Weekly Christmas Giveaways Are Coming! - The Rules

To celebrate my first Christmas of blogging on Makeup Savvy and ofcourse Christmas in general I'm going to be holding four weekly giveaways right up until Christmas Eve! 

Think...No7, Ciate, MUA, Nails Inc, Collection 2000, Barbara Daly - A real mix of beauty gifts & treats. 

Three of the giveaways will be for UK readers only and one will be an international giveaway (with brands that you can only find in the UK) so open to anyone in the world! Mainly because I'm not made of money and I wasn't given any of the prizes for free. 

 Each giveaway will run for 5 days and will be in the sidebar so that you can enter whenever you want. The winner will be announced the day after each giveaway and I'll send off the prizes as soon as I receive the winners address each week! 
Then the next giveaway will start!

As for the rules...
Ofcourse the giveaways are intended for everyone that reads my blog, so I've decided as long as you mention when entering, your subscribed to Makeup Savvy before the 29th Nov in soon way (via email, google comment, Bloglovin) then I will give you two entries. 
As for anyone else that just happens to stumble upon my blog via a competition forum or what not will get just the one entry! 

How to enter - Just a comment on the giveaway with your e-mail address will be fine. 
UK readers can enter all giveaways except for the international giveaway that will be up the 2nd week of December. 
NON UK readers will only be able to enter the one international giveaway. 

If I've confused you, which I probably have, here are all the dates of the giveaways - 

UK only Giveaway 1 -  1st Dec - 5th Dec
Winner Announced - 6th 
International Giveaway -  7th Dec - 11th Dec
Winner Announced - 12th 
UK only Giveaway 2 -  13th Dec - 17th Dec 
Winner Announced - 18th 
UK only Giveaway 3 -  19th Dec - 23rd Dec
Winner Announced - Christmas Eve!

I've probably missed something out, so if you have any questions or can spot any flaws in my little system please just leave me a comment! 

Oh and...

Fee xx 

Dear International Santa...

I know you travel the world in one night, right? Well I've created you a nice visual list of presents from around the globe that I'd like to awake to on Christmas morning, please.

I've tried not to be too fussy, so my list mainly consists of exclusive giftsets from Sephora & Macy's (I'd suggest you visit the New York stores - better chance of everything being in stock) and afew things from Madina Milano and KIKO (you can blame fellow blogger Fiamma for my new found love of Italian makeup and maybe give her less presents!).

Lipmann nail polishes L-R; Ruby Red Slippers, Happy Birthday, Across the Universe.
Best in Bronze Deluxe Sampler from Sephora - $39

Madina Lip Favourites 4,00 euro, Exact Colour Lipstick 14,00 euro, All Over Fall into Beauty Bronzer 6,00 Euros

Macys Exclusive Philosophy Holiday Parade Set - $25

KIKO 30 Day Lash treatment, Shimmer Powder, Brush Collection - Sadly no prices for these Santa!

Bloomingdales Exclusive Chanel Fragrance Wardrobe  - $110 (really how lovely is this!)

Sephora 18 piece Mini Nail Colour Set OPI  - $48

Stila Lip Glaze Set from Sephora - $25

Sephora Glitz & Glam Shimmer and Shine Makeup Deluxe Sampler - $39

MUFE Rock For Ever Aqua Eyes for Sephora - $36

Stella Nude Gift Set from Macy's - $63

Love your biggest fan, 

Fee Fee xxx

Beauty UK Nail Polishes

Firstly I can't help but cringe at the condition of my nails at the moment, this being solely down to the nail polish remover I've been using - Sally Hansens Acetone free The Fast Remover. 
It's just so drying to both the nails and the cuticles. I really need to stop using it!

Anyways...I thought I'd try out afew Beauty UK nail polishes as I quite like some of there products especially there eyeliners and eyeshadows. Plus they had quite afew nice shades to chose from. 

Really love the above shade (Smokey Lilac £1.79) maybe slightly watery in consistency, but other than I can't fault it. A really nice alternate to wearing nude shades, just really pretty.

(Not the best representation of the shade - it's quite abit darker than this and alot more metallic). 
The other shade I had to try out was Electric Blue which is so similar to Indigo Paris by Lancome.
Just a really intense metallic blue that looks amazing on and alot more than it's £1.79 price tag. Definitely a new favourite and quite a unique shade which is hard to say with the amount of nail polishes on the market.

Also in store these are always on offer I think 3 for £5. So a total bargain.

The next Beauty UK nail polish on my list has to be Slate even though I own about 5 grey nail polishes already, but it does look really lovely! 

Anyone else tried Beauty UK nail polishes before?

Christmas Shopping For One

I don't really love the idea of doing 'hauls' mainly because it seems such an American thing to do (and they do it well!) and it can seem kind of pointless!

However I thought I'd show afew things seeing as some of the products especially the Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge (£4.99) needs to be properly tried out before I even try to review it. 

I've actually been wanting the Cosmopolitan version of the Beauty Blender ever since Holly from YM Beauty Blog raved about it in one of her wonderful videos. I love good quality cosmetic sponges in general and actually don't use foundation brushes anymore, as I really feel a damp sponge gives a much more flawless, dewy finish. However this definitely looks more advanced than the No7 sponges I currently use...like the NASA version of cosmetic sponges. I really do have high hopes for this!

I was also enticed by the new products from the Famous by Sue Moxley range in my local Superdrug - sadly though it's been quite popular which meant my choices were somewhat limited! 

The Baked Bronzers at £6 each really caught my eye though, consisting of 3 light to dark bronzers and 1 baked highlighter (which I'm kicking myself for not buying). 

 I also spotted some lovely looking lip and eye palettes at quite reasonable prices. 

As for my initial reaction to the bronzer - Maybe slightly too dark for me in winter as this is really pigmented, more than I was expecting anyways. However I'm sure I will still make it wearable by using a soft Eco Tools powder brush and just dusting the tops of my cheekbones with it. 

Definitely tempted to try more from the range - the packaging has also vastly improved, no more tacky diamante stars can be seen!

I must of read so many reviews on this lovely looking, chocolate scented bronzer by Bourjois, rating it as a soft and natural. Which is definitely something I need to keep me looking fresh and healthy especially with all this cold weather at the moment, but not too bronzed. 

So far I've worn this daily since I bought it and really haven't been disappointed - there's really no fear of over doing it with this bronzer as it's just a soft almost matte shade. 

Also LOVE the cute packaging...a bargain at £6.99 compared to other products in the range.

Finally got my nails on some sparkly Nail Crystals from Girls With Attitude for a very affordable price of £3.00. I must admit the smaller crystals can be abit tricky to pick up - but I've found a pair of tweezers sorts that out or pushing them to the edge of the clear plastic backing.

I know these will be perfect for really Christmass-y sparkly nude nails or just one on the bottom of each nail. 

For £3.00 you really can't go wrong! 

Lastly I bought these lovely baubles by luck from a charity shop for only 99p....they are so pretty just sitting there that I don't want to disturb them! 
But once I start putting up the decorations I'm thinking of hanging these with red ribbon from a window. 

Anyone else still indulging in abit of Christmas shopping for one?


New York, New York

Today's post was actually about a loofah for the face - sound interesting hey? It actually was, as it was my first ever really negative review...and then I went and lost everything I had typed while installing Adobe reader! 
I now just don't have the energy/negativity to write it all up again!

So instead of not posting anything (and annoying myself by the lack of posts this month). I thought I'd just post a simple Nail of the Day. 

I actually got sent this by Fiamma in our Italian/English beauty swap - (you can see what else I received here). 

Mavala nail polishes do come in teeny tiny bottles and are all priced at £3.95, but for some reason I don't think that's too bad. 

This must be because the quality is so good and at the most you only need two coats...sometimes you can actually get away with one.

I'd say shade wise - the first image is spot on for what it comes out like (the light was fading in the other pictures). 

Similar to Barry M Grey but I love this more! It's just not as watery and doesn't chip as fast. 

I am now craving to try afew glitter Mavala polishes!


Christmas is Coming...

I love writing about makeup, but sometimes I wish I could write about anything especially if I have a cold and haven't even washed my hair in a few days let alone worn makeup. 

So I thought seeing as I'm feeling festive and it's only 30 DAYS until Christmas I thought I would write a post totally NOT about makeup, but on the joys of Christmas and what I will be doing this year...and basically ramble abit!


It really felt like Christmas started early this year...even before Halloween shops started to stocking Advent Calendars and Decorations! But it wasn't until I had my Boots, Marks & Spencers and House of Fraser Christmas catalogues that it felt Christmassy and of course I had started to write my Christmas list (always a long affair, especially when you include website addresses next to the products!).

Christmas for me really is about presents (giving and receiving them ofcourse) and family. But more giving them now I'm an adult...but I still do love lots of presents! 
I guess this is because of how I was brought up and even now with only 2 little ones in the family we all still give each other quite alot of presents. I guess to some for just one day it may seem excessive, but to me it's just a gesture of how much we love each other.

I also love spending Christmas day with my family, not watching the Queen's boring speech or pulling crackers, but just enjoying every ones company and generally having a lovely day - Chocolates for breakfast while I open presents and wine before 11am! 
I also seem to convert back to being a teenager again strangely and once I've opened all of the presents from under the tree I go and get ready and try out all the new beauty products I've received. This started as a teenager and I've been doing it ever since... so it actually reminds me of when I was 16!

As for food I go to my sisters and she cooks a lovely Christmas dinner with the most amazing roast potatoes cooked in goose fat & olive oil and peas cooking with litte gem lettuce - she really does treat us all!  
Once there I also get to give my two little Nieces, Francesca (4) and Cordelia (2) there presents - this year I've bought them cute little dresses to wear on Christmas day, a lovely red velvet Belle from Beauty & The Beast dress and a cute little Fairy dress with golden wings. I've also bought my niece Francesca The Jolly Postman book as it use to be one of my favourite books as a child - opening all the envelops and reading each letter. 

I also get too see my Grandad who is so good for his age and I'm sure he will end up telling me about when he was in the navy at Christmas time or some slightly odd story. Spending the day with my Grandad does mean so much now my Nan is no longer here, it actually makes me teary when I think about how much my Grandad means to me.

Anyways I'm getting ahead of myself! I haven't even mentioned present buying - last year I actually spent a stupid amount of money on three rolls of gold sparkly wrapping paper that actually came with it's own sticky tabs as cellotape didn't stick to it (how stupid) but by the 2nd roll I had used up all the sticky tabs (the presents did look very pretty though). So the gold glitter background you see in some of my posts is actually the left over wrapping paper I had from last Christmas! 

So this year I won't be making the same mistake again and either buying some lovely purple flocked paper from Paperchase or using brown parcel paper and stamping rows of Christmas puddings onto it, then decorating the presents with nice purple ribbons. Can you tell I like wrapping presents?! 

As for actual present buying I've bought quite abit already which is now all up in my attic waiting patiently to be wrapped nearer Christmas or I'm sure to forget what I've bought people. 
Also this week I booked a lovely surprise trip for me and my mum in December to a day in York for The Festival of Angels (has lots of beautiful ice sculptures and lots of little stalls) I know she likes York and we don't ever do anything like that together, so I thought it would be a nice little treat!

I'm also going to get researching how to make some lovely Caramelised Onion Chutney to give as presents in them cute little glass lock jars - as I really don't trust myself with baking! Plus the shelf life for Chutney is around a year so it's a much better present. 

 As for Makeup Savvy expect some lovely Christmas interviews and giveaways come December!  

Hope you all liked this kind of post...and I've made you all feel abit Christmassy! 
 Ofcourse feel free to tell me what you will be doing this year. 

Fee xx

Lush SLS-Free Bath Treats

I would love to say I could walk into Lush, pick up something pretty looking and buy it. Sadly though so many products contain Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which I totally avoid due to it irritating my skin (well making my arms bumpy and just generally doing nothing for the skin). 

So my Lush visits are planned with military precision, armed with an exact list of the products that don't contain SLS and I must say the list is always short. Shower jellies are out, so are all shower gels, shampoos and soaps, as are all the lovely looking Bubble Bars! 

Having said that there are afew products that DON'T contain any sulfates...afew Bath Ballistics and some Shower Scrubs. I do find with Lush that the products that I think won't contain SLS as they don't generally lather up, always do contain it! 

Cinders Ballistic £1.95/90g

So this little baby is totally sulfate free and is also pretty much chemical free (which is a rarity with any bath products not just ones from Lush).

If I'm honest though I bought this because it was one of the very few Ballistics that are sulfate free, so I can't say I bought it due to the smell...but it does have a lovely scent to it once in the bath, quite Cinnamon-y and perfect for winter. 

Once in the water the Ballistic starts to fizz and dissolve, also the red popping candy starts to work which is a nice effect (unless you have the water running and you can't hear it which is what I did for part of it). I can't say it creates a wonderful effect by turning the bath water yellow. 

But once in the bath you can really feel the essential oils in the water and even though they are no bubbles the water does feel really soft. 
As for the scent it definitely does last on the skin after the bath and does leave the skin softer like a nice bath oil would! 

Overall I would highly recommend this, however I have heard sometimes the crackling sound with the popping candy doesn't work! 

Li'l Lush Pud Ballistic £1.95/90g

I definitely bought this on the look and smell of the product - though it is still sulfate free! 
This had actually been sitting on my bedside table for afew days before I used it and actually smelt incredible - very Christmassy.

This actually fizzed alot more and for alot longer than the Cinders Ballistic and left a lovely layer of what looks like snow on the top of the water. 
However it does turn the water brown which I can't say I loved (I also didn't love how it left a brown tide mark around the bath) - hence the no image!

But like 'Cinders' it does leave that silky feeling to the water with a lovely aroma of baked apples and cinnamon. 

Overall for the price these are quite nice but I would just love to see a bubble or two...but I guess then it would contain a Sulfate of some kind! 

A Lovely Italian Makeup Swap

This week a parcel turned up from my lovely friend Fiamma, who has a really interesting blog written in both Italian and English (a definite must read). 

We arranged to do a makeup swap quite afew months back but decided to wait until the weather in Italy wasn't hot to send the parcels. Ofcourse Fiamma being alot savvy-er than me knew alot of UK brand already and wanted to try afew things from No7 and Barry M. I on the other hand didn't have a clue about brands such as Kiko or Madina so I just left it upto Fiamma! 

However I am more than pleased with what she sent me, the quality of the products is amazing and all the shades are definitely what I'd pick for myself (the pic above only being half of what she sent). 
So I thought it would be nice to go though the products I've already tried out and love! 

Kiko Luxurious Eyeshadow Palette - Moscow Chic Peach

This came in a lovely Carmel coloured soft sleeve and is actually so beautiful, from the palette with it's embellished Swarovski crystal to the five lovely shades. 
My favourites already being the second one in and the two lighter shades at the end. I thought I may not like the pink shade however it is so light and sparkly I can't not love it. The eyeshadows are also so, so soft! 

Fiamma also sent me the Kiko Mineral Khol in White Rose, which is meant for the waterline to brighten the eye, which I'm eager to use to see if it does actually make my eyes look brighter and more awake. 

Madina Milano Sea Bright Eyshadow 

Again this is just so beautiful, something you would expect to see from maybe Estee Lauder costing quite abit but this was only 4 euros (they also ship to the UK, which I'm already thinking about) As for the quality of this, it is truly amazing, really velvety! 
I really need to try more of these already. 

Kiko Nail Lacquers

Top - 278 Micro glitter Dark Orchid Bottom - 230 Sparkle Touch Rainbow Glitter

Fiamma actually sent me SEVEN nail polishes but these have to be my favourites by far! As soon as I opened the parcel I had to swatch them over the nail polish I was wearing
The Dark Orchid nail polish actually reminds me of a lovely Nars polish that I've been lusting after for ages but fail to justify the price.  As for the other polish this will be perfect for over reds and golds at Christmas, cannot wait to try it out and show it off in a Nail of the Day.

Kiko Double Glam Eyeliner in Gold and Wood 

This is actually so like the Urban Decay 24/7 liners but better and richer! The shades on both ends are so intense and creamy. Really looking forward to using wood on the upper lashline then smudging it out with a liner brush. I actually swatched these on the back of my hand and hours later I had trouble removing it with soap and warm water!

Also loving - Essense Colour & Shine Lipstick Pencil in Party Goer: This is the prettiest berry shade and applies really nicely. My kind of lipstick! 
Diego dalla palma eye pencil: I actually tried this out as soon as I could, the quality is superb, really dark brown and super long lasting. I can really see this becoming my go-to eyeliner. 
Cargo Coral Beach Blush: This is similar to the George Shimmer palette I mentioned afew days ago. Just a really lovely blush/bronzer that gives that shimmer to the cheekbones and even the collarbone!

I have to say a big, big thank you too Fiamma and I really hope your enjoy your products just as much as I'm enjoying mine! 

Fee xx 


Fish Pedicure at Appy Feet

Yesterday I popped to the newly opened Appy Feet in Preston, Fishergate - the most appropriate place for it don't you think? 

I really didn't know how I'd react, seeing as I'd never put my feet in what is practically a fish tank before, however thankfully I really enjoyed it! 

So I thought it would be worthwhile to explain the process and the actual feeling of little teethless fish sucking at your toes!

Now if I'm right in thinking all the Appy Feet stores are situated in shopping centres or atleast on busy highstreet with lots of shops, which is such a good idea. Because if you anything like me - after hours of shopping in the Trafford Centre you would give anything to dip a toe into of one there fountains. However sadly it isn't really allowed!  

But now there's Appy Feet were you can sit back and rest your tired, achey feet for 15-30 minutes while the little Garra Rufa fish get to work! Then walking out feeling refreshed (has to be better than sitting on a bench to get the strength to shop some more)!

As for the shop itself it's really open plan and while I was there lots of people freely came in to have a look at what it was about and definitely weren't pounced apon or asked in they had an appointment (as no appointment is ever needed, you can just drop in while out shopping).

Also I noticed a really mix of people having it done - actually quite afew men! I really think this is because it's alot less intrusive than a foot pedicure in a salon and also alot more fun. 

Anyway onto the treatment itself...

First of all your assigned a member of staff who gives you some stylish Croc shoes to wear...then your taken over to the foot washing area to simply rinse away any sock fluff or body cream under warm water. 

After than it's simply a matter of sitting at a pod and placing your feet into the warmish water when your ready! 
I have to say I was slightly hesitant as I placed my feet over the water as they start to pool under them almost waiting to feast! 
But there was actually no need to be worried, at all.  

The sensation is weird, I'm not going to lie, but something that you almost get use to within afew minutes. 
It's a combination of a slight tingling similar to pins and needles and a bubbly feeling!

Also as the pods are in sets of fours there almost a social aspect to it which is quite nice! You end up talking about what it feels like with the person in front of you.
As for the end of the treatment your given a little Appy Feet towel to dry your feet on and some foot lotion.  At this point my feet did feel alot less achy and definitely ready to do more shopping! 

The Results - There in no denying that I can feel a difference in my feet, especially on the tops of my toes and strangely on the tops of my feet! I really think if I kept this up and maybe visited every month I would remove the horrible build up of hard skin around the back of my heels that I've never managed to shift. 

Overall this is actually a really nice experience and something I thoroughly enjoyed. This is also something that would make a great gift at Christmas...and actually something that wouldn't sit in the back of a drawer, unused for months! I already know that atleast three people in my family will be getting a lovely Appy Feet voucher this year. 

As for costs - £10 for 15 minutes or £20 for 35 minutes. 
If your going for the Gift Voucher option again they start at £10 or for £15 you can buy a Appy Feet towel which comes with a £10 voucher. 

All in all this was a really different experience, abit odd but very cool!


New packaging & prices for George Makeup

So George at Asda have decided to lower the price of some of there existing makeup products for Christmas and also box them...which to be honest is a really great move. Even though there prices are quite low anyway but making them packaged means these would be great to give as a gift or at only £3 keep for yourself! 

The first change is to the Shimmer me! palette...down from £4.50 to £3 and packaged in a Benefit/the Balm type sleeve. The palette comes in three different colour variations depending on your skin tone (Cherub, Angel and Halo).

Cherub Shimmer Me! Shimmering Brush-on Powder £3.00

Other than the catch snapping off and cutting my finger, I love this product! 

The packaging suggests this can be use individually as a brow highlight, eyeshadow or used with a fluffy brush for an all over glow/bronzer. 
I'd say 'Cherub' is the most blusher like palette out of the three to pick from..the other two being more bronzer based. 

I have to say I've been loving all the shades mixed together, the golden tones to it are really lovely (which hopefully I've captured in the swatch below) and catch the light beautifully on the tops of the cheekbones - however it would of been handy if the second shade was down at the bottom so that you could miss it out if you wanted just a flushed glowey look.

As for using these as eyeshadows I think both the 2nd and 4th shade work perfectly well as eyeshadows. 

Ignoring the cheap price and just focusing on just the product I think this is very comparable to the blushers & bronzers by Sleek and Barry M. Just really pigmented, soft and basically lovely. 

George Under Eye Concealer Pen £3.00

For £3 I think this is amazing value for money as alot of the highstreet versions of the highly rated Touche Eclat cost around £6-8.

The concealer itself it is quite yellow toned - so great for dark shadows (also good for hiding any blue/red veins on the eyelids) it also gives good coverage... however my only critisism would be that if does have quite a strange smell to it. Almost a lemony scent that's just abit odd! But definitely something I've got over. 

Swatch in Shade 02 Medium
Packaging wise it actually looks and feels alot better than any of the other high street versions and actually has some weight to it..rather than a flimsy plastic tube.

 As for the consistency it's actually really nice, almost hydrating and non-cakey and leaves the skin around the eyes not feeling heavy so I'm sure it would work well with all skin types.This also works well on spots and blemishes if you are looking for more of a sheer coverage than a normal concealer.
All in all this is a good coverage concealer pen that's worth £3 of any ones money!  

I really hope this is a glimpse of great things to come from George Makeup!

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