Fruity scented Nail Polish by Rimmel


Yes, you heard right. Come the 7th of July Rimmel are releasing a new range of scented nail polish. Scents include Apricot Punch,Cranberry Zest, Strawberry Fizz and Lemon Drops. All reasonably priced at £2.99 so that you could try out all four. 

Now I love the idea - Very nostalgic, remember the scented gel pens that everyone had 15 of at school or maybe the scratch and sniff perfumes in the Avon brochure that your neighbour use to bring. I even once had a scratch and sniff mini CD-Rom disc, totally pointless but I loved it! I was aged 11 at the time though...

The nail polishes are obviously a novelty item for summer and I am sure in the comfort of your own home sniffing your own finger nails would maybe be ok. But I really hope I don't start seeing people having a quick sniff of there fingers in public. That would be strange. 

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  1. I LOVE the idea of this, I'll be getting some of these! xxx

  2. This sounds really interesting actually! Sometimes the smell of polish is a bit strong for me and lingers in my room for ages. I wouldn't mind if these did! Apricot Punch appeals to me most, mainly because I don't have a colour like that.

    Thanks for the heads up about it!


  3. FUN ! I am curious about the Apricot one and the Cranberry one ...Don't know if we'll have them in Canada ??

    Caro xxx

  4. I used to love it when Rimmel did these last time around, they had a gorgeous Peach one. Not sure if I'll get any this time- depends on the colours look in the bottle but the cranberry one looks pretty.

  5. I'll try the ones I like if not for the scent but for the colour! Apricot punch and strawberry fizz look lovely. Did revlon release some scented polishes a while back? xx

  6. i remember have scented nail polish when i was about 10!it was blue and sparkly!haha

  7. oh my goodness how cool is this!


  8. Sounds fun :)
    These are definately something I'm going to be getting my mits on!

  9. I think this is a really cool idea!

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    I'm having a giveaway when I get 50 followers :)

  10. oooooh I'm so glad to hear about this!! Revlon has some but are only selling them in the US! Will definitely be getting some of these :) xx

  11. OMG they sound amazing!! Think I'll be getting all four

    L x

  12. These sound great! def gonna have to get them to try out and for £2.99 I might have to get all 4!

    Lisa xx

  13. It's a really cute idea :) I will definatly be trying them out :) x

  14. How long is the smell meant to stay for?! This is rally weird, not sure it's something I'll be buying into! A bit too "novelty" for me I think!x

  15. @StellieStellina - I did wonder abit how long the smell would last for.
    For £3 the colours are quite nice though! even if they smell is abit odd.
    It is an odd concept though!

    Fee x

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  18. wow! I really like the idea of fruity scented nail polish. I once had a nail polish with a very subtle and soft perfume smell and I used to keep on sniffing my nails every now and then. I look forward to buying these too. For my hyperpigmentation treatment I tried a lotion with a very nice soft smell and fell in love with it.


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