New Models Own Nail Polishes for Spring/Summer

Last week Models Own released the upcoming shades for there Spring/Summer 011 collection. Consisting of 7 new shades and I must say all quite on trend! 

The new collection consists of - 

Bloo Boo - Think a lovely creamy pastel blue (a lighter version of For Audrey by China Glaze in my opinion)!
Pink Fever - A dark pink with a light shimmer running through it. 
Nyla Nude - A gorgeous camel/tan coloured nude.
Orange Serbert - A bright, almost neon orange.
Black Swirl - Black with a lovely gun metal shimmer running thought it, making it a lot more wearable than just a solid black. 
Utopia - The hardest shade from the collection to describe...kind of a soft grey/lilac pastel. 
Concrete Mixer - A cold nude grey/greige shade.

Models Own Concrete Mixer 
(2 coats)

I was tempted to not show a swatch of this (even though it's my favourite from the collection) as I stupidly squared off my nails and really don't like how short they are. However once they grow I'm sure they will look a lot better and more square...I hope!

Anyway, back to the shade that is Concrete Mixer... it really does look rather sleek on the nails especially for a chic office look and applies beautifully. However the shade does lack a bit of substance especially if you have pale skin like me!

'Colour Punch'  

Which got me thinking about the helpful S/S fashion guide Arash Mazinani recently wrote on his style website. Were he highlighted the key trends to be looking at this spring/summer (actually taking the frustration and time out of looking at all the different designers shows and not having a clue what styles to buy into for the summer). 

One key trend that I definitely liked the look of and will be wearing this summer was 'Colour Punch'. Basically lots of clashing vibrant colours... but Arash also suggested a safer option of just a shot of colour with lots of nude/neutral shades. 

I instantly loved the idea but also thought how well it could translate onto the nails!

Which I think would work perfectly with any of the neutral shades from the S/S Models Own collection with the neon Orange Sherbet or any other bold shade you love as an accent colour. Simple and chic but bold enough to catch people's attention!

Here I've just used Models Own Concrete Mixer along with Nails Inc Beach on the ring finger.

I of course will do more swatches of Bloo Boo and Black Swirl if wanted by anyone - but if you just want to see all the stock images of the entire collection and a lovely swatch of Bloo Boo then pop over to  - who's nails I'm always jealous of!

So what do we all think of Concrete Mixer - the new must-have shade for spring?


Steal of the Week

If you have a lot of beauty products you will know storage is a big deal and the only way of feeling organized! I'm personally always on the look out for nice quality storage drawers or boxes though for some reason they normally aren't that cheap!  

However while having a browse in Matalan this week (something I rarely do) I found two lovely storage boxes in the home section for £5 each. 

Which to me is a really great price especially for the size and quality of them! I did also notice they came in a cream and also a more natural rattan shade - which would be perfect as living/dining room storage.

For the time being while I'm still sorting out my main bedroom they are just going to sit on top of my wardrobe with items them always seem to clutter things up - like bulky skincare products and magazines.

As for what they are made from - they are material lined and quite sturdy, so can take quite a bit of weight. With an almost woven exterior with hard wearing plastic handles that have nice stitching detail to them. 
Size wise they are quite big, I would say the length of them is over 30cm.

For £5 each I am more than happy with my new storage! 


Face Mask Friday!

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask 50ml - £9.39

This face mask was very much an impulse purchase around 7 months ago after having a heavy cold. My skintype had gone from being it's usual combination, that was fairly manageable with the skincare routine I had. To feeling really congested, red and basically dull looking. 

Applying the mask...

I knew that none of my normal skincare products would help and really needed something that would bring the life back into my skin. So when I saw this in Boots and read the words 'soothing' and 'moisture' I headed straight to the till with it. 

The idea behind this mask is that it's a thick, white, soft cream that you liberally apply to the face for 10 to 15 minutes. Unlike alot of other masks this doesn't set at all but slowly soak into the skin. 
After, there is no washing it off (as most of the cream is absorbed into the skin) just softly blotting the face with tissue or a cotton pad will be enough to remove the excess cream. 
 When I applied this for the first time to my horribly congested skin it actually felt like it was drinking the cream up by the second! It was so soothing and cooling that all I wanted to do was sit back and relax.

The Results...

The results were just as impressive as the application! My face was noticeably less red and felt so much more hydrated. I used it once more a few days later to get my skin back to what it was before being ill. 
I've only used it afew more time since, again during and after being ill when my skin just felt run down and dehydrated and it sorted the problem out. 
I wouldn't normally suggest a product aimed at dry skin for any other skin type than dry skin! But I really feel that whatever the reason/situation - if your skin type turns from oily to quite dry or from combination to dry, this would be the perfect product to sort it out. Instead of constantly trying to get your usual skincare products to solve the problem, which rarely sorts your skin out. 


This of course is more than suitable for anyone with dry skin as an alternative to rubbing in thick creams, though I'm sure the product would be gone quite quickly if used once or twice a week as recommend on the back of the box. I also have a feeling this would be the perfect product to use after a long haul flight when the skin tends to feel dehydrated and basically rubbish.

A wonder product that individually sorts out skin that is congested, dehydrated, sensitive, red or lack luster.


Through the Keyhole...

Instead of just talking about another product and reviewing it, I thought it would be nice to talk about the products I use the most and show were I keep them! 

I moved house in November and decided I wanted a more fresh, sleek look - so the corner cabinet you see above is the only storage I have in the bathroom (I do have a hessian trunk to store towels in though & a recess in the tiles next to the shower for shampoo etc). 
The cabinet (from Dwell) does actually store everything I need really - plus back-ups of shampoo & conditioner.

In the Bathroom Cabinet...

Top Shelf - Really just contains stuff I use now and again and I put deep hair treatments up there, like the ones that come with hair dye. 
Mini Yes To Carrots Shampoo & Conditioner, Mini Dove Conditioner (free with an ASOS order), dental floss and Eucryl Tooth Powder, No7 Protect & Perfect Hand cream sample size and L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume. 

Middle Shelf - Contains all the face products I use (minus toner and eye makeup remover). 
Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment, Botanics Face Brush (use this twice a day - really love it), Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Facial Peel Mask, Yes to Tomatoes Total Treatment Face Mask (another great product), Avene Cleanance K gel, Good Things Freshening Polish and Naked Jojoba Exfoliating Face Wash. 

Bottom Shelf - Afew back-ups and bath products - No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser (with I use with the Botanics Face Brush), N-Spa Hot Butter Fudge Body Polish, Naked Marshmallow & Aloe Silky Shampoo (back up), Naked Cocoa Butter Body Cream and Naked Starflower Bath Foam (back up).

Bedside Table...

Interior wise I really don't like this area - other than putting a table there and painting over the lime green alcove, I've done nothing. I do plan on painting the alcove wall in black suede paint on either side of the bed and putting up about 4 white heavy floating shelves to the ceiling. With two storage boxes at the bottom and then the rest for books and ornaments. As you can tell I have it all planned out! But it's just a case of finding a weekend to get it all done. 

I'm still going to keep side table (from Graham & Green) were it is though as it is quite practical...even though it is so hard too keep dust free & clean! The top two tiers of the table swing round so they can be closer to the bed. 

On the top of the table I just keep my Ciate Love Me Cuticle Oil - which is there so I'll remember to apply it before I go to bed, Blistex Relief Cream (I'm always having to apply this due to the nasty weather) and the Tokyo Milk Let Them Eat Cake Lip Balm which I really love.

On the next tier I've kind of squashed my treasured jewellery box which actually use to be my nan's which came from India in the 70's I think. I've always love it because of the secret lock and the amount of detail... and it of course reminds me of my nan in such a nice way. 

Then on the bottom shelf I keep a Models Own multi-buffer and No7 full size Protect & Perfect Hand cream - which I try to do at least twice a week to keep my hands and nails healthy. I also keep a small sized Yes To Carrots Hydrating cream there as I always have to moisturize the dry patches on the sides of my nose before bed or else it gets quite bad! 
As for the gold looking pen thing - it's a roll on version of Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely perfume which I sadly put on before bed as it seems to help me drift off to sleep!! 

The lamp is just from Tesco... the tree thing (it's actually a candle holder) was from Homesense and the bush thing was a present from my boyfriend (which is there because I don't know were to put it)!

Dressing Table...

This side of the room is actually done - which I am so glad about as it's made it so much nicer to get ready now.

On top of the glass console table (from Tesco Direct) I have another lamp to match the other one and a nice fake Orchid from Next as I really can't keep any Orchid for more than a year without killing it off. 
I also have two matching cracked mirror glass tea light holders (from The Pier before it went bust!) that I use to keep mascaras in and the brushes I use daily. 

As for the clear storage box it came with a CK makeup set (I wouldn't recommend there products) so I just pulled out the card lining and now use it to store afew eyeshadows, eyeliners and lipgloss. Really need to purchase some Muji storage that can be stacked!

I keep most of my everyday makeup in a little 3 drawer storage unit that I got for £1 from Poundland! The top drawer storing all base products, middle for eye products and the bottom one for lipsticks. Really handy! 
Under that I have a Guerlain perfume box that just stores toner, makeup remover and blushers/bronzer. 

The wallpaper was from B&Q about a year ago, the mirror was a bargain at Dunelm Mill and the chair (which is what I take all my images for my blog on) was from an interior design showroom. 

Hope you liked this peek into what's behind the blog! 


Beauty Websites & Blogs of 2011

I sometimes think I read too many blogs & websites...mainly beauty related but I also follow way too many interior blogs and quite afew style blogs. I also have way too many favoured websites that I visit daily to see what's new.

LipglossipingA Model Recommends and Bubblegarm are the sites I visit daily but for some reason I still keep looking for more websites and blogs to read. So here are a few sites that I have found in the past 6 months.  

Best of Beaute
Simple and to the point - which is my kind of blog. Best of Beaute' is full of great reviews on low to high end beauty products. Also lots of lovely Nail of the Day posts which really do show off Cecilia's photography skills. 
  Visit Best of Beaute here.

Super Smoocher 
A website site totally dedicated to organic lip products - From the full range of Burt's Bees to the cute Badger Balms and vintage inspired Figs & Rouge lip pots. With a good range of brands there is something for everyone. With the huge plus of having Free UK delivery on all orders. 
See my review of some Super Smoocher products here or visit there website. 

Blog Lovin'
The one thing that keeps me up to date with my favourite blogs and finding new ones is Bloglovin'. I actually don't think I could be without it now. You basically sign up for a free and start adding the blogs you currently read. Every time one of your favourite blogs has a new post it will come up in your timeline with a little preview of the post so that you can read it. Once read you can either 'like' it or click on the icon to show you have read it so that it's removed from your timeline. 
You can also look as the most popular post in all different categorizes like Fashion, Food & Drink, Beauty & Lifestyle and see what up-coming blogs there are.
To visit Blog Lovin' click here.

Unique Luxe
Another great beauty website that has free worldwide delivery on all orders, big or small! Great for buying haircare products like Tigi and the cult Tangle Teezer. I really hope they keep on adding new stockists this coming year. 
To view Unique Luxe click here. 


Skin Scrubs 
A great skincare blog from an American living in the UK. Full of great honest reviews on a variety of skincare products, you will always find something interesting on Annabella's blog.
To visit Skin Scrubs click here.

Afew other great sites - Lipstick Luvvies, Sophy Robson's So So Fly Nails , The Beauty Bite and Beauty Diarist. 

Hope you check them out!


The Future of Beauty in 2020

Source unknown
I have a feeling this is going to be such a ramble of a post but please bear with me as I do have a point (kind of). Last week I went to see 'We Will Rock You' at the theatre - I'd like to say I enjoyed it but we were packed in like sardines and had more of a birds eye view of the stage. It was also a bit too cheery for my liking and reminded of 'Lazy Town' with all the singing and dancing. The actual production was set in the future were all music was illegal. 

So as I was half watching/half daydreaming I started to wonder what the beauty industry would be like, in say - 2020... as you do when at the theatre. A date not stupidly far away but enough to see big changes!

Source - Renata Veiga

Bespoke Makeup
My first thought was I'd like to see Pantone create a bespoke range of makeup products - mainly as Pantone is the biggest colour matching system in the world (think Dulux paint matching service but 10x better) meaning they can create any shade you want. Which would mean you could custom make your own palettes online, covering the whole colour spectrum. I'm really not selling this well but just imagine picking a 12 pan palette from the Pantone Colour Chart below - just amazing!
It would mean whatever shade you wanted, you could have. Simple! 

The Pantone idea really got me thinking about what I'd like to see greatly improved by 2020 and I basically kept coming back to hygiene with makeup testers.
I mean really we are so far advanced that yesterday I was watching HD 3D TV yet if I wanted to go into a highstreet beauty store and test abit of foundation on my skin I'd also be probably get the added bonus of abit of E. coli in there too! 

Makeup Testers
But there is actually a solution - which I hope we WILL see by 2020!
Sachets of makeup samples (like the ones that come free stuck inside magazines, ofcourse in more shades than 'sand' or 'beige') for lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, moisturizer...basically any liquid or soft product. So instead of the constantly open used products festering all types of bacteria, there would be rows of sample sachets that could be taken to the till to be scanned for free (so only one sample per person per shade/type) to be taken home or so you could go back to the stand and actually apply it to see what you think, there and then. 

Ofcourse the idea is abit flawed with not being able to put any powder based product in a sealed sachets..but I'm sure 9 years is long enough to come up with a good solution for any retailer. 
But really, how good would that be...knowing the product was totally safe and hygienic to apply to the lips, eyes or face with the added benefit of having the choice to take the sample home to try out. 
Also having every beauty product sealed by 2020 would be great - no more going home only to find you bought a used lipstick! 

Beauty Clearance
As for nasty beauty clearance sections in shops that are so so unhygienic, the solution would be similar to the measures TK Maxx half-heartedly have in place already. Housing each product in it's own clear case so that it can't be tested. But this would be for every item in the clearance section - so however un-organized it became there would be no opened or broken products.

Better Products
Product wise I am really hoping SLS free shampoo, shower gel and bath products will be alot more available than they are now - not just Naked Bodycare in Boots & Sainsburys! 
Acetone-free nail polish wipes would be great...I'm thinking the size of face wipes. 
Also high factor sunscreen that only needs to be applied once for the entire day would be good. 
I also would love too see alot broader shade ranges to highstreet/drugstore foundation and concealers not the '6 shades to suit all skin tones' that is still so common!  

As for technology/ideas that I don't want to evolve anymore than they already have...

Source - Retail Week
I don't even know what they are called...but them stupid screens at beauty counters that take a snapshot of you which you then 'virtually' apply the makeup onto. However clear the image, however great the technology... a computer just cannot blend eyeshadow or contour the face, it can make you look like a clown though! This is an idea that I really hope doesn't evolve anymore than it already has.

Another product/idea that I don't know the name of is the little piece of plastic that you insert into your makeup product (in a little slot at the top) when you first open it and it counts down the months until it expires. I have a Cargo lipgloss that has one of these little gizmo's in and it's just pointless as I use the lip gloss maybe once a week, if that...therefore I will not be throwing it away in 4 more months just because the little do -dar in the top is telling me it's 'off'. 

Last but not least I really hope the Advertising Standards Authority wake up and realize that all the mascara adverts with 'last inserts' are just out of order and stop allowing such fakery! 

There is so much more I could ramble on about that I would love to see in 2020, but I won't.

Would really love to hear all your creative ideas on what you would love to see in the future!  


Stippled Glitter Tips Nail Tutorial

I really wanted to do a nail tutorial that didn't need a steady hand or any kind of detail - so I decided this would be perfect. 
You can apply this as messy as you like, then clean up around the nails afterwards! 

Things you will need for the tutorial -
  • Nude colour nail polish 
  • Black nail polish 
  • Scissors
  • An old cosmetic sponge or cheap kitchen sponge
  • Multi Glitter nail polish
Step One

Before applying the nude nail polish quickly buff and polish the nails to remove any ridges, as all lighter coloured nail polish do shows up any blemishes or ridges in the nails. 

Then apply two thin coats (or until opaque) of the nude polish - letting the first coat fully dry before applying the 2nd coat. 

 Step Two

For this step you will need to cut the sponge into a small wedge shape (roughly abit bigger than the size of your nail), this will do all your nails. 

Next, paint the black nail polish onto one side of the sponge. 

Step Three 

With the sponge stipple the tip of each nail quite lightly, re-applying the nail polish onto the sponge when needed. The more you stipple the nail the nicer the effect will be! 

At this stage I normally clean around the nail with some remover. 

Step Four

For this you need to paint just the tip of the nails with the black nail polish - I've found it's best not to load the brush with too much polish or it will look too thick and won't blend with the stippling underneath to well. 

Step Five

When applying the glitter polish you want to apply two coats - one over most of the stippling and the 2nd coat on the very tips of the nails so they are opaque. 
To finish off - clean up and apply a clear topcoat once the glitter is dry. Cuticle oil around the nails will also make sure the cuticles don't dry out after using the nail polish remover. 

To remove glitter nail polish I highly recommend Sally Hansen's Kwik Off  Acetone Free Nail Colour Remover - this literally removes the most opaque glitter nail polish in seconds! 

Feel free to suggest any nail tutorials you would like to see in the future!  


Steal of the Week

If I had ordered both products above online my order would of come somewhere around the £35 mark. However I found both products in TK MAXX in pristine condition for....

Dum, Dumm,Dummmm...


The Balm Hot Mama Shadow/Blush was a jaw-dropping £2 from the RRP £19.00 and with it being in a security clear wallet, I knew it hadn't already been swatched by hundreds of other customers. 

As for the quite large bottle of Philosophy Inner Grace Body Spritz, I purchased that on clearance for £3 from the RRP £21.00. Thinking back I really should of got afew of these as the scent really is beautiful for spraying onto clothes or as a light scent on the skin.

Both equally amazing savings!

You can really get some great discounts on brands such as Stila, NYX, Philosophy, Tigi haircare and the Balm in both TK Maxx and Home Sense. 

A word of warning though - the hygiene level in both shops is pretty shocking and below what it should be! So taking Hand Sanitizer (and even makeup remover wipes) with you is a must as you don't want to get anything sticky or gloppy on your hands when picking up products. 

With a saving of over £30 this definitely deserved the 'Steal of the Week' slot!


Lush Website Hacked - Christmas Profits over Damage Limitation?

As I sure most of you are aware by now, the Lush UK website fell victim to hackers this week. Resulting in the website being taken down and replaced with a single page explaining the current situation. 

So if you did order anything from the UK Lush site between 4th October and 20th January 2011 it really is important that you contact your bank to make sure nothing has been taken from your account. 

The page also includes a video of dancing Lemmings to apparently help Lush customers 'share a smile', which to be honest may has raised a smile for the customers that haven't been affected but I'm sure the little dancing rodents will be only creating frowns for the customers left without a cash card this week.

Slightly inappropriate video aside... I do feel the actual information that Lush has given so far has been on the light hearted side and not that helpful. With only the mail order telephone being given on the temporary holding page, so you can make sure you place your urgent order of ballistic bath bombs! 

I mean really! Where is the Customer Service helpline or at least a website link for further information on how to tell if your credit card has been abused (example - Get Safe Online). 
There really does seem more information on when a new Paypal version of the site will be up and running!

As for the hacking of the website itself - really don't get me wrong, it is a terrible thing to happen to Lush and all of it's customers. 
However at the end of the day Lush is responsible for protecting all customer information and sadly I think this is were they have really gone wrong - with lack of encryption of the data held on the website to the mis-information being given since Lush found out about the attacks back in December!

From looking over past Lush tweets and reading recent statements from Lush is it clear that they knew of the attacks to the website in late December (though the first hack happening in October) - when they actually closed there site temporarily on the 26th December, tweeting -

''We're working on the UK website and hopefully it will be available again soon.
 Really sorry for the inconvenience''

They further closed there website on the 29th December, again with no mention of the site being under attack, tweeting -

"The Lush website is having a little downtime after Christmas but you can still order at 01202668545"

Not surprisingly there Christmas sales figures were up 6.8% for the month of December. 

Which really does make me wonder if they kept there customers uninformed of the risk of fraud until the 20th January so not to see a drop in there sales.

Either way this will hit Lush hard as I am sure alot of customers will not be buying from them online again. 

I just hope the people that have been affected can recover all the funds that have been stolen. 
Which is what Lush should also be focusing on right now.


Face Mask Friday!

I really wanted to see if you can achieve visible results even with the cheapest of face I popped in Superdrug whilst out shopping and found this! Superdrug's cheapest face mask at 89p a sachet. 

 Here is what the blurb had to say about the Exfoliating Superfruits Mask 10ml - 

This exfoliating superfruits mask with extracts of blueberry, raspberry, and cranberry deeply cleanses and purifies pore, while natural clay helps to absorb excess oil which can leas to breakouts. Strawberry seeds gently exfoliate the skin for a complexion so clear and bright you'll stand out from the crowd.

My first impressions of the mask weren't too good - the mask itself being a very unnatural shade of lilac and smelling quite strongly of a synthetic berry scent!

However I was quite impressed with the consistency of the mask, with the fine Sea Salt and the Fragaria Vesca Seeds (Strawberry seeds) making for quite a good exfoliation of the skin before leaving the mask to dry on the skin. 

Applying the mask...
The recommended time to the leave the mask is 5-10 minutes which I would say is about right, however the clay did set quite hard and did pull around the eye area (quite hard to not get it around the eye due to massaging the mask in, as advised on the back of the sachet) which wasn't the most relaxing of experiences.

Though the mask did apply well and cover the face quite easily. 

The mask after 5 minutes starting to dry around the sides

The Results...
After removing the mask I actually wasn't impressed with the immediate effects of the mask. My skin was red (from exfoliate with the mask before letting it set) and my blemishes actually more visible than before. The only noticeable difference was my skin did feel alot smoother from being really exfoliated. 
The redness did however die down after 30 minutes or so but my skin didn't look that amazing, through all oil had been removed around the T-zone area. 
I actually noticed better results the day after, with my skin being soft and free from any flaky skin around blemishes. Also alot less oily and shine free! 

Overall I could see this being great for really oily skin types, but not complex skin with different problems. One to skip if you suffer from redness!

I promise next week's Face Mask Friday won't be a sachet but a pot/tube and will not contain scary images of a woman covered in fruit! 


Are you a Super Smoocher?

There are two things I love about the Super Smoocher website - the wide range of lovely, fun, natural lip balms (and they all are 100% natural) and the free p&p! 

Really great it you just want to purchase one lip balm or lip gloss and not have the normal standard £3.95 delivery price to pay like other websites. 

Here are afew of the lip products I have tried so far from the website...

Burts's Bees Lip Gloss - Strawberry £3.75

 This actually comes in two flavours in little glass pots with metal screw top lids - Strawberry and Raspberry. Both equally perfect for summer and carrying around in your handbag. 
The pot itself is really cute, almost like a small pot of jam and contains alot of product so will last for a really long time. As for the gloss itself - it's a none sticky formula that melts under the finger when applying and has a subtle hint of strawberries. Really great if you want a high shine to the lips just don't want that thick sticky mess that normally goes with it. 
A perfect summer staple for the handbag or great to give as a little gift!  

Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm £3.45
The Hurraw! Lip Balms actually come in 16 different flavours! From Almond to Root Beer there is something to suit every one's taste. They also have quite an American feel to them with the packaging, flavours and the little turny up thing...which is because they are infact made in Montana! Anyways back to the Black Cherry Lip Balm in question...this actually reminds me so much of my childhood when I use to eat Maraschino Cherries by the dozen straight from the jar, just that lovely strong scent of juicy cherries. This applies really softly and glides onto the lips giving just a sheer wash of colour, which is quite subtle. 
Something that's also worth mentioning is that all the Hurraw! balms are totally organic and suitable for vegans!
Plus currently the whole range is on sale for £2.76! 

Figs & Rouge Peppermint & Tea Tree Lip Balm £3.45

This is another amazing 100% organic lip balm that really seems to do everything - it can be used on the lips, face and body...really great as a cuticle cream or on the elbows and of course on the lips
I am actually tempted to say this is my favourite of all three, as the consistency and flavour of this is really great quality. Not to mention the lovely packaging. 
The flavour is actually quite a strong peppermint scent but nothing tingly or too much...though I'm sure the Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose would be more subtle and perfect for warm summer days (can you tell I'm missing summer today?).
Again all three Figs & Rouge lip balms are on sale for £2.93 at the moment!

I feel this website only encourages my lip balm addiction, which I am definitely not complaining about. 

My current list of must-haves are - Hurraw! Vanilla Bean Lip Balm, Crazy Rumors Cola Lip Balm and the lovely Ruby Red Organic Honey & Vanilla Lip Balm. 


A Guide on How to Spend your Free No7 £5 Voucher

As most of you will know the free £5 No7 and Ruby & Millie vouchers are back! All you have to do is spend £5 or more in any Boots Store until 30th January 2011. 
However from past experience it is more than annoying when you are left with the vouchers after the cut off period, because you couldn't decide what products 
to use them on! 

So here are afew (okay, alot) of N07 tried & tested products I love - 
Shimmering Lip & Eye Screen SPF 30

No7 Skincare

 I can't really say I've tried alot of the skincare range as I do like more organic brands and afew of there toners/moisturisers have smelt abit too 'strong' for my liking in the past. 

Though I do love the No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser 200ml £9.00/£4.00 with voucher and with 50 five star reviews on the Boots website it seems I am not alone! Just a beautiful creamy cleanser that comes with a muslin cloth to remove the cleanser and exfoliate, leaving the skin soft and very clean. Suitable for all skintypes even quite sensitive skin.

  I also highly rate there Sun Protection range - maybe a little early but definitely worth stocking up for summer and getting a bargain.  
There a two products that really stand out for me the No7 Sun Protection Spray SPF 30 200ml £12.50/£7.50 with voucher, a non-greasy waterproof sun cream in a spray bottle which makes for a very easy application. 

The No7 Shimmering Lip & Eye Screen SPF 30 £7.00/ £2 with voucher is another great product that shouldn't be overlooked. This comes in the same packaging as the concealer stick (which can be annoying if you own both products) and applies much like a clear lipbalm with a slight shimmer to either the eyelids or the lips. Really great for holidays when you don't want to wear makeup or for day to day use on the lips in summer. Again the product is waterproof so perfect for swimming!

Bottom upwards - Essential Lip Brush, Smokey Eyeliner Brush, Eye Colour Brush, Precision Eyeliner Brush and Blend & Contour Brush.

No7 Makeup Brushes & Applicators 

 No7 brushes have to be my most loved/used products out of the whole range - all perfect quality and amazingly priced with the added benefit of a free £5 voucher. 
All brushes mentioned cost £6.64 (£1.64 with free voucher).

N07 Essential Lip Brush  -  Maybe slightly over priced normally but with the £5 voucher this is more than a bargain for a good quality, precision lipstick brush. The square topped brush really does make lipstick application a breeze when going for a bolder or darker lip colour.

No7 Smokey Eyeliner Brush - This works amazingly well for smudging out either pencil liner or eyeshadow near the lash line or under the eye. Really soft on the under eye area yet firm enough to really work out pencil eyeliner. A must for anyone that loves a smokey eye.  Not a brush to be under estimated!

No7 Eye Colour Brush - I'm not overly in love with this brush but it definitely does what it says, which is to place colour onto the lid, wet or dry. I find the brush does work best when used wet though and really brings out the pigment of any eyeshadow.  A nice staple brush if you haven't already got something similar. 

No7 Precision Eyeliner Brush - Such a versatile brush that can create a fine precise line or a smudged out smokey line. However as it's so precise I actually use it for applying concealer to small blemishes which works perfectly. 

No7 Eyeshadow Blend and Contour Brush - One of my favourite brushes out of all the ones I own, this just blends eyeshadows seamlessly and gives depth to the eye. A must for everyone! 
Damp enlarged Flawless Finish Sponges
 No7 Flawless Finish Sponges (Contains two sponges) £3.57/Free with voucher - If you really don't want to spend any money on the No7 products just because you have the free vouchers, then this is for you! These double in size when damp and blend out foundation either to create a more sheer finish or to even out the foundation for a more flawless look. A great product to finish off your foundation routine with. 

The No7 Cleansing/Exfoliating Sponges  both £3.57 (again free with the £5 vouchers) are also worth trying out - great for using with cleanser/face wash or removing messy face masks. 

Mineral Loose Powder Blusher in Soft Damson

No7 Makeup Products 

There really are too many good products to mention without making this post even longer than it already is, so I'm going to try and give a run down of the products I use the most.

Firstly there are some beautiful shades in the No7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow range £8.00 /£3 with free voucher, all perfectly soft and very blendable. Recommended shades - Truffle, Wheatsheaf and Antique Rose.

As for other eye products the No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara £12.50/£7.50 with free voucher, is a must if you are looking for a good quality day mascara that gives a really natural yet lengthened look to the of my favourite mascaras of 2010. 
I also highly recommend N07 Amazing Eyes Pencil in Brown £7.75/£2.25 with voucher, if you a looking for a soft brown pencil for under the eyes or even to fill in light brows. 
The No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousses £9.00/£4 with free voucher, are also amazing and so pigmented. Perfect for any age (but not so great if you have oily eyelids). Recommended shades - Vanilla, Fudge and Plum. 

As for face products the No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick £8.00/£3.00 with voucher gives great coverage to blemishes and really does last all day (can be slightly powdery/cakey looking on dry skin though). Another product I always seem to come back to is the No7 Mineral Loose Powder Blusher in Soft Damson (comes with mini Kabuki brush) £9.00/£4 with voucher, just so natural and perfect for this time of year. 

There are ofcourse alot of products I haven't liked in the N07 range which I plan to do a further post on.

Feel free to ask any questions on the products mentioned of course!  

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