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Yesterday was a very proud day for me - I baked my first ever Banana Bread and more to the point it turned out perfectly. You see me and baking just don't go together very well, which is why I don't bake! But after spotting this lovely (yet easy) recipe on Katie Cakes I knew I had to at least give it a go! 

Which got me thinking (whilst eating my fresh from the oven, still warm banana bread with a smidgen of butter) about all the blogs that have taught me so much and inspire me, but also the new blogs that I stumble across and can read for hours. 
So as Katie Cakes taught me to bake, I thought I'd also share afew other blogs that I have gained so much knowledge from. 

Interior Design 

Made By Girl 
I've been reading Made By Girl by Jen Ramos for years now and Jen's own creativity actually inspired me to start my first actual blog (an interior blog that I sadly couldn't up keep when I started Makeup Savvy last year). Jen's flair for interior design and style in general shines though each blog post, as does her lovely personality which is definitely why her blog is very popular indeed. 
Her blog also never fails to give me inspiration for my own home and for new projects. 

I basically think she is one clever & talented lady and will continue to be a daily reader for as long as she blogs!


I instantly fall in love with blogs that review/showcase a whole range of products - high and low end, natural and umm not so natural, high street to high end... you get the gist! I just feel it shows a general interest in all things beauty related and no one addiction to say MAC or Nars! 
Which is what 25FLondon is! Just one obviously intelligent person blogging about all the things that catch her attention in the big beauty world. Must reads are her Skincare Win and Skincare Fail posts for an insight into the great posts she writes. 

Her photography of all the products she mentions is also really impressive!


 Katie Cakes
I admire anyone that can bake and oh can Katie Cake bake (yes in my head her actual name is Katie Cake... I mean how good would that be) with so many amazing recipes her food blog is one of my absolute favourites to visit... and to make me hungry! 
As I mentioned above I took the plunge and baked Katie's recipe for Banana Bread which is actually the first thing I have baked successfully in around 4 years!

Just a wonderful blog that makes you want to bake instead of just looking at the pretty pictures and not baking... which I know is something that can happen with cookery blogs. 
 Next recipes to try from Katie Cakes is Cheesecake Brownies and Peanut Butter & Bacon Cookies
Wish me luck... If they turn out okay I may actually post the results on here! 

I'm so glad I found Emily's blog as it's just so inviting and lovely. Something that has to be down to her beautiful smiling face and her wonderful laid back yet perfect writing style.

From her wonderful posts of the shop windows of New York to her chic Outfit of the Day posts that are dotting throughout her blog, all posts are a joy to read.  

Emily's blog is just so uplifting and a total must read - I promise! 

I hope you have all picked up a new blog or two to enjoy catching up with! 

Feel free to direct me to your own blog if I don't already know of it or even your favourite blog, as I always love discovering new ones. 

Fee xo.

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  1. Great pick of blogs, I absolutely love Bellishment <3

  2. Well done on the banana bread! All these sites look fab and I will be checking them out next time I have 5 mins spare, thanks for the suggestions! x

  3. I love katie cakes blog. Sometimes she looks like a girl I went to school with, we lived in the same area katie does and she had the same name. Probs a maaaaaaasssive coincidence because I was in her class in school for like 5 year and I never remember her bringing anything tasty in. Must be dif person :).

    I like reading it because she goes to the same plces I did when I lived there. Makes me nostalgic haha.

    Massive waffle sorry.


  4. wow amazing post!! =D
    i love banana cake...hehe

  5. I have a beauty blog, on which I occasionally also blog about interior design!:

    Also my favourite interior design blog is It's just amazing!! Best interior design blog I've ever come across.

    Thanks for your recommendations! xx

  6. Wow, thank you so much for the lovely write-up! I'm so happy that you enjoy my little blog :D

    Being a relatively new blogger I usually know how many readers I have, so when I logged in 2mins ago to see 25 new ones I knew something must have happened!

  7. What a lovely write up on my blog :) Thanks so much!!

    I highly recommend the cheesecake brownies, you simply can't get enough :D

    Katie xox

  8. oh thanks for sharing this! :D
    Love Lois xxx

  9. Thanks for this, I have just checked out 25Flondon and it is amazing!

  10. Thans for sharing, I didn't know these blogs, I will have great time to read it:)

  11. i'm a new follower of 25FLONDON too and i LOVE her blog. she takes amazing photos :)

  12. Thanks for the great links! I now have a few more blogs to read!

    Great post as always :)

  13. Thank you SO much for this! I love your blog (as you and my readers know!) and Makeup Savvy was such an inspiration for including a little about make-up in Bellishment!!! Thanks a million - this made my day!
    xo Emily

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. What a great bunch of blogs. I'm now following all of them. Thanks for the recommendations.x


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