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No.7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser - After reading about ModestyBrown's skincare routine where she mentioned her love of the No.7 Hot Cloth Cleanser it made me start to think how much I love it too. It is a product I use nightly if I have been wearing makeup and it is just so soothing to apply. Afterwards it just leaves the skin clean and soft and the whole process of massaging the cleanser in then removing it with the hot muslin cloth is also quite relaxing and calming, strangely. 
No7 is just such a great brand. 
The 200ml cleanser with one muslin cloth is available from Boots for £8.75.

The arrival of Summer - Without a doubt my most favourite time of year. Summer means light nights till 10pm, picnics with squashed sandwiches, better skin and eating dinner alfresco.  Of course it also means lots of noisy children that don't attend school for weeks on end, alot of people with body odour problems and wasps. So it does have it's downsides. But all in all summer is fab.  

Sanctuary Body Butter - Speaking of better skin, this has become my favourite moisturizer to apply to my arms & chest at night before bed. The above Body Butter is a 50ml travel size and is only £2.29 from Boots or you can get the bigger 300ml pot for £8.49. It has such a lovely scent to it and does feel more like a spa product leaving the skin really soft especially on the backs of the upper arms. For only £2.29 I highly recommend you try this.

Moving house - Hopefully by the beginning of August I will be in my new home - I say 'new' but me and the boyfriend have owned it for the past 3 years as a rental property. But I love the house so much it has a lovely bathroom with underfloor heating and a big rain head shower. It also has an allotment at the back which is like a big second garden which I plan to turn part of it into a plot for growing fruit and vegetables in. You really can't beat the taste of freshly grown strawberries for breakfast! I am more than excited to be moving.


Thierry Mugler Alien sample spray - I am sorry Mr. Mugler but your strange contraption does not work. This is the only brand that I have seen do this and I have two of these now. The idea is you lift the pull tab with great difficulty and squeeze, then a pitiful spray of the Alien perfume comes out. That is it - no more sprays! The concept is good, alot better than rubbing your wrist across a fragrance strip in a magazine but it simply doesn't work. 

Being ill - I am getting better so I can't complain too much but I have had a severe Sinus Infection for the past week and a half. At one point I looked and felt like death. It has left my skin looking really sallow and dehydrated, when it once was clear and quite bright looking. To combat this I have been using alot of Avene Thermal water with copious amounts of Nivea Oil-Free moisturizer at night and giving myself almost a mini face massage. For under my makeup to avoid that 'dead' look to my skin I have been using Soap & Glory Bright Here Bright Now and I must say it is really helping to conceal the signs that I have been ill.

Umberto Giannini Hair straighteners - I have started to use these less and less and when I do use them I dislike them! I purchased the flat out straighteners from Boots for £40 but actually the full price was £70. If I had purchased these full price I know I would of been very disappointed, you really are paying for the name here. My gripe with them is that there is no temperature control at all just one setting of 230 oC. Which to be honest isn't good. With my other hair products I normally use a temperature of around 150 oC which works fine. They also pull at the ends of the hair causing pieces to snap off. 
A product I sadly regret buying now. 

Hopefully you are all enjoying reading more of these types of posts as I do enjoy writing them . 

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  1. Not many people put moving house as a good thing! But technically you're not!
    Hope all the legal shenanigans go well.

  2. Great ins and outs.
    Hope you feel better soon, it's horrible feeling ill.
    Hope all goes well with the house too! xx

  3. I got the Umberto Giannini straighteners for xmas a couple of years ago and they were the worst straighteners I've ever used. Even though I straighten my hair everyday it was in good condition but after using these for only 6 months my hair became weak, straw like, it smelt like it was burning and they were always coated in a brown mess like they were melting my hair.

    I now have some GHDs and my hair is just about back to how it was before but these straighteners got put straight in the bin. Possibly the worst product I've EVER tried

  4. I like the OUT posts because it prevents me from buying crappy stuff ! Now I want strawberries ....I never tried the boots products but I don't know if we have it here in Canada . And $%?&*"/$, I didn't know about the sanctuary and it was in sale for a ridiculous price at my grocery store and I passed on this as I already have a ton of body products to use...Had I known ....

    Caro xxx

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  6. Great post! I really do love the Np.7 cleanser and will stock up on some more the next time I get one of those £5 off vouchers.
    Jane x


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