Free Nail Polish Storage


It has to be said that I do like my nail polish....I like them gloop free and in order of brand if I can

Which means storing them...but to be honest when it's hidden away in my wardrobe I don't want to be spending anything on it! 

So when I spied this in Tesco near the checkout (with all the wine boxes etc - I'm guessing it was used to store fruit) I knew it would do the job perfectly. I ofcourse checked if I could have it first, then ran off home to tip all my nail polishes over my bed and re-organize them. Highly sad, I know.

I can't say I love the bright orange...and nor does it go with my sleek black wardrobe, but then again it was totally FREE and it's stored inside my I don't really care! 

I really don't know what I did without it really does make picking which nail polish to use alot easier, plus the top left hand compartment is actually really handy to store remover and buffers. 

Ofcourse not every Tesco will have these however it really is worth getting a wine carrier (with the 6 compartments) when your out shopping next and cutting off the top - then maybe covering it in wrapping paper or wallpaper and voila! 

How do you store your nail polishes?
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  1. it would be really nice to see a nail polish collection x

  2. i'VE GOT 2 stupid plastic translucent boxes but recently one of them fell from my hands and got broken and there's no way to fix it. So now I have many polishes non-stored and I'm very upset about it :)

  3. I'm glad you posted! What a great idea. I was going to try and get a stacking tower from Argos but I think I'll try my luck with Tesco tomorrow instead. Perhaps you can spray paint it? :-)

  4. oh my gosh how awesome. this is such a good idea! .. buts since my collection isn't huge and i like to see the colors i have (for designing purposes) my boyfriend made me a really cool staircase display type thing.

  5. Paint it black. And you have a DISTURBING amount of nail polishes!!

  6. In a drawer, stashed all toghether but I have tried to keep the same brands together in groups.

  7. Top idea, thank-you! If you like Mulberry you might like to have a read of my latest post! Sharon xx

  8. Using a wine box is a fantastic idea. It looks like an drawer storage unit that they might sell for about £10 at ikea or argos etc. I'm glad there's someone else like me who organises their nail polish too. I like to organise in brand and then colours :-) Mine currently live in a shoebox within a drawer at them moment but will definitely be scouting the checkouts next time I'm shopping :-)

  9. i have a little box for mine, i haven't actually got that many nail varnishes. if i had as many as you though i would definitely do the same. i do things like that for everything else in my room as i'm rather organised.

  10. Really cool idea!
    I tried to beg something like that from the local pub myself ;)
    I finally gave up and sadly joined the cult of the Ikea Helmer and I'll build it over the weekend!

  11. Great idea! I should have my dad build me something similar to this and paint it. That'd be a neat DIY idea :)

  12. What a cracking idea, must head to Tesco tomorrow and see if I can spot something similar. Thank you for this very handy and inexpensive idea :)

  13. Thats a really great idea for storage!

  14. i love your posts and this one was great
    i store my nail polishes in a plastic vase that came with body stuff from boots a few years ago but its getting very full and i wanted to find something like this to place into my drawers, ikea is a good place to get dividers so i might try there if i cant do the wine case thing :) xxx

  15. OMG fee going to raid Tesco for these if I see any !!! Such a fab idea, my makeup and nail polish is everywhere still not good at all :(


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