Saving the Best for Last - S&G Big Splendour set for only £25!


 I'm back! 

Hope you are all doing well and all getting excited for Christmas! I must admit going on holiday did feel like I was in a time warp as it felt like it was summer but I'm slowly but surely getting back into the festive spirit! 

So to ease myself back into blogging (I still have quite a few gift guides to post before Christmas day still to do!) I thought I would let you know about the AMAZING Soap & Glory offer at Boots, well that is if you don't already know about it! 

You will have to be very quick as these seem to be selling out every day but the Big Splendour was £60 and now is a totally amazing £25 which works out at only £2.50 a product... crazy stuff! 

The Big Splendour set includes... 
  • Clean On Me™ Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel - 500ml
  • The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter - 300ml
  • Pulp Friction™ Body Scrub - 300ml
  • Face, Soap & Clarity™ Fresh Facial Wash - 150ml
  • 25 Off Your Face™ Cleansing Wipes
  • Heel Genius Foot™ Cream - 125ml
  • Hand Food Hand™ Cream - 125ml
  • Mist You Madly™ Fragrant Body Spray - 250ml
  • Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lip Plumper In Candy Gloss - 7ml
  • Calm One, Calm All™ Bubble Bath - 500ml.
Now IF you wanted to be savvy you could split the set into three gifts all contains three Soap & Glory products and still have one left for yourself and the bag or you could be nice and give the whole set to someone you really like OR you could just treat yourself to it and not need to buy any S&G products for quite some time!

Either way this is such a fab offer and definitely worth popping to your local Boots to see if they still have any left (even if they are out of stock I find it is always worth asking if they are going to have any more deliveries in before Christmas!). 
The offer runs until December 24th!

Fee xo. 

PS. Glad to be home!!


Be Beautiful: Invigorating Ginger & Lime Salt Scrub


When I read that Rebecca from Be Beautiful blog was creating her own natural body care range I was genuinely so pleased and happy for her. I mean it's amazing that someone can be inspired enough by makeup/other bloggers to even create a beauty blog, let alone an actual skincare range! 

So I was really happy when Rebecca contacted me to ask if I wanted to review/trial out her first ever product, plus I do really love to support other bloggers because I honestly think there is enough room for us all. Also if you read my posts you will know that I am fairly conscious of certain chemicals and do quite like natural/organic body products but have never ever actually tried something that is super duper hand-made and not mass produced. Basically I was just looking forward to trying it. 


Be Beautiful Invigorating Ginger & Lime 100% Natural Salt Scrub 
£7.95 inc p&p/200ml available to buy here.

My honest first thoughts were that the scrub did look a bit ugly (slightly like frogspawn!) but it smelt amazing - so fresh! But I do have to admit my favourite ever scrub S&G the Breakfast Scrub also doesn't look that amazing. Also I instantly thought that the packaging actually looked quite natural but something you could see on a shelf say in Boots. 

As for the consistency hand on heart this really impressed me as it is gritty and exfoliating but there are no huge grains and it isn't a scrub that falls off the body when you apply it/start rubbing it in which I was impressed by! This also spreads evenly and the smell is just so nice as you rub it in, perfect for waking you up in the morning.

Also as this contains essential oils it does leave a slight coat on the skin (which Rebecca was a bit worried about as she knows I haven't liked scrubs like that in the pass) but this wasn't an issue at all for me as unlike other scrubs containing oils this soaked into my skin fully before I stepped out of the shower so no sticky body parts! So I really do think Rebecca has got the balance spot on with just enough that is hydrates the skin... this is something that impressed me the most as I'm sure getting that balance right is a tricky process of trail & error!

Overall I have been really impressed with this and if you are into natural products or just want to support a wonderful beauty blogger doing wonderful things then I do highly recommend this. I was using the salt scrub on the tops of my arms and on my hands (it's great for keeping next to the sink) but have recently started using it all over prior to tanning and it has really buffed off any dry skin I ha on my knees, elbows and feet! 

I really do hope the Be Beautiful range grows from strength to strength as it have been clearly made with passion and also knowledge and I'm also really looking forward to seeing what Rebecca comes up with next! 

Fee xo.


Christmas Gift Guide - Teens


Buying for teenagers is pretty easy as there are just so many products on the market aimed at them! But I thought it would still be nice to do a gift guide and split it into three parts as lets face it, you wouldn't give a 12 year old girl the same gift as someone that is eighteen.

I'm not sure how right I have got it but I hope you enjoy! 

early teens

Early Teens...
When I was in my early teens, around 12/13 I remember receiving a huge makeup set (the kind with lots of cheap makeup in) and I absolutely loved it. But of course teenagers today are a lot more savvy and also sadly more grown up, so it's about making them feel like they aren't children anymore but without making their parents stare on in horror as they open their present of false eyelashes from Aunty Linda! 
Impulse Mini Trio Set (Tesco £3.50 - here)
 This is just a cheap little gift that could be included along side another present. These all smell quite nice and are ideal someone in their early teens for putting in their school bag or using at the weekend etc!

Harajuku Lovers Jingle G (Fragrance House £12.50 - here)
This perfume is just lovely to give as a gift this Christmas for all ages really! It has actually sold out on Escentual and Boots online now so the link included above was the only place I could find it at, but at least it is free delivery still. The fragrance itself isn't very Christmas smelling but it is nice and sweet and fun and the top can be used as a Christmas tree decoration for years to come! 
 Accessorize Make Up (Superdrug from £3.00 - here
Accessorize makeup is nice and again, for any age but some of the packaging is perfect for anyone in their early teens, it's super girly and all the shades are nice and pretty. 
At the moment Superdrug had an offer on the Accessorize range when you spend over £6 you receive an eyeshadow palette (above). So I purchased two lipglosses for £3 each and received the free palette which is actually worth £6!
MUA Immaculate Collection Palette (Superdrug £8.00 - here) 
For anyone in their early teens a large eyeshadow palette like this is great as most won't own so many eyeshadows and it means they get to play around with all different shades! I really do like this and think the quality is really great for the price. You can get this online at Superdrugs or in larger stores OR at the moment if you spend £8 on the new MUA website you get this palette FREE - here.
Barry M Nail Paints (Boots from £2.99 - here)
Barry M nail polishes are for any age but I think more appreciated than Miss Sporty or Natural Collection for someone in their early teens (I keep saying that don't I!) as Barry M products are kind of cool aren't they. There are so many amazing shades and they definitely look nice as a trio... plus when you spend over £6 on Barry M products in Boots at the moment you receive a Limited Edition Nail Paint which is very sparkly and lovely!
Nail Art - (Various prices) 
I won't go into specific products here but nail art is definitely a great present to give as it's something really fun to try out on Christmas day and to get creative with! For nail art pens I would suggest - Topshop (here), Stargazer and Models Own. For nail stickers and gems etc I would suggest - Girls With Attitude (here) and Stargazer and also Nail Rocks (here) for nail wraps.

mid teens

Mid Teens...
I personally think that the mid teen age stage is slightly harder to buy for as it's kind of all about being cool and things can go from being cool to so un-cool pretty quickly at that age. Also when you are 15/16 you can be easily offended when someone buys you something that isn't grown-up enough! 

Lauren Conrad: Style (Amazon £5.29 - here)
I remember when I was around seventeen I was given the Victoria Beckham style book and I totally loved it and this seems to be the exact same style of book but just with Lauren Conrad who is very 'now' and also it is a bit more informative. I wouldn't even say the receiver of this gift needs to be an actually fan of Lauren Conrad it's just a good book on style, shopping and make-up tips! Also £5.29 is such a good price as the R.R.P is £9.99.
17 Make up (Boots from £2.89 - here
You could go for any brand when buying makeup for someone in their teens but there is just something about 17 - it just basically ticks all the boxes. It's affordable as a gift so you can purchase quite a few items, the packaging is always nice and the products are always good quality. I would say stick to mascara, eyeshadow trios (love Enraged at the moment), lipsticks and nail polishes! Also when you spend over £6 on 17 products at the moment you receive a free gift set of nail polishes!

Makeup Brush Sets (Blush Professional from £9.99 - here
If you are buying for a girly girl that is getting into makeup a bit more than a brush set could make the ideal gift! A large brush set like the one above with 18 brushes in it will literally cover everything and will last them such a long time. 
Katy Perry Purr 30ml (Boots £24.99 - here
Unless the teenage you are buying for is a goth/emo/something alternative then I'm pretty sure most teens quite like Katy Perry! This comes in such a cute bottle and is just nice... I won't even try to describe the scent of this as I can't pick out any notes in it. But out of all the newer celebrity perfumes I would say this is the nicest looking and smelling. 
Violent Lips Tattoos (HQ Hair from £10.50 - here)
I'm pretty sure if you gave these as a gift this year they won't receive anything even remotely similar! These are just so fun and actually do look good and are fairly easy to apply! Also ideal for anyone that loves Jessie J!

late teens

Late Teens...
 I would say this is pretty much the easiest age range to buy for as it all about getting something good quality and something that looks nice & pretty!

Rae Morris Makeup: The Ultimate Guide (Amazon £10.02 - here)
 This has to be the most informative makeup books I have read, ever! It just contains so much information and the images in the book are just so detailed and beautiful. This is something that they will be able to go back to time and time again and read snippets from. 100% worth the price and will make someone that loves makeup a great gift.

Models Own Nail Polish (ASOS £5 each - here)
Whether you buy a trio of glitter polishes, mix n' match or buy some shades from the new and amazing Beetlejuice collection these are sure to make a really nice gift. These are super duper quality and some of the shades are just amazing. The polishes above are Champagne, Magenta Devine and Golden Green.

Benefit Primpcess Set (Benefit UK £25.00 - here)
Any Benefit set/kit would make a lovely gift this Christmas but the Primpess set is my newest set (you can see my full review of it here) but I equally love the Finding Mr Bright set. All the sets are just great for trying out Benefit products and the packaging is always amazing. The Primpcess set is sold out online like a few of the other sets so I would definitely say to go to your nearest Benefits counter and not to be tempted by discount sites or eBay as the Internet is now just so saturated with counterfeit Benefit products. 
MAC Lipstick (Debenhams £13.50 - here)
Mac lipsticks are kind of cult products now aren't they?! Even if you can only afford the one, it would make someone a lovely treat - any age! My tip is to purchase a shade you have seen the receive of the gift wearing the most so that you cannot get it wrong. Also this is definitely something to wrap up really pretty in gold sparkly paper and to tie a little bow around. 
Guerlain Insolence 30ml (Boots £35.50 - here)
The Insolence perfume is just an example really even though I personally adore this scent. But if your budget stretches to a fragrance then something like Vera Wang Princess, Burberry Body, Juicy Couture Juice, etc would make SUCH a lovely present and I think the receiver of such a fragrance may pretty much love you after opening it! 

  I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you also enjoyed reading it!

The next gift guide I am thinking will be either on books, high end beauty gifts or gifts for men!

Fee xo.


Vera Wang & Hugo Boss Fragrance Giveaway! CLOSED


Today I have a lovely Christmas giveaway for two amazing perfumes that have been kindly provided by FYFO

The giveaway will run until Saturday 17th (11pm) so fingers crossed the two winners with receive the prizes before Christmas! As you can see the two fragrances are Vera Wang Rock Princess (100ml) which comes in an amazing bottle and Huge Boss Orange (50ml) which I personally love the smell of (here)! 

UK only, sorry!

The Rules...

As I am feeling festive you don't need to be a follower of my site you just need to have a valid e-mail address! 

To enter just leave me a comment telling me what your favourite ever scent is and also which perfume of the two you would prefer (I cannot guarantee you will get this but if your comment is picked first you will get the fragrance you want!). Plus your first name and e-mail address

It is as simple as that! 

Good Luck!

Fee xo.


Oh Christmas Tag, Oh Christmas Tag!


I am finally feeling Christmas-y! 
I have most of my shopping done, my decorations are up and now I'm on to thinking about how I'm going to wrap all my presents... which is my favourite part! 

So to spread my festive-ness I thought I would do the Christmas tag that has been floating about... feel free to copy & paste it and do it on your own blog! 
1.What is Your Favourite Holiday Movie?
Surviving Christmas (see here) with Ben Affleck as it's funny but also heart warming and also Elf (see here) because it never fails to make me laugh!

  2. Whats Your Favourite Christmas Color?
I instantly thought of red but I do love a bit of gold. Though if glitter was a colour I would say glitter!

  3. Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas?
I always, always stay in my pyjamas in the morning when I'm opening my presents and eating breakfast but then I go upstairs with all the lovely makeup and new clothes I have received and get dressed up a bit!

  4. If You Could Only Buy One Person a Present This Year Who Would It Be?
Ohh this is a bit of a deep question for a Christmas tag as you would want it to be someone that really deserved it or someone that would really appreciate it! So for that reason it would be someone in my family who wouldn't expect it (they actually never expect me to buy them a present) but it would hopefully mean a lot to them! 

  5. Do You Open Your Present Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?
 When I was younger my mum and dad use to always let me open one present on Christmas Eve just before bed and then the rest on Christmas morning. So I have carried on that tradition now that it's just me and my boyfriend (and the dog!).


  6. Have You Ever Built a Ginger Bread House?
Nope! Even though they look pretty... I'm not sure how easy it would be too eat!

  7. What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break?
Lots! It's the only time in winter when I would rather be doing something than hibernating in bed! I love Christmas shopping, watching festive films, sitting at home with all the decorations up and the fairy lights on, spending time with family, wrapping presents to make them look beautiful and of course the day itself!
  8. Any Christmas Wishes?
Just for next year to be good and healthy.

9. Favourite Christmas Smell?

I love burning candles but the one smell that always reminds me of Christmas is the smell of roast potatoes! So tasty!
10. Favourite Christmas Meal Or Treat?
It has to be Christmas lunch... my sister is the best cook and makes the most amazing turkey, roast potatoes, stuffing, french style peas and chantenay carrots!  Om nom nom... so good!

Hope you are all looking forward to Christmas!

Fee xo.


Betty Crocker Candle Winner!


Thanks to all that entered the giveaway! I was really surprised at the number of entries for the candle! 

The winner was comment 149 which was... 


I have your e-mail address so will e-mail you ASAP so that I can get it sent straight off to you. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for a wonderful perfume giveaway (well two perfumes actually) that should be up on Tuesday while I am away! 

Fee xo.


Christmas Gift Guide - N-Spa Treats!


Oh my, oh my how I like my N-Spa products! 

For me N-Spa are cheap, fun, smell amazing and look slightly like Philosophy products which are quite pricey indeed. These make lovely but cheap gifts at Christmas as you can purchase 3 products for around £6-7 which I think is just great!

Now of course N-Spa products residue in Asda but for all those poor people that don't have access to an Asda, then you will be glad to know you can actually buy N-Spa products online from Asda Groceries Online - here. I am really not sure how much delivery is but if you really do want to buy some products from N-Spa then all is not lost atleast. 


Vanilla Creme Brulee Shower and Bath Gel 500ml 
(£2 - here or in store)  
I use to use this many moons ago when I didn't avoid SLS's and can say that I use to love it - the smell is just soooo amazing. But the reason why I have it now is because it's a Christmas present for somebody! There are so many different scents in the range but this has to be my favourite and is great for using as a shower gel as it just lasts ages and foams up so well with one of those shower puffy things!It also smells lovely in the bath and does make the skin feel quite nice.

I think three of these which would total only £6 in three different yummy scents would make a lovely but cheap gift this year.

Indulgent Toffee Shimmer Body Oil 150ml
(£2 - here or in store)
I would say this product is more suitable for someone in their teens as it's just a bit of a fun product to use that smells very yummy! 
I'm personally not in love with this body oil as I don't overly love shimmery skin but with a tan I do use and like it - so it's a bit hit and miss for me. But again with other products this could make a lovely gift.


Indulgent Gingerbread Whipper Body Cream 250ml
(£2.oo - in store)
This whipped body cream is just to die for... the smell is literally amazing! This is a perfect product to use near Christmas as it just smells so festive and wintry. The product is a really good size for only £2.00 and I just cannot fault it. 
Hot Butter Fudge Sugar Body Polish 350ml 
(£4.00 - here or in store)  
My total favourite product out of the whole range - THIS product is just A-mazing! My love for this is on the same level as my love for Soap & Glory's The Breakfast Scrub. The scrub comes in a huge pot (like the angel cake packaging below) and is a jelly like sugar scrub that is golden in colour like brown sugar and just smells so, so, soooo good - I just can't explain how good this stuff smells. Basically if you like warm yummy smelling products or know someone who does then you need to buy this! The scrub itself isn't overly harsh but it isn't a thin scrub either, just somewhere in the middle. 

This is so yummy that is feels slightly wrong using it in summer so this is definitely one to buy for winter/Christmas.

Indulgent Angel Cake Bath Melt 350ml
(£4.00 - in store) 
This is basically a luxury kind of bubble bath and when you scoop this out it's quite an odd jelly like texture that just feels more substantial! I can't say I know what Angel Cake smells like but this smells sweet and almost bubblegum like. Again I think this would suit teens more than anything as it's a sugary sweet product that looks really nice as a gift. 
Raspberry Milkshake Body scrub 225ml 
(£2.00 - here or in store)  
I think I must of tried every single body scrub from N-Spa now but this is my favourite one for in summer. It's fresh, grainy and cheap! Also I personally love this as it doesn't contain any sulfates which is a huge thumbs up for me as so many body scrubs like this contains SLS's in them. 
Vanilla Creme Brulee Body Scrub 225ml 
(£2.oo - here or in store) 
This is again one yummy product that I mainly just use because I love the scent. But I must admit I love the type of scrub that is it, kind of a cream with good sized grains in it. Some days I use the Fudge Sugar Body Polish when I want to exfoliate and then other days when I just want to wash my skin and be a bit lazy I use this and just stand there inhaling it in the shower!

 All I can say is om nom nom about this! 

I actually feel a bit hungry now!
What I would do for a few (large) spoonfuls of Marks & Spencers Salted Caramel Sauce right now?! 

Mmmmm just so good!

Fee xo.


Compagnie De Provence Soap Stack


Just a mini review of a stocking filler type gift today! 

This is the Compagnie De Provence Soap stack from Zalando which contains 5 x 25g mini soaps for £6.95 with free delivery - here.  

I have never tried anything from Compagnie De Provence before but they have always interested me especially with their lovely look Rose Liquid Hand soaps, but they have always seemed slightly too pricey. Which is why I was attracted to this - it's cheap enough and you get to try out five of the different soaps to just use or to see which you like the most. 

I must admit I do kind of do want to keep this to myself and I may just, as I seem to have over bought for a few people this year!  


The five soaps in the stack are...
Mediterranean Sea, Fresh Verbena, Summer Grapefruit, Wild Rose scent and Olive & Lavender.

I haven't unwrapped these as I still may give them as a gift but even through the wrappers you can smell these soaps which is a good sign. Each soap is a pretty good size for travelling with or keeping next to the sink. The ones I would try first would have to be Summer Grapefruit and Olive & Lavender as these smell the nicest to me. 
It is quite a small gift but even so this doesn't look cheap and I think this would be ideal for some slightly older that likes likes nice toiletries and what nots! 

Overall a cute but slightly different gift that will compliment another present really well! 

Fee xo.


NOTD - China Glaze Tinsel Town


I cannot believe the lack of sparkly, glittery nails on Makeup Savvy this Christmas. It's actually a bit of a disgrace seeing as I own sooo many pretty glitter nail polishes!

However I will be rectifying this, this week as I am now armed with some potent glitter nail polish remover (Sally Hansen's Kwik Off) and I have all my most Christmas-y glitter nail polishes all lined up to use! 

But today I want to show you one that came with the China Glaze Santa's Little Helpers set that I purchased last month. This is by favourite polish from the set as it is so different from anything I have and it looks so pretty on - not exactly like tinsel but still so amazing with the texture and sparkly of this.

Tinsel Town actually reminds me of one of those amazing rocks that look normal on one side and then you turn it over and to reveal the most amazing crystal pewter that sparkles under any light! 

This only needs two coats and it's done but it does chip within 1-2 days which isn't so amazing. But I'm sure with a top coat it will last longer! The thing I love most about the polish is how much it sparkles without looking like it is full of glitter if that makes sense and I also love how rough it looks even though it doesn't actually feel rough compared to other glitter nail polishes I have tried in the past... almost a smooth glitter polish. 

I bought this as part of a China Glaze Santa's Little Helpers set from eBay which you can find with this UK Seller here  for only £11.75 with free p&p! 

The other shades in the set are - Velvet Bow, Ring in the Red (see my nail swatch) which is so lovely and Icicle (see my nail swatch).

Fee xo.

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