Debenhams Reward Card Vs. Boots Advantage Card

As the Boots Advantage Card is officially the most generous loyalty card in the UK there isn't much of a contest. However I did want to show the advantages and disadvantages of both card so I didn't seem like I was being totally negative.

I was 'inspired' to write this post after receiving an email from Debenhams titled - Important, your Beauty Club Reward Card expires soon. It is self explanatory really, but I shall quote what the email said.

"We love that you’re a Beauty Club cardholder, but we’ve noticed you haven’t used your Beauty Club Reward Card recently - if you don’t use it over a 12 month period it will expire".

They also provided a link so that I could remind myself of the benefits of being a Beauty Club Member, which I did.
So here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card.

Debenham's Reward Card

  • Anything is better than nothing - At least they have a 'points' card, right?
  • You can use your points as part purchase.
  • You can collect points when paying using the points you have saved up.
  • You receive a £5 reward if you receive 500 points in one transaction.*
  • Points or any £ value loaded onto the card will expire 6 months after issue.
  • Your balance may only be checked online or via email updates.
  • If you don't use your card within 12 months the card expires.
  • If you forget your card you cannot place the points on your card at a later date from your receipt.
  • To receive a £5 reward you would have to spend at least £166.*
  • When you sign up for a card instore you then have to activate it online later.
  • There 'Exclusive' gift,offers & samples because your a member doesn't exist.
  • There point system is slightly confusing - 1 point per £1 when you spend upto £25, 3 points per £1 when you spend £25 or more, 500 points = £5, 1000 points = £10.
  • There are no special offers sent via email so that you can receive more points.
  • There 'Beauty Store Events' are just events that are running at the time and are open to everyone.
As you can see the Cons outweigh the Pros but my main gripe is with the point being removed from your card after 6 months and also your card expiring after 12 months. To me this is pointless, Debenhams definitely doesn't benefit from letting cards expire.
Also it would be nice to receive a balance statement and newsletter through the post every 3-4 months or so.

Boots Reward Card


  • You can sign up instore or you can sign up by phone.
  • You earn point on everything you buy (except for prescriptions and infant milks) - even emergency plasters when your shoes are rubbing!
  • You can check your balance at the Boots kiosk instore or online.
  • Collect 4 points per £1 you spend.
  • You can pick up points you've collected online at the kiosk as well as printing out money-off coupons and special points offers.
  • You can pick up the health & beauty magazine 6 times a year for free.
  • They send out balance statement with special offers and extra points coupons through the post (I received a double points voucher that could be used twice just afew weeks ago).
  • There are always promotions on different brands where you can earn 200 extra points.
  • Your points can be saved up or not! Then can be spent on mostly* everything instore.
  • Your point cannot be spent at Boot Opticians or online.*
  • You cannot make a part payment of points towards a product. You must of collected the full amount of points required for the product you want.
The only thing that I can fault the Advantage card on is that you cannot make a part payment where you say use all the points on your card that total £10 for example and want to purchase something that is worth £12. So use would pay for the extra £2 with your own money. This cannot be done. Of course if you are purchasing afew items and not just one you would be fine as you could pay for afew items separately with cash.

So there obviously is a clear winner but then again there always was! I really feel that Boots are giving something back to there customers while encouraging you to spend. However with Debenhams it just seems a money making ploy and if you don't spend there that often then they don't want you.

Without there loyalty cards Boots would win hands down for me for the sheer fact of there £5 vouchers for No7 or Ruby & Millie that appears instore quite often.

I would love to know your views on both cards and if you have either of them or not.


Blogger Interviews - Superficial Girls

I thought it would be nice to do afew interviews with some of my favourite bloggers. So to start off the series I asked the lovely Carlinn from Superficial Girls afew beauty related questions.

What are you essential cosmetics?
Essentials for me is bronzer, blusher, mascara and lip conditioner. If nothing else I would use those!

What beauty products do you keep in your bag/purse?
I always have lipstick or gloss in my bag but I sometimes add powder and a mirror especially in summer :) (also those little blotting sheets! they are fab :)

Which skincare products do you swear by?
Hmmm this is a tough one as I change it up all the time but one of my all time favorites is St Ives apricot scrub. It's inexpensive but really works!

What is your signature fragrance?
This would have to be Gucci Rush for night time and Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden for daytime. Those two scents are really exotic and sexy. Love them!

How do you pamper yourself?
I usually pamper myself by pouring a glass of red wine and then doing a facial and manicure. This usually only happens when my boyfriend is working late or away for work! :)

Which women inspire you?
Woman that make something out of nothing inspire me. I love reading success stories, they motivate me to be my best everyday!

What are the most re-purchased items in your makeup bag/collection?
My most repurchased items would have to be black gel eyeliner, models prefer concealer and plum dressing eyeshadow from MAC.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this little interview as much as I have. Really love Carlinn's answer to which women she finds inspirational. If you haven't already make sure you have a look at Carlinn's blog it has everything from Fashion to Beauty and afew posts on Interior Design & Food thrown in there.

Hopefully this will be a weekly series so next week my interview will be with Niki from Papery & Cakery who makes amazing cakes and lovely stationary and also blogs about it!


Naked Detox Shampoo & Why I Decided To Go SLS Free

Over 4 months ago now I ran out of shampoo and like a lot of people I decided to try something new and that was on special offer. The shampoo I purchased was meant to target split ends and if I am straight to the point, it failed to do this and left me with quite an itchy, inflamed scalp.

 Of course I stopped using the shampoo and switched to an anti-dandruff shampoo which I thought would calm it down. It however didn't do all that much but I realised as it was a product to combat dandruff it wasn't the best solution anyway.
 So I decided to look in to more natural shampoos that would be more calming to my scalp. I also felt my hair was in quite dry condition and really needed a good quality shampoo. Whilst on my quest for a more natural shampoo I came across 'co-washing' and to be honest even though I knew it worked for some people I couldn't help but think  it was a pretty crazy idea, as it does create a build up of the product on the scalp a lot of the time. Eradicating shampoo from my routine just didn't seem like a good option for me. However I found the reason behind co-washing very interesting!
Some people co-wash to avoid a certain ingredient found in most shampoos -  this being Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate. Which is what makes shampoos foam up, but it also can irritate the scalp, dry out the hair and just be damaging overall. 
Not only is SLS used in clinical studies to cause skin irritation so that it can be used to identify the properties in other chemicals but it also has oestrogen mimicking properties which have been linked to PMS, also giving massive potential to cause cancer. *I would like to stress that there hasn't been a large amount of research done on this but the most recent studies do state there is a cause for a concern when it comes to this ingredient, but to what level it isn't too clear. If you are interested them I suggest doing a few Google searches on it*. 
 After reading all of this I took myself to Boots and read the backs of about 30 shampoos which all sadly contained Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Except for two! There was a strange looking shampoo that had an image of a ship on it for £9.50! Or there was a totally SLS free shampoo by Naked from the Naked Detox range called Naked Detox Deep Cleanse Shampoo for £3.99. Update - Boots, Tesco, Superdrug etc now stock the L'Oreal Ever Sleek Sulphate Free range. 
They sadly don't advertise this on their bottles that it is SLS free however looking at the ingredients I could definitely see it was - as is the whole range by Naked. I probably would of gone for the Naked Care Sensitive Shampoo however there was only the Naked Detox range on the shelf! If you have a look on their  website you can see the range of hair care products is huge.

So finally I was one step closer to achieving all round better hair and for once a normal scalp. Without sounds over the top the results were instant - the reason for this was while washing my hair with the shampoo not a single hair came out of my head! I can't remember not having to remove all the hair entwined around my fingers and not to mention the hair trapped in the plughole! I had previously put the hair loss in the shower down to me having long hair that was quite dry. Obviously this wasn't the case, again without seeming too over the top, I was literally amazed at this!
As for my scalp within a few uses it really calmed down and right now it has been back to normal for months. As for the condition of my hair - I still need to get my split ends trimmed, but other than that my hair is definitely stronger & less frizzy and now I actually air dry it afew times a week as I don't end up looking like a frizz ball.
This has really been a bit of a hair savior for me.  
Update - I have now being using strictly SLS-free shampoos for 3 years, plus avoid this ingredient in shower gels, facial washes and even toothpaste!
Fee xo.


Incoco Dry Nail Polish

I just had to write a post on these dry nail polish strips as I just love the concept - applying 100% dry nail polish that could last upto fourteen days for only £6.00 from Asos. This sounds perfect for taking on holiday and also perfect for trying out as a treat.

I am also in love with the chic packaging above ( it reminds me of Pantone paint swatch cards) however for some strange reason this packaging is only available in Spain....if you live in the UK or US this is most likely what you would receive.

Not that pretty, hey. Maybe Incoco think that we need very informative packaging so we know what we are actually buying. I really don't think this would stand out from the rows of false nails & nail art sets if it was placed in the likes of Boots or Superdrug. Having said that I am still...

..very impressed with the colour range and quality of these, here is a little picture of Bling Bling and 24 Karats. They look amazing don't they. Sadly they aren't available on the ASOS website.
But here are the ranges that are available -

Fashion Collection - Ocsar Night
Black Diamonds

Pink Collection - Lush Blush
Juicy Peach
Sweet Kiss

Red Collection - Passion
Red Velvet

French Manicure - Fair Dust

In the set you do get quite alot - there are 16 colour strips (perfect for if you mess up!) a cuticle stick, a mini file to neaten off the edges and a special polish pad remover to remove them all.

So have I tempted you? I am very tempted to try Oscar Night and Lush Blush (a lovely coral shade). Ofcourse if I do cave in and purchase them you will all be the first to see my dry polish nails!


What's in my Bag/Purse?

I was abit hesitant to do this type of post, mainly because there isn't much in my bag for the main reason that my bag is heavy even before there is anything in it! But I really do like the hardware on this bag and the chain detail on the straps so I bear with it even though it is abit too weighty.

Clockwise from the Melvita product ;-
  • Melvita Extra Rich Handcream (way too big for my bag however it keeps my cuticles in perfect condition. I use this when I am on the train or when I am queuing. The English like to queue, alot.)
  • Avene Thermal Water Spray - again this is way too big but this is because I have just ran out of the smaller 50ml bottle so I am using this up before I re-purchase the travel version. I use this on my face when I have been rushing somewhere as my face tends to get red and I also use it on my poor feet when I squeeze them into impractical shoes.
  • iPod Touch
  • Snake skin hinge box wallet from Urban Outfitters
  • Coconut perfume oil from The Body Shop
  • Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm
  • LG phone - haven't a clue what type it is...but it's like a cheaper Blackberry
  • Notebook from Paperchase
  • Phone earphones
  • Avene moderate protection emulsion for combination skin SPF 20 - I always carry suncream as I make sure I re-apply it to my chest and the backs of my hands throughout the day. I am convinced my skin is thinner than most peoples!
  • Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat in shade 2
  • Sunglasses that came free in an issue of Tatler!

The most used things in my bag have to be my iPod Touch and my notebook - I use my ipod so much to check e-mails and to also battle my boyfriend at bowling! As for my notebook, I sure this so much I am constantly writing down things I need to get and what not as my memory is terrible. But as you can see I don't carry a pen as I don't trust them. They always seem to leak so I just borrow other peoples! I obviously use my purse/wallet alot too, however it isn't too great for keeping money in , I seem to have to stuff notes into it!

I also cannot be without concealer - Touche Eclat is quite a thin concealer which makes it perfect for touch-ups during the day as I do suffer from dark circles. I just wish YSL would design the packaging so you could see how much of the product you have used!
I also love using the perfume oils from The Body Shop they seem to last all day and are only about £6.00.
Also I can't be without a lip balm but I can't stand anything sticky so I use Burt's Bees which is about £3.50 at boots. Cheapie cheap.

Ok, so it wasn't that interesting and I did leave afew things out like dental floss, crumbs and afew receipts and leaflets. But I figured you didn't need to see them!

Hope you have kind of enjoyed snooping abit though!


NOTD - Half Moon Manicure 2

I can't say it is the neatest of manicures as this is a morning after the night before NOTD as I went to bed without applying a dry fast top coat which was very much needed with so many layers of nail polish!

Also for some strange reason my camera seemed to change the lovely Coney Island Cotton Candy OPI into an odd lilac shade which is really isn't, it is much more of a slight pink nude colour. However I thought as I had gone to all the effort of doing it I may as well post a NOTD.

OPI NOTD @ Makeup Savvy
So here it is - the OPI Coney Island is paired with Golden Sands by George which I purchased for 75p! It should of been a whopping £1.5o.

I know this isn't everyones cup of tea as it is teetering on the edge of tack, slightly. However I have to say both polishes are such great colours. You really cannot fault Golden Sands it really is as the label describes. Very golden and shiny. As for OPI it does take afew coats to achieve an opaque finish but it is worth it, the colour is perfect for spring.


Boots Original Beauty Formula - Skin Tonic

Boots Beauty Formula @ Makeup Savvy
About a month or so ago I noticed Boots Original Beauty Formula range in a larger Boots store and was really surprised at the low price of these items (alot of the range is priced at £3.89). All of the skincare products come in glass bottles or jars with classic ingredients that you would of found in beauty products of the 1800's. So all the products look and feel well thought out.

After sniffing and reading alot of the ingredients it was clear to see that this is a classic simple line that will suit most skintypes with nothing harsh or abrasive.

This ethos reminds me of established brands like Astral and Pears with there not overly fragranced products that just 'work'.

Boots Beauty Formula @ Makeup Savvy
Aside from the beautiful packaging this is a lovely fresh toner which contains Rosa Damascena (rose water) and Glycerin (the stuff that makes clear soap) and is suspiciously like Burt's Bees Rosewater & Glycerin Toner however it isn't priced at £14.50, thankfully.

Like I say this is a fresh toner that is really soothing and calming after cleansing/washing the face at night (I use a more energizing toner for my morning routine).
It leaves the skin feeling quite moisturized and supple but by no means tight.

I almost feel with this product it could really help to sooth the skin and in return remove redness especially around the nose and chin.
I also feel like this would be ideal for someone with sensitive skin or someone that is new to using toner especially for under £4.00.

I really do like this product, It looks nice sat on my dressing table, it's priced really well and it works.

However I am now lusting after the Cold Cream cleanser which pays homage to Florence Boot with the formulation taken from one of the very first Boots beauty product.


My Quest for Perfect Skin - Sun Protection for oily/combination skin

Suncream for oily skin @ Makeup Savvy

Ever since I burnt my chest aged 14 playing tennis (which left a red mark for years to come) I have applied sunscreen religiously. Come rain or shine I apply nothing below an SPF of 30, which I am sure some would say is unnecessary and that I am probably lacking in Vitamin D. However I would rather that than at worst develop skin cancer in the future or at best speed up the ageing process...which the sun is definitely known for doing. You only have to look at some people's lizard legs or there snake skin handbag arms to know this is true.

Having oily/combination from the age 13/14 has proven quite difficult where sunscreen is concerned. For years I applied rich every day sun creams to my face that only created more oil especially in the heat. It also caused my makeup to run and just generally undid the work I had done with oil-free moisturizer and spot treatments.
Even now after years of learning to only use an oil-free sunscreen it is still very hard not to resist purchasing cheaper brands or using whatever is lying around. But I know this just isn't an option if I want to have clear blemish-free skin.

This is where Dermologica came in with there Super Sensitive Face Block SPF30, this is a miracle for anyone with oily skin (there is also one specifically for oily skin but it is only SPF 20) as it is lightweight and chemical-free I find this as good as the oil-free version - it just doesn't soak up any excess oil on the skin so I blot beforehand.
It is only 50ml but lasts such a long time as the idea behind this is that it comes in an all most eye drops type container so the product doesn't come out all at once. This can be used on it's own or mixed in equal parts with your favourite oil-free moisturizer (which is what I do) or if you are that bit more oily you can mix this with you foundation and skip moisturizing.
I would highly recommend this, you can find it here for £21.90.

For the rest of my body I really don't mind a thicker sunscreen and normally go for the highest I can find which is normally SPF 50 with UVA & UVB protection. I tend to avoid spray bottles though as I feel it doesn't apply enough of the product on your skin even with several squirts. So I just buy something in a squeezy bottle. I always, always apply suncream to the backs of my hands and my feet as this is obviously were the skin is at its thinnest and I don't want old lady hands with liver/sun spots by the age of 50. No thank you!

However there is one product I have yet to find and doubt I will and that is something to protect my scalp - I could wear a hat...but really wearing a hat everyday all day in summer isn't an option. It's not even for age concerns it is basically because I dislike burning my scalp as it becomes red and inflamed. To cure it I use a KMS SolPerfection Aftersun Shampoo which takes the heat out of my scalp atleast. If you do know of a product that protects the scalp from sun damage I would love to hear about it!

Ok, I have rambled enough now. I will leave you with a two part video created by the wonderful Lisa Eldridge about her favourite sunscreens - which is really worth watching as there are some fabulous products/tips. She really knows what she is talking about.

I think I definitely need to invest in Peter Thomas Roth's Mineral Powder SPF 30 for Oily Problem skin after watching these videos.

Anyways, Enjoy!

I think this may be the last of my 'Quest for Perfect Skin' posts as I would really love to tailor some posts on skincare products that are aimed at improving the body ready for summer.
Such as cellulite creams!

I would love to know what you think and if there is anything you think I should touch upon.

Soap & Glory - The Righteous Butter

Soap and Glory @ Makeup Savvy
After purchasing my fifth mini pot of this I decided I should maybe do a review of it - I obviously have used enough of it right?

I don't know why but I have never purchased the full sized version of this which is 300ml (£10.00) I always seem to opt for the travel size of 50ml (£2.25) well actually I kind of do. 300ml is just too huge for me! I like to put it in my handbag...I take it with me when staying in hotels...I put it next to my bed so that I remember to moisturize my hands before I go to sleep.
So a huge 300ml tube would seem abit silly especially when my bag weighs enough when empty!

Now I think we all know Soap & Glory is a lovely brand with equally lovely packaging so I shan't ramble on about the 50's the packaging as you can see for yourself.

Soap & Glory @ Makeup Savvy
But what I want to talk about is the texture of the body butter and also the smell. The texture of the body butter is slightly thinner than I guess most of you would expect - but if you rub it between you fingers if does feel quite rich. However the thinness of the butter really doesn't work against it at all. It soaks into damp skin perfectly leaving a trace of the product on the top of your skin. This is also ideal to apply after shaving your legs in summer - I don't know what it is about it but it really just umm well 'works'.

As for the smell of the product which I have to say is highly fragranced with lots of floral notes with a hint of vanilla. It smells very similar to Miss Dior Cherie perfume if you have ever tried it.
So if you dislike skincare/body products with a heavy fragrance I would say you should maybe avoid this or actually do have a whiff of this in Boots or Target.
But if you do want something that is glorious smelling to apply after a bath or shower your more than likely going to love the smell of this.

Overall I would say this is an ideal product for the coming summer months/holidays to apply and breath in the wonderful floral scent while you paint your nails! Okay, maybe I'm going abit to far but what I am trying to say is that for a mere £2.25 this does feel like a treat.
I'm also sure most of us could afford this with our Boots advantage points alone!

UPDATE - Soap & Glory products are now available to purchase here at ASOS


NOTD - Ulta 3 Spring Blossom

As it was so sunny today I decided to paint my nails with the Ulta 3 nail polish in Spring Blossom I received from winning You've Got Nail's giveaway!

I really don't know much about Ulta 3 as I'm guessing it's an Australian brand..correct me if I am wrong. But I couldn't find any of there nail polishes available in the UK. Which is a shame as this is such good quality for something that retails at around $2.50!

(arggh I got a hair on my little finger and dented it)

The first coat was a little streak but the second went on perfectly with no streaks at all. I personally love it, it gives off that happy feeling too it, if you know what I mean but I am sure some of you will absolutely hate this. I did get a lovely nail art set with this..but I thought it would be abit too much as the colour is so bold.

But hopefully I shall be doing afew nail art NOTD's in the future.


Bourjois Limited Edition Vintage Eyeshadow Collection

So here is the entire Bourjous Vintage collection as promised - I thought I would do it a little sooner than planned as Asos have a sale on all the pots except for Argent (the shimmery silver shade). But the rest are priced at £3-£4 instead of the normal price of £5.85! So I figured if you are planning on purchasing some of the pots in the sale it would be nice to see some swatches first.
You can also read my previous post on the blushes in the vintage collection here.
The eyeshadows above are clockwise starting from the purple shade - Voilet Absolu, Argent, Blanc Diaphane, Beige Rose and Noir Precieux.

Here is what Bourjois had to say about the Limited Edition pots - Bourjois have teamed up with the Parisian Artist and Illustrator Nathelie Lete to celebrate the brand's Parisian heritage, with a limited edition collection of its infamous Little Round Pots for eyes and cheeks called
" Rendez -vous a Paris". Each pot in this colourful, romantic and playful collection has its own unique design celebrating famous Parisian landmarks.

Bourjois vintage collection @ Makeup SavvyBeige Rose 03 is described as a gentle highlighter which works well with both cool and warm shades - As you will see from the swatch at the bottom of this post this is a wonderful highlighting colour which is soft and subtle. This has to be my favourite out of the whole eyeshadow collection - I have been wearing this on my lid with nothing else except for winged out liquid liner, lashings of mascara with a classic red lip. It truly picks up the light beautifully, I would even be tempted to use a light dusting of it on the tops of my cheeks as a highlighter.

Blanc Diaphane 90 is described as the ultimate illuminator which can be applied to the whole eyelid, up to and even beyond the brow line to make eyes appear bigger - I really don't know what Bourjois are going on about here, do they even know where the brow line is - it doesn't sound like it. Ok, so maybe don't do that but instead use this as a base when applying the darker shades in the collection and I promise this will give you the most loveliest colour for wear in the day. Also works fab on the inner corner of the eye and as a subtle brow highlighter when really bended in.

Argent 25 isn't described as anything as ASOS don't seem to stock it -But of course places like Boots will stock this shade in the original Bourjois packaging. This is an ultra shimmery silver shade that would be a perfect pairing with Noir Percieux 04 or any dark pigmented eyeshadow to create a dramatic smokey eye. This has to be the most shimmery eyeshadow of the collection which has quite alot of glitter so I am always cautious of fallout with this!

Voilet Absolu 72 is described as an essential fashion colour. Applied along the base of the lashes or in the centre of the eyelid, it electrifies the eyes, day and night! -
I totally agree with the statement about applying this along the base of the lashes - I would apply this wet though with a liner bush (to intensify the colour) and then blend it out slightly. When used dry, the pigment is alot lighter than what it looks in the pot so it's definitely suitable for the day.

Noir Precieux 04 is described as timeless eyeshadow. Essential for bringing out the intensity of the eyes - I would personally describe this as not an overly pigmented black with small flecks of silver glitter. I don't love this but nor do I hate it, I am abit indifferent about it really. It's nice to create a smokey eye with and it's good used wet to line the top lash line using an angled liner brush. This is one of my favourite illustrations though, so pretty.

Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows in the same order as above - As you will be able to tell I have swatched them all wet and dry. Not that I need to tell you all this but the thinner more pigmented lines are the eyeshadows applied wet. But ofcourse you knew that already!

(Click on the images to enlarge)

Overall - The eyeshadows are all quite pigmented and very blendable. They also work perfectly together especially the lighter shades with the two darker shadows.

Also something that I feel is worth mentioning is that the pots themselves are limited editions however the shades are a select few from the existing Bourjous Ombre a paupieres range which has alot wider range with about 25 shades. The limited edition pots only seem to be available online from Asos and afew other websites like HQ Hair. The normal range is available both offline and online at Superdrugs and Boots.

Also like I mentioned at the beginning of the post ASOS do have a sale on at the moment.

Blanc Diaphane & Violet Absolu are both reduced to £3 each from £5.85
Beige Rose & Noir Precieux are reduced to £4 each.

Pixi Hydrotint Duo with SPF 20

Pixi Beauty @ Makeup Savvy
This is a multi-tasking wonder that I really had never heard of until it landed on my doormat courtesy of my boyfriend - again! It must be my lucky week.

I already own afew pieces by Pixi which I really like but this is totally different from anything I have tried. This is a sunscreen, day cream, tinted moisturizer, lip and cheek tint. Sounds like a perfect summer must-have!

The Hydrotint Duo is available at Pixi @ Asos for £25.50...however if you need the darkest shade No.5 then there are afew websites that you can purchase it for £4.99!

The Hydrotint is available in 5 shades - the shade above is No.3 Revitalize which I would say is a little dark for my own skintone however with a fake tan in summer this would probably be my ideal shade. As you can see the tube has two parts to it. The main part being the tinted moisturizer and the lid being the dome shaped lip/cheek tint.

The tinted moisturizer did look very yellow based in the tube but once rubbed into the skin it really did even out my skintone and alot of the redness. The tint is also oil-free which is great for summer and is also water resistant. So it should basically last all day.

The lip & cheek tint is a domed cream tint that applies quite evenly but does need a certain amount of blending with the fingertips for it too look natural. However I can't explain how much I love this as a lip tint. It gives a lovely even colour and the pigment really picks the lips up making them look healthy and fuller.

Here are the available shades -

No. 1 Renew*- Suitable for ivory/pale skin .Yellow base to neutralize redness.
Lip & Cheek tint in Sheer Red Flush.

No. 2 Refresh - Suitable for a medium to cream skintones with a peachy undertone to add warmth.
Lip & Cheek tint in Sheer Bitten Wine.

No.3 Revitalize* - Suitable for a medium warm skin tone. Yellow based to neutralize sallowness. Lip & Cheek tint in Sheer Rosy-Nude.

No.4 Revive - Suitable for a warm skin tone.Peachy based to add warmth.
Lip & Cheek tint in Natural Rose.

No.5 Rejuvenate - Suitable for tanned skin, with a peachy brown base to perk up tanned skin.
Lip & Cheek tint in Natural Brick.

*Personally shades 1 & 3 look the best for paler skin tones with redness.

Overall this is a really nice product (with lovely packaging) to have and I know I will really get some use out of it in summer. I love that it is SPF 20 and oil-free making it perfect for my fair oily/combination skin.

This product could literally be used with mascara and concealer for a really quick face - I think this is definitely going to be part of my lazy Sunday routine.

Bourjois Limited Edition Vintage Blush Collection

Bourjois Vintage @ Makeup Savvy
After writing a post on Bourjois' Marron Glace eyshadow (which you can read here) my wonderful fiance bought me the entire Bourjois Vintage Collection consisting of the three blushes and the five limited edition eyeshadows. So I have decided to show you all the whole collection in two parts. The second part will be on the five eyeshadows with swatches, which I will post this coming week.

The blushes above are from L-R - Lilas d'or, Ambre d'or and Rose d'or.
These can be purchased from Bourjois @ Asos for £6.85 each.

Here is what Bourjois had to say about the Limited Edition pots - Bourjois have teamed up with the Parisian Artist and Illustrator Nathelie Lete to celebrate the brand's Parisian heritage, with a limited edition collection of its infamous Little Round Pots for eyes and cheeks called
" Rendez
-vous a Paris". Each pot in this colourful, romantic and playful collection has its own unique design celebrating famous Parisian landmarks.

Bourjois @ Makeup SavvyLilas d'or is described as ideal to give the complexion a delicate lift - personally I would say this is a good everyday blush that you can rely on to make you look awake with that added glow to the cheeks. (All swatches are at the bottom of the post)

Ambre d'or is described as lending a soft, romantic hue to your make-up - Out of the three blushes I would say this is more like a bronzer for the cheeks. It is quite shimmery so wouldn't be suitable for all over the face but would look great along the cheekbone.

Rose d'or is described as a blusher that can be used for a smoothing, contouring effect - I am not too sure about using it for contouring but this is an ideal colour for summer. A touch on the apple of your cheeks would be all you need.

Here are the swatches of the blushes - I have applied quite abit more of the product than I would normally but this is just to show the true colour of each blush. They all obviously can be applied alot lighter than this on the cheek.

Overall all three shades are lovely but my favourite has to be Rose d'or is it just a wonderful fresh pink shade that is ideal for spring/summer with abit of a tan. I don't think I need to even mention how pretty the packaging is - you can see for yourself that the illustrations are so cute and unique. Also they all have the added bonus of there amazing scent. Yes, they are all scented even the eyeshadows with a lovely floral rose fragrance!

Remember to look out for part 2 which will include the rest of the Bourjois Vintage Collection with all five eyeshadows with swatches.

Update : Afew of you asked if the Bourjois vintage collection was available in America & Canada.
I did abit of research and found ASOS deliver to both within 8 working days for $6.00.
*Also the eyeshadows are on sale at the moment so I will post the swatches of the rest of the collection on Monday*

Inkwear temporary tattoos - a cheaper alternative to Chanel

So after reading a blogpost on Lisa Eldridge's lovely blog about a cheaper version of the Chanel tattoos I decided to have a look on the Inkwear site that she mentioned and came across this lovely henna tattoo that came in either brown or black. I decided of brown as it seemed more in keeping with an actual henna tattoo. The temporary tattoo with p&p came to £2.98 which is pretty cheap!

Here is just a before and after - this was immediately after applying it so it still looks quite shiney as it wasn't fully dry. Within an hour or so the shine fades.

Seeing as it took a mere 20 seconds to apply I think the results are pretty good. Especially for summer or parties. Also Inkwear included another tattoo in with my order, free of charge for some reason!
I probably wouldn't of choosen it for myself but it still is very nice. So I decided to cut off one of the birds and apply it too my thumb which looks quite nice and I think I may apply the rest of it to the back of my neck some time this week.

Here are some of the other designs that caught my eye. I really do love the blue coloured floral tatoo which is £2.50 and the Chanel-esque tattoo set is £6.99 which I would love to try out with some of the lovely bird tatoos they have on there site. I'm sure it would look very similar to the £49 Chanel tattoos.

Thought I would also show you the little bird that I cut out from part of the other temporary tattoo. I suppose to could do that with all of the tattoos - cut them up and make up your own design. A trail of birds around a wrist may look nice.

Anyway, overall these are fab. Really cheap and fun. I may post a photo this week of the other feather tattoo when I apply it too the back of my neck.

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