My Fragrance Memories at


If you love perfumes then this is the post for you! 

Over at Escentuals Blog they have compiled a wide range of bloggers first fragrances and there signature scents. 

Here's my own little snippet from the post but make sure to read the whole post with a nice cup of cha! 

         "Looking back my first ever choice of fragrance was actually quite odd! I would of been around 13 and in a duty free perfume shop at the airport. I remember testing so many over powering perfumes and then I came across Petits et Mamans by Bvlgari and compare to all the rest it was just soft and chamomile like. At the time I didn't realize that it was actually a fragrance for mothers and there babies! But never the less I spent around £25 and came away quite happy with my first ever fragrance purchase.
      I've never really had a signature scent as such, as I love so many different perfumes. Though I definitely has key scents for each season - Spring has to be 'Lovely' by Sarah Jessica Parker and 'Tuberoli' by Space NK (now sadly discontinued) . Summer has to be 'True Star' by Tommy Hilifiger and 'Eternity' by Calvin Klein. As for winter I love deeper scents like 'Eau De Star' by Thierry Mugler and Prada Amber."

What scent will you be wearing this Summer?

The Skincare Diaries

 To be truthful it's very rare that I read a magazine feature and really enjoy it, I'm more for reading articles and looking at pretty photo shoots. 
But I thought The Skincare Diaries in Red's April issue was such a good read it was definitely worth a mention and has also inspired me to write my own skincare diary instead of just writing a skincare routine post as I had planned! 

Just click to enlarge so you can read each page  - 

Like the feature says - No two beauty regimes are the same and that's what I find so interesting about skincare, it's so complex and there's always something to learn about your own skin and skincare products that are available. 

Out of all three routines I like Lauren Laverne's approach to skincare the most - I don't love Clinique skincare that much if I'm being honest but I do like how she sees cleansing as a big importance in her routine and how she will skip moisturizer if she's had a day of wearing heavy makeup. It just seems a really balanced approach but then again she has been blessed with normal skin! 

Will be posting my own Skincare Diary in the same format in the next few days of so! 

Was also thinking of posting more articles and clippings from UK magazines for you international readers. What do you think?   


Selling My Soul To Satan!

Slightly dramatic I know... but it's not everyday that I literally sell my addiction away! 

As I am sure you will know I like to pride myself on being savvy and 90% of the time I feel I am... I love mostly highstreet makeup (as you all know) and use most of the products I own. But I do have a slight addiction to nail polish - high street and high end (ok, I never go as far as Chanel or YSL) and I thought that was totally fine. However at the weekend I decided to re-sort every single nail polish I own and came to realize I have far too many, but more to the point far too many expensive ones! 

Now I can see why people like more expensive nail polishes - they generally last longer, there's a wide range of shades, sometimes more unique shades also the brand name, even the nail polish name! 

But the thing is... I love so many high street brands especially Barry M, Models Own, Gosh and George that cater my needs so well! They have unique shades, fun polish names (minus the stupid Barry M numbering system) and good formulas. But the main thing for me is I paint my nails at least every other day so my nail polish rarely chip - so why do I need a more expensive nail polish that could last 4 days chip free? 

So minus afew special ones I have decided to have a UK blog sale on Saturday afternoon and I'm literally going to sell most of the high end nail polishes I own and afew average priced ones that I just don't use that much! 

Like last time the pricing will be fair and I will definitely try to under cut eBay and other websites and to make things easier I will be making all products P&P free. 

It does seem a little dramatic but I just won't miss them and it's not even like I need the money for anything in particular... though I do think it's time for a new Ted Baker Ikon bag! 
I just feel I've got to the point where it's abit too materialistic and slightly obsessive and I'd rather go back to my cheap thrills with Barry M and George! 

I mean some of my favourite shades cost £1-3!

I just love all my purple shades and not a one cost over £4... I love Stargazer for there amazing duo chrome shades and the free Nails Inc offers that seem to be around every year. Not to mention the beautiful Kiko polishes Fiamma sends me and my love of the £1 George nail polishes. Then there's my nudes polishes - there is nothing better than a new ones from Models Own and Revlon.

I'm also going to be keeping all my mini OPI sets and will continue to purchase more from either eBay or ASOS as I just think they are great value for money and I have still yet to finish a bottle. Plus I love the packaging and how small & cute they are!

But like I mentioned I am going to keep the odd few more expensive nail polishes that I really love like OPI Bring The Bling (see above) that my sister bought me for Christmas and just absolutely love..even if it does tend to chip, it's just an amazing polish which also means something and reminds me of Christmas!

It's time to step back and enjoy the nail polishes I do own and recapture why I first started to love nail polish! 

Hope you can all pop by for the Nail Polish Sale on Saturday! 


Beauty Blog Link Love 26/03

This is my first time being featured in BBLL & I'm quite excited! 
Hope you all enjoy reading all the other links. 

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Did you hear? BarryM may come to Canada!! To celebrate Spiced Beauty is giving away a huge 5-piece prize pack.

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National No Makeup Day...

...Was yesterday. Did you miss it? Yes, so did I. 
Am I that, not at all! 

In fact the whole idea of having a non makeup day actually annoys me and it's not even because I love makeup and wear it almost daily.
It's the fact that in this day and age we are finally excepting all different types of people, all different situations and after hundreds of years finally not judging, and I think it's such a great thing but something that sadly has been a long time coming. 

So why, even if it's just for one day decide to restrict a huge group of people that aren't harming anymore and offending anyone, but are in fact showing off who they are through makeup (ok, slightly over the top but you know what I mean). 
There isn't a 'No Carbs Day' or a 'No High Heels Day' because it would be pointless, as is a 'No Makeup Day' it doesn't help the dying people around the world or ease the suffering of those in Japan... it's just pointless.

What also annoys me are the statistics that go along side this No Makeup Day. Statistics such as "80% of men prefer their partners without make-up, all though only 10% of women believe them!"
Firstly how old fashioned is the idea that woman want to please there man (sure we all do, but in a much more equal way than in the 40's). Secondly I'm sure my boyfriend prefers me without makeup (or thinks he does) but I also prefer him to remember to put the toilet seat down...
It's swings and roundabouts and at the end of the day silly little things like that don't make (or break) a relationship.

I just really don't think the anchor of the campaign should be what men think of makeup - as makeup it there to enhance beauty and confidence. 
Why not center the campaign about feeling empowered and even brave enough that you can go without any makeup for the day and ummm, maybe even link it to a charity!  Or even a campaign to reassure women that with or without makeup you can still see yourself as beautiful and even show afew celebrities without makeup to show that just because they are makeup free doesn't stop them being strong, powerful women.

I'm really not one for calling things at all, as I just don't like being negative, but I feel the whole 'No Make-Up Day' is negative. It's suggesting wearing makeup is wrong or unnecessary and to be honest it's personal choice. Also why spend money on a pointless campaign and not do it for charity... I just don't get that. 

Ok, rant over! 

Please, please tell me how you all feel about the idea of going without makeup for a day for no reason. Is it pointless? Do they have point?

Fee x

PS. Hope you all have a glorious weekend wearing as little or as much makeup as you desire!


Snowberry, Origins, DHC, Liz Earle and more!

Over the last year of blogging and reading blogs I really think I've learnt so much more about skincare in general, that I now rarely dislike the skincare products I buy... makeup on the other hand is a slightly different story as shades and textures can be quite hit and miss at times.

I'm now slightly less savvy with my spending as a result (though I look at it as being more savvy in a way). I now spend that bit more on skincare products I like the sound of and save on makeup products and basics. Of course I always try to get products on offer or samples firstly though!

So here are some slightly more expensive recent purchases that I'm really loving!

Biotherm Biosensitive SOS Anti - Redness Concealer 15ml
Due to having a £5 off voucher for Biotherm I thought I'd use it to have one last attempt at the whole green counteracts red concealer malarkey - which has always resulted in me looking a tad Hulk like.
My first two applications went totally wrong - I firstly applied what I thought was a normal amount to my blemishes, which was actually way too much and resulted in them areas looking slightly green under foundation. The next day as recommended on the back of the box I used it as a makeup base - a total no-no, a little or a lot it just doesn't work. It's definitely not a makeup base...that's all I can say. 
After seeing the error of my ways I decided to use the smallest of amounts and by that I mean just touching the product onto my index finger and then applying the residue onto maybe four blemishes/red marks. Which is when I fell in love with the product and also thought it was 100% worth it's price and more, as at this rate it will literally last me years! 
Since then I've been using it daily, around my nose, on the outer corners of my eyes, on blemishes and to reduce the flushed look my skin gets just under my cheeks. 
This has really stopped me stressing over the red areas on my face in the morning and using multiple layers of makeup to try and cover it up. 

Highly, highly recommend this for anyone wanting to remove the redness out of spots,concealing broken capillaries or redness around the mouth and nose.

Snowberry Instant Deep Cleanser 15ml 
This is a totally new type of cleanser for me (I love my cream cleansers) and I have to say, personally it feels like such an alien but it just works amazingly! I mean it's essentially a strange smelling orange oil that you massage into the skin... but somehow it instantly dissolves all makeup without needing a muslin cloth to thoroughly cleanse, all you need is warm water to remove the oil. It also doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy nor stripped, just ultra soft and clean! 
It's basically a miracle cleanser that I'm getting way to in love with! Though I have told myself if it does last quite a long time (as you only need two drops) then I may treat myself to the 50ml £46 size with my birthday money in May. See that is actually how much I love it... Actually considering spending nearly £50 on a single cleanser!! I must be crazy or just after good skin.

I'm just so so impressed with the results and how organic it is and basically how it doesn't alter the balance of my skin yet removes all the makeup from my pores in an instant. 

Amazing stuff! 

Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle 200ml
Firstly even though I get the hype of this product and can understand why it's always out of stock in most Boots stores I do think it's actually a hard product to get right. Which explains why some people just don't get the hype and think it's a pretty useless product!
I think the key to using this correctly is using it quite sparingly at the roots under the hair you want to look volumized. Also letting it fully dry then rubbing it seems to give the best results. Though I actually like to spray it in and then use the hairdryer on cold to give even more lift then smooth the hair down over it. 
A really fab product that definitely gives great lift that lasts all day if used in the right way!

Liz Earle Cleanser & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml 
Prices from £5.10 for 30ml 
I've been using the N07 Hot Cloth Cleanser for over a year now and love all it's qualities except for that there are too many ingredients that aren't the best and I feel it sometimes hydrates the skin too much especially when it's going through a really oily faze. So I was hoping the more natural Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser would fill them gaps and thankfully it did! 
Of course any cleanser isn't on the skin for that long so it can't do alot in the time it has but I think the texture and feel of the skin after cleansing can say alot and this definitely leaves my skin more matte and fresh - which tells me it's more suited to my temperamental skin. 
I also feel like it's being slightly kinder to my skin, though I do wish it was as thick and creamy as the No7 cleanser. 

To be really honest though I do like both just as much for totally different reasons - so will be continuing to re-purchase the No7 Cleanser when the No7 £5 vouchers are about and the Liz Earle Cleanser as a treat and for holidays.  
The Swatches 

DHC Velvet Skin Coat 15g
DHC (£14.50) 
If you a wondering about the sample sachets - I decided to purchase them off eBay as I know how primers can be so hit and miss with different skin types. Which actually meant I got an amazing deal - 22g of product for only £5! Though I will definitely be buying the full size tube when I eventually run out. 
The product really has amazed me, it's a silicone based primer so it designed to smooth over pores and fine lines which is exactly what it does! I will definitely have to do another review of this and show some before and after pictures of how well the product actually works, the results really are visible. 
This has to be the best primer I've tried especially for hiding smaller pores and reducing the appearance of larger pores. Plus it seems to really make my face alot smooth looking and just so soft!

Really brilliant!
Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream 15ml
Boots (£20.43) 
Another product that I don't know how I have done without for so long! At nearly 23 I don't really believe I need an eye cream to reduce the ageing process just yet but I did think a cream just for that area could help plump up the skin and also reduce the appearance of the shallow-ness I've started to develop from my lack of sleep and odd sleeping hours! 
Not only do I enjoy applying the cream to the eye area each morning to wake my eyes up but I really do like how it has a slight sheen that reflects the light around the eye making my face instantly look more awake and 'with it'! 
Overall I'm very pleased as I feel it's doing more than just hydrating the skin in that area!

I really feel like the more I learn about skincare the more right choices I make about my own skin and fingers crossed my skin can only get better with the lovely products I'm currently using! 

What's your current star skincare product?  


NOTD - No7 & OPI Gunmetal shades

I absolutely love gunmetal shaded nail polishes just really alternative and something different from all the nude shades I wear. 

My two favourites have to be the gorgeous OPI Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous from the Swiss collection - such a shimmery gunmetal shade and the molten looking No7 Stay Perfect Silver Mercury. Both apply so easily and beautifully, though you do have to watch Silver Mercury for that brush stroke look that can happen with really metallic polishes. 
As I love both polishes but sometimes find OPI Lucerne slightly to light I decided to layer them and see if it made the shimmer abit more intense. 

The results are abit of a fail as you can see, mainly as there isn't much difference between the OPI shade on it's own or with the No7 shade underneath. 
Though I do think my favourite is 1 coat Silver Mercury with 1 coat Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous over the top. It's just that bit deeper and more shiny. 

Either way both shades are so gorgeous! 

L-R: Both shades together, No7 Silver Mercury, OPI Lucerne
Gunmetal shades seem quite hard to come by especially on the highstreet so I think No7 have done really well with the shade. 
Though I have spotted a lovely one by Avon, aptly named 'Gunmetal' and a nice one by Bourjois (though they always seem hugely overpriced for some reason). 

Would love if anyone could recommend any affordable gunmetal shades to try out next! 



If I Was A Rich Girl...

Na na na na na! 

 I think we all secretly indulge in abit of fantastical daydreaming about what we would do if we suddenly became millionaires over night from time to time!

I was inspired to write this post after highly amusing my boyfriend by saying 'If you're going to be really rich you may as well win the lottery'! Obviously he thought I was joking... I wasn't. I mean if you are going to be a multi-millionaire you're going to have to work damn hard and with alot of pressure, of course you get the satisfaction of knowing you worked hard for that amount of money. But surely seeing you're bank balance go from a 3/4 figure number to a sizable 7 figures in a matter of a week (I'm talking about winning the lottery again) must be a pretty amazing feeling!

So here's to some rather indulgent dreaming!

Firstly, beauty aside... afew properties would be needed, I mean you need somewhere to house all your beautiful possessions, let's be realistic now! So the wonderful house above would be one of afew holiday homes - you see that glorious sunshine streaming through the windows? That is the beautiful sunshine of Cape Town... now I'm trying to block out the thoughts of roaming Hyenas and Lions as we don't want to be too realistic mind!

Of course each of my homes would have to have a walk in wardrobe/shoe closet/beauty area a' la Carrie Bradshaw. Oh just thinking about that makes me feel guilty with it just being Red Nose Day and all (though I did help raise over £400 for it with my boyfriend - very pleased). I think I would definitely have to learn how to be un-savvy! I mean I have trouble treating myself to my favourite mascara - YSL Faux Cils (£21) so I opt for 17 Wild Curls Mascara (£6.29) most of the time.

 So after actually learning to be a lot more frivolous - I would definitely indulge in the whole Tom Ford Lipstick collection and lots of products from Ellis Faas (have to seen the shades of them liquid eye shadows - amazing). I'd of course have a few bottles of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum 50ml (£60.26) for each designer handbag.   
 I'd also have to get in contact with Nicky Kinnaird to bring back the Tuberoli Space NK fragrance and also to set up a quarterly shipment of Baume de Rose By Terry (£35), again for each handbag! 

It really would be amazing wouldn't it - having endless filled Mac e/s palettes and towers of Muji acrylic storage to house all your other beautiful products. 
I really don't think I would stop purchasing high street nail polishes as I can't fault them and I just don't think I could ever warrant spending £15 plus on a single polish, ever. 

I really could carry on & on but I will stop there and let you all tell me what you would spend your virtual millions on!

Fee xx


NOTD - Models Own Black Swirl

Similar to Chanel Black Pearl? No. But this is still quite a unique dark gunmetal nail polish with a lovely silver shimmer running though it. 

Of course with a name like Black Swirl it is going to be compared to Chanel's Black Pearl as we do know what Models Own are like with the naming of there products. But sadly it's only the name that is similar as Black Swirl is way too dark to be compare to the very silver gunmetal shade that is Black Pearl. However if you do want a very good dupe for Chanel Black Pearl I would definitely go for No7 Stay Perfect Silver Mercury £7 (will show you swatches this week sometime) which would obviously equate to only £2 at the moment with one of those handy little No7 vouchers. 

Anyway back to Models Own Black Swirl, on the application front it is so-so, I find with all black nail polishes the application is harder to get right as the black is well umm just so black! So getting a nice clean curve just above the cuticle is harder to achieve and more noticeable if it's wonky. 
But other than that it's a nice smooth two coater that dries quite fast and doesn't chip - just tip wear after afew days really. 

As for the shade it is slightly two tone as you can see - in some lights it looks quite black and then in others it looks quite abit lighter almost like a silver gunmetal shade. 

This definitely isn't a Spring shade, having said that if  you are going for the summer dress with a leather jacket look then this would be the perfect polish or for nights out! 

Unfortunately I couldn't find it on the Models Own website but you can purchase it at Boots Online or in-store for £5. 

A Beauty Collage Inspired by Bellishment

I came across Bellishment last week after Emily (the writer behind the blog) commented on my SS11 Burberry inspired nail tutorial. Mentioning that she worked for Burberry (lucky girl) and was always happy to see people's interpretation of the collection. 

And I'm really glad she did actually leave a comment as I instantly loved her blog - the topics she writes about range from beauty and fashion to posts on interiors and collages.

Though the collages and outfit of the day posts are definitely my favourites. Of course nowadays you can create a collage on Polyvore or with Photshop. But I loved that she just used the normal technique of using read magazines, some glue and a pair of scissors! 
I'd definitely say it's the more fun and creative option!

So seeing as she suggested trying out creating a collage, I thought I would...

So firstly I set myself a theme - Spring. Which I actually found quite hard to find images for as there are so many bold looks going on magazines at the moment! Though I did find some pretty clippings. 

My idea for the whole collage was a really pretty floral dress, with barely there makeup on the eyes and glowing skin. With slightly flushes looking cheeks and a bold, bright lip. 
Also a lovely fresh fragrance hence the Marc Jacobs Daisy scent and the images of Blossom!

The lipstick on the left which I love and know would be perfect for Spring & Summer is Mac Show Orchid. 

Like Emily mentions on her blog it's fun, free and impossible to mess up! 
I totally agree, I sat there whilst watching TV cutting away and thinking which images would look best together and it just feels so much more creative than creating a virtual college sat in front of a screen! 

I think I'm addicted already as it's just something totally different, relaxing and fun!

Also make sure to check out Emily's wonderful collages! 


Models Own Pro, New shades & Nail Art

At the beginning of the new year I said to myself that I wanted to try more China Glaze nail polishes - however so far I've only purchased a set of 4 . Models Own on the other hand have been luring me in with all there new shades each month.

My current wish list contains - Juicy Jules (maybe the most sparkly nail polish ever), Peacock Green, Emerald City, Pink Punch (for on my my toes in summer) and Utopia.

Virtual spending aside I wanted to show you what I do have in my mitts - a little peak at the new Models Own Pro range, I have afew shades (all matt) but wanted to show you one at a time seeing as I always manage to ramble on and on. 

The first one that I think is definitely worth a mention is the Models Own Pro Matt Topcoat. Now all the 54 shades in the range cost £8 as compared to there existing line they are pro qualiity - as they contain a 'Grows Fast, Fades Slow' technology (which basically means they contain Vitamin E and UV Filters) and they are free of any nastiness like Formaldehyde!
Now as you all know I am very (probably overly) price conscious so I'm not going to be saying these are a steal at £8 - but if they do help the nails to grow faster then I may feel differently about the range, though I will be picking up afew on the staples in the range like the Pro clear top coat, a nude shade and a nice vibrant red.

As for the slow fade technology - I know people have mentioned that nail polish fades in Summer, but I really have never ever noticed! So would love to know if you have experienced shade fading!

Anyway back to the case in point! I decided to layer the Pro Matt Top Coat over the new-ish Models Own Concrete Mixer as I do like almost ashy matte nails sometimes - there's just seem chic and clean. 

Now the Top coat actually doesn't seem much different from any other matt top coat but I know that alot of people have complained about the effects of regular use of a matte top coat. Even I personally have experience thinning on certain parts on my nails with afew different top coats. Which I'm guessing is down to the harsher chemicals that make the top coat turn nail polishes matt.
So I'm really hoping the New Models Own Pro Top Coat will be a solution to the problem. 

Of course matt nails aren't for everyone but if you do love doing your nails on a regular basis or trying different types of nail art. Then I'd say a matt top coat will be very valuable addition to your collection. There are just so many things to can do with just one bottle of it - matt leopard print over glossy nails, all matte nails with glossy tips, matt polka dots, matte french nail tips etc. 

I forgot to mention the whole new range of normal, matte and treatment Pro nail polishes will be launch exclusively in Boots on 28th March though you can already buy some of the polishes at Boots Online.

As for the Models Own Nail Art Pen (£6.00) if I'm brutally honest I really do not think they aren't upto scratch at all. I've actually had 4 of the pens now both in white and black and they've all had a fault of some kind with them. Mainly the nail polish brush bristles falling out, then once a few go they are seem to go and you're left with no brush and just the dotting tool on the top. 
I think the problem is the brush isn't secure enough to begin with and the weight of the nail polish on the longer and thinner than normal brush just can't take it. 
However for £6 the top part of the nail art pen is quite good, I mean it's not as precise as using a Sharpie pen but then again my sharpie is forever stopping working and isn't nail polish or as opaque. 

So if you just want a nail art pen for simple designs like polka dots and leopard print then this will be perfect - but other than that I can't really rate it on my own experiences. 

Make sure to keep a look out for swatches of afew more of the Models Own Pro Matt shades!


Favourite Affordable Concealer Ever

I guess the title should really read 'Favourite Affordable Concealer Ever (when purchased with a £5 free No7 Voucher)!
The No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick normally retails at £8.00 so I always make sure I buy it on offer. Making it a total steal at £3! 

I've been using the Quick Cover Blemish Stick from No7 in shade Fair 03 for many months now, so much so that I finally run out of it and discovered they do an Extra Fair shade in 02. 
I should point out that throughout using the Blemish Stick I've tried various other concealers high and low end from Topshop, YSL, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, 17, Mememe etc. But still love and use this daily. 

 Now even though I adore this product (which I will get to) there are afew things I don't like about it. Firstly the name bugs me, obviously it's such a small point. 
But this is a concealer that conceals blemishes, redness and the under eye area, so calling it a Blemish Stick really does make people think it's just for spots and scarring. Though on the other hand the formula does soak up excess oil which tends to be around the area blemishes do appear so I do get why it's called a Blemish Stick...really I'm just being fussy and think they should call it a Concealer stick for Oily/Combination skin then also come out with one for Normal to Dry skin in a slightly different more suitable formulation. 

Which leads me onto the fact that it doesn't cater for every ones skintype - if you have normal, oily or combination skin then this will work fine but as it's a cream to powder formulation it's not that suitable for drier skintypes. I could suggest moisturizing really well before application but it still wouldn't be ideal and would eventually look flaky by the end of the day. 

 So it's great for any skintype other than anyone with dry skin as the formula just isn't suitable.

Why I love this concealer so much
  Firstly it is geared around concealing spots so the coverage is quite full (and stays that way through most of the day) and does remove any excess oil from the spot and leaves a matt finish - so instantly the concealer is multi-purpose. I also love that it's a cream to powder finish as it applies nicely as a cream but becomes more powder like when blended, which leaves it feeling weightless and it definitely gives it more staying power over alot of cream concealers especially if you have oily skin and concealer tends to slide throughout the day. 

Also I do love the shade range that it comes in, it may not cater for a whole range of skin tones as it only comes in a choice of 7 shades but the shades it does offer are quite neutral - not too pink and not too yellow. Though once blended they do seem to just merge into your own natural shade. Which is why I could use 03 for months and months even though 02 is probably my ideal shade.

As for application I don't tend to use it straight from the bullet (though for the under eyes it doesn't really matter) as it's quite large and it's not that hygienic especially if you are using it on spots. So I use a tiny precession concealer brush on small blemishes or for larger areas I use a square lip brush as I like the shape and size.

I highly recommend these especially when the No7 £5 Voucher offer is on (which it currently is!) as they work out at only£3 and will lasts you months.

I'm actually considering re-purchasing shade Fair 03 plus 04 and 05 (for summer) and placing all 4 shades into a palette so that I have a good range of shades plus I can also mix them that way. 

Which would only work out at £12 with the vouchers! 

Origins Good to Glow Boots Offer only £12.50!

Just thought I'd show you the actual products that come in the Origins set that I mentioned last week, especially since it's still in stock! 

 The Origins Good To Glow Ginzing Eye Gift Set includes -

GinZing Eye Cream 15ml - RRP £20
Full Story Lush-lash Mascara in Black 2ml 
Duel Ended Liquid Lip Colour 1ml - in You're Golden and Beaming Berry

Which was an exclusive Christmas giftset for Boots retailing at £25.00.
As I mentioned above the product is surprisingly still in stock - so if you want it, I'd get it quick here.

I've been using the GinZin Refreshing Eye cream for 3 days now - so I can't obviously talk about the long term effects...but actually I think this may be more of an instant effect product even though I'm sure it will soften the eye area over time. 

By that I's almost like a brightening concealer as it can be used under or over makeup and really does reflect the light around the eyes. Also it does have quite a nice cold zingy feeling when applied so particularly good on tired eyes in the morning. Overall a nice eye cream that gives instant results.

I do think £20 at full price for only 15ml is pretty steep though but then again you do need such a small amount so I can imagine it lasting months and months. But we shall see!
From Top to Bottom - Ginzing eye cream, You're Golden lipgloss, Beaming Berry lipgloss. 

As for the duel ended lipgloss - They almost remind me of the Burt Bees ones, mainly as they are Peppermint scented and really glossy. But they are rather sparkly are you can see in the above swatches, though Beaming Berry does look very pretty over plum lipstick. 

I haven't tried the mascara yet as I have far too many that I'm trying to finish at the moment, so think I will save it till I'm going away somewhere sunny!

All in all a great little set that's a bargain at £12.50!

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