14 June 2010

NOTD - Gradient Nails +Tutorial

I feel abit bad for posting this as a tutorial as it really is so simple, you just need abit of a steady hand, but even if you haven't it can still look good! 

First of all you need to pick the nail polishes that you will be using. Basically you need to pick one colour in three different shades - simple. I chose Raincloud by George, Wham by Collection 2000 and the creatively named Grey by Barry M
However using nude polishes would look great below is Coney Island by OPI, Nude polish by Eyeko and London by Nails Inc/Diet Coke (which looks very much like Jermyn Street).

Anyways onto the tutorial.... 

Step 1 - First using the lightest polish, paint your nails making sure you apply each coat quite thinly or else it will take forever to dry or the tips will smudge when you have applied 4 coats of polish to the tips of the nails. Depending on the polish you should only need 2 coats. 

Now literally wait till it has dried totally, if you have applied the coats thinly and let them dry inbetween coats it will take no time at all. 
Just make sure they are dry.

Step 2 - Using your medium shade you need to paint the tips of the nails, this is probably the hardest part. First of all you need to make sure you have very little polish on the brush, by wiping it on the edge of the bottle. Then from the right hand side of each nail slowly brush the polish in a curved line, the slower you go the easier it will be. You will probably get polish down the side of the nails but just remove this with your index fingernail on the opposite hand. 

Depending on the polish the medium shade may need another coat. If so, by the time you have done all your nails you can do back and follow the line you have made so that each nail is opaque. 

Step 3 - Next using the darkest shade of nail polish you need to use the same method in step two, just making sure the line is central so that you haven't got more of one colour. 
More than likely you will only need one coat of the darkest nail polish. Again it is really important that there isn't very much polish on your brush. 
While you are waiting for your nails to dry, pour some nail polish remover into the top of the bottle and drop a cotton bud into it. 

Step 4 - After afew minutes your nails should be totally dry, so using the cotton bud clean up all the nail polish on the skin, slightly twisting the cotton bud as you go will remove it all.

Apply a top coat and your done. It really is simple and looks great in so many different colours.

Hopefully I will be posting a more interesting nail tutorial by the end of the week. 


  1. i have to say i really like this, and i would never have thought of doing this! i might have to try this soon :) xx

  2. I love this idea! Thanks so much for posting it!!!

  3. I love this look! I'm not one for artsy, decorated nails, but I love the simplicity of this! Just the right amount of visual interest!

  4. Very effective. Sadly my hands aren't that steady but I had better try it!

  5. Oh wow, so simple yet it's never crossed my mind! I will definitely be trying this (when my nails grow!)
    Thank you :)

  6. I love this it looks so effective, if you do it with nudes would love to see a pic (hint hint) thanks for sharing this will be trying it out myself x

  7. Such a great idea! My nails are short right now but I'll definitely try this once they grow a bit :)

  8. This looks fab...not to mention making me long for my nice nails, pregnancy has given me short, brittle nails *sigh* xxx

  9. Amazing! Love your nail painting idea. I like to layer my outfit of different greys and manicure like this could be great complement.
    Well done!

  10. Oooo I love this. Your nails look great. So want to give this a go tonight haha!


  11. Wow, great skills you've got there! Looks really simple and classic, but I'm not sure I wouldn't find it so simple to do! Used to be able to do a perfect French manicure on myself, but I haven't tried that for about 8 years and it took a lot of practise to get it right! You've inspired me to give something different a go though!x

  12. Ah I love this idea! Definitely going to try it out.

    Just found your blog, & I love it!

  13. So going to try this out at the weekend! x

  14. Your nails look amazing! What a simple an effective idea! Using affordable make up brands too :)


  15. i loove this mani :)
    i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want :)

  16. This looks amazing! Just saw it on your NOTD pic on the home page and had to come and find it - dont know if I have a steady enough hand to give it a go, but it's certainly inspirational! x

  17. This is not gradient. They look like lines, not shadowy enough to be gradient.


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