The Cutest Nail Polish EVER!

Crayola mini nail polish 

Aren't these amazing! 
What every nail polish addict needs in their life!

I do have to put most of you out of your misery first by sadly stating that these are only available in the U.S on (here). If you don't live in the U.S don't even be tempted to have a look because you will find too many amazing things that you want so badly that you have never even seen before.


If I am totally honest with myself this do look like a novelty item more than anything... I have a feeling they would be sheer and not that amazing. But the names are so enticing and Plum and Robin's Egg Blue look like such amazing shades. 

 Paperchase or Urban Outfitters need to stock these ASAP or at least before Christmas! 

Fee xo. 


Free REN Skincare set with Red Magazine!

Red mag REN freebie July 2012

Freebie time again and with one of my favourite magazines! 

This lovely REN freebie contains 3 sample sized products and is great if you are going away on holiday this summer/year. 

The little skincare set contains - Vetiver v7 Hand and Body Cream 15ml, Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream 15ml and Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel 3ml. Worth £16 normally. 

 Red Magazine (£3.90) is out July 4th but is the August Issue.

Red Mag August issue REN skincare set Free

I will be definitely getting this and putting it away for when I go on my sunny holidays (it's ages off yet, as I'm going in winter when it's all cold & rainy here mwhahaha) as I love trying out new products but in sample sizes when I'm away. Especially looking forward to trying out the Radiant Eye Gel! 

Red magazine seem to be spoiling us this summer with freebies from Liz Earle, Jemma Kidd and now REN! 

Will keep you informed if I spot any more freebies coming up in July. 

Fee xo.

NOTD - 2True Glossywear Shade 50

2True No.50

Cheapy but goody nail polish time again! 

This is one of the newer additions to the 2True Glossywear nail polish range (I think 4 or 5 pastel shimmer shades were added) which you can get for a very reasonable £1.99 each or 3 products for £5.00 in Superdrug stores. 

Shade N0.50 sadly doesn't have any other name but shade 50 which I find a bit drab but oh well, at least it is a pretty shade! For a cheaper polish this isn't thin or sheer or anything else that you may think of that sometimes comes with a budget nail polish. In fact it applies pretty lovely and only needed two coats, though I did apply an extra coat for good luck! 

2true  glossywear nail polish shade no.50

What I really like about this polish is the pretty shimmer in it, its fine enough to not really notice it until your nails catch the light and then it is transformed into a pretty lilac fit enough for a fairy! Also as you can see the finish really is super glossy - no need for a top coat here. Can't report fully on the 'up to 5 day wear' claim but I've been wearing it for 3 days now and no chips so far.

I'm now excited to try out the other pastels in the Glossywear range but also there is a slightly pastel but bright lime that I want to find from 2True as well! Something a little bit different for summer I am thinking. 

Fee xo.


Lifting the Lid... Jolie Box March 2012


Oh dear I am starting to get behind with my Beauty Box reviews! But I have really got into trying out all the products in each box and thoroughly using them. Though I think I need to start playing catch-up as I want to talk about newer beauty boxes.

The Price 
 The Jolie Box contains 5-6 deluxe samples and is priced at £12.95 including delivery. Like all the monthly beauty boxes you can cancel at anytime but it does work on a direct debit basis. You can view more info on the box here.


The Packaging
 As you can see Jolie Box has under gone a slight makeover with the interior packaging and I must I am not missing that annoying shredded paper sizzle (yes, that is actually what it is called - I googled). The drawstring pouch is great for keeping the samples in whilst you try them out and of course can see re-use it afterwards... I'm personally thinking it could be good for the sample sachets I seem to build up, nail polishes or even for travelling with.

Jolie Box Magazine
This is the first Jolie mag and I really do think it's a great little extra with the box. The magazine included an interview with Therese the director of JolieBox UK, an interesting article on if Micellar solutions are better than regular makeup removers, a few more little interviews with the JolieBox team and a section on new spring products. Of course it isn't anywhere near the standard of a normal magazine but its free and it's a nice little read, that gives you a little more knowledge of Jolie UK team.


The Products 
First ever box containing all full-sized products!

Davines Authentic Moisturizing Face/Hair/Body Balm 
(Full size 150ml - £17.40) 
If I am totally honest I was a little apprehensive about this product but also intrigued at the same time as I do like my multi-use products but it seems a bit confusing. I decided to try it out in all the ways suggested so I first used this to remove my makeup with a cotton pad. Sadly I found it didn't thoroughly cleanse my face (like most cold cream type cleansers) and did also leave residue on my skin, though I imagine this would be a good makeup remover for minimal makeup wearers with mature/drier skin... though for the price I think it should of been more effective. However the other two ways of using this product I did really enjoy. As the product needs to be rinsed off the body and hair I have been using this on my arms as a body balm and on the ends of my hair as a hair mask and then after afew minutes I rinse it off in the shower and the results have been lovely - definitely can see a difference in my hair when I use it. Would I spend £17.40 on this product? Honestly, never. But it was a nice product to receive in the box.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner
(Full size - £9.00)
Since Eyeko decided to re-brand themselves I really haven't been interested - the look of the products is bland compared to what they were and the prices are just too steep. Also they seem to be featuring in a lot of beauty boxes recently so I do already have the eyeliner in two different shades from other beauty boxes! I am pleased on the shade as it is something that I use day to day and the formula is quite nice. Also I found out what the purpose of the silver handle is for - it is so you can use the whole of the eyeliner even when it's down to the smallest amount. Again not a product I would buy due to the price but it is something I have been using and I was pleased to receive in the box. 


LCN Nail Polish in Free Your Mind 8ml
(Full size - £5.50) 
Nail polish in beauty boxes is a win for me and so I was really pleased to see this nail polish in the box! Never tried LCN before so it was nice to try out a new brand and I really do like the shade - white with a lovely shimmer to it. Best product of the box! 
Yardley Lavender Body Lotion 
(Full size - £3.50)
Ahhh if only this was in a nicer scent! I don't actually mind Yardley as a brand and do really like the English Daisy range (especially the perfume) but anything that is lavender just seems a bit grandma-ish to me so I have only tried this once and didn't like it due to the scent. Sadly a product that won't be getting used. 
 Jolie Box Compact Mirror
I am going to be totally honest here and say this is a total waste. The mirror is cheaply made and very basic and I am sure most people already have a mirror they carry around or a mirror in a makeup product. Yes, Joliebox branded makeup brushes, but no to cheap extras like this.


 I really enjoyed the mix of makeup and skincare products in this box and it was great to have a multi-use product in there as well. Also of course all the products being full size was great - a real treat for the price of the box. Also the first box/beauty box company to include a free magazine too! 

The only real let down was the Jolie Box compact mirror (though it was only supposed to be an extra) and I guess you could say that Yardley isn't a luxury brand.

Overall a well rounded beauty box that I found myself wanting to use the contents of!

Fee xo.  

New Lush Treats

Lush products

For years and years I didn't really love Lush and thought it was overpriced. However now I always seem to have things on my wish list from Lush and know how to not spend too much in there and also buy products that last well! 

I still do believe Lush is way overpriced on some products - Gorgeous Moisturiser £37.50/45g anyone?! Eeep. Also I do have to avoid quite a lot of products, mainly their shower gels, shampoos and soaps as they contain sulphates. But despite that I do have some firm favourites from Lush and love going in-store now and again to have a look at all the products especially for people at Christmas & Birthdays.

Lush Toner Water

Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water 
 £3.75/100g (here)
This product is a long standing favourite of mine that I feel is a nice addition to my skincare routine even though it doesn't really add anything as such, it's just a pleasant product to use. 
For me this is definitely a product I use during the summer months as it's so refreshing to use on a cotton pad at night after taking off my makeup or spritz on my face after applying makeup just to remove that matte look from the skin. However I do also use this in winter when I feel my dry is feeling a bit urgh from the central heating. Whether I use this wiped over the face with a cotton pad or sprayed directly onto the face (from a good distance mind) it is just a really refreshing feeling that just perks up the skin and gives it some life. Plus it smells lovely!

I've you have never tried any of the Toner Waters from Lush but are wanting to, then I would 100% recommend this one.
Tea Tree Toner Water 
 £3.75/100g (here)
The Tea Tree Toner Water is a new product for me but as I love the Breath of Fresh Air so much I thought it was about time I tried another toner water from Lush. So far I am liking the toner and use it on days were my skin is feeling a little more oily, before applying any makeup and also at night after cleansing to remove any residue. I only use this on a cotton pad and unlike the Breath of Fresh Air Toner I do noticed that it does remove excess grime so it is ideal for anyone with oily skin who doesn't want anything that is tightening or stripping. So far so good with this toner!
DSC_0976 (2)

Glorious Mud Shower Scrub 
£3.95/100g (here)
This is a totally new product for me and one that I was kindly given for my birthday last month by someone that remembered I don't use anything with sulfates in! I have yet to try it out as it has been sitting in my wardrobe making everything smell amazing but I cannot wait to try it out as I love shower scrubs that aren't the norm. But like most product that come like this from Lush I am going to be chopping it up in to 4 or 6 pieces so I get quite a bit of use from it! 
Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub 
£2.75/100g (here)
Ahhh the Lush Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub - not one of my favourite products. However I did receive this as a gift and I'm going to make it my mission to find a way of using it so it doesn't scratch my skin off this time?! When I first tried this I found it so abrasive that I was shocked and the only thing I found it suitable for was on my feet and knees and even then it was quite harsh. I just can't imagine anyone really liking how abrasive it is! But instead of wasting the product I am going to try this in the bath after it has soften a bit in the water and see how I go. But really I'm not a fan of this product at all. 

Even though I have totally avoided SLS's/sulphates for the past two years I am thinking about being a little less strict when it comes to hand soap as I would only be using it on my hands and I am always so tempted my all the lovely Lush soaps like Porridge, Honey I Washed The Kids and Rock Star. I think I need to stop being so cautious!

Fee xo.  


Lidl Dupe of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume Giveaway

Chanel Lidl Dupe Coco

A little giveaway and review today of the most talked about Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour that indeed smells very similar to the pricey Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume! 

Now in the past I have been a huge fan of Coco Mademoiselle but at £65 for 50ml it isn't something that I bought myself often and eventually I decided it was just too expensive, however much I adored it. But now there is Suddenly Madame Glamour! Only £3.99 for 50ml and smelling so similar to Coco Mademoiselle that some people actually can't tell a difference!

Coco Mademoiselle is a quite a sensual femimine perfume that is also quite heady that does last very well on the skin. Where are the Lidl £3.99 version does have the instant same notes but then mellows down to being a lighter version of Coco Mademoiselle and of course doesn't last that long on the skin. But for only £3.99 you can be spray happy of course!


 But there is no getting around that this super cheap perfume does smell so similar and may be tempting people to buy this over the Chanel £65 perfume. 

As Lidl supermarkets are selling out so fast of this perfume and ofcourse some people cannot get to Lidl I thought I would do a giveaway! 

All you have to do is leave your name and email address in the Rafflecopter form below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Fee xo.


NOTD - Rimmel Azure

Rimmel NOTD

Today I thought I would do a short but not very sweet post on a nail polish that I actually dislike! 

The images are quite old as I took them some months ago and decided I really didn't like the shade so I decided to not write a nail of the day post about the polish. But decided when I came across the images again that it was a bit silly as some people may like it and some may agree that it is a bit of an odd shade. 

I think what it is I don't like about it is the pearl finish it has and also how it doesn't look very shiny at all, more like a semi-matte nail polish. I think though at a push I would wear this on my toes in summer but still it's just nothing amazing. But like all Rimmel nail polishes the application cannot be faulted, especially with the nice brush that Rimmel nail polishes do have. 

So sadly this isn't one for me and will either to going to my niece, in a blog sale or to charity! 

What do you think? Would you buy Rimmel Azure? 

Fee xo.


NOTD - Color Club Covered in Diamonds

Color Club Covered in Diamonds over black

What a difference a polish makes! Some of you may remember that I tried out this gorgeous nail polish only a few days ago over a shimmery aqua nail polish and just wasn't feeling it. 

So on recommendations in the comments (thank you!) I decided to try it over a black nail polish. 

What can I say but WOW. How much better does this top coat look than in my previous post (here)? It just looks amazing and I am so glad I decided to take all of your advice and try it over a black polish. It's like graphic galaxy nails!


For the base nail polish I used an Orly Mini in Black Out (£5.00 Boots) as it only needs two coats maximum and is so easy to apply. 
 I then left it for a good 10 minutes as the Color Club polish is quite thick so I wanted to make sure the base nail polish was fully dry before apply it. The after the first coat of Color Club Covered in Diamonds I waited another 10 minutes to make sure it was fully dry before adding the second coat. 

It was a bit time consuming but I hate when you spend the time painting your nails for the nail polish to be too thick and then you mess it up on something 20 minutes later because it's not fully dry!
Colour Club Covered in Diamonds NOTD 

Personally I prefer my nails with two coats of Covered in Diamonds as it really makes a statement but as I mentioned above it does take some time waiting for it to all dry! 

I am now thinking because I know it works so well over dark nail polish it will be a staple nail polish for me in winter because I will be able to wear it over dark taupe shades and dark reds and it will look lovely! But for summer I don't think I will be wearing it often. 

I did find 4 listings of this nail polish on Ebay with the cheapest being £8 including p&p - here if you do want to get your hands on it! 

I've recently had a few comments on where you can buy Colour Club nail polishes from in the UK and sadly the brand isn't really around except for on eBay. 

However this nail polish did come from a set that I found in TK Maxx so if you are super lucky you may come across some sets there! 

Fee xo. 


Ebay Bargain - Eco Tools Brush Sets for under £4!

Ecol Tools 5 piece set

I purchased this Ecotools set a few weeks ago on eBay for the amazing price of £3.78 (listing here) but the retail price is £19.99 from Boots. So a huge saving! 

Before I get into rambling I think they main question for most people would want to know is if the set is fake or not. My answer is I really don't know and I have really compared the packaging to the stock image photo on the Boots website and I really cannot spot any differences but I think I could only say the set was or wasn't fake if I compared the two sets in a boots store. Though personally I find the set I received very good quality and exactly like the existing Eco Tool brushes I already own
Also I have read quite a few blog posts that mention the huge mark up on Eco tools in the UK compared to other countries especially America where Eco Tools are around half the price compared to the UK. So some people do think that buying direct from China is how the prices of the Ecol Tools can be so cheap on eBay. I am not too sure on this but you never know!

Eco Tools bargain ebay

But for me I actually don't mind as I was just looking for a handy travel sized set of brushes that were nice quality and I know I couldn't get any better than this set for only £4.00. 

The 5 piece brush set contains - Mineral Powder Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Baby Kabuki, Cosmetic Bag. 

So far I have been enjoying the powder brush and the baby kabuki brush the most, mainly because they are so so soft and really lovely to use. I also know that I will definitely take them with me if I am travelling anywhere as I only tend to have large powder brushes. The baby kabuki I have been using with my Nars Laguna bronzer for quick contouring in the morning and I just love the size of it - very cute. 

I have also been using the eye shading brush to blend out concealer and it has been working really well and actually better than the one I used to use by Sigma. 


As you can see I did try to compare the handles however the full size brushes I have realised are made of slightly darker bamboo and also don't contain the eco tools logo so I can't compare them to see if the set is or isn't fake. However the metal part is definitely identical to the set I purchased from Boots. 

You can also buy a full sized 5 piece Eco Tools brush set from the same seller (I actually bought this set from Boots at full price) for only £3.98 - here. Amazing value!

The same seller also stocks the full size Eco Tools Foundation Brush for £2.58 - here

All free p&p but they do take around 2 weeks to arrive as they are from China.

All in all I'm not sure if the brush set is fake as there isn't any tell tale signs and the quality of the brushes are amazing. But you can never be too sure. But if you are looking to add a few more brushes to your collection or want some good travel brushes then this set is a must! 

Such a bargain!

Fee xo. 


Favourite Hair Styling Products

DSC_0783 (2)

Over time I have become a hair product junkie! I have now tried endless amounts of products and even have a whole box full of styling, heat, conditioning products for my hair. But more than anything I love my styling products that just finish off the hair making it look glossy, smooth and healthy. 

So here are my current most used products that I like to style my hair with.

Naked Style More Volume Body Building Mousse £3.99/150ml (here) - I did use to be a mousse user many many years ago and used the classic Vo5 mousse but over time I felt that it stop working for me and nine times out of ten when hair felt like it had product in it by feeling a bit crispy or weighed down so I gave it up. But for the past few months when I have been wearing my hair down just blow dried to being fairly straight I have been using the Naked Body Building Mousse and I have been really enjoying it. Firstly I think this is the first time I have thought that a hair mousse has smelt super nice... a bit like bubblegum actually! Also it's the been refreshing to use a mousse that gives good root volume without that crispy feeling and with it being silicone free I don't feel that build up anymore. If you are into using mousses (I know you either are or you aren't) then this is just a more natural, fun and updated one to use! 

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil £7.50/25ml (here)-  This beauty came with the February Glossy Box (review of box - here) and I am just in love! I have been using it on both wet hair all over and on dry hair just at the tips and it's just been great. The oil does come out as quite thick but once rubbed between the palm and through the hair the oil feels so light weight. I use this when I want really sleek straight looking hair with no fly aways and it definitely does the job. I am also so in love with the scent.. I didn't think I liked ginger that much but this is a sweet ginger that is just divine and makes the hair smell so good.  I actually want this scent as a room spray!

Sleek Fish High Gloss Serum £4.99/50ml (here) - This product has made my hair the most shiniest hair it has ever ever been! I apply this to the length/ends of dry hair and it's just amazing.. I can't even describe it, so I'm not even going to try, but if you love having super gloss hair that shines amazing amounts then this is sooooo the product to go for. It is that good that I strangely have started to use it down the fronts of my legs to add shine when I am wearing a dress as it's non-sticky and the shine really does highlight the fronts of my legs (I found this out because the product always makes my palms shiny after using it). I really am very impressed with this product and may even do a full review with actual before and after hair pictures as I love it that much.Oh, and it smells slightly like playdoh!

Percy & Reed Finishing Polish 100ml (free gift) - With using so many oils it is sometimes nice to go back to using a cream product and this Percy & Reed product that I got free with Glamour magazine a bit ago is what I like to use. This doesn't do amazing things but it does smooth and groom unruly hair and it keeps the hair that way for most of the day. But it is just a nice product to use being a cream and smells a bit minty and yummy.

KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray £2.50/30ml (here) - This doesn't feel as light or as natural as all the other products I have mentioned but I felt it deserved to be mentioned as it has a lot of strength to it and can hold the style that you do to your hair really well, until the next wash even. I normally only use this when I want to use my Babyliss conical wand or Babyliss Wavy Envy and I apply it to towel dried hair. This just keeps the shape of my style really well and I know my hair isn't going to drop during the day (well unless it gets rained on). It does smell chemically and probably doesn't contain the best ingredients but it definitely does the job and I find it works much better than using hairspray after styling the hair with heat.

 Would love to know what your favourite hair styling product is but you can only pick one!

Fee xo.


NOTD - Max Factor Graffiti & Colour Club Covered in Diamonds

Max Factor Graffiti

Nail time again! 

With a nail polish I bought at the same time as I bought Fantasy Fire but hadn't got round to trying until now.. tut tut. I truly don't use 80% of my nail polishes as I have so many now. 

Max Factor Graffiti (Boots £3.99 - here) is what I would call a mermaid shade - an aqua marine shimmery nail polish. However I must admit this is quite similar to a 2True Crystal nail polish I have tried (Superdrug £1.99) though they would slightly differ if you compared them side by side I imagine, but shimmer and application wise they are really similar.


 I found the aqua shade a tiny bit bland on it's own I decided to add a top coat and went for Colour Club Covered in Diamonds as I have been dying to try it out ever since I got my hands on it in the Color Club set of glitters and holographic polishes.

As you can see from the below images the nail polish is a clear base with plastic looking flexs that are all different shades and shapes with clear ones in the mix.I actually found out the little particles are in fact the same material as what fake snow is made out of!

Colour Club Covered in Diamonds

Color Club Covered in Diamonds sooo wasn't what I was expecting, especially how it has an almost 3D aspect to it with how the flex stand up off the nail. But I am not sure if the Max Factor brings out the best in it at all. I imagine it would look so much better over a gold nail polish and it would really show off the differ flecks. 

 The one downside to the nail polish is that is does apply like a stick on liquid glue, the kind with the brush in the lid, just sticky and too thick. So you really do have to work with it as best you can, but at least it does have a clear base so it isn't messy looking.

Overall Color Club pretty top coat - Yay. Max Factor aqua shimmery nail polish - meh. 
Now I can't wait to take off my nail polish and try out the Colour Color polish over a better shade to show it off. 

Fee xo. 


My New Blog - Makeup Savvy Extra!

makeup savvy extra

Finally I have finished off all the boring jobs of my new blog (template, linking the new domain etc etc) and I can now reveal to you all what it is about.

But don't waste your time on here with me explaining what it's all about! You can either click on the screen shot about or the link below to view Makeup Savvy Extra and read my 1st post!

 I hope you enjoy my non-makeup ramblings and of course I will still be updating Makeup Savvy as normal. 

Fee xo.


Lifting the Lid... She Said Beauty Box April 2012


 Is it just me of does it feel like She Said Beauty have been around for a long time already even though they are only up to their third box! However this is their second box that I receive in April and I actually made it my mission to try every product in the box including all the sachet samples!

The Price 
 The She Said Beauty box contains 5 luxury beauty samples for £9.00 a month plus £2.95 delivery or you can pay 3, 6 or 12 months in advance with a saving. To receive 15% off a 3 month subscription enter code: SSB3AWMVC

 You can view all prices & subscription details here.


The Packaging
The She Said Beauty box is a lovely feminine duck egg blue with a magnetic flap close that looks really elegant if re-used for storage. The products are also packaged with natural shredding that is great for being re-used with gifts or even in soap dishes I have found.

The Products 

Easter Treat - Lindt Egg 
As this was a sort of Easter box She Said Beauty kindly included little Lindt eggs in all of their boxes which was a really nice touch... very yummy indeed! 

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder - Champagne
(Full size - £12.99 here)
This is a lovely highly shimmery powder/dust (with a sifter, I should add.. always important!) that you can just tell is off really good quality. I say this because it seems a different texture from all glitters dusts I have used in the past - softer and not at all as much fall out! Also this is a real multi-purpose product. It can be used on the eyes of course, either all over the lid of just to highlight the centre or the inner corners of the eye, you can also you it to highlight the cheekbones and the brow bones and you can also use it on the lips... which I think if quite a nice idea. I have mainly used this on the eyes as it is so minimal for fallout but also on the cheekbones lightly as it just highlights them softly. A really good quality product that I was definitely pleased to see in the box!
Mischa Barton Luscious Lips - Pink Pop 
(Full size - £8.00 here)
Now I think I speak as a collective when I say I didn't have a clue Mischa Barton had her own makeup line, but apparently she does and this is a product from the range. The lip balm is quite nice, the scent similar to that of a MAC lipstick (just a bit more synthetic) but sadly the lip shade doesn't translate on to the lips. But for me I just can't see how the lip balm retails for £8.00, the packaging is pretty cheap looking and feeling and the product isn't what I see as great quality. With all that said though I have been using and enjoying the product with it stashed in my handbag. So all in all not too bad of a product. 
Filthy Gorgeous Nail Polish - Tu-Tu Much! 
(Full size 10ml - £9.00 here
Besides from the Bellapierre Shimmer Powder, this is definitely the star of the box! I had never tried a Filthy Gorgeous nail polish up until now and I have to say I am impressed, firstly with the quality (it applies smoothly with a nice brush) and also the shade choice... no odd shimmery green or pearly pink! I have been wearing this on my toes with the warmer weather but I will 100% be doing a nail of the day post quite soon with this.


Comfort Zone Sample Set
(mix of 6 samples) 
I really don't mind sample sets like this as long as the samples are varied and also of an average price.. though these samples would be maybe too expensive for me to warrant purchasing after trying a small sachet. I didn't hate any of the sachets though the D-age body cream was a bit on the bland side both hydration wise and also the scent.
Favourites: Tranquillity cream had to be my favourite as it feels really nice on the skin and smells like battenberg cake (after I used and enjoy this I checked the price - £58.25/200ml wowee!). Also the Vital Leg cream gel was really cooling and refreshing which I could imagine being great in summer after shopping. I also quite liked the Body Strategist + remodeller which is a cellulite cream that has that heating friction effect and smells of aniseed.

Erno Laszlo Sample Set 
(mix of 5 samples) 
I had mixed feeling about this sample set. Yes, it was presented nicely and I did enjoy the idea of the products being named after different iconic figure such as Greta Gardbo and Ava Gardner but the full price of the product are just sooo expensive - I'm talking £85-£175! Though I did try out all the samples whilst getting ready and did enjoy most of them. In particular I really liked the Ava Gardner Instant Eye Repair as it was so cooling and did actually tighten the skin. I also did like the Marilyn Monroe Morning Beauty Rescue which was a gel formula with shimmery particles to it so not too heavy on the skin and really gave the skin some radiance. But for the prices I wouldn't ever consider purchasing.

Bharti Vyas Face & Neck Polisher
(small sample pot - Full size 125ml R.R.P £25.50 here
 I think sadly I am quite critical on little sample pots like this that look a little cheap - I'm just not interested, especially when the full sized product is quite pricey. However I did try this out on my neck and face and it was quite nice. However it did really reminded me of Benefit's Honey Snap Out of it Scrub £13.50/150ml - Cheap Smells here which it being almond scented and it being a scrub. So I would prefer to purchase the Benefit scrub over this as I know the brand and of course it is a lot cheaper! 

I really enjoyed the makeup products in this box, a really nice selection and I feel most would enjoy these especially the Bellapierre shimmer powder and the Filthy Gorgeous nail polish. Also I did like the sample sets though I feel it would of been better to have just the one set and another small product.

My main negative would be the Bharti Vyas sample pot of the face polisher as it just didn't look that appealing at all and was such a small about and should of come in a tube due to the texture and type of product it was. This did feel more like a free sample. Also the Erno Laszlo sample set was just too luxe for the box... nice to try out but who really purchases a £150+ cream from just a sachet sample?
Overall I really enjoyed the makeup side of this box though the skincare side did fail me slightly. However I am pleased to see that isn't the case with the May or June boxes which I loved and of course will be getting around to reviewing. 

Fee xo. 


Summer Scents

perfume collection

So I am back... and won't be going anywhere for quite awhile! Over the last few months I have been a bit on the slow side with Makeup Savvy but I have decided I need to get my ass in gear. Though I may be extra busy as I will be launching (ooo doesn't that sound good) Makeup Savvy Extra this week or next - all depending on setting up the domain name. If you haven't got a clue what I am talking about then not to worry as all will be revealed next week!

Today though I thought I would talk perfume as we all seem to become more interested in fragrances in summer. For once I haven't bought 3 or 4 new perfumes just because it's summer.. I have just bought the one (well I received it as a gift) and I also think I will be trying out the Lidl £3.99 dupe of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle plus one of the new fruity Body Shop Body Spray.
Delices de Cartier

Cartier Delices de Cartier Eau De Parfum 50ml (as part of set)
Feel Unique £48.45 - here

This is my newest scent and one that I am just in love with. I discovered this scent by buying the Cartier Fragrance Discovery pack from (£13.50 - here) which contained so many samples from the Cartier fragrance range. The reason why I decided to purchase it was because I was looking for a more unique fragrance that not many people wore and found Delices de Cartier was perfect for me - plus how beautiful is the bottle! If you like sweet floral scents then this is one for you - it's very sweet with hints of cherries and a slight pepper to give it a kick. Just lovely. 

Katy Perry Purr

Katy Perry Purr Eau De Parfum 30ml 
Amazon £16.75 - here
For the price I think this is excellent value for money.. I mean £17 for any Eau de Parfum is pretty amazing. This is definitely a fun playful scent with notes of peach and coconut but there is a note of something else there that makes it quite strong and heady. For some reason this kind of reminds me of the type of fragrance the Harajuku Lovers perfume range is - just fun and nothing wow but just nice, especially for summer time.

Vera Wang Rockstar Princess

Vera Wang Rock Princess Eau De Toilette 50ml 
Amazon £29.25 - here 

This was a scent that I received at Christmas and even though I did wear it a little in winter it didn't seem right as for me this is a more summery evening perfume. Now I actually had to go find out what the notes were in this as I just knew I couldn't describe it well at all except for saying that is was sweet. But after looking at the notes I can definitely tell now that it contains rose, jasmine and has quite a spicy edge to it. I don't this this would be for everyone but if you do like punky sweet perfumes then it is worth a look!

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau De Parfum 50ml 
Cheap Smells £19.45 - here

I have talked about this perfume many times as I have purchased it before in a smaller bottle and also as a lovely roller ball pen (don't think you can really buy that now though). The reason why I always go back to this scent is because it's just none offencive and soft which makes it very wearable for the daytime and also for that reason I would class it as a spring/summer scent. To describe it I would say it's definitely a powdery fresh scent that is clean and subtle... if you like your more powdery scents and haven't tried this then I would highly recommend you have a spritz of this when out shopping. A really pretty, feminine fragrance. 


On a perfume related note I have wrote a guide to fragrances over on She Said Beauty which some of you may find hand if you are looking to buy a new scent for summer. You can find the article here.
Also if you are wondering where you can purchase the skull and also the star scarves from (not that you can see much of them in the pictures) I actually got them on eBay from a UK seller for an amazing £2.49 each with free p&p - here

Fee xo. 

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