23 February 2011

Yes, the No7 vouchers are back AGAIN!

Actually getting sick of mentioning these now as it's just becoming a constant offer! 
But of course I'm not complaining.

Basically spend over £5 in store at Boots and you will receive a £5 voucher (much like the one above - just a different colour) that you can spend on any Ruby & Millie or No7 products. I'm sure you all get it by now. 

You have until 27th March to spend the vouchers. 

If you are needing some ideas on what you spend you're vouchers on check out my guide on How To Spend You're No7 Vouchers

I will be stocking up on - The black gel eyeliner from the spring collection (highly recommended by Tanya Burr), a new Quick cover Blemish Stick (as I'm running out) and some more brushes! 
Also maybe some nail polishes, but shhh I am on a ban.

Oh and they are also giving away a free eye palette* with every purchase of the new Exquisite Curl mascara. 
*Because they couldn't get rid of them all in the last offer!



  1. Fee, how did I know this post was coming today?! My mum got one of these today, so excited to spend money in there now! x

  2. yeaaa I got my voucher today! cant wait, apparently rubie & millie are being discountinued though, so maybe stock up on their products??


  3. I absolutely love these vouchers!

  4. @esteem - Yep they are being discontinued! Ruby & Millie are no longer associated with the brand (even though it's still out on display). Not sure of all the details of what went on though!

    Fee x

  5. Yay! I love these, especially for buying brushes :) I heard the eyeliner is rubbish, no staying power and it doesn't always set? Maybe just a faulty one xx

  6. Woohoo! Again?!?! Off I shall be trotting to Boots tomorrow ;) This blemish stick has had alotta mention lately, am thinking that or maybe another polish to add to the ever growing collection...? :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  7. Yay! Love these vouchers! Going to stock up massively this time. I always get a protect and perfect hand cream because it's too expensive at £10.50 but for £5.50 it's great!
    Stacie xoxox

  8. Can't wait to get another voucher, theres quite a few new products I need xx

  9. I feel it might be time for another No 7 nail polish buying spree.. I think with the voucher there about £1.50 each or something, and they do some LUSH colours


  10. I'm always having vouchers left over each time! However, I do end up with about ten of them! Haha xo

  11. yay i got one today i did spent £40 on a chanel palette tho so pretty well deserved i think ;) xxx

  12. Ahh Fee, I love you! You are always top of your game on the free £5 vouchers. I popped into Boots today to check out the No 7 Spring collection for myself, didn't buy anything because I am skint until Monday :( but now this is back, I will be buying my Spring collection faves, including one of the eyeliners and a lipstick! Saw the eye palette offer as well and thought immediately, I am buying that when I get paid! Can't believe I didn't see the £5 free though haha.

    Steph xxx

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  13. Excellent - is it bad that I'm mentally splitting my intented Boots purchases at the weekend into £5 sections so I can get the most vouchers....? Eye makeup remover all the way!

  14. My local Boots never gives these out (or rarely, just when they fancy it). I better get one when I next go in to get photos printed!

  15. Ooh, I'll be stocking up on sponges and seeing if I can get my hands on any of the new spring range I think! x

  16. These have become the bane of my life since I stopped buying makeup! Oh! Will power Nat! Will power!!!


  17. ahhh I love these vouchers!

  18. they should keep them out permanently! haha i really want grace lipstick from the new collection and ive been waiting for the blending brush for ages as its always been out of stock when the vouchers are out boo xx

  19. yay! good looking out....will def be heading to boots tomorrow :)

    Xisses, Onyxsta



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