Subscribe to Elle for £6 & Receive Benefit Justine Case FREE!


I don't tend to write about offers as most of you will know and I'm not even that keen on magazines anymore since finding blogs! 
However I thought I would make an exception as this is actually a good offer...sadly a offer with abit of a catch, but it is only small!

You do have to sign up by direct debit and pay £6 for 6 issues of Elle...which is all fine and dandy, however you HAVE to remember to cancel it or else your subscription will run on at a rate of £16.80 for the next 6 months there after. They do tell you 14 days prior to the next payment however it is so easy to forgot and then your good deal turns into someone quite expensive! 

That aside and you set a reminder on your phone about will basically get 6 issues of Elle for £1 an issue..instead of the normal £3.60. Plus the Benefit Justine Case set for FREE, which is a really nice product. 

The offer does close on the 1oth November and the free gift is available while stocks last.
 As I already subscribe to Elle and also have the Justine Case, I won't be getting the offer but I still thought it was worth sharing as for £6 it is pretty good! 
'Just in case' :) you can't see the link in the top image you can sign up to the offer here.

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  2. This is a great offer, but according to the smallprint you HAVE to sign up for 12 months minimum, which comes to £22.80. Still a good offer, as apparently it usually costs £44.40 for 12 issues, just a shame you can't cancel after 6 months :( xx

  3. I always cancel mine as soon as the DD is set up. Never had a problem, saw this in this months too. Will be signing up x

  4. benefit freebies are being given a lot lately! first the lipgloss or lipstick then the glamour magazine offer and now this!

  5. How perfect would think be for me since it's my name? ;) But I am not in the UK so no freebie for me, I am so jealous of all the freebies you girls get in magazines out there!

  6. Ahhhh! Brill offer, thanks for sharing! Will def remember to cancel tho before the 6 months is up xxx

  7. @Hannah - I don't think it actually said that in the magazine itself..but had a look online and your right, it does. However as Jade mentioned..cancelling the direct debit after the 6 month period is fine, I've also done this with another magazine and been fine.

    @Jade - Yes, did the same with Glamour magazine last year as I didn't really love the magazine but the free gift at the time was good. Actually think, even though they say theres a contract of 12 months or whatever, there is nothing they can do about it as you have paid for the issues you have received.

    @msconversecrazy - Yes, I've noticed the same, they always seem to be teaming up with a company to give away products.

    @Justine - hah yes it would be good, I'm always a sucker for any makeup product with my name on it. Fortunately the UK do really great for free gifts etc!

    Fee x

  8. @Nic's Notebook - I'm always doing this..but just have to remember to cancel or it's so annoying!

    Fee x

  9. Oooh cool, I just saw it on the link and thought I'd let you know just in case! Think I may have to go for this then as I always buy Elle and would love this Benefit goodie! Great post :) xx

  10. Thanks for letting us know about the offer. Elle is a great magazine and this offer makes it more tempting than ever to subscribe. i think that it is good value for money.

  11. What a great blog! Thanks for following mine. (:


  12. Unfortunately it does state that the minimum subscription term is 12 issues, so you would have to pay the £16.80 rate after the £6 for six issues one before being realised of it.
    Seemed a little too good to be true! x


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