Dazzle Dust Nail Tutorial


I've been wanting to try out paint splattered nails for ages now, however it seems like a lot of hard work and also kind of messy! 

So me being supposedly 'savvy' and all, I came up with a probably just as messy idea... but slightly more fun and prettier. It looks a lot more delicate than having a paint splattered effect and a lot less nail arty and more wearable.
Now as I say... it is kind of messy so you will need at least one face wipe/baby wipe and something to do it on like the back of a magazine. You will also need your nail polish of choice and a loos powder pigment or Barry M Dazzle Dust! 

I used a Barry M Dazzle Dust in Brass (100) £4.50 and the nail polish is by Beauty UK in Smokey Lilac £1.79. 

1) Firstly you need to give your nails one coat of nail polish.
2) Once dry you can apply the second coat.
3) Next before your nails dry (so you have to be quick) you need to scoop out a small amount of the pigment/dazzle dust (I do this with the end of a spoon) and tap the pigment below the bottom of the nail onto the skin, just below the cuticle. 
 4) You can either place the pigment on every finger all in one go or do one nail at a time. 
 5) Then you basically blow the pigment in the direction of the nail. Really simple!  

At this stage your nails will look something like this! 

6) Next, before cleaning everything up - I apply a top coat so not to remove any of the dust from the nails while removing it from the skin.

7) Once the top coat has fully dried to can then use a wipe to remove all the dust/pigment from around the cuticle area or you can just wash your hands! 

It's that simple! 

I think this would look really good with a really gold pigment on black nails or a bronze pigment on berry coloured nails!

Fee xo.

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  1. I absolutely love this. I plan to try it out for myself sometime really soon. Absolutely inspired thank you!

  2. thats such a cool idea, it looks wonderful! i'm definitely gonna try this out.

  3. ahah you got me! I've done the same with my illamasqua powder and nail varnish, only I couldn't take decent pics for showing on my blog!

    Your nails look great by the way!

  4. What a wonderful idea!!! And a great way to use up pigments.

    Thanks for this, your nails look beautiful!

    Chrissy xx

  5. Ooh so pretty! Will be trying this out!


  6. OMG, when I do my eyes BARRY M goes everywhere! Fabulous idea. :)

  7. Wow that looks so cool! If I tried that it would turn out to be a mess! Yours looks perfecto :D

    Sriya x

  8. thats awesome! i love your nails, ill have to try this out! xx

  9. gorgeous & creative! i LOVE this effect.. and am soo gonna try out with different colors. thanks for posting this! :)

  10. Love such a simple yet brilliant idea! :D

  11. Genius! I just did this with red and gold so now I feel especially christmassy!
    Keep up the amazing posts fee!

  12. That looks great! Might give this a go this week :D xxx

  13. That is such a clever idea, I have a few loose pigments that I never use so might give this a go, thanks for the tutorial x

  14. I love the colours you used, they compliment each other so well! I just tried this out using a blue dazzle dust and a dark green nail varnish, and it look pretty good :)
    You should do more nail posts, there always great.
    Emily xxx

  15. I was brave and gave this ago last night and posted about it, would love you to take a peek and tell me what you think.


    Thanks xx

  16. Ah looks awesome! I have some old Miners loose eyeshadows crying out to be used for this!x

  17. so pretty, must do this. anyways im in need of a new manicure. thanks. x

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  19. I saw this on pinterest - fantastic idea. It's totally going on my nails.

  20. I love it, I found the post when I was looking for swatches of Dazzle Dust. :D Hope you don't mind I used it as inspiration (and I put a link to your post of course!). :)

  21. Oh, I think I'm just going to try this!!!

  22. Fantastic idea! I'd suggest using a throw-away brush to apply the topcoat though, or a topcoat specifically for this project. It would suck to have powder on a manicure where I didn't want it!

  23. I'd forgotten all about this!! I'm experimenting with different styles of glitter nails with my wedding in mind, I think this will be my next venture! xx

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