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20 December 2012

Laura Mercier La Petite Patisserie Quartet - Pistache


Having a bit of a gloomy day today (had some rubbish family news) so instead of sorting out my next giveaway I thought I would distract myself with a normal post. Though I'm sure I will sort out the giveaway tomorrow or at the weekend. 

Today I thought I would share with you a lovely gift set from Laura Mercier that you can buy from Space NK. I am risking ruining a surprise here as this is actually a Christmas gift for someone but I really wanted to show it on my blog before I wrapped it up! Plus I'm hoping the person will be too busy with Christmas to be reading my blog. 

The Laura Mercier La Petite Patisserie Pistache set is really great value for money at £25.00 from Space NK online - here and in some stores. The set consists of - Creme Body Wash (90ml), Souffle Body Creme (85g), Hand Creme (30g), Eau Gourmande Pistache EDT (15ml).


With it being only 5 days until Christmas this set would be hard to give as a gift unless you visit a Space NK store however personally I feel this would be an even better set to treat yourself to with either Christmas money or a voucher... I am actually quite tempted myself now and know I will probably end up buying it (holding out to see if it will be in the after Christmas sales though!).

I would personally love to try out Laura Mercier body & bath products but the prices really are just too steep so this set is ideal! Plus is contains the 15ml perfume which is just the icing on the cake for me as the full 50ml size actually retails for £41.50! 

If you are curious to know what the pistache scent smells like I could only describe it as being a warm gourmet scent that is very similar to Thierry Mugler Angel. Space NK describe the Crème de Pistache scent as being inspired by the creamy and nutty aromas of pistachio desserts, is a decadent blend of gourmande ingredients with a combination of almond, praline and hazelnut nuances and freshly whipped cream.

A beautiful well priced gift set that really is worth treating yourself to if you enjoy Laura Mercier products or want to dip your toes into the brand. 

Fee xo.

10 December 2012

Gift Idea - Metallic GHDs for Christmas!


When I first started straightening my hair more than 10 years ago now I could only dream of owning a pair of GHD Hair Straighteners and even now they still hold the same status

This is because there just aren't any hair straighteners like them - they glide through the hair making it poker straight in seconds, they are light weight and the sleek curved barrel and design is definitely aesthetically pleasing. 

Thich is why GHD's are such a good gift to give at Christmas. Especially the recent metallic GHDs from ASOS which come in three festive metallic shades - saharah gold, shimmering silver and rich ruby and include a quilted carry case which is heat proof. 


What I personally love about the GHD classic styler is the quick heat up time... I am talking less than 20 seconds, the built-in heat mat in the travel case and of course how the ceramic plates add shine to the hair as well as straightening. The hair straighteners also feature an automatic sleep mode if the hair straighteners haven't been used for 30 minutes (no more 'did I turn off my straighteners' moments!).

Also another great feature of the hair straighteners is the curved barrel which means they can actually be used to curl the hair, create flicks or to simply curl under the hair or a fringe. When I first tried curling my hair with my own GHD's I did pretty much fail miserably but thankfully there are a whole host of great tutorials on YouTube to watch so I have now mastered it. 

 The GHD's in the Metallic collection are priced at £135 so are a high end gift to give or even ask for. However the hair straighteners really are such high quality and will stand the test of time! 

 Fee xo.

3 December 2012

Best of Beauty: Gift Sets


Recently Most Wanted, the blog from VoucherCodes.co.uk asked me to compared two Christmas gift sets. I'm all about great non generic gift sets at Christmas so I decided to pop on over to ASOS & Feel Unique to purchase Bare Minerals Main Attraction Collection (£22.10 - here) and Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything Make-up Kit (£24.50 - here). 

I chose both makeup sets as they are definitely perfect current gifts to give this Christmas plus they are also of a similar price tag and both offer a selection of products to give you a feel for each brand. 

I also felt that both sets were ideal for Christmas parties or even getting ready on Christmas morning. With the Bare Mineral Main Attraction being perfect for eyes and lips and the Benefit makeup kit being ideal for creating a flawless base. 
Benefit 2012 Christmas gift set

Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything - £24.50
Flawless Complexion Makeup Kit - Light (available in light, medium and dark)

What does it contain? 
Light make-up kit contains... the POREfessional PRO balm to minimise the appearance of pores, hello flawless oxygen wow “cheers to me” champagne brightening makeup, boi-ing 01 & 02 industrial-strength concealer, “hello flawless!” “me vain?” champagne custom powder cover-up and a mini powder brush.

Good Value? 
All the products in this set are deluxe miniatures... however you receive two shades of the Boi-ing concealer which are 1.5g each and a full size Boi-ing concealer is 3g for £16.50. Also the Hello Flawless powder sample is a generous 4g when the full size powder is 7g for £24.50. So the set really does offer good value for money. Ideal for anyone wanting to try out some of Benefit's bestselling face products without spending on just one product.


bareMinerals Limited Edition Main Attraction - £26.00
5-Piece Center Stage Collection

What does it contain? 
 Stay Golden Eyecolor (glazed gold), Round The Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in 3AM (shimmering black), Natural Lipgloss in Sprinkles, Instant Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover (47ml) and a Mini Contour Shadow Brush.

Good Value? 
With 3 full size products in the set (eyecolor, eyeliner and lipgloss) which retail for £14 each this is without a doubt amazing value for money. Great for established lovers of bareMinerals or someone new to the brand without breaking the bank!

Benefit How to look the best at everything kit

When it comes to Benefit makeup kits they truly are the complete package - with detailed packaging that can be re-used and well thought out miniatures that compliment each other. The Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything is the ideal makeup kit to create the ultimate base as it covers primer, foundation, under eye and spot concealer and a face powder and brush to set everything with. Also the deal sealer is the kit is available in Light, Medium and Dark. 

The packaging comes with handy built-in tips and tricks (in the lid) on how to use all 5 products, which open out revealing a handy mirror. The tray also can be removed once you are finished with the products so that you can store trinkets or even a few miniature makeup products. The Book design of the packaging is without a doubt unique and something all ages will appreciate. 

the POREfessional primer - After cleansing and moisturising the skin this is a lovely product to smooth on to any areas where you have enlarged pores, black heads, spots or fine lines. This just diffuses them problem areas and makes the skin feel silky smooth. Also this product can be used alone on those non-makeup days!

Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation - A great foundation for hiding redness and brightening up the skin without being a radiant foundation... I would say this is a semi-matte medium coverage foundation. However I was a bit disappointed to see that the shade was a little too dark for me and on closer investigation on the website discovered that there are two lighter foundation shades before this... not so great for a 'light' kit. So for pale more pink toned complexions this warmer foundation may be a tad too dark (tip: mix with a little moisturiser or white foundation to achieve the shade you need).

Boi-ing Concealer in shades 01 and 02 - So pleased to see two shades of the industrial strength concealer in the kit. The lightest shade ideal for concealing and brightening the under eye area and the slightly dark shade being great for blemishes. The smooth consistency of the concealer makes it perfect for under the eyes but also anyone that is prone to breakouts and wants to mask the oiliness that spots can sometimes have. I'm sure these two shades will cater for most light skin tones. I also love the travel packaging so you can drop it in your bag for on-the-go touch ups.

 Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-up - This is a bit of a sneaky multi-use product that can be used as a light foundation, concealer, or powder, which is why in the full sized product it comes with a sponge and a brush. However in this kit it is intended to be used as a powder after foundation and concealer. This really does finish of your base if you quickly sweep this down the T-zone and outwards. Again, this isn't the lightest shade Benefit do however I found this a lot lighter than the Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation.

Bare Minerals Main Attraction gift set

bareMinerals are known for quality products and in recent years their value gift sets and palette that make wonderful glitzy gifts. This set is 100% for the party season and is all about eyes and sparkly lips. The packaging may not boast about it but three of the five products are full size and the value of the set is £54!

Stay Golden Eye Colour - I haven't really met anyone that loves loose eyeshadow with sifters - they are messy and create fall-out on to the cheek... however this is different! Maybe it's the Mini Contour Shadow Brush but this loose eyeshadow had no fall out for me when pressed onto my eyelid. I was also expecting an average gold loose eyeshadow but I couldn't have been more wrong, this is a deep old gold eyeshadow that illuminates the eyes beautifully when the light catches the shimmer. A really amazing shade, perfect for the holiday party season.

Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in 3am - A creamy dark black eyeliner pencil with subtle gold shimmer running through it. This smudges into the upper lash line effortlessly for a smokey eye (perfect for subtle glitzy daytime makeup) and doesn't budge from the bottom waterline (ideal for full-on party eyes). As this is such a creamy eyeliner I worried about it smudging but the waterproof formula doesn't move all day!

Natural Lipgloss in Sprinkles - A perfect top coat for nude or red lipstick at Christmas time, or can be worn alone for a more daytime look. Again just a hint of sparkle running through the gloss that catches the light and makes the lips look very glossy.

Instant Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover - With such waterproof makeup a strong makeup remover is needed! This is a mini of one of bareMinerals bestselling products and I can definitely see why. Just shake to mix the dual-action formula and sweep over the eyes with a cotton pad to remove all traces of waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Very effective, yet gentle on the eyes. 



Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything Makeup Kit - The packaging instantly screams Christmas gift and any Benefit lover will be pleased with this - especially as you can select the kit right for them with the 3 shade options (clever thinking Benefit!). All the products work perfectly together to create a flawless base however I would say the main purpose of this set it to let the recipient of the gift see which products she/he likes the most.
 Best for: teens/20's that are into their foundation and concealers.

bareMinerals Main Attraction Collection - This is one glitzy gift set that is actually very wearable for both day and night. The products are without a doubt high quality and the full sized products will last a long time. Also I feel anyone that tries out the bareMinerals Instant Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover will be wanting to purchase the full size bottle!
Best for: 20+ that like sparkly makeup!

Even though I love the packaging of the Benefit kit and the Bio-ing concealers, I have to say the bareMinerals Main Attraction set is my favourite as the products are just such good quality and perfect for a Christmas Day makeup look or Christmas parties! 

Which set do you like the look of the most?

Fee xo.

29 November 2012

Gift Idea - Thierry Mugler Miniature Fragrance Set

Thierry Mugler Miniature fragrance set

 Perfumes are a lovely gift to give or receive at Christmas. But when giving a perfume you do have to be either clever and know what they like or want they want. Which is why it is lovely to give a miniature perfume set.

I am personally a huge lover of Thierry Mugler fragrances and I love miniature fragrances so this set has got me really excited! 

I remember the first ever miniature purfume set I ever received for Christmas when I was in my teens. It was a Cacharel set that contained Anais Anais and Amor Amor and three other dodgy smelling perfumes - I loved it! I can actually remember sitting there in my new dressing gown on Christmas morning trying them all out on my wrist and neck... similar what I do now really as an adult!

Christmas day reminiscing aside this lovely Thierry Mugler set contains 4 minuture perfumes in their exact full size bottles (I really love the detail). The four fragrances are Angel Eau De Parfum (5ml), Womanity Eau De Parfum (5ml), Angel Eau De Toilette (3ml) and Alien Eau De Parfum (6ml).

Available for £31.00 at Debenhams (here), Selfridges and Harrods. 
thierry mugler mini perfume set

Other than Angel Eau De Parfum which is a classic, the three other scents are fairly recent additions to the Thierry Mugler family with Alien being the newest fragrance. So the set is quite up-to-date which is really good.

I should mention for anyone wondering why 'Angel' features twice in the gift set as EDP and EDT. It is because even though they are both called Angel they really do smell nothing alike. Odd I know, but trust me the EDT isn't a lighter version of Angel EDP even though it is a lighter perfume. 

I have owned Angel and Eau De Star in the past but now my new favourite is Alien which I'm going to be asking for on my Christmas list! Womanity I am also really keen on... but I can't ask for two perfumes really.

This is such a great gift for someone that already loves a fragrance from Thierry Mugler as they are bound to discover a new scent they like, like I did! Or someone that likes really rich, sophisticated fragrances would love this. 

Another mini perfume set I love is the Vivabox (Perfume Shop - £34.99 here) which is SUCH a great gift idea. More brands/stores need to do this!

Fee xo.

27 November 2012

Gift Idea - Philosopy Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Set

Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy gift set

When I first discovered Philosophy I fell in love with the cute names and lovely scents but not so much their price tags. 

But in recent years Philsophy have come out with more affordable gifts such as this one, which for £16, is quite reasonable for such a lovely look gift set from a higher-end brand.

The lovely Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy Duo contains - Sugar Plum Fairy shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath (240ml) and Sugar Plum Fairy high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine (15ml).

Philosophy £16 giftset Christmas

The Philosophy gift set is available for £16 at Debenhams (here) and John Lewis (here). 

What I really like about this set is the attention  to detail from the gift box to the products. I love how festive the box is, with the glitter red stars and gingham ribbon (this isn't an excuse not to wrap it up though, my Christmas bug bear is people that don't wrap up gifts!)

The 3-in-1 Sugar Plum Fairy product is something that most people should enjoy - no having to worry if they are a shower or bath person. Sadly I couldn't photography the colour of the gel which is a lot more vivid and glittery which is really nice. As for the scent, it is sweet and soapy smelling which I quite like. 

As for the High-Gloss, High-Flavor Lip Shine, wow wow wow this really is high flavour! The smell of this is so sweet, actually like sweets. It definitely is so good you want to taste it. This also has a lovely finer pink glitter running though it that catches the light really nicely. 

A really lovely feminine gift set that won't blow the bank! 

Fee xo.

23 November 2012

Gift Idea - Neom Home Scenting Gift Set & 20% off Code!

Neom Home Scenting gift set christmas

Neom are a brand that oozes luxury and sophistication, with amazing scents and only the best organic and natural ingredients. 

Their gift set are just perfection, from the quality of the packaging and how they are presented, to the selection of products that are in each set. A true treat for anyone that receives this gift. 

The Neom Scent With Love: Home Scenting Gift Set (£50.00 - here) is my personal favourite of the three gift sets available from Neom this Christmas. The reason for this is it contains both a mini candle and a mini reed diffuser, which lets you try out two different ways of home scenting.

Neom Scent with Love set

The gift set contains; - Mini replica Reed Diffuser in the new best selling Happiness scent (White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon) 50ml, a Complete Bliss Travel Candle (Moroccan Blush Rose) 75g, Pillow Mist in Tranquillity (English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine) 50ml.

On first opening the gift set you will find there is an outer sleeve that you lid off to reveal the burnt orange glossy box. The box is quite large and deep so this would be nice for storing maybe excess candles or even body products (it would be a waste to throw a lovely box like this away). On taking off the lid of the box you are presented with the three Neom products. Not only are the products present really well but the use of them has clearly been thoroughly thought out - with a clear seal over the travel candle so that you can use it when you wish and a screw cap on the mini diffuser so you don't need to use it continuously.

Neom Christmas 2012

Happiness: Organic Reed Diffuser - This for me has to be the star product of the box as miniature reed diffusers aren't available outside of this gift set, unlike the travel candles. Also I'm sure you will agree it does look lovely. The idea behind a reed diffuser is that you insert the reed sticks into the fragrance oil and leave to diffuse, then you can rotate the reed sticks to fragrance the home. To control the scent level you can add or remove the sticks, which is helpful as the scent with all the sticks can be quite strong especially in closed rooms. I have sampled the Happiness scent before in candle form and have to say it is a very uplifting scent with the mimosa and lemon. A scent to use in your living room or hallway.

Also if the recipient of the set enjoys the reed diffuser and wants to be savvy they could keep the mini diffuser and purchase a 100ml refill (£18) instead of purchasing a full size reed diffuser (£35).

Complete Bliss: Travel Candle - Neom Travel Candles are a little pieces of luxury that you can kept on your desk or by your chair at night or lit by a nice bubble bath to relax with. This little candle can burn up to 20 hours and of course being organic don't discolour walls as it is soot-free. The moroccan blush rose scent of this candle is very relaxing and spa like with a lovely herbal rose scent. Ideal for anyone that likes relaxing candles.

Tranquillity: Pillow Mist - The Tranquillity Pillow Mist is again another relaxing product that comes in a luxurious looking glass bottle (something that will look nice on the bedside table). I have tried this product before and actually have quite a lot left, so I can say it's a great spray to spritz on the pillow if you are feeling a little stressed out or over tired as it really does help you feel relaxed as you rest your head on the pillow.

Neom discount code 2012

As you can see I have a lovely 20% off discount code to share with my readers. So if you are planning a purchase then you can enjoy using this! I'm now very tempted with the Christmas Wish Reed Diffuser as with the code it would make it £29.60. Though really my house is over run with so many different candles and fragrance oils! 

This truly is a luxury gift that will be loved by anyone that is into home fragrance.

You can view all the Neom Christmas gifts on the website - here

Fee xo.

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