9 March 2011

The Runway Nail Art Edit - Jil Sander SS11

To start of my week of Spring/Summer 11 inspired nails I thought I would go with the wonderful Jil Sanders print that is so easy to translate onto the nails and is just perfect for summer.

1. Firstly you need to paint your nails with a good opaque white nail polish - the Collection 2000 polish only takes two coats and is perfect plus it's cheap. Once they are totally dry you need to collect all the shades you will need. 

I used...
Barry M Navy - Dark blue
17 Fast Finish Peacock - Turquoise 
Nail Inc Beach - Red/Orange
Barry M Pink Flamingo - Pink 
Collection 2000 Hot Looks Sherbet Lemon - Yellow 

Plus you will need a Matte Top coat - 17 at Boots do the cheapest to my knowledge. 
 If you haven't got all the shades I'd suggest you only really need a dark blue, yellow and a red/pink.  

2. The aim is to get the nail polish to merge so you need to be quick - so I'd suggest opening all the nail polishes and putting them out in order you want to use them. 

The order I used was - Dark blue, orange, pink, yellow then turquoise.

3. To place the right amount of polish onto the nail you only need a small amount so make sure you wipe off the excess onto the lid and just use the tip of the brush to splodge a bit of the nail polish onto the nail. You want to do this quite fast so that the nail is still wet when you apply the matte top coat as this will help all the shades to merge together. 

As you can see minus the matte nail polish the nails do look quite harsh and not that great. Of course for a more subtle look you can leave more of the white base coat showing.

4. Last but not least you need to apply the matte top coat - this flattens the nail polish and also forces it to all merge together which gives a much softer look. 

 To see the rest of the runway looks I will be recreating just click here.

Check back tomorrow to see another nail art tutorial! 


Sarah said...

Love that! I can't wait to give that a try. :)


Meowcake said...

I read in Look magazine that you can mix it together first then just dab your nail on it :) I'll try both ways! Need to check if I have all the colours first! Great post!


Katie said...

Brilliant colors. I love this tutorial. Perfect for spring.x

cbsg5861 said...

That's brilliant! I find it so hard to come up with a nail design that doesn't look tacky... I like this one a lot ;)

abby said...

this is great! Can't wait to give it a go :) xx

Tass said...

Brilliant tutorial. You're so talented x

shanice said...

you're so creative! they look fab :) x

Georgia said...

This is so clever. Might give it a try when I have grown my nails to more than a stub haha xxx

10thingsaboutagirl said...

Lovely, I really like your explanations and accompanying photos.

I'll be giving this a go for sure.x

Hannah-Lou said...

Looks amazing! x

Jessica said...

one word amazing x

Amandita said...

wow this look is super cool!

Arash Mazinani said...

again a fabulous tutorial I'm looking forward to seeing the tutorials for the other runway trends.


pkbmum said...

Another manicure I must try. TFS x

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