Are Makeup Brands going too far with Product Naming?

Before I even go into this I would like to disclaim that I am no Prude! I am Twenty-One years of age and would probably buy most of the products in this post. However I have decided to think out side of the box and think about consumers of different age ranges, races and religions.

Take Glow Job by Soap & Glory for example - It's a Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion probably aimed at women aged 20-30 but like all products people younger and older will also purchase it.
This is were my gripe is - A girl of twelve actually may be encouraged to buy this just because of the name or be isolated from using this product because of the product name and if so
why should younger people have to avoid a certain product because of its sexual connotations just because a company wants to be abit tongue in cheek?
On the other hand if it did encourage them to buy it because of it's 'cool' name, would the parent of that twelve year old be that happy. Probably not.

The next products are two very popular blushes liked by alot of people, which does show that a high percentage of people really don't care what it's called or infact quite like the names.
But again these two names isolate different age ranges and also religions.
The two blushers above are Nars Deep Throat and Super Orgasm ( there is also the more popular 'Orgasm' blush).
I can kind of see the idea behind the Orgasm blush - the idea of that flushed cheek look after er an orgasm.

But Deep Throat, I mean really. This is a product aimed at women not men. I would love to know from Nars how the blush colour relates to the product name will still keeping a professional company tone.
It may as well be called 'Rimming' if they are going down that path.

Next up is a Benefit blusher called Thrrrob. Here are afew questions for you to think about. Would you buy this as a present for a friend or a relative over other blushers?
If someone asked you what blush you were applying or what blush were you wearing, would you tell them?
Would you recommend Thrrrob to anyone however much you liked the product?

For me the answer would be no, no and no.
Last but not least is Lube in a Tube by Urban Decay - I'm sorry but they should of spent more time and energy on the look of the product than the name, the lipgloss tubes look so cheap.
Anyways I'm getting side tracked. The name 'Lube in a Tube' either makes me think of lube - the Durex kind or lube that a doctor uses! Either way the idea of 'lubing' up my lips isn't great.
It's basically a lame name, sorry Urban Decay.

I really do love product names - Benefit really do have some of the best, with Coralista and Lemon Aid but I do think there should be a cut off point and I do think Deep Throat and Glow Job are just too much. A name should enhance a product.

I really, really would like you opinions on this, could you not care less? Or do you actually like tongue in cheek product names? Or maybe you think it is abit pointless and stupid?

Whatever you think I would love to know!



  1. I really dislike this kind of product naming. I find it deeply tacky.

    It's a shame, because DT is such a lovely colour.

  2. i agree
    ive never bought any of the products above because of that no prude either, but i think there's much to be said for having some decorum...

  3. i agree i was shocked when i got given 'glow job' as an xmas present and i first read the name lol, i think 'lube in the tube' is going a bit too far!,X

  4. I must admit I do cringe at the NARS names! I can't ever see my self asking for 'orgasm' or 'deep throat' blush at a cosmetic counter haha x

  5. I agree with you. I can't say those names shocked me, but they do surprised me. I still can't believe NARS named one of their blush Deep Throat. This is what I'm calling going too far.

    Could you imagine a 16 years old girl asking her mother "Mom, I just spotted this beautiful Deep Throat blush, may I have it please?" OMG.

  6. I hear you I really do. Nars is particularly bad. I'm 35 though and for the life of me can't work out whats rude about Thrrrob...

  7. Oh I am glad you all feel the same!

    @ Grace London - I didn't really think about the tacky side of it, but I totally agree. It is pretty tacky for the likes of Nars.

    @LadyDanger - I know, I can't even remember when I have ever said deep throat, so I doubt I would ask for it at a counter with people around! ha I would have to cough it under my breath.

    @Gaby - I know, the words Deep Throat just shouldn't be said by anyone under a certain age!

    @Charlie - Well umm Thrrrob is kind of talking about male and female bodyparts umm throbbing!ha :/

  8. Oops maybe I got it wrong then! I just thought with the mulitple r's in it..ha anyways heart throb is a better idea.


  9. Totally agree with you! I find it so embarassing asking for some of the Nars products in shops! xx

  10. I agreed with you totally. DT and the other name by Nars are not quite acceptable, as it is quite embrassing @.@ and I don't like names that are too fancy as I never able to figure out what colours that are referring to...

  11. @India- I think thats what it is, it's embarassing and there is no need for it.

    @Kyanvi - I have never thought about that, I guess if it's say a Benefit foundation there isn't that many so you probably would remember.
    But when it's a shade of blusher and there are ALOT of shades it would seem a good idea to have names that are atleast relevant.


  12. I can see where you're coming from on this but honestly it really doesn't bother me. I mean there is sex *well not quite literally* everywhere now days, music videos, magazines, newspapers, posters etc. I'm 19 and I can see that it could be a bit embarrassing for some people but we see it everywhere else its inevitable that it will end up in the names of cosmetics sooner or later. Just my two cents anyway

  13. I definitely thing they're going too far. Kids are bombarded with so much sexuality so early these days...and then we complain that they grow up too fast! Do they really need more of that at the drug store and makeup counter - no.

    Sadly, orgasm blush is so legendary in large part because of its name (it's one of the WORST blushes in the NARS range in terms of color payoff, etc). So the other companies are now after a piece of th pie by one-upping one another. Unfortunately, they're crossing the line.

  14. Great post! I wouldn't buy these products, would't want my kids picking it up and asking questions. And yes I do belive in talking honestly to them about sex when they as questions, but on beuty products!!! No way.

    I'd exclude Throb, i'm with Charlie on that one. The corset picture on the front makes me think of bodice rippers and melodromatic ladies swooning with throbbing chests..... Although the other connotation hadn't escaped me, it's definitely less crude than the other products.

  15. I agree that it's going too far. When I was looking for the Nars Orgasm blush (which I swear by depsite the name :/ ), the lady at sephora asked me what I was looking for and I just couldn't say it out loud! In a way the names are funny - in a shocking way but not necessary :(

  16. I totally agree. These products are aimed at girls/women and I think most of us would prefer pretty names and packaging.

  17. Its never really bothered me but some of my friends would be embarrassed buying some of these things and they are 18/19 years olds, probably the target market. Not really a need for it I don't think.
    great post :)

  18. i agree with you.

    especially nowadays with makeup becoming more and more accessible to young ones, it becomes an issue. when i was 12-13 years old, i wasn't even thinking about makeup. but now, i walk into sephora and there's just as many LG's (the tween-aged kids) as women.

    and when it's time for me to have kids, i would absolutely be open to honest conversation with them about sex, etc. but don't believe in exposing them to that too soon. besides, it's one thing for a kid to ask about sex, it's entirely another for a kid to ask what "deep throat" means.


    thanks for following, i've followed you as well :)

  19. Great post - I have to say I agree with you! Nars' names are a bit cringeworthy. I hadn't even heard of Urban Decay's Lube In a Tube, but that's ridiculously tacky in my opinion lol xox

  20. I think this post is great, but I think Im one of the few that actually really enjoys these names! I do see how they are offensive, but I also love when makeup can just be fun. I use makeup equally for enhancing my looks, as well as for much fun I have in the process and I really appreciate when the packaging and the names are clever. but, I'm also quite open when it comes to these things, oh to grow up in San Francisco!


  21. Love this post! I think companies are going to far with their product names. I saw the other day a product called "fat girl in a can" it's moisturizer... um hello could you possibly be any more rude about this? Companies are just getting to be too tacky

  22. great post! i agree, i don't need sexual innuendo in my beauty products! i just started following your blog, mine is if you are interested :)

  23. I love this post, I didn't really think of these things until I saw this. Tigi do a product called "sexed up" and when I worked in a salon, one of the hairdressers used this on an 80 year old women and she asked us what the product name was and looked at us in disgust for using that product haha


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