NOTD - Nail Inc Beach

Thought I would do a quick NOTD, it isn't anything special or even neatly applied because I have barely had the energy to wash my hair with being ill, let alone paint my nails. 

Anyways badly applied or not, the polish goes on well however it chips very easily and doesn't last more than 2 days. 
I know this is one of the free nail polishes that came with Instyle magazine but I do find this with other Nail Inc nail polishes. They aren't great for not chipping at the tips of the nails. 

But I will use it/put up with it because it is a lovely colour, very summery and perfect with a tan, from a bottle ofcourse. 

Another thing that I dislike about Nail Inc while I am being picky is there packaging....

The top of the nail polishes is supposed to look as if it is metal, when it is in fact plastic...which is fine! But within days of owning numerous bottles by Nail Inc the edge of the top seems to look quite tatty and rough. The top also doesn't lie flat with the nail polish bottle as you can see in the image above, so you think you have put it on wrong, but ofcourse you haven't. It's just the badly designed top.

It isn't a big thing...but then again maybe it is when you are paying £10.50 a bottle?

Lisa Eldridge's Travel Kit

(Click images to enlarge)

I thought I would post this article that is featured in the July issue of Elle as I know I have quite afew international readers that really like Lisa Eldridge and as it is in the UK version of Elle they wouldn't normally get the chance to see it. Also it's just for anyone that doesn't read Elle. 

1 - Nail Colour in (from top) Heiress, Some Like it Hot and Notorious, £11 each, by Leighton Denny
2&3 - Eyeshadow Brush, £15, and Liner Brush, £8, by Daniel Sandler
4 - Eyelash separator, £4.99, by Savvylash
5 - Lipstick in Strawberry Suede, £7.29 each, by Revlon
6 - Photo Reverse, £49, by Institut Estherderm
7 - File, £3.25, by Leighton Denny
8 - Buffer, £3.29(part of set), by No 7
9 - Cream Shadow in Chrome Patina, £16, by Bobbi Brown 
10 - Vanity Case, £410, by Erdem for Globe-Trotter
11 - Brush Set, £3.99, by NYC Cosmetics
12 - Mega-Mushroom Body Cream, £36, by Dr Andrew Weil for Origins
13 - Cotton-wool pads, £1.60 for 100, by Boots
14 - Advanced Eye Treatment Film, £45, by SKII

15 -Serums, £60(part of set), by Alpha-H
16 - Make-up bag, £70, by Mulberry
17 - Eau de Beaute Beauty Elixir,£11, by Caudalie
18 & 19 - Leave-in Conditioner, £19, and Pre-Style Protectant, £20.50, by Frederic Fakkai

I love travel sized products, so I would love to know what  your favourite handbag sized products are or in-flights must-haves.


Blogger Interviews - Nil Erturk

I am sadly coming to the end of my Blogger Interview series and I have to say I have really enjoyed doing it and hopefully some of you have found it interesting. 

So onto my last interview which is with the ever so stylish Nil Erturk who writes a fashion & lifestyle blog which mainly consists of Outfits of the Day and fashion inspiration. Nil really does have an incredible sense of style and a huge wardrobe! 
 Her blog really have taught me to be that bit more daring with my own wardrobe. So last but definately not least here is my beauty interview with Nil.

What are you essential cosmetics?
Concealer, Blush and Mascara. I also use bepanthene balsam for my lips

What beauty products do you keep in your bag/purse?
Hand creme, lipstick and the nailpolish I have that day

Which skincare products do you swear by?
I use bepanthol lotion on my body but I still couldn't find the perfect match for my face

What is your signature fragrance?

How do you pamper yourself?
I buy new lipsticks or nailpolishes to myself.
Which women inspire you?
Women who always look their best in every condition. Whether they wear make-up or not, high heels or sneakers if a women can look sexy no matter what, that is inspiring!

What are the most re-purchased items in your makeup bag/collection?
Black eyeliner, black mascara and concealer.

If you want to read any past beauty interviews just click here.

Babyliss Pro Conical Wand

Let me first say the image above is what my hair looked like 24 hours after I used the Babyliss Conical Wand. I had got caught in the rain and slept on it all night, yet still my hair kept the loose curls. For this fact only I am totally sold on this product. 

My hair is quite long and the longer it gets the straighter it is. It sounds good, but actually it kind of just 'hangs' there looking abit limp, so I either tie it up into a bun ontop of my head and look like an extra from the King & I. Or I burn the hell out of it till it is poker straight and looking more sleek. 

So when the Babyliss Conical Wand came into my life (courtesy of some birthday money) I was just excited to try something new. However if I am honest it did take me a full week to try it out, as I kept thinking how hot it would be and I didn't like the idea of burning myself too much! 

So eventually I unboxed the 'Wand of Heat' and not to my surprise the heat protective gloves were rubbish. However the one thing that did surprise me was the weight of the wand itself. It is VERY lightweight, which does help when you have to hold it over your head for 10secs +.

As for temperature I set it to 19 out of a possible 25 as like I say I kept having visions of me burning my wrist on it or dropping it on my feet!
Anyways within 15 minutes I had curled my whole head without burning myself once! I then added some Naked Style Extra Shiny Finishing Serum through the length of my hair, which helped to define the loose curls and to tame any split ends. 

For my first attempt at using the wand I was quite impressed with the outcome. This really is what curls should look like. Bouncy and loose. More Olivia Palermo than Bette Midler.

Overall I do think I will get more speedy with practice, however it is very easy to use. It is actually just as easy as straightening your hair! I also love that the curl actually stays a curl and doesn't turn into one frizzy mess the second you leave the house. Also something that I think is worth a mention is that to keep it looking neat and a perfect through the day I just ran my fingers through my hair which separated all the curls.

I do think this is abit of a premature review of it (however I am sure my views won't change) so I will write an updated post on it in a month or so with more pictures. 

Update - I forgot to add that I bought the wand from UK hairdressers here
for £23 including delivery. This is the cheapest I could find them for.


NOTD - Marina And The Diamonds Inspired

I thought I would show you how I did my nails when I went to see Marina And The Diamonds on the 23rd May. I would of shown you my FOTD /OOTD however it was a very hot day and the concert was inside and going to be full of sweaty bodies, so I dressed appropriately in a vest and some leggings with gladiator sandals. I also kept my make-up simple and my hair up in a messy bun. 

As you can see from the picture below she does like to use anything glittery and her outfit are always unique. On the night she wore a poncho type dress with a large image of Bambi and Thumper on it. Then towards the end of the night she wore some red & white stripey dungarees that had mickey mouse all over them! 

So I thought I would keep with the sparkly glittery theme and paint my nails with copious amounts of glittery nail polish. Which I am sure I will regret when I try to remove it. 

I decided to use only Barry M as they seem to do the best glittery polishes that don't chip off. 
I used 2 coats of Red Glitter and then a thick coat of Hexograms, which I really do love. Unlike in the photos, it really does catch the light and gives off a Hologram effect. 

I am not really one for Nail Art or over the top nails but for some reason I quite like my nails like this. They still look neat and tidy and not too childlike!

As for the concert itself, I had a great time. She was even better than I thought she would be. However as I expected it was very hot and smelly in there towards the end!! But I would like to point out that I definitely wasn't adding too the smell of sweat! 

Ofcourse as usual I would love to know what you think. Do you like to wear glittery nail polish? Or do you think it is for teenagers only! 

Clinique De-Puffs

If you are familiar with Clinique then I am sure you have seen this little pot before. This small pot of All About Eyes eye cream currently resides in my fridge - in the little compartment that is meant for cheese & butter to be precise! 

I reach for it when it's 'one of those morning' ...I am sure you know the kind. The mornings where you can hardly open your eyes from the lack of sleep or amount of alcohol consumed the previous night. The one where your own reflection scares you. 

Tapping this cool gel under my (crusty) eyes is like heaven, I kid you not. 
It makes me almost human enough to apply my mascara without getting it on my nose.
However in general I don't really 'believe' in eye creams. I just use an oil-free moisturizer to keep the skin around my eyes hydrated as to be honest at twenty-two, wrinkles aren't a concern, just yet! So this is why I don't use the All About Eyes all the time. It does make the skin under my eyes really smooth though!

Anyways so when I saw this new £2 cheaper version that is out on the 1st June my eyes lit up. 
It's the new 
All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage - £20 

Which as you can see is in a handy roller-ball pen format, much more hygienic than dipping your index finger into the little glass pot. 
However the main thing that I am excited about is that the roller-ball is made out of stainless steel - this really takes the whole cooling effect to another level for me!!
Which will help drain all that nasty puffy fluid away and make me look even more human.

The other important aspect of this is that it can be applied in the morning pre makeup and also throughout the day over makeup! 
For them annoying times where your contact lenses have created fluid under your eyes or when the pollen is making you want to claw your eyes out! Or for people like me who spend way too much time infront of a screen, typing. 

So mid afternoon I was whip this out and de-puff my eyes. Yes, I am actually quite excited about it. As it's just one of those products that I know will work..and no I wasn't paid to say any of this! 


A None Haul - Makeup Haul!

To be honest I never planned on doing a 'Haul' mainly because I dislike the word haul! I could never imagine ever saying the word out loud, it's just not in my vocabulary. 
However I do know alot of people do like to be nosey, including myself! 

From the top ; 
Barry M Blusher in Terracotta -  I bought this think I could use it as a bronzer however it is quite pinky, so I am only using it on the tops of my cheeks. 

No7 Lip Brush - I purchased this with a £5 off voucher so it was only £2 .. but as you can see in the picture below I am using it as a small concealer brush mainly for under my eyes. It really works wonders...and while I am talking about concealer I also purchased..

No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick in Fair 03 - I read so many good reviews on this and needed a more opaque concealer and this really fits the bill. I have tried there Calm & Conceal dual ended stick in the past and it is just too thin. Also the spot treatment is just very weak. However the Blemish Stick really makes up for it! 

Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara - With over 76 reviews on the Boots website I purchased the pricey £10.99 mascara thinking it must be good. I am sure it is if you aren't a contact lense wearer. My first attempt at wearing this was a total disaster, the Nylon fibres in the mascara instantly went under my contact lenses making my eyes sore and blood shot within seconds! and ofcourse with no ingredients on the mascara I had no clue about this until I used it. This is sadly going in the bin all £11 of it!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Coral Reef - Really love this, it is perfect for summer and is really pigmented and not too sticky!

Barry M Lip Paint in umm... I forgot? - It may be called Coral Reef...well anyways it is a coral shade which I have been using under the Revlon Coral Reef lipgloss which makes the lipgloss last alot longer! It's also great on it's own though and doesn't dry out the lips. 

Last but not least is the Sleek i divine Storm Palette - I am sure most of you own this one as it's mostly neutral shades. Really love the 3rd one in on the top row. They really need to start being more creative though and naming the shades! Really worth £6. 

This has to be one of my most favourite things I have bought this month it is the Marian Newman Inkredible Nail Colour Kits in Gold Leaf and it's on sale at ASOS at the moment for only £5.50 from £21! The idea is the main pen is water based so you can apply it really fast and make a mess if you so wish, then you paint the 2nd pen 'Wrapture' over it which is just a clear polish. Then you simply just wash your hands and the nail polish that is on the skin will wash off, leaving you with really neat nails! The only down side is the wrapture pen is quite gloopy, so I have opted to use just a normal clear nail polish. 
These are really amazing...I am sure I will write a post on them soon.

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser  - I was in two minds whether to purchase the No7 cleanser or Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish...however the Liz Earle product isn't really available in most department stores so I decided to purchase the No7 cleanser and I am really glad I did. Not only is the packaging abit more sleeker but it is that bit cheaper plus there is more product compared to the Cleanse & Polish. 
There is something quite satisfying about using the cream cleanser to remove a face full of makeup then seeing it all on the muslim cloth. It also leaves the skin really soft and very clean. 

If you follow me on twitter @Makeup_Savvy you will probably have already read me raving about this. It's the D&G Fragrance Collection Giftset, which is basically 20ml versions of there new fragrances. Just one of there 100ml bottles retails for £30 and I purchased this for £31 and I am really glad I did. You really get to test each one out and they are perfect for on the go or for travelling. My favourites so far are no.3 and no.10. It also came with a lovely little white leather makeup clutch thang...! 

If you are wondering the picture behind the fragrances is a print by Belle & Boo. 

Finally I splashed out abit and bought the Babylis Pro Conical Wand in the largest size 32-19mm. You know the one...with the funky 3 fingered gloves that don't really help. So far I am just getting use to it..mainly because it is a tad bit scary, it's like a barrel of heat very near your arm/wrist! It is very simple to use though and very lightweight, unlike my huge hair dryer which I seem to hit myself with when drying my hair. 

So that is it...this post took alot longer than expected so you may not see another for awhile! Well you may see smaller ones from now on.

NOTD - Nude Hologram Hexograms

I feel like I haven't done a NOTD in quite awhile and that is probably because I haven't! As you can see in the picture above my nails aren't looking the best, especially my index and middle finger as I trapped both nails in the freezer door last week! So they aren't looking there best, so I thought I would use two polishes to distract from the horrible ridges etc. 

I basically applied two coats of Eyeko Nude Polish which I have to say applies really well for the price. Then just one coat of Barry M Hologram Hexogram...

... (as it is quite a thick formula) which is perfect for putting over any polish and is great for toenails. I am not sure why but it just looks good! 

It isn't that summery but I just wanted something that wouldn't stain my nails orange like a certain Nails Inc polish did last week and just something to cover my traumatised nails!

Blogger Interviews - Charlotte from Lipglossiping

In my first ever Makeup Savvy post I wrote about Charlotte's blog Lipglossiping and between me and you her blog was one of the reasons I started my own blog on beauty. To me a blog should be insightful and something that you want to come back to time and time again and Lipglossiping is certainly that. 

I really do think Charlotte should be very pleased and proud of what she has created with Lipglossiping. Her reviews are so detailed and most importantly truly genuine and honest. 
Anyways I could sing her praises all day but I won't bore you! 
Just make sure you visit her blog.

What are your essential cosmetics?
I rarely leave the house without eyeliner... a slick of kohl across both waterlines gives an illusion of thicker lashes and adds some definition to my eyes, plus it only takes a second to do!

What beauty products do you keep in your bag/purse?
I have a MAC MSF Natural in my bag to keep my nose shine-free (especially now the weather is getting warmer) and a NARS lipgloss in Belize... if I'm properly out for an evening, I haul more around with me... but that's what's in there at the moment!

Which skincare products do you swear by?
Oooh, this is a toughie because I'm always trying new things and I'm not sure there's such a thing as HG skincare for me... just good and bad.  At the moment, I'm really liking a Sebum Gel from a Malaysian company called Cellnique that was in a parcel I was sent to try.... it's made my nose blackheads disappear!  But (there's always a but right?) it's v. expensive... and shipping to the UK is extortionate, so despite it being a great product, I probably won't repurchase.  I guess the only other thing is the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic, oooh that's something I keep in my bag too actually!

What is your signature fragrance?
Dior's Hypnotic Poison.  I've worn it since I was about 19... I'm going off it, but my husband recognises it as "my" scent... I'm weaning him off!

How do you pamper yourself?
Probably by painting my nails... it's something I can only do when the baby's gone to bed and I take my time and enjoy it!

Which women inspire you?
None really, not proper "inspire" anyway.  I admire women who are fair and honourable.

What are the most re-purchased items in your makeup bag/collection?
Urban Decay Primer Potion, Bourjois Lilas D'or Blush and Barry M Lipgloss in Toffee.

If you want to read previous interviews you can find them all here and make sure to keep you eyes peeled for my next interview which will be with the beautiful Nil Erturk.


UK Magazine freebies for May/June

One of the joys of Summer is magazine freebies - One size fits all flip-flops, Size 6 see-through vests and oversized beach bags. Some of the 'free gifts' aren't the best of quality. But I guess what can you expect when it is practically free. 

However over the past few years I have seen that afew magazine have really upped they game abit and have teamed up with companies that offer some really nice products. I am still not keen on the stiff-as-cardboard beach bags though. 

So here are afew magazine freebies I have noticed 
(I promise not to mention the free Nail Inc nail polishes with Instyle, I think we all know about them by now.)

With this week's Grazia magazine you receive a free voucher for Organic Surge Eye Gel.

In July's issue of Red magazine there is a choice of three lipgloss' by Jemma Kidd worth £14 (out June 2nd) 

Also in the July issue of Elle there is a choice of three summer bags by Reiss (also out June 2nd)

In the June issue of Marrie Claire there is a choice of three free Body Butters from The Body Shop worth £5 (however as a subscriber I failed to realize this until pg 236 of the magazine as subscribers don't get free gifts, ever)! 

In the July issue of Glamour magazine out June 10th there is a choice of 
Eye Bright, Bad Gal or It Stick jumbo pencils all by Benefit worth over £14 each

Birthday Wishlist

I thought I would show you all what I am looking forward to receiving for my 22nd birthday which is this Friday...and also because at ze moment I have no memory card, which sadly means no pictures! Except for the ones on my laptop. 

I know afew things my other half is getting some lovely YSL Babydoll perfume (as I have run out), which has a very sweet/spicy floral scent...and something I would only wear in spring/summer. I also know he has got me some cute little earrings from Disney Couture, they are from the Alice In Wonderland collection and are these tiny little clocks. 

For my birthday day we are just going to go to the Trafford Centre as we don't go all that often as it is so large and I always seem to spend way too much! 
Visiting Selfridges food hall is a must...the cakes there are the best...which we get boxed up and take over to Barton Square (which is the outdoor Interior shopping area) and we sit on a bench in front of the lovely fountain eating them in the sun!

Another must is going to TGI Friday's as if you sign up to there website you can pop in anytime around your birthday and have free cocktails for upto six people! And ofcourse I cannot forget to mention Space NK...which always seems to be empty but has the most loveliest brands, well you only need to visit there website to know that.

I am also tempted to buy the D&G Collection giftset - which includes 5 x 20ml fragrances from there new range, which I think is about £35 so I will have to go sniff it down. 

Also I really do want the Babyliss 19-32mm Conical Wand. They come with a heat mat and little glove thingys if you buy it from Look if I cannot find the actual set on Friday I will have to buy it online! As my hair is getting longer I do like to leave it down with abit of a messy curl to it and then two simples plaits pinned up on each the conical wand would be perfect for this.

Courtesy of my lovely boyfriend we are also going to see Marine & The Diamonds a week later and it is also my boyfriends 27th birthday so I may try my hand to baking him a chocolate cake! Which I am sure will be a complete failure.

I know this isn't my normal type of post - but hopefully once I receive my new memory card in the post in the next few days I will be able to do some reviews and maybe a favourites post.
Also I may do a haul type post...but that is a maybe! as I know quite alot of people dislike them for some reason.
So we will see...

Oh and by the way, the cake up there isn't actually mine, I really wish it was! - and it would definitely not have that measly thin slice cut out of it though. It would be more a quarter of the cake atleast! 

Daniel Sandler Makeup Sample Swatches

After reading Lipglossiping's post on some Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush samples she ordered..I must say I was tempted to try them. As for only £2.95...or 4.45USD.. 3.47 euros (the price of the p&p) you receive 6 samples of your choice. Unfornately the Watercolour Blushes are only shipped to UK address'..however there are five other products to choose from if you do like outside of the UK. So it's not all bad.

So for that reason I decided to order two samples that are available internationally. I decided on Hide It - Under Eye Concealer in the lightest shade and the Perfect Canvas Foundation in Shade if you live outside of the UK, jump to the bottom of the post where there are swatches and abit of a review.

As for the fluid blushes I chose -

Gold Rush - The perfect golden highlighter for warm , dark, tanned and black skin tones.This is the obvoiusly the last swatch clockwise. As you can see my natural skintone could never be described as 'warm, dark or tanned' however I thought this would still be a good highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones. The swatch above it quite concentrated and to be honest I did find it quite watery and just very glittery. The more I blended it out the more the colour dissapeared and it just became glittery.

Truth - A barely there nude, peach shade with flattering highlights of peach and silver to brighten very fair skins. Will help disguise hot flushes. This is the top swatch in the image above. To be honest I quite liked this, it was subtle and did add abit of life to my cheeks while toning down any redness. But I wouldn't purchase it as it was nothing special really.

Cherub - There number one best seller. A delicate sheer, pastel pink that's perfect for fair to medium skin tones that want the daintiest, youthful flush of colour. This is the 2nd swatch clockwise. I can see why it is there best seller...though I can't agree that is sheer. This really does add a glow to the cheeks. Very pretty and would suit almost all skin tones.

Life - A delicate, fresh pink shade as fresh as the bloom on a baby's cheek. Wonderfully sheer with delicate highlights of shimmery pink making this perfect for any woman any skin tone. This was easily my favourite, it is like a toned down version of Cherub. It really gives your cheeks 'life' ..I must say I am very tempted to purchase this.
However it does state it is perfect for any skintone, again I really don't think it is. It is quite soft and light so I would say it wouldn't be that great if you have a very dark skintone.

So as the Life Watercolour Fluid Blush was my favourite out of the four samples I kept it on all day to test the staying power as it did state it was waterproof. At the end of the day after it had been on a total of 12 hrs it was definately still there but was looking abit softer and like I needed a 'touch up'. But that is pretty damn good really as it was quite warm and blushers do seem to fade out on me.

As for concealer and foundation I decided to try a sample of each.
I ordered a sample of Hide It - under eye concealer in there lightest shade and a sample of Perfect Canvas - liquid foundation in shade 02.

Even though these are two totally different products the colour difference is very noticable. I should of really ordered them in the same shade however the lightest shade of Perfect Canvas just seemed too light from there swatch online.

However I am still suprised at how dark the foundation is for being the second shade out of a range of twenty-one. I have swatched it below and as you can see it is way too dark for my own skintone.

On a more positive tone even though the under eye concealer was slightly too light, I really did like it. The product worked wondered and concealer the veins under my eyes perfectly. As it was a shade to light though, it brightened the area too much so shade 02 would be a perfect match.

Even though it is specifically for the under eye area I did try it on afew blemishes and it just didn't work at all. The texture of it on the rest of my face just seemed abit cakey, so it definately isn't a multi-tasker.

Overall I would definately recommend trying out the samples for only £2.95 as you may find a product you really love. Personally I am glad I ordered the samples and the Watercolour Blush in Life worked wondered against my skintone and lasted all day. I am also quite tempted with the under eye concealer as it really does give full coverage without looking cakey at all. Something that I have been looking for, for awhile now!

To have a look at the range of samples available just click here.


Guest Review: Melvita - Hydrastim Moisturizing gel

A while ago I asked for a someone to review this product for me, as it is aimed at people with dry skin and I personally have quite an oily skin type. 

So here is a review of the product by Emma at Emma Lou Beauty News who has being trying out this product for over a month now.

First Impressions...
Packaging of this product is functional, nothing special to look at, but it’s a moisturiser, doesn’t really need to branch into the make up style of packaging!

I was sent a 50ml bottle which has a pump dispenser which is great, so much more hygienic than having to keep sticking your fingers into a tub of cream, and less wasteful.

The Claims…
“Provides long lasting moisture to dull and dehydrated skins and helps to reduce expression lines”

The Results...
I have used this product pretty much every day since I received it. At first I was dubious as it is marketed for dry skin, which I defiantly have, but when I applied the product it is a very thin gel consistency, I was worried it wouldn’t be very moisturising as I tend to use quite rich moisturising creams as anything else seems to just sink into my skin so quickly!...

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, on application the first thing you notice is the smell, and it’s divine!! It smells really fresh with lemon/grapefruit tones. This is marketed as Organic and it defiantly lives up to that from the scent alone. I started off using this in the morning and then applying my usual moisturiser over the top, as ( it recommends on the bottle) and then I used it in the evenings on its own after cleansing. It defiantly does not make your face feel dry or like you need more moisturisation, I just prefer a heavier moisturiser before foundation application, if you have an oily skin type you could probably get away with this on its own.

As for reducing expression lines, I think you would have to trial the product for a bit longer to make any definite claims on this. It has a plumping feel to it though after it is applied so I think I will carry on using it and see if there are any results re the lines…! Here’s hoping!

Overall I think this is a really nice product, especially if like me you have a drier skin and always tend to use heavy moisturisers, sometimes I feel like my skin is overloaded, and this gel was a pleasant change as it felt so light…… I’m not 100% sure on the price, looking on there website I believe it is in the £20 - £25 range not bad for the amount you get, I still have a good amount left. (Oh, one thing I would say re packaging is I prefer see through bottles, I like to know how much product I have used...Just a personal thing!)

Anyway thanks so much Fee for choosing me to review this product, I hope you like my findings.


Urban Decay New Summer of Love Collection 2010

Thought I would show you all the new Urban Decay Summer of Love Collection that will be online and in stores mid to late June here in the UK. If you are reading this from the U.S, I am sure this is old news to you by now!

The will be two new additions to the Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss range - Fireman Colin and Surfer Max priced at £11 each. I only have the Timothy lipgloss from UD as this is my boyfriend's name! I have never really loved the formula that much though. 

Next up is something I am really looking forward to minus the odd travel case. The Summer of Love Nail Kit (£17.50) which contains 7 mini nail polishes all with summery names like Woodstock and Love Light.

Onto more skincare type products...

All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (£17.00) - This is meant to keep your makeup picture perfect all day long. As it is moisture resistant this will last though our 2 week summer, so no more melting makeup. I personally think this is slightly overpriced however if this keeps my makeup in place while in Las Vegas this year it will be worth it's weight in gold!

De-Slick in a Tube (£16.00) - Now this sounds right up my oily t-zone street! This is a lightweight gel that will keep the skin matt, shine at bay and even tightens pores!

Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 (£17.00) - This thankfully will come in 4 different shades, compared to the one shade suits all that alot of brands do. It is also paraden and oil-free.

Out of the new collection I think I am most tempted by The Summer of Love Nail Kit and the makeup setting spray. 

Are you tempted by the new Urban Decay summer collection or if you are in the U.S have you tried anything from the range? 

Blogger Interviews - Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends

 If you didn't know Model, Ruth Crilly has a blog called A Model Recommends which I have been a avid reader of since she started blogging. Her blog is more than insightful as she gets to try out so many products and ofcourse she gets to work with some of the best Makeup Artists. She writes the wittiest posts I have read and even posts videos on her blog! 

 I was lucky enough to interview with her on all things beauty related and also I have the pleasure of sharing her fabulous giveaway with you all. Just click on the image at the bottom of this post to take you straight to her giveaway.
You really don't want to miss it! 

What are you essential cosmetics?
For castings I have to look fresh and natural, and so I wear a tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara and a sweep of bronzer to give me a healthy glow! I try to keep make-up to a minimum when I'm not working to give my skin a breather, luckily my skin has always been clear and so I don't feel too bad going bare-faced! Investing in a good concealer is paramount, though - I get dark circles under my eyes and sometimes they need industrial coverage!

What beauty products do you keep in your bag/purse?
I always carry a concealer with me (at present it's a Lancome 'softening' concealer in 02 Beige), a bronzing compact (Laura Mercier Pressed Powder in Golden Bronze is a favourite at the moment!) and a lip-moisturiser of some sort. Just delving into my bag's a pot of Blistex! Tingly, but you know it's working!

Which skincare products do you swear by?
Over the last nine years I have used just about everything under the sun when it comes to skincare! I think the most important thing is to keep track of what your skin is up to - if it changes, then the products should change too - it's no good using a harsh cleanser on stressed skin, for example.
I have said this so many times, but you can't go wrong with Embryolisse moisturiser. It works in all situations, and that's why you see it at every shoot, all over the world. You can use it as a moisturiser, cleanser, masque,'s just a very basic, non-offensive wonder-cream!

What is your signature fragrance?
I wear Coco Mademoiselle every day, but if I'm going somewhere sexy I spritz on some Agent Provocateur!

How do you pamper yourself?
I get into the bath with a face mask on and then generally mess about with potions and scrubs and foot files for ages! I have my baths far too hot and come out looking like a shrimp, but I find it very relaxing. I have never been into massages and treatments, they make me feel a bit 'on edge', but I'm reviewing a few soon, so I should get over my fear!

Which women inspire you?
I meet such a diverse mix of women on a day-to-day basis; freelance stylists and artists who juggle their personal and professional lives, high-powered business women, women who have made the choice to be full-time mothers... I find inspiration in all of them! There is always something new and exciting going on within my circle of friends - whenever we meet I come away feeling very inspired and driven.

What are the most re-purchased items in your makeup bag/collection?
OK...from the top: Clinique's Take the Day Off (one of the only removers that can cut through the industrial strength gunk that gets put on my eyes!), Dove Deodorant, Clarins One-Step Cleanser, Sanex Shower Gel (HUGE bottle!), Aussie 3-minute miracle conditioner, Embryolisse moisturiser, E45 cream. I use E45 for loads of things - sunburn, dry shins...
I have loads of other things that I dip in and out of, but the above are things that I have used for years and years!

As I mentioned Ruth is doing an amazing travel kit giveaway so you can win all the products above! All you have to do if click on the image of the products and become a follower of 'A Model Recommends' and ofcourse enter. The giveaway is open internationally and closes on the 1st June. So get entering!

If you want to read past interviews in this series just click here and make sure you look out for my next interview with the lovely Charlotte from Lipglossiping.

Models Own New Collection

I love Models Own nail polishes, there range is large with so many great shades. I also love how Models Own will be in Boots from the beginning of May - September, with there lovely nail polishes and also there makeup range. This is more than exciting if you purchase from them already online.

So here is a preview of the new range that will be on there website soon. First up is Neon Orange - Lip & Face Paint and the Fuchsia-ful Lip Balm. I took one look at the colour and texture of the Neon Orange and my eyes widened, this is not a colour I would of normally chosen. The idea behind the little pot is that you can use this on your eyes, cheeks and lips and I suppose with the latex texture of it you could literally paint your face with it - if you so wished!

Now I really wish I had taken photos of the different application I tried out. I firstly tried it on my eyes over a primer with the smallest amount I blended this over my lid and just past the crease. Surprisingly this didn't have an tackiness too it once blended out and was alot more subtle than the Neon Orange in the pot. Ofcourse this is still a bold orange but just not as scary neon orange. Very wearable for summer with lashings of mascara.

Next I tried the face paint on my apples of cheeks which I was certain wasn't going to work, again I was quite surprised, but I think this was down to applying the smallest amount and really working it in. The end result was a subtle tanned orange glow against my pale-ish skin. I know this is where I will be mostly using this product.

Last but not least I tried this on my lips and to be honest it just didn't work, it was just too drying and accentuated the dry skin on my bottom lip as texture of the lip/face paint clung to the dry skin and was bolder in colour in that area. 

The other little pot is the Fuchsia-full Lip Balm which has a lovely berry scent to it. I really cannot fault this. It is so pigmented and moisturizing and applies perfectly. I really can't say anymore on this as for £5 it is more than worth it . I am really excited to see the other colours in this range. 

Next up is the new Duo Eyeshadow in - Pretty Baby. Which in the little palette does look quite pretty and shimmery. However the texture just isn't there, these are very powdery and almost crumbly which is a shame as both colours are quite nice (maybe a little TOO shimmery though).

Overall if I was new to makeup I may be saying these are nice eyeshadows and worth the £5 price tag. However I am not and I know a good eyeshadow when I see one. I do feel though these would be best suited to someone in there mid-teens that wants something so shimmery that isn't overly pigmented.

The last product is abit of a gem - Scarlett is just one of the lipsticks in the new range and if they are all like this then I am definitely impressed.

The consistency is really moisturizing and applies so well even directly from the bullet. As for the colour it is a bolder version of the classic red lip with a blue undertone to it, so it does make your teeth appear whiter which is always a bonus. As for the stay on power it faired quite well and did stay on through eating and drinking till the mid afternoon which is pretty good for a £5 lipstick. 

Overall the new makeup range didn't fail to impress ( maybe a slight fail in the eyeshadow area though) with it's really pigmented products. The new range will also include false eye lashes, mascara, blusher, bronzer and even brushes! Of course there will also be afew new additions to the ever growing collection of nail polishes. 
 I have my eye on Jade Stone already. 

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