2 January 2013

First Purchases of 2013


My first purchase of 2013 was actually party food for New Years Day (sesame seed prawn toast anyone?). But rather than photograph half eaten party food I thought I would photograph what arrived this morning which I am classing as my '1st purchases of 2013'. 

I only did a little online shopping after Christmas as I wanted to go actual shopping and spend some vouchers I received for Christmas (Christmas gifts post coming tomorrow btw). But I still haven't made the time to go shopping yet?!?! 


Laura Mercier Cool Classics for Eyes 
£20.00 (Harrods - here)

My first ever Laure Mercier makeup purchase! I actually got this in the Space NK sale with free delivery for only £10, however it is sadly now all sold out. Though I have found it still online on the Harrods website for £20 which I still feel is a good price for this palette. 
The 3 - well custom palette contains 3 full size products - Sateen Eye Colour: Sparkling Dew, Luster Eye Colour: Rosewood, Tightline Cake Eye Liner: Violet Asphalt.

If this was just a 3 eyeshadow palette I really don't think I would have gone for it but the cake eye liner really swayed me as I love powder eyeliners and felt I needed to branch out from my usual brown and black shades I rely on. However from swatching the two eyeshadows they couldn't be more perfect for me as these are the exact nuetral shades I go for. I really think I will get a lot of use out of this palette and know it will be great for travelling with.


Models Own ASOS Exclusive Nail Polish - Party Pieces 
£5.00 (ASOS - here)
This wasn't in the sale as it is a brand new exclusive ASOS Models Own nail polish but I had to get it as soon as I spotted it. I am so in love with Models Own glitters that I knew this would be a good one. 

This glitter is amazingly similar to OPI Rainbow Connection and the cheaper Technic Carnival however I would actually say I like this more as it's a lot more vivid; with more green and pink pieces of glitter - really amazing on the nails. This I know will look great over nude and black nail polishes and I cannot wait to try it over a new-ish nail polish I have - Revlon Bare Bones (a purchase because of Essie Button). Of course actual nail swatches to come very soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful year ahead and thank you sooooooooooo much for reading Makeup Savvy, it really does mean a lot. 

Fee xo. 

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