NOTD - Star Gazer 502

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I thought it was time for a NOTD... though I did only wear this for half the day until my beautiful new festive China Glaze nail polishes turned up that I bought on eBay last week! 

I actually painted my nails this shade because @LittleMissMaxi asked me which baby pink nail polish I would recommend and the only ones I could think of was this one and Barry M's Baby Pink. However once I painted my nails I quickly realized it's not very baby pink at all, is it? So a bit of a fail, but oh well! 


It also kind of fails on the opaque front as it did take 3 coats and still it is a little sheer, so I decided to re-do my ring fingernail with a white base coat and then two coats of Star Gazer 502 - however it makes the light pink shade too white, though I'm sure it would work much better with a nude base coat. 

Slight negatives aside this is a really pretty shade if you want neat manicured looking nails. Also it applies really nicely for a pale shade... unlike the Barry M one which is streak-o-rama.

The only place I could find this was on the Star Gazer website for £3.00 - here.

So definitely not the best baby pink shade but all in all still a really nice shade. 

On other news my poor nails aren't loving this colder weather and keep chipping, hence the shorter nails! 

Fee xo.

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