. Though I know this will be such a nightmare to remove. The less jelly/clear polish in the glitter nail polish the harder it is to remove I find and I am not one for sitting with tinfoil on my fingers! 

You can find China Glaze Glitter All The Way on eBay for £7.45 full size (UK listing - here) or Amazon £6.95 (here).

What do you think of Glitter All The Way? Yay or Nay? 

Fee xo.  


Gift Idea - Ted Baker Lip Crayon Set

Ted Baker Lip Crayon Set Boots

For anyone that is a fan on the Clinique Chubby Sticks or Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains this gift set will be one to add to your Christmas list... or be generous and give as a gift to a fellow lipstick lover. 

As you can see the Ted Baker The Name On Everyone's Lips (Boots - £15.00 here) lip crayons come in a lovely roughly A5 sized metallic tin which can obviously be re-used (I'm going to store hair ties and pins in mine). There are four nicely pigmented lip crayons - a raspberry pink, strawberry pink, a mauve shade and a berry plum shade. Sadly they don't have names just the Ted Baker logo on them. The crayons all have twist bottoms to reveal more product and contain 1.5g of product each.

Ted Baker Boots Lip Set

When first trying these I really was expecting just a sheer glossy balm that was a bit waxy, but I got it so wrong. These really do have good pigment and look like lipstick on the lips but do have the added benefit of being hydrating, glossy and non-drying. The texture of these are also lovely, they glide on the lips and there is no tacky feeling to them; they just feel like a lip balm. I should also point out that they aren't scented. My favourite shades have to the the pinky shade and also the berry plum shade as it's just so lovely and ideal for winter.

I really an thoroughly impressed with these lip crayons with my only criticism being that the shades are quite similar to each other - I would have liked to have seen a bright red. Also the lack of shade names is a bit of a shame.

In general I do find Ted Baker's beauty range to be really good quality unlike other brands that have ventured into the beauty industry with quite poor/cheap quality products.

A great saving on the Revlon Balm Stains (£7.99 each) and Clinique Chubby Sticks (£16.00) if you go for this set as each Ted Baker crayon works out at only £3.75.

Ted Baker you have impressed me once again!

Fee xo.


Tanzina from Makeup A to Z on Mehndi!

Makeup A to Z Tanzina

Whilst I'm away on holiday I asked my lovely & beautiful friend Tanzina (she blogs at Makeup AtoZ so make sure to have a read) if she would write a guest post for me. We decided it would be on Mehndi decoration because I always love Tanzina's designs and find it so delicate and beautiful. 

So here is a detailed post from Tanzina of her love of Medndi...

My first memory of applying mehndi/henna is nothing like the application I'm used to nowadays. Whereas now mostly pre-packaged mehndi cones are used, I started off with the more traditional form. It was in Bangladesh, I couldn't be older than 6 or 7 and I'm sure it wasn't my first time but it is the earliest I can remember, and the mehndi came from a huge henna tree that resided in the back of our house.

I remember pulling lots of henna leaves off with glee, because back in England if I attempted to pull off flowers or leaves in the garden it was like signing my own death warrant, my mum would've been furious. After collecting lots of the leaves in a wicker basket, we washed it and laid out all out on a flat pestle and mortar and adding as much water as necessary, they rolled it out until it was paste. And then using sticks the size of match sticks usually huge dots or maybe if your lucky some leaves and branches were patterned out on your hand. Nothing like the intricate designs produced today, but I didn't care I was ecstatic! I still get that feeling sometimes when a design stains really well.

Picture 2
Flat pestle and mortar and some henna leaves

I guess that's how my love affair with applying henna started, that and it also reminds me of my grandma who used to love getting henna on to her grandchildren's hands as it was something we weren't really used to growing up in the UK. Mehndi cones weren't as readily available like they are now back then. I am absolutely rubbish at creating patterns the traditional way but I like to think I've gotten much better at using cones; I better had as I've had years and years of practise and lots of willing hands to try out designs on. There is something therapeutic about applying mehndi and also having it done too.

The kind of mehndi cones I use, you can pick these up at 
asian/indian shops for around £1

The best way to get good at mehndi is simply lots of practise. A lot of it is repeating the same pattern over and over again and if you look closely you can see that in some of my pictures. It really is the exact same concept as piping icing onto cakes, the more pressure you apply the thicker it will be and the less you apply the thinner it will be. There are lots of different old wives tale with getting mehndi to stain really well, and to be honest I really can't tell if they all work or not. Tales like squeezing a lemon over the dried mehndi to make it wet again, applying mustard oil over your hands after taking it off, warming cloves on the stove and letting the scented heat warm your hands etc.

 The thing with mehndi/henna is that it is really unpredictable when it comes to staining... you can buy the same branded cone each time but get different levels on intensity on each occasion. Of course the longer you keep it on the more it will stain, I've spent too many childhood nights with a Sainsbury's bag wrapped around my semi-dry mehndi hands to ensure the dried crumbly mehndi doesn't go all over the bed when I toss and turn at night!

Picture 4
This is how I usually do designs if I have gone a long time without 
doing mehndi. With more practise the designs become even more 
intricate and detailed.

Applying mehndi isn't just limited to palms, although in my culture it is most commonly applied there. There are lots of different types of designs but I think the type I stick to is definitely south asian, indian type of patterns. I love applying mehndi to the sides of my feet, especially before a celebration like Eid as I think it looks so pretty peeking out the sides of my high heels! I really wish I had a picture with heels on to show you all. Sometimes I crave getting a real tattoo, but I don't think that is something I would ever do. However when I do get such cravings, I tend to grab a cone and pipe on the design I want. Take for example the picture below, for days I felt like writing 'Hope' on myself so I did. Of course I got tired of it within a day or two, imagine if that was permanent!

5 and 6

The art of henna/mehndi goes back almost 5,000 years, and was really embraced by the Ancient Egyptians. It feels good that I'm a part of something so old, you don't really think about origins when your doing something... but it is eye opening to see where things started from. I think I will always use henna art in my life, even if I go months and months before picking up a cone! When you first pick it up after ages, your skills are definitely rusty but like all the best things in life, practise makes perfect.

Mehndi beauty blog
As you can tell, there are always willing hands lying around
 waiting to get the mehndi application done!

 I think if I have spare time next summer I'm going to try pick up different types of patterns like celtic patterns and arabic henna patterns, although my biased opinion is that the asian patterns are definitely the prettiest. I'm looking forward to finally mehndi-ing Fee one day as she's always liked my pictures!

Thank you so much to Tanzina and I 
 hope you have all learnt something new!

Fee xo.


Be Right Back...


As some of you may know, as I've mentioned it enough times, I'm off on holiday! I'm off to Lanzarote which is in the Canary Islands... nothing major hot but warm enough! 

For the past week I have been super busy and scheduled lots of posts for pretty much every day I am away. Tomorrow I have quite an interesting guest post coming up and then after that it is officially Christmas on Makeup Savvy with 9 festive posts! I really hope you like them all as I have tried a bit harder on my photography to make everything look pretty and Christmas-y. 

Also I have jazzed up my Christmas page (here) into categories so once there are lots of Christmas posts it will be nice and organised. 

Can't wait for December when I can start my gift guides and also my daily giveaways!

See you all when I get back,

Fee xo.


Autumn Wishlist

winter wishlist 

Come December 1st I will be on a self imposed spending ban. I don't normally go on spending bans but I keep on treating myself and that is just not allowed at Christmas! 

I know I will break it at some stage... most likely when ASOS send me a discount code or I go to Primark and see all the lovely festive bedding and sleepwear. But I really am going to focus on buying lovely gifts for other people for Christmas. But before Dec, 1 I thought I would fit in a little bit of sneaky shopping!  

Stag Cushion (Matalan - £8 in-store) 
 Now technically these aren't for me, but for my sofa for Christmas... a Christmas present to my sofa - yes. I already have 3 red cushions for my sofa for Christmas so these would look lovely with them. I'm not a huge fan of stag heads but I think these will just work for Christmas as I'm trying to have quite stylsh decorations this year. 

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Lip Dome (£4.00 - here) & Cranberry Joy Home Fragrance Oil (£4.00 - here)
The Body Shop know how to do lovely festive scents and have definitely sucked me in after I had a sniff of them all in-store last week when shopping. I instantly fell in love with the packaging/style of the lip domes, they are like an improved version of the EOS packaging with the bottom being a perfect shape to hold, so I definitely want to try out at least one of these. As for the fragrance oil I have been looking for a festive scent for my home besides candles. I actually don't burn fragrance oils but pour a little onto cotton wool balls/cotton pads and place them down the back of my radiators so when the heating is on the scent fragrances my whole house.

Thierry Mugler Alien 30ml (Feel Unique -£28.80 here)
 I won't go into raptures trying to explain the scent of this perfume, because I just even know where to start. But I recently tried a sample of this and instantly fell in love. It is too pricey to just treat myself to so this will be going on my Christmas list! I'm a huge fan of Thierry Mugler fragrances. 

A wear festive jumpers

A Wear Festive Jumpers (ASOS - £35 here & here)
I spotted these yesterday on ASOS and was instantly tempted to buy myself one, though I was good and resisted. I'm thinking I like the red one the best as it's nicely festive but the Fairisle jumper I know I could wear after Christmas and I do like the neck line for some reason. I'm sure I will cave in and get one before December to wear with some dark wash skinny jeans.

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 107 (Boots -£5.49 here)
 This has to be the new bloggers favourite as I have seen this specific shade on so many blogs in the past month. From reading reviews the new-ish Kate Moss range of matte lipsticks aren't drying and highly pigmented. I'm currently in love with red wine/deep berry lip shades and this look like a really rich shade from the swatches I have seen and more like a higher-end lipstick. 

Barry M Croc Effect Nail Polish in Burgundy (ASOS - £3.00 here)
 I'm sure I have mentioned this before on Makeup Savvy but I have failed to buy it as I have been so in to buying glitter nail polish. This looks like such an interesting effect. It's currently on sale at ASOS so I think I will just have to get it.  

The Night Circus (Amazon - £3.86 here) 
 The Night Circus was recommended to me by Alix and Steph in yesterdays Winter Reading post here and it was actually a book that I was thinking about getting, but didn't! So I'm now going to make this my holiday read as they both told me how good it was... but it is only a few days until I go away on holiday so I'm hoping WHSmiths with have it. I love when I get recommendations in the comment, so really thank you both! 

 I have so many things that I want it's shocking, but I'm going to have to be good and ask for most of them for Christmas!

What are you tempted to buy yourself before Christmas? 

Fee xo.

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