A Weekend Note + The Return of the £5 No7 Voucher!

So it's the weekend again...it seems to come around so fast. Of course this is a good thing, but it makes me think that summer will soon be over. 

Much as I love summer, it is always a let down in the UK. Afew days of hot weather here and there, then it's over. 
With Autumn & Winter though you know exactly what you are getting! Continuous cold and rainy weather...so I'm actually looking forward to buying a nice pair of boots (maybe from Kurt Geiger or Asos) and a good quality trench coat. 
I also love cooking in the colder months...Beef Stroganoff, warm Muesli muffins and  homemade Rice Pudding. 

However I am quite grateful that I am moving house in afew weeks when the weather won't be bad. It also means we can sort out the slightly overgrown garden and leave the windows open while painting.

Then ofcourse I can...

Wallpaper...I haven't decided what I want exactly but my favourites at the moment are the more detailed wallcoverings (like the yellow floral paper). However wallpaper can be VERY pricey! 

Also I cannot forget to mention that the wonderful free £5 No7 Vouchers will be back. From 11th August to 12th September...so they won't be around for long. 

I would highly recommend the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser (you can read my review of it here) which would come to a mere £3.75 with the voucher and it lasts ages! 
Also the Mineral Loose Powder Blusher in Soft Damson is really lovely and again would come to £3.75 with the voucher. 

Really hope your all doing something nice 
this weekend and Happy August!


The very reason why I prefer to read blogs...

Elle Magazine - September '010 issue. 

370 pages  
188 pages of adverts

Afew blogs I love to read - 


Fashion & Lifestyle

Interior Design 



Nail Art Trials

These are all nail trials I tried out yesterday so sadly none of them stayed on my nails for much longer than 10 minutes or so. However I do like to try out different ideas when I have a spare hour just to see if it's doable and looks good! 

So I had never tried any of these before and to be honest they went quite well. I first decided to try and re-create the new YSL Nail Polish Duo in Rive Guache from the new Rock and Baroque collection that has just come out, but of course I didn't rush to Selfridges and buy the set (however nice it is) I decided to do abit of colour matching instead by using NYC 235 Nail Glossies and Nails Inc Instyle nail polish in Beach. So basically alot cheaper!
I think the colours are pretty similar but the natural light was abit too bright so my nails look abit lighter. 

There are three colour shades in the YSL duo range - Rive Guache (see above image), Beautiful Day and Beautiful Night. So I may have to do a tutorial type post on them I'm thinking. 

Next up is the Moustache Manicure - which has to be my favourite. It took all of 5 minutes to do and was pretty easy!
As for where the inspiration came from I haven't a clue but I love the cute moustache necklaces! 

The nail polish I used was Rain Cloud which is actually from the George range at Asda for I think it's only £1.50. It really is the perfect soft grey and it is so easy to apply!
I definitely think I will sporting the moustache manicure out and about! 

Last and sadly least I have to say is the Bow Manicure. For me this was abit of a fail, I didn't let the nail polish dry fully before drawing on the bows so as you can see they aren't that neat and they look abit thick in some areas. 

Having said that I know not to make the same mistake again and so hopefully they will look nice second time around! 

It is quite a simple look but one that can definitely be added to, maybe with little white dots or painting the bows red. 

But I do like the simplicity of the bows as I'm not into all the 3D looking nails at all. It's just way too much for me.
I was going to opt for Eyeko's Nude Polish however I couldn't find it so I used Nude Chic by Revlon. 

I know this is kind of a nothing post but I thought I would share with you afew different looks, as I try so many different things and they never end up as blogposts! 
I would love to know if you like try out different things with your nails or even if you don't do you still like to see these types of posts! 
Basically just talk to me! :)

Toxin Free Hair

Before using any natural/organic hair care products my hair was in bad condition. I had split-ends, it was dry/frizzy, my hair dye use to fade quickly and when washing my hair it use to fall out...and block the plughole. Not good at all. 

 I actually put this down to using harsh hair dyes and using hair straighteners (which I still do) and so I tried endless deep conditioners to try and solve the problem. 
Nothing really worked, it wasn't until I used a harsh shampoo that really irritated my scalp that I looked into natural shampoos and conditioners and learnt alot more about Sulfates, Parabens and Silicone. I personally think the most harmful ingredient in shampoos have to be Sodium Lauryl Sufate, which you can read a post on here.

Of course you do have to spend that bit more on the products but my hair is now in good condition...no more frizz or split ends and even though my hair is long my brush is no longer full of hairs from my head! 
I would thoroughly recommend changing your shampoo if it contains SLS (which is 95% of all shampoos) for a month and see if it improves the condition of your hair - even if you think your hair is in good condition already! 
However if you do want to be more toxin free here is a run down of some natural products which start from just £2.44.

Louise Galvin Natural Locks Volumising Shampoo For Fine Hair 300ml (£2.24 Tesco Home) - Now this range of shampoos & conditioners really surprised me when I saw them in Tesco. Hair products by Louise Galvin can cost from £20 upwards and that is just for a 25oml bottle of shampoo. So the Natural Locks collection priced at £2-3 blew me away. The prices on her actual website are more expensive around £7 but you can read the full ingredients and see all the other products in the range. 
As for the specific product it doesn't create much lather (because it's SLS free) but the lather isn't what cleans the hair - it just takes some getting use to. However the shampoo when poured onto the palm does look quite thick, so don't let this fool you. 
As for the scent it isn't at all eco smelling and smells faintly of oranges. 
This isn't the best SLS/natural shampoo on the market but it is the cheapest! 

Naked Shampoo range 250ml (All £3.99 Boots)  -  I am never without there shampoo, so I have almost tried the full range. The best overall shampoo by the company has to be the Naked Colour Protection Shampoo it foams up well and has a lovely scent to it. I also quite like the above product Naked Smooth Silky Shampoo with marshmallow & aloe. My least favourite has to be the Naked Detox Deep Cleanse - this is mainly aimed at any product buildup in the hair which makes it quite a stripping shampoo. Also the formula is quite weak and watery which means it doesn't lather up well at all. 
Overall Naked are a really good brand to go for if you want to feel like you are using a normal shampoo. 

Tara Smith Straight Away Conditioner 250ml (£2.42 Tesco Home) - In some ways finding a low cost natural conditioner is even harder than finding a shampoo. As most natural conditioners are quite highly priced. However two brands I use are Aussie and Tara Smith. 
The Tara Smith conditioner is my usual everyday conditioner - again it does take some getting use to as it is abit lighter than a normal conditioner but it does leave the hair very soft and hydrated! However the one downside to the product is the smell of it - it reminds me slightly of hair dye, it's just a strange scent really. Other than that it is a great product at a really cheap price. You can find the full range of both shampoos & conditioners at Cult Beauty.

The above products I use when I want to really treat my hair as they are really rich and work perfectly.
Tigi Bed Head Superstar Shampoo 250ml (£5.10 Cheap Smells.co.uk) - As you can see this is abit pricey as it comes to around £6+ after delivery (but it's still cheaper than purchasing it at a hair salon for £9-10). However for me this is just a perfect product - I would even say the best shampoo I have used. It is thick and lathers up amazingly well and it also have such a lovely scent of strawberries. A real treat for the hair.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstrucor Conditioner 250ml (£4.59 Boots) - If I want my hair to look really good I use this. It smells amazing and is a really thick almost a luxery feeling product for the price. Using this on the length of the hair for 3 minutes then combing through before washing it out makes the world of difference, it leaves the hair tangle free and so soft. 

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post my hair has improved amazingly and it is all down the products I have been using in the past 6-8 months. My hair is actually at the longest it has ever been due to not wanting/needing to cut off all the dead frizzy ends. 

I would love to know if you use 
any natural hair products
or even consider using SLS free shampoo. 


Nivea Natural Beauty Radiance Boosting Moisturiser

I always find you need to give moisturisers like these a leap of faith when purchasing them...as there is no testing there actual 'radiance' before purchasing...and would you really want too with the state of tester? 

But luckily for me my sister actually mentioned she'd bought it afew weeks ago so I tested abit of hers while she wasn't looking! Which actually convinced me to buy the £6.50 little pot. 

So the product describes itself as a radiance boosting moisturiser that has a pleasant shimmering effect for an instantly even and radiant skin. The results are - Instant natural-looking, radiant and even complexion. 

The box describes it pretty well really - but in a nutshell it's a highlighting moisturiser with little shimmery/glitter particles that reflect the light giving dull skin abit of a glow.

If you click on the image above you will probably be able to see the shimmer in the product which is quite fine and not to much - I do find it abit more noticeable in full sun though (which I could see some people really liking and some really disliking)
 I should add that for £6.50 you get 50ml of product and it does come in quite a nice glass jar. 
The product - The moisturiser itself is quite light so it wouldn't be that great for anyone with dry skin (however you could use your normal moisturizer before using this) however I found it was perfect for my combination skin type and also quite good on sensitive skin. It also rubs in really well and really does just boost your skin if you want to be makeup free or just provide your dull looking skin with abit of a boost before applying a foundation. 

I actually first started using this on it's own at the weekend when I knew I wouldn't be going out anywhere special . As it just gave me a healthy glow to my skin and masked over any dull areas around my nose and chin. 
I then tried it under my normal foundation and I have to say it works pretty well. It does tone the product down so you do lose some shimmer but it still gives you that good base. 
I also find it encourages me to use less foundation as it just gives a good foundation to work on...almost like a primer! 

In the above image I did try to do a before and after shot - this is the best I could do without altering or editing the images. So this is the nearest I could get to the actual effects of the product. This is pretty similar to what it would look like on the face though! 

As for things I don't love about the product it would have to be the smell - don't get me wrong it actually smells quite nice but it's just abit too strong for a moisturiser. Also the guide on the packaging for the Recommended Age Group did slightly annoy me! Of course it may not be suitable for someone in there 50's or 60's as it would maybe draw attention to wrinkles and imperfections. But anyone from the age of 15 - 40 can suffer with dull skin and seeing as the moisturiser is light it would be fine for most people. 
 I just don't see why they would want to put people off the product.


Overall this is a really good highlighting/radiance boosting product for anyone that finds there skin looking abit lifeless or flat even when using a foundation. 
I still do use a normal moisturizer day & night as I couldn't really imagine applying this before bed! I also think it may be too much to wear under a foundation at night. 
But for day to day use it is great!
A highly recommended product if you want abit of a boost. 

A Weekend Note + Benefit winners announced!

So it's the weekend again...and hopefully your all having a lazy Sunday. I can't say my weekend has been relaxed as it's been filled with cleaning and painting while trying to keep my nails from being destroyed in the process. 

However my weekend hasn't been all bad as I received my lovely Martine Wester order which contained a bracelet and a matching necklace (in the above image)...which came free with the order.  Before I rave about all the jewellery on the Martine Wester website, I just want to mention what amazing value for money my own order was. I purchased the Shine Gold Earth Cluster Bracelet for only £8 (it was reduced from £16) and it also included the matching Earth necklace for FREE...it should of also been £8. On top of that when you sign upto the newsletter your receive 15% off! Which brought my total order to £6.80 with free delivery. 
I sound like I'm selling the website now, but it really is just great value for money...the jewellery is unique and well made and if that wasn't enough each piece comes boxed with material pouches to store the jewellery in. 
The Earth jewellery also came with a litte card..which is the same inscription that is on both pieces. (Earth is the my 'element' as I'm a Taurus...there's ofcourse water,fire and air..so the shine gold bracelet/necklace do vary in detail & quotes.

But to be honest I just really like this little saying!  

Anyways it's just an amazing site if you love jewellery...I'm actually tempted to place another order with afew things in there sale and I also have my eye on one of the Nail Inc polish/MW ring set

I also thought I would mention Tuberoli perfume which I purchased from Space NK recently. Maybe not such a bargain but I thought I would mention it anyway as I the scent is just perfect for summer. 
It is only 15ml so I will have to use it sparingly.

Last but not least I want to announce the three winners of the Benefit giveaway that I have been holding for the past 3 weeks.
As you all specified which jumbo pencils you would prefer I drew the giveaway three times ( I was going to do 3 printscreens on random org, but I am sure you all trust me!) 

The winner are as follows...

1st - Rena(number 58) - Bad Gal
2nd - Heart Shaped Bruise (number 27)- IT Stick
3rd - Fiona (number 3)- Eye Bright

It would be great if you could e-mail me your address at makeupsavvy@live.co.uk but in case you don't read this or I don't hear from you. I will e-mail you all by Monday night at the latest. 

Thanks to everyone that entered the giveaway!



NYC Nail Glossies only 60p!

First of all lets just think about what 60p can buy you...The only thing I can think of is a chocolate bar! 60p these days gets you nothing...well I didn't think it did until I stumbled across these lovely nail polishes on Fragrance Direct for only 59p each! (the link will take you straight to the Glossies). 

I actually already owned 227 and 241 so I decided to buy afew more..however now I am thinking why did I only buy three!

Anyways I thought I would show you all what the nail polishes look like in real life as the swatches on the site aren't all too great.

From little finger to thumb - 

235 - This is maybe my favourite out of the five polishes, it goes on really well and is opaque with 2 coats. It also reminds me of OPI Overexposed in South Beach which you can see here.

213 (Peach) -This looks nothing like the swatch on the website, which you can see below. It is peach but it's also quite pearl like & sheer. It also has a gold shimmer running through it. 

227 - Again this looks nothing like the swatch on the site, it's more of a deep red/purple. Applies really well and would look perfect for Autumn.

221 - Ok, maybe this one is my favourite. Really on trend and a perfect vibrant nail polish. Also really opaque.

241 -  This is my least favourite. It is a pretty weak sheer polish and would need more than 2 coats. But if you are willing to apply several coats it is a nice colour!

As for consistence the nail polishes really surprised me - They almost glide onto the nails and are pretty fool proof! The other thing I noticed which I haven't noticed with any other nail polish is the feel of it on my nails once dry. Just really smooth and glossy! I can't explain it but it kind of feels similar to when you buff & polish your nails.

Also the chunky tops are removable which makes it so much easier to paint your nails and the brush is a bit shorter than your average brush so you do have more control.  
The only bad thing I can say about the nail polishes are the annoying stickers that come attached to the labal and the top, they have a perforated line so that you can just remove them..however as you can see it leaves the bottle looking abit messy!

So all in all for 60p each these are pretty amazing & a great inexpensive way to add more colours to your nail polish collection! 


Christmas at Superdrug

I admit July may not be the best time to be writing about Christmas...but if Selfridges can open there Christmas shop on the 2nd August then I must be able to talk about Christmas!

What am I even saying! I don't need to justify myself..I love Christmas and could talk about it in February with anyone that was willing. 
I do truly love everything about the festive period and cannot wait to write blogposts in December and talk about all things beauty & Christmas related. 
Anyways I thought I'd share with you some lovely gift sets that will be available to buy from Superdrug's in October/November time. 

First of all I must talk about the above Accessorize giftsets - not to keen on (cheap) lipgloss sets, however for me nail polish is nail polish whatever the brand! Yes it may chip more so than other existing brands but it's shades that I go for and I have to say a nice little set of 9 nail polishes in a range of colours would fit nicely in my own collection.
I also cannot help but wish the inside design was also on the front - The front is just abit to cheap looking for my liking, but the rose design is prefect!

(Clockwise - Gosh Bronzing gift set, Gosh Primer gift set, Gosh Dramatic Eyes gift set)

Next up are some lovely Gosh gift sets that range from £9.99 to £14.99 which isn't too bad seeing as they contain 3 or 4 full size products per set. I can see these being really popular this Christmas.


Mua Makeup Academy sets - Now to me sticking the products onto abit of plastic doesn't make them giftsets and I am sure most people will remove the products from the packaging before wrapping them. Also as the products are £1 each...I am hoping the sets won't be £3. As you could of just picked out the products yourself, if that makes sense and doesn't make me sound like a penny-pincher! 

This is also a giftset that I am sure will highly popular and will be on many a girls Christmas wishlist - I am even tempted to say it may even be on mine. I am not sure on price however the set contains lashes for each Girls Aloud member (is it just me or does Cheryl look very un-Cheryl like) and some kind of faux leather makeup bag.

Last but not least are a range of Simple giftsets...there are quite afew different sets and I am sure they will be budget friendly. 

Ofcourse there are the usual Nivea, Dove and Lynx sets but nothing worth mentioning really. I save Lynx or Dove for anyone that doesn't get me a present or for anyone that I haven't seen in the last 6 months! 

Hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to get my hands on some images of the Boots Christmas gifts... they do have some lovely gifts this year (as always) in particular a lovely brush set from No7 and of course Fearne Cottons new line of makeup... but I have to say it's abit of a let down as it's catered more towards the teen market. 

On a Christmassy note I would love to know where you like to shop at Christmas! 


Designer Nails Tutorial - Marc Jacobs Bow Print

Last week I wrote a post asking you all if you could vote for which designer print you wanted to see as a nail tutorial and I am glad to say quite afew readers did vote. Which I was really pleased about. 
The above Marc by Marc Jacob Bow print was the most popular (however for some reason I thought the print was by Mui Mui, sorry for the confusion) and also the iconic Alexander McQueen print was quite popular..so that will be the next tutorial and hopefully abit more in-depth than this one. 
Especially as far as photos are concerned. 

Anyways onto the print. I am sure quite afew of you recognize the print, especially as Mrs Beckham had been seen sporting the dress recently. I must say it is a lovely print - very summery and cute looking. 

Also in the last post I mentioned that you wouldn't need any specialist nail pens or tools and that I used one trick to create my own nails...

Well as you can see below my secret weapon is in fact a gel pen! I don't seem as talented anymore do I! The pen below came in a pack of 3 or 4 and cost £1.50 from a normal stationary shop. 
However there is a type of pen to get..the longer more accurate looking nibs are the ones to avoid! You just cannot apply them over nail polish. You need a gel pen that is more of an ink roller ball..(thinking about it now I really should of included a close up of the pen, so I shall include an image tomorrow). 

Now there are two big things to avoid when using a gel pen to create detail on the nails and that is never to try and use the pen over the top of wet nails or even tacky nails..as the nail polish will end up on the tip of the pen and will stop it from working. You must wait till your nails are fully dry.

Also this NEEDS a topcoat however the pen doesn't dry very well on the nail so if you use the top coat too soon or drag the top coat polish over the nail you will smudge what you have just done. So I'd say wait for a good 10 minutes (you can do things just don't wash your hands or it will wash off) then apply a really thin top coat (the kind that seems abit like water!) in one quite thick coat to not drag over the nail. If that makes sense. Just ask me if you don't get/understand it!

(Click to enlarge) 

Now I must apologise for the tiny image but if you click on it you will find it's alot bigger. 

So onto how to create the print, as you can see with only four steps it's pretty simple.

Step 1 - Apply 2 quite thin coats of any Coral coloured nail polish. Making sure it is totally dry before step two. I chose to use Fruit Salad from the Hot Looks Collection 2000 range as it was the closest colour I had to the Marc Jacobs Bow dress.

Step 2 - Next using a black gel pen create 2 or 3 rows on each nail of an almost wave like line. If you make a mistake just use a damp cotton pad with water on it to remove the pen as it's only water based. Also it that is too hard for you, a wavy line is fine. 

Step 3 - The third step is the most fiddly part as you can easily smudge the nails with your other hand so it best to work from little finger to thumb so that you are working away from what you have just done. 
The good thing about the print is it's fairly messy so don't worry if the bows don't really look like bows! 
It's basically two little loops then two odd looking triangles. I would say two bows on each line is the best and one bow on the bottom line. However on the thumb you will probably be able to fit 3 bows in a row. But however many bows you can fit onto each nail it will look fine. Just make sure the bows are sitting on the wavy line.

Next you must wait for the nails to dry for about 5 to 10 minutes - however even after 10 minutes they WILL smudge if you touch them. Only the top coat will seal in the ink on the nails.

Step 4 - The last step is really the most important - as this is the part that you can fluff up all your hard work. The main thing is to apply a big drop of the top coat at the bottom of the nail then brush it on quite lightly. If you are too heavy handed the brush will pull on the ink and it will smudge. So being over generous with the top coat is a good thing! As you can see it is do-able. 

I really, really hope you haven't found this too boring and I hope I have explained it well enough for everyone to try themselves. Like I say they are just them two things in Steps 1 & 4 that you need to be careful of and then you really can't go wrong.

Make sure to keep a look out for a Alexander McQueen nail tutorial some time next week!


Rodarte for MAC Cosmetics - A Collaboration Doomed from the Start?

I am sure by now most of you are aware of the new collection by MAC and also the controversy it is causing. I am also pretty sure you have probably seen numerous blogs about the collection in question. 

If I am honest with you I wasn't actually going to write about it, however after reading quite alot about Ciudad Juárez I thought I would talk about why the 'inspiration' for the Rodarte ready to wear Fall '10 line just cannot be translated into a makeup collection. 

So as this is a pretty in depth topic (and I sure a lengthy blog post) I think it's only right to explain where the Rodarte fall collection came from. 

Rodarte: The Fashion Label 
Rodarte if you aren't aware is a high fashion label consisting of two sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy. They style is quite dark and gothic with lots of layering however Robarte has been seen on many famous people including Michelle Obama. 
There garments don't come cheap though at upto $10,000 a dress.

RTW Fall 2010 Collection: Inspiration
So for there latest collection the Mulleavy sisters drew inspiration from a long drive from El Paso to Marfa, Texas. Which got them thinking about exploring there Mexican roots. The interest specifically on the troubled boarder town of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. There main 'inspiration' came from the maquiladora factory workers who venture out in the middle of the night to work long shifts in the assembly plants. Which ofcourse led them to this conclusion: They'd build a collection off the idea of sleepwalking. 

(Photo: Patrick McMullan) 

The problems in Juarez
Aside from the under paid and badly treated maquiladora workers. Ciudad Juarez is the world's most violent place outside of an active war zone. The bulk of the violence being brought upon woman, many whom have been raped or at worst murdered. The official reports claim that the bodies of other 400 woman have been found since 1993 and thousands of women also been reported missing. As you can see this is a serious and complex issue that definitely needs to be tackled. 

Which would make you think with Rodarte being interested in such a subject it would highlight some of these issues through interviews and through there collection. 

 Fashion however does have a sneaky way of making sinister issues beautiful.

The video below clearly shows the naive reactions to the collection and how the clothes deliver a totally different message to the original inspiration.

And ofcourse Rodarte made no mention of charity donations or projects to help the violence of Juarez...

Mac Cosmetics for Rodarte: The Collection
The problem first lies with how does a cosmetic company translate an already deeply flawed fashion collection, when it's meant to be 'collaborating' with it. 

Well they can't - the problem only get worse really as a makeup range will always be more accessible than a high fashion range and also more detail to the collection is needed.
Mainly in the product naming. 
When lipsticks are named 'Ghost Town' and 'Sleepless' and nail polishes are called 'Factory' and 'Juarez' consumers are bound to want to know the background of the collection. 

The background being Rodarte took inspiration from Juarez and so now we are too and also we won't donating any of the proceeds to charity. 
I can clearly see why people would highly dislike this and see the naming of the products distasteful. 


However if only they had treated the new collection similar to that of Viva Glam - the collection could of been highly positive and successful. 
People want to be education and know there money is going to a good cause, rather than applying Ghost Town knowing full well there money has made zero difference. 

But of course MAC has announced there plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from the collection to "those in need in Juarez" after they saw the negative response to the upcoming collection. 
Is it too late? No, money is money at the end of the day and atleast some of it will be going to the right place. 
But has the damage already been done? Pretty much. 

How differently could this collection have been handled?

Ofcourse the percentage of the proceeds that will be donated is still unknown (as donating anything at all has definitely been a recent development) but to try an rectify a badly presented collection I personally would like to see atleast 50% of the profits donated to a known and established charity in Juarez. 

My Personal Thoughts
I feel the only positive things to come out of the upcoming collection so far is the awareness it will globally create. Before this came to light I knew nothing of the violence in Mexico, like alot of people I'm sure. It's just a shame it has been in such bad taste and the products are terribly named. 
Having said that, if MAC do decide to donate 50% or more of the proceeds to charity I do not feel that this should be a collection that is boycotted by it's customers - Undoubtedly MAC have got this badly wrong but charity is much more important and that is what we all should focus on. 
As for the distasteful names of the products maybe it would be a good idea if bloggers did not refer to the products by name but by shade or type of product especially as the collection is quite small. 

I know there will be so many opinions on this matter and I would love to hear your views and what you feel MAC could do to rectify this situation. 

There is a list of just afew other Beauty Bloggers that also feel quite passionately about the Rodarte/Mac Collection and have all posted about this matter. (If you aren't on the list and want me to add you just comment below)


A Weekend Note

I quite like doing these types of posts so I'm thinking of making it a weekly feature..it just makes my blog abit more personal and friendly! 

As I will be upto my knees in bubble wrap this weekend I thought I would share with you a print by Rob Ryan (before it gets packed away). He is an amazingly talented man.

Hope you are all doing something nice
this weekend and I will see you all on Monday!


Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover

This will be a bit of a kwik review....so witty aren't I. No really it will be a quick review as the images speak for themselves really. 

Sally Hansen's Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover is acetone-free remover for both artificial nails and natural nails. The idea is that it's a tub with a huge sponge in it as you can see below and you stick your nails into the centre of the sponge were there is a scored cross to insert a nail or three! The sponge contains alot of nail polish remover however there isn't actually any liquid in the bottom of the tub - so there no chance of spilling it. 

So then you kind of rub your nail against the sponge or just keep it in there for afew seconds and that's it - all your nail polish is removed. 

As you can see below not only does it remove normal nail polish but it also removes glitter polish - which is truly a godsend (if you have ever tried to remove glitter nail polish you will know what I mean) of course you can do the trick of soaking a cotton pad in remover then wrapping it around the finger with tin foil to keep it on and looking like an alien for a good 5-10 minutes. Or you could use this which removes any glittery nail polish within seconds. No rubbing at it...it just disappears into the sponge. 

So as you can imagine this stuff is strong - not really strong to the nails as it's acetone free, just slightly toxic smelling. I have found I've got use to it though and I've only had it 2 weeks or so. It does say it's lemon scent (you can get other scent like Apricot..) and it is when it's on your nails..so at least your nails don't smell of chemical afterwards! It's also not greasy at all. 

I did say this was going to be a short review didn't I? 

Anyways, pricewise I bought mine for £4 at TK Maxx...but I think it was sheer luck. There was only one and ofcourse the stock in that place changes daily! 
However there are quite alot on Ebay for around the same price including postage and there's also different scents if you don't want lemon smelling nails. 
If you do find one in TK Maxx  though and think it feels like there is just liquid inside like I did - don't worry! It really does sound like it's a tub of remover and no sponge...of course until you open it that is.
As for how long it will last - I am pretty sure it would last a long time as there is plenty of remover in the tub. Of course when it does dry up you could always pour in some normal nail polish remover, which I sure would work fine. 

This really is a great product that cuts down the time of removing nail polish, it is also great for when you mess up a nail. You can just stick it in the tub and not worry your removing polish from the rest of your nails. 
Not forgetting that is removes glittery nail polish so easily.

I couldn't recommend this product more highly!


Designer Nail Tutorials - Vote for the one you want to see!

As mentioned about a month or so ago I will be creating a range of tutorials based on designer prints - which I think will be quite fun and hopefully easy enough! 
The tutorials won't be overly technical and you won't need any special nail art pens or anything like that...just nail polish, nail polish remover and of course your fingers! 

Just as an example I have created 5 different prints on my nails which I took from Designer dresses as you can see below with the Issa dress and the Stella McCartney Jumper Dress.

They do range in difficulty however none at too hard that you can't give it a go yourself! However I really would love for you all to vote/comment on which one you would like to see first. 
On a bit of a side note - the examples aren't that neat as I fluffed them all up by applying a top coat too soon and they weren't dry! So if they don't look too neat this is why.

Here are the options...

1. Stella McCartney print - This requires no actual detail however you do need about 7 nail polishes and it does take abit of time as you need to wait for each coat to dry and there's 3 different coats too this.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow print - This is pretty simple and doesn't take alot of time to do. The bows are also quite easy to do as they are fairly messy on the original print. Update - How stupid am I, I thought the print was by Miu Miu when it's infact Marc By Marc Jacobs .
3. Issa print - This is really simple, you only need two nail polishes black and white or nude - or whatever other colour you want really. Probably the easiest to do.

4. Alexander McQueen print - This has to be my favourite I think, just love the yellow and black together, really contemporary and chic looking. Also pretty iconic. Again fairly simple, you just need to copy the design well. 

5. Miu Miu Swallow print - Again pretty iconic and chic. Like the Stella McCartney print is it abit fiddly as you can end up with the swallows looking like bats! But with practise it is quite simple. 

So there are the five designer nail tutorials I will be creating over the next few weeks. 
Make sure to leave a comment telling me which one you like the best! 
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