27 February 2011

Steal of the Week

Let's talk Blog sales! 

Now if you are normal and by that I mean a 'non-blogger' you probably won't of even seen a blog sale/won't have a clue what I'm talking about. But if you are a Beauty Blogger you mostly likely know and have probably seen many a item with SOLD next to it, thinking you would of bought it if only you had got there first or had even known about it. 

You see that is the thing with beauty blog sales - there are lots of them always going on, selling an amazing range of new or slightly used makeup but it's just being there when one pops up....and lucky for moi last week I was sat at my laptop reading through a few blogs when Mercedez over at Reigning Beauties held a blog sale!

So lucky for me I picked up the CID i-bronze in Rio for an amazing £5 inc p&p were as it normally retails for £22!
Arghh swooshed my finger across it before taking the photo!

Now it may vey well be down to the price that I got it for but I am already a mitten kitten... even though it is WAY to dark for my non-tanned skin. 
Which means so far I have only looked at it lovingly and swatched it on the back of my hand wishing it would hurry up and be summer already. I'm just amazed at the quality. 

I know this will be perfect for my fake tanned (natural looking of course) skin come June with a nice big fluffy brush. 

My own amazing steal of the week 
aside, feel free to tell me your best EVER blog sale buy!


Sherrie said...

WOW! lucky you!
Yes I am one of those bloggers who always pops on when everything good has gone :(

Well done though hun! x

roshas said...

I've got Rio too ( I bought it full price though!) I like it but it breaks me out (damn you sensitive skin!)

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

These look so gorgeous, I wish I'd bought one when they were available from ASOS for £14.99 (I think they've since sold out). Surprisingly...I don't think I've bought from a blog sale yet!

Aru said...

this is so pretty!! I know CID cosmetics is not so cheap as a brand, so you definitely did a great deal! =)

Kelllly said...

Wow - steal! :p
My best blog sale buy was the clarins barocco face compact for £13, but tbh I would have paid more for it as I was lusting since it first came out, but never bought it coz I thought I would just look at it but never use it, but I have used it and it's gorgeous so I'm so happy :) rant over x

Pixielashes said...

haha @normal people!!!
I haven't bought anything from a blog sale,(I missed vivianna's yesterday grr!!)
but am holding my own this week! I have quite a few mac eyeshadows that ive used like once! and thinking of selling a full pro palette as i want to get a yaby palette to replace it!
Nice bargain there Fee!!
Love Nat xxx

Cherry Pullinger said...

I've never brought anything from a Blog sale!

Kaushal said...

I've so got a blog post about this planned LOL gotta love blog sales! xx

Jemma Page said...

I've never brought anything from a blog sale because I never have any money in the bank when they pop up! I always look at them dreaming over what I could buy! x

DesignerSpray said...

Baah, I'm one of those people that always turns up to the party last so miss all the good schtuff.

Rio looks bloomin' gorgeous. Check out those swirls. Ooooooh-err. xx

SultryRed said...

I always miss out on blog sales, always late to the party me. But I did use my No 7 voucher today and got some eyeliner for a couple of quid... it's not a blog sale bargain but it's still good :)

Phoebs :) said...

That is too pretty! If I had that I would just open it and stare at it lovingly every day! xxx

London Beauty Queen said...

I've got this New CID bronzer (plus their shimmer one in the same style) and it's incredible. I love the brand - defo hunt some more products down if you can.


Tina said...

Oh, you scored an amazing item there, I've been meaning to try the CID cheek products for a while now!!! ;)


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