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Maybe it's the time of year, being near-ish to Christmas and all that but there seems to be a lot of new brands and interesting product lines coming out! So I thought I'd do a run down of a few brands/ranges that you may not already know about.

But be warned... this post is a long one!

Diego dalla palma

First UK Diego Dalla Palma Opening Soon

Now I don't know too many details on where Diego Dalla Palma will be available from (but they have liked Tesco on their Facebook page - always a good indication) and as you can see above it looks like that may be having stand alone shops - though I may be wrong. But what I do know is that the new line will be available from October and it looks as it will include some really good products that will cater a lot of different tastes.

I have actually tried a few things from Diego Dalla Palma in makeup swaps as it's an Italian brand and have to say I love their eye pencils and use a brown shade on my eyebrows and to line my eyes on a daily basis as it is such good quality. Also their powder product are really great and so silky!
Above it a sneaky preview of what a stand will look like and as you can see it looks quite high end so the products won't be cheap but I'm hoping they won't be too high end in price. 
 To keep up to date and for more info they have a Facebook page and you can also find them on Twitter @DDPBeauty.

New Fashionista Range in Superdrug

Fashionista looks quite an exciting new high-street range that will be launching their makeup in Superdrug stores at the end of September and their Magnetism nail polish range with The Saturdays at the end of October. The most exciting product I have seen from what they have shown so far has to be their Custom Design Palettes which will retail for £12 (that will include an empty palette and 4 pans that can be a mixture of eye shadows or blushers) with the line consisting of a huge 49 eye shadows and 12 blushers - so you can really design a palette that suits you... something I really like the sound of! Their lipsticks also seem set to be one of their star products with them being matte but moisturizing at the same time. 

To join their mailing list and follow them on Twitter etc you can find them at or for more pics you can find them via their Facebook page.
kiko 2

First UK KIKO Milano Store opens in Westfield Stratford City

 Now this is really exciting and it's also not... as yes, KIKO has finally come to the UK but it's only in the new shopping centre based in London... so unfortunately if you don't live near London (like myself) you won't be able to purchase or see any of their products. But on the other hand this may mean that Kiko will sell online sometime in the future or open more stores across the country - fingers crossed!

Again I have tried Kiko Milano through an Italian swap and I was literally amazed by the quality of the products and the packaging. Here is a link to what I received in my swap as there are quite a few products from Kiko - with the nail polishes and Limited edition Eye shadow palette being my favourite! Price wise the beautiful palette in the above link cost around 16 euros but some of their lipsticks and mascaras cost as little as 3 euros and single eye shadows under 5 euros, however I'm not sure about the prices in the UK store.

The products are just really different from what we have seen in the UK, especially their limited edition range as the packaging each season is just so beautiful and different from anything we already have. So if you are visiting the new Westfield make sure to hunt down the Kiko store!

You can visit their website to see typical products though it is all in Spanish or Italian - here.

Budget makeup brand VIVO available in Tesco

Vivo is a new brand that I'm sure you all know of by now that was released in Tesco stores this month. The price range is incredibly good with products ranging from £1.50 to £6.00. So far I have only tried the Baked Shimmer palette but I'm sure I will be buying a few more products from the range within the next week. 

What really stands out to me is that they have observed the market and what we a lacking - such as the trio Concealer Kit (£5) and the lovely cheap Baked Blushers (£4). They have also got a nice range of foundations for £2.50 which is really great for buying a really light or dark shade to mix with your own current foundation when tanned or not so tanned! 

This is just a nice range with some bargain buys that will tempted me into Tesco more often no doubt.

You can visit their Facebook page here to see more products and what not!


Interesting new products from L'Oreal

A few days ago I spotted quite a few new products from L'Oreal whilst out shopping which surprised me as I have heard nothing about it and they definitely hasn't been any advertisements for it... not even in this month's magazines. 

Anyways so the first product I noticed and I would of purchased if it wasn't for all the products has been opened and tested (arghhh) was the new L'Oreal Studio Secrets Univeral Lip Glow £8.00 (pic of the actually product) which is ACTUALLY like the Clarins Crystal lip balms as it is very pretty and transparent. However this just comes in the one shade and apparently looks slightly different on everyone... hence the universal product name. I swatched this and it looked really pretty and pink and sheer plus it has a nice hint of a tropical scent to it! 

Next is the new Luminizer range which is split into two parts - Million Lashes Luminizer (£10.29) which comes in three different shades and the Super Liner Luminzers (£6.20) which also come in three different shades. The idea behind this is that all the products have a hint of colour to match your eye colour and to bring out the eyes - with having green eyes I should of picked the Emerald Luminizer Super Liner but I don't really love green products that much so I opted for the Hazel Eyes Luminizer which is definitely more autumnal. However I can't say I love it at all - yes, the packaging is very pretty and even the shade is nice but it just doesn't last at all in the outer corners. I know it's not waterproof but I would even be worried about wearing this out in the rain, it is that un-waterproof! So I'm now wishing I had of picked up one of the new mascaras instead!
Look Beauty

Look Magazine set to launch Look Beauty in Superdrug

Now this is a totally different idea isn't it! I'm not too sure I would of picked Look magazine to bring out their own range... I think I would of preferred Elle or Vogue but hey ho! So the new Look beauty range with be launching in 200 Superdrug stores in October and with range in price from £4-£18 (seems a bit steep). But one nice thing to hear is that the range with be donating 2% of it's sales to Look Good... Feel Better cancer charity with a minimum donation of £20,000 each year!

The packaging for most of the products does look a bit plastic and cheap, though some of the products have been designed by Ashley Isham and looks quite Paul & Joe like in style with the print. So we will have to see on this one!
Rimmel Kate Moss

Kate Moss creates new Liptick range for Rimmel

Again, another new range that I'm sure most of you have seen, if not heard about. The Kate Moss Lipstick Collection for Rimmel launched this month only in Boots with a range of 7 shades all priced at £5.49. 
Now I have swatched them and they do seem highly pigmented and nice but I just fail to see how these are any different from the other lipsticks that Rimmel do, plus I was also disappointed to see that they aren't named, I mean how uninspiring is it call each lipstick #001, #002... pass me the pillow while I fall asleep. I really do think if they had been named it would of created a bit more hype and interest!

But having said that my favourite shade has to be #002 (vivid pink) which reminds me a bit of Impassioned by MAC. 

 If you want to see the full range swatched make sure to head over to Liloo's blog - here

So there you have it, a few of the new products and brands for Autumn! 

Which are you most excited about trying or seeing?
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