6 October 2010

No7 Free Vouchers Are Back, Again!

They've only been gone for around 2 weeks and now they are back again! Until Sunday 7th November. 

Unless you have been living under a rock you will know that you only have to spend £5 in-store on any products to receive the voucher with your receipt to spend on any product by No7 or Ruby & Millie (Or you know ummm maybe having a little look on eBay, if you don't have anything to buy in Boots). This does exclude all the giftsets though. 

I know I will be snapping up afew products for Christmas presents..as I am sure we won't see the vouchers again until 2011. 

I'm thinking the Mineral Loose Powder Blusher (£8.75) £3.75 as it comes boxed with a little blusher brush. 
Also afew lovely shades from the No7 nail polish range (£6.75) £1.75. I'm sure Beanie, Berrylicious and Temptress would make a lovely gift for someone.

Last but not least I think I will have to pick up atleast one of the No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser (£8.75) £3.75 for someone, not too sure who yet though! But it is such a lovely product.

Anyone else planning on picking up afew products for Christmas while the vouchers are around?



  1. Ooooo thank you so much for telling me they're back in! I want to get the hot cloth cleanser for my auntie as it is a barg at £3.75! becky xo

  2. yes! YAY i totally missed out on these, stupidly, last time, im definately going to spend mine this time! im also really wanting the hot cloth cleanser and the nail varnishes, ooo cant wait :P xxx

  3. They've been out so many times this year! Not that i'm complaining haha

  4. Again?!?
    Not a complaint!

    going to have to get some more of the hot cloth cleanser, its become a staple for me.

    And my mum loves their nail polishes so they are a good stocking filler for her.

    Now to get the bf to go into boots on Saturday..... challenge!


  5. thank you so much for this.
    please tell me this stupid mascara where you can get the gorgeous palette is available again, pleeeeeeease

  6. @liloo - Well it was supposed to end yesterday, but I went in today and the offer was still on! So think it have been extended or you may just be in luck if you go in the next day or so.

    Also 3 for 2 on all No7 products! :)

    Fee x

  7. I just bought one of the creme eye mousse things in Plum, it's so gorgeous!

  8. i'm going to get some more Ruby & Millie Blushes, I get to use my friend's Boots discount too even better!

  9. Thanks for letting us know :) I'm thinking of picking up a concealer i've seen on a few blogs :)

  10. I love this offer, so glad it's back.


  11. Thanks for the heads up, after using Stay Perfect polish in Teal (Totally Teal?) yesterday and thinking it was fab am def going to have a look at a few more of these, although will be avoiding their speed dry ones as not a big fan of them!

  12. Dont know if anyone has mentioned this but I am ordering a couple of things from boots.com and there is currently 3 for 2 on Sopa & Glory products (yippee!) and 2 for £5 on selected Barry M nail varnishes (double yippee!!)

    Love your blog by the way and I'm taking your advice and ordering the Soap & Glory face mask and Neutrogena Rapid Clear treatment stuff. Fingers crossed it works!

  13. Ahh I love you for telling us about this! I only ever buy No7 with those vouchers haha. Might re-buy the Hot Cloth Cleanser, some polishes and maybe a couple of blushers.

  14. Oh dear it looks like this might be a big shop - Boots have also got 3 for 2 on selected 17 products!

  15. Oh how I loveeee those vouchers!!




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