31 March 2011

The Skincare Diaries

 To be truthful it's very rare that I read a magazine feature and really enjoy it, I'm more for reading articles and looking at pretty photo shoots. 
But I thought The Skincare Diaries in Red's April issue was such a good read it was definitely worth a mention and has also inspired me to write my own skincare diary instead of just writing a skincare routine post as I had planned! 

Just click to enlarge so you can read each page  - 

Like the feature says - No two beauty regimes are the same and that's what I find so interesting about skincare, it's so complex and there's always something to learn about your own skin and skincare products that are available. 

Out of all three routines I like Lauren Laverne's approach to skincare the most - I don't love Clinique skincare that much if I'm being honest but I do like how she sees cleansing as a big importance in her routine and how she will skip moisturizer if she's had a day of wearing heavy makeup. It just seems a really balanced approach but then again she has been blessed with normal skin! 

Will be posting my own Skincare Diary in the same format in the next few days of so! 

Was also thinking of posting more articles and clippings from UK magazines for you international readers. What do you think?   



  1. I've just finished work experience at Red magazine and those girls definitely know what they're talking about! They all have flawless skin!

  2. @Cherry - Oh you lucky thing...I bet that was great experience.
    I know, I have seen afew of them, they all seem to have amazing skin!

    Fee x

  3. Thanks for pointing the article out! I love reading about the beauty regime of celebrities and industry professionals, it gives a great insight into how they look and feel in their normal, every day lives away from the photoshopping and heavy duty make up. It's also interesting how Lauren Laverne is a 'no fuss' kind of woman, despite obviously having the means to buy branded products - it makes me feel like not buying Elemis and Clarins less of a sin!

  4. Ooo interesting.. i might start keeping an actual skincare diary to help sort mine out it's been awful lately! Hoping the mini Liz Earle kit i convinced the other half to get me for mothers day will work a miracle :) Thanks for the idea Fee!

    Siobhan x

  5. Thanks so much for the scans - it'll give me something to read when I get bored! x

  6. I can't wait for your diaries!:)

  7. That's a fab idea.I was always lazy when it came to skincare bascially i used to use face wipes and moisturiser,but now that im over 25 I try to have a more structured routine.Proper cleansing,weekly face masks,exfoliating... the works!! Cant wait to read your diaries Fee xxx

  8. I rarely find articles in magazines interesting too! But this sounds great!


  9. Thanks for posting this, it's really interesting reading.

  10. This sounds like an awesome idea, I would love to see it!

  11. Great post Fee. I plan to read the article after I make this comment as we don't get Red over here xx

  12. This is a great article, would love to see more!

  13. I'm glad that you found a feature that you can enjoy!

  14. Love the idea of posting more clippings for non-UK readers...I miss my Red magazine now that I've moved away from London (also used to love Grazia).

    I think the whole skincare routine is SO confusing...some people seem to think you need serums, retinol, antioxidants, vitamin c etc...while others claim to only use Nivea and not have any wrinkles...

    I used to experiment with different skin products - but then my skin broke out badly - and I had to use the most simple routine ever (Ceptahil soap, Neutragena Oil-free moisturizer and topical anti-acne antibiotics)...my skin is in pretty good shape now - and I'm tempted to start mixing in some anti-aging products - but I'm trying really hard to resist, since I don't want to end up with bad skin again.

    So for now, I'm keeping my skincare routine simple, and doing my anti-aging through supplements (Biosil, MSM, Omega 3-6-9).


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