24 February 2011

Out on Display - A New Feature on Makeup Savvy

A month or so ago I showed you what beauty products I had around my home and a lot of you commented on how it was always interesting to see what other people used and how they displayed there products. 

So I thought I'd show you some snippets of the same kind of thing from different websites I love to read. 
I'm also thinking of making 'Out on Display' a regular feature on Makeup Savvy and would really love your input (yes, you!). The full details are at the bottom of this post - but if you own a camera and like to display your beauty products in a nice way then I would love to hear from you so I can post the pictures here on my blog.
My main source of nosiness comes from Into The Gloss which has a mix of content. But my favourite feature has to be The Top Shelf  showcasing the beauty shelves of beauty editors, models and basically lots of cool people! 
My other source has to be the Home Tours on Made By Girl  not only are all the interiors to die for, but they normally include a little glimpse of the owner's bathroom shelf or vanity area. And just for when I need an Interior lust fix I head to Desire to Inspire - nothing to do with beauty but a such great site for home inspiration. Also if you are a bit of an animal lover you should find there Pets on Furniture feature adorable! 

Anyway back to more beauty related subjects...

Isn't this a great idea! I mean beside from the small fact I don't own a coffee table and my boyfriend wouldn't love the idea of an array of nail polish in the living room, it's an ingenious idea! But I'm thinking a little tea saucer with my favourite/most used nail polishes could work on my bedside table.

If I can find a nice saucer I shall have to take a pic and show you the results.

Love that tray for perfumes and just look at that beautiful collection -  I think the lid of a hat box painted white could definitely give a similar effect.


How to submit photos to 'Out on Display' and the Requirements

Really simple - If have have a beautiful array of perfumes, nail polish or beauty products then I want to see. Of course I'm not expecting amazing products set in amazing interiors! It's all about having a real life look of other people's beautiful things after all. 
Feel free to send your pictures to - makeupsavvy@live.co.uk

As for requirements...
  • Nothing smaller than 400x300 (don't worry about re-sizing them, they can be huge I really don't mind)
  • No Flash - It sounds picky but flash never makes anything look nice. 
  • The more detail the better - a whole pic and a close up would be fab.
  • Taking the pictures in daylight is always best. 
  • Feel free to send just the one image or as many as you like. 
  • Make sure to include your blog address or name if you don't have a blog so that I can link back to you when I post the pictures.

 I really hope a few of you can get involved with this! 



  1. Aw what a cute idea! I'll send u a picture of mine but not sure if the size will be right

  2. Aah great idea Fee!
    I actually have my nail polishes all over the coffee table as we speak as i've just given myself gel extensions so i can actually do a NOTD! I dont think this is a good look though its just a damn mess tbh!
    when my bedroom is finished i shall send some over hun! xxx

  3. Such pretty displays, I wish I had somewhere nice to display my own products, at the moment they're sitting next to my TV.

  4. Your photos look so pretty...
    My make up and polishes and perfumes are just standing on the shelves, looking boring. Ha.
    But you've inspired me, Fee, i might change the whole 'products sitting on the shelves' situation :)


  5. Oh great post I am in the mix of re-oredring ALL my beauty/makeup/fragrance so this post is right on my page! I am trying to find a way of displaying my perfumes as they are beautiful bottles and want to have them as a feature in my bedroom. SO LOVE the white tray/lid idea I have the old hat box lid from the S&G Big Thrill they brought out a couple years ago so could use that! I will be sure to send you some photos of the end results. xx

  6. great idea Fee!I'm always trying to think of ideas on how to store/present my beauty products so maybe this will give me some inspiration :)

  7. I really like this idea, I love all those sites you mentioned. I've posted a few photos on my blog of how I store things, although I do keep a lot of things out of sight as I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate our flat looking like Space NK or Boots!

  8. Ah thats really Good, Il send you some of mine, But there not really that pretty :) x

  9. my things are on display on saucers :). I bought my fav one from an antique market, it has napoleon on it and was 50p haha. bargain.


  10. Love this post, love the perfume storage, mine's on display on my dressing table, only thing thats annoying is the amount of dust that gets everywhere! x

  11. What a fab idea, I love that feature on Into The Gloss too :) I'll snap a few pics hopefully in the next couple of days and send them over to you :) x

  12. I used to keep all my products out on display, but now just a select few as it makes everything so difficult and time-consuming to clean, moving products around, rearranging them just how you like them...I kee most of my stuff in drawers now! Plus it keeps them out of the light!x


  13. Ohh I like this idea, I love to have a good nose at people's products.

    I'm really tempted to get a stand for my nail varnish. I saw they display the Models Own ones in River Island on them, it's almost like a cake stand with layers getting smaller and smaller. No idea where to get one though! Very pretty.

  14. What a great idea! I have really been trying to beef up my storage area, hope I'll find some good ideas =)

  15. This is a great idea! I will definitely be sending you some photos. Thanks for the opportunity.

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